An Investigative Pattern Emerges…

During a recent rally in Pensacola President Trump remarked off-the-cuff: “we have a rigged system, we really do, we have a rigged system and we’re working hard to change it“. Against the backdrop of recent revelations with the stunning politicization of the FBI and DOJ, those words ring notes of truth, and also caution.

Over the past two weeks we have seen releases from the DOJ Office of Inspector General that appear to be building toward a much more consequential outcome. The corruption is jaw-dropping. The very heart of the U.S. system of Law (DOJ) and Order (FBI) is now being questioned. I would argue the IG obviously understands the need for caution within these discoveries and the recent releases are all purposeful, timed, planned and targeted.

Consider what is at stake; and further consider that you were given the task of revealing the outcome of an investigation of such consequence.  How would you introduce the findings to the larger U.S. electorate?   Given the timing of the releases from the IG’s investigation, I think that’s what we are seeing in the past two weeks.  A prosecutor laying out his case over the course of multiple media cycles.

For the past year plus, we have heard generalized terms of investigations.  However, since the beginning of December the information shifted and we begin hearing about specific names caught within the IG investigation.

Focusing only on the names from within the IG concern we find:  FBI Agent Peter Strzok; FBI/DOJ Attorney Lisa Page; DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr; his wife, Fusion GPS contractor Nellie Ohr; FBI Counterintelligence Director Bill Priestap; and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.  Each of these people appear to have been captured within the net at the heart of the politicization investigation.

Now, there’s bound to be more details; however, those names are all likely to face some form of congressional scrutiny, questioning, and possibly criminal charges.  Charges that will likely be based, in part, on the outlined information within the IG releases.

Oh, sure there are many other names, including current possible partisan usurpers within the Robert Muller probe: DOJ/SC Andrew Weissman, DOJ/SC Jeannie Rhee, DOJ/SC Aaron Zebley etc. that are also concerning.  However, for this discussion we focus on the IG targets identified.  Discussion of Mueller is for another day.

Remember, the OIG investigation is specifically looking at actions taken, or actions not taken, by DOJ and FBI officials that reflect specific evidence of politicization by the leadership within each agency (James Comey, FBI and Loretta Lynch, DOJ), and/or their subordinates writ large.


These offices represent the “Law and Order” divisions of our national government.

There is a pattern in the released OIG information and how we retrieve it from the media.

♦Ahead of FBI Director Christopher Wray appearing before congress the IG released the information about FBI Agent Strzok and his mistress FBI/DOJ Attorney Lisa Page.

♦Just before Asst. FBI Director Andrew McCabe was going to appear before congress the IG released information about DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie Ohr.

Andrew McCabe ducked out of the hearing, and will now appear next week. Boy-oh-boy that one should be interesting.  If he’s still employed. (anticipating more releases here)

♦Just before DOJ Asst. AG Rod Rosenstein appeared before congress the IG released the actual text messaging information from Agent Strzok and Lisa Page.

See the pattern?

There have been approximately FIVE big releases from the IG office, that seem to be released in a very specific manner.  It looks just like a prosecutor laying out his case against the identified names, and WE, the American People, are the jury.


♦Release #1 was the Agent Strzok and Attorney Lisa Page story; and the repercussions from discovering their politically motivated bias in the 2015/2016 Clinton email investigation and 2016/2017 Russian Election investigation.

♦Release #2 outlined the depth of FBI Agent Strzok and FBI Attorney Page’s specific history in the 2016 investigation into Hillary Clinton to include the changing of the wording [“grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”] of the probe outcome delivered by FBI Director James Comey.

♦Release #3 was the information about DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr being in contact with Fusion GPS at the same time as the FISA application was submitted and granted by the FISA court; which authorized surveillance and wiretapping of candidate Donald Trump;  that release also attached Bruce Ohr and Agent Strzok directly to the Steele Dossier.

♦Release #4 was information that Deputy Bruce Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, was an actual contract employee of Fusion GPS, and was hired by F-GPS specifically to work on opposition research against candidate Donald Trump.  Both Bruce Ohr and Nellie Ohr are attached to the origin of the Christopher Steele Russian Dossier.

♦Release #5 was the specific communication between FBI Agent Strzok and FBI Attorney Page.  The 10,000 text messages that included evidence of them both meeting with Asst. FBI Director Andrew McCabe to discuss the “insurance policy” against candidate Donald Trump in August of 2016.

Again, see the pattern?

The OIG is laying out the case for further inquiry, investigation and more importantly questioning, of each of the aforementioned officials.

Timing the information to drop in conjunction with the open and public congressional appearances of FBI Director Christopher Wray, FBI Asst. Director Andrew McCabe and Asst. AG Rod Rosenstein puts sunlight upon the content of the releases that doesn’t require MSM for broadcast.

See the strategy?

The IG has no prosecutorial authority, that decision is up to the Attorney General.

However, in this strategy the IG is laying out his prosecutable case before the American public via TV and congressional appearances.  In my humble opinion none of this is accidental.  This is strategic white hat distribution of material that is immensely important to the larger U.S. electorate.   The subject matter is so consequential, it needs to be absorbed in small digestible portions.

And here’s where it gets really interesting.

As Ohio Rep Jim Jordan stated yesterday (after the Rod Rosenstein questioning), the next move is to put each of the named people in front of congress for questioning.   Andrew McCabe, Bill Priestap, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, and possibly Nellie Ohr and Glenn Simpson, are questioned about the details behind the specific information provided by the IG releases.   Get them under oath, get them on-the-record, and get them committed to one story.

Most likely, just like Lois Lerner, this crew will plead the fifth.  However, unlike Lois Lerner the underlying evidence will exist from within the Inspector General’s year-long investigation.   Against 1.2 million pages of documentation, we know of so far, it really doesn’t matter if they cooperate or not.

Their compliance with congress is irrelevant to their possible outcome.  The IG investigative report provides all the needed substance to consider indictments.

Cooperate or not, the U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, will now be in a position to accept the exhaustive evidence provided by the IG report – and make a decision on whether or not to indict them.

Secondarily, as an outcome of their indictment, the larger cases against Hillary Clinton and company are now subject to reopening and plea bargains from the indicted FBI and DOJ conspirators can then be leveraged to gain additional information against the larger group.  [And yes, this potentially touches President Obama depending on how the concentric circles of defense collapse.]

I would be remiss if I didn’t remind people that Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills have voided their prior immunity deals by provably lying to the FBI. Lying voids immunity.

Additionally, if former AG Loretta Lynch, and/or Asst. AG Sally Yates, and/or FBI Director James Comey are not captured within the IG investigative outcome (still undetermined), the seeds for their capture are most definitely created by it – because the next tier of leadership appears already captured.

Based on what we already know: Bruce Ohr, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, Bill Priestap and Andrew McCabe are already captured.   Depending on the specifics, non-government entities Nellie Ohr and/or Glenn Simpson might also be captured under federal conspiracy or racketeering laws.

Bill Priestap (counterintelligence director), Bruce Ohr (DOJ Deputy), and definitely Andrew McCabe are in position to help net Sally Yates.

[IMHO Yates is the next one (per pattern) to get entangled with additional IG releases].

Director Comey seems to be in a very precarious position because the entire operation against Trump was a counterintelligence operation run from within the FBI albeit using DOJ assistance.  Additionally, the non-indictment of Hillary Clinton, due to the political manipulation of evidence by Agent Strzok, becomes the second liability of James Comey.

If the FISA warrant used to gain wiretaps and surveillance on Donald Trump was obtained using false, manipulated or fraudulent information, which currently seems highly likely, the entire operation becomes a criminal conspiracy and the question(s) become who knew what, when, and how far up was that authorized.

Based solely on what is public information right now… Andrew McCabe and Bill Priestap are way out on the edges of legality.  The issues around the Steele Dossier underpinning the FISA warrant would remove any legal defense they might have.

The Big Ugly


PS. All of this is separate from the ongoing leak investigations from the new unit established within the FBI and DOJ.  (see here)


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  1. Bull Durham says:

    Rush now using SD article as basis for his “analysis”. Without giving credit to SD, so far.

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    • Phil aka Felipe says:

      Yeah, I heard a little bit too of his “there’s a theory out there” comments that mirrored what Sundance had written without telling his audience where he got it.

      Rush is probably afraid to give CTH credit because it will show someone that’s far more “on the leading edge of societal evolution” than he is and he can’t have that.

