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The Conservative Tree House may be called a Last Refuge for each of us for different reasons. Whatever trail through the woods brought us here, we have shared the turmoil of storms as we have been finding our voices as individuals in this growing community

Perhaps you’ve had some truly shockingly cruel things said to you purely because you believe in limited government and fiscal conservatism. Perhaps you not only believe that we should be self-reliant and personally responsible, but also believe that when we are allowed to depend on ourselves, we are stronger, more successful, take greater pride in ourselves and our work, and are more likely to make positive contributions to society. And then we are happier people, or at least more likely to be happier.

Which lends to the following theory: Fear is at the core of liberalism, and love/trust is at the core of conservatism. Liberalism is about control. Conservatism is about self-empowerment.

Control is a reaction to fear. Think in terms or politics and society – the fear behind liberalism is the fear that someone might withhold things (opportunities, money, whatever) from me, fear that if you live your life in a way I dislike that it might affect my life, fear that if you get that job, there will be nothing left for me. Fear that if you make tons of money, it’s means there’s less money out there for me. So people who believe in liberal ideologies seek control as a means of trying to create guarantees and safeguards against those circumstances they fear. Liberals try to control the world and people to enable their comfort and happiness. Which, as we know, is an endless quest. Trying to control others does nothing in the way of making oneself happy. By extension, voting in this mindset so that government can try to control others will also – shocking – not lead to a happier, more comfortable life.

The conservative (and moderate, independent, but for the sake of expediency, the conservative), on the other hand, relies on himself to meet his own needs. And the trade off of being free to live his life as he wishes is also understanding that he has to make peace with how you live yours. By extension, aware that he wants to be able to hold onto this liberty and freedom forever, the conservative votes accordingly, so that everyone can remain free and in charge of his or her own life.

But here’s the crucial difference, perhaps, particularly where misery on the left stems: The conservative does not worry, so to speak, about you. The conservative knows that you were born with the same access to self-love, self-empowerment, self-determination and self-reliance that we all were, no matter the circumstances into which you were born. (Think about the millions of people this country has allowed to crawl up from poverty into prosperity – the conservative KNOWS this is possible.) And the conservative believes that if you want prosperity, or a good job, or a good education, you can make it happen – but you have to work hard. The conservative hopes and intends that the free markets bring you all of the affordable and positive opportunities and resources that you need. The conservative also knows that on the other side of that hard work is great reward – material and, more importantly, emotional, spiritual and mental.

The conservative understands that not only is it a waste of time to try to control you, it’s actually impossible. Humans were born to be free. And if we put a roadblock in front of you, you’ll find another way around it. So we see attempts at control as a waste of resources, energy and time at best, and at worst, creating detrimental results that serve to hinder people’s upward mobility or teach dependence. We see much more efficiency, as well as endless opportunity, in leaving you to your own devices. And we want the same in return.

This is where democrats mis-view republicans as heartless. But really, the conservative believes that there is one and one path only to sustainable success and independence – and that is self-empowerment. All other avenues – welfare, affirmative action, housing loans you can’t actually afford – ultimately risk doing a disservice to people as they teach dependence on special circumstances, the govt, or arbitrary assistance (that can disappear tomorrow). And the real danger – they will ALWAYS backfire, and leave the recipient in equally or more dire circumstances. Any false improvement will always expire.

The conservative believes in abundance. The liberal believes in scarcity.

The conservative believes man is born free and will be who he is, no matter what arbitrary limitations or rules are put on him. The liberal believes man is perfectible, and by extension, believes a society at large is perfectible, and command and control is justified in the quest to a “perfect” utopian society. (Sounds familiar!)

The conservative tends to be more faithful – and not necessarily in God, but in the ability of the individual to find great strength in himself (or from his God) to get what he needs and to be successful. Therefore the conservative has an outlet for his fear and disappointment – trust and faith in something bigger. The liberal believes the system must be perfected in order to enable success. Therefore disappointment is channeled as anger and blame at the system. Voids are left to be filled by faith in the govt, which they surely then want to come in and “fix” things.

And therein lies the roots of love and fear respectively. For the conservative, when life presents great struggles, he knows he has the power to surmount them. Happiness stems from internal strength and perseverance. For the liberal, when life presents great struggles, the system failed, therefore they were at the mercy of a faulty system, and they believe that only when the system is fixed can their life improve. Happiness is built on systemic contingencies, which they will then seek to control or expect someone else to.

One blames himself. The other blames anyone and everyone but himself.

And there it is. There’s where the meanness comes from. The liberal ideology causes that person to cast anger at the world when things go wrong or appear “unfair.” He constantly chooses only to see the “injustices” – and that makes for a very miserable, mean, blame-casting existence.

One last point that we have seen over and over and over with many (not all) of our liberal friends: Extreme stinginess and cheapness.

In our conservative community growing up, we were always taught that you give when people are in need – make donations to the Red Cross when there’s an earthquake, donate to charity when you can afford it, etc. Even if it’s just $50 here and there – it’s the right thing to do. Conservatives see this as the responsibility that comes with gaining from the capitalistic system; if you happen to benefit greatly from the system, it’s your duty to give back.

The liberal, on the other hand, does not seem to share this same viewpoint, at least not in my experience. And perhaps think this is linked to believing in scarcity, and that your dollar comes at the cost of mine. So it seems that liberals, on some level of consciousness, feel guilty about not being voluntarily charitable. Therefore, to write off their guilt, they outsource their “generosity” to the government by voting for wealth re-distributive policies. Thus, the liberal cheats himself of the joy and addictiveness of direct generosity. (Not to mention – re distributive policies ALWAYS end up dis-empowering those who they’re meant to help.)

However each of us got here, it’s probably a fact that we have the turmoil of those storms in common, perhaps some unease that we could share and always, we also find fresh ground to cover from day to day. We’re developing valuable relationships as we trust one another in our community in the woods. The chatting in the branches encourages, strengthens and equips for some serious walking.

We think the Treehouse is a good armory for those who doing long distance walking for the sake of our nation. We hope you’ll think so, too. Find yourself a good branch….or just pull up a rock to the campfire.


568 Responses to About Us

    • Trayvon Scheme article released on Lucianne today is prize wining brilliant reporting, high class watch dog journalism ! Congratulations. Reading your home page definition requires me to ask, why do you call all the destructive, “fear” driven destructionists in your otherwise beautiful statement, why do you call them “liberal” ? It’s what we libertarian, free market, Austrian school advocates call ourselves, and have always called our Founding Fathers. LIBER is the Latin root word for FREEDOM. The Marxists started using the word, “liberal” in 1920 as a deceptive substitute for communism, socialism, statism, collectivism, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, ALL THE THINGS THEY ARE!
      They have always used it as FAKE ID. How else could they have made the advances towards a less free society if they had used the word Communism. Our asleep culture has given them a pass, and now good people like you still use the word, liberal, I am befinning to believe, because YOU are fearful of calling them by ALL of their true names. Just like all the well meaning dolts on Fox TV News, “fair and balanced”, There is always a socialist on any of their panels, and nobody EVER calls them a socialist or communist.
      Don’t you get it? You’re one word away from being truly effective ! (progressive, too)
      What have you got to say ?

      • David says:

        You are correct. We Conservatives are Classical Liberals. The use of the term “Liberal” today is a preposterous use of the word. I don’t call Progressive Socialists “Liberals”, I call them Progressives or Marxists. Other than that, it usually involves some 4 letter words.

        • nellern says:

          You would do better to concentrate your prose on defining your particular brand of neoconservativism, which you at times make fairly coherent arguments for, as you do not appear to have a clue what drives and makes up the political left in this country. I realize it can be a enjoyable exercise to assign all that is wrong with our country to those whose politics differ from yours; unfortunately, merely articulating your thoughts does not give them any validity. Stick to what you know and understand, if you wish to be taken seriously. This “sticks and stones” stuff should be left on the playground. And yes, that includes four letter words to describe those you disagree with. Personal attack is a classic error in rhetoric, and, like gossip, tells one much more about the person talking than the person being talked about.

          • You must have missed the description of the Treehouse political ethos that started this thread. You have already shown you have trouble getting irony or gentle humor or rational analysis. Perhaps you would be more comfortable reading other blogs?

        • E, ROBOT says:

          I couldn’t agree more, but please, it’s classic liberal,” not classical. Totally different meaning.

    • Garrison Hall says:

      Thanks for this, Sundance. You’ve described the intellectual and emotional bridge that all of us here crossed at one point or another. This morning I was thinking about encounters with bullies. The Left seems to be overpopulated with them of late. Behind all the posturing, threats, and sneaky violence, bullies are actually cowards—they’re fearful people. We conservatives on the other hand, are not cowardly or fearful . . . or afraid of bullies. This rather profound difference is what allows us to be free and independent people. And on seeing this in us, the bullies of The Left are resentful, envious, and enraged that we could dare to be so different from them. And they hate us for it.

  1. Thanks for permalinking “About Us” to the Treehouse manifesto. That will help more folks find it, I think. 🙂

  2. David Wolff says:

    If you are a true conservative check out this place I found called the” Last rRefuge”. Vey cool and sums up what conservatisim is to me and the differences we have with the Liberal mind set in general.

  3. Andrew Donnachaidh says:

    I love conservatives showing off their ignorance, malice, and hypocrisy. On a page about Paul Krugman the editor calls him a “scumbag” and an “asshole” and right next to that is a link asking for prayer requests (insert obvious WWJD joke here). Then the rest of the commentors go on to say or imply that they would either kill or beat him in the street. Nice bunch of Christians you have here. Should I blame the schools or the churches for your lack of morality and civility?

    • Menagerie says:

      If you are referring to the article where Krugman talks about 9/11, as I believe you are, you are trying to make a very ridiculous point, given the premise of Krugman’s words. Why is it always perfectly fine for a liberal to sling vicious words, and they get so upset to find a conservative passionate about their beliefs. I remember your dear leader instructing people to “get in their faces” and to “not bring a knife to a gun fight.” Hypocritical much?

  4. Andrew Donnachaidh says:

    Please show me where Dr.Krugman has ever advocated violence. I have read his books, his blog, and his column for years and he has never said a word about resorting to violence. Do you really think that he was literally suggesting that people shouldn’t fight against guns with knives? Smart much?

    • Menagerie says:

      So very sorry for the confusion. Those quotes were Obama’s when he was encouraging his followers to get in the faces of the opposition. Now, being reasonable, I might have once assumed he was speaking metaphorically, but since you liberals want to take everything literally, justify that. Also, exactly which thread here are you referring to about Krugman?

  5. Andrew Donnachaidh says:

    My criticism stands: people who claim to be Christians on this site have called for the beating and execution of Dr. Krugman. How do you respond?

    • WeeWeed says:

      So turn us in to Attaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatch.

    • zmalfoy says:

      1) You ever read Ecclesiastes? Or at least listened to the Peter, Paul & Mary version?

      2) Have you ever heard the term “Talking Trash?” or the cruder version “Talking Sh!t?”

      3) You ever have such frustration with a person/ situation, that you vent by talking crap, thus excising your negativity lest it rot and fester within? And then once you’ve talked enough crap, the negativity is gone and you can move on helping make the world a better place?

      4) Finally, what’s your problem with violence? Are you judging my lifestyle choices? How . . . judgmental and intolerant!

    • stellap says:

      There is such a thing as righteous anger you know. Jesus practiced it himself.

      ADD: Perhaps you could tell exactly what post you are referring to – maybe copy and paste the offending text here to bolster your argument. I do not recall anyone mentioning the word “execution”. Maybe a little something like, “I’m mad enough to kick his azz”.

  6. Andrew Donnachaidh says:

    So you think that the one example of Jesus turning over the money changer’s tables in the temple is enough of an excuse to call for the beating and killing of a man who has never called for violence? Really? Are we worshiping the same God?

    • stellap says:

      I really dislike this righteous indignation of yours. Please copy and paste the offending text, and we can discuss it.

    • WeeWeed says:

      How long are you going to pursue this circular argument? What is your real objective? I’d love to kick Krugman’s ass, myself. Now what?

  7. Andrew Donnachaidh says:

    Was Jared Loughner practicing “righteous anger”? Was Anders Breivik righteous?

  8. Andrew Donnachaidh says:

    Alright, I will leave you all to your bubble…er, treehouse. I was Googling Paul Krugman when I came across this site calling him a leftist scumbag and when I checked it out, much to my surprise, you all call yourselves Christians. That made me “righteously angry”. Shame on you who drag our wonderful religion through the mud in the name of politics.

    • Menagerie says:

      Yet again, I ask you for that link.

    • WeeWeed says:

      Run away, little bombthrower, run away!!

    • Honestly, I think your righteous anger and shame is directed at the wrong side of the aisle, Buddy. Open your eyes much?

    • stellap says:

      Leftist scumbag describes him pretty well – he would call me a right wing wacko (and I think you might also call me that). That, however, is far from calling for his execution.

    • Ad rem says:

      Trust me…..the SHAME is all yours.

    • stellap says:

      P.S.: Are you a member of Clan Donnachaidh of the Carolinas?

    • stellap says:

      I just googled Paul Krugman and got 2.3 million results. I can’t believe our little blog comes up in the first 10 pages even. Sounds convenient.

      Later Thought (6:47 PM): Maybe you were googling “Paul Krugman Scumbag”.

    • texan59 says:

      Apparently this little man has some bad feelings about girl scouts and was probably beaten senseless by one in 4th grade. Has never had a date since then. Probably got booted out of Zuchinni park because he couldn’t get along with the occupoopers either. He has nowhere else to go. Ronulans probably wouldn’t let him in to their party either. Hasn’t been out of the basement since 2005. It’s amazing that he can get intertube connections with that Commodore 64. Krugman is probably the only guy who’ll talk to him.

    • Coyote says:

      Oh for Kentucky Fried Chickens!
      It wasn’t just me. The world did go *full on stupid* today, even downtown.
      Did someone put up a “psychos apply here” sign today here at the treehouse or what?

      I should have just stayed at the farm with my dog. Everyone has been completely stuck on stupid, all day long. Well, with the exception of the regular Treepers…

      • Hey, thanks for that last sentence, there! Whew!

      • WeeWeed says:

        The butt tamale was merely an aberration. I blame the lack of globull warming.

        • GFCandinthatorder says:

          Yeah I totally gotta agree with the Coyote. This day was completely nutz. Good thing about that last sentence and that mimicked my last part of the day as well. Thanks to a good buddy who provided me with the saving “last sentence” of my day which of course was a fine, extra fine bottle of 16 year old Bushmills in me while the bottle lay naked on the floor.

          • You’re a poet, GFC. Sounds like a limerick:
            This day like eternal perdition.
            Makes me long for an Irish tradition.
            Where the Bushmills is old,
            And more precious than gold.
            Cast away empty in rapid attrition!

          • You’re welcome! Did it really last 2 days with all the sharing you had to do? Good! And I’m glad the Treehouse was a source of comfort for you during the last 2 days. There are certainly some fine folks here.

            • Yup, I cannot tell a lie. It lasted January 26TH (my b-day) from 11:25 pm to January 27TH 2:30 am. That’s two days right? 🙂 Well by golly it was certainly jolly. And BTW I drove home too. All 375′ of it from my sisters house. 😉

              • What did you drive? The riding lawnmower? That could be really dangerous. If you walked through the jungle, that could be bad, too. I hope you at least told the wife you were coming so they could send one of the dogs out to look for you in the weeds. 😉

          • Menagerie says:

            We have been praying for you GFC. You have been in our thoughts and hearts.

  9. Lady_Dr says:

    Just want to say that this website is great. Conservatives, believing in God, believing in America – what could be greater! I was surprised and delighted to see a Tammy Bruce video on the site – while I don’t understand or agree with her lifestyle, or some of the things she supports, I know she is a freedom loving American who sees through the sludge of the left. And you gotta love a woman who is photographed with a gun. Good for her! And good for you – conservatives are the tolerant ones and I think she knows it.

  10. Dude says:

    Gem of a site! Just spent hours reading through a couple of threads. There’s some smart cookies hidden here.

  11. Micah Dicker says:

    This is so inaccurate. All you hear from conservative politicians is “let’s ban this” or “let’s outlaw that” so they can make America perfect. I actually thought this website was a joke.

    • WeeWeed says:

      Well, with your “name,” YOU appear to be the joke.

      • barnslayer says:

        If a guest wants to have “relations” with kitchen countertops, that’s his prerogative.

        • WeeWeed says:

          True. Dammit, Barn, you’re so reasonable….. I hate it when you make me think…… there’s jokes in here, somewhere,…… 😆

          • Ad rem says:

            Never get too close to a lamanated formicator.

