House Intelligence Committee Votes To Reveal "The Big Ugly"…

The House Intelligence Committee voted today to allow all congressional members to view a summary report of classified documents behind the “Clinton Dossier”.
As Byron York writes in the Washington Examiner: “At the committee’s meeting Thursday morning, Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., offered a motion to allow all House members to review a brief report prepared by the Republican majority summarizing the panel’s investigation into what GOP members call “FISA abuse.””

All of the Republicans voted to allow the sunlight, Adam Schiff and all the Democrats on the committee voted to block the sunlight.

[…]  There will be no copies of the report handed out to House members. Instead, a copy will be made available for them to read in a secure room in the Capitol. They won’t be able to take the report out of the room. But they will know the answers to the questions.

Which raises another question: When will the public know? Obviously, the more House members know about the dossier investigation, the more likely its classified results are to leak. That might happen at any time.
But Republicans can pursue another strategy, as well. The House itself can declassify documents under certain conditions. If enough members support declassifying the House Intel report, then the House as a body could move to declassify the information in it. And then the public would know. (read more)

And that’s where Representative Ron DeSantis January 9th, 2018 letter to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan comes in:

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497 Responses to House Intelligence Committee Votes To Reveal "The Big Ugly"…

  1. Principled says:

    I’m hoping for the best… but I am apprehensive about the big ugly not ever happening.
    I know I’ll get abused but it’s true.. I worry about it – sorry….

    • Nigella says:

      That’s okay…. I understand… We’ve been burned so many times before it’s hard to be optimistic..Hang in there!..

      • Craig W. Gordon says:

        Would we be here (waiting this long) if Sessions did not recuse? And I still wonder why he recused (exact reason/not broad brush reason)? Time will tell.

        • Sayit2016 says:

          Read Rex Emperor on why Sessions recused.

        • If it’s not moving fast enough, go back to your 30-minute penny-dreadfuls and get instant gratification there…
          The depth and breadth and scope of the evil and destruction that has occurred requires COMPENTENCE, THOROUGHNESS, COMPLETENESS, and CORRECTNESS.
          Anything less (or HASTY) equals FAILURE.

          • Principled says:

            Not wanting to offend… and not in a hurry. That was not part of my post. Just always nervous.
            I knew I’d get hammered for expressing it.

            • Tegan says:

              Principled…I know how you are feeling…my stomach tonight is exactly like it was election night. Deep breaths!

            • kiskiminetas says:

              No offense to you and any other who are worried but you have to shake off your nervousness and doubt. Place your trust totally in PDJT, those in his cabinet, Sundance, White Hats and the myriad off others who are on the front lines fighting for the soul of our nation. The Big Ugly is going to be happening so don’t let the optics of those who want to take down the MAGA get to you. That is what they want to you to be but resist their propaganda and stay committed to the battle at hand.

          • 405bench says:

            We’ll said…..we’ll said.

          • Harleyd says:

            But anything that takes too much longer to fully reveal will get caught up in the mid term election soap opera.
            If that happens, the maximum impact will be lost and, if we don’t hold the House, the big broom and the big rug will be front and center.
            It’s the swamp’s only hope.
            IMHO, there is a small window here that we must take advantage of. Unlimited patience has unintended consequences.

    • joninmd22 says:

      Nope. If Sundance is touting it then here we go.
      Strap in, partner. things are going to get bumpy. 😉

      • Good Job! says:

        Need a big house debate and vote on this matter. Give Schiff the opportunity to public proclaim why the memo should be kept secret.

        • repsort says:

          “Because of the sensitivity of the matter!”

          • Good Job! says:

            Hillary’s top people ran away from the Dossier long ago. I don’t know why Schiff never got the message–until my discovery politicians who sit on the intelligence committee often have little of that.
            There’s something about the Ukraine going on with him too.

            • Good Job! says:

              BTW, we can thank Sen. Feinstein and Simpson’s lawyer for this new flow of secret documents. I don’t know what the lawyer was thinking maybe he was influenced by Madddowites who wished the transcript contained the holy cup of truth. She thought so. But she also though Trump’s tax return would hurt Trump.
              I think the reason for the Glenn Simpson worship is MSNBC is still being fed Fusion GPS “research” on Trump-Russia connections like banks and the kind.

          • Sayit2016 says:

            They are BLASTING POTUS 24/7 over every microphone they own ( MEDIA) but the source of their blasting ( FAKE DOSSIER) must be kept from CONGRESS and the PEOPLE.. .
            Pull my other leg….
            PS is WRAY A BLACK HAT?

