#FusionCollusion – Thirty Questions and One Answer: “Because Laura Ingraham Wouldn’t Shut Up”…

Late last night, or early this morning depending on time-zone, CTH asked a series of 30 questions. –SEE HERE– Today, CTH receives one short answer:

“Because Laura Ingraham wouldn’t shut up”, and listen.

The interview segment below happened on October 30th, 2017.  Keep reminding yourself of that while you watch.  THIS is October 30th, 2017.  Listen to the questions that Chairman Nunes tries to deposit on October 30th, 2017.  *Tries*.

This interview is more than a month prior to the December 2017 information about: Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Glenn Simpson, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, W.H. Bill Priestap, John P Carlin, James Baker, Andrew “Andy” McCabe, Christopher Steele, FISA-702(17), FBI “contractors”; and more specifically a month before General Mike Flynn was indicted by the “small team”.

This interview was October 30th, 2017. WATCH:


CTH has been guided to pay attention to some specific structures:

  • […] “or, is it the whole FBI”? (interrupted)
  • […] “Well, he was briefed on the dossier”, “why would he”… (interrupted)
  • […] “Me going to the White House where I”… (interrupted)

Again, that interview was October 30th, 2017.

There’s a myriad of seemingly disconnected dots amid the story of the DOJ and FBI spying on candidate Trump. But oddly no-one asks raw questions…

For instance. Why did ODNI Dan Coats decide to declassify a FISA Court opinion in April and May 2017 ?.. What was Coats motivation for a historic shift in transparency of FISA court material ?…

Why put this into the sunlight if there was not a bigger reason to do so?

Seriously. Simple question. Why declassify it?

Additionally… How/Why do we discover Peter Strzok? Why was there a media release about this FBI agent in December? What’s the purpose?

Where did this story originate, and why did the entity who released the story wish the public to know about it?

Why did an anonymous somebody tell the media Peter Strzok was the FBI agent who interviewed General Michael Flynn, three days before Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to FBI investigators?

Why was it important to anonymous *somebodies* that we know about Peter Strzok and DOJ/FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

Why was it important for people inside the intelligence community to tell the public, anonymously, that Lisa Page and Peter Strzok were conspiring to assist Hillary Clinton and eliminate candidate Donald Trump?

Why was it important for the public to know that Agent Peter Strzok and Attorney Lisa Page changed the wording on the FBI talking points that James Comey used to exonerate candidate Hillary Clinton?

Who, inside the intelligence community, was pushing out that information? What was the intention of pushing out that information? Why did they think the public needed to know about it?

Why did they need to tell the American public that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were no longer in a position to influence current investigative events? Why was that important to the intelligence community?

All reporting on Strzok and Page pushes the media to inquire back to the DOJ Public Information Officer for comment on the media reporting.

The DOJ responds to the questions from the media by referring all inquiry to the Office of Inspector General (OIG), Michael Horowitz. Who tells media:

The response from the OIG, to the December 2017 media inquiry, forces THIS to the sunlight:

Immediately following the news of a Michael Flynn indictment release, a blitzkrieg of parallel randomly stories surfaces. Including

Literally at the same time an indictment against Flynn is announced. Someone within the intelligence community hits back with information about more DOJ corruption; this time DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr:

Why? What’s going on?

Why is the IC hitting back hard against Robert Mueller’s team outcome, by releasing damaging information about those who have participated inside the Mueller investigation? Who is punching back?

It’s not the media. This is insider justice stuff.

This part of the intelligence community is transparently pissed off. They keep striking out pummeling the Mueller team. Why? Who are they? And they don’t let up

Whoever *they* are, inside this IC writ large, is not just hitting out – they are naming names. They’ve named: Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew “Andy” McCabe, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Glenn Simpson, and they don’t let up.

Not only do they name names, but they actually provide physical evidence that goes along with those names. Text messages between the participants:

It just seems odd that no-one ever asked WHY?

Why is it important to these people to put this information out?

Up until December 2017 almost all leaks were against the office of the presidency. These are against IC Officials.

This series of coordinated stories distributed to the media are not random occurrences. The frequency and timing is too well coordinated. The MSM are forced to cover them – even though they don’t want to. But no-one in MSM asks WHY? Why are these IC reports coming out?

And the deluge of IC push-back doesn’t let up. Two days after James Baker accompanies Andrew McCabe to a House hearing BOOM he’s nailed too.

Less than a day after Intel Chairman Nunes tells the media of his intention to question FBI lead counsel James Baker, WHAMMO !! Baker is defrocked, put in charge of counting staplers, and exposed as a leaker.

All of this happens in a matter of a stunning two weeks +/- a few days. Yet, no-one seems to ask why? Why then? Why was it important to *someone* to get this information out, get these people exposed, and get this into the media bloodstream?

Not a single one of the stories around Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Comey, Bruce Ohr or Nellie Ohr, Glenn Simpson, “Andy” McCabe, or James Baker was real-time information attached to their current activity.

All of the DOJ/FBI information was as the co-conspirators are quarantined. Yet it all came out in a two week period. Why?

I just find it interesting that no-one in MSM is looking at the reason we are able to put all of this together. The story, and scale, of corruption inside the FBI and DOJ is obviously important to someone inside the FBI and DOJ.