            • 😯 Isn’t that a Tim Allen book?

            • texan59 says:

              Those are some words to live by Puddy! 😆

              • Omar says:

                I know that I’m late to this party by MONTHS….but I just decided to re-read the “About Us” section of the treehouse, and Holy butt tamales batman…..I have NOT EVER in my life…..EVER laughed so hard. And I’ve only made it to Tex’s April 9th, 2012 at 11:33 pm post. I’m not kidding ya’all when I say that before I can read any further, I need to go put on some rubber pants or something. Ya know, the bladder isn’t the same after birthin’ 4 babies, and all this heavy belly laughter is chasin’ out contents that have been there since Lord only knows when. In fact, I think I tinkled enfamil just now. Seriously. You all are the best, the brightest, and by FAR the most clever, witty and funny people on this planet!!!!

    • texan59 says:

      What in the world were you reading on here that leads you to believe we want to ban this and that? Now, if you mean banning dear leader and outlawing his thuggishness, I guess you’re right. With regards to much else, I would respectfullydisagree. I shall not speak for others but I would be willing to bet that most of us would rather just be left alone. Look around a little bit more before you make your final pronouncement from on high.

      • WeeWeed says:

        Ooooooooohhh, I know. Dicker’s thinking of the EPA and got confused. Our website and theirs look just alike.

      • If I understand right, Tex, this guy is skeptical of our Treehouse Manifesto up top, which could be summarized: “Fear is at the core of liberalism, and love/trust is at the core of conservatism. Liberalism is about control. Conservatism is about self-empowerment.” I think he’s saying that conservatives aren’t like that at all. You know… because he knows conservatives so well.>/i> 😉

        Ain’t this typical of the cognitive dissonance between the way that righties and lefties see each other, though? Libs always claim that conservatives are Theo-Nazis who want to enforce some (imaginary) moral theocracy on everyone. This is their perception (it’s wrong), but in actual practice, real conservatives always push for freedom within fairly broad moral constraints (murder not allowed; deal with it). Libs claim to be loose with the rules, but in actual behavior (paradoxically) they only know how to constrain freedom with more and more rules that tend to be inequitable (eat the rich, my baby has no rights). That’s the way this guy is, right? All he sees is conservatives restricting everyone, but in reality, his pResident is killing us with enviro-nazi laws, repro-rules, job-killing XOs and giveaways to everyone but normal people. Who’s the nazi, right?

        • texan59 says:

          That all sounds real good there Grunt, but you know it’s true that we conservative fascists really want all the animals dead. Water so polluted we can’t drink it and for our ladyfolk to be barefoot and pregnant all the time.

          You will never convince them of what they don’t want to see. We try to do right by God. Lefties think their politicians ARE God. Sad.

          • Obama’s not God? Good luck with that! Well, it’s true that we like our animals on the plate next to the potatoes, we never drink water (yuck), and we like our womenfolk to be popping out fresh little hunters and fishermen pretty regularly. Oh, and you forgot planet-raping. But we know how to have a good time!

        • Grunt,
          The real problem here is that these kinda of lefties do not know, understand or believe in Good and Evil. Because if you believe in evil then you are forced to be accountable for something and they don’t want to be accountable for anything of truth when it comes down to it. I can see right through these types so easily. They must counter all the good in the world to justify there posistions otherwise they might have to change or be held accountable and that will never happen because then it means their life is a lie and mistake and they are to blind and proudful to ever admit that. NOT A CHANCE! A snowball in Hell has a beeter chance at surviving than they do at admitting they are wrong. That they have made huge mistakes in their lives that has led them to DARKNESS (which they must deny in order to continue living in darkness). It is easy to say “I believe in evil” and to apply it to your daily life and life itself is another thing.

    • The only joke that was here this day was YOU! Sorry you can’t appreciate what you don’t have and won’t ever get because of your PRIDE that keeps you in the darkness!

  12. Jeff Wood says:

    I’m all for conservatism as long as you don’t try to convince me the Republican party is conservative according to your above description.

    • barnslayer says:

      The general consensus here (if I can be so presumptuous as to speak on the blog’s behalf) is conservatism is not being well represented by the old guard republicans. people like Newt, Sarah Palin, Allen West are our dream team. We embrace TEA Party ideals and would like to see a complete overhaul of the republican party. And you?

  13. WestTexasFLA says:

    Just want to say I am glad I found your website. Thanks for all the coverage…truthful coverage…on the Trayvon Martin death. So much lies out there in the MSM about it.

  14. Tommy says:

    I’m testing out how to link my gravatar acct.

  15. Quiet Dogood says:

    Salutations to a new find. 🙂 A treehouse, love the concept. I have added you to Stumble! You can find me on twitter on occasion as well as FB. If you care at all. Interesting thread watching the hit and run types fly in here with out links to their claims. TTFN

  16. Walther PPK says:

    Cultural Marxists who call themselves “liberals” to deceive other people about what is their true identity also lie about anything and everything else where they think a lie is expedient or a fear or a prejudice can be manufactured and exploited. Facts and truth is what those pinko liars can’t handle. Propaganda and demagoguery advanced by a mass media and mob psychology is what is the tool being used by pinkos whose principles are more aligned with Marx and Lenin than with Washington and Jefferson. A gang of commies has made itself front and center as an in your face America fifth column of subversives now gone wild who think it is all so “progressive” and avant garde what is the kind of corruption and tyranny that they are espousing as their Marxist ideology. The progressive communist movement has been playing that same worn out tune for years that is like round and round the mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasel until a clown like Obummer popped out like a jack in the box. That clown Obama is going to get stuffed right back into the box again and all the crank turners on that worn out tune are going to get put out of business too. All those pinkos who think America is going to be transformatively changed into some windmill powered utopia for communists, fudgepackers, and other degenerates are in for a rude awakening come November and probably sooner. Tell the would be black emperor of Ameritopia to start boxing up his belongings and preparing to move because there is about to be a decisive transformative restoration of America right back to the great country it used to be, and getiing rid of the corrupt would be emperor and empress who think they are some new elite pinko czars is a first order of business. The reality check the pinkos just got in Wisconsin is going to happen everywhere else in America too, because principled traditional Americans are going to take America back and run that “alternative” Marxist ideology out of town on a rail with tar and feathers provided by angry taxpayers if necessary. Watch and see what pissed off taxpayers do in November if not sooner. Cultural Marxists know who they are and what are their methods of propaganda used to exploit fears, prejudices, and hatreds for political purposes. The politicizing of a FL shooting incident was not done at the insistance of rational average ordinary taxpayers. Rational people never saw anything remarkable about what appears to be another ordinary self defense shooting to indicate it is any sort of race hate related crime. Evidence and facts must be ignored as less significant than the racebaiting speculations and theories of “liberals” who choose to redefine reality so a garden variety self defense shooting can be transformatively changed to fit a racist propaganda narrative supporting a subversive view that the constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms should be abolished. That is what the controversy is really about so it never had anything to do with a race hate crime at all. It is just like the fast and furious gun running and murder conspiracy scandal involving Eric Holder and Obama and the no longer hidden subversive agenda of the present corrupt administration. This controversy is more about what is going on with subversives with a Marxist agenda operating 24/7/365 in Washington DC than anything that happened on one rainy February night in Sanford FL. As for Angela Corey being a “conservative” well let nobody be deceived by another neocon fascist who lacks the honesty to call themselves what they are or tell it like it is about much else either.

  17. Walther PPK says:

    Climb a tree to touch the sky, through the leaves I watch the birds fly, in the softly swaying breeze, from my nest among the trees ….

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  20. Interesting,… but I see some flaws in this praise of conservatism.
    – What do you mean by free : “The conservative believes man is born free and will be who he is, no matter what arbitrary limitations or rules are put on him.” ? Explain to me how someone can be free when they have no money? If they have no education, what are they free to do? If there is no choice to survive, where is the freedom? Freedom is also about possibilities, opportunities, and redistribution is actually meant to enable everyone to be free and become self-helping.
    – So, conservatism supports freedom: but… not everyone or only economic freedom: (from one of the comment about Tammy Bruce) “while I don’t understand or agree with her lifestyle” : who are you to agree or disagree with someone’s lifestyle ?
    – and about love: how helping people is about control? Yes, you can hope that everyone will help one another, spontaneously. Or you can think that one indeed wants one’s own profit first, and that another organism (state or other) can actually help. Love, from my point of view, is “helping the ones who cannot help themselves”… it’s not about fear, it’s about helping other humans. I see fear when one is afraid to have to give something, and I don’t see anything to be proud of in this. Helping is not creating a culture of dependency, it’s giving means not to be dependent.
    Thank you for your attention.

    • 2x4x8 says:

      Hiya there

      “about us” is a basic description, by no means complete, I thought it was good but could add some, as can others

      “freedom” means our rights come from God the creator, and not Gov, check out the Bill of Rights (limitations)

      yes, Liberals come from the communal and Conservatives tend towards individualism, so things like education or work projects favor liberals, as does large cities, help is to get people to be capable and provide for themselves no lifetime welfare

  21. Jennings says:

    Great blog! I wish we had a lot more Andrew Brietbarts out there. He is sorely missed!

    I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award. You can check it out here: http://jenningswright.wordpress.com/2012/09/09/an-award-can-i-get-a-new-dress/

    Oh – also! You would enjoy my husband’s new book, called “You Might Be a Liberal”. It’s a mix of commentary, satire and humor. http://www.youmightbelib.com

  22. Lyn Leahz says:

    God bless you! For some reason, wordpress is being funny right now and I can’t like any of your articles…every itme I hit like, it reloads your page…so, I wanted to leave a comment and say that I LOVE your posts!

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  24. ry8100 says:

    Hi all, I have lurked this amazing website for the past year or so and wanted to finally say hello. I have many of the same morals and political beliefs and it is refreshing to find so many others with the same as well. I am the only conservative thinker in my family and am therefore the black sheep (which I have been called racist for saying before cuz I uttered the word “black” like it was the language of Mordor).
    Anywho, amazing website and I have shared it with many coworkers who have thanked me for sharing it with them. So the thanks continue down the way! Thank you all and keep up all the outstanding work and research.

  25. Jason says:

    the conservative can also believe in the perfectibility of man and a utopian society. A society that is free. A society where the love of God and the love of neighbor rule without compulsion.

  26. Dawn says:

    Hi, folks! I just wandered in. I saw you referred to in an article over at American Thinker. Wow, this looks like a great site. I am definitely bookmarking your page! 🙂 Thanks for having such a neat site.

    • Sharon says:

      Hi, Dawn! Welcome to the Tree! Find yourself a branch to your liking, and watch for ‘smores around the campfire. There are lots of conversations….sometimes folks just listen in and sometimes they jump in. 😉 Welcome!

  27. xschild says:

    Oh my goodness, discovered you 2 months ago. WaHoo! My third son days “Mom, you are so far right of P. Buchanan, you are on the other side of the moon. (Favorite story by the way)
    So glad found this site. No ain’t no troll, just ole lady. Wondering what happened to my country.
    My Aunt is 92 and says same thing I do “where do we live?” Uncle is 89 and he says same.
    We are living in OZ.

    • harold missamore says:

      all explained by re-reading Brave New World. The homos and socialists got entry to all schools well past 1950’s, in the 60’s. Just like Huxley was explaining. The ones who were not indocrinated from wee little grades in school remain sane. Don’t you understand that’s what the hatred against “old people” now is? They want to get rid of the remaining voices of morals and sanity to end up with the desires of satan, as Anton LaVey so perfectly described: “At the seat of satan, down is up, black is white , bad is good, and wrong is right” So simple, so done, the whole deal. What I worry about is being alive while we are transformed into a communist dictatorship and begin to live under it. Just pray there’s not enough time for that right now in your life.

    • Curry Worsham says:

      OZ = Obama Zone

  28. HoustonPatriot says:

    I have been following TCTH since last May and to be honest I thought the 7 Eleven video of the three stooges buying a blunt for TM was a parody. Then I was hooked ever since! I have opened a lot of eyes to my family and friends about TM’s character and all the LIES of GZ! Hey SD you are the man!!! I have learn so much from you!! I would still LOVE to see the hammer dropped on Scheme Team, M-DSPD all down the line!! SD Thanks for all you did to bring out the truth in this Mob Justice BS!!!! P. S. Ironic my 2 Glock extended Mags for my Glock 40 cal. came in yesterday It completes my Reginald Denny Urban Back Pack 😉

    • harold missamore says:

      of course you saw TM’s gangbanger “social network” sites, and the people he was networked with, right? That’s all still archived on Daily Caller, I think, and I know on thesadhillnews.com.
      TM’s parent apparently worked to have every single black–they appear by photos and names and speech to have been all black ghetto types–to shut all twitter sites down about a day after TM’s murder. The parents pulled it off BEFORE they got the one million cash payout for losing their little boy, based on the fact that he would have been such a cash producer/worker in his adulthood, something. Ac tually, he was a gangbang trashtalker with at least 2 good buddies flashing local Miami Garden gang signs, and I think he was going for “street cred” on his blogs when he jumped GZ.
      Street cred is mandatory in the gangsta life. That’s not discussed much, and it’s really, really so interseting.

  29. deanno1 says:

    You don’t have tobe a conservative to love (usually) the Treehouse.

  30. I aam thrilled to find a web site that is not afraid to tell it like it is!!! Thank God for you guys, keep it up; I love reading you pages, that.
    , as I said before”tell it like it is”

  31. Wow! Just found your website. Love the humor, the tribute to AB, and the great news coverage. I’m adding your site to my blogroll, FWIW. ;-))

  32. FoundMyVoice says:

    The writers and contributors on this site are among the most level-headed, erudite and studied group I have found in my quest to find others who realize the Emporer is wearing no clothes. Reading your content the first few times made me cry with relief. Kindred spirits. Bless you all.

  33. doodahdaze says:

    A rag tag bunch they are. But I thinks with more “gravitas” than the dopey pundits would like to admit. In fact, I thinks lots are tuning in and using the CTH to find out what actual citizens may think. It is a citizens meeting house. Kine like the old time (real old time) places but in cyberspace.

  34. maggiemoowho says:

    Sundance I just sent you a very interesting/important email. ?

  35. Right of Self-Government says:

    David Conn (Jonestown) warned us about Obama in 2007 but most of us did not listen.

  36. WildBird says:

    Thomas coach of young adults and minors southbound I5
    In Tacoma area
    How do I post pictures?

  37. springstreet says:

    I wrote a historical novel (eBook titled Watergate Fiction) that presented a scenario of an honest (Liberal) lawyer who unwittingly looked into the conflicting facts surrounding the crime of Watergate … not the press’ obsession with the more famous cover-up. If my fictional hero was alive today, I think he would ask the following questions about a more recent unresolved crime:
    1. Who was Rachel Jeantel? She was well dressed, but obviously not traditionally employed, or a student (writing cursive) … or even an (overweight) girlfriend. And, she bragged about how no one would mess with her … and was comfortable with “whoop-ass” retribution. And yet, she could spend hours on a phone of a drug using, recently evicted young stud name Trayvon.
    My fictional hero would be looking for a DEA Haitian/Miami drug smuggling operation. He would be looking for a NSA tape of a conversation (three way?) between a (recently abandoned) user/recruit and a deep voiced young woman who lived (went to kindergarten?) in Trayvon Martin cousin’s neighborhood.
    2. He would find a disgruntled Sanford cop (who was still mad at being called a racist) and have him review the street camera footage on the night of Zimmerman’s “shooting” and see if a couple of young drug runners were driving back and forth from a 7/11 meeting with “Three Amigos”.
    3. Then he would track down the Amigo’s credit card and lean on these would-be pot buyers (involved in a felony which resulted in a death) … to find out in what direction their Haitian/Miami dealers drove away from the 7/11 to access a pot stash (and thus have their phone ping from another tower) before they came in the “back gate” then went to the “cut-thru” to wait for the 3 Amigos’ car (that is recorded on the police’s street camera footage).
    That’s what he’d do. But then … he’s fictional.

  38. Maraya Pierro says:

    Thank you for reporting the truth.

  39. SierraDrawn says:


    I have read through Dorian’s interview with Fazal a couple of times and I assume that no one finds Dorian credible but that he is simply a useful tool for the racial discourse beneficiaries such as Sharpton, Jackson and Crump.

    And why the heck is Dorian blaming the riots and looting on the store owners in the neighborhood rather than his toxic words that enflamed a community ? Does anyone know if he had a job before all this started? He said he had to work outside the neighborhood because the local storer owners won’t hire anyone from the area. How easy is that fact for a “journalist” to check?

    Maybe he is feeling a bit of guilt over what has happened since he jumped on the gentle giant wagon and got the riots rolling so he is absolving himself from being the epicenter of the storm.