        • ladypenquin says:

          Because it will reveal all the Demoncrats who participated in trying to interfere with free and fair elections, tried to destroy their opponent(s) in a presidential election, illegally, spied on Americans without cause, and then tried a coup against the dully elected president-elect/president.
          I hope there are Congress critters names in there as well as media. Schiff must be one of them.

          • Tegan says:

            Congress critters…definitely…I want ALL their names. Maybe more resignations before the end of the week? Can run but can’t hide, folks!

            • kiskiminetas says:

              Spot on Tegan because there have been so many of them in congress and the senate who have decided to not run for reelection. There will more resignations and many will be headed to jail.

    • Joshua2415 says:

      “Battered Conservative Syndrome” is one ailment that Obamacare will NEVER cover.

      • doit4atlas says:

        I’ve been using that term FOREVER! That’s exactly what our side has…I’ve gotten over it, but my wife and many friends are still feeling the effects of years of abuse and are still suffering BCS.

      • kiskiminetas says:

        You are so right on that Joshua!

    • sobriquet4u says:

      Don’t waste worry.

    • Jazcox says:

      I don’t blame you, there appears to be little interest outside of this site, few other right-wing sites, Fox News and Twitter. Unfortunately, until the other Mainstream media get involve with this story……..I’m afraid all of this will be another devastating letdown!

      • 4sure says:

        Re. Nafta and the DOJ/FBI/IC corruption.
        The defense is already being put into place. No one of any consequence is going to be convicted. Fusion GPS is being set up to take the fall.
        99.99% of the pop. have no idea what NAFTA is all about. They think it is an auto parts store.
        The FBI/DOJ, These criminals are not dummies. They are all very intelligent attorneys or career FBI with some of the best training in the world.
        Look for a committee report saying new controls need to be put into place to keep FBI and DOJ from being hoodwinked by private contractors.
        The fact that the swamp just passed this unlawful, unconstitutional spying on all Americans even after what we already know has resulted in blackmailing every single congress critter and others should tell you all you need to know about how deep the corruption runs.
        Trust NO ONE in gov’t. NO ONE.
        99.99% of the population is not paying attention to this NAFTA or corruption in the FBI/DOJ. The CTH is a tiny part of the pop. and just because we are aware of what’s going on, does not mean the rest of the population gives a tinkers damn.
        Let’s don’t let our preaching to the choir lead us to believe that many sinners not in our congregation hearing the sermon are ever going to be saved.
        The defense is that the FBI/DOJ acted to save the country based on a Russian Dossier that fooled the FBI and everyone. They were all just duped. Trying to save the country.
        If anyone is ever charged, that will be the defense and a jury will eat it up.
        50 yrs. of seeing no one ever pay the price for corruption in gov’t. has hardened me against anything positive ever coming from the fox guarding the hen house.

        • LEET says:

          4sure: Don’t know what universe you live in or if you are just a troll but YOUR comment is a dead give away that you are:
          “99.99% of the population is not paying attention to this NAFTA”

        • mortgagesforthemasses says:

          Bullshit Concern Troll! .
          Trump’s dignatas and auctoritas was challenged and offended. This isn’t getting swept under the rug.

        • kiskiminetas says:

          Why do you come on this site and say BS like that for? Most likely you are troll and your words validate it.

      • Liberty Forge says:

        And that’s a HUGE problem. Yes, we despise the Mainstream Media — but by the same token — we need them to cover this story.
        Will they? It will never happen.
        It is beyond extremely doubtful that the MSM will ever cover this story. Yet a good portion of the country gets its “news” entirely from the MSM. They’re busy leading their lives.
        Only the smaller percentage actually takes the time & effort to research basically anything beyond what the Boob Tube spews out of them.
        So, the dilemma is HOW to broadcast the truth of what is really going on???

        • kiskiminetas says:

          Of course they won’t cover it they are water carriers for the deep state. There will be broadcasts and ones not to their liking. That is what the Big Ugly is all about.

    • jakee308 says:

      What happened to the OIG report? Wasn’t that due this week?

      • gda says:

        Not due until Feb/Mar I believe. 1.2 million documents were supposed to have been released though……….? By the 15th. I do not know exactly who they were released to. Not to the public so far AFAIK.

