McCabe’s Timing – President Trump Responds To Asst. FBI Director “Andy” McCabe Conspicuous Timing – IG Has Over 1.2 Million Pages of Evidence…

Earlier today the Washington Post reported that Asst. FBI Director Andrew McCabe is planning on retiring on/around March 2018; timed to receive pension benefits.

President Trump notes the conspicuous timing of Andrew McCabe’s decision:

It is important to note that in prior congressional testimony by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, the Department of Justice OIG (Office of Inspector General) has committed to release over 1.2 million pages of documents on January 15th, 2018 to the Judiciary Committee.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein affirmed the investigative documents would be released to Chairman Goodlatte and House investigators.  This release is important to overlay against the backdrop of the McCabe decision to retire.

The Inspector General may, or may not, be complete with his investigative report on/around January 15th.  However, with the House Oversight (Gowdy) and Judiciary (Goodlatte) Committees both launching investigations they are not waiting for Inspector General Michael Horowitz to conclude his final report.

(L-R) Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

The Office of Inspector General (Horowitz) and Congress (Oversight / Judiciary) cannot independently file criminal indictments based on their investigative outcomes; that decision is up to the Department of Justice (AG Sessions, DAG Rosenstein).

The reason Goodlatte has requested the 1.2 million pages of investigative documents (collected during a year-long IG investigation of the politicization of the FBI and DOJ) is because a Special Prosecutor can independently bring criminal indictments.  Here’s where we see the clarity of the IG (Horowitz) and House Judiciary (Goodlatte) working together.

Watch Tweet Video Snippet:

Chairman Goodlatte is positioning the Judiciary Committee to collect the evidence from the Inspector General, in order to launch a Special Prosecutor investigation based on the documents (evidence) within the lengthy OIG report.

This creates a parallel option for Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

♦Option #1) the Special Prosecutor goes forward toward indictments based on the OIG findings; a massive year-long investigation.

♦Option #2) A new DOJ investigation assigned toward criminal indictments, again using the OIG findings from Horowitz; the massive year-long investigation.

Both options become fully available after Inspector General Horowitz releases his report (date unknown). However, prior to Horowitz releasing his full report, the first prosecutorial option is available based on the interim findings, the 1.2 million pages due on January 15th.

Both routes, a special prosecutor investigation assigned by congress, or a criminal probe opened by Sessions, end in a place where indictments are likely. The difference between both routes available is the time-line. However, neither investigation will require too much time because IG Horowitz will be providing almost all of the underlying evidence.

Either the congressional Special Prosecutor approach, or the DOJ prosecutor approach, will only require the prosecutor to conduct interviews to enhance the massive amount of evidence already provided by IG Horowitz.

The bottom line is: the “Gig Is Up”…. the “Ruse is exposed”…. the “plot is evident”.

Important to note and emphasize here.

The 2016 DOJ and FBI “Trump Project” is in full sunlight.

It’s no longer a matter of ‘did the events happen’, the entire narrative is now focused on who was behind the specific events that clearly DID happen?

President Trump’s tweets today are highlighting that shift.

That shift is also what is causing the massive anxiety amid all of the co-conspirators to increase exponentially in the past week.



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456 Responses to McCabe’s Timing – President Trump Responds To Asst. FBI Director “Andy” McCabe Conspicuous Timing – IG Has Over 1.2 Million Pages of Evidence…

  1. based off the prelim information out. What laws did anyone in doj or fbi break though? Fbi/DOJ could have political opinions and if it effected their investigation, what then? Obstruction of Justice?


    • phoenixRising says:

      You’re joking, right?
      Start w/1) conspiracy: to bring down a sitting president
      2) to illegally obtain a FISA warrant
      3) to illegally members of a presidential candidate campaign members
      4) to create a non-factual dossier on an oppositional candidate and to use it etc/
      5) to cover up crimes of HRC
      and on and on…
      the problem as I (an average American, lacking legal expertise) see it is not what they should be charged with, but where do the charges end…

      Have you been paying attention, reading, researching any at all? .

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    • Johnnyreb says:

      Why do you think Shrillary said that “if that SOB wins we all hang!”.


    • arnash says:

      The crimes of the swamp are more extensive than those mentioned, since they also cover the Hillary Dept. of State Uranium One deal, -and the cover-up of her criminality regarding her private server and all the secrets that it hid.
      Finding out who obstructed justice and participated in the corruption in those two matters greatly expands the scope of criminality beyond the dossier matter.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The Great Kazoo says:

    Looks like someone is finally going to drain the swamp.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Melissa Marietta says:

    The truth will set us (the American people) free ………. from corruption deep within our heads of govt. Pres Trump is the man who is wise to their tactics and the man willing to go after them, which is why they (the deep state) are out to get POTUS. We need to continue to pray for hedge of protection around the Trump team.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mike says:

      As I see it…….although these events may not set us “free”, they WILL swing the pendulum back more realistically toward center swing.

      Although I sit and watch in hopeful anticipation……I cannot help, but to also be wary. The coordination to pull off such a feat as “draining the swamp” requires a great deal of foresight, cooperation and execution. As power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely…….who are we to NOT be cautious that we trade one set of swamp creature(s) for another.

      That and I’m upset that I have to keep refilling my popcorn.

      Liked by 1 person

      • arnash says:

        Don’t be pessimistic since we have the very recent example of the federal swamp in Brazil being ‘drained’ as patriotic judges and lawyer indicted the entire leadership of the country on corruption charges, -with lots of evidence of ‘collusion’ within the executive and legislative branches..


  4. PRODUCE The elusive Mr. STRZOK!!!! Where is he? Are they trying to pull another fast one on the American people? What about Lisa? Why aren’t these people being questioned? It’s unheard of that an FBI agent would be transferred to the PR office for committing a crimes.

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  5. ron n. says:

    Trump needs to tell McCAbe; remember how you and your democrat buddies were trying to bend me over ? Guess what’s coming in your future, McCabe, and before 90 days passes !

    Liked by 1 person

  6. old farta says:

    Oh my god.

    Liked by 1 person

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