    It is also my perception that Dorian, at the point of this interview anyhow, sees this whole episode as the gravy train to riches. So many curious word choices, “ shaking, nervous, had to move, lost my apartment, horrific situation, ect. ” And these two sentence’s in particular; “Because after this is done, I
    still have to go on living. That’s the make focus, even though I know the horrific situation that is going on, I still have to provide life because I still have life to look over.”

    Simply screams civil lawsuit to me.

    Does anyone know when the interview took place, (sorry I can’t find a date on the piece.) As Dorian seems to be setting up a scenario of how his bracelet could have wound up by Officer Wilson’s car.

    So the officer is trying to pull him in, and he is pulling away from the officer. I am standing not feet away, not even inches away, an inch away from everything that is happening while it’s happening.

    Something else that Dorian says that I find curious is this,

    He never once attempted to hit the officer or pull the officer
    out of the car like the officer was trying to pull him inside the car.

    I find the bolded part interesting, perhaps a freudian slip, as I personally hadn’t thought that the gentle giant was trying to pull Officer Wilson through the window, I just thought what an absurd and fanciful notion that an officer of the law would try to pull a 300 pound man through a window but perhaps the “through the window” attempt was happening only it was the gentle giant that was dull enough to think he could pull officer Wilson through the window and access his gun.

    Just some thoughts 🙂

    And what a sane site you have here.

  40. SierraDrawn says:

    Sorry I meant to put my post that is awaiting moderation in the Ferguson thread :/

  41. leromt says:

    I read your site religiously and thoroughly enjoy it, however, of all the images you could have used on September 11, you had to choose the jumpers? I’m not sure I understand that and find it in poor taste.

    • stella says:

      Sundance was the one who chose the jumpers as a background, and he will probably address it before the day is over. The jumpers are normally forgotten completely on 9-11, particularly by the media. We believe that it is important to recognize them, and to bear witness to what happened to them. The images are used with respect and love, not to sensationalize what happened to them.

  42. Barry Londrigan says:

    I knowas this may appear obvious to some, but I would like to be a part of the tree house community but am having trouble understanding how to join? Simply reply to something?

    • WeeWeed says:

      Yes – sign up with WordPress. You’ll be in moderation until one of the mods can release you.

      • waltherppq says:

        Right …..The truth will set you free…….eventually

        And Remember Truth Has No Agenda

        Do beware of “artists” who are actually TROLLS and AGENT PROVOCATEURS

        Don’t be deceived or SCAMMED by clever BS ARTISTS

  43. Ed haren says:

    Please listen to Matt Patrick interview wi congressman Culverson of TX. This was on KTRH radio.
    Wants to vote for cromnibus! Kick the can….
    A disgrace to all conservatives.

  44. Derk says:

    Hi, new here, just wanted to get logged in. Stimulating what I’ve read so far. Adds another perspective I have yet to find anywhere else, all I want is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Thanks.

  45. smalltownlocal says:

    Just checking if able to post

  46. EdWatts says:


  47. dalethorn says:

    Donation made – paypal.

  48. Mike says:

    Contact me about this story: http://m.walb.com/walb/db_330714/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=1NPHNKHy

    I have a source that says some welfare moms will take the morning after pill to force premature birth this boosting their benefits.

  49. momseesall says:

    What a refreshing site! I can’t say I agree with everything said but I totally support your right to say it. Free speech is so difficult for some people to accept graciously. I’ll be dropping by regularly…with almost 400 declared candidates for the 2016 presidential election, there will be no end to the material you’ll have to dissect.

  50. ConfusedButDelighted says:

    FYI: At your page, Google Chrome reporting malware, diverting visitors

    URL: http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2011/02/01/a-new-beginning/

    Chrome sez:
    The site ahead contains malware

    Attackers currently on planetsmilies.net might attempt to install dangerous programs on your computer that steal or delete your information (for example, photos, passwords, messages, and credit cards).
    Automatically report details of possible security incidents to Google. Privacy policy
    Back to safetyHide details
    Google Safe Browsing recently detected malware on theconservativetreehouse.com. Websites that are normally safe are sometimes infected with malware. The malicious content comes from planetsmilies.net, a known malware distributor.

    If you understand the risks to your security, you may visit this unsafe site before the dangerous programs have been removed.

    • Crask says:

      Google, the owner of Chrome, is founded and run by a left wing Obama supporter who has already been on the news a few times for their practices of archiving and selling of their users online habits and fully cooperates with NSA spying efforts.

      So, maybe there’s malware from a hacker that hacked the site, or maybe the left just wants conservative sites seem bad.

  51. rochellewhit says:

    What a good read! I can’t say I agree with everything, but I do believe you are on the right track. As a hard core Libertarian myself, you actually express many of my views under the realm of Conservatism. Either way, I will definitely be back to read more. Very enjoyable thus far.

    • don welch says:

      if you’re not a trump supporter you won’t be sticking around long.

      • Joe says:

        People who make sense are welcome here. The problem is that if you’re not on the Trump Train at this late date you don’t have any sense.

  52. Hi, Rochelle – as a longtime Treeper and also a hardcore Libertarian myself, I think you will enjoy this site tremendously.

  53. George says:

    Lol I almost couldn’t get through it love and trust…
    I believe in the individual part, I’ve worked for Everything I have and yup proud of it. But dam you cons gave me a run around for being gay and wanting to live My way. But I guess most of that is over after the court.

    Anyway I agree with some

    • stella says:

      Nobody cares if you are gay. Not everybody here is even against gay marriage. I am, though, and it is because it is an attempt to officially redefine what marriage always has been and what it is. Gay marriage is a sad imitation of the real thing. Regardless of what you think, I have the same right to my own opinion as you do.

      We have regular commenters who are gay, and at least one of them is against gay marriage. Not a legal partnership, but marriage.

      • George says:

        You are right we each have a right to an opinion and we don’t have to like it or care about it. I personally am glad the court ended it, I understand you’re not, ok.
        Great other gays comment and they have a right to their opinion. As for the anti marriage gay… Does he ever plan on getting married? If so does that make him a hypocrite? His right tho

        • stella says:

          He lives in Europe and has a legal partnership with his partner. Not a marriage.

        • stella says:

          In many European countries, there is civil union and religious marriage. Everyone is joined in civil union, marriage is optional. That’s the way we should have it here, in my opinion.

    • Jayben says:

      What is it with gay people. —–EVERYTHING is about their gaiy-ness. —-It always gets brought up above everything else, just like this poster George did. —Maybe they should raise their heads and along with it their gaze—up from their sex parts, and out at the larger world, the large universe, larger, much larger issues REALITIES.

      • khaki says:

        People tend to identify with the most identifiable thing that makes them unique within any particular social context – not the thing that makes them homogenous. In the present social context: if one is gay, one’s likely to identify as gay; if one is liberal, one’s likely to identify as liberal. If one is a conservative and white – the norm in this context – one generally doesn’t identify as a conservative white. In a gay club, you’d likely identify as straight.

  54. George says:

    Good for him

  55. freeperjim says:

    Excellent expose on why conservatism is ALWAYS superior to leftism under all of its’ brand names. Leftism is the home of evil – from communist dicktators to racists…and responsible for > 200 million deaths in the 20th century.

    Leftism always fails – economically, morally & culturally.

    Leftists simply lack the intellectual gravitas to grasp this reality.

    • Crask says:

      They don’t lack the intellect to see it, they are simply the people who prefer to allow others to do their thinking for them.

      And in their own arrogant self-perceived moral superiority, they can’t consider themselves capable of being fooled like us who they are superior too. Thus, they become even more easily programmed and controlled.

  56. Peter Shinn says:

    How can you have a page titled “about us” and it’s not about you? Who is Sundance? Who are the writers on this website?


  57. dcolburn says:

    This looks like a fake conservative front group to shill for Trump.
    It’s telling that they hide who they are and try to borrow credibility from Andrew Breitbart, Ronald Reagan, Libertarians, preppers, and others.
    Beware the manipulators … freedom may be in the balance.

  58. Butch Rowe says:

    If Donald Trump wins the election, there will be a flood of illegal aliens across our Southern border hoping to gain entry before the inauguration.

    • Au contraire, mon ami, Butch Rowe. I expect the flow to run the other way. They will NOT want to be caught by the popular Trump administration.

    • Crask says:

      History, as in reality, something the typical Democrat supporter is totally unfamiliar with, demonstrates that fear of not being able to come over is not what causes and influx of illegal immigration.

      It is, in fact, the hope of amnesty that causes the influx of illegals.

      Let us remember Obama and cover a couple actual facts that sit inside of reality whereas presumption sits outside of reality and inside of fantasy, i.e. the liberal’s psychological go-to for all they believe.

      Remember the executive order that promised children under a certain age would not be deported.

      Well, the caused a huge influx of illegal child immigrants. Really, they were having to send them to other states because there were just too many children without any parents of family to speak of crossing the border. These people were sending their kids in hopes that their kids would get amnesty, and more than likely so that they could use that to pull themselves into the U.S.

      Then there was that whole amnesty situation where Obama promised a amnesty executive order, but instead just banned the deportation of most illegals.

      That also caused a tremendous surge in illegal immigration. If you lived in an area with lots of illegal immigrants, you’d notice it all over the place.

      Anyhow, that’s what causes a surge of illegal immigration, not the threat of a wall.

  59. Seeker says:

    T h a n k s !!!! ?

  60. Charles beach says:

    Great site, thanks Aunt Gail

  61. Praxeology says:

    I love your stuff and have re-posted it everywhere. The Koch brother’s stance, I don’t understand. They should be huge Trump supporters, but because he won’t take their money, that maybe an issue. If Donald meets the Koch brothers that will taint him. The fact that the Koch brothers have entertained all these GOPe charlatans is distressing. In the end, I would hold out judgement on them. The Koch’s are damaged goods, but what I hear from them coincides with most of Trump’s views. Let’s keep an open mind and see where it goes. These others you mentioned, Bingo. Thank you for all you hard work.

  62. kallibella says:

    I couldn’t agree more about the differences between conservatism and liberalism.

    This site has become my go-to source for conservative dialogue and information. I have increased in understanding about the GOPe’s objectives and way they go about it.

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

  63. Rock_Knutne_ND says:

    Found this website when the trayvon fiasco was in the news.

    I check in daily for the articles, certain writers I love and the great commentary.

  64. coops50 says:

    Love this site. I live in Upstate New York. We’re pretty conservative up here. Not like the left wing loons in NYC. The TERRORIST ATTACK in San Bernardino looks similar to what happened in Paris. Wonder if Obama will allow the TRUTH to come out.

  65. Mordecai Gallows says:

    Hello to all. I’m new to the site.
    Just want to share some thoughts to see if I’m a nut that didn’t fall too far from your tree.

    Our State of the Union in these United States of America…

    A Country Founded By Geniuses, But….. !!!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, BUT, not for entering and remaining in the country illegally – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or to take an aspirin in school, BUT, not to get an abortion – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, BUT, not to vote for who runs the government – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, BUT, gives twenty F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, BUT, not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make you fat – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, BUT, a woman in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head searched – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his teacher is “cute,” BUT, hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class in grade school is perfectly acceptable – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free cell phones – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was diligently sought, but couldn’t be found – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself makes you more “safe” according to the government – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government endorses a hodgepodge of fractionalized miscreant squatters who “occupy” any space they have no legal right to for more than a day, protesting a vast array of imperceptible perceptions of oppression and inequality, resulting in chaotic tarp “cities” with rape guards, marxist defecators, lewd and lascivious street sex, “acceptable” broken windows, drug induced “camp” fires, not to mention body stench and “music” that would make swine flee their sties, BUT, that same government labels Christians, Constitutionalists, veterans, Tea Party patriots, law abiding gun owners and just traditional conservative folks as the greatest terrorist threats this country faces – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you can be cited for building a structure or drilling a well without a permit OR arrested for cutting down trees on your own property, BUT, your Mayor (Baltimore) publicly expresses that we’ve got to let the rioting protesters “vent” their anger, let them destroy stuff so they don’t end up destroying stuff – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government can destroy your livelihood by regulating entire industries into near oblivion, to spare the lives of the mustard fern, the unspotted canker gnat and the rainbow babies breath flower, BUT, spends hundreds of millions of your dollars annually to support an industry that holds sole “legal” proprietorship to murder hundreds of thousands of helpless innocent children in the womb, while overlooking the sales of infant body parts, ghastly displayed on trays like day old sushi in your least favorite Oriental restaurant – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    What a country! Doesn’t sound very “progressive,” does it?

    How about we try to give God a reason to bless America again?

    • xyzlatin says:

      This is a terrific list…. and I thought at first you were talking about Australia, Britain, New Zealand, Canada. Why are Western nations that were law abiding, family friendly, women equal, everyone equal rights, turned into these politically correct nut houses? It all seems to have happened at the same time, since the 1970’s womens liberation movement and gone on from there.

  66. Jo McIntyre says:

    From Snopes: The original compiler of this list appears to be Fritz Edmunds, who posted it to his “Politically True” blog back on 3 February 2013 (albeit with a disclaimer noting that “some of the ideas were from an e-mail that did not contain any copyright”).
    Mordechai, we Treepers normally give sources for our non-original posts. You may have altered this old chestnut some, but gave yourself away with the Egypt line.
    You have much to learn, my son.

    • Mordecai Gallows says:

      Thank you, Jo. I do have much to learn. I’m new at posting comments so I appreciate your gentleness. I’ll do my best to establish proper commenting etiquette in the future.

      I didn’t know the original source. My only intent was to share this list of thoughts I read from a commenter on Townhall’s site. That person didn’t name the original source either.
      I just wanted to make it available for anyone here who has not read it before.

      I’m paraphrasing here, but, the Bible says “There is nothing new under the sun.”

      However, just to set the record straight, the last three thoughts in the list are mine originally.

      Merry Christmas, Jo. God bless…

    • dsyvanen says:

      Jo McIntyre- Thanks for the Snopes note, I wasn’t sure about the words, “The author writes really good emails!” Thanks again.

  67. Jo McIntyre says:

    Rochellewhit – welcome! It’s nice to see yet another hard core Libertarian here!
    My reply to Don Welch’s reply to you, towit: “if you’re not a trump supporter you won’t be sticking around long.” I disagree. CTH has lots of good commentary on a wide variety of subjects. Commentary you are unlikely to see elsewhere – original and intelligent. How great is that?

  68. Lawrence H says:

    I was going to respond in detail, however, the following three quotes sums it up nicely, especially the last one:

    Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    Liberty is not a means to a higher political end. It is itself the highest political end.
    The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern.

    -John Dalberg-Action 1834-1902

    I found this site as a result of looking into the story about the Hammond’s and the Malhuer NWR. (Malhuer is a French word meaning “Misfortune”) This story changes much of my perceptions about such agencies and their work. I know the area well, having photographed it over the years-from Malhuer NWR to the top of the Steens (a BLM area). This story distresses me greatly.

    Ironic your name for this site: “Last Refuge”!

    • Jo McIntyre says:

      Welcome aboard! As a longtime Oregon resident, I, too, am highly interested in the Malheur area and the Hammonds. In 2001, I was a reporter covering the Klamath Basin Crisis, so my background goes way back. As a member of Oregon Women for Agriculture, my interest is deep as well as broad. TCTH, as you read in About Us, is about much more than electoral politics and we share real, reliable, well-vetted information via links to news outlets and personal experience.

  69. Joe Boudreault says:

    I just came here following a link from the Canada Free Press site. I had to read this About Us column, and I found that it describes me to a T. Thanks. I would like to refer this column to others.

  70. gbgasser says:

    Very interesting site. Got here from Scott Adams’ “Dilbert Blog”

    Certainly don’t agree with much of what you stated on your opening page here but as “momseeall”
    said I totally support your right to say it……. and you said it clearly. I know where you stand…. and if your interested we can quibble about some of your details sometime.

    To quote Ahhhnold

    Ill be back

  71. Jane Rogers says:

    I couldn’t live without this site. Thank you, Treehouse!

  72. mysticrose80 says:

    This site is truly a sanctuary. I’m so glad that I found it via BB. I’m an independent (although my leanings tend to be Libertarian, at times) and find the contents on this site to be very detailed and informative. Thanks for all you do :).

  73. Guest1.1 says:

    New to the site, Just signing in

  74. Branden says:

    Nice Post! I definitely agree with a lot being said here (especially about the topic on fear).

  75. Peaceful says:

    Maria Celeste from Telemundo will be on the debate stage with Wolf tonight. CNN will be a gang up on Mr. Trump.