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      • 🍺Gunny says:

        Rush’s time is almost up. He should retire with his money and trophy…..just fade off into the sunset…Rush thinks we do not remember his support for Bush, for Ted.
        I once followed Rush, but always, always, he quotes other sources and people to cover his ass…Listen to him…”Oh this not me saying this”…
        Rush is old…he should retire before.. what happens once we get the big ones…we go after the small ones…Rush is just a scavenger….a fat blowhard…..
        He is finished and has nothing to do with MAGA

        He satifies his advertisers…

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        • RedBallExpress says:

          I wish I had said that. Has anyone else noticed the decline in Pro Rush comments on the CTH the last few weeks? I swear about 3 months ago a coordinated effort began to rejuvenate the Rush image on the CTH. Every time I pointed it out I got flamed. The uni-party would love to water this site down into Rushbabble. I guarantee they fear Sundance.

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        • Kaco says:

          My parents listened to Rush and talk radio all the time in the car. There are probably are older folks or others that might not get the message. He should give credit, though. But I have an older lady friend who does not even have a computer and does just fine without one. She is on the go a lot, too.

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          • NC PATRIOT says:

            If you don’t do TV or a computer——you would be reasonably up to date…far more so than the leftie snowflakes , if you just listened to Rush.


        • Oldschool says:

          Agree gunny, but i would like to say that when radio was all we had for conservative voices, he was a true leader and for that I will always be grateful.

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        • Matroidman says:

          Rush’s audience is expanding, and he will quit when he is ready to quit. That will, be a long time from now, so quit acting like a jealous six-year-old.

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        • Blue Ridge Mts Va. says:

          Wow…Gunny. You are correct in your assessment of ElRushbo. I remember his support of the Bushies and fabulous Ted (snark). Rush is deep state. He likes to pretend he isn’t. But he loved National Review, Buckley, the Bushies, ETC.


        • Susan Sylvia says:

          Rush is not my favorite choice either, but he is playing a vital part in all of this. We are up against a fire hose of lies pouring out of the mouths of the MSM, so every voice we have on our side to keep up the drumbeat of factual information is essential. We can’t underestimate the importance of spreading this information to as many Americans as possible, and Rush has the widest audience. Also, the story gains credibility with more outlets repeating the information. If it were just coming from Hannity and CTH, they would all be told to take off their tin foil hats. The more coverage, the better.

          Rush should give credit, however.


        • Lopeover says:

          When we have an opposition Media that is NOT reporting any of the FBI/DOJ corruption scandal to the illiterate leftist masses, we need every voice at our disposal! This is about saving the Union. About our life & liberty. Not about who gets acknowledged. These issues bigger than anyone person. President Trump knows this.


      • Knowing Rush…if he named anyone where the info came from…
        the media would try and destroy it

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        • 🍺Gunny says:

          Not to be a hypocrite. I would agree..Rush kept many of us..with hope…the only voice in the wilderness…that is what made him…we listened with our hearts..our hands folded…and hoped that the madness would end…But everyone must advance…the problem with most of …we go in circles..repeating our same mistakes…we must go forward into the future…to fulfill our destiny..whatever it is….to be circular…is to repeat the same shit..over and over….end this now…let’s go

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      • LafnH20 says:

        More will listen, imho, to rush than go to a website called “Theconservativetreehouse” run by somebody named Sundance.
        We’ve all seen the eye roll on that one, I’m purty sure.
        Sundance is the BEST PERIOD!!!!! L rushbo, got Nuttin on Sundance and never will.

        MAGA .


        • jayesouthworth says:

          Rush has a radio program, prime time with millions of listeners. I’ve never heard Sundance on a radio program like what Rush has. Rush gets his material from many sources many of which he doesn’t give credit to. No one is looking to Rush to give credit, they’re looking for information. Some times I have to turn the guy off because he keeps repeating the same mantra over and over again. I listen and read, and I despise liberals. I certainly hope those liberals involved with the dossier are brought down to their knees, and I don’t care who does it.


    • Sharon says:

      Since the day the Treehouse was built, Sundance has held the position that anyone can use anything he presents, without or without attribution and it is not an issue. Ever.

      Whether or not they give attribution may be a commentary on their ethics, but it is not an issue for Sundance. There is no need to take up an offense for him.

      Rush has often referenced CTH material, sometimes with attribution, more often not. Doesn’t matter.

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      • treehouseron says:

        I have a hunch this is true too. I dont’ think he cares if Rush uses it.


      • pyromancer76 says:

        It’s still a good thing for us to note it. The lack of attribution shows lack of integrity and gratitude.

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      • Rurik says:

        Thank you. We have enough real enemies without picking needless disputes among ourselves. If we win there will be credit and glodry enough for all of us to share. And any little share I might have accrued at various sites, I gleefully will yield back into the common pool.

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      • covfefe999 says:

        But I think Sundance might be making some money off of this site which I want to state emphatically I think is totally legit and deserved. So Rush not crediting the source of the info is like he’s deliberately depriving Sundance of some well-deserved income. Rush is probably afraid that once a listener comes to this web site the listener might turn off Rush.


      • Phil aka Felipe says:

        “Rush has often referenced CTH material, sometimes with attribution, more often not. Doesn’t matter.”
        With respect, I think it does matter. If Rush were to attribute where he got the excellent material provided here at CTH, then more people would “tune in here” that are our allies and get an even greater education on what really is happening and what they can do about it.

        BTW, if Rush actually is concerned about the direction and future of the country his judicious use of his ability to rouse his audience to flood the switchboard of Congress and put heat upon them would seem to me to be his patriotic duty.

        However, I do realize he may have contractual legal reasons with advertisers, radio stations, or his syndication company that may prevent him from being able to do that.

        Or, he may be holding his fire until a really critical time such as could be around the corner with the SC and Congressional inquiries.


        • LafnH20 says:

          Let rush bring them to the treehouse…
          When the time is right.

          In my dreams…. After the Zippo be tossed…

          “Folks, all this stuff has been laid out and continues to be. Theconservativetreehouse, is the place to go online for the best news and analysis. The drive by media is in meltdown and just covering their a$$e$.
          I know, I know… Conservative treehouse??? Just go!!!

          Went a little long… Your calls next. Don’t go away
          L rushbo


    • honor78 says:

      Rush is just another bloviator.


    • Patsy says:

      WSJ/Kimberly Stossel used SD article and Rush was reading from Kimberly. He’s a day late and a dollar short on this stuff. Kudos Big Time to SD. My new go to place and I share with many of my friends/family.


    • All Too Much says:

      On the other hand, the information is getting out to a large, and different, audience. Any plagiarism, etc, talk, ought to be put aside, for now, while the rest of this unfolds. There’s enough going on. Sundance and Rush can figure the other stuff out in due time.


    • ???Anyone know who Dana Boente is???
      Dana Boente was acting AG after Yates was fired and before Sessions was confirmed, he also had something to do with the FISA courts… so he would in all likely hood know if the FISA warrant was falsified.
      as an aside… Dana Boente stated in Jan-Feb of this year? “Obama committed many illegal acts in the last days and since leaving office has ramped up his treason.”

      I think Boente set an investigation in motion.


  2. I’m finding out more about Horowitz. He issued a detailed report on Fast & Furious in which he recommended disciplinary actions against those involved. See:

    Instead of punishing those involved, Holder squelched Horowitz’ ability to investigate:

    “In a Senate hearing in April, Horowitz said his office must go through Attorney General Eric Holder to gain access to DOJ documents and officials. Giving Holder the power to veto an IG’s access in that manner egregiously violates the 1978 law and other statutes.” See:

    Despite the limits placed upon him, Horowitz also did his best to investigate the State Department’s Benghazi probe:

    “Fox News is also reporting that the State Department’s Office of Inspector General is investigating the special internal panel that probed the Benghazi attack for the State Department and whether the Accountability Review Board, or ARB, failed to interview key witnesses who had asked to provide their accounts of the Benghazi attacks to the panel.” See:

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    • I made an error in the above post. Several of the people involved in Fast and Furious were forced to resign. But one became Holder’s chief of staff.

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      • Catinflorida says:

        Great catch Howard! Hopefully provides insight as to whether IG’s report reveals all the corruption.

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        • DeWalt says:

          Fast and Furious was a direct attack on our Constitution. Coordinated from the very top and to my mind the easiest case to get to Obama. Obama everything but told that they were using back door methods to accomplish this. Hundreds died in Mexico, two Federal Agents murdered, Flooded a foreign country with illegal weapons, and violated weapons trafficking laws. Holder was found in contempt of Congress and they did nothing because Obama gave him executive privilege (don’t even know if that was lawful) while in commission of a crime.

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    • bessie2003 says:

      Howard Richman, your post brings to mind, and I wish that I had saved the old press stories on this, when Obama was in office, how he tried to gut the various Inspector Generals in the different departments, forcing retirement, re-assignments, etc. and how Senator Grassley worked tirelessly to ensure the IG’s positions were saved.