      • Kathy says:

        Greetings, Jakee308 … The Inspector General probably won’t submit his report to Congress until mid-March. However, what the Inspector General did do last week was begin releasing the 1.2 documents (evidence) to House Judiciary Chairman Goodlatte.
        And while none of these 1.2 documents has yet (to the best of my knowledge) been made available to the public, there’s speculation that some of them will be leaked. The OIG’s report is anticipated to be “explosive”, so leaking some of the more damaging evidence ahead of the report could soften the blow (an opinion expressed by other Treepers).
        Also, according to Treeper Sandra-VA, if any of these 1.2 documents are made “public”, they will show up here:

    • scotsgrits says:

      PDJT is waiting for exactly the right moment, the time when it will do the most damage to the swamp. If it had all come out last March they would have screamed that it was obstruction or a political witch hunt.
      Now more and more people believe Trump-Russia is all rubbish. More and more people are seeing the corruption, more and more are calling for the heads of the corrupt. When the cries of the people reach a fever pitch that is when PDJT will light the fuse. Boy, it is going to be an unbelievable explosion. Remember the longer it takes the bigger the load of explosive. Blow it up, all of it in one explosion.

    • TPW says:

      Yep…..The big Ugly may be the lack of a Big Ugly……imagine with all that we know watching as they divert or pretend that it’s all a nothing Burger………

    • sundance says:


    • Patriot1783 says:

      Bless your heart.

  2. Irons says:

    Bring it!!!

    • Phaedrus says:

      Redacted ie worthless

      • ladypenquin says:

        It’s clear that its names that would be redacted. It’s a summary. Even if they had redacted methods, that wouldn’t be anything people wouldn’t already know. The whole issue is about who paid whom, who was part of the plot/coup, who spied on numerous Americans illegally, etc.
        The Demoncrats will fight it because it has their names. Never fear – President Trump is going to make sure the people know. That’s what he said in his inaugural address – giving the government back to the people. This falls under that category.

  3. parteagirl says:

    If you’ve done nothing wrong, sunlight isn’t anything to fear, right?

  4. lastinillinois says:

    I predict most democrats will refuse to view the docs, and those that do view tge docs will all become little dickie Durbin – they will all lie about the event.
    Which is absolutely fine with me, as that will give Rep Nunes & co. a reason to de-classify EVERYTHING.

  5. kriseton says:

    I am thinking that if the House doesn’t release to the American public, it is going to eventually come out anyway. Either through leaks or possibly the IG report coming up. We will hear most, if not all, of the truth soon enough.
    Can’t stop the steamroller now, Democrats.

    • Oldschool says:

      Probably. Hard to keep a secret with that many mouths.

      • the5thranchhand says:

        Since when is treason or sedition considered a secret? Treasonous acts should be shouted, literally, from the roof tops.

    • neal s says:

      After enough swamp creatures have revealed their disdain for the public by voting against release, PDJT may take it upon himself to declassify it and release it at just the right time.

  6. Sanj says:

    Its a slow painful process, but with enough persistence and determination, the truth will come out and the HAMMER will drop on those who deserve severe punishment. President Trump and all of us were almost victims of the biggest corruption scandal in US History; and all of it would have just been a conspiracy theory if Hillary had won.

    • Chgonana539 says:

      Can the President order the info be released?

      • Thecleaner says:

        Trump can declassify anything he wants….and likely will in due course…just get everybody on record first who want it hidden

        • ?Gunny says:

          I think he is playing it correctly….just a drip…drip…many , many, traitors are being revealed every day…from every where…MSM…Hollywood….Congress….Someone has to be taking notes…making people wonder…drives them to come out…we must get the really deep ones…A MOAB is not needed yet…get them all in the open..

      • svenwg says:

        I believe that POTUS, TSGDJT can declassify anything he pleases, even the codes for the nuclear missiles but if he was to do that I suspect he would be charged with spying or something!!!!

        • dilonsfo says:

          Yes, the President can declassify anything he deems necessary or wants:
          The majority ruling in the 1988 Supreme Court case Department of Navy vs. Egan — which addressed the legal recourse of a Navy employee who had been denied a security clearance — addresses this line of authority.
          “The President, after all, is the ‘Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States’” according to Article II of the Constitution, the court’s majority wrote. “His authority to classify and control access to information bearing on national security … flows primarily from this constitutional investment of power in the President, and exists quite apart from any explicit congressional grant….The minute the president speaks about it to someone, he has the ability to declassify anything at any time without any process.”

  7. Celia says:

    We’ll never see it!
    They are not going to tell us!??

