Court Ruling – President Obama Broke Law With FISA Warrant Spying on Americans…

A newly released court order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) found the Obama NSA routinely violated American privacy protections as his administration and officials scoured through overseas intercepts and targeted U.S. citizens.

The Obama administration failed to disclose the extent of the unlawful activity until just before the election in 2016. The FISA court ruling states the illegal searches conducted by the NSA under Obama were “widespread” and created a “very serious Fourth Amendment issue.”   Video explanation via Judicial Watch:

A pdf of the ruling is below.

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Warped Priorities – British Taxpayers Paid Manchester Terrorist to Kill Their Children…

While it doesn’t come as a significant surprise the latest development in the Manchester bombing shows the financiers for the terrorist attack were U.K. taxpayers.

Yes, the British people actually paid Salman Abedi to kill themselves and their children:

Telegraph –  Salman Abedi is understood to have received thousands of pounds in state funding in the run up to Monday’s atrocity even while he was overseas receiving bomb-making training.

Police are investigating Abedi’s finances, including how he paid for frequent trips to Libya where he is thought to have been taught to make bombs at a jihadist training camp.

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Oh Canada…

…those NAFTA renegotiations are going to be so much fun:

“I’m too sexy for my socks”…

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Al-Sisi Strikes Back – Egyptian Fighter Jets Bomb Eastern Libya Terrorist Camps…

“America stands with President al-Sisi and all the Egyptian people today, and always, as we fight to defeat this common enemy.  America also makes clear to its friends, allies, and partners that the treasured and historic Christian Communities of the Middle East must be defended and protected.”

~ U.S. President Donald J Trump

Following the terrorist attack against Coptic Christians in Egypt, Egyptian military jets attacked Islamic extremist positions in eastern Libya.  The officials said the warplanes on Friday targeted the headquarters of the Shura Council in the city of Darna, where local militias are known to be linked to al-Qaida, not the Islamic State group.

The retaliatory bombings were aimed at terrorist outposts, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi stated: “any form of state-sponsored terrorism should be punished. Anyone who attacks Egypt, whether they’re from inside or outside Egypt’s borders, will be punished.”  According to Egyptian TV six “terrorist” camps were struck by the sortie.

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Notice What First Lady Melania Doesn’t Do…

There’s a recap video of Melania Trump today provided by the Associated Press.  As much as they hate to admit it, the media are recognizing the classic elegance within how our First Lady carries herself.

Melania Trump has an inherent understanding of nuance, and epitomizes a grace lost to all except the most traditionally versed.  There is also another element to this – visible in what she does not do when contrast against her peers.  See if you notice it in the last few moments of the AP video:

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G7 Opening Ceremony – La Scala Philharmonic in Ancient Theater of Taormina, Italy…

At the ancient Greek Theater in Taormina, Italy.  G7 leaders, their spouses and other EU summit caviar socialist officials attend a sunset concert by La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra.


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President Trump Weekly Address – A Foundation of Economic Prosperity..

President Trump delivers the Weekly Address for May 26th.  The primary topics are economic growth, fiscal stability and security.


While there is no doubt the professional bureaucratic system (the lobbyists and machinery of the global systems of finance within DC), will fight President Trump’s economic and security approach; in the end Trump’s message of common sense in financial, economic and security policies matters will prevail. Believe it.

No-one has more deliberate resolve than President Donald J Trump.

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