      Reading all these latest revelations, here at the CTH blog and reading the twitter feeds of Sundance’s, there is so much more going on and all these little things that the previous administration tried to pull are starting to make sense – get rid of or at the least hinder IG work in the various departments makes it easier to get away with these games.

      There is so much being disclosed – may God continue to bless President Trump and each and every one one of his cabinet members, so many things need to be cleared out and at the same time so many MAGA things being accomplished, amazing, perhaps the world miracle can be added to what’s to come.

      Complicated business for sure.

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    • Marygrace Powers says:

      Thanks Howard.

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    • Holder should stop tweeting regarding the investigations, he may incriminate himself even further… he doesn’t seem to have taken too much rope yet… guess he is jealous

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  3. “…..FBI Agent Strzok and FBI Attorney Page’s specific history in the 2016 investigation into Hillary Clinton to include the changing of the wording [“grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”] of the probe outcome delivered by FBI Director James Comey……..”

    Where does that leave Comey and Lynch? (Or we just don’t know YET?) Comey told us Lynch directed him to call the Hillary investigation a “matter”….Strzok changed the wording that Comey used in his testimony – “extremely careless” – I feel like I’m missing a puzzle piece?
    (Massive sinus infection today making me cross-eyed….pardon any obvious I missed)

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  4. Binkser1 says:

    “possibly criminal charges.” This is the depressing part of Sundance’s brilliant piece. If anyone of us regular “serfs” had a 1/1000th of this proof against us, we’d already be in prison. These elites “may face criminal charges”. I’ll say it again, if there are no consequences to these people’s actions, other than losing a job, then nothing will change. You can get rid of all these people but others will fill their place, knowing nothing substantial will happen to them if caught. It is maddening.

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    • Firefly says:

      I think it’s a case of if PTrump doesn’t get them they will get him. So it’s important to do things properly and ferret out all the black hats. If they just round up the useful idiots this will fester and become more treacherous.

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    • Turranos says:

      So very true. The stream of cold anger is starting to turn white hot at this very moment in time.

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      • The Demon Slick says:

        I’m just not going to get my hopes up. I feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football. Shrillary always skates. And the media says Obama is brilliant on the one hand, but on the other he had no clue what the Obama administration was doing, ever. I hope they do go to jail, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

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        • Catinflorida says:

          “And the media says Obama is brilliant on the one hand, but on the other he had no clue what the Obama administration was doing, ever.” Great point! If and when his low info voters hear the truth of the corruption, how will they reconcile this?


    • TomF says:

      Cold anger is way better than ‘It is maddening’.
      Remember what President Trump said? ‘You’re gonna win, and win, and win so much….’
      Have a little faith B.

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    • 🍺Gunny says:

      I think President Trump knows exactly …exactly what is going on and who is behind it. I believe he has known since before he announced he was running. Think about it..A highly important and influential billionaire..Knows and has friends in high places throughout the world. You think those people do not did not know exactly who and what was going on. Doubtful. Therefore I believe he brought in the highest paid professionals..lawyers…CEO’s and planned this all out. Everything. Example: Question: “How do you have your AG maintain his power and not have everyone calling for his head?” Answer: “Hide him..Make him seem weak…Let him build up an air tight case. Drip, Drip, the corruption until people are at least talking about t.
      He could blow it up right now..but he won’t. There are innocents involved also. People who have had their lives and families threatened and forced to cooperate. If he blows it all up, the government may just stop and destroy a lot of innocents with collateral damage.
      So as with anything, when cleaning out the vermin or in this case the swamp. Someone has to go into the swamp and get dirty. Same as in combat. The enemy is hiding in a city. You can destroy the entire city along with innocent women and children or you can go house to house and clean it out.
      I believe as noted, just one or two start to squeal and the house of cards comes crashing down.
      I also believe he will wait until after the tax package is passed (if McStain) stays out of the hospital…and maybe until after Christmas…Although if he let’s go around Christmas , Congress will be hearing a whole lot from the people..

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      • jrapdx says:

        IMO what you’re saying is basically correct. Prosecutors work slowly, carefully constructing cases against those who will be indicted. Just like any good lawyer will say, never ask a question unless you already know the answer. Of course the issue becomes that the public is impatient. We KNOW who the guilty are, so why is the trial and punishment being slow-walked? Why aren’t they doing their jobs? Dammit it’s so aggravating to watch the criminals thumb their noses at us. We DEMAND justice. Do something about it already! Those prosecutors MUST BE incompetent ninnies…

        It has to be a different sense of time, I mean prosecutors vs. citizens. To us there’s no doubt, but to the DA, or AG, all the ducks must be in a row before proceeding. That takes time when there are 50,000 pieces to align.

        I don’t like it, but I will strive to be patient. Give it a month and see what happens.

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        • 🍺Gunny says:

          Good post. I was one of the ones calling for Sessions head. But as Howie puts it. “I’m on the wagon now….” We’ll see. As you say ,,,give it a month.

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          • Rock Knutne says:

            I agree with everything posted above about the patience needed, and that which has been shown.

            I disagree with the ‘give it a month’ however. I’m as eager as anyone to see the perp walks begin. I just think it’s gonna take a few more months, seeing as how long it’s taken to get this far.

            I know this much. I’m gonna stay patient and support and trust the warrior we elected!


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            • BeePee says:

              Yes. Get past Christmas and new year and the monster 1 year rally and the super potent state of the union address and the media cycle and poll bounce following that and we have a clearer horizon by mid February as mid term campaigns start gearing up making congress more politically sensitive and maybe more moderate in it’s response. A month from that point. 3 months from now. Then it gets real.


          • jrapdx says:

            Whatever the IG releases next month will be very interesting, though I’m not expecting any immediate results re: indictments, etc. Think of the timing. If the stuff hits the fan in the months after the IG report, it will coincide with the primary and general election seasons. The criminals are in bed with the Democrats, what will be the effect on the chances of Democrat candidates?

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        • convert says:

          They spend 1-2 years just making a drug dealer network case at the federal level! This is way more complicated, crimes by much smarter people, with a built-in set of protective laws, equipment, infrastructure, and money to keep secrets! It’s going to be slow.

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      • Eks Mann says:

        Gunny, for what it’s worth: I agree with your entire post. Well said.


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      • El Torito says:

        I agree with your view on this Gunny, and I would like to add to your thoughts:
        1) He will avoid collateral damage to innocents – as long as he is able.
        2) The first casualty of was is the plan, because
        3)The entity that you are at war with has a say in the outcome, until they are beaten into fearing for their very existence. but imo,
        4)This war will never be won UNLESS the enemy fails to exist. As long as 1 liberal aberration of humanity exists, this will all happen again. Therefore
        5)This war has to have a definitive result – detente is impossible.

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      • Maybe this is what the pile up of sealed indictments are related to. Someone noticed that a few weeks ago, and they just keep getting more and more everyday.

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    • AngelOne says:

      My feeling is if sessions had any intention of prosecuting these leaks wouldn’t be necessary. This is IG Horowitz letting us know how bad this is since those who are supposed to administer the law are failing to do so. No other reason to leak before the weasel Risenstein appeared except to display his unwillingness to act.


    • stats guy says:

      This all sounds real good, but I’ll wait for the perp walks (yes, with cuffs). The left would be hysterical, but if we are going to avoid a banana republic future we have to have people facing hard time.

      There’s too many showboats and posers on the RINO side to give me any level of confidence.

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  5. It seems both Nellie H. Ohr and Brennan are CIA. Brennan pushing for Russia Investigation and Nellie H. Ohr helping to make the dossiers.

    Obama loyalist Brennan drove FBI to begin investigating Trump associates last summer.

    Assuming this to be true, then it’s probable that Nellie used her connection to the FBI in order to deliver the dossiers and gain FISA warrant approval.

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  6. Publius2016 says:

    There are 3 tracks: 1) FISA warrant request/denied and FISA warrant request/Approved – all documented; 2) All Surveillance of associates like Manafort and Flynn – all documented; and 3) The illegal surreptitiously completed 21st Century surveillance of Trump, family, and friends. It was this track that President Trump referred to Obama as being SICK! These egregious violations of decency will justify Obama’s place in American History as worse than Arnold or Burr.

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  7. MfM says:

    I wonder if we’ll see Trump going to Camp David any time soon. Several times I seem to remember that he used it to spend a heavy duty working weekend under the radar of DC.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      The Cabinet met and the final touches to Job/Tax bill are this week. If the NK talks are proceeding, maybe they’ll move there. However, there are still 11 days to Christmas so expect Trump National visit next.

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    • Tegan says:

      I imagine there are many holiday-related events he and the family are obligated to attend before they escape to the Winter White House. Would be surprised if there’s time for Camp David, but then POTUS does the unexpected! I imagine after Xmas, some of the Cabinet and staff will be seen at Mar a Lago.