  76. Benji says:

    I love this site and have been reading it for at least 6 months now. I finally donated to the cause today, now I don’t feel guilty. 🙂
    Wanted to join in the discussion but have no idea how to find my comment after I’ve made one so here again I’m trying. Please have patience. Thank you all and especially to Sundance.

  77. deepesq says:

    I really love this site and read it every day. I am particularly impressed with the articles by Sundance and wonder whether Butch writes for you as well! If you are ever interested in posting something from another author, please let me know. I think that I would enjoy writing for you. Keep up the really great work you do!!

  78. Robert Thomas says:

    Is this another one of those political ,can’t trace the real money Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(4) organizations, ostensibly devoted to “social welfare” but permitted to engage in electoral politics in an essentially unregulated way. A 501(c)(4) is not required to disclose the sources of its funding, and that provision alone has brought in huge amounts of money from donors eager to contribute but reluctant to identify themselves. The 501(c)(4) loophole has been around since the early 20th century, but it was given new vigor in 2010 by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which removed virtually all limits on corporate campaign funding and fostered its anonymity.

  79. B Church says:

    I think this is the only site on the entire world wide web that can be trusted when it comes to news and insight regarding the candidacy of Donald J. Trump. I know the site has been around for much longer than just this political campaign, but I suspect it has found its true calling in this presidential race.

    In the history of this republic, I don’t think there has ever been such widespread and open collusion among nominally “independent” members of the media, arrayed against one man and his supporters, as we now see targeting Trump.

    I am obliged to sundance and all others operating behind the curtain here for offering an oasis for us in the midst of anarchy and hellfire. “The Last Refuge” – never was a site more aptly named.

  80. steve olson says:

    In my experience people shake out into two basic groups that cross racial, religious, socioeconomic, and culture lines. Givers and takers, some extreme and others modest, but ultimately staying inside 1 of the 2 groups.

  81. You are more correct even than you perhaps realize, Steve. Here is a book that I highly recommend (I’ve given away dozens of copies!) that will enrich and broaden your understanding of what may be your intuitive realization of the difference between givers and takers:

  82. ARedTail says:

    I actually stumbled on this site courtesy of a link someone left on Breitbart (now I know where people can go to for links to live broadcasts of Trump rallies!)

    Haven’t looked through too much yet, but very on-point with what I’ve seen so far. Particularly with regard to voting for Trump versus the other candidates.

  83. ARedTail says:

    Actually, quick question for anybody reading; are there any Donald Trump supporters in WA on here? I know there’s a Facebook group from WA that’s for Trump, but I have a no-Facebook account policy on myself.

  84. France says:

    Hi Sundance, FYI, I received porn when I clicked the video link. Seems the jerks are coming out to cause grief.

  85. adrian58 says:

    Remember folks, we still need #Trump to gain the +1237 delegates. So all remaining states still need to vote. Don’t take foot off pedal.

  86. Nightcrawler says:

    Thank you, Sundance, for the clear and compelling treatise above. While you and I may quibble about a word or two or a phrase here and there, we are in simpatico as to sense and tenor.

    You have a fine mind and gift for writing clear, succinct and compelling expository. I am so very grateful for the ‘refuge’ you have established here for me and all others of like mind. What an extraordinary undertaking!

    May the road rise to meet you and may the wind be always at your back…

  87. Here's Your Sign says:

    Thanks for the cogent discussion about charitable giving. I’ve had that thought for years now, but never articulated it as eloquently as you.

    Years ago, a charitable organization that I belonged to would provide food to needy people. Each of us would bring something. For me, it was a family experience. I would take my children to the store, buy the food together, cook the food together, deliver the food together. It was our family connecting to our community. A few years ago, the government passed a law saying that all food must be prepared in a commercial kitchen. So we went to the store, picked up a sealed package and delivered it. My children lost interest in the project, then I did. I don’t participate any more, though I do engage in other charitable activities. I’m sure the government believes it has done something good.

  88. carol says:

    I am true conservative Australian who despairs at the way an international elite has been successfully reducing freedom and democracy under the guise of humanitarianism, and politically correct ‘diversity’ and ‘multicultural’ labels, as well as ‘racist’ and ‘Islamophobia’ charges. I note your ‘comments’ instructions to be brief but do have a relatively long piece (say one and a quarter A4 pages equivalent) which goes to why World Leaders, after first being dismissive, are now very very worried about Mr. Trump’s ‘America First’ theme, so much so that the possibility of his assassination must be considered high.
    The piece outlines the Kalergi Plan – aimed at a United Europe, backed by the Vatican, under a centralized government and intended as the prototype for the US and the rest of the world when the New World Order is finalized. Today’s European Union is well on the way to implementing this plan by indoctrinating Europeans to tolerate and accept politically correct multiculturalism and infiltration via mass migration and punishing any criticism of minorities, and protecting them with special laws so that the masses will be suppressed. Could I comment by breaking this piece up into Part 1, Part 2, etc? If so, what is the maximum words number allowed?

    • Ad rem says:

      Hi carol…

      If you could break up your post into comments approximately the same size as the one above, that would be perfect. We always recommend the frequent use of paragraphs as well….this makes for a much easier read. The perfect place to post your comments would be on our daily Presidential Open Thread….all general things political.

      Welcome to the Tree House carol! 😀

  89. To The Webmaster Of Conservative Treehouse
    Yesterday I would write to your well informed website my indications of joining your opinion site. I was formally of a Generic Website known as a moniker, Leland Gaunt..

    The site may have been terminated as indicated.

    So note: A Mrs. Clinton who may well be in trouble as observed. For one who was the “odds-on-favorite” to win the Democrat Party nomination and win the presidency, she still has NOT sealed the deal as observed..

    And for her to imply a writer by the namesake of KLEIN who would write the informative book as such “UNLIKEABLE” as living within a selected fantasy world, who else solicits from Hollywood elites and such? And these same people are definite examples of such, “those living within a fantasy world”…

    I would forget the first name of this particular writer whose name is of KLEIN..

    A Mrs. Clinton who has been described as ill-tempered, vicious, mean spirited and erratic when it comes to a psychological profile by a former Secret Service agent of her husband, a Bill Clinton..

    The story of this finding was of FOX NEWS, yesterday, June 6th, 2016..

    I have a belief a FOX NEWS would pick up on my writings when I expressed myself with the Generic Website as one time or another..

    Thank you letting me express my viewpoints and opinions.

    Formally the Generic Website
    Moniker… (Leland Gaunt)

  90. grannysue says:

    Trump has a bullseye on his back. I don’t think anyone realizes this man has literally put his life on the line for this nation. He is going against the NWO globalists who have been picking our presidents for decades. Trump does not belong to a secret society. You can bet the Bushs, Clintons and others are NWO puppets and have been doing their bidding. And, we see a host of other NWO puppets. Men like Ryan, Cruz, McConnell, Haley Barbour, and others who have attacked Trump are the mouthpieces of the NWO globalists and do the bidding of their paymasters. Our government has become corrupted with leaders who have no desire to protect or defend the American people. Sessions is one of the most honest politicians we have presently. I wish we had many more. They want to disarm the American people because this nation is standing in the way of their agenda. Nevermind that these corrupt cretins will not tell their bodyguards to give up their guns but they want America families defenseless. I don’t think this is going to end well. History shows it does not. When governments becomes oppressive, steals the right of men to provide for their families in a meaningful way, spys on it’s own citizens, takes the road like Hitler of brainwashing children in schools to rat on their parents if they own guns or have religious views, and I am talking of Christianity that the elites do not like , tells them to accept the most baseless, immoral lifestyles as normal, putting men in girls restrooms and girl’s in men’s restrooms we are in deep trouble.

  91. Murray says:

    If conservatives believe in freedom and self empowerment and independence of the individual, why do they feel the need to control, through civil and theological laws, the behavior of others? I.e., a woman’s right to control her own body; same sex marriage.

    • boogywstew says:

      A “woman’s right to control her own body” is moderated by the unborn person’s right to life.

  92. Jim says:

    It seems strange that when i select “xxx replies” on any of your statements I am blown completely out of the internet connection. I am using an iPhone 4 and am wondering if I don’t have enough whatever to do this. I don’t seem to have this problem except with political subject matter areas. Just FYI


    • WeeWeed says:

      Not unusual – my iphone 4 does the same if there are multiple posts to ANY thread. I just figure the phone can’t handle it.

  93. James Norton says:

    As a libertarian, I’ve always taken issue with the notion of “giving back”, as if what was gained by one party in free enterprise, was somehow taken from another unjustly. That’s not to stay that I am not charitable, just that when my transactions are complete in business, they are just that… Complete. I’ve gained revenue and my customers have gained products and services. We’re 100% in equilibrium. There’s nothing to give back to anyone.

  94. Mom Sees All says:

    Don, I’ve finally found my way back to this little bit of blogging heaven, and I apologize for not addressing your question sooner. I think when we use us vs them, liberal/conservative rhetoric, we’re oversimplifying the issues. There’s plenty of blame to go around. Finger pointing and blame are like smoke and mirrors in an election year. As long as we the people can be side tracked, bamboozled, confused or entertained, our candidates don’t have to come up with honest, intelligent responses to issues that plague us. Seriously, we’re going to send illegals packing and make them buy their own plane ticket and pay for a fence line? And is there a single person on this planet that believes Ms Clinton is devoid of guilt, that she had no intent to deceive or cover up? That she’s too stupid or uneducated to know the law?

    I think fear is something our government enjoys injecting into our lives whenever possible. I think politicians are all about control or they’d be in another line of work…something honest and philanthropic, perhaps. I think we the people are abdicating our rights in exchange for a caretaker sort of society because we’ve gotten soft and lazy and scared. I don’t think we can use blanket statements about liberals or conservatives and expect to have healthy dialogue with people different from ourselves. I think if we don’t start looking for common ground we’ll have no ground to stand on. I don’t think Donald Trump is a great candidate but sadly he seems less dangerous than Ms Clinton. I long for the day when I’ll have a candidate to vote for, not against. I want to vote for someone who is as concerned about my liberal neighbor he/she is about me. Someone who understands that poverty, hunger, disease, loneliness and ignorance are dangerous problems and they exist across the country, across racial, ethnic, economic, and social boundaries. Don, that’s just a hint of what I think because I’m trying to be constructive and not sound like a ranting maniac. But it’s a dangerous world my friends. We have children and grandchildren who deserve better. My beloved daughter, a political science/government teacher says we get the government we deserve…I know she means we collectively, but that really angers me. She works hard to teach high school seniors about our constitution and how important it is to be aware and involved. And all the while we the people are lashing out at each other instead of holding our government accountable. We’re hypnotized by the antics of people who don’t deserve your attention or your vote. I could go on and on and on…but I’m going to go clean my doorstep, because that’s within my reach. If we could all just keep our own doorsteps clean – wouldn’t that be something to blog about?

  95. sjh says:

    Wonderful Site!

    Thank you Sundance and all!!

  96. Jo Buettner says:

    After a review of the above, I decided to scroll comments. The first comment I saw spoke of freedom of speech, something I uphold as an American, and as a conservative.
    Having said this, I must say that I came to your site due to an exchange on Facebook. When I suggested some ideas, in a calm manner unlike some others, I was blocked from being able to comment.
    There is one implied truth, and that is that all are welcome as a part of this tree you speak of. However, clearly this is not true.

    • WeeWeed says:

      You are not the Lone Ranger. With over 350,000 hits an hour hitting us from FB a lot of comments were mass deleted because 99% were vile and/or racist. If you follow the guidelines for comments civil conversation is welcome.

  97. Wee, I was going to say the same thing. I’ll add, however, that after being a Treeper for AGES, I found myself blocked not only from making comments but even from “liking” a comment! Very frustrating. Then, one day, BOOM, I was back! I have no idea what got me back. Changing my identity? changing my software? WordPress finally getting it right? No idea. It’s just great to be back.

  98. Joseph Andrews says:

    Thank you for doing the Lord’s work.

  99. traderjoe says:

    Hi. I visit your site on my Samsung android phone and noticed yesterday and today that your home page shows up in a dark red background and blue font for the stories. It is very hard to read. If you drill into a story everything is good, white background, black font.. Did something change on your site? Other sites i visit appear normal. Thanks for the great work that you do.

  100. Ben says:

    Why hasn’t anyone just made a site calling it “Philando truth” and posted all of these important facts???!!!

  101. Kms says:

    Just wondering why no one has created a website showing these facts??!! So that every search comes up with the work you guys have done? You have done a tremendous nod in a small period of time showing who these people are. Just think that you deserve more recognition for your efforts.

  102. Only capitalism can CREATE wealth.
    Socialism is fully intended to create a dependency on govt
    control mankind for The Illuminati’s purposes.

  103. Q: How can you see the comment that you posted?

    • Ad rem says:

      If you are a first time commenter, you must wait to have your commented “moderated”. NOW you’re in. 😉

      • Pierce Koslosky Jr says:

        We have to wake up.
        We are sad. We are angry. We are disgusted.
        We have to realize,- we have to acknowledge – that we are not fighting guns or any weapon.
        This is not about weapons.
        We are fighting an idea.
        That idea is sick. It is vile. It is evil.
        And it wants to kill us.
        We have to wake up.

      • ectrimm says:

        Ad rem,
        Could you check your spam again. Apparently my posts are not going through again. Thanks.

      • I’ve commented numerous times and they are still being moderated. That’s okay … at least the moderator sees them and I’ve gotten (something) off my chest. 😉

        • Ad rem says:

          Hi Rielly…. I’ve checked both of our lists (moderation and blacklist), and you’re not on either. The only possible reason for your continued “moderation” would be that some part of your email address (a word, or portion of a word) matches something on our moderation list. Your email address uses two very common words, and I’m almost sure that they’ve been added to our moderation list at some time in the past. If you could use another email address for posting at the Tree House, I’m quite sure that this would solve the problem. It’s worked for many others in your situation.

      • Do you need a WordPress account? If I use Twitter to log in, it says it can send tweets on my behalf?

  104. Pierce Koslosky Jr says:

    We have to wake up.
    We are sad. We are angry. We are disgusted.
    We have to realize,- we have to acknowledge – that we are not fighting guns or any weapon.
    This is not about weapons.
    We are fighting an idea.
    That idea is sick. It is vile. It is evil.
    And it wants to kill us.
    We have to wake up.

  105. Paula Bonoey says:

    I think since Don Lemon knows everything that he should put on a badge and uniform and go ride with this fine Sheriff! Then……..come back and talk to us once you have experienced itl Until then you have no idea what it’s like to put your life on he line every day!

    • janicems says:

      He is a fine gentleman, isn’t he! And we do appreciate the fine work they do and what they face. We lost two officers last year up in Hattiesburg, MS. which is about 35 miles from us..it was a terrible time for us here in the Pine Belt, as it has been many years since this has happened.. We tend to think something like this can’t happen to our little college town (University of South Mississippi)…until it does.

  106. Todd P says:

    My name is Todd P.

    I subscribed and wanted to follow comments on a thread. I realized that my gmail account was quickly becoming inundated with follow-up comments.

    I I subscribed to comments.

    I have CONTINUED to receive comments.

    Please discontinue. My email is [email protected].

    Please shut off notifications.

    Love your site…but cannot handle the bulk meals messaging.

    Todd P

    • SharkDiver says:

      Todd – Click on the “portrait” icon towards the top right hand corner, then click on “notifications” and select “disable”. That should fix it for you.

  107. Kathy says:

    Please write an article on how to see and expose voter fraud or how it can be stopped or at the very least limited . No one I know really knows .thank you.

    • Dave Vose says:

      Kathy only sunlight will stop voter and sunlight requires information;better known as voter ID. it is a single most dangerous threat to our democratic Republic. This battle has to be won.

  108. ken nicolay says:

    I have felt very alone. Partially my fault since I am just not a joiner. Also because I have pretty much given up during the last 8 years. So, thanks for the essay. As a hunter, historian, and inventor, I live your observations to the best of my ability. I read your piece on the hurricane preparedness. Some people are doing some nice work. Anyway, thanks for the uplift today. Ken

  109. Carol Rice says:

    Please help me, I am a senior, not a techie, so I do not blog, Facebook,Twitter, etc; so please pray, and if the answer is ‘yes’, post the following so all the Treehouse can see.
    “Please join in daily prayer agreement, Psalms 18:46-50, for Donald J. Trump.” (If possible please include these scriptures in the post.)
    Thank you I love reading the Treehouse and would like to support it. Could you send me the address to send a check.

    • WeeWeed says:

      Welcome Carol!

