“The Predicate” – Jim Jordan Questions FBI Director Christopher Wray About The Origin of The FISA Warrants…

“The Predicate”

FBI Director Christopher Wray appears before the House Judiciary Committee today to answer questions about the ongoing mission objectives of the FBI.  However, the opportunity for Wray’s appearance is being used to further investigate and unravel the ongoing issues surrounding the politicization of the FBI under the former leadership of Director James Comey.  Specifically how the FBI was weaponized against the campaign of candidate Donald Trump to the benefit of 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In the questioning segment below Ohio Representative Jim Jordan questions Director Wray about the role of FBI Deputy Head of Counterintelligence, FBI Agent Peter Strzok. Jim Jordan outlines the role of Strzok -as it is currently known- and asks if Agent Strzok then took information from Christopher Steele (author of the ‘Steele Russian Dossier’) and used that dossier as the predicate to organize the FISA application that began the surveillance of people associated with the Trump campaign:


This line of questioning is critical because when combined with a year of investigation by the Dept of Justice, Office of Inspector General, the sunlight takes a two-pronged approach:

♦The IG is working from the inside to investigate the politicization, a more apt term is ‘weaponization‘, of the FBI and DOJ within those organizations.  The IG is then identifying specific people and specific behavior.

♦The oversight committees (Judiciary, Intelligence) are working from the outside of the organizations to spotlight the consequences from those people and from that behavior.

There is every reason to believe, based on mounting and specific evidence, that officials within the DOJ and FBI used their offices with specific intent to advance a political agenda against their ideological opposition, namely Donald Trump.

This is not only fundamentally alarming, it is also potentially illegal and politically devastating to the Clinton and Obama camps; and carries massive ramification for the Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation which is predicated upon discoveries, false outcomes, ‘created by’ those same political operatives.

The IG investigation has already led to the exposure of Peter Strzok, and just today another operative within the high ranks of the DOJ named Bruce G. Ohr, Associate Deputy Attorney General to Rod Rosenstein. –SEE HERE

What we are seeing in these examples of Strzok and Ohr are institutional moves to get out ahead of information that will come from the IG report based on a year-long investigation.

There is no reason to believe the investigative spotlight will stop at Peter Strzok or Bruce Ohr; they are two people within a larger organization that networks at a very high level.

FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s former boss was Bill Priestap, Asst. Director of Counter Intelligence. Priestap’s boss was FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Directly above McCabe in the chain-of-command was FBI Director James Comey.

Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce G Ohr’s former boss was Sally Yates, Deputy Attorney General. Sally Yates boss was Loretta Lynch.

You can see that both Strzok and Ohr are within the very tight circle of FBI and DOJ officials at the top of the food chain.

Neither agent Strzok, nor A-DAG Bruce Ohr would be operating in a vacuum. Indeed in the March 20th, 2017, congressional testimony of James Comey he said it was the recommendation of Bill Priestap that initiated the counterintelligence operation, and also the recommendation of Priestap NOT to inform congressional oversight “because of the sensitivity of the matter“. (link)

Agent Peter Strzok (above left) is at the heart of the FBI issues, and Asst. Deputy Bruce Ohr (above right) would be at the heart of the DOJ issues.

WASHINGTON DC – Until Wednesday morning, Bruce G. Ohr held two titles at DOJ: associate deputy attorney general, a post that placed him four doors down from his boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein; and director of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces (OCDETF), a program described by the department as “the centerpiece of the attorney general’s drug strategy.”

Ohr will retain his OCDETF title but has been stripped of his higher post and ousted from his office on the fourth floor of “Main Justice.”

Initially senior department officials could not provide the reason for Ohr’s demotion, but Fox News has learned that evidence collected by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), chaired by Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., indicates that Ohr met during the 2016 campaign with Christopher Steele, the former British spy who authored the “dossier.” (read more)

All of this mounting evidence undermines the media talking points around Special Counsel position of Robert Mueller – from the position of even having a basis for originating an investigation into Trump/Russia collusion etc. etc. However, the SC office, Robert Mueller, has never stated that an investigation into Trump exists.

The investigative “mandate” Mueller carries is to look at Russian interference within the election; and as we have continually pointed out, there is NO INVESTIGATION into Donald Trump.

The Clinton Campaign paid Fusion GPS to contract Christopher Steele for opposition research on candidate Trump.  It now appears even more likely that FBI Counterintelligence Agent Peter Strzok used the information from Steele to get FISA warrants against the Trump campaign.

The results of those FISA warrants were wiretaps on Trump campaign people.  Those ‘wiretaps’ were then unmasked by Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice and other senior people within the Obama administration.

  • The Clinton Campaign was the predicate for the Steele Dossier.
  • The Steele Dossier was the predicate for the FISA Warrants (Agent Strzok).
  • The FISA Warrants were the predicate for wiretapping and surveillance.
  • The wiretapping/surveillance was the predicate for the unmasking.
  • The unmasking/surveillance was the predicate for Robert Mueller’s SC charges.

While the IG is working on exposing the political bias within the FBI and DOJ (report due shortly), congress is working on a similar track in exposing how that political bias was turned into action and used against Clinton’s political opponent.

All of the dominoes in the graphic below are likely to fall; however, if you look closely at the graphic you realize why the TOP-TIER of the Democrat apparatus are suddenly willing to throw Hillary Clinton under the bus.  They are attempting to stop the dominoes at her.

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517 Responses to “The Predicate” – Jim Jordan Questions FBI Director Christopher Wray About The Origin of The FISA Warrants…

  1. Pam says:

    Liked by 2 people

    • jello333 says:

      Oh man, they left out the best part!:

      “Mr. Wray, there have been reports that President Trump is considering sending more military equipment, VERY HEAVY military equipment, to Guam. Considering the high risk that could pose to the island and its people, do you have any opinion on the legality of the president’s proposed actions?”


  2. Sandra-VA says:

    I wonder if Mueller et al are aware that WE KNOW THE DIRT on Clinton because of Podesta emails.

    I mean, how stupid must he be to hire Rhee who was working on “cleaning up” the Clinton Foundation? Not to mention all the other very Clinton/Podesta connected people that are popping up in this Russia investigation.

    This investigation needs to be shut down. It is obviously dirty and corrupt. WE CAN SEE IT!


    • BeePee says:

      And this gets to be more intense next year when all of the house and a third of the senate will be up for reelection and running campaigns. The timing of it all is backfiring on the swamp bigly.


  3. jeans2nd says:

    ‘nother dog and pony show
    but at least the American ppl are finally being informed
    and that is a good thing


    • jeans2nd says:

      Looks as if no one is going to push back. (sigh) Must push back on myself, then.

      Reading through Mr. McCarthy’s tweets and reading Mr. McCarthy’s article from 6 Dec 2017 which will not be linked as it is pure nonsense, it would appear Mr. McCarthy has tunnel vision.

      The reason Pres Trump does not declassify anything FISA-related is obvious – it would immediately be proclaimed as obstruction of justice by the President.

      The 6 Dec 2017 McCarthy article, which appears to be an attempt to exonerate Mr. Strzukwhatsits, is pure nonsense. Mr. McCarthy appears to be looking at one single unique situation plus hearsay (CN&N – really???), and basing his (Mr. McCarthy’s) arguments on that single incident, plus working from memories of lower-level honest FBI guys, which Mr. Strzukwhatsitis decidedly is not.

      Mr. McCarthy may be losing his touch. Prob been hanging around Never-Trumpers too long. Would warp anyone’s reasoning skills.

      Thank goodness the Freedom Caucus guys seem to have broken free from The Spell of the raisins in the Senate and think tanks.
      The Muh Principles guys are still howling over the tax bill not cutting rich guy’s rates, the child-care tax credit (boy is Rubio in trouble), and too much emphasis being placed on the middle class in messaging.
      what a bunch of

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      • Christine says:

        Good comment, jeans2nd.

        In this febrile “Impeach 45” atmosphere, President Trump is deliberately remaining far removed, allowing the investigation unfold naturally.

        Special Prosecutor Mueller is taking down the entire corrupt Clinton criminal cabal, as he planned with POTUS + AG Sessions from the outset.


    • It’s all strategic timing. This will dominate the news cycle in the next year, a midterm year. This will throw the democrats and the MSM off message. The President has been doing this for over two years so I don’t think he’ll change his spots now.

      When the dominoes start to fall look out. Some will cop a plea to stay out of prison. Sedition is a very serious crime!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Michael says:

    “because of the sensitivity of the matter“.

    Having listened to the source material more than once I believe it ought to be written as

    “because of the sensitivity of the matter ?“. which is an entirely different animal.

    IMO comey just threw that at the wall hoping it would stick.


  5. Bryant James says:

    Sundance wasnt William D Campbell supposed to testify on Monday regarding Uranium One? I havent seen any information on this anywhere


    • jeans2nd says:

      The 12th was the last date being floated, iirc. You may want to check on that one yourself. Sometimes Sundance has other things to do. 😉


  6. fred says:

    has the ball been dropped on debbie wasserman whats her face ? ? ?


  7. Vickie says:

    Love !!!!! Trump !!!!! Great Rally Friday Night !!! Yahoo !! God Bless America !!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. CIA Operation?

    CIA involved at Fusion GPS in writing or organizing the dossiers, while Brennan pushed for Russia Investigation. Could this be true?

    dossier was -in part- organized by the wife of an investigative member of the DOJ who was applying for the FISA warrant


    Brennan pushed for Russia Investigation? Could this be true?


  9. jillocity says:

    Excellent journalism. All the eggs are in one basket. And the dominoes will fall…if I may mix metaphors.


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