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  8. Just an observation on my part…Nellie Ohr has a “penis nose”… that you see it that’s all that you can see….sort of like Mitch McConnel looking like a turtle….once you see it all you can see is a turtle

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  9. rsanchez1990 says:

    So is the reason why Rosenstein was so visibly uncomfortable because he knew the full scope and gargantuan magnitude of what Jim Jordan was asking, and he kept deferring to the IG because he knows they have to get this absolutely right to have any hope of actually draining the swamp?

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  10. Anarchus says:

    If they sent 10,000 — TEN THOUSAND! — text messages, how did they have any time for any official business?

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  11. Sundance, you’re the best political analyst in all the land! Thank you and God bless you.

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    • freddy says:

      maybe my imagination but I listened a few minutes to good old Rush the blowhard and it sounded exteremly close to stuff I read on this site written by SD…I’m betting he reads here and takes and uses some of all he reads here. It was just too close …

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      • El Torito says:

        Twice I e-mailed Rush (2 years ago), referring to CH and was completely ignored. Yet 3 days later, he was quoting Sundance word for word, acting like he was thinking it up on the fly. I just figured he needed the help on account of all the Oxycontin…

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      • Kristin says:

        Freddy: I agree. Heard that. Then shut it off after the depressing stuff.

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  12. Sandra-VA says:

    The arrogance of this guy:

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  13. KBR says:

    Has anybody looked into Glenn Simpson’s and Bill Priestap’s wives and/or lovers yet?

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  14. Steve in Lewes says:

    I’m curious about all those claiming through innuendo about Rosenstein being “dirty” Did you read Sundance’s posts the last few days? It seems to me that many of you are over-reacting versus comprehending what SD has written. He has mention Rosenstein in some positive light in this post and in an earlier one where he wrote, “don’t be critical of Rosenstein” or something close to that. Are you using critical thinking skills or have some hidden agenda to attack nearly everyone PDJT has appointed….makes me wonder! That is all!

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  15. Raffaella says:

    All this will absolutely mean NOTHING unless one person takes action (Sessions) or is removed and replaced with another AG who would take action.

    All signs lead me to believe that Sessions will never take any actions, ever. He has obviously been either blackmailed or threatened. Again, I hope I am wrong.


    • Founding Fathers Fan says:

      Sessions is in charge of about 3 million people. If they won’t tell you what they are doing, then you want Sessions replaced? Who died and made you the boss?

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    • jrapdx says:

      I dunno, if I’ve been following the story correctly, the IG has released some fragments of the evidence showing improper conduct on the part of a few individuals. That’s not the whole of it at all, there’s a ton more info to be digested before the extent of it will be known. The completed IG report won’t be released for a month.

      The strategy looks straightforward. Essentially, “soften up” the opposition by piecemeal “dribbling” of damaging evidence by the IG. The AG can’t act until the IG is through and the players in the FBI, DoJ, etc. are inescapably trapped by the evidence. At that point they are helpless and will be prosecuted and put away.

      Very commonly prosecutions of crimes, even “open and shut” cases take years to put together. Now consider the fact PDJT has been in office less than a year and yet it appears the cases will be coming to fruition in a matter of a few months. In its realm that’s truly going at breakneck speed.

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      • Donna in Oregon says:

        I don’t remember reading that the IG was leaking info….what I thought was the IG was testifying before another committee and they were leaking the info.

        Why would the IG leak, but not release?

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        • jrapdx says:

          I was referring to Sundance’s statement in the article, “Over the past two weeks we have seen releases from the DOJ Office of Inspector General that appear to be building toward a much more consequential outcome. …” Not a leak because the info was made public directly by the IG vs. through some 3rd party. At least that’s how I’m reading the situation.


      • Thecleaner says:

        The AG can act any time they want. In fact the IG has limitations to investigating only those people and entities employed by the underlying agency.
        In this case, the IG for the DOJ can investigate actions by Comey or Strzok regarding Clinton emails, but cant investigate Clinton, her server or her emails. IG can investigate if the FBI paid for the Dossier, but cant investigate Fusion GPS, Steele, or any Russian involvement, they can investigate McCabe and Comey, but cant investigate Trump, Flynn, Manifort etc….so anything the IG releases will be limited to to actions or inactions on behalf of DOJ employees only. This is bigger than that, so by itself the IG report is only a piece of the puzzle. Other investigations are required which would need to be carried out by the AG/DOJ in order to roll it up.


    • joninmd22 says:

      The existence of an active IG investigation leads me to believe we should give Sessions a break.

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      • freddy says:

        The IG is toothless and so is Sessions. At the very least today they should be announcing all cases and investigations done by this FBI clown and McCabe and Rosenstien are tainted including Mueller and any old Comey junk…It is all tainted so maybe leave them in place cause could you not challenge all of this based on extreme predjudice at the least and a conspiricy at the most.


    • Research the Acting AG who became deputy AG prior to Rosenstein. His comments regarding Obama in January of this year should make you sleep sound. Obama changed the rules of succession 2-3 days before leaving office, Trump changed them back immediately putting Boente back in line behind Yates. It is rumored that Boente stated that Obama acted illegally last year and has ramped up since leaving office and he would prosecute anyone attempting to undermine the President.

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  16. Paco Loco says:

    Just saw Sarah on CNBC saying that the President doesn’t want Speaker Ryan to resign next year…and Ryan says he’s not going anywhere. Hmmm. Ryan has constantly tried to bushwhack POTUS, so why does he want him to stay on as Speaker ?

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  17. CleanhouseinDC says:

    I must disagree with POTUS on this. Ryan is one of the reasons the GOP doesn’t get my support.

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    • freddy says:

      the sight of Paul Ryan makes me ill and I would never claim to be a GOP guy except in a primary where I have to register. I would convert to Islam before claiming to be a Republican. To me they are the enemy and the cancer that must be taken out for the country to survive. Do you really think the tax cut will pass. hahahah there are so many sabatuers it’s nearly impossible and the GOP want to lose to go back being comfortably numb just making money from donors and K street. Smum bags all of them and complicit in everything bad going on.


      • DeWalt says:

        We must have a lot of French posters. If you want your party back, take it back. Letting a bunch of communist rule the country won’t make it more tolerable.


    • InAz says:

      We can not afford to lose anymore seats!
      Better to keep what we have than lose the narrow majority. The Marxists have Soros money to committ vote fraud……look at Alabama….. everywhere.

      President Trump knows what he is talking about and must not be ignored.

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  18. Mickturn says:

    I’m buying stock in the ‘Rope’ Factory!

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  19. joninmd22 says:

    I can’t wait to see where this ends.

    I may even take back some of the things i said about Jeff Session…Not. 😉


    • freddy says:

      Sessions has 30 years experience and knows all the players and the real deal from bieng in committees. It’s 100% impossible he did not know at the time of his recusal that would put Trump in jeapordy and vulnerable to this very obvious deep state hit and coup de etat. He knew face it how could he not. He kowws Comey Mueller Mccabe and all the rst of the hit squad. We all know it sitting here at home…..He’s comprimized and riding it out……


      • Mike Pitzler says:

        That’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard.

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      • jrapdx says:

        I can see your logic, however, I wonder about your premises and conclusion. The problem I have with it is that you state several conjectures as facts. You could not possibly know what Sessions knew or judged to be true at the time of his recusal. You don’t know all the factors that were weighed by Sessions, who he consulted or whether in fact the President really didn’t know about the legal difficulties that would be encountered making Sessions AG. Odds are very high it was a known factor and probably planned for.

        BTW when did you realize Sessions would have to recuse himself from certain cases because of his association with the Trump campaign? Did you say so before Sessions was appointed? Weren’t you blindsided by what was obvious and unsurprising to attorneys? Didn’t everyone knowledgeable about the law know this well ahead of time?

        On top of that, the IG investigation began before Trump took office. IOW we might surmise Trump, Sessions and others know what was coming down the pike a year hence. Would it be surprising that Trump and team planned their approach around the predicted findings that would be surfacing about now (as in fact they are)?

        There are better things to do with our energy than fret about Sessions. How about expending time and energy helping find and support good MAGA candidates for Congress. Lord knows, after the Alabama election, our effort is called for if we’re going to see the MAGA agenda come to pass. Are we going to put our money where our mouths are or will we just whine endlessly that we are “disturbed” by all that we don’t like?

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      • DeWalt says:

        People was poetically about taking the goverment back to a time of principles and honor,then in the next breath say he should have been more like Lynch and holder. Go figure.