And whoever it is, for whatever motive they have, they have presented a ton of evidence preparing us for something rather significant. It is remarkable how much the MSM is ignoring it.




Oh, and one last thing….

…. just passing this along.


A message for Laura Ingraham….

…. from people who are trying to accomplish something.


They just wanted a message conveyed:


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512 Responses to #FusionCollusion – Thirty Questions and One Answer: “Because Laura Ingraham Wouldn’t Shut Up”…

  1. Lottacats says:

    It’s true….Laura won’t shut up. I stopped watching her because of it.

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      She’s just like Hannity – worst interviewer evah!!!

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      • jmuniz1 says:

        I dont watch FOX they suck they promote open boarder Republicans and put Traitor Rubio on. They suck. O’reilly was much better at least he gave people a chance to answer a question.

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        • Mr. T. says:

          Jmuniz1, O’Reilly gave people a chance to answer IF they agreed with him. I’ve seen him cut off a good number of people over the years who weren’t on the same page that O’Reilly was.

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    • huecowacko says:

      They simply try too hard to show how on top of things they are/how smart they are, and don’t let the interviewee complete a thought or a sentence, it’s extremely annoying to me as a viewer.

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      • I really have little respect for Laura. After viewing youtube videos of her attempt to have her own show at Fox a few years back and the arrogant display of contempt she showed the staff of her program I realized that Laura was a phony and have held that view to this day. She isn’t remotely interested in the truth, she is interested in Laura.

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        • Old Codger says:

          Why, oh WHY are we continually exposed to the Catholic school girls, all trying to show the Head Nun how smart they are and how hard they stuied???

          Maureen Dowd, Laura Ingraham, Peggy Noonan….and their ilk! You all remember them: they were the girls who sat in the front of the classroom, furiously raising their hands for every question asked, literally begging to be called on, so they could display their brattish, try-too-hard acquisition of book smarts and knowledge the spelling lists multiplication tables.

          They were they ones who were always “so smart”, but they would rat out their peers for whispering or passing notes in class; then cluelessly wonder why no one asked them out or asked them to dance at the school functions! And they ALWAYS wore their hair done in braids!!!

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        • donnajeanz says:

          Her voice irritates me. Her radio show was about her, Hannity, the same. They like the sound of their own voice. Still not listening to Rush or any talk radio. I watched Eisenhower get elected. My dad asked me, ” Donna, who is going to win the Election?”,
          I looked up at him and said, ” I like Eik “. Eisenhower did win that election day and I have followed Politics since 1956… So, some days I think I just do not want to listen to your dribble, tick tock, Your time is up…We are busy, America is serious business…MAGA !!!

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    • tazz2293 says:

      Just like her mentor O’Bloviating horse’s arse

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    • David Munday says:

      I think she’s hot


  2. youme says:

    July 2, 2014

    Report on the Surveillance Program Operated Pursuant to Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
    The Board’s report on the surveillance program directed at international telephone and internet communications conducted under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The report provides descriptive, legal, and policy analysis of the program and offers ten recommendations to further ensure the protection of privacy and civil liberties.


      • youme says:

        February 5, 2016

        PCLOB Releases Update on Government’s Implementation of the PCLOB Recommendations on Section 215 and Section 702
        The bipartisan Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) has released a report that provides an update on the progress the government has made toward implementing agency recommendations. The “Recommendations Assessment Report” outlines the status of 22 recommendations PCLOB made as part of two separate reports.


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        • youme says:

          March 2016
          FBI quietly changes its privacy rules for accessing NSA data on Americans
          Exclusive: Classified revisions accepted by secret Fisa court affect NSA data involving Americans’ international emails, texts and phone calls

          As of 2014, the FBI was not even required to make note of when it searched the metadata, which includes the “to” or “from” lines of an email. Nor does it record how many of its data searches involve Americans’ identifying details – a practice that apparently continued through 2015, based on documents released last February. The PCLOB called such searches “substantial”, since the FBI keeps NSA-collected data with the information it acquires through more traditional means, such as individualized warrants.

          This is key…“Changes have been implemented based on PCLOB recommendations, but we cannot comment further due to classification,” said Christopher Allen, a spokesman for the FBI.”


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      • So what I see is an initial setup of 702 and someone doing a review
        Makes some 10 recommendations that would better safeguard potential abuses.
        So even with the 2016 OIG notification of abuse this was something that could and did
        become a reality.


  3. Kathleen Rady says:

    Personally, I cringe every time Laura says, “If I were Trump I wouldn’t do………this that or the other.” I like Laura, but she does get on my very last nerve sometimes.

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  4. MAGAbear says:

    There’s a funny Joe Walsh song titled “Shut Up” that has a line “She would not shut up!”……..Maybe that could the Ingraham Angle’s new opening song. 😀

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  5. kpm58 says:

    I think we are going to be amazed by the who.

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  6. fishon2016 says:

    Sundance great think I must piece.

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  7. daders says:

    I’m confused, is Sundance saying Laura Ingraham should stop interrupting answers or stop asking questions because it is getting in the way?