    • lastinillinois says:

      Oh yes we will.
      It may take time, and some atypical methods, but we will see.
      These scumbags’ time is up.

      • ladypenquin says:

        President Trump may already have a plan in place for declassifying it and ordering it’s full release. He is the one who can do this. We’re talking about names here – and how they went about trying to complete the takeover the United States, including a coup against a sitting president.
        State of the Union would be good time…

    • betseyross says:

      It’s probably time to demand to see it. We do need to know. I WANT to know.

      • Chgonana539 says:

        These crooks should be removed immediately. They continue to undermine our country and get paid to do it.

    • joninmd22 says:

      Calm yourself. 🙂
      This is just the beginning of an avalanche started by small rocks.
      Just like Watergate there was a steady drip drip of information until a big disclosure like Nixon taped his conversations or another meeting with Deep Throat.
      Congressional Republicans are calling for it’s release.
      The longer release is dragged out the worse rumor and innuendo will be for the Democrats.
      Everything here serves our purposes.

    • G3 says:

      If all else fails— send cold medicine— that will leak it.?

  8. What a week! I don’t like leaks, but forgive me on this one. If the house does not vote to declassify this report, I am hoping for some big verifiable leaks.

    • sejmon says:

      Do not worry….white hats WILL reveal one way or other to public…. you can not stop avalanche.

      • Leaks of classified materials, no matter which side, is anathema to our great (MAGA) nation. It is not what most of us here stand for or desire.

        • kiskiminetas says:

          I disagree with you social dave. It is not anathema when they are used to expose those who want to take PDJT and this country down the path to a socialist hell hole. I am no social warrior but sure am a MAGA soldier who will never stop fighting the socialist diseases which have crept into this county by corrupt politicians and their buddy’s in the MSM. It is time to fight that machine, you in?

    • GracieD says:

      Wikileaks just offered $1M for someone who has access to the Memo. That is not the best way to release it, IMO.

  9. Maggi T says:

    Off point a bit, but it really bugs me to see a US congressman refer to “…the integrity of our democratic process…” when we have a Constitutional Republic! Our elected reps. do not know this?

  10. libertysc2016 says:

    Can Nunes initiate this process without getting approval from Ryan? Could Nunes just call for a vote?

    • kroesus says:

      committees are given broad authority to push bills and information out to the whole House…..Lyin’ Ryan has nothing to do with it…….I only wish it was a public release as the longer the public’s right to know what its own government is engaged in the longer HONEST government is kept in the back of the bus

  11. Bob Thoms says:

    Wash the IGs report due out today on the 18th?

    • Kathy says:

      Greetings, Bob Thoms … Someone else posed this question earlier. Please see my comment upthread posted at 5:29pm.

  12. The Devilbat says:

    Of course the democrats are not guilty, why else would they unanimously vote against it? (Note: Sarcasm of the first order)

  13. Joshua2415 says:

    Ultimately, President Trump can declassify the source documents that the House used to prepare its summary. They might as well do it themselves and get it over with.

  14. pluffmudgirl says:

    I hope and I sincerely pray…the entire “Big Ugly” is brought to daylight. I sincerely believe this could be the galvanizing factor to unite our fractured country. For the eyes that have been covered..their blindfold removed. The ears that have been covered will hear the message. I hope and pray the people realize they have been deceived and deluded by manipulators. That people will realize the hatred that has been encouraged against fellow americans was based upon evil and corrupt manipulators.

  15. Realist says:

    I just came across this gem in the Daily Caller:
    “McCain Associate Who Handled Dossier Asks Judge To Seal Deposition”
    I guess the public (apparently) no longer has the right to see public records?
    Since when?
    But perhaps a better question would be, how many criminal apparatchiks involved in the various schemes targeting Trump are hiding under their desks now, pleading with judges/bureaucRATs/journOlista to hide all evidence of their crimes?
    Whatever that count, the number seems to be rising quite rapidly.

    • pac7071 says:

      McCain for one is probably losing some sleep or hoping his CA spreads quickly because he is one of the swammpers involved in all this.

      • Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

        Not so sure, today on fox a reporter misspoke? and said McCain was recovering from his recent brain surgery and then corrected himself and changed it to “recovering from his cancer treatment” …Freudian slip?

    • WSB says:

      …over a fictional dossier. Go figure. Kramer sounds frightened!
      “Kramer’s lawyer, Marcos Jiminez, argued in a motion to seal that the release of the deposition would jeopardize his personal safety, make him subject to hounding from the press, and conflict with congressional investigations looking into the dossier.”
      Kramer should have thought of that BEFORE he starting acting like an idiot!

