Great Video Explanation – “Operation Trump” – Former Federal Prosecutor Outlines Scope of FBI and DOJ Corruption…

Former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova outlines the majority of the events behind the unlawful surveillance of Donald Trump and each of the participating members within the FBI and DOJ corruption.

In essence, during this 30 minute discussion, diGenova outlines much of the back-story and how FBI officials Bill Priestap, Peter Strzok, Jim Baker, Andrew McCabe and Jim Comey participated along with Justice Department Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, John P Carlin, Bruce Ohr and Lisa Page.  Mr. diGenova has a solid grasp on the players and how they are enmeshed within the entire operation.

DiGenova also shares how NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers, Chairman Devin Nunes and ODNI Dan Coats began to confront the unlawful behavior and position the entire Justice Department for a complete generational reset.  This discussion is like the Big Ugly audio book. [ Hi Joe – Great Job! ]


IG Stimulated Releases of Information:

♦Release #1 was the FBI Agent Strzok and Attorney Lisa Page story; and the repercussions from discovering their politically motivated bias in the 2015/2016 Clinton email investigation and 2016/2017 Russian Election investigation.

♦Release #2 outlined the depth of FBI Agent Strzok and FBI Attorney Page’s specific history in the 2016 investigation into Hillary Clinton to include the changing of the wording [“grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”] of the probe outcome delivered by FBI Director James Comey.

♦Release #3 was the information about DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr being in contact with Fusion GPS at the same time as the FISA application was submitted and granted by the FISA court; which authorized surveillance and wiretapping of candidate Donald Trump; that release also attached Bruce Ohr and Agent Strzok directly to the Steele Dossier.

♦Release #4 was information that Deputy Bruce Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, was an actual contract employee of Fusion GPS, and was hired by F-GPS specifically to work on opposition research against candidate Donald Trump. Both Bruce Ohr and Nellie Ohr are attached to the origin of the Christopher Steele Russian Dossier.

♦Release #5 was the specific communication between FBI Agent Strzok and FBI Attorney Page. The 10,000 text messages that included evidence of them both meeting with Asst. FBI Director Andrew McCabe to discuss the “insurance policy” against candidate Donald Trump in August of 2016.

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  1. hellinahandbasket says:

    Admiral Rogers may very well go down in history as “The Man Who Saved America”.
    President Trump, of course will go down as the President who saved America, but Mike Rogers will be recognized as the necessary catalyst for Trump to save us all – because without the actions of Rogers, would we instead have a Russia investigation morphing from fantasy to FACT.

    This all provided we figure-out how to replace school text books, and written Historical logs depicting “fantasy” and replacing them with TRUTH.
    Scary times, scary times.
    But I remain calm, and #MAGA. …Figure I’ll know when it’s time to REALLY panic! (ha)

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    • mike says:

      ….investigation morphing from fantasy to FASCISM.

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    • Don'tMessWithTexas says:

      Mr. diGenova did a great job explaining it all in layman’s terminology and I appreciate that. I will forward the YouTube lync today on all of the blogs and encourage you to do the same.
      My beef is that we all know about this farce and the taxpayer money is flooding out of the gates paying Mueller and his SEVENTEEN BFFs who he hired to continue this farce. IT IS OUR MONEY. Yes, I am yelling. When do this insanity stop? I am in a panic.
      We are taking in record number of taxes and we are flying illegal aliens to their gateway destination to entitlements and jobs that we should have.
      I do not believe that Jeff Sessions has some secretive, conservative inner sanctum that will have a shock and awe moment and come out with indictments and the truth. Our gov’t has NEVER operated like that and he is too passive to change it. He recused himself for goodness sake.

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    • Glenn says:

      Glenn Frey says it all…

      The heat is on on the street
      Inside your head every beat
      And the beat’s so loud deep inside
      The pressure’s high just to stay alive
      ‘Cause the heat is on

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  2. wheatietoo says:

    What are Brennan, Clapper and Morrell doing teaming up with Hollywood scumbag Rob Reiner?
    Morrell was head of the CIA before Brennan.
    (Seriously creepy guy.)