    • Brenda Paulson says:

      Carol, I am in the same boat, not very techie, don’t blog or do social media. So hello fellow senior kindred spirit. I was led to Psalm 18 last week to pray for us treehouse dwellers and Mr. Trump. I look forward to sharing branches in the tree or rocks by the fire. Thank you to the warriors long in the battle, hopefully us newbies will shore up the lines as we stand shoulder to shoulder rebuilding this beautiful republic.

    • Ploni says:

      בְּנֵי־נֵכָר יִבֹּלוּ וְיַחְרְגוּ מִֽמִּסְגְּרֽוֹתֵיהֶֽם׃
      The strangers shall fade away, and come trembling out of their close places.

      חַי־יְהֹוָה וּבָרוּךְ צוּרִי וְיָרוּם אֱלוֹהֵי יִשְׁעִֽי׃
      The Lord lives; and blessed is my rock; and let the God of my salvation be exalted.

      הָאֵל הַנּוֹתֵן נְקָמוֹת לִי וַיַּדְבֵּר עַמִּים תַּחְתָּֽי׃
      It is God who avenges me, and subdues the peoples under me.

      מְפַלְּטִי מֵאֹיְבָי אַף מִן־קָמַי תְּרוֹמְמֵנִי מֵאִישׁ חָמָס תַּצִּילֵֽנִי׃
      He saves me from my enemies; you lift me up above those who rise up against me; you save me from the violent man.

      עַל־כֵּן אוֹדְךָ בַגּוֹיִם יְהֹוָה וּלְשִׁמְךָ אֲזַמֵּֽרָה׃
      Therefore I will give thanks to you, O Lord, among the nations, and sing praises to your name.

  110. Sonny's Mom says:

    I had heard of CTH but always assumed it was “just one more news site”. What a relief to find you and read this “mission statement” as the critical Nov 2016 draws near. Thank you!
    “A Recovering New Leftist”

  111. Andrew says:

    I’d like to spend some time in the treehouse. I don’t like what my country has turned into.


  112. Donald Hofer says:

    Please check out this information I think it is correct and explains what many of us have not seen. ABC -PRESIDENT: Ben Sherwood (former) has a sibling -Elizabeth Sherwood – Obama’s Special Adviser – ABC NEWS EXECUTIVE: Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice- Obama’s National Security Adviser -ABC NEWS CORRESPONDANT: Clare Shipman is married to former Obama’s Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney ABC NEW & UNIVISON REPORTER: Mattew Jaffee is married to Katie Hogan – Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary. CBS- PRESIDENT: David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Advisor for Strategic Communications. CNN- PRESIDENT: Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary – Tom Nides. I may be wrong but there might be a little BIAS in the News??? What do you think.

  113. Jan+ says:

    Have entered my email address several times get the message for email to be sent back to me for confirmation and I never receive one. Am I being blocked????

  114. anonymous says:

    TREASON !!!!

    Obama encourages illegal aliens to vote and not to be afraid to get caught and sent back… ALL ON LIVE TV !!!!!


  115. Dolly says:

    Consider me a conservative misfit. In the former Soviet Union, I was branded an Enemy of the People and expelled from the country (for which I am grateful!). We’ve had more than enough “developing socialism” here under Obama administration to open the door for more of the same!

  116. Carole says:

    I just want to like a comment but I keep getting a pop up from WordPress to create a website??? Do I have to do that or did I do something wrong?

    • I believe you do have to create an account at WordPress. I went through the same thing not too long ago when I just HAD to comment on something. It’s similar to Disqus. I haven’t regretted it and it helps to keep out the spammers and trolls, which is nice.

  117. Irons says:

    Low republican turnout was the glenn beck moonbat army of never Trump. They can all go to hades as far as I’m concerned.

  118. Anonymous Patriot says:

    When you thought it couldn’t get any more vile …

    CEO with Ties to the CIA Reveals he Plans to Kill President-Elect Trump with a Sniper Rifle


  119. Ploni says:

    Good morning.

    I’m having a continual problem with the margins of some posts. They gradually become larger and larger until some posts’ line measures are one letter long.

    I’m accessing CTH on a HTC android phone.

    Hey! CTH – HTC (that’s pallindromic!)

  120. ensitue says:

    Happy Acres has been taken down by Tumbler

  121. Sherlockzz says:

    I just wanted to stop by on this New Year’s day to thank you for the incredible insights you rendered on the election, especially the primaries. You pulled back the curtain and were shown to be on target time after time. Like Shakespeare, I’m not sure I would have recognized most of what was going on without you’re annotations. Thank you. Thank you so very much.

  122. phil jones says:

    Brilliant assessment. .. worth reading a couple times..

    The Heart of Liberalism is Fear…

  123. Ra Conteur says:

    Thanks CThouse. You provide great news and opportunities
    for idiots like me to weigh in, or way in, or whey in. Anyway, I enjoy the comments here and write a blog to promote similar ideas that hopefully inspire and educate. We as a nation must get past the racism that defined America the past 50 years. Affirmative Action and similar policies are unconstitutional. They specifically targeted one group – Blue Collar White Males (and their families) they have suffered long enough. It is past time those atrocious laws end. Equal OPPORTUNITY is all this government may regulate. That include BCWMs!!

  124. I’ve tried several times to be on your e-mail and have not been so successful. I like the work you out inn to save this precious nation from evil doers

  125. mustang4176 says:

    Your a blessing Sundance. MAGA

  126. Dom says:

    I need a safe space from the tsunami of leftist intolerance! The left wing Hydra seeks to devour me! I request sanctuary! Finally , an oasis amidst the chaos! Thank God!

  127. Adelia says:

    Very good article. I definitely did not think that I would agree with the conservative mentality, but I’m really starting to reconsider. Thank you!

  128. dreadnok89 says:

    Who runs this site? The insight and able to break it down to understand so easy is masterful. This site really has some of the best info on whats happening.

  129. Mrgadget says:

    I want to change from my name to Mrgadget………….I hope this works.

  130. Sandra White says:

    I want to be Andrew Breitbart. I am searching the treehouse for a branch that has many offshoots. My family will need a branch as well. In this world there will be trouble, remember The Lion from the Tribe of Judah has overcome the world.

  131. Brant says:

    Newish here. I have posted a few times. I do enjoy the thoughtful commentary. I have posted a few times and trying to find if mine have comments that would provide me feedback if mine are themselves thoughtful and appropriate. Is there a way I can find my comments without searching thru hundreds of other comments?

    Thank you, brant

    • The Tundra PA says:

      Brant, across the top of the page is a narrow black bar; at the right end there is a white bell next to your icon/gravitar. When the white bell has a red circle on top of it, you have received a “like” or a comment back to one of your comments. Click on the bell to open a window showing you those responses. I’d been a Treeper for years before I learned this! Welcome to you.

  132. GRobins says:

    Would you please consider allowing guest article in your blog may be once a week? Here anyone of your fellow treeper could write an article on an important topic projecting into future and not just reactive to what happened? They would send the article to you and you get to choose one article for the week? I think this will be a valuable addition to your blog and may be good for the future of the conservative movement. Topics can be anything and a good open debate opportunity for the better. If you choose, you can enable, disable comment or moderate those to be positive.

  133. Not a bad idea. The article could be included with the Open Daily Thread and the Open Presidential Daily Thread.

  134. QuestGirl says:

    “…’perfect’ Utopian society.” They believe man can produce that which only God can create. God knew man, guided by Lucifer, would usurp His Word. Thus His Word was written. Truth denied produces ignorance. Truth spoken is absolute producing wisdom.

  135. Parak says:

    Belief in limited government and fiscal conservatism pretty much sums up who I am. Also, I willingly subscribe to the tenet that we (“the people”) should be self-reliant and willing to accept personal liability for our actions, even more so, when elected to public office, be it at the local, state or federal levels (for those of fortunate enough to live in federal or “decentralized” democracies). Such individuals should be held to even more rigorous standards of responsibility and propriety, meaning those we elect to office should be willing to assume even greater liability for what they do or fail to do while in our service. Amen!

  136. Manfred says:

    I posted on two separate occasions in a relevant thread, observing that POTUS gracelessly manhandled the President of Montenegro out of his way in his effort to position himself to the front of the NATO members group photo. The President of Montenegro on the other hand, displayed grace and political wisdom by not highlighting the poor manners of POTUS, even scoring political capital by carefully not pushing back.

    People sometimes betray themselves by their smaller actions. My hope is that POTUS has not.
    You claim freedom at this site and you claim to spurn political correctness, yet you delete posts you simply don’t like or which potentially raise a measure of discomfort, which seems to me to be more of the very same old, same old, which we all fight against. Political correctness it appears comes in many colours. This place does not appear to be the bastion against political correctness to which it lays claim. POTUS comes with his foibles. He is not perfect. No human ever is.

  137. Bud Klatsch says:

    I stumbled onto your site a month ago and want to add my appreciation for the in-depth reporting you all do here, Thank you very much. Bud Klatsch

  138. WeeWeed says:

    Just a reminder, infidels! We are NOT on Facebook – and that a$$clown parading himself as ” Conservative Treehouse” and stealing Sundance’s content to repost on Facebook is in no way affiliated with us.

  139. Tani Valentine says:

    I’m, obviously, new here and still trying to figure it out.
    I was forced to use my name, not my username. I prefer to use my username….buy, I’m soooo not savvy.

  140. Tani Valentine says:

    Ran out of room, too. Shucks! I’m not savvy enough to comment here, me thinks.

  141. GratefulAmerican says:

    I have been on the road for seven hours now. I’m heading to Pittsburgh from NC. I am
    continually seeing power trucks heading South.

    Sundance, they are on their way.

    Thank you for all your hard work, and your
    extreme effort to keep us updated.

    May God cover you and your famil with his
    magnificent protection. And may he bless all those you and your team touch.

  142. Dwighteroks says:

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  144. texasfence says:


    Don’t know where to turn. My multiple daily emails stopped and I am now an orphan, separated from my Treeper Family.

    I can still get in by searching for The Last Refuge, and I seem to have retained my posting privileges, but I am not receiving my daily emails.

    I am lost. Can someone rescue me?

  145. L. E. Joiner says:

    Appreciate your ‘About’ testament to conservatism, but—

    Ages ago (it seems) the Left stole the term ‘Liberal’ from those who follow the Founders and the principles that flow from the Natural Rights of Man. I think we should take it back, and the first step is to stop using it for the Left, for the Progressives (who are really Regressives, Luddites, but that’s another story). The Conservative Treehouse looks like a good place to begin the take-back.


    • Manfred says:

      The subversion of language by the Regressives is a favored ploy. For example, terms like ‘civil society’, ‘climate change’ and ‘climate variability’ are carefully defined by the eco-marxist denizens at the UN to have explicit meaning that has little to do with the wider understanding of the words themselves. Moreover, the terms are intentionally chosen precisely because they are readily conflated with idiomatic usage. The deception is abetted by a treasonous Fourth Estate who long ago gave up the canons of journalism in favor of Regressive activism. To think … were they to return to their sacred duty the replacement of daily propaganda by critical analysis would lead to the rapid collapse of the entire Regressive ideology, within days and weeks. It is as ‘simple’ as it is delicious to contemplate and pray for.

    • Manfred von Gollum says:

      I have responded to this comment but it seems that my responses never show up on the site. It becomes difficult to participate under such circumstances. Thank you for your good work. Manfred

  146. Perry kemp says:

    Love it


  147. don welch says:


  148. Steven Friedrich says:

    I scroll down your page to read your crappy website and within a minute, it resets to the top of the page.
    PHUCK you.

  149. snuffysmiff says:

    Just wanted to say congrats on winning “Website of the Year” on Intellectual Froglegs! It is so richly deserved! Keep up the fantastic work!

  150. Shelley says:


  151. Ron Brook says:

    I just found your site this evening. About us is Poetic, Ayn Rand came to mind. Every once in awhile someone comes along and writes something so eloquent. Thank you!

    • Ad rem says:

      Welcome to the Tree House Ron! Pick a branch, make yourself cozy, and join in. 😀

      • Beigun says:

        Please remove in the previous post



        If you approve of the previous post. BTW, This has gone out on the University of Washington’s National Burea of Reseach, Japan Forum email, so,it is global.

        • Beigun says:

          Ok, damn the torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead!

          The Real Russian Threat to National Security

          Putin is pleased with America’s political disarray that grows greater by the day. If the Russian Ruse continues for another year, there could be riots in America. Russia would be happy to continue to meddle with US politics via a long list of American leftists, like Antifa or Angela Davis. After all, American Marxists were intellectual soulmates with the COMINTERN for decades.

          So, the Nunes Memo shows Russian “dope” was poured into Steele’s Dossier, paid for by the FBI, DNC, and Clinton. But this minor point was omitted in FISC Court, as well as the DOJ wife working on the Steele Dossier. This will lead to Court Cases in America’s biggest political scandal EVER! But most importantly for the Alliance, the National Security advice given to POTUS is led by Kelly, Mattis and Pompeo and is beyond excellent. There has never been an “All Star” National Security Team in Post War history like them. Why? They are all former best of the best in the military, pledged to the Constitution. They would shed blood for that, not Party. So, don’t worry, the US Government is stable under the Constitution.

          However, if America doesn’t wake up to to this Russian Ruse of “Fake Collusion,” then it could be checkmate for Putin as America tears itself apart in the coming months.

          We’ve been here before with the “Russian Ruse” in an election year.

          Remember the “Fake News” of a Ballistic “Missile Gap” which mimicked today’s politicization of Intel by Democrats, that the Russians endorsed with a Red Face and Americans swallowed hook, line and sinker with enormous help by the MSM. The Intel was bad, of course, but it was a huge part of the 1960 election and contributed to the Nuclear Arms race, at a terrible cost to America and threatened the whole world with Thermonuclear Armageddon by Mutual Assured Destruction. All of this was satirized by Stanley Kubrick in “Dr. Strangelove” with a hysterical General fearing Russian “meddling” with bodily fluids and another General denying the President nuclear war plans due to classification. The irony with today’s scandal is rich.

          The farce of the MSM accusing General Kelly and Mike Pompeo (first in his Class at West Point and a Warrior) of being “Trumpists” sounds like a tune from a People’s Trial during China’s Cultural Revolution People. It is time for “enough is enough” of the US MSM, just like the demagoguery of “Bomber” Joe McCarthy. So, do not worry, this scandal may be over sooner than people think as the evidence is overwhelming: read the Nunes Memo endorsed by Kelly/Mattis, Coates and Pompeo. The State Depart Scandal is next, with the revelation that hundreds of Americans were spied on for basically wants of a political cabal of corruption, not National Security. America’s best National Security experts have the approved the Antunes Memo, so take the MSM with a grain of salt!

          We will likely see this farce end soon for the sake of US National Security, i.e., POTUS release all Intel documents on this scandal. There will be tons of Congressional Hearings, beyond Watergate, anyway. No “sources and methods” Intel is more important than America ripping itself apart for Putin’s Play and destroying the Constitutional rule of law, and electoral democracy itself.

          The US will need an Alba for the Cabal of Corruption identified in the Memo and growing numbers beyond discovered under Oversight granted by the Constitution. The Public will demand to know, like Watergate.

          How to deal with the Russkies?

          Maybe “Break Bread” and pass to Moscow America’s best Vodka, Tito’s or Hanger 57. Remember, Woodie Guthrie was a fan of Lyudmila Pavlichenko and wrote this song in her honor: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IEmOalZOyjU. Also, it is the 75th Anniversary of Stalingrad today, which I respect-great movie on LP and would gladly stand at attention and salute the Russian pilot, shot down by Al Quaida in Syria, and fighting to the last, like Pavlichenko at Stalingrad, who was killed today. He was fighting America’s terrorist enemies too!

          After this is over, the US will likely tell Ivan we’ll both stop this silly overuse of surveillance (or else) and collaborate on common security like the DPRK and something more important that Putin, of all people, would understand.

          We must control surveillance now, with this scandal, to control AI before it controls all of the world 20 years from now. That means international cooperation on Oversight over AI surveillance.

          I have to tip my hat to Putin, look what the hell he has done with the GDP of Manhattan. He is a Master Strategist who played with the previous Administration like putty.

        • Ad rem says:

          Just saw this, however, it’s now removed. I’m usually quicker to reach by email. 😉

      • Rena Hamrick says:

        Thank you..I’ve been reading The Conservative Tree House and I love the discussions and the good manners.st

      • Jesse T Mims says:

        @ Ad rem… I have not been able to log on to the Treehouse via WordPress to comment here for a couple of days. I can only log on via my FB account; but, that does not allow me to “Like” comments; nor, can I access my WordPress account to receive notifications of replies to my comments, likes, etc. Any helpful suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

      • scott467 says:

        Welcome to the Tree House Ron! Pick a branch, make yourself cozy, and join in.”


