Hiding in Plain Sight – The Coming Attractions…

Merry Christmas.  Well, it appears people -lots of people- are quickly catching on.  As we shared earlier:

“The records IG Horowitz is sharing are details his investigation has uncovered that outline the larger FBI and DOJ collusion against candidate, and possibly President, Donald Trump.

While the partially recused Attorney General Jeff Sessions watches it play out, Asst. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein works as the conduit to ensure those records are provided to congress per request.   Yes, Rosenstein, like Horowitz, is also a white hat.

Their united approach with this information is essentially confirming what CTH has written about for the past several weeks.  There is a clear strategy here with the information that is surfacing for us to absorb.

Each piece of released information outlines the location of a larger piece of information.  Congressional committees just need to keep asking questions, follow the trail of evidence, seek more investigative discovery material, and interview the DOJ and FBI officials named along the way.” (more)

Um,… well,… Cue The Audio Visual – “where are we going?”:





The Big Ugly

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322 Responses to Hiding in Plain Sight – The Coming Attractions…

  1. tails6 says:

    The hard lesson here is how an agency of 35,000 is turned into a political weapon by less than .005% turncoats.
    Of course, there are most likely plenty more of them that we will never know.

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  2. Sunshine says:

    Remember Eric Holder? Why did he leave in mid-term, end-2014? Then, Lynch confirmed in early 2015. Is it possible Holder didn’t want to be involved in all that upcoming crap? Back then, rumors were flying re Trump as a presidential candidate.

    Loretta LYNCH is the weak link in this story. For her to do that pitiful video she did, the haggard look… as we bled… remember that? That sudden video was far beneath her standing as former DOJ. That was a huge mistake as we all saw how vulnerable she was.

    Lynch is a great danger for them as she will not be able to withstand a sustained interrogation.

    As to Sessions, I’ve always maintained confidence in him. Intelligent man. Trump knows where all this is headed and Holder is not involved.

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  3. JCSevile says:

    I really do not think that Rosey and Horowitz are “White Hats”…It sounds to me like they are just more Fixers. This IG goes back for years with working with Mueller. This was very disturbing to listen to, but I recommend it…

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  4. Susan Sylvia says:

    If true, this article answers a few questions for me, and turns on a light bulb. Question though: I’ve wondered why Sessions and Wray have not cleaned house much so far. Could it be that they wanted to leave the status quo until things could be investigated, rather than let these people slither away?

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    • Timing is everything. With the economy soaring from tax cuts, the myth of collusion will be destroyed and criminal demoKKKrats exposed during the midterm election year. Throw in a couple dozen demoKKKrats and GOPers taken out the the harassment crap and the swamp WILL be drained.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      Susan, exactly what I have been thinking and saying. When they have all the material they need, then the hammer strikes. Coming along a wee bit faster than the democrats, FBI and CIA thought. Fun for us is on the way!


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