    In case you missed it, Reiner crows about it here:

    What are they up to?
    Are they working on some propaganda films to put their own spin on all their crimes?

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  3. zephyrbreeze says:

    Who is Joe diGenova?

    Joseph E. diGenova, founding partner of the Washington, D.C. law firm of diGenova & Toensing, LLP represents individuals, corporations and other entities before the Federal courts, Congress, and U.S. cabinet departments and agencies on criminal, civil, administrative and investigative matters. In December 1992, he was appointed Independent Counsel in the Clinton Passport File Search matter. He was appointed Chairman of the Grievance Committee of the D.C. District Court in 1995 by the judges of that court. In 1997, he was named Special Counsel by the U.S. House of Representatives to probe the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. As a result of that assignment, he was appointed by the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, to sit on the Independent Review Board, which oversees the Teamsters pursuant to a 1989 Consent Decree. He is on that Board with former FBI and CIA Director William Webster and former U.S. Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti. In 2007, Mr. diGenova was retained by the New York State Senate to investigate then-Gov. Eliot Spitzer in the Troopergate matter.

    His practice emphasizes representation to resolve disputes with various branches of the Federal government through negotiation, litigation, and/or legislation. He does white collar criminal defense work for individuals (such as the former CEO of BCCI) and corporations, conducting internal investigations as well. He represents individuals and organizations in Congressional investigations.

    For four years, diGenova was United States Attorney, District of Columbia, which is the largest such office, having more than 400 attorneys. He supervised complex Federal criminal and civil matters including international drug smuggling, public corruption, espionage, insider trading, tax fraud, extradition, fraud, RICO, export control and international terrorism. Many of these prosecutions involved negotiations with foreign governments. He conducted a wide-ranging probe of corruption in the D.C. government, which led to the conviction of two deputy mayors. He led the prosecution of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. He was the Principal Assistant U.S. Attorney during the prosecution of attempted Presidential assassin, John W. Hinckley.

    DiGenova has extensive experience on Capitol Hill. He was Chief Counsel and Staff Director of the Senate Rules Committee and Counsel to the Senate Judiciary, Governmental Affairs and Select Intelligence Committees. He has conducted confirmation, investigative, legislative and oversight hearings, drafted legislation and testified before both Houses of Congress. He also served as Administrative Assistant and Legislative Director to U.S. Senator Charles Mathias.

    Mr. diGenova has published articles on criminal law, terrorism, and Congressional oversight and has spoken on those and other issues to various organizations throughout the United States. As part of his advocacy approach, he has appeared on Court TV, Lehrer News Hour, Meet the Press, Face the Nation, Nightline, 60 Minutes, Crossfire, This Week With David Brinkley, John McLaughlin’s One On One, Today Show, Good Morning America, and other national television programs. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Cincinnati and his law degree from Georgetown University.

    diGenova & Toensing, LLP

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  4. Farmon says:

    For a while there I thought DiGenova was Sundance. Wow, he’s good.

    I’d love to read a post from Sundance about what kind of tectonic shifts we deplorable could suffer as a result of the Swamp getting drained. I do not doubt for a second they will try to start a civil war before they give up power and $$$ as the outgoing swamp drainage pulls them out. Any thoughts Treepers?

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    • Sporty says:

      I believe we are witnessing history. The end of the Democratic Party and of the rhinos as well. A new found era of patriotism and respect for law and decency. Just not sure what the price will be.

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    • positron1352 says:

      Farmon, I am concerned as well They will stop at nothing. I think that’s why a few of the Republican congressmen have said they are worried that the country will not survive this. It’s because of how the Dems will react, plot and carry out their nefarious plans.

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    • Bakokitty says:

      Any thoughts? Well you brought to mind a quote by One of the founders of our country.