  8. youme says:

    British Spies Allowed to Access U.S. Data Without a Warrant

    Newly released documents from the British government reveal a lack of judicial oversight for how it sifts through communications data collected by the NSA and other foreign governments.


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    • Susan Reeve says:

      If we allow this to continue, then this is our fault.


    • Craig from Scotland says:

      Sir Andrew Wood, associate of Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd……

      June 11, 2015
      “In the City of London this is known as talking one’s book. On Madison Avenue, in New York City, it’s called advertising. Chatham House is applying for money for former British government officials to write reports to US, British and NATO intelligence agencies for the job of winning over, or neutralizing, those who are victims of Russian disinformation because they don’t believe what the US, British and NATO intelligence agencies have been telling them.
      The more incredible this proposition sounds, the more urgently Sir Roderic Lyne and Sir Andrew Wood and several other Chatham House apparatchiki say they need the money.

      Entitled “The Russian Challenge”, the Chatham House report runs to 72 pages. Signing it as authors are six associates of the house — Keir Giles, Philip Hanson, Roderic Lyne, James Nixey, James Sherr and Andrew Wood. Except for Nixey, the authors have held British government positions related to security, intelligence and war.”

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  9. Craig from Scotland says:

    High Court of Justice, London UK.
    Claim No: HQ17DOO413 against Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd / Christopher Steele.

    Initial response dated 03 April 2017:

    Follow-up response dated 21 May 2017:

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    • Tom F says:

      Thank you Craig for providing insight on the nefarious activities taking place in London.
      Those blokes were part of the conspiracy to subvert a Candidate and then a President.

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  10. hardworkingsob says:

    I often wonder if Mueller and his team have read these CTH articles. If they have, I further wonder what must be in their heads…
    “Gee, Sundance and these Treepers have it all figured out.”
    “How did these rubes get to the truth?”
    “Where does that leave us?”
    “Could what we’re doing be considered obstruction?”

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    • Summer says:

      They don’t care. Mueller and his crew of Clintonistas are to cast a shadow over the Trump Presidency, facilitate false narratives, provide the Resistance with the oppo research and cover up the UniParty/Swamp’s treasonous actions. All done with the DoJ blessing and funded by the taxpayers.


    • V.Lombardi says:

      This site has it all figured out? This site says Rosenstein is a white hat. He created Mueller! He covered up U1! Is this site still waiting for Sessions to act on the 2,000 sealed indictments after the AIG releases the documents (3 days ago). Stay tuned for the next excuse why Sessions has not acted.


  11. MaineCoon says:

    30 “Who & Why” questions that the MSM never asks or inquires of the answers.

    Congress is not going to get to the bottom of these questions…
    The alphabets aren’t going to get to the bottom of these questions…
    The SC isn’t going to get to the bottom of these questions…
    The citizenry doesn’t have the wherewithal to get to the bottom of these questions…

    Why won’t they investigated Who & Why?

    They all are afraid of the answers and where the answers will lead. No one wants to go there, because what do they do when they get there?

    It isn’t the American people who can’t handle the answers. It’s the MSM. It’s Congress. It’s the alphabets since it will take them down too. They have all played the DC game. Most all are rotten to some degree. They are afraid they might be implicated. Tainted. Scared.

    So who’s left? What’s left?

    Patriot(s) who know toss out breadcrumbs. Tips. If not them, then who?

    People are dropping like flies. Rotten to the core. Easy pickings. There’s no place to run to. No hiding. The poisoned fruit is dropping, but the tree and all its branches are rotten. It must be cut down.

    Someone or several know all. Who know the full story. Have all the pieces to the puzzle. Timing. Tid bits drop. Truth coming to light.

    They are telling the American people. We must know so justice can be served. Our country righted.

    We The People want justice. Congress doesn’t. MSM doesn’t. Alphabets former leaders don’t. Deep state doesn’t. They don’t want to know Who or What so they don’t ask the questions.

    Patriots do. We want the truth, our country back, justice for traitors.

    So Patriots are asking and Patriots are telling Patriots.

    Every orchestra has a maestro. Every choir a director.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      As far as Ingraham goes, all talk. Bunch of hot air.

      Drag out the story as long as possible. She doesn’t want to get to the bottom of it any more than the other hot air DC players.

      What would she talk about then on her show?

      President Trump is the lifeline to the MSM — all of them — except Lou Dobbs, Tucker, and a few others.

      The rest — hot air playing it for what it worth — to them personally.

      So she isn’t going to let Nunez talk and move the story along. No. No. No. She’ll drag it out for years and years…..

      Unless someone has a magic wand..

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      • Sylvia Avery says:

        What kind of puzzles me is if Nunes couldn’t get his message out on Laura’s show, why didn’t he try again? There’s no shortage of outlets. Was he somehow warned off by someone when they saw he was trying to tell his tale to Laura?

        I posted upthread my own view of radio personalities and why they make poor interviewers, especially on TV, because bottom line the show is all about them.

        Cable is infested with “personalities” rather than newsmen or women who actually have learned the skill of interviewing, but there are some around.

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        • MaineCoon says:

          He certainly seems to be the lone ranger to some degree. Maybe someone reigned him in. Timing is everything and of late all seem rather orchestrated.

          Yes, just mostly personalities. The days of Walter Cronkite are long gone.