      • progpoker says:

        “…conflict with congressional investigations looking into the dossier.”
        I am tying to wrap my head around this comment. Is he afraid he’ll jeopardize someone’s lying sworn testimony? Did he lie?? Help me out here… ?

      • ladypenquin says:

        I don’t have much sympathy for any of these people who participated in these dirty deeds. Conservatives, Republicans, libertarians, #MAGA and President Trump, have been subjected to years of harassment, vitriolic hatred and constant lies. I’m all for the sleazebags suffering as we have.

    • ditzee58 says:

      Yeah well, I’d like to give a YUGE eff you to David Kramer. Shine the light on the cockroaches.

  16. fleporeblog says:

    Timing is everything!
    If you think our President hasn’t calculated the right time to withdraw from NAFTA, you are kidding yourself. I actually think the actual withdrawal announcement will be tied directly to the Big Ugly. As our President is making his announcement, FBI, DEA, Local Police etc. will be rounding up the TREASONOUS BASTARDS. What will the media decide to talk about. Will politicians run to the cameras to talk about the doomsday scenario that our President just caused via NAFTA or the acts of Treason from the previous administration? Grab the popcorn folks because as Wool Moon said, we are in for a hell of a ride!

  17. WhistlingPast says:

    Q. Why are Demonrats like Dracula?
    A. They both prefer darkness.

  18. recoverydotgod says:

    Chickens. Roost.
    Swalwell dares Trump: Declassify the surveillance documents
    A Democrat on the House panel investigating Donald Trump’s ties to Russia is issuing an ultimatum: If the president is going to accuse members of the Obama administration of breaking the law, he should prove it.
    “If the president wants to say that Susan Rice committed a crime, he has the power to declassify. No one else does,” Rep. Eric Swalwell of California said Wednesday. “So, he could actually show us where the crime was. I don’t expect he will, because I think this is just more obstructionism.”
    Swalwell’s remarks came after Trump told The New York Times that he believes Rice committed a crime when she reportedly requested the identities of Trump transition aides who were caught up in U.S. surveillance of foreign targets. “It is one of the big stories of our time,” Trump declared.

    • WSB says:

      Swamp-well is such a toad, he is offering up Susan Rice as his own little hockey puck! Is that very smart?

      • Jonny R. says:

        He’s trying to divert attention from the process of discovery by shifting attention onto potential previous crimes by Trump aides (such as Manafort) and then obfuscating that previous stuff with this issue. This is one of the gambits they have used before: Trump aides potentially guilty of previous unaffiliated with the campaign crimes somehow factors as Trump himself is guilty. It’s just enough of a connection that the poorly informed public could buy into it if it is trumpeted by the media.
        And he’s hoping that not all the info will be declassified due to national security reasons, therefore he can give the media their marching orders; then they can yell it from the rooftops to indoctrinate the masses.
        So in that regards, yes, it is very smart — but only to a point. Bluffs usually are that way.

    • Thecleaner says:

      Proof positive that liberals are idiots. Sounds like a word that Maxine Watters might puke out….or Don King

    • Sayit2016 says:

      Be careful what you ask for Swalwell- you might not like the answer.
      “So, he could actually show us where the crime was-I don’t expect he will, because I think this is just more obstructionism.”
      Obstruct this idiot…..

    • Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

      Swalwell’s hubris never ceases to astound….. well I say look out california dickweed, one between the eyeballs is headed your way very soon!

    • Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

      Oh the irony….
      Schiff echoed Swalwell in urging Trump to stop accusing people of crimes without providing the evidence to back up those charges —
      referencing Trump’s baseless claim that Obama ordered a wiretap of Trump Tower in the run-up to the presidential election.
      “If he’s going to make accusations of criminality against anyone, he needs to show evidence to support that kind of a charge,” Schiff told reporters. “Obviously that’s not something he was either able or willing to do with respect to his accusations against Obama. It’s not something I expect he’s going to be able to do with Susan Rice either.”

      • Schiffwreck… he’s projecting again. Accusing PDJT of exactly what the DEMONcRATs do every minute of every day… (like their master Satan, the father of lies, does in Heaven every day, all day, accusing Believers before GOD)…
        To the “fluffies”, insinuation or suspicion equals guilt.
        Were that true, we wouldn’t have to worry about the DEMONcRATs, because they’d have been gone 150 years ago…

  19. Rick says:

    Democrats playing out the clock a little longer, then will claim it can’t be released in an election year.