      The deliberations of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 were held in strict secrecy. Consequently, anxious citizens gathered outside Independence Hall when the proceedings ended in order to learn what had been produced behind closed doors. The answer was provided immediately. A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.” (Benjamin Franklin)

      At this point in time I do not put it past the communists who have worked to destroy us from within for over a hundred years, to in a last heaving effort, start a civil war. If this terrible assault on America happens I believe we should be greatful to God for placing PDJT in charge, as I feel the military will defend our people, our county. As well our patriots who thanks to our anti second amendment,and anti gun laws have armed up to be ready to,defend our country. The hubris of the left will be their Achilles heel.

      I’m sure most of us never thought we might be the ones called upon to respond to
      Benjamin Franklin’s words. A republic if you can keep it.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      I suspect it will be a rough ride. Our family and friends on the left have gone somewhat crazy. They have wallowed in hate and fear and blame and allowed themselves to be blinded and brainwashed. Letting go of that won’t come easy. Be prepared for heavy denial, no matter how ridiculous it seems to us.

      Civil war? Quite possibly, but I have trouble even comprehending what that might look like. Unlike the first civil war, there is no Mason Dixon line. Every state is basically a border state this time because probably the biggest division is between rural and city.

      Those of us in blue states won’t fare well because the government apparatus will be against us, state, county, municipal.

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      • redridge45 says:

        Hopefully help will come soon… “In an interview with Fox News, Thomas Homan, acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement called for leaders of sanctuary cities to be criminally charged.” If not this, something else; I have faith, we are part of the USA.

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    • El Torito says:

      re: civil war:
      I used to think so, but it’s only a few that are of the antifa/violent type with Obama as their spirit leader.

      As far as the average libtard thinker goes – I don’t think they will fight for anything. This is what the Lib leadership has created – they’ve taken God out of everything, knowing that their indoctrinated idiots won’t fight for Country. There is a lot to be learned from the World Wars – people volunteered to fight for “God and Country.” I think Trump knows this and had returned God back to us and removed a lot of PC.

      I also think this is why quietly MS13 and other violent types that Obama quietly imported are being cleared out first. In fact, as I type I realize that this may be the main reason that everything else is slow rolled…

      The typical lib won’t make a decision to fight though – they only want to be told what to think and feel. If their Dem leadership is as neutralized as I think is going to be when the Big Ugly gets Big and Ugly, I think a surprising amount of their flock will run to the safety of our flock instead of fighting for their side.

      Like dogs looking for a pack to accept them. Once the few thousand Obama die hards are exterminated.

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    • DoggyDaddy says:

      Thank you…great read.

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      • G. Combs says:

        Don’t miss the comments. One commenter points out that the ‘little people’ that Trump has interacted with all praise him.

        “….The latest account of this type was on Quora where somebody asked if anybody knew Donald Trump personally. A woman answered that she had been a software developer on some project Trump contracted the Co. she worked for to do. Trump personally interviewed her – asked her pointed questions about her competence , and then praised her in the presence of her CEO and a couple of other company executives a couple of weeks later in a chance run in.

        Anybody who has read accounts of Hillary’s treatment of Secret Service and military personnel who had the unfortunate fate to have to deal with her – should know this behavior by Trump is YUGE difference from the way Hillary acts. I believe this says a lot about the man…..”

        Hillary’s treatment reflect’s the attitude of an Aristocrat. Trump’s attitude reflects that of an equal.


  5. covfefe999 says:

    Excellent point that Nunes and others with appropriate access see the documents with zero redactions. I pray some day we will be able to see them.

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  6. zephyrbreeze says:

    I didn’t know about the 99-page report on the Improper Disclosures.

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  7. anthdohmy says:

    Well at least if CTH is hacked after all this attention we know the NSA, and probably the DOJ and FBI have a clone of the site.


  8. Minnie says:

    Thank you for this share, Sundance, and, thank you, Mr. DiGenova. You both hit those buzz words on target and we appreciate all you are doing to put this out to the public.

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  9. zephyrbreeze says:

    Do we know if John Carlin is even alive? No one’s heard from him since he’s resigned?

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Must be on an around-the-world cruise with Bill Priestap. No communication from either.