        I read “make yourself crazy” the first time I looked… and thought…


        If you’re not already at least a little bit crazy, how are you going to wind up swinging from branch to branch in a tree house…


    • Beigun says:

      First time here (OSD, COMBAT, AMEMB, MA NSA @ NPS)

      We are on the same wavelength, but this is in the comments section of London’s Financial Times.

      We live in very interesting times. I believe we are headed to a period much like Watergate and the Pentagon Papers and those events had a major impact on the US and the world. For America, oversight became a big deal (Sen Church’s investigations and the impact that had on US overseas operations), while for Japan, it set the stage for the fall of Tanaka. I suspect that as the “Russia Collusion” investigation plays out, it will become not a case of “collusion” but illegal surveillance of the worst sort and it will have a similar impact for Japan, the single party State, as did Watergate and the Pentagon Papers.

      BTW, one point that I have not seen anywhere in the media regarding the FBI “matter” of a private server used for TS/SCI email is the installation of such a system. The requirements for TEMPEST installation are well known (WIKI) and it is illegal to install TEMPEST outside the authorized procedures, i.e., outside the authorized USG network. This is very clear in the regulations which I reviewed during several installations in the military, including many for the Alliance. Criminal intent is very clear with the illegal TEMPEST installation of a private server connected to higher level security networks (what we call “red and black lines” and the twain shall never meet according to the regs, but they apparently did for SecState Clinton).

      This is a long post, but it sums up the situation, or at least can perhaps be used by Mr. Comey at William & Mary University when he teaches his first Ethics Class.

      PS. I voted for Carter and Obama (the first time).
      FISA Warrant Surveillance on Trump a Violation of Magna Carta, Privacy and Democracy

      The essence of Democracy is the fundamental Human Right of Privacy from the State.

      The Right to Privacy is enshrined in the Magna Carta, a novel agreement where the King was permitted the right to rule, but denied the right to intrude into the privacy of his loyal Knights. This political arrangement between Lord and Governed became the essence of Democracy in Europe, with the end result being the UK Parliament, with it’s wonderful embrace of democratic debate without fear of surveillance and reprisal from the State. America followed this Western notion of a political arrangement between Right vs Might, with a “right to privacy considered the fundamental human right” in the US Declaration of Independence “Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” We can all agree with the “Common Sense” of Thomas Paine that there can be no Liberty without Privacy just as the Colonial American Revolutionists proclaimed, “Give me Liberty, or give me Death.”

      We can also all agree that the worst countries in the world today are those where the Police State powerfully rules the people, including the right of Privacy. These are the true human Hades-Holes of the world, raping all men and women of privacy, including individual political thought. When combined with technology, the all-powerful State inevitably evolves into a 1984 nightmare, the warning foretold by George Orwell. The American Constitution realized this importance of Privacy from the State and that is why elected Representatives of the People, Congress, shall have Oversight over the State in all matters, especially in matters of intelligence and national security as bad sources and methods can produce bad outcomes, as evidenced by the Tonkin Gulf Resolution in Vietnam, WMD in Iraq, Afghanistan and all the other unnamed areas of combat by US forces overseas today. With no Oversight, corruption is a natural outcome over time, even in a tradition-bound and honorable “Fat Leonard” US Navy or “Dirty Cop” FBI.

      With the clear use of false evidence based on bad sources and methods in the FISA Warrant request to the US Court, the Obama Government allowed domestic State surveillance of citizen Donald Trump during his political campaign for President of the USA. One can strongly argue that the FISA Warrant should never have been classified without verification given the political implications during a national election in the world’s largest Democracy. In fact, false classification is forbidden by several USG laws and regulations, specifically designed to provide protection to the Constitutional right of Oversight. The Obama approved surveillance was reported to US District Court by VADM Rogers of NSA, who then personally informed the duly-elected candidate from the 2016 Presidential election, President-elect Trump, who then moved from his HQ in Trump Tower while the building was debugged. The Court then ordered the US Government to stop wiretapping and surveillance abuse in a 97 page official Court document released to the public but unreported on by the US media. Indeed, there is clear evidence of corruption between US journalism and the State for political means against the privacy of the individual.

      The “Russia Collusion” investigation was based on known false evidence to permit domestic surveillance, breaking several laws. At some point, Americans will remember another time, when Senator Howard Baker, a Republican, asked “What did the President know, and when did he know it?” and Nixon soon resigned after he lost the support of his own political party. Nixon was unable to use the power of the State to remove the human right of privacy by domestic surveillance wire-tapping.

      This scandal should be called “FISAGATE” but it is of much greater proportions than Watergate given that the power of surveillance of the State is much greater now, during Obama’s AI Administration, than during Nixon’s Analog Administration of the 1970s. Obama’s scandal is also greater because it occurred both before and after the election, especially during the transition. This spying on the political transition taints the peaceful transfer of power and truly reflects the actions of a Police State, not a Democracy. Also, the Obama scandal is greater than Watergate in that Agencies within the Obama government, such as the FBI, CIA, and NDI knew that the surveillance was based on bad sources and methods and was not worthy of classification, nor worthy as evidence presented to the US Court for approval of State surveillance on a citizen. Like Watergate, several laws were broken in FISAGATE. Unlike Watergate, the media became part of the scandal when FUSION GPS linked journalism to the scandal. FISAGATE is the equivalent of Obama spying on Prime Minister Merkel’s cell phone, but in a domestic setting against political opponents in a national election.

      Transparency for the People in FISAGATE is imperative as this issue is more important than the national security issue of “classification” because the very essence of Democracy is at stake concerning issues of Oversight in the United States of America, especially in matters of national intelligence. This situation is very similar to the Pentagon Papers and the release of “classified” information to the public in the name of Oversight. FISAGATE is also an opportunity to “clean house” much like Watergate and the Pentagon Papers was the background for Sen. Church’s investigation into CIA overseas operations, exposing several misadventures. In sum, the Obama Administration legacy will tarnish the Democratic Party in the same manner as Republicans were damaged by Watergate.

      Who “Guards the Guardians” in America’s Democracy? The American People do, through representative Democracy and Constitutional Oversight. Loyalty to the American Constitution is the sworn duty of the servants of the People in the United States Government and the essence of this bond is the enshrined Unalienable Rights in the Constitution for Citizens, especially the Right of Privacy.

      The technological advances in surveillance and AI foretell a dangerous world for all Citizens unless there is transparent oversight of intelligence. In that matter, the US will need to engage Allies who have deep intelligence ties and devise a healthy, but not fulsome, use of intelligence that does not endanger our collective Right to Privacy, the foundation of our Western societies.

    • ScapetheGoat says:

      Awsome site.. new go to since my twitter ban.

    • Unfortuantely, this isn’t such an instance.

  152. mablefo3 says:

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  153. Mike Veith says:

    Just found your site on a tip from Zero Hedge. Reading “About Us” was liberating. Count me as a convert!

  154. Bev Burger says:

    Excellent! Spot on.

  155. John Sipley says:

    Bounced over here from a Huckabee tweet & found food for thought! I might even return and rummage around the branches for more thought/food.


  156. jb says:


    I have read CTH since I discovered it around the time Donald announced to the world he was running on 06/16/15. I have commented very sparingly, and that only recently – the Treepers usually have matters well in hand quickly in comments. I have remained because I find Sundance’s ability to ferret out and then analyze matters cogently and concisely. Way earlier today, in my early online perusing, I came across a piece by a certain Jen Kuznicki at her samename.com website from March of ’17.

    She self-identifies as a “conservative” but in that particular piece was all negative on this site and Sundance, and when commenters attempted to correct things she had written, she quickly became quite snarky and was ridiculing anyone defending CTH. What gives with this women and her ‘tude? All I managed to glean from what she wrote was she seemed rather self-defensive, and very accusatory, but with few specifics. Also, she seemed to be a #NeverTrumpette, and a big defender of Screaming Mark Levin. It all seemed kind of strange and disjointed. Am I missing something? What’s her real gripe about?


  157. JC says:

    Is there an email subscription to CTH?

  158. Gary d ames says:

    One should be mindful these days, especially after all the revelations of the last few years that there is far more going on here than just the left right dichotomy or conservative vs liberal, Part of the problem lies is the intrinsic nature of government itself. Government you see invariably tries to grow both in scope and in power.

    The Irs did not need orders from Barack Obama to sand bag tea party and other allied groups. That was second nature to them. We are after all, in a manner of speaking, from their perspective, there inveterate enemies.

    A lot of us you see were talking about the sort of sweeping changes to the tax code that would have either eliminated the IRS all together or greatly reduced its ability to harass tax payers through our needlessly complex tax code. From their perspective that, of course, could not be allowed to stand and their recourse was to slow walk tax exempt status for various 501c3 groups that they thought might be allied with those groups.

    By means such as this the swamp – your pardon the cess pool, swamps are good and necessary parts the environment, Cesspools on the other hand are just archaic bits of detritus from the long ago past that are full of filth and corruption – defends itself.

    And some the problem is simply human nature, Everyone wants to move up the food change. In the workaday world you bide your time you do the job to the best of your ability and you slowly progress up the food chain. In the private sector, regardless of what Hollywood thinks advancement is largely tied to productivity. In government world it largely about how you play the game and how fast government can expand and that isn’t tied to anything other than the willingness of the taxpayers to bear the cost of ever expanding government.

    In the end almost all government incentives are perverse. You don’t want that person off of welfare that could cost you your job if it happens with any frequency. If you work for EEOC you don’t want Racism to go away, if it does you’re going to have to find another line of work.

  159. Iamacokecan says:

    On another website, ask where was the best place to go for inside info on all the things going on in politics. Was referred here and have been lurking for awhile. Have to say this is a really great site for just that…thx conservative treehouse.

  160. Dirt Road Cowboy says:

    I was referred to this site by Praying Medic.

  161. Gerry Casey says:

    First time reader and as a conservative Christian It’s like finding someone with a hammer in each hand, hitting the nail on the head with every swing. You have my attention,

  162. Todd Evans says:

    How have I only discovered the Treehouse just now? This is incredibly refreshing!

  163. Tim Godfrey says:

    I came to the about page to see if I could find a way to donate to the CTH. Are donations accepted? Thanks in advance, your service to our country is beyond compare.

    • The Tundra PA says:

      Just hit the Donate button at top right. You can make a one time donation or a recurring donation. If everyone here committed $1/week, Sundance could quit his day job.

  164. warren Webster says:

    Yes! I was fooled!

  165. Jane Domke says:

    I loved the way you explained liberalism verses conservatism. Thanks for explaining the importance of the Nafta. Will be praying fervently for President Trump.

  166. Mary Palmer says:

    Um,. Well I would change the layout of the website if it was me.
    I’d put a list of article titles at the top with links to the articles below or on a different page and categorize them by subject or author or both
    My Two Cents

  167. MICHEAL M HILL says:

    This “About Us” page summarized eloquently what my parents and grandmother had shared with me during my upbringing as a child growing up in Japan. That which I am today is the direct result of self reliance and faith in God. Thank you!

  168. Matthewavate says:

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  169. Craig says:

    That was all very well and good, but who actually are you? What are your affiliations? What are your qualifications to comment on political events or activities? Are you members of any particular organisations which may have any influence over how you report the news?

    • WeeWeed says:

      Nope – not members of any org. But we DO have eyes, ears and finely tuned bullsh!te meters. We know crap when we see it. 😉

  170. Rick Bettez says:

    Just found this site, excellent work. I have written a book that is currently available, titled Discerning our time. It is exactly where we are headed as a country and it is correlated with Biblical principals pointing to end time events which unfortunately I believe America is deeply involved in! I also teach on the internet and at a non denominational church so I rely on accurate news untainted by progressive agendas. Thank you. Please feel free to look me up on You Tube under my name. Pastor Rick Bettez

  171. you guys are no better than the left, if you had power, my voice would be stifled even more than you stifle me here.



  172. randy Bisbee says:

    I have been hanging from various branches for some time now so I’m finally joining the rest of the tree top dwellers..30 years US ARMY, combat vet OIF/OEF, conservative, patriot, Trump voter.

  173. Jennifer says:

    I found your website about a month ago and I am so glad I did! Your insight into the issues of the day has brought the needed calm yet knowledge is power spirit I haven’t found anywhere else.
    Thank you!

  174. I’m a newcomer, so I’ve only just read this. Wow. Very well stated. I would like every liberal to read this in the hopes that at least one of them may reflect and rethink his/ her position. Thank you very much!

  175. Willett Amie says:

    I posted on the latest video of Hillary slipping on steps in India. My post was not about her slipping, but the video mentioning that Hillary had stated to the audience that the reason she lost was because the people that voted for Trump did not want black people to succeed. I made a brief reply that she continues to live in a fantasy where she can not tell the difference between a lie and the truth. I got two responses. #1 I was called a Liar. #2 I was called an Idiot and that it’s Trump that is trying to destroy us. I allowed that to bother me for about an hour before I realized that a rebuttal was futile. I did not need to justify myself and I would not give these people the satisfaction of a ‘back and forth’. This is what we have to contend with. Ignorance is ugly. Ignorance is cruel. Ignorance must want to be fed or they will perish.

  176. JPatrick says:

    Nice opening in the woods to sit and rest away from the noise of the day. Thanks for the invite. My family and I will not squander the opportunity to enjoy the fellowship and discussions as our hearts and minds dictate.
    Warmest Regards

  177. Your site is under attack
    Every time I click on this link, I get a crazy pop up that won’t let me in. It’s very annoying, but more importantly it’s keeping your message from getting out. Please address this so that people can read the stories that you are covering!!!

  178. luchadora41 says:

    I’d subscribed to your posts before reading the “About” section. Shame on me, lol, love it! 😀

  179. Omg, I am touched to my core of beliefs with this beautifully written statement. I not only agree but wish every human WOULD read this. Thank you.

  180. Joanne Van Fossen says:

    Than you for being out there.

  181. Perhaps you have considered creating an e-book or guest authoring on other sites?
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  182. Michael Van Sant says:

    well put.

  183. Daniel J. Smith says:

    Great site. Is there anyway to receive notifications?

  184. Citizen Sane says:

    I was a delegate at the convention today in SLC. Mike Kennedy and Mittens had the best speeches of the twelve candidates. I voted for Kennedy because he’s a true conservative and he clearly spelled out his positions. Romney’s speech was highly polished (about the American flag) but empty of conservative ideals other than the same trite platitudes.

    Also, I’ve been lurking here for some time now and love the site. I’m not sure we’ll ever know who Sundance really is but he’s got to have history with these agencies or he wouldn’t have the insight that he does. Many thanks to Sundance and the regulars on this board for such excellent analysis.

    • Ad rem says:

      Hi CS….I’m an Admin. here, and want you to know that I deleted your last TWO comments smentioning your email address. It looks like you’ve got the hang of it now. 😀

      Ad rem…

      • Mountaingirl says:

        I can’t figure out how to post a comment under the daily open thread. I just wanted to recommend listening to praying medic’s post from April 28th. As a senior citizen, tech is often above my pay grade but I like ve the treehouse and read posts faithfully! Blessings to all of you.

  185. Chet Gentry says:

    I’ve been a member for a while and only sparingly make comments. I’ve added Treeping to my list of hobbies at first, but lately I think I’ve been experiencing withdrawal effects when I go just a few days without a sip of Treep Juice. The thoroughness, clarity, and impeccable documentation of Sundance (whoever makes up that entity) is refreshing to my scientific, engineering mind. I hope to contribute more when it is beneficial, but am happy to lurk in the foilage. I am a Patriot and minuteman, ever increasing my readiness to be called. I am engaged many battles on the home front. The presence of this site, and its followers gives me hope

  186. bayoukiki says:

    Thanks for all you do.

  187. Miguel says:

    Conservative Treehouse – I recently found your site, and although I have no idea who you guys are, please know you are the best on the web. You information is amazing. Thank you so much, please keep up the good work so that this wonderful republic may continue for years to come !!

  188. Christopher Fallon says:

    I can’t see my posts?

  189. Wayne Weisberger says:

    Do you have a news letter that I can subscribe to Thank You for your service Sincerely Wayne Weisberger

    • Ad rem says:

      Hi Wayne,

      Sorry for the late reply, as your comment was mistakenly sent to the spam bin. You can subscribe to our blog by clicking on on the READER tab in the menu bar above our blog. There you can subscribe and adjust you email settings.

  190. AJs Daddie says:

    You (the site moderators) may find it interesting to know that this site is actually a Deep State disinformation psy-op. No, really! I have this on EXCELLENT authority from someone named Sparkle SomethingOrOther over at one of the other conservative blog sites. Also, Sundance is not a person, but instead is a pseudonym for a shadowy group of Deep State players.

