Trump Arizona Venue Announced: Phoenix Convention Center, Wed August 31st 6:00pm

Trump arizona 4Hot Ticket sure to fly fast.  This is the most anticipated event since the GOP convention in Cleveland and will likely be the most watched, most talked about and most dramatic of all Donald Trump’s speeches to date.

Candidate Donald Trump will deliver his historic immigration enforcement policy speech in Arizona Wednesday evening August 31st.

The bigly venue is familiar, it’s the Phoenix Convention Center and the speech is currently timed for delivery at 6:00pm local.

Doors to the convention center will open at 3:00pm local.  Security will be very tight.  International reporters from around the globe are en route. Thousands will be in attendance and millions are sure to tune in to watch the broadcast on U.S and international broadcasts and Live Stream feeds. Continue reading

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Typical Cruz Sycophant – Colorado Activists Campaigning To Help Hillary Clinton…

Typical of the Ted Cruz mindset, a Colorado Republican activist and Ted Cruz Supporter, Regina Thomson, is coordinating attack ads against Donald Trump:

Regina Thomson 1

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Gallup Poll: Donald Trump Currently Holds 32% of National Hispanic Vote…

Stop The Presses…..

2 candidate trump vs clinton - Gallup Hispanic

There’s something odd that seems to consistently happen when corporate Wall Street media narratives are in diametric opposition to factual reality; they begin a process of trying to quantify their fallacy.

An example today comes from the notoriously globalist-minded Gallup Polling Group. But first, it’s important to understand the Gallup ideology (just to avoid being labeled “conspiratorial” etc.) – in their own words:

[…] Gallup has committed the next century to achieving a global endeavor of peerless magnitude, integrity, and strategic value — the Gallup World Poll. Gallup’s World Poll continually surveys the wellbeing, behaviors, and attitudes of the world’s citizens in more than 130 countries and areas — from the steppes of Central Asia to the savannahs of Africa — and provides a new access point to the voices, hearts, and minds of samples representing 95% of the Earth’s adult population. Worldwide core questions, as well as region-specific questions, are asked across countries over time, which enables leaders to compare data and spot emerging social and economic trends.

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

Beer is Proof that God Loves Us

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Ann Coulter Enters UniParty Lair Guarded by Alan Greenspan’s Wife…

Ann Coulter is interviewed by Alan Greenspan’s wife on MSNBC. The key topic is immigration and how to deal with the illegal aliens currently in the U.S.:

RELATED – Notably, U.S.-born Hispanics’ views of the candidates are similar to those of the larger population of national adults. Forty-three percent of U.S.-born Hispanics and 44% of national adults view Clinton favorably. Twenty-nine percent of U.S.-born Hispanics view Trump favorably, while his favorability is 34% among national adults.

Therefore, Clinton owes a lot of her overall image advantage among Hispanics to those born outside the U.S. (link)

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Gone Girl – Key Clinton Aide Splits From Husband Anthony Weiner…

Everything is survivable until it has the potential to impact a Clinton:

Anthony Weiner & Huma Abedin

“After long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, I have made the decision to separate from my husband. Anthony and I remain devoted to doing what is best for our son, who is the light of our life. During this difficult time, I ask for respect for our privacy,”
~ Huma Abedin

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HuffPo Writer Finds Out What Happens When You Mention “Hillary’s Health”…

Just like Dr. Drew Pinsky, Huffington Post writer/author, David Seamon, finds out what happens if you discuss Hillary Clinton’s health.  You get the Clinton scrub.

“I’m not clumsy or accident prone”…

LOL, cute…. As if that’ll help ya kid. Polonium-210 is a colorless and odorless addition to the pesky toothbrush of the non-compliant, comrade citizen.

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