    • Dobegirl says:

      WOW – Gab, thank you so much for posting this. Very informative. It’s long but really well worth watching. I’m reposting this to everyone I know. Hopefully other treepers will too. This is the kind of information that we really need to get out, and we know that the MSM sure won’t cover it. Horowitz is another white hat hero.
      This is what President Trump, Sessions, Whey, etc have been doing, and it’s magnificent.
      For anyone who has been bashing Sessions, take note that he is known as the stealth assassin. When he was in the senate I always referred to him as a Gold Star Senator, and I still feel that way now that he is AG. He’ll work very quietly until he has an airtight case, then he’ll pounce. Watch an see.

  20. blind no longer says:

    Please please let it all be revealed to us! I want them to go down in disgrace before they go to jail! Hannity talking about it now on radio

  21. Patriott says:

    I’m assuming we’ll be seeing the tail lights of a lot of personal jets heading for far away lands.

  22. porkyspen says:

    I’m really sick of Hannity taking credit for an investigation he had NOTHING to do with…..

  23. simicharmed says:

    “Adam Schiff and all the Democrats on the committee voted to block the sunlight”. The Democrat ideology bleeds with their blatant corruption and Party before Nation mentality! This tribal ignorance seem to perpetuate every single time – they choose the wrong side of every issue placed before them..Sad!

  24. BHliberty says:

    Kudos to this website & Sundance on this extensive investigation! I do believe heads will roll!

  25. RedBallExpress says:

    Maybe we should remind Congress that video of Saddam Hussein’s execution was leaked.

  26. ditzee58 says:

    All it takes is a camera phone, a VPN, and a Congress critter who truly wants the US citizenry informed. We voted for these people. They are answerable to US and they had better remember that.

  27. Arkindole says:

    DeSantis is in war/Beast mode. I wish he would stay there instead moving to the FL Gov mode. Nonetheless, I’m pouring lunch money into his campaign as soon as I can.

  28. Steve says:

    I get tired of using that tired old cliché, “Elephant in the room”, but this is one hell of an elephant. Even the crooks at the MSM can’t hide this one. Watergate is going to look like kids playing truant from school compared to this.

    • roccoboy1 says:

      I sure hope you are right but I have my doubts. The derangement of the MSM is so beyond the pale, I can actually see them ignoring it or wrapping it around a narrative that essentially boils down to “the hysterical right wingers are going crazy over nothing”. There is zero intellectual honesty or country over party in these democrats and their propaganda arm aka The Media

      • WSB says:

        Not with 11 indictments already and a whistleblower who has been waiting for 9 years to tell his story…

      • Sayit2016 says:

        That does not matter many around the WORLD get their news from alternative portals… people all over the world were watching Trump FAKE NEWS AWARD– the crashed the site !

      • mortgagesforthemasses says:

        Some of these “deranged” MSM personalities and their managers may be involved in the conspiracy and get indicted.
        Recall the Podesta e-mails. That was probably the tip of the iceberg. The Fusion GPS bank transactions haven’t been released yet. They are probably as desperate as the rest of the cabal.

    • WSB says:

      And the dossier is just the coverup. Think of the Clinton Foundation, the Awans and our Uranium going to Iran? At least that is where I think this is heading!

      • Jenny R. says:

        Well, it certainly has the potential — here’s the thing: many of the Obama officials were holdovers from what other presidencies?
        So…if one really really wanted to get to the bottom of the truth of matters..well, that’s a lot of things potentially…

  29. Athena the Warrior says:

    Congressman Gaetz along with Sara Carter are on Hannity ‘s show right now. Gaetz sounds shook up. He was able to see it but he said that every Democrat voted against releasing it and tried to prevent him from seeing it. He wants the information released ASAP to the public. He’s saying that there may be ongoing efforts to remove PDJT even right now.
    He wants this info out right now. People will be going to jail.

  30. youme says:

    How can Democrats block anything? Republicans control the committee?
    How can they block the release when Feinstein releases document without any approval.
    Why not just unilaterally release Simpson transcript like Diane Feinstein did?

  31. […] from The Conservative Tree House on January 18, 2018 by […]

  32. Ziiggii says:

    there is a pattern beginning to emerge with the last Admin….

    • NJF says:

      Lolololololol oh yea!