          Now that the First Fake News Awards have been awarded that “profession” can hardly be called professional. They are a joke and more and more people will view then as such.

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        • Oldschool says:

          My thought too sylvia. The responsibility of telling the truth to the American people squarely sits on the shoulders of those who know the truth and take an oath. Are we to believe that Laura has the power or position to be the guardian? Absurd. This is not about Laura, Sean or any other media talking head. Tired of playing “clue”. Spill it Nunes, cameras follow you everywhere.

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      • scott467 says:

        “So she isn’t going to let Nunez talk and move the story along. No. No. No. She’ll drag it out for years and years…..

        Unless someone has a magic wand..”


        Or some duct tape.


      • mariposa323 says:

        I watched her tonight … wonder if she read here . She seemed unusually cautious in her delivery . A little more stilted perhaps ? Well I think what we are seeing is that these people sometimes don’t have the talent and professionalism we the public demand ., but in these times we have to take what we can get , as long as they TRY to stay objective on the MAGA train without their egos getting too much in the way !


    • Tom F says:

      Maine, In addition to the patriots mentioned, I’d like to add The Trump Administration.
      What we are observing is the fruit of their efforts.
      Justice will be served.
      And AG Sessions will be the director.
      What a ride this has been since the escalator.

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      • MaineCoon says:

        It has been a ride indeed. I beginning to wonder how much President Trump has directed if Horowitz was eeping him apprised of the OIG investigation.


    • Guy Bee says:

      Where is Valjar in this cauldron of misdirection and misdeeds. Deep in the swamp is Valjar and Mookie. BO is too stupid to be part of this, but was complicit because he allowed Valjar to do whatever she wanted.


    • candofeminist says:

      The Book of Q crumbs just crumbs.


  12. My question. Why would they give evil PDJT the same weponization power as he will not be named?

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  13. WSB says:

    On October 30, 2017, this happened…

    “President Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort and associate Rick Gates are indicted on fraud charges, advisor George Papadopoulos pleads guilty to lying to the FBI.”


    Maybe there really is something about George, Alex Downer, and the Australian government?


    • nccosmiccurmudgeon says:

      So Mr. Nunes was attempting to let us know that the indictments that were issued that day were “tainted” and that they were being used to implement the “insurance policy” during this interview where he kept being “interrupted”??

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  14. She’s just a female Hannity. All gas and ego! They never let their guests speak. Never worth watching because they just appear ignorant with the constant interruptions.

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  15. tazz2293 says:

    In one fell swoop Sundance shows everyone why I can never watch Network News/Opinion Programs. The host always consider themselves more important than the story or are in some way either consciously or unconsciously impeding the truth from coming out.

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  16. steelbreeze7 says:

    Patience Grasshopper. The pearl will be snatched.


  17. Texian says:

    The “interrupting” tactic is a classic worn out maneuver used by corporate owned jesters. They use this when the one being interviewed starts “going there..” The interviewer immediately cuts it off and redirects the dialogue. We have no news media – only a propaganda wing of a neo-fascist conglomerate.

    The only interviewee they can’t pull this off on is Stephen Miller. Jake Tapper was the latest jester who thought he could go up against Sir Miller – and went down in flames.. lol..

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  18. WSB says:

    I posted earlier about Rupert Murdoch and his possible connection to the Australian government and $25M donations to the Clinton HIV medicine drive.

    Fox News had a piece on Wendi Murdoch tonight and some possible associations to the Chinese government. A warning by the FBI to the Kushners to be careful of her.

    The article is below, but the picture is interesting as well. Behind Wendi is a marketing scrim which is interesting. A reference to HIV…any connection? A Harry Winston event.



  19. nimrodman says:

    Officials such as Nunes, when faced with this kind of profligate interruption, should simply pull the interviewer up short and tell them that if they’re not going to be permitted to answer without interruption respectfully, then the interview will conclude and they’ll walk off the set.


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  20. H&HC 2nd-16th says:

    Ingraham should not interview people. Her mouth goes like a whippoorwills’ butt in a windstorm. No one can get a word in edgewise.


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    • Craig from Scotland says:

      Craig from Scotland says:
      January 6, 2018 at 4:29 am

      Not sure where to post this as new issues developing at a fair rate.
      Confirmed information that Bruce Ohr DOJ has had dealings and meetings with Christopher Steele from at least 2009.

      By Andrew Jennings
      “One sunny day in 2009, I was ushered into an office block off Berkeley Square in Central London. I had been invited to a mysterious meeting by an intermediary who did work he rarely talked about. One hands me his business card. He is a Special Agent in an Organised Crime Squad, based in Federal Plaza, New York. Another agent was the chief of the Organised Crime and Racketeering Section of the Department of Justice in Washington.”