    As I understand it, you’re just shilling for Mueller in order to get Trump impeached or something. It’s all very 10-dimensional cold-war intrigue stuff, so I got lost. But I thought you should know. My job here is done. 🙂

  191. The Great Kazoo says:

    I love this sight!
    You guys have been nailing it every day.
    Is Sundance a spook, or clairvoyant?

    On a side note, How do I change that goofy icon next to my user name?

    • The Tundra PA says:

      Go to gravatar.com to create your own unique gravatar. It makes you much more recognizable and makes the admins’ job much easier when fishing you out of spam.

  192. HelpEndBDS says:

    I am a big fan of this blog and its message. Don’t be afraid to be conservative.

  193. wilson villanueva says:

    Hope this works

  194. Joshua says:

    Many, maybe all, if lucky, have seen this video or something like it.

    This was recently reposted here, on this site l, for my delight.

    If u are in a rush queue it to 6:00


    “If u are …. it doesn’t even make sense to me. If u believe in fiscal conservatism, if u believe in fiscal responsibility, if u believe in a strong national defense… I want u on my team”.

    Who is this man and where can I enlist him? He makes too much sense he cannot be real the Gods of the CopyBook headings would not allow it.

    Does anyone know where this man’s loyalties lie?

    • Joshua says:

      Scratch that: let’s just lay it all out.

      Queue it 15 seconds earlier please.

      ” if u can’t be REDACTED FOR NATIONAL SECURITY and conservative, then I’m not conservative”

    • Joshua says:

      And that was extremely well distilled SD. Sorry I admit I just wanted to post that video for some Reason the second I saw “about us” which is wierd cause I am a self identifified apostate. I don’t know why that video came to my mind. I don’t assume to presume to grant myself memebership in any club that would accept me (yes that’s half stolen but half is me).

      I can’t improve on ur prose above even if I was to dig into my safety deposit box. A++

      I remember this though
      This is what Obama did in my face

      “To Adorn it with its flaw is to Promote its fracturing”
      “same as with children”

      Truth is a problem for them. It can’t be destroyed. This is a serious problem for them. So they must seek to change it but they can’t. And around and round the circle it goes.
      What o what is in the centre?
      Is it even real?
      I don’t know.

      That was a lie. I did know. Their Center is empty. So they strive to fill it but they ignore Him.

      So it will not end well for those. Seconds will become hours and hours will become eternity as they stare into nothing and nothing will look back at them for they choose not to see.

  195. trump2016ourlastchance says:

    Any idea why I cannot Like any other comments here? I can still reply.

  196. Sugarhillhardrock says:

    Sundance or Adrem,
    I hope you can help me. When I go to the TCTH website on my android phone for the last 5 days the site comes up and almost immediately I get hit with an ” Amazon” gift notification that knocks me off the website.
    It makes the site inaccessible. As soon as I go back to it pops up again.
    The notification contains bad grammar and is obviously some sort of Phishing attempt.
    I also get one that says “detected by Google” which says if I don’t get in touch my phone will die in 24 hours.
    Given that I can’t access the best site on the internet, I’m frustrated and hope you have an answer or suggestion.
    My PC has security protection that filters this out.
    Thanks, and I trust you might have a solution.

    Charlie Gallagher
    [email protected]

  197. Gaffer says:

    Love the site! Best info I can find on the swamp and deep state that doesn’t wear tin foil.
    One question – is anyone watching deep state/pentagon efforts to get us in a war with Iran? Good for LM stock price and generous (on a personal basis and under the table) ‘friends’ in Saudi and Israel. It’ll kill some sailors, but hey, it’s an all volunteer force.

  198. Julie Woods Hill says:

    Thank you so much for this well thought out and written piece. In one small article you have articulated exactly how I grew up understanding how this great nation works, how I felt love, strength and self empowerment growing up with Conservative parents. It’s been such a struggle that last decade or so watching, living and feeling the negativity drain this nation from the Liberal and All these Aggressive Progressives. Bless you all!

  199. Chris Stark says:

    How do I join?
    Link please

  200. LULU says:

    Is it Tree House or Treehouse? Seeing it differently named here and elsewhere.

  201. Roger Eles says:

    This site is great. You get the money to run the site from Russia, and it is hosted there as well, right?

    • rasser says:

      Roger, Im saying a prayer for you tonight, on the day mr president won bigly on trade fulfilling yet another campaign promise, that you find your path to become a decent, moral, respectful citizen of our great country. Those who are sundance are patriots and keep providing a great service to us and our great country.

  202. John Cannon says:

    Thank you

  203. Kristen Stocking says:

    Thank you for this incredible summary of…well…everything that’s been going through my mind of late, but I just can’t always express it clearly. I shall save this. And share it with my teen daughters. They are certainly not getting this type of explanation at school.
    God bless you, and thanks for another online “home” for conservative conversation.

  204. letty bromenschenkel says:

    it is such a perfect day

  205. It seems my comments are blocked. Why am I being censored?

  206. augustus1 says:

    Also first timer to post but been a follower. Splendid early vote info. Encouraging. Enjoy the “on the ground” voter info. Helpful.

  207. cantcforest says:

    Why can I leave a reply or comment, but am unable to ‘like’ a comment?

  208. Daniel Lawson says:

    I am thankful, daily, for this refuge and the truth it provides. Together, we are united.

  209. Joelle Mellissa Doran says:

    As a Massachusetts native who lived through the Catholic Church child abuse scandal, I can certainly recognize a Liberal-Socialist when I see one.
    The litmus test always amounts to his/her attitude toward the basic human understanding about “personal accountability”.
    Socialists (liberals) will always make excuses for those who do not choose to be personally accountable for their themselves or their families.
    Our sectarian society has been purposefully engineered over the last few generations by faithless and unaccountable malcontents.
    Our faith-based conservative values will always be rooted in our conviction that we are all accountable for our own actions and inactions.
    On this Thanksgiving Day, I am grateful for all other conservatives who teach their children well about personal accountability. Love and gratitude to each of you.

  210. Not Sure says:

    Have followed the last refuge and numerous other posters on Twitter until recently, when it seems I’m being whittled down to just a few now. Loomer, Impedator Rex, Matt Bracken, Thomas Wictor to name a few have either been banned or have chosen to move on and I think it’s time for me to do the same. All in all, it’s a good time to move to the conservative treehouse website and leave twitter to fend on its own, rather than die the slow death of the censorship of truly useful news that is crucial to navigate this world.

    It seems the right thing to do, going “Galt,” as why shake your fist at the owner of Twitter, while you are powerless to change their mind of who and what they will remove in the name of “diversity.” Maybe if enough drop off the Twitter universe, they will die of their own lack of anything useful to add to society.

  211. Marhabal says:

    Discovered this site today while reading Powerline comments. Jubilant that I am not only one that thinks this way!!!!
    I’ve given up on the Republican Party because they rarely deliver.
    President Trump’s election was providential IMHO. It is great to exchange ideas but how do we get things done and move the ball down field? Any ideas would be welcome.
    A grateful veteran,

  212. C R Lord says:

    I am sorry to see CTH go away from conservative roots to become exclusive and unwilling to hear views that they think are unworthy to consider on their site. I always thought this was a place for open discourse but I guess either I am wrong or the site has become hypocritical in claiming one thing and doing the other. When views are presented here in a respectful manner and refused that makes this site no better than any other secular media site online and therefore a farce. I thank those who came here with open minds and hearts because they were helpful and a blessing. I am sorry to see this site degenerate into an exclusive clubhouse with a lot of negativity posted daily.

    I pray that one day you will see your error and how ignorant it is to close out those who don’t follow your belief system and are shut out. Free speech is American but not welcome here anymore.

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  217. sumoyokozuna says:

    my name shows up here ….but for some reason, I don’t receive your daily postings of the Last Refuge in my mailbox…Ive looked in junk too….not there…unless you haven’t sent anything out in the last 5 days

  218. Glad to join the conversation.

  219. Have you considered adding a paragraph about family, mariage, children and differences in how liberals and conservatives view such a fundamental building block of a healthy society, strong culture, stable nation – liberals would despise and deconstruct (Marxism), whereas conservatives cherish and build ? Thank you

    • givmeliberty says:

      Sorry I am replying so late (10 months) but I just started to get into really reading what everyone is writing here, I agree that the things you mention about the differences in the viewpoints of liberals and conservatives.

      These writings should be pursued (if they have not been already done).

      Shining the light of truth on all the corruption in DC will take a lots of guts and perseverance. This needs to happen to help those who are part of the solution and not part of the problem. I consider efforts made at The Last Refuge to be a great part of advancing solutions !

  220. radiods says:

    I encourage the Last Refuge to open a GAB.ai account and mirror its tweets to GAB. Each day, more and more people are having their twitter accounts suspended or locked by Twitter for engaging in nothing more than a defense of America, free speech and Trump. We need the news and commentary of the Last Refuge on GAB to prepare for 2020.

    It’s easy to be verified. Come on over.

    • JCase says:

      I was targeted, attacked electronically & DOA with my posts there. I emailed & requested assistance from the gab staff – which turned a blind eye to my requests for assistance. gab proved to be just another fb & twitter.

  221. I TrulyThankful Treehouse Refuge for E-Qual Truth news I can always come here,

  222. Clinton Burns says:

    I appreciate all that you do. Your ability to bring the complex down to a level of clarity is amazing.

    Thank you

  223. Sarah Palin sarahpalin.com says:


  224. Sarah Palin sarahpalin.com says:


  225. SJTP says:

    This website is an absolute blessing, and the above “about us” statement is one of the most cogent and eloquent summaries I’ve read that addresses not only our political reality, but in many ways our spiritual reality. (It is reminiscent of Thomas Sowell’s writings in his book, Conflict of Visions.) I have been reading these pages for a few months now, and have found the insights contained therein to be very perceptive and wise, if not prophetic. Godspeed, and pray fervently in Jesus’ name, lovers of liberty. There is a great and ancient evil amassing in the world.

    • lovinghoobear says:

      Dittos that, SJTP. This place is a blessing.

      Note: I created a new account because the site wasn’t recognizing me (usually) ‘liking’ posts under my old google log-in (DW). Still having issues. Oh well, probably a problem on my end. Anyway, your post deserves another ‘like’ !

  226. sumoyokozuna says:

    why do I keep getting booted off “The Last Refuge”??
    every three or four months you disappear…Ive been trying to sign up again, but can’t seem to make it this time,

  227. BigDaveLA says:

    Sundance, your site is being hijacked by this iPhone malware and I cannot read your site on my phone. The Daily Caller had this issue a few weeks ago and apparently solved it. Hopefully you can resolve it quickly. Love the Treehouse!

  228. John Obrien says:

    I love how you care about us Americans
    and our freedom. How you share the truth
    to us and reveal the lies of the left.
    Thank You for shining the light on the darkness
    that the democrats do!

  229. Road Rage says:

    Inspirational. I have been reading here for about 6 months and have made a few comments, but just saw this About Us today. I am tired of reading short biographies of people. Yes you should be proud of your advanced degrees(I have 4 years of post-graduate) but I don’t even tell people about mine and I certainly don’t care about anyone’s LLM from Harvard. Especially since that LLM normally leads to a government job.

    Thomas Jefferson had 150 government jobs. In this modern age The U.S. could probably get by with 10,000. I live in a foreign country that has a 11% tax rate including Medicare for all(along with a wonderful and cheap private system) and we get by just fine(Latin America) with a relatively small government.

    This is a great site and I intend to support you by responding to your advertisers as much as I can.

    • lotbusyexec says:

      Glad to have so many new treeper’s and hope you find the limbs welcoming. Just so you know aside from supporting the Word Press advertisers there is also a yellow donate button on the upper right corner of site which directly supports Sundance and this terrific site.

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  231. Deb Bassett says:

    I am happy to have found this site. From one conservative to another. I love this country, I still cry when I hear the National Anthem. God Bless America.

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  233. Watts not said says:

    I would like to see some items on how the attacks on pdjt adversly impact his ability to negotiate a trade deal….and how the left is hurting the little guy they are supposed to be helping.

    It seems like every time there is an attack by the house a day later china renigs.

    Some specifics of the trade deal with china would be useful (supposedly 175 pages).

    I would also like to see more stories of chinas unfair competition including devaluation, ip theft, free capital, forced tech transfer, free materials, joint venture abuse, …..

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  235. As a long-time reader, I’ve noticed an irritating, very repetitive intrusion when hitting the “continued” button with Treehouse articles: the page turns into a required invitation to upgrade to a new Adobe Acrobat. And you cannot (or at least my Mac cannot) simply kill the page ad because doing so takes me out of all current browser pages and I have to open up Treehouse again and find the article, which this time usually runs without the intrusion. Just thought I’d mention this if some nefarious controller somewhere in the web is trying to discourage reading the Treehouse. I can imagine all sorts of quiet, nefarious methods that gatekeepers might use to limit conservative information. But I suppose this could be a one-off issue with my computer (running latest Safari update), but that I doubt.

  236. nan68 says:

    Thankful for finding ConservativeTreehouse. It is time to circle the wagon train??

  237. Debbie says:

    I’ve been trying 2 think of a way to mobilize in each city state. Its x to b heard we hv been silent too long. Republican senators don’t do anything a few hor repubs speak out. The Republicans hv no guts maybe cuz they r trying to hide something themself besides there hate for P.T. also. So we need to come out of the closet and speak out and show r self and help get the truth out there. Stop democ from subpoena only conservatives then belittle them during this and not letting them talk. Especially Tlabi and Omar who bring n there anti semitic remarks and they kno zero. So who wants to do this.

  238. I just found this site via a link from a comment on another conservative site. We are out here, and have been silent for too long, likely fearful of being attacked by those who would suppress free speech to push their evil agenda. I hope and pray that this will change soon, and will do whatever I can, with my limited resources, to make it happen. You have a new reader.

  239. Disruptor says:

    Whistleblower = Eric Ciaramella?

  240. Raptor says:

    I love your site, but I am hoping someone can give me the email address so that I can discuss my inability to “like” posts by other readers. Thank you in advance.

    • nimrodman says:

      That’s likely a WordPress or device issue

      WordPress is a blog software interface in which Treehouse lives and that facilitates your commenting and ‘liking’

      Have you created a WordPress account and are able to log in to it?

      People using smartphones seem to often have difficulty

      Have you tried to access the Treehouse on a desktop computer?
      And logged in to WordPress there?

      That said, contact email for Treehouse admins is in the upper right corner of the page, but they’re quite busy so you’d be courteous by sorting out those WordPress and device questions before you trouble them

      – Contact Info: [email protected]

  241. Carla Woods says:

    It’s time for you guys to write a book and include each and every piece of evidence you’ve compiled.

  242. flynavy says:

    I’m very thankful for CTH and I wish i knew more about the writer. Such a great intellect.

  243. S&WJM625 says:

    New poster looong time reader. Thank you Sundance for info I could never discern on my own

  244. sumoyokozuna says:

    Love this site. Just wish it would quit disappearing on me. Difficult to get it back

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  246. Mike Murphy says:

    Just heard about your site on Rush…. Thank YOU and thanks Rush!!!

  247. Rene Freeman says:

    First time viewer. Now, lifetime viewer, and financial contributor. I have been asked why I believe in conservatism by my 20, and 26 year old children. I know, but I could not come up with a concise, (correct vocabulary), succinct, and simple description. What I just read is IT!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  248. Larkin Hyde says:

    An excellent description of the differences between liberals and conservatives.

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  250. mos0341 says:

    I had a tree house when I a kid. I fell one day while climbing the boards we nailed to the tree trunk. I did not break anything but was rendered unconscious. I say I didn’t break anything, but something happened because six years later I joined the Marine Corps instead of the Air Force.

  251. vincepiotet says:

    I just read the 2020 new year resolution and heartily agree.
    Corporate repentance and atonement as well.
    Learning to hug the wounded
    including my Lord
    and myself.

  252. Vincent Piotet says:

    I just read the 2020 new year resolution and heartily agree.
    Corporate repentance and atonement as well.
    Learning to hug the wounded
    including my Lord
    and myself.

  253. Vincent Piotet says:

    how do I contribute ?

  254. T2020 says:

    Haven’t seen an update in months. I have missed a lot. Hope the new year brings great peace and prosperity to all treepers.

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  256. wodiej says:

    I have to wonder why a conservative, principled website tolerates such vulgar, disrespectful comments about women, particularly referring to their looks. If someone objects they are labeled radical. This is a regular, everyday occurrence. White males object to being stereotyped and criticized yet they freely do this to women.

  257. Ron says:

    I’m not a USA citizen, and I don’t live there. But I’ve visited few times and worked with Americans in the past and being at the center of the western world makes the USA and what happens there of interest to citizens of other countries. I’m not here to attack, offend or impose, nor trying to promote an ideological position. I think we humans have the need to live in a decent and fair society. Different countries have achieved this under slightly different political and social systems. The western world in particular is characterized by capitalism, the rule of law, democratic elected governments, social responsibility, etc. Different systems, similar achievements. I’m always a bit amused at how liberalism and conservatism are defined in the USA, which are a bit different at how they are understood in other countries of the western world. Reading the about section I see that some of the attributes of USA conservatism includes attributes that liberals in other parts of the world assign to themselves. And liberalism outside USA includes characteristics of USA conservatism. Which is good, and it shows that possibly these concepts are not that different. In my personal experience, when participating of a conversation when someone self-identifies with liberalism or conservatism, I ask for clarification, asking to name three ideas/principles/concepts that are the most important to them. Most of the time, what they are looking for is quite similar to what I’m looking for, and if it’s not case, it makes the discussion more concise and precise, which is usually not the case when labels are discussed . Simply, my approach is to look for commonalities between people, and build a discussion from there. Or trying to understand the differences and see the merits of each position. Labeling, attributing qualities that may or may not be true never got me anywhere in any dialogue.

    • John Finn says:

      That is because Liberalism in America of today is not the Liberalism of 40-50 years ago. The rest of the world still perscribes to the principles of the later while today’s liberalism has been infiltrated by communists/socialists over that time into what we see today.

    • gary says:

      similar achievements? to america? i refer you to gordon sinclair. youtube video. ‘THE AMERICANS’

  258. Jane says:

    Best explanation in of conservative and liberal ideology I’ve ever read. Thank you!

  259. Yo says:

    I just heard you mentioned on the America Can We Talk…with Debbie G…so icame on over to CK you guys out! Incredible…

  260. Nattydreadbushdoc says:

    You tracking this EARN IT bill that Graham is pushing?

  261. whoseyore says:

    Ad Rem,
    Why is my comment at 6:51 being held?

  262. gary says:

    i’d say the governor is a one termer.

  263. Bill says:

    I like it thanks

  264. Rynn69 says:

    Why can I not post anymore? What happened?

  265. linda cooper says:

    How do i subscribe?

  266. Bob Mack says:

    sorry to be such a dork but i’m slightly confused and have only been stopping by to read stuff for a couple of years, I guess, tho with increasing intensity to the point where now i check in religiously several times a day. so first of all, thanks “sundance” — you’re rocking my ass off! i only have one slight problem/question: i wanted to know more about yesterdays entry about the treasury department whistleblower, and I typed “treasury whistleblower complaint 2020” into google search and clicked on something from americanbhuddist.net, primarily because their article was entitled “Three recent deep-background stories that describe how political spying happened under obama.” The first article linked to the ohio star. the second article linked to your piece from yesterday. And the third article linked to something described as (Obama Exposed: There Were No FISA Warrants, There Was No Incidental Surveillance, There Was The Hammer — The Persecution Of General Flynn). I clicked and was sent to the American Report, which, let me double check, yeah, i don’t see in your list of friendly colleagues headed by American Thinker [which is great by the way, out of San Diego no less]. Anyway, I’m afraid I may have just answered my own question, though! When I went to check that list of other online colleagues, i noticed that in fact you do have a search function for the website, so i will quit bothering you and get back to work. what i was going to ask you about is the whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery, but I’ll see for myself whether you have brought him up before. Either way, the article is fascinating and yet only hints at what they refer to as “the hammer.” And at the end of that piece they refer you to another article entitled “The Hammer Is The Key to The Coup,” which is something U.S. Navy Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons said on his death bed to U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney (Ret.). It’s all very much a mind blower, so i guess my parting question would be where in all this “the hammer” comes into play, or is “the hammer” just another name for the nsa database? I think they may be separate. if so, our only query would be what’s up with the hammer? oh! and do you guys need any help? i’d love to volunteer in your mail room during the election season. forgive my naiveté and ignorance. bless you for your incomparable commitment. best of luck. bob

  267. cantcforest says:

    Bob M. I’ve only been here for 3 or 4 years, but CTH is the bomb. You don’t get endless “sources say” The downside is you get a ton of very smart people expressing different points of view. Unfortunately, half of them are lawyers who will gleefully argue over the minutiae of law.
    I’m here for a different purpose however. I’m not a lawyer, and when the discussion becomes arcane, I try to gently protest. When I occasionally think I can add value, I do try to comment. I try to look at my comment’s likes to insure that I’m not being snarky. However, WordPress’s randomly deciding that I need to log in (or reply) discourages that.. This evening, a new WordPress glitch. i’ve made a couple of comment and WordPress is sending replies to me from someone or some threads which I don’t recognize.

  268. cantcforest says:

    Sundance, thank you for you constant dedication and excellence.
    God bless you and yours, and Treepers everywhere.

  269. Mark M Novak says:

    A breath of real American patriots. My first visit to this site and I’m encouraged to explore more…. Trump2020

  270. randoo49er says:

    I’m glad I discovered you b/c I now have another credible conservative news source to turn to for reliable information. Thanks for doing what you do!

  271. JC says:

    Please write something about the AOC tweet that she deleted. This tweet is proof of their goals. Government elected officials do not have the right to keep citizens unemployed and destroy the economy for control. If I’m not mistaken, they take an oath to uphold the constitution. Making citizens suffer because they didn’t vote for them is evil. Why are we not being protected from this tyranny?

  272. Can you all take a look at this?
    I have genuinely solved the Seth Rich/DNC leak case.


    • dallasdan says:

      The truth will never be revealed/admitted by the government. Any CIA/FBI/DOJ involvement would be too much of a shock to the nation…that is the “company line”…am I right?

  273. Michele Ferguson says:

    Love your vision and mission. We need your intellectual approach NOW more than ever! We must NOT be silenced.

  274. dallasdan says:

    Your work has an incalculably great value to legitimate historians everywhere. May God bless you and keep you safe.

  275. islandpalmtrees says:

    Something for your consideration. In an effort to find a replacement for Youtube. I have come across what appears to be a potential replacement called UGETube. Note: the actual owners of this site are unknown to me.


  276. Terry Lemmons says:

    My favorite place to hang out & with the best people in our great & beautiful country. God Bless All.

  277. Karen A Stasiak says:

    Sundance is inspirational, as are you all. I’d love to pull up a rock to the campfire.

  278. AJ. says:

    The Case for COVID-19

    “Anuja Sonalker, CEO of Steer Tech, a Maryland-based company selling self-parking technology, recently summed up the new virus-personalized pitch. “There has been a distinct warming up to human-less, contactless technology,” she said. “Humans are biohazards, machines are not.”


    “ OR A FEW fleeting moments during New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s daily coronavirus briefing on Wednesday, the somber grimace that has filled our screens for weeks was briefly replaced by something resembling a smile.
    “We are ready, we’re all-in,” the governor gushed. “We are New Yorkers, so we’re aggressive about it, we’re ambitious about it. … We realize that change is not only imminent, but it can actually be a friend if done the right way.”

    The inspiration for these uncharacteristically good vibes was a video visit from former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who joined the governor’s briefing to announce that he will be heading up a blue-ribbon commission to reimagine New York state’s post-Covid reality, with an emphasis on permanently integrating technology into every aspect of civic life.

    “The first priorities of what we’re trying to do,” Schmidt said, “are focused on telehealth, remote learning, and broadband. … We need to look for solutions that can be presented now, and accelerated, and use technology to make things better.” Lest there be any doubt that the former Google chair’s goals were purely benevolent, his video background featured a framed pair of golden angel wings.

    Just one day earlier, Cuomo had announced a similar partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop “a smarter education system.” Calling Gates a “visionary,” Cuomo said the pandemic has created “a moment in history when we can actually incorporate and advance [Gates’s] ideas … all these buildings, all these physical classrooms — why with all the technology you have?” he asked, apparently rhetorically.

    It has taken some time to gel, but something resembling a coherent Pandemic Shock Doctrine is beginning to emerge. Call it the “Screen New Deal.” Far more high-tech than anything we have seen during previous disasters, the future that is being rushed into being as the bodies still pile up treats our past weeks of physical isolation not as a painful necessity to save lives, but as a living laboratory for a permanent — and highly profitable — no-touch future.

    It’s a future in which our homes are never again exclusively personal spaces but are also, via high-speed digital connectivity, our schools, our doctor’s offices, our gyms, and, if determined by the state, our jails. Of course, for many of us, those same homes were already turning into our never-off workplaces and our primary entertainment venues before the pandemic, and surveillance incarceration “in the community” was already booming. But in the future under hasty construction, all of these trends are poised for a warp-speed acceleration.

    This is a future in which, for the privileged, almost everything is home delivered, either virtually via streaming and cloud technology, or physically via driverless vehicle or drone, then screen “shared” on a mediated platform. It’s a future that employs far fewer teachers, doctors, and drivers. It accepts no cash or credit cards (under guise of virus control) and has skeletal mass transit and far less live art. It’s a future that claims to be run on “artificial intelligence” but is actually held together by tens of millions of anonymous workers tucked away in warehouses, data centers, content moderation mills, electronic sweatshops, lithium mines, industrial farms, meat-processing plants, and prisons, where they are left unprotected from disease and hyperexploitation. It’s a future in which our every move, our every word, our every relationship is trackable, traceable, and data-mineable by unprecedented collaborations between government and tech giants.

    • AJ. says:

      Sounds sucky….don’t it.

      • Dwayne Diesel says:

        Which is why the push for the digital currency. They can track you relentlessly. There is no more freedom. The watchers will know all- whee you are, where you are going, what you are watching, what you are typing, what you are saying, and even what cars you drive and where (especially if it’s a model 2018 and newer).

    • cjzak says:

      ugh.That is awful to contemplate, especially when I think of my little grandchildren and their future. It kills me now that the kidergartners have to wear masks to school. What you have presented is frighteningly worse and we all live in the great gulag called NY led by the master tyrant ACuomo.

  279. Sundance, thanks for all that you do. Praying for your (and our) success.

  280. Griemen says:

    God bless you Sundance. Thanks for your incredible dedication.

  281. Thank you for the work you do and allowing us to journey with you through these trying times.
    I appreciate the research you share.

  282. alrisu says:

    For years I have sat by this campfire and enjoyed its light in this darkness.
    Thank you Sundance

    Yet a little while and the wicked man will be no more;
    And you will look carefully for his place and he will not be there.
    psalm 37

  283. Lesley Satterlee says:

    I needed to hear this NOW. Well written and well received

  284. AJ. says:

    Hi SD,

    Please watch this whole thing. It may actually inspire you a bit to know that we are not the only ones who are frustrated by a seemingly rigged system. I think we need to keep confronting our elected officials with the truth. Have you ever considered You Tube platform to get your info out? https://youtu.be/wr7BKEcv5UE
    I give you much credit for what you’re doing! God Bless!

  285. Thank you Ad Rem, Stella, Menagerie, WeeWeed and everyone else who has worked so hard keeping this site up and working. I know that wordpress really gives y’all a serious workout. And thank you for getting me out of the wordpress “awaiting moderation” jail and a BIG plus is that I can “like” other’s comments again. And another BIG thank you to Sundance for ALL you have done trying to help us to understand how crooked the swamp is and how badly endangered our country is because of them. Thank you so much!

  286. Sundance , you are a breath of fresh air. When the lantern is lit I know you will be there to lead the charge. As I was taught many years ago ” Onward Christian soldiers”. Also to a fellow patriot whom I admire and respect for his courage to stand up against the cabal..Gen Michael Flynn

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  288. USA Citizen says:

    The Democrat Party is no longer the party my grandfather supported and voted for. If my grandfather knew what the Democrat Party is like now, he would turn over in his grave with horror. It’s now a Socialist Party. Remember what happened when Venezuela and Cuba voted for a Socialist Leader? Now the people are trying to get away from their Socialist country and want to come to America, because they are starving. Do you want America to become a Socialist country too??? I don’t think so. Vote for President Donald J. Trump for President November 3rd so we can keep our country safe, free and prosperous and great like America has always been.

  289. PaulCohen says:

    WP is really messing up CTH !!??

    I can’t get to the main site at all….

  290. Karmy says:

    Sundance have you seen this?

    Breaking news that Obama et al murdered Seal Team 6?


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  294. cjzak says:

    Another great article full of such insight and spot on analysis. I found my branch when I climbed aboard the Trump Train in 2015. I wasn’t sold on DJT at the beginning but he started to resonate with my sense of love of country and respect for our citizens and just the plain old hard work he was willing to do for the benefit of us all. Sundance et al does the same thing and I am ever grateful I found my way to my small but sturdy branch at the Treehouse. Thank you all who keep this site going and full of energy and information!

  295. Sandra Clarke says:

    How do you join Treehouse?

  296. My wife and I voted early here in far northeastern Dallas County. Blue county with heavy but smaller pockets of red.

    Our motto is “Just say no to ChiCom Joe”.

    Drove by the polling place – City of Sachse Senior Center earlier this morning. Sachse is right next to Garland which is usually a heavy blue city. Saw no one waiting in line. Talked to one person who was holding an Angie Chen Button (R) sign. He said turn out had been light but steady. During early voting the line was often down the side of the building. I guess most people voted early. I’ll probably drive later for another look.

  297. David Vasquez says:

    Keep fighting the good fight. To relent is to expire.

  298. beardandman says:

    Great read

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  300. allenrizzi says:

    It looks like you have been removed from the WordPress search site. Censorship?

  301. Sharon says:

    I have just stumbled across your site (following a link in a post from my Minds account) and am tingling all over after reading your comparison/explanation of the Liberal and Conservative mindsets – as you see it.

    For me, this is perfectly expressed, articulating with great clarity in academic language, but also alluding to the deep spiritual aspect that I know is at the heart EVERYTHING we do as humans: the struggle between good (love) and evil (fear).

    THANK YOU. This has made my day, you have an excited new fan and follower.

  302. LexPatriot says:

    Looking to connect with other conservatives. I’m in central Kentucky. Thanks for taking time to create and maintain your site.

  303. Deplatformed????? Please let me know by email where you end up. Love ya’ll.

  304. Misty says:

    Thank you so much for these incredibly insightful words.

  305. Leah says:

    How can we help you in the fight against big tech and censorship? Do you have a email newsletter? That may be the way to go. If so, I would like to subscribe.

  306. Please add me to email

  307. Lillian DeAngelo says:

    As I read this, I kept shaking my head yes, yes that’s me, not depending on others. This is a succinct explanation of conservatives and liberals.

  308. Todd says:

    How can I join so I can be informed of where you go? I stumbled across you on Parlor!

  309. Eleanore Blacketer says:

    Where do I subscribe? I want to be sure to be able to track you.

  310. Elizabeth Vasseur says:

    I’m wondering why it’s taken me so long to find this treehouse! Such a breath of freshness!

  311. yes, all of this.
    I’m glad I clicked and dropped into this rabbit hole.

  312. Renae Greene says:

    Very good explanation of conservatism.

  313. jay says:

    Since wordpress is booting you guys because they suck, you should come to DataBank and we will
    make you a great deal to host you guys!!

  314. Chunky the Monkey says:

    “Don’t worry if you work hard and your rewards are few, remember the mighty acorn was once a nut like you”

  315. Stanley says:

    Do you have a social media account or a YouTube channel?

  316. Misha Berra says:

    Straight from a respected psychiatrist –
    Quote of the day—Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., M.D.
    Posted on December 16, 2019 by Joe

    The radical liberal mind is trapped in his bitter cynicism because he suffered certain kinds of neglect, deprivation and abuse at an early age and has had as a consequence to deny, as if they don’t exist, whole realms of human experience, because awareness of those realms is emotionally painful beyond his tolerance. He has not had as an infant and toddler the deeply formative benefits of engagement, love, tenderness, protection and empathy that would allow him to understand and participate happily in the human benevolence that is everywhere available to him as an adult.
    To the radical liberal who is blind to an entire realm of interpersonal experience, and who distorts the realities of spontaneous cooperation in every community where freedom prevails, America and Trump are devils that must be stopped from destroying the world. The radical liberal and the Trump-deranged individual see only the projections onto others of their own inner badness, greed, predation, exclusion, prejudice, bigotry, envy, jealousy and exploitative impulses. They don’t see, beyond Trump’s personality faults, his goodwill for America, his generosity toward veterans and other Americans, his grandiose but effective identification with the greatness of America. The dysfunctional families which radical liberals and Trump-deranged sufferers come from are the source of their projections of badness onto our country. What they see in present-day America are transference versions of their own early traumas.
    Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., M.D.

  317. Tracy says:

    Thanks for this! I like your platform!

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