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      • zimbalistjunior says:

        they’re holed up in a hotel room with LT. Markinson. About to get in their dress unis before suiciding.( A Few Good Men 1992)
        oh ya…another rob reiner film..nice

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    • free2313 says:

      It appears he has a position with Morrison @ Foerster…

      John P. Carlin, former Assistant Attorney General for the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) National Security Division (NSD), chairs Morrison & Foerster’s global risk and crisis management team and advises industry-leading organizations in sensitive cyber and other national security matters, white collar investigations, and government enforcement actions.(snip)

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      • Art C says:

        Thanks for the update Free2313. I too was wondering what rock Carlin had decided to crawl under to hunker down while these scandal’s play out. I believe he will be subpoena’d to testify in front of Rep Devin Nunes committee when the time comes. His employment there will be short lived because Morrison & Foerster’s will probably cut him loose once he is indicated and prosecuted.


  10. MaineCoon says:

    The Bill Still Report also posted this video. Mr. Still gives introductory remarks of the highest regard for DiGenova and states also that he is one of his sources. Excellent video.

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  11. zephyrbreeze says:

    Somehow we will learn about Seth Rich, i hope. Poor Seth got caught in the maw of Hillary.

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    • zimbalistjunior says:

      after today’s text messages disappearance story, and expecting some fun smoking guns from soon to be released memo, can we not lend credence to any theory, no matter how seemingly outlandish.
      why the heck should anyone believe russian hacking narrative?! even the MSM-following TDS sufferers should have their brains finally engaged at least by next week.

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    • G. Combs says:

      Certainly explains why Seth’s parents had a DNC ‘minder’ and were obviously panicking about any digging into Seth’s death by anyone but the ‘authorities’

      Almost everyone has secrets… Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent

      The More Corrupt the State, the More Numerous the laws
      “…Today, I’m going to share one of the most important things I’ve learned traveling around the world: There’s a crucial difference between committing a real crime and breaking the law….

      …almost every country in the world universally considers real crimes immoral. A real crime involves harm or the threat of harm to person or property. Think murder, theft, or arson.

      Virtually every government prohibits real crimes. Most also prohibit a lot of other things…

      When someone breaks the law, it’s often not a real crime at all. He may have merely violated a particular government’s law without threatening or harming anyone or anything.

      Today in the U.S., the government won’t necessarily go after you if you break a law. After all, most everyone has technically broken some law. Instead, the government decides whom to go after and chooses which laws to enforce. A creative prosecutor can always find some crime to charge you with if he looks hard enough.

      This doesn’t sound like the land of freedom and opportunity. It sounds like an out-of-control government.

      If you think it’s bad now, just wait until American politicians get even more financially desperate….”


  12. GREENMIRROR says:

    Legit GCHQ Letter?


  13. van winkle says:

    well this certainly blows the lid off……..but now what are they going to do about it?? Are they simply going to bury it in the swamp until it goes away……or are they willing to put it in a grand jury somewhere outside of DC where a fair hearing can be conducted and all those mentioned can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law?
    The time for talking it to death on Hannity is over, we the people need to see swift action taken and people put in jail!

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  14. missilemom says:

    He is connected if anyone is. He knows.


  15. LafnH2O says:

    “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and When you move,
    fall like a thunderbolt.”

    Sun Tzu
    The Art of WAR


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  16. EV22 says:

    Imagine what Justice Thomas must be thinking.

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  17. wtd says:

    Independent investigative journalist, George Webb, suggests another identity to keep in mind in this video clip…”Aiman Mir” was the guy who approved the Gulftainer deal, the Uranium One deal, and the CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in US) deal

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  18. Wow! That is the best 30 minute concise description I have heard of what is happening. Important video for those who do not dive into deep weeds. SHARE. SHARE. SHARE!!!

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  19. wolfvanweyden says:

    Hello Treepers, I’m a first-time poster, but have been following CTH and Sundance’s tireless and informative work for a couple months now. My question is this:

    Has Sundance or anyone addressed why Comey came out with the re-opening of Hillary’s server/emails case right before the elections?

    My apologies if this has been thoroughly addressed and I’ve just missed it. Thanks for any clarification. Keep up the best comment section on the net, Treepers.

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    • Bakokitty says:

      Welcome wolfvanweyden, I don’t remember if this was thoroughly discussed. But perhaps someone else will answer.


    • konradwp1 says:

      My understanding was that after the initial exoneration, the NYPD found a cache of emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer while investigating him for online grooming of an underage girl. Weiner was Huma Abedin’s (hillary’s top adviser) husband.

      The emails found were clearly part of Hillary’s emails that Huma had backed up. Once the NYPD leaked this info, Comey had no choice but request the computer and reopen the investigation. Comey resisted as hard as he could but some in the NYPD were threatening to leak, and some FBI agents were threatening to resign. Against his will, Comey did a rushed examination of the huge stash of emails and claimed it was all clear. This was supposed to kill the issue before the election.

      But now it has been found that there were classified emails from Hillary’s secret server on the laptop. Comey was wrong to clear her the first and second time.

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      • Maggie says:

        When Podesta emails came out the thought was that Clinton regularly wanted her emails printed and Huma couldn’t print from her own device so she forwarded them to her personal lap top at home (which Weiner also used) in order to make paper copies for Clinton.
        This then led into the NYPD getting the lap top.


    • sundance says:

      NYPD discovered emails on Weiner Laptop (during child porn investigation.).

      Not FBI.

      Comey had no choice. NYPD was the originating reporting agency.

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      • wolfvanweyden says:

        Ok, that makes more sense, especially with the pressure coming from an outside law agency thereby forcing him to make a very untimely public statement. Thanks ya’ll.


  20. wolfvanweyden says:



  21. John Good says:

    Sundance, it must be rather gratifying to you to have someone else confirm what you have been saying all along! It certainly would be to me.
    This video makes me feel a lot better about your President Trump’s safety, as there are a lot more people in your country that know exactly what is really going on than I thought. The more people that know the true story, the less chance there is of stopping it by killing one person. Besides, IMO IF someone does manage to harm President Trump, I think that there would be a lot of people sentenced to death!
    I am going to spread Joe diGenova’s explanation to all the Trump supporter’s that I know here in Canada, because he explains it so well.
    Sundance, if you get a chance maybe you could contact the REBEL Media here in Canada with this article & Ezra Levant will jump at the chance to do this story.


    • HMelville says:

      Ezra and Mark Steyn did a great job together over the HRC fiascoes but I believe Ezra Levant’s Rebel media was excoriated in the Canadian Press over their reporter’s comments during the Charlottesville march and some of his original co-founders like Lilly quit.
      How is Rebel media doing now? Did he manage to rebuild or it is it still a marginal outlet considered wacko by most Canadians including the Conservative party’s MP’s.


    • El Torito says:

      Sundance has only presented facts all along. I see Joe D’s video as being in agreement, but confirmation of everything Sundance has laid out for us is 100% unnecessary in my view.

      But it is awesome to hear Joe’s oration of what we already know to be fact, thank’s to SD.

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  22. HMelville says:

    I wonder how things would look today at the DOJ, if articulate Joe had been appointed as Trump’s A/G instead of Jeff Sessions? Rosenstein would not have been in charge of the bogus “Collusion” lie due to a recusal and Mueller would never have been hired–for starters.

    As we know, the law is an adversarial system and DiGenova made a very convincing prosecutory case but a lawyer like Schiff would only have to say a few words to counter his cogent arguments:

    ie. “The prosecution was merely reading the talking points given to him by the GOP and the Russian Bots…” and 1/2 (or more) of America will believe him and reject Joe’s cogent concluding remarks . Sad!
    Given that any indictments regarding the corruption would likely be heard in a DC Court, which probably has the most biased pro Dem jury pool in the country, it might be difficult to ever get a conviction or even a trial that a DC Judge won’t dismiss. This will be a long uphill battle that will not be close to being over before the Nov. elections.


  23. A2 says:

    Page 21 is telling. “Only recent remedial measures appeared promising, they were being implemented only on certain systems, while other systems remained to be assessed.”

    Also Nicholas Rasmussen (2012-2014) is key to the FISA document above. He was head of the NCTC as mentioned in this release document. NCTC according to the above document had carte blanche. Needs a serious look-see. I doubt many people here never heard of the NCTC.

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    • litenmaus says:

      A2 here’s a little bit more info on the NCTC and Eric Holder’s intelligence changes in 2012

      March 2012 Eric Holder grants the NCTC the authority to collect, store, and analyze extensive data COLLECTIONS OF US CITIZENS compiled from governmental and non-governmental sources for suspicious behavior through pattern analysis AND to share the databases with foreign states.

      December 17, 2012 – Trey Gowdy & Jason Chaffetz send letter to Eric Holder expressing concerns over the rules change governing the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). Under the new powers, the NCTC can store dossiers on U.S. citizens, even if those citizens are not suspected of any criminal activity. Reps. Chaffetz and Gowdy are alarmed these alterations were made to current policy without public input, notification, or approval”.

      There are two arms of the NCTC –

      The Counterterrorism Division (CTD) is a division of the National Security Branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. CTD investigates terrorist threats INSIDE the United States, provides information on terrorists outside the country, and tracks known terrorists worldwide.

      December 18, 2014- Nicholas Rasmussen appointed as Director of the National Counterterrorism Center. Previously Nicholas Rasmussen had sat on the National Security Board for both Obama & Bush -[ Rasmussen retired in Oct/Nov of 2017.]

      Executive Director at NCTC – Sept 2015 Tricia S. Wellman

      December 2, 2015 – 14 Americans are killed and 22 people are injured by individuals that the FBI knows nothing about, leaves behind an apartment that was never secured, information that was tainted, and

      December 18, 2015 – Obama Speaks to the American public on-site at the NCTC

      “Today, I wanted to hold our meeting here — rather than in the Situation Room at the White House, I wanted to hold it at the National Counterterrorism Center because this is the hub of where so many of our experts and efforts come together. And I want to thank our Director of National Intelligence Clapper, Jim Clapper, as well as NCTC Director Nick Rasmussen, and everybody at NCTC — all of you — for welcoming us here today.”

      And the Second Arm of the Branch……

      The Counterintelligence Division (CD) is a division of the National Security Branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The division protects the United States against foreign intelligence operations and espionage.

      December 21, 2015 – FBI Director James B. Comey names “Bill” Priestap as the Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division at FBI Headquarters (FBIHQ) in Washington, D.C. Mr. Priestap most recently served as the Deputy Assistant Director of the Intelligence Operations Branch in the Directorate of Intelligence at FBIHQ. [In other words, Priestap just got put into a position that he could keep doing what he was doing before, but now as the Assistant Director in the NCTC he didn’t have to deal with oversight]

      A Department, within an agency, that was set up after 9/11 to protect against Terrorism, is transformed into Herbert Hoover’s filing cabinet.

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  24. Kenji says:

    Joe DiGenova is a Great American! Fabulous work by a former Federal Prosecutor who speaks with knowledge, credibility, and a MORAL COMPASS which is missing from every single one of the Obama/Clinton cartel of swamp dwelling Federal Appointees, and Employees. The entire FBI and DOJ must be thoroughly remodeled … starting with the sledge hammers. And there are dozens more alphabet agencies that need fumigation. This attempted coup WILL NOT STAND unpunished.

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  25. Bill Ouchie says:

    Thank you for getting closer to the bottom of this scandal, I am sure that it goes much deeper and I hope we prosecute all those who are involved.


  26. There are many times during this interview that I could swear he was reading directly from Sundance’s Big Ugly, Operation Condor article.

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  27. lfhbrave says:

    Looking back, these maneuvers and counter-maneuvers could well be coordinated.

    March 4, 2017, POTUS’s famous tweets calling Obama “sick guy” for wiretapping him.
    March 15, 2017, Dan Coats was confirmed as Director of ODNI
    March 22, 2017, Nunes went to WH and gave a press conference in front of WH.

    May 9, 2017, Comey was fired (Rosenstein’s letter).
    May 11, 2017, ODNI (Dan Coats), “in consultation with the Department of Justice”, released the 99 page FISA court opinion.
    May 17, 2017, Rosenstein appointed Muller as SC.

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  28. Firefly says:

    Couple of articles on the memo. Looks like gchq has an office at ft Meade. The russia meeting at trump towers was indeed a setup. To see the whole story coming out leaves you speechless that this could happen in America.

    The FISA Abuse Memo Unveiled; What Exactly Is In the Memo, According to Intel Insiders

    FBI Agent Leaks Explosive #ReleaseTheMemo Document


  29. D. Manny says:

    On Doug Ross’ timeline, he had this entry:

    2016-05-05 Lisa Page and James Baker meet with Obama deputy at WH White House.
    Ross’s source for this information was @ckadoodldooUS on Twitter:
    So I followed the link. Lo’ and behold, guess whose account Twitter deleted?


  30. Matt Hay says:

    I had a thought the other day. Is it possible that the “Insurance Policy” which Strzok and Page were discussing was referring to not the dossier specifically, but to the FISA Application and the order they were seeking as a result? I think it a near certainty they were engaged in unlawful surveillance prior to the Republican nomination being clinched, and they were seeking the FISA order as “insurance” against any potential repercussions for the unlawful surveillance in the event Trump won? They knew they had been cut off from the 702(17) queries, and they knew I am sure that Rogers was conducting a review. I am sure they also believed that there would be no repercussions if Hillary won, hence the need for “insurance”.

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  31. fanbeav says:

    No wonder they went missing! Go straight to the cell phone company to get the texts!

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  32. coltlending says:

    Thank you for posting the video.

    ‘One of the best on the whole sorid nature of this event.

    Beyond Admiral Mike Rodgers, hands down this post and the many before it, in my mind, make Sundance the next most significant actor in bringing this all to light to America.

    Thank You Sundance whoever you are and whoever has helped you.


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  33. coltlending says:

    Can someone please list the nine who were on CFIUS during Uranium One?

    Thanks in advance.


    • fabrabbit says:

      Still looking for individual names but the heads of the following Departments.
      Department of the Treasury (chair)
      Department of Justice
      Department of Homeland Security
      Department of Commerce
      Department of Defense
      Department of State
      Department of Energy
      Office of the U.S. Trade Representative
      Office of Science & Technology Policy


    • fabrabbit says:

      Probably not important who was on CFIUS but rather as DiGenova says, “only takes one to stop a deal” and Hillary could have stopped it. But of course, she wanted it to go through. My guess is, and this maybe where you were going with your question, Hillary likely “stressed” the importance to other CFIUS members the importance of approving it.


  34. wolfmoon1776 says:

    There is a shortened version of the video that is PERFECT for low-infos who don’t have time for the whole video. Tweet this short one to the kids with no attention span.

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  35. Emil Carstens says:

    So then, how is the iC going to deal with Brennan and Clapper? Behind closed doors?


  36. fabrabbit says:

    I finally watched Joe’s video. That was an excellent review of what we’ve been reading by Sundance. His grasp of the law, the way Washington works and the crimes committed by the DOJ/FBI (and the Clintons) was eloquent and also frightening.


  37. Bill dunn says:

    We the people are as much to blame as the nefarious members of government that are slowly being rooted out. We have turned blind eyes to our governments actions and personal profiteering at our expense. We have been unwilling to admit that we are lazy and silent to the actions of those that would usurp our freedoms in their own interests. They would seek to nuter it’s citizens by taking away our weapons . Give away our status as a world power in the interest of foreign oil . Who would fill our shores with populations of people surging to join the ranks of entitlement.


  38. waitingForTheStorm says:

    Fire up a special counsel. Draft Joe Degenova. If I tweeted, I would coin a hashtag: #draftJoeDegenova


  39. f.fernandez says:

    Crowdstrike involved with creating false narrative. The ‘reputable’ company that was the sole entity allowed to examine supposed hacked DNC server.

    They, like Christopher Steele were brought in to add legitimacy to the narrative.


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