    • litenmaus says:

      Cannot wait to see the results of the DOJ slush fund 10 year audit that Jeff Sessions ordered in June of last year……I’m guessing that we’re gonna see a lot of money was funneled to anti-Israel, anti American organizations.

  33. Minnie says:

    Get ready to roll – sh*#s getting real.
    Declassify it ALL!!!!!
    Public needs to know, NOW!

    • ladypenquin says:

      Rep Seldin is too lenient. It more likely reveals the use of nefarious means intentionally used for criminal activity.

  34. dufrst says:

    Another bargaining chip against shutdown. That’s what this is. I hope the Dems call the GOP’s bluff. We need to see this go public. The sooner, the better but I think this is all a part of the shutdown negotiations.

  35. Garavaglia says:

    Why did uniparty “Republicans” vote in favor of this?

  36. augie says:

    Can the President declassify it unilaterally?

  37. jnearen says:

    Hannity just interviewed Gaetz and Sara Carter. Gaetz is livid.

  38. LondonFog says:

    We are with you great people. Ultimately it comes to you and us. We jointly had to defeat you know who twice. There are very many President Trump supporters here . Happening again right? You have been sent a Churchill. That is God’s will. Churchill was not supposed to win. But God sent him! God Bless you All!

  39. digleigh says:

    DECLASSIFY it all! We do not want a so called SUMMARY report ( who summarized it?), as we all know the DEVIL is in the Details! Pray for the House to have at least one or two with a photographic memory!LOL! Why all the secrecy, no pens, no pencils, no paper , and I bet no cell phones, and in a secret room (this is TRANSPARENCY? what a joke!! ) So , like the recent meeting , everyone can lie about what they heard, or exaggerate, or conflate ? WAKE UP ! WE DO NOT TRUST YOU!!

  40. Howie says:

    This guarantees a shutdown to distract, from the facts, bet the ranch.

  41. bbgunn177 says:

    I think a Congress person with a bad cold and taking too much Sudafed could release the entire document to we the American Citizen since Di Fi has already made that an acceptable defense.

  42. D. Manny says:

    I’ve put Ross’s timeline together with mine, cleaned it up a little, and took out some subjective things, leaving only objective stuff in case anyone is interested in it:

    • Ziiggii says:

      good sheet here man good sheet!

    • ditzee58 says:

      Thanks so much for sharing this comprehensive spreadsheet. It’s very clear. You did an outstanding job!

      • D. Manny says:

        Thanks, guys. Thank all the hardworking guys and gal that contributed in collecting all this info. I wanted to put all of it in one convenient place.

    • Alison says:

      Excellent!! Do you have a Twitter name?

    • Dobegirl says:

      Great job putting this timeline together. Thanks for your hard work.
      We need all of the factual information we can get, to put this great country of ours back on track.

    • ladypenquin says:

      Thanks, Manny. Quite a job. Hubby worked on finding a way to print it. Here is what he did for folks who might want to do the same:
      Computer has a app (Windows) called “One Note” – He printed it to One Note, then exported it to a PDF file. We then printed the entire thing, booklet form, saved paper. Easy to peruse at leisure.

  43. Sean Hannity just covered this with Sarah Carter. One congressman, when he was reading the report, turned to his colleague and said that “this is worse than Watergate.” Sean will have more this evening on his show.

    • D. Manny says:

      Show us the goods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • joshua says:

      not sure I can endure more Hannity repeating his last oft repeated repeats of repetitive claims that he knew first and best all of what was happening.
      too much talking…to little amount of direct substantive FACTS and PROOF.
      and if he keeps bringing Juan and the idiot liberal Clintonistas on his discussions, he is toast to me. Laura Ingram has gotten flakey too.

      • George Hicks says:

        I’m tired of him patting himself on the back and saying how ‘in front’ he is on this. He’s months behind Sundance. He gives credit to a slew of people but no SD or CTH mention.
        He needs to give credit where it’s due.

      • Valery Vebelfeltzer says:

        or his bleach bit, bleach bit, bleach bit

      • fabrabbit says:

        Yeah, what is that all about? I determined that about Hannity months ago. But I just noticed it about Laura Ingraham in the past week. I’m limiting my my watching tv news.

      • flashman says:

        Watch him with moderation. He really is a nice guy. But is very annoying when watching his show to often, at least for me.
        TV in general is to slow for most of us here, reading TCTH is much better, except for a Trump speech. 🙂

    • Patriot1783 says:

      Just did!