      Orbis International office address at 2009 was Berkeley Square, London.
      Between 2001 – 2011, Bruce Ohr was chief Organised Crime and Racketeering Section, DOJ.
      Sauce: http://globalinitiative.net/network/bruce-ohr/

      There are other reports of Scottish investigative reporter Andrew Jennings confirming the meeting by ‘Ex’-MI6 officer Christopher Steele.
      Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd was formed March 2009 and almost immediately secured a contract from English Football Association [EFA] to provide intelligence services with regard to their 2018 world cup soccer bid to hold the games. USA and Russia had also announced they would bid for the 2018 world cup games.
      The EFA bid was endorsed and supported by UK Government, then UK Prime Minister David Cameron, Prince William, David Beckham. The following dossier claims ‘Ex’-MI6 officer Christopher Steele operated hand in glove with British security services through various British embassies in Europe, Middle East, Asia but Vlad Putin and Russia was the focus. It is noted British security services assisted the intelligence operation with Christopher Steele acting as an unofficial operative of the UK state.

      Recently the Christopher Steele ‘pee pee dossier’ was sprinkled around various outlets but see below a 2014 dossier which should be known as the ‘Picasso dossier’.
      One of the claims is Vlad Putin plundered the State Hermitage Museum in St.Petersburg of a Picasso painting and gave this as a gift to Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) president and FIFA executive member Michel Platini in return for his support for the Russian bid for the 2018 games.

      The Sunday Times [sister paper Times of London] submitted this dossier to UK parliament after discussions with Christopher Steele and others:


      Note an issue about the ‘Picasso dossier’:
      Andy Olson, EFA 2018 world cup bid chairman at the time apparently never used or shared the information as it could not be substantiated – “Everything was hearsay, gossip and rumour”.

      It was widely recognised FIFA representatives were corrupt on an epic scale for many, many years. The Scottish investigative journalist Andrew Jennings reported this from at least early 2000’s and even wrote a book about it in 2006. A self-described document hound who provided previously undisclosed banking records and tax evasion documentation to US authorities which ultimately led to numerous convictions.
      The FIFA criminal case was not advanced by the likes of Christopher Steele but old school investigation of actual evidence.

      I find it incredulous anyone at DOJ could professionally support and provide credibility with regard to the ‘piss dossier’ and the author of same. It’s crystal clear the noted individual has form with generating, distributing, unsubstantiated hearsay, gossip and rumour.

      ‘How a curmudgeonly old reporter exposed the FIFA scandal that toppled Sepp Blatter’

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  22. mo says:

    Even though Ingraham is pretty conservative, she is a self consumed blowhard who can’t shut up. Not as bad as Hannity or King Blowhard O’Reilly.

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  23. Looking at the photos of our cast of characters one can see that the FBI branch has been knocked out. Comey, Baker, the elusive Priestap, Baker, Stzrok, Page. On the DOJ side there is Ohr and Carlin in hot water.

    Look who is left: Yates, Lynch, Clinton, Obama.

    I am too dense to figure out who inside the IC is letting all the info out and in such a way as to prepare the citizenry, but if I had to guess, it would be a coordinated effort and “they” are going after the highest traitors. And I believe they have them. It is only a matter of timing.

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  24. andi lee says:

    Sundance, what is the FULSOME charter?

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  25. scott467 says:

    She interrupts just like Hannity, I can hardly listen to or watch either one of them.

    I suspect it’s due to their radio background. If they’re doing a 3-hour radio show during the day, it might help explain the CONSTANT interruptions.

    With a 3-hour show, you have lots of time for back and forth, hang on… I had the video playing while I wrote this and I just can’t take it any more, she just won’t stop… it makes me want to put a ball-gag in her mouth… okay, paused, that’s better.

    Never mind, there’s no excuse for that.

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  26. jeans2nd says:

    The leakers are redirecting attention away from the real guy behind the entire mess. Obama.
    You think all these folks did this for Crooked? Not a chance.
    The good guys now in charge give you the facts.
    The good guys do not leak. The good guys fix the mess, tell you after it is fixed.
    No matter. Spoiler alert – the good guys win.

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  27. Ziiggii says:

    Hehe, AG Sessions isn’t doing anything……

    Oh and Laura – STFU! And you too Mr Hannity!

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    • mariposa323 says:

      No . We need them to spill the beans . Not everyone is on CTH . How else do we get the public involved in demanding answers . Those who keep telling them to shut up are maybe a little arrogant themselves . I hardly watch these shows because I come here ( thank you Sundance) but watching a little bit of these two ( annoying in their style as heck ) at least some of this information is getting out there . We need the drip , drip first before the flood that is coming .

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  28. Ziiggii says:

    Hmmm, SD seems you got a little birdie perched in Mr. Nunes Intel Committee….

    Damn, did I let the cat out of the bag?!? 😇

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  29. Ziiggii says:

    2 words – Peter Strzok

    REPORT: Senior FBI Official Shared ‘Russian Probe’ Intel With Dossier Author Christopher Steelehttp://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/01/report-senior-fbi-official-shared-russian-probe-intel-dossier-author-christopher-steele/

    Wonder why WaPo is running interference for FBI on this?!?🤔


    • AKM says:

      If Wapo published it, it is, in some way, damage control by black hats. When it is inevitable that a story emerges, publish it with the best spin you can muster.


  30. DesertRain says:

    Sundance…. followers choose leaders. Perhaps time has allowed for trust to develop in those who hold knowledge of, or insight into past events.
    Believe this info on CFIUS might have been overlooked…

    “James Rickards, author and former advisor to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) Support Group of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), stated in an October 18, 2017 tweet that Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper “disbanded” the CFIUS DNI advisory group “before Uranium One.””


    Nunes….clearly one of the trusted leaders

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  31. Ari says:

    As much as people like Fox, or Breitbart, or Limbaugh, or Hannity, or Levin, or ??? the fact remains that
    1) None of those shows EVER advocated for MAGA principles over the past 25 years.,
    2) Some hosts helped get Trump elected but NONE of them understood MAGA principles.

    So, why listen to them now, except for the entertainment value. I would never listen to them for political analysis.

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    • RedBallExpress says:

      I agree, but they lost any entertainment value for me once I recognized the uniparty agenda they forever trot out and parade around. About 3 years ago even I realized something was up with these narrow focused clowns and their agenda so I began the search for a CONSERVATIVE website and this is it.

      Liked by 1 person

  32. dougie Z says:

    Another great analysis, SD. I’m not stupid, but I’m also not sure I understand your thesis entirely, yet….but it looks to me like these leaks were meant to show that White Hats in the US Gubmint are in control. Our MSM sock puppets are too afraid to comment…..they’re cornered, more or less.

    Thanks for calling out Laura I, she’s about as ineffective as Sean H doing an interviewer…”Oy with the constant interruptions already.” This is why I haven’t had a TV for years, I couldn’t take the badgering anymore….and I have you and others to distill it.

    And Treepers, if I might… it’s been over a hundred years since Woodrow Wilson started us down this road to globalism, so show a little patience with the pace of events, and quit your whining. I have a strong feeling all the chickens will come home to roost soon enough. Yoda knows, so why not relax, try to enjoy the ride and be amazed.

    Liked by 4 people

  33. recoverydotgod says:

    I think the authorship of the Clinton dossier (no longer Steele dossier) and the criminal referral to the DOJ and FBI from the Senate Judiciary are related and the important connection to the abused 702 about queries and the searching of raw intelligence (unmasked) for political purposes. Interviewing the witnesses is important by the House Intelligence Committee. Nunes may be rearranging the witness lineup to throw in some uncertainty to other witnesses as to whether or not other witnesses are cutting deals.

    Liked by 2 people

  34. maggiemoowho says:

    In that first document called, “the improper disclosures of classified information” the second line outlined with a red line, the name of the person from the FBI is blacked out, but you can see a tiny part of a letter that is visible and it looks like an “e”.


  35. jeans2nd says:

    Seems Rep Ron DeSantis listened, and is talking – on the Congressional investigations –
    06:29 “I know from what we’re doing there is more to come” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soRQpQSgtFk

    Rep DeSantis does not seem to believe Mueller writ large is part of the good guys, fwiw

    Liked by 1 person

  36. trapper says:

    Sundance, your adding up the releases and seeing a pattern reminds me of this post I put up a couple years ago. What started it for me was this article:


    My comment: Peering into the deep dark woods of the memory hole (metaphor mash up) I can’t shake the feeling that we are being led down a specific path here by some tantalizing bread crumbs left for us. So let’s follow them and see where they take us.

    Mr. Fund begins in the second paragraph by telling us “there is vitriol of an intense amount developing’ in the intelligence community”

    Intelligence community? OK, I’ll bite. This first bread crumb identifies the path to go down: the intelligence community.

    He then tells us about two emails in 2011, the first in January and the second four months later that had a redacted subject line “almost certainly because it involved classified or confidential material.”

    These are the second and third bread crumbs. January, 2011, and then 4 months later. That gives us our point of beginning and direction, begin in January, 2011, and going forward from there.

    A few paragraphs later: “Among the security breaches: Clinton forwarded the name of a confidential CIA source to staff at State through her insecure server.” That describes the treasure we are looking for, the message: something to do with breach of security and confidential CIA sources.

    Put it all together, and what happened in mid to late 2011 that involved compromised confidential CIA sources? Glad you asked. This from the Daily Mail article in November, 2011: “More than a dozen CIA spies have reportedly been caught in Iran and Lebanon and the U.S. government now fears they have been executed.”

    Read it here:


    Did Hillary get them killed? Is this payback?

    Liked by 2 people

  37. Abdul Abulbul Amir says:

    I haven’t seen any updates recently on the IG Horowitz’ report. Any idea of when it will be submitted?


  38. The Jimmy Jack says:

    Thanks for giving me a good phrase to use regarding multiple disparate stories coming out in close sequence – “a blitzkrieg of parallel randomly stories surfaces“. To me this describes Sara Carter perfectly and makes me suspicious of her altogether.

    Not sure if I watched that episode or others where I thought STFU Laura and then wondered what team she was really on. Maybe her own, idk.



  39. distracted2 says:

    In search of answers, I stumbled upon a couple of pertinent articles:

    Also, one of the details about the Strzok-Page texts that I now recall, is that they were released by the DOJ to three media outlets initially, very late that Tuesday night. Those media outlets were Fox, CBS and I believe ABC. They were not released to other media outlets until the next day.

    There was a lot of criticism over the next couple of days about the release of the texts as well, as how they were released – in the dead of night to only three media outlets. Rosenstein defended the decision to release them and also stated that it was done with the IG’s permission.

    I find it curious, as I did then, that none of the fake news outlets were provided the information initially. I surmise that the DOJ, and perhaps Rosenstein, wanted to be sure that the texts would be made public. That said, why the information along with the identities of Strzok and Page was released is still a mystery.


  40. pmdea says:

    Interesting – look for Alexander Downer in these articles. Alexander Downer as Foreign Minister in Australia in 2007 played a big part in deal to sell Australian Uranium to Russia. Also appears to be in first administration to start giving Australia money to Clinton Foundation. (John Howard, Julia Gillard, Tony Abbot and John Howard have all been Prime Ministers in Australia.)

    Australia close to Russia Uranium Deal: Downer
    Updated 4 Sep 2007, 1:34pmTue 4 Sep 2007, 1:34pm ABC
    Nuclear fuel deal. Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer says a deal to sell Australian uranium to Russia is likely to be signed at this week’s APEC summit.
    The agreement would allow Russia to use Australian uranium in its civilian nuclear reactors, and is expected to be signed by the Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Sydney. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said earlier today the deal would allow mining companies to export Australian uranium to Russia for its domestic use.

    Succeeding Australian governments have given $88 million to the dubious Clinton Foundation, says Miranda Devine tells FIVEaa’s Leon Byner.

    “I find it just disgusting, really — it’s the only word for it,” Miranda tells FIVEaa’s Leon Byner.
    “Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd were the most generous to the Clinton Foundation,” she said. “But even before them, Alexander Downer under the Howard government, and since then, the Abbott government with Julie Bishop as foreign minister have tipped some money in.”


  41. Colorado Conservative says:

    Tried tuning into Laura’s podcast only to be turned off by her constant criticism of candidate Trump while she pretended to support him. Stopped listening to her but tuned into the Treehouse article that carried her her first interview of President Trump. She was just as bad then, interrupted him constantly thinking she had the upper hand. It just made her look like a fool. She is also a hypocrite pretending to be a strong Christian while she has 3 kids (no father(s) on the scene that I know of, just a female nanny?).


  42. trapper says:

    I suspect some answers lie at the bottom of a rabbit hole we may want to just leave dark.

    The people involved in the DOJ/FBI counterintel op against Trump had not been field agents or in clandestine services. They were lawyers sitting behind desks, with James Bond delusions, text messaging their delusions and schemes to each other on their government-issued phones. They were children who had found Daddy’s loaded gun (702 searches) and were playing cops and robbers with it to protect and promote a person who had likely gotten some real players killed.

    Like them or not, both Clapper and Brennan are the real deal. I expect they both know when to just look away, as they both appear to be doing. They both also directed organizations filled with people who are the real deal. Those organizations existed before they got there, and still exist after they have left. And just as the military loves Pres Trump, I suspect there are other organizations who also love him for his America-first direction that coincides with theirs.

    We are being given gifts by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.


    • Charlotte says:

      Good. I hope they are ALL brought down.


  43. BMG says:

    Jeff Sessions, behind his recusal curtain, methodically doling out the damning, incriminating evidence. Big Ugly getting closer.


  44. AKM says:

    White hats within the FBI / DoJ clearly wanted release of negative information for the FBI / Dossier group, in order to counter the left-stream media stories about indictments on Flynn. Similarly, by releasing information, presumably white hats want places like CTH to put the story together. This is both a risk and a useful strategy: the risk is in letting black hats know what is known about them; the usefulness is that it may drive a black hat into flipping if they realise the case against them is unassailable. A couple arrests may concentrate the minds of black hats wondering how to react to these 2 possibilities.


  45. AKM says:

    As noted by CTH, the House Ethics committee held up Devin Nunes for almost 9 months, after he had a press meeting regarding the evidence he had seen in March. It took until December for him to be cleared.
    Wikipedia tells us the members of said committee are:
    GoP: Susan Brooks, Pat Meehan, Kenny Marchant, Lenny Lance, Mimi Walters.
    Dems: Ted Deutch, Yvette Clarke, Jared Polis, Anthony Brown, Steve Cohen.

    Any of these people real black hats or were they just directed to do it by Schumer Pelosi et al?


  46. scarlettbr says:

    The video is from Oct., Laura was already hit pretty hard about this interview. Why bring it up now? Laura has done a great job on her radio show allowing people from across the country to talk about the wheeling and dealing on illegal immigration. So why attack Laura for an old interview? The rest of the article is a real question, not just to Laura but the entire press. Am I missing the connection to the old interview and the article?


    • John says:

      Perhaps the implication is that the “Media”, of which Laura is just an example, either does not ask these questions, or when they are presented by someone like Nunes, who attempts wants to get this information out to the public, they are cut off and/or ignored (i.e., the media is not doing their job of investigating and reporting – they are far too busy producing their “segments”, selecting the bumper music, getting their hair done and choosing just the right cocktail dress – and that is just the male reporters).

      As to the interview being old, actually it is dated at the beginning of when this information started coming out. The point being, the media, by refusing to ask and answer these questions, brought the end run on themselves, they are not doing their jobs!

      All the initial answers are out there now ( I think if one were to work through the last 3 months of this websites releases together with available intelligence committee and IG releases (conveniently linked here as well) one would find them all in detail. I am not going to play the linky game, but I believe I could find one or more CTH releases that matches every one of these thirty questions.

      I will make it easy, the summary question(s) is who is doing this (releasing all the information) and why?

      Why? – because the media is not (see above).

      Who? – all the white hats, collectively, individually, subordinates, through omission, through commission, in any way they can/want.

      And second or final Why? (Why was it important to *someone* to get this information out “now”, get these people exposed, and get this into the media bloodstream?)

      Because they are quite angered.

      So the “because” to Laura and all the media is a paraphrase of Patton,

      “Lead, follow, or get the f*** out of the way”.


  47. John Q Public says:

    Is Mueller the AG?! Fire Sessions!


  48. Doppler says:

    Great question, Sundance. If this rolling disclosure series were being managed by a Fusion GPS type firm, with all its assets in the MSM, you’d expect a very different narrative and style. I assume it is being managed by less media-savvy career DOJ people, to serve a primary purpose: ongoing secret investigations generated by IG Horowitz (or reactivated in response to his inquiries).

    I, too, expect Rosenstein is playing a key role, given that his boss Sessions recused himself from everything related to the Trump campaign and the Special Counsel’s project, leaving him in charge. Rosenstein was also deeply involved in the Uranium One investigation, working then in the District of Maryland while it was being developed then stifled, before coming to Main Justice. That formerly stifled investigation resulted in Mark Lambert’s indictment last week in the federal district court in Maryland, so that stifling has been lifted. We also know CI Walter Campbell had been stifled from telling anyone, even Congress, what he knew about Uranium One from serving as Russia’s lobbyist in the matter, but he was released from his gag order and testified to Congress last Fall (testimony not released). Also, IG Horowitz reports to Rosenstein, I believe, in the ordinary course, or, in connection with Trump, in view of Sessions’ recusal, and I expect he, and likely a team of career prosecutors investigating away, want to see justice done, want to repair the institution’s reputation from the damage done.

    Consider the possibility that these IG investigations had evidence that Strzok and others had crossed the line, enough to secure secret surveillance warrants of them, and then have been selectively disclosing information and monitoring how their targetos are responding and communicating, compiling more evidence. Strzok initiated the Trump investigation, but apparently wasn’t part of Mueller’s team originally. Last summer, he rejoined that investigation, but then was quickly reassigned. Maybe he promptly delivered to the IG investigation the additional evidence they needed as to him, such as by communicating status of the investigation to others, but they kept quiet about it while other stings were ongoing.

    One likely additional target would’ve been suspected leakers. That fake news story about the September 4 email to Trump about the Wikileaks key, which turned out to be a September 14 email, struck me as possibly an example of a method sometimes used by intelligence agencies seeking to smoke out a leak: deliver copies of specific secret documents to all suspected leakers, but make minor changes in specific copies, so that, if one document is leaked, it can be traced back to a specific recipient. So they might have bagged two leakers with that one.

    Maybe the leaks as to Strzok’s texts were related to the Flynn plea agreement. Reliance on Strzok’s interview with Flynn to secure a guilty plea, (~December 1) without disclosing to Flynn evidence of Strzok’s improper prosecutorial misconduct in conducting that interview seems likely to be grounds for appeal, at least. Strzok’s texts were released shortly thereafter (to Congress December 12, then promptly leaked to the press). Maybe they were surveilling DOJ personnel involved in that plea agreement, and wanted to see how they reacted to learning about Strzok’s inappropriate texts – shocked at Strzok’s improprieties? or at their disclosure? Odds are, only a handful of people – Strzok and a few others – were aware of concerted efforts to cross the line, and this unusual disclosure process coupled with surveillance of those suspects as to whom probable cause evidence exists, is helping to sort out the guilty from the unknowing participants, and build evidence that will secure convictions?

    Maybe the IG investigation is also targeting Judge Contreras, who presided over Flynn’s plea deal – he was shortly after that (December 7) recused from participating in the sentencing or other further proceedings, possibly due to conflict of interest related to his FISA Court actions in connection with Trump surveillance petitions, as you earlier pointed out.

    Maybe the Nellie Ohr Fusion deal and the Bruce Ohr Steele meetings and demotions were disclosed piecemeal to get targets talking to others about “what do we do now? They know about this and this.”

    Those are speculative legal considerations that would be consistent with the unusual timing of disclosures, and with the abiding sense that there was a small “deep state” group working within DOJ with the Clinton/DNC machine to get Trump, as well as an active IG investigation(s) focused on some of those involved.


  49. SmellyFinger says:

    BOMBSHELL- Ran Paul 1/18 2:00pm harris faulkner OT On the 702 PROGRAM that he voted against, Paul brought up the ability of the FBI to search DOMESTIC databases separate from the foreign monitoring.He was VERY specific and referring to the NSA vacuuming up DOMESTIC conversations. He was asked about if he talked to the President and not renewing the 702 program. And then in OG style he dropped this bombshell—— “The President is still at risk of rogue members of the IC searching and listening to his phone conversations”. mic drop!!! It was at the end of the interview, At the 2:00pm point EST. That sweet piece of a$$ Harris Faulkner did not follow up. He also referenced the “three FBI agents” who tried to prevent Trump from being elected.


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