  20. Giggle ALERT! (…or…Pilot to Bombardier, we’re right over the target, flak getting heavy, but we can handle it!…)

    Obama AG Eric Holder Threatens GOP Congress: ‘Any attempt to remove Bob Mueller will not be tolerated

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  21. V says:

    Who knows about Sessions. Maybe it’s a ploy looking weak, maybe not. When he spoke after the acquittal in SF of the illegal alien murderer, saying how he took it personally because he’d met with the parents of the slain daughter, I thought, no, that’s not how an Atty Gen should speak; that’s more what a Senator might say when he meets his constituents in his office. Do all 300,000,000+ Americans have to meet with him personally, before he acts on the fate of the nation?

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    • 🍺Gunny says:

      I’ll stay on the wagon for now and not comment…..don’t…don’t….maybe I need a meeting….


    • InAz says:

      It would help President Trump and the nation more if Sessions would investigate Soros and freeze all assets associated with the cretin.

      Soros has done more damage to the country than street gangs with his election interferences. Antifa and BLM also.

      If we don’t have a country left then it doesn’t matter if the street gangs are running amok or not.

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  22. H&HC 2nd-16th says:

    Get rid of Rosentein ASAP. Everything else will fall into place.

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  23. David R. Graham says:

    Is this, then, a proper surmise: elements of FBI and DOJ, especially senior leadership, were part of the Clinton campaign team? And when Strzok met with Abedin and Mills, giving them immunity, and not taking Hillary’s computer, that was in order to coordinate stories so as to hide the conspiracy to campaign together?

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    • Paco Loco says:

      “Conspired with” the Clinton campaign team…yup. The rest of the story is that Obama and Clinton knew about what was going on and used the Whitehouse (Rice and Powers et al) to unmask FISA ordered wiretaps so they could monitor the Trump presidential campaign. Collusion leading to treason and sedition by the Obama Whitehouse, the DoJ and the FBI. It doesn’t get any worse than this unless it was a military coup d’etat.

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  24. Pam says:

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    • Firefly says:

      Grassley’s sue is keeping them squirming!

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      • Sylvia Avery says:

        I think Grassley getting involved in the fight is significant, and here’s why:

        He is an older gentleman, 83 or 84, so getting upset about something when you have lived long enough to have seen everything at least once strikes me as interesting.

        Senators seem to be Swampier Creatures on the whole than those of the House just because their terms are longer and they have state wide campaigns to run so it takes more money, and as we have learned from Sundance money is the mother’s milk of the Swamp.

        Senator Grassley has been a Senator for a long time. Part of the Big Club. They usually grin, and grip, and get along to go along. When they start making noise it begins to attract notice.

        Of course the Judiciary Committee is his, but he seems to be personally offended that the FBI has been sullying itself with partisanship.

        I am ready to Burn Down the Mission, myself, so at this point even a sternly worded letter from Senator Grassley makes my heart beat a tiny bit faster.

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  25. Trent Telenko says:

    The FBI’s 2001 anthrax case was officially been placed back in the “unsolved” files over 10 years ago. It wasn’t Dr. Bruce Ivins, nor Hatfill

    Who was behind the September 2001 anthrax attacks?
    By: Michael Barone
    Senior Political Analyst
    01/01/10 6:59 PM EST
    Here’s some news I missed.Edward Jay Epstein reported on December 21 that the FBI’s anthrax case has fallen apart. In 2008 the FBI declared that Dr. Bruce Ivins, who died an apparent suicide in July 2008, was the perpetrator who sent anthrax-laced letters to members of Congress and others just days after the September 11 attacks. The FBI’s investigation, apparently the most lengthy it had ever conducted, was directed primarily at scientists who had access to anthrax materials. But, Epstein reports, it turns out that Dr. Ivins did not have access to the sophisticated form of anthrax used in September 2001.

    Back in October 2001 I wrote a U.S. News column arguing that a state actor may have been behind the anthrax attacks, and I blogged on the subject twice in September 2006 and again in November 2007. It seemed to me then that the anthrax attacks were overwhelmingly likely to be the product of al Qaeda or another terrorist organization, quite likely aided by a state actor, and that the FBI by concentrating its investigation on domestic scientists had been barking up the wrong tree. The announcement in 2008 that the case was solved and a domestic scientist was responsible seemed to refute my conclusions. Now Epstein’s report that the FBI’s case has fallen apart has me thinking along the same lines as I was from 2001 to 2008.

    Will we ever learn who was behind the September 2001 anthrax attacks?

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    • Trent Telenko says:

      This is the article Michael Barone referred too —
      Monday, December 21, 2009
      The Anthrax Case Falls Apart

      The vast anthrax investigation, code-named Amerithrax, ended as far as the public knew on July 29 2008 with the death of Dr. Bruce Ivins, a microbiologist/wiki/Biodefense at the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases in Fort Detrick, Maryland, at the nearby Frederick Memorial Hospital. The proximate cause of death was an overdose of the pain-killer Tylenol. No autopsy was performed, and there was no suicide note. Less than a week after his apparent suicide, the FBI declared Dr. Ivins to have been the sole perpetrator of the 2001 Anthrax attacks, and the person who mailed deadly anthrax spores to the NBC, the New York Post, and Senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy accompanied by a photo-copied warning. These attacks killed 5 people, closed down the Senate’s Office Building, caused a national panic, and nearly paralyzed the postal system. The FBI’s 6 year investigation of it was the largest inquest in its history, involving 9000 interviews by its agents, the issuance of 6000 subpoenas, and the examination of tens of thousands of photo-copiers, typewriters, computers, and mail-boxes.

      But., as massive as it was, it failed to find a shred of evidence that identified the Anthrax killer– or even a witness to the mailings. With the help of a task force of scientists, it found a flask of anthrax that closely matched through its genetic markers the attack anthrax. This flask had been in the custody of Dr. Ivins, a senior biological warfare researcher, who had published no less than 44 scientific papers over three decades, and who was working on developing vaccines against anthrax. As custodian, he provided samples of it to other scientists at Fort Detrick, the Battelle Memorial Institute, and other facilities involved in Anthrax research. According to the FBI’s reckoning, over 100 scientists had been given access to it. Any of these scientists (or their co-workers) could have stolen a minute quantity of this anthrax and, by mixing it into a media of water and nutrients, used it to grow enough spores to launch the anthrax attacks. Consequently, Dr. Ivins, who was assisting the FBI with its investigation, as well as all the scientists who had access to it, became suspects in the investigation. In what approached an inquisition, they were intensely questioned, given polygraph examinations, and played off against one another in variations of the prisoner’s dilemma game. And their labs, computers, phones, homes, and personal effect were scrutinized for possible clues.

      As the Amerithrax proceeded over more than a half a decade, the FBI ran into frustrating dead ends, such as its relentless 5 year pursuit of Steven Hatfill, that ended with his exoneration in 2007 and his receiving a $5.8 million settlement from the US government as compensation for the damage inflicted on him. Another scientist became so stressed by the FBI’s games that he began to drink heavily and died of a heart attack.

      Eventually, the FBI zeroed-in on Dr. Ivins. Not only did he have access to the anthrax, but FBI agents suspected he had subtly misled them into their Hatfill fiasco. A search of his email turned up pornography and bizarre emails which,, though unrelated to anthrax, suggesting that he was a deeply disturbed individual. As the FBI turned the pressure up on him, isolating him at work, and forcing him to spend what little money he had on lawyers to defend himself.

      He became increasingly stressed. His therapist reported that Ivins seemed obsessed with the notion of revenge and even homicide. Then came his suicide (which as Eric Nadler and Bob Coen show in their documentary The Anthrax War was one of four suicides among bio-warfare researchers.) Since Dr. Ivins odd behavior closely fit the FBI’s profile of the mad scientist it had been hunting, his suicide provided an opportunity to finally close the case. So it pronounced Dr. Ivins the anthrax killer.

      But there was still a vexing problem– Silicon.

      Silicon was used in the 1960s to weaponize anthrax. Through an elaborate process, anthrax spores were coated with silicon to preventing them from clinging together so as to create a lethal aerosol. But since weaponization was banned by international treaties, research anthrax no longer contains silicon, and the flask at Fort Detrick contained none. Yet, the anthrax grown from it had silicon, according to the US Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. T

      This silicon explained why when the letters to Senators Patrick Leahy and Tom Daschle were opened, the anthrax vaporized into an aerosol. If so, then somehow silicon was added to the anthrax. But Dr. Ivins, no matter how weird he may have been, had neither the set of skills nor the means to deliberately attach silicon to anthrax spores. At minimum, such a process would require highly-specialized equipment, such as a jet mill, that did not exist in Ivins’ lab– or, for that matter, anywhere at the Fort Detrick facility. As Richard O. Spertzel, a former bio-defense scientist who worked with Ivins, explained, the lab didn’t even deal with anthrax in powdered form, adding “I don’t think there’s anyone there who would have the foggiest idea how to do it.” So while Dr. Ivins’ death provided a convenient fall guy, the silicon content still had somehow to be explained.

      The FBI’s answer was that the anthrax contained only traces of silicon and those, it theorized, could have been accidently absorbed by the spores from the water and nutrient in which they were grown. No such nutrients were ever found in Ivins’ lab, nor, for that matter, did anyone ever see Dr. Ivins attempt to produce any unauthorized anthrax (a process which would have involved him using scores of flasks.) But since no one knew what nutrients had been used to grow the attack anthrax, it was at. least possible that they had traces of silicon in them which accidently contaminated the anthrax.

      Natural contamination was an elegant theory that ran into problems after Congressman Jerry Nadler pressed FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III in September 2008 to provide the House Judiciary Committee with a missing piece of data: the precise percentage of silicon contained in the anthrax used in the attacks. The answer came seven months later. According to the FBI lab, 1.4% of the powder in the Leahy letter was Silicon. “This is a shockingly high proportion,” explained Dr. Stuart Jacobson, an expert in small particle chemistry. “It is a number one would expect from the deliberate weaponization of anthrax, but not from any conceivable accidental contamination.” Nevertheless, in an attempt to back up its theory, the FBI contracted scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Labs in California to conduct experiments in which anthrax is accidently absorbed from a media heavily-laced with silicon.

      When the results were revealed to the National Academy Of Science in September 2009, they effectively blew the FBI’s theory out of the water. The Livermore scientists had tried 56 times to replicate the high silicon content without any success whatsoever. Even though they added increasingly high amounts of silicon to the media, they never even came close to the 1.4 percent in the attack anthrax. Most results were indeed an order of magnitude lower, with some as low as .001 percent. What these tests inadvertently demonstrated is that the anthrax spores could not have been accidently contaminated by the nutrients in the media. ”

      If there is that much silicon , it had to have been added, ” Jeffrey Adamovicz, who supervised Ivins work at Fort Detrick, wrote to me. He added that the silicon signature in the attack anthrax could have been added via a large fermerntor– which Battellle and other labs use” but “we did not use a fermentor to grow anthrax at USAMRIID [and] We did not have the capability to add silicon compounds to anthrax spores.”

      If Dr. Ivins had neither the equipment or skills to weaponize anthrax with silicon, then some other party, with access to the anthrax, must have done it. Even before these startling results, Senator Leahy had told Mueller , “I do not believe in any way, shape, or manner that [Ivins] is the only person involved in this attack on Congress.” So, even though the public believed that the Anthrax case had been closed more in 2008, the FBI investigation was back to square one in late 2009.
      Labels: Anthrax ivins silicon

      posted by Edward Jay Epstein at 5:30 PM

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      • Trent Telenko says:

        Finally, Clarice Feldman revisited the Mueller Anthrax case in 2011 over at PJMedia. See her article below with the first four comments in her article — :

        So the Government Lied About Ivins and the Anthrax?

        I have always believed that the post 9/11 anthrax attacks involved a foreign government with WMD labs capable of creating such finely powdered anthrax. After an extensive nationwide search which turned up no such domestic labs, the FBI asserted that a U.S. scientist, Bruce Ivins, who killed himself during the investigation, was the perpetrator. Now, it appears the targeting was in error:

        WASHINGTON — The Justice Department has called into question a key pillar of the FBI’s case against Bruce Ivins, the Army scientist accused of mailing the anthrax-laced letters that killed five people and terrorized Congress a decade ago.

        Shortly after Ivins committed suicide in 2008, federal investigators announced that they’d identified him as the mass murderer who sent the letters to members of Congress and the news media. The case was circumstantial, with federal officials arguing that the scientist had the means, motive and opportunity to make the deadly powder at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Md.

        Now, however, Justice Department lawyers have acknowledged in court papers that the sealed area in Ivins’ lab — the so-called hot suite — didn’t contain the equipment needed to turn liquid anthrax into the refined powder that floated through congressional buildings and post offices in the fall of 2001.

        If it wasn’t Ivins and there was no lab in the U.S. capable of making it, where did it come from?

        Laurie Mylroie long held it was from Iraq.

        UPDATE: Here’s a refresher on the anthrax attacks from Edward Jay Epstein.

        Posted at 7:42 am on July 19th, 2011 by

        1. Tom Holsinger

        The particular technique by which the anthrax spores used against the United States in the fall of 2001 had been “weaponized”, i.e. turned from pretty much useless-as-a-weapon raw spores into an easily delivered infectious powder which went inhaled in minute doses by victims would produce an anthrax infection, was reverse-engineered by our biowar specialists. That method was unknown to the United States government, any of our allies, or to the biowar specialists of the Soviet Union who had defected to us. The latter is critical as those guys had been given unlimited budgets to develop new weaponization processes.

        Creating a brand-new anthrax weaponization process is a big hairy deal. It requires an industrial-scale research & development effort. Only a government can do such a thing in secret.

        Some existing anthrax weaponization processes are very each to use, i.e., any reasonable trained chemist with an affordable home lab can make the stuff. This is scary enough. But no one person or small team can create a brand-new weaponization process, and that was what was used on us.

        The anthrax powder used on us in 2001 had been weaponized (and likely manufactured) in secret by an enemy government, and likely passed by that enemy government through cutouts to the 9/11 terrorists, one of whom was subsequently identified by a Florida doctor as having come to that doctor for treatment of cutaneous (skin lesion) anthrax several months prior to 9/11.

        The United States government’s policy here is to conceal this from the American people. The US government does not want us to know that we were attacked with biological weapons by an enemy government who gave those to the 9/11 terrorists.
        July 19, 2011 – 10:29 am Link to this Comment | Reply

        Clarice Feldman
        tom, I am no expert on bioweapons, but Laurie is and iirC that is precisely the sort of thing she was saying at the time.The motive, I think, was clear:To keep us rattled and fearful that even worse stuff than 9/11 was on the way. I live in D.C. and for weeks emergency vehicles tore thru the city investigating suspicious packages. And if you recall anthrax spores escaped into the mail handling operations, depriving us for mail for weeks and harming mail carriers.It seems to me that one even died, but my memory on that is imperfect.
        July 19, 2011 – 12:38 pm Link to this Comment | Reply

        4. Tom Holsinger

        My opinion is that the anthrax used on us was created by a weaponization process devised by former Soviet experts in either (or both together) of the Baathist regimes in Syria and Iraq after Desert Storm, but proved to be too touchy and/or expensive for mass production. I.e., they could make basically laboratory quantities of it, but the stuff either had a short effective shelf life, or could not be produced in bulk, etc., and was pretty much a one-off.

        OTOH, really lethal weaponized anthrax with a shelf life of 30-90 days makes a jim dandy terrorist weapon for plausible-deniability handoff from a hostile government.

        Czech intelligence reportedly spotted a contact between an Iraqi intelligence officer and Mohamed Atta in the time-frame for a handoff of such short shelf-life anthrax prior to its use on us after 9/11, and the short shelf-life is also consistent with the outbreak pattern in the U.S.

        IMO this is the most likely scenario for what happened.

        I recommend you also check on FEMA expenditures in 2002 – early 2003 for potential evacuations of major cities. I kept a close eye on such matters at the time.
        July 19, 2011 – 1:11 pm

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        • Sylvia Avery says:

          Thanks for posting all of this on the anthrax attacks. I was not aware of a lot of this.

          On a kind of related note, I recently watched a multi part TV drama starring Chris Noth about the Unabomber and the FBIs 20 year investigation. Yes, I know it was TV and yes, I know that it was entertainment and not a documentary.

          But here’s the thing. What stuck with me is how favorite theories would develop and be pursued to any length excluding all others so that there were all these rabbit holes that the FBI would go down. And in the end, once you have invested all that time and money in a theory, you try to force it into place and MAKE it fit.

          And there are huge egos heading up these investigations who balance the investigation against their own ambition for advancement and not wanting their “reputation sullied” by association with an unsuccessful investigation, so that just reinforces the need to get an answer, any answer, who cares if it is the TRUE answer.

          While having been a part of the law enforcement community in different ways and different times in my life I have always had a deep respect for cops and what they do for us. And I am sure we have a lot of great FBI agents.

          But bureaucracy is bureaucracy, whether it is the Department of Health or the FBI, and government managers are government managers. Only in the case of the FBI it is scary to think of the power in their hands and how individuals may choose to use, or abuse it, as we are seeing playing out now and as it seems it may have played out in the anthrax case. Yikes.

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        • wondering999 says:

          Thank you Trent Telenko. Yes that was a weird situation with weak explanations.
          I am also still bothered by the government’s response to Ebola, by the way. The CDC did not rush protective gear to the medical staff at the Texas Hospital, did not evacuate the patient to a facility equipped to treat him, and a relative of the Ebola victim was cleared to return to work while she could have still been infectious, if she had contracted Ebola while caring for him. We could have had a monster massive outbreak in Texas, and we had no obvious leadership that would act responsibly — they couldn’t even find their supposed “Ebola Czar”. The whole thing was handled as if by idiots (very expensive high-paid idiots)


  26. Sundance, you seem to be making this IG “process” out to be a good thing…it’s not. This article leaves out the following problem with this type of investigation process.

    The inability to find a non-partial jury.

    The reason why prosecutors and law enforcement in general, don’t\won’t release information to the public is because once the information becomes public record it is very difficult to find a venue where non-partial jurists can be found. Typically, the first question that is asked of jurist at a selection is, “Are you familiar or do you have any prior knowledge with this case?”

    Of course now many of the specifics of this whole fiasco have been released to the public and I’m sure more to come, EVERYONE is or at least is capable of having knowledge of the case and even the specifics.

    So while trying the case in public is great for reads and clicks, it is not good for justice.

    Look at the Kate Steinle case as the most recent example of this type of process. The killer is guilty in the public, but the jury would have let him walk if not for other crimes dealing with immigration.

    So I think this whole IG process…if that’s what it is…stinks!

    But…like it has always been, no one will go to jail over this…not a person!

    This country is so lost…just bread and circus…nothing more!

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    • Firefly says:

      IGs are a Trojan horse. Fraidy cat Rosenstein hid behind the IG report which he knows is also being stonewalled. The scoffing by Jordan and others tells you it’s not going to help much. It was brought up a couple time IG Horowitz is complaining about not having authority to investigate lawyers. Rosenstein after denials didn’t work then said other investigators who has the authority would do it.

      IGs usually investigate the whistleblowers not the wrongdoers. If they do get someone for wrong doing it’s usually because that person was on the “get em” list and the IG investigation was convenient to use.

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  27. freq says:

    the arbitrary issuance of FISA class warrants is the hallmark of our (now) totalitarian state…


    • FISA Class warrants are unconstitutional but legal under statue section 702. These warrants are in clear violation of our 4 amendment. It follows that the Grand Jury process is also unconstitutional. Leading to inescapable conclusion that all of Mueller’s actions to this point are unconstitutional.

      It should also be noted that the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc are asking for the renewal of section 702, THIS MONTH.

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  28. milehighmaga says:

    Good cop, bad cop. Sessions is the good cop. Playing meek and mild Mister Rogers. Bad cop is the OIG. If Trump is truly cleaning house, it has to be above reproach, meaning no whiff of politics. Which is why Sessions has to keep his distance, at least publicly. . Let the OIG (as non political as an office can be) lead the charge.


  29. scott467 says:

    ” The very heart of the U.S. system of Law (DOJ) and Order (FBI) is now being questioned.”


    That has been true for a VERY long time.

    Easily since 2008. The list is long, only four of which resulted in meaningless Congressional kabuki theater shows.

    And to the Elian Gonzalez kidnapping by the Feds and turning that little boy over to the Marxist Cuban dictator where that little boy was brainwashed by the State.

    And Ruby Ridge.

    And Waco.

    And the Bundy Ranch.

    And those are just the few that immediately come to mind.

    Not even counting all the subterfuge and lies and “Classified” information surrounding 9/11, the Boston bombing, the Las Vegas massacre, and on and on and on.

    Our ‘law’ and ‘order’ is a FARCE, and has been, for generations now.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. scott467 says:

    Consider what is at stake; and further consider that you were given the task of revealing the outcome of an investigation of such consequence.”


    What, precisely, IS at stake?

    Shouldn’t that be clarified and defined, above all else?

    If you asked ten different CTH members, I think you would get at least 7 or 8 different responses.

    In order to understand the magnitude of what we are facing, for everyone to be on the same page, specificity is very much needed (and would be greatly appreciated) in times like these!


  31. georgiafl says:

    Hot off the twitter press – a review of the investigation of the dossier and illegal surveillance of candidate Trump:

    Liked by 2 people

  32. fred5678 says:

    Was Comey just a wooden puppet with people’s arms up his you-know-what ??

    Strzok changes “Gross negligence” to “extremely careless” and Lynch told him to change “investigation” to “matter”. Did he ever think or decide for himself?

    Can’t WAIT for the perp walks!!!!


  33. scott467 says:

    How would you introduce the findings to the larger U.S. electorate? Given the timing of the releases from the IG’s investigation, I think that’s what we are seeing in the past two weeks. A prosecutor laying out his case over the course of multiple media cycles.


    I’m not sure I would be as worried about all the snowflakes as many people seem to be.

    I see many people talking about not shocking the public, that the public needs to be spoon-fed in small digestible doses, etc., etc.

    I don’t know why.

    Nobody was worried that I might crawl into a ‘safe space’ when they burned down Waco or any other violent government overreach. Nobody cared about my reaction when Hussein (reader’s choice, fill in the blank) over the longest 8 years of my life.

    Why do people now seem to think that the tender (LOL!) masses need to be ‘prepared’ for the harsh reality that our government is the largest organized crime syndicate in the history of the world?

    Those who care already know, and those who don’t, won’t care no matter what happens.

    It would be helpful if, in addition to what they are currently doing, the IG introduced himself to the public, and then held press conferences as needed. He doesn’t need to take any questions, but having these hugely incriminating details released by the office of the Inspector General would:

    A) cause a public discussion about what the office of the IG is

    B) make the revelations more ‘official’ to the general public

    Liked by 1 person

  34. scott467 says:

    “See the pattern?

    There have been approximately FIVE big releases from the IG office, that seem to be released in a very specific manner. It looks just like a prosecutor laying out his case against the identified names, and WE, the American People, are the jury.”


    Yes, I see the pattern.

    Instead of playing catch-up, is there a list of upcoming witnesses, so we might get out ahead of this thing, and figure out what revelations might/should be coming next?


  35. scott467 says:

    “This is strategic white hat distribution of material that is immensely important to the larger U.S. electorate. The subject matter is so consequential, it needs to be absorbed in small digestible portions.”


    I don’t need small digestible portions. I’ll take the whole side of beef, raw, like great white shark having an appetizer.

    Seriously, what percentage of the population is even paying attention?

    Maybe 3% watches Fox (Fraud) News, and maybe 3% watches the other side of Uni-Party media (CNN, MSLSD, CBS, ABC, NBC, et al).

    Even if we were generous and estimated that TEN percent of the population is paying attention, that’s roughly 30 million people. The rest of the country can’t be bothered to care.

    If the 30 million are split roughly 50/50, the Trump supporters fully awake, no need for small digestible doses.

    So that means we’re all bending over backwards for the Social Justice Snowflakes and other members of the crazed fringe Left. And there is NO amount of small doses of reality that will make any difference to these… people.

    So we’re back to… what’s with all the pussyfooting around?

    It seems more like fishbowl syndrome, i.e., the powers that be think (incorrectly) that they are the center of attention for the whole country, when in fact, the only people paying attention are THEMSELVES and the ten percent or so of the public who actually cares and is informed about current events.

    There is NOTHING anyone can do to ‘prepare’ Leftists to accept that their religious idols in government are corrupt to the core. And they don’t DESERVE to be ‘prepared’ anyway.

    The rest of us don’t NEED any ‘preparation’.

    Let ‘er rip already.


  36. scott467 says:

    ” Andrew McCabe, Bill Priestap, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, and possibly Nellie Ohr and Glenn Simpson, are questioned about the details behind the specific information provided by the IG releases. Get them under oath, get them on-the-record, and get them committed to one story.”


    Isn’t it standard operating procedure for police to separate / isolate perpetrators, specifically to PREVENT them from getting their ‘story’ straight BEFORE they are interviewed by police?

    Why are ‘the powers that be’ giving these people time and opportunity to collude and work out their ‘story’?

    Unless they have warrants to eavesdrop on all communications by these people. Actually, I keep forgetting, they don’t NEED warrants to eavesdrop on ALL of us, ALL the time, they record everything (phones, texts, emails, and now probably HAM radio transmissions). They only need a warrant to go and LOOK at the communications they have already recorded.

    And since this is a matter of national security (presuming the corruption and undermining of major government agencies like DOJ and FBI is a matter of national security…), that should be plenty of probable cause to review all recorded communications between these perpetrators.

    In a remotely rational world.

    Which of course, this one is not.


  37. scott467 says:

    “Cooperate or not, the U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, will now be in a position to accept the exhaustive evidence provided by the IG report – and make a decision on whether or not to indict them.”


    Not much of a decision, really.

    Either indict everybody, and take the first baby steps toward potentially restoring some semblance of confidence in the rule of law…

    Or don’t, and thereby confirm to everyone that we are a Banana Republic and that Sessions is the Head Banana at Banana Justice Headquarters.


  38. phoenixRising says:

    from wiki

    “Rod Rosenstein is married to Lisa Barsoomian, an Armenian American lawyer who works for the National Institutes of Health. They have two daughters.[43]”

    Internet has been ‘cleaned’ of info on Barsoomian.
    Lisa works for the DOJ (as does her husband – see any conflict of interest here? Nah, move along)
    She is the FBI FOIA Shot Blocker according to George Webb… (link below – stone cold truth) – she obstructs the flow of documents, information.

    Left on internet:

    Lisa H. Barsoomian, U.S. Attorney, wife of Assistant Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein. Graduated from Georgetown Law. Protégé of James B. Comey and Robert S. Mueller. Represented Bill Clinton in 1998. Researchers say the Internet has been cleansed of information about Barsoomian which is a telltale sign of a …

    According to , a “shot blocker”

    Liked by 1 person

  39. scott467 says:

    [And yes, this potentially touches President Obama depending on how the concentric circles of defense collapse.]


    Not only does it ‘touch’ Hussein, it encapsulates him like a straight jacket.

    When this train left the station, Hussein was and is the final destination.

    He is the original SOURCE and CAUSE of ALL the criminal conduct which permeated his administration. It is intellectually dishonest in the extreme to think otherwise, to think that even a small portion (much less ALL of it!) was done without his consent and knowledge.

    We’re not talking about a bungled robbery at the Watergate Hotel and subsequent cover up.

    This is the wholesale corruption of EVERY department of government, subversion of the Constitution, sedition against America, RICO violations, abuse of power on a daily basis, pay-for-influence, using the power of government to TARGET the OPPOSITION CANDIDATE in a national election for President of the UNITED STATES… and that’s NOT EVEN the tip of the iceberg!

    It is ridiculous to even SPECULATE that Hussein is NOT the at the core of this filthy web, or that any genuine investigation and prosecution doesn’t lead in a straight line to Hussein, on the way to Hussein’s handlers (e.g., Soros).

    Hussein is the destination — all roads lead directly to Hussein. Where the road leads AFTER Hussein is the question.


    • scott467 says:

      And why would anybody go to prison for the rest of their lives in order to protect Hussein?

      It’s not like he is the kind of person who engenders deep loyalty. A more aloof, arrogance, disdainful, selfish, narcissistic, psychopathic personality could scarcely be dreamed of, much less found in a single human being.

      “For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die.” (Romans 5:7)

      Hussein’s conduct is the diametric opposite of ‘righteous’ and ‘good’.

      Who will throw the rest of their life away for him?


  40. scott467 says:

    “I would be remiss if I didn’t remind people that Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills have voided their prior immunity deals by provably lying to the FBI. Lying voids immunity.”


    Well and good.

    Doesn’t giving anyone ‘immunity’ as a result of provable political ‘bias’ and political motives ALSO void any prior immunity deals?

    Anyone given immunity by Strzok (for example) would be the recipient of ‘fruit’ of the poisoned tree, wouldn’t they?

    Can one criminal (e.g., Strzok) give another criminal (e.g., Huma, Mills) ‘immunity’ from crimes they committed together or in pursuit of the same criminal objective?

    Shouldn’t ALL of the ‘immunity’ deals given by the wholly corrupt Hussein administration’s ‘agencies’ be null and void at this point, certainly with regard to any crime by the administration they were obviously trying to cover up?


    • iswhatitis says:

      This may be a minority opinion – but I am firmly against any rescinding of any immunity deals ever made for any reason – unless the person to whom it was granted themselves violated the deal.

      Otherwise you may as well say there is no such thing as immunity. “Oops, we changed our mind! Although you can never take back what you’ve given us in agreement for your end of the deal. Sorry, too bad!”

      There would be no way to not have that power politicized.

      I am 100% against. ONLY the person it was granted to should have that “power”.


    • 4sure says:

      Scott. As usual, you have nailed it all.


  41. zaq123 says:

    I think people, both regular Joe’s/Jane’s-law enforcement-courts, have to realize is that when this comes out and it’s as bad as it seems, the ramifications will be far more reaching than the election, Donald Trump, Clinton, Obama, Comey, etc etc.

    You’re talking about casting a shadow on EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of the job that the FBI and DoJ do, every day. From getting a FISA warrant to spy on a political opponent, to legitimate CounterTerror cases(which is what FISA was born from), all the way down to the most insignificant case made by the FBI Gang Task Force.

    When Federal LEOs and local cops go to testify in federal court, they have to fill out a sheet, for the Giglio Test. If they don’t make the grade, they don’t testify. And potentially that could lead to the case being tossed. Federal courts are not like your run of the mill, DUI court, back home. They are a completely different animal.
    There are hundreds, if not thousands, of federal agents that are “Giglio’d”. Meaning they aren’t allowed to work on or make cases. They just do admin work or are the office, Firearms Instructors. This could result from them getting written up by a supervisor for lying, when they told their Supervisor they were at McDonalds, when they really were at Taco Bell. And, they’re all still getting paid, take home cars, etc etc.

    One of these clowns is a senior guy in the Organized Crime and Terrorism unit. Don’t you think that every defense attorney will now use that as part of their clients defense? This is going to get ugly. Could be lots of job openings at the FBI and DoJ, pretty soon.


  42. Campesino says:

    I was about to say that if the IG is closing in on this DOJ/FBI corruption where are the Democrat attacks on the IG? That was a clear pattern in the Obama years – in fact Obama fired IGs who made findings he didn’t like.

    So I did a search and low and behold, today Democrats aren’t attacking the IG, they are attacking Rosenstein today for letting the IG release information

    This is quite interesting strategy – don’t attack the IG for what he is finding but attack DOJ for letting the information see the light of day.


  43. Bacall says:

    Some Treepers are lamenting that some on the edge of FBI or DOJ corruption haven’t broken ranks and come out publicly against Comey, Lynch, Hillary, Obama, McCabe, Strzok, Ohr, Priestap, Page, etc. There should even be Democrats turning on these folks by now. Some ask shouldn’t this be happening now and why is there so little apparent outrage from Congressmen and Senators and news media. News is just coming out that there is evidence of wrong-doing inside the FBI and DOJ; the actual report from the IG is not out yet. Not just rumors of wrong-doing but evidence. As Sundance says it takes a while for big news (released in stages) to be absorbed and accepted. For many the facts will be a shock and there will be denial. I recall Watergate and the mysterious events then. The Watergate story seemed preposterous. The information came out slowly, very slowly and then picked up pace. (Of course there was no internet and we relied on newspaper reports and TV news of hearings and individual admissions, much slower mediums.) It took more than 2 years from the time of the burglary to the resignation of President Nixon. To me, at the time a very young adult, the obvious seemed interminably long in coming to public attention and “consensus”. I’m not suggesting today’s corruption is the same as Watergate. This scandal has the potential to be or to prevent a far more serious constitutional crisis. We will see what Americans are made of.

    The DOJ acts as prosecutors after the IG report. No doubt there would be plenty of US attorney volunteers from across the country to participate in such an historic event(s). The administration has hinted at decentralizing some US agencies. It would be great to do that with swathes of DOJ. Also would help to educate some prosecutors to be future judges.

    God, please spare us the camera-ready pomposity of Darrell Issa, Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz: three current or former Congresspeople who never yet fulfill a promise of justice. Does anyone remember Gowdy commenting that he understood why Comey did not recommend prosecution of Hillary because of “complications” he learned when working on the Benghazi investigation?


  44. doofusdawg says:

    Interesting that Sessions can’t get involved with anything Russia related that Mueller is investigating… and Mueller can’t look at any FBI/DOJ corruption because it is not Russia related… yet Sessions is staying out of the FBI/DOJ corruption investigation. .. or is he.


  45. Just_me says:

    If this has been asked and answered, I apoligize, but what initiated the OIG Investigation? Obama was still in office. Would someone have to give some concerning information to the IG and then the IG decided to investigate? Somewhere I have missed the catalyst for the biggest investigation in my lifetime. Thanks in advance for any replies.


  46. Edward Frank says:

    This is a very well written and researched article………….of fruitlessness. Swamp Leftists simply do not go to jail.

    I would bet a lot of money that anyone BIG, like a Clinton, Obama or Lynch named in this big “investigation” (read: the fox guarding the hen house) will swing from the gallows. And I would certainly be overjoyed to lose that bet.

    The swamp ot way too deep and wide to think that anything will ever come of this investigation. If the IG has 1.2 million pages of something, who in the Hell is ever going to sift through and read all of this. Deep, indeed!


  47. trnathens says:

    Keep in mind…

    This is just the cover-up.


    If the COVER-UP is THIS big, how big is the thing they were trying to cover up?


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