    • Don'tMessWithTexas says:

      According to House GOPs last night, a vote is not needed to release this memo. Paul Ryan can release the memo according to House Rule 10 if he thinks that the public needs to know. However, please do know that a vote occurred and the Dems who have been insistently talking about the dossier would not walk down to the secure room and look at the memo. That tells you volumes.
      Therefore, everybody needs to be calling Paul Ryan, emailing him, and #ReleaseTheMemo now.

      • Carrie2 says:

        Don’tMess, democrats desperate and don’t know what to do because they know the multiple crimes they have committed. Will they start removing themselves from Congress (we will keep the benefits from them because no way allowing them a lifetime of benefits on our money)? Will they start doing more nasty and lacking fact statements about Pres. Trump to “hide” whatever? Will it be so severe they might take their life? A great mystery book in the offing about all this and will be a best book seller. I am sure there may be republican names in the document as well, and maybe why McCain has still not returned to Congress. Will be, in any case, a lot of dirt pitching on Trump and others but will provide us with more great news on the Treehouse as they dig their holes even deeper, like Schumer.

  44. Brant says:

    They should have a sign in sheet just like children that is then made public to show who is remotely curious.

  45. Streak 264 says:

    Sounds like another leak sting to me.
    Let it out!

  46. wyntre says:

    I was listening to Goetz on Hannity and the idea that top DOJ and FBI officials might have to resign, or be fired, including Rosey, McCabe, etc., was not disputed.

    • roccoboy1 says:

      I listened too and was disheartened to not hear a definitive belief that some might go to jail. What the eff?? If these allegations are true, being fired would be a gift to these people. Why does no one ever charged with a crime and go to jail????

      • wyntre says:

        Goetz has to be careful of what is revealed.
        I found the conversation encouraging.

      • Lunagirl says:

        I understand your frustration. But the smart move is to wait until Obama’s appointee makes a criminal referral and I think he will. The prosecution needs to come when the evidence is so overwhelming that even the press will have to acknowledge that pursuing convictions is not a partisan thing, and that any attempts to diminish what has happened by shouting “racist” or “fascist” or “misogynist” is ill-advised.

      • Carrie2 says:

        roccoboy1, they are traitors and should not be fired but arrested, tried in a quick overnight trial, and publicly hanged so others can take the warning seriously about trying to overthrow our country and president. No nice no more.

      • Robert Blochowiak says:

        Because no one in Washington will ever wear an orange suit, it won’t happen. If they are fired these criminals will be free to continue their havoc.

    • Fired? That is it? They need to be perp walked and in jail and await their fate.

      • ray76 says:

        Prison is too good for these people. Not only have they turned national defense powers against Americans, they have done so with political intent. They have attacked our system of government.
        “Don’t tread on me” in current vernacular is “don’t f with us”. They have. Now they’ve got to pay. And they need to be made an example of. Abusing defense powers warrants imprisonment, using defense powers with political intent is an attack on our government which must be dealt with with finality. These subversives need to be publicly hanged.

      • fabrabbit says:

        I vote for a perp walk!

      • heytrudi says:

        Mostly, I want to SEE pensions and ALL benefits taken away, along with being fired, charged and of course, going to JAIL for a long time.

        • John says:

          Pensions benefits and assets.Then put them out of misery.More oxygen and
          space for the rest of us.Good for the planet.

      • Perhaps he meant to say “Fired AT”. Given the context, that would make more sense.

      • Electric Strawberry says:

        If we as a citizen even thought about doing anything like these criminals we would have long been prosecuted and sentenced. Seeing is believing when I see these criminals be lead away in the baggy orange suit then maybe it will be believable. Make no mistake, there are different sets of rules for people in Washington and us the middle class.

    • Iamcat says:

      Yeah. Get fired and walk down the street to Ovomits resistance headquarters for an even better job. If no one is punished there is going to be hell to pay.

  47. Stormyeyes says:

    They may have had plans to have him Arkansided………….

    • steph_gray says:

      It just occurs to me that it may be edifying to go back and look at who was on the field the day Scalise was shot. Was Nunes there? Tin-hattish maybe…

  48. […] sundance The House Intelligence Committee voted today to allow all congressional members to view a summary […]

  49. youme says:

    The FBI has abused 702 since it’s existence. They keep sayng they put checks and balances in place but do not say what they are.

  50. freddy says:

    We need to remove the people still working who are traitors and plotters betrayers and coup De etat members…Rosenstien…Now!!! see ya papi enjoy retirement..McCabe is still there can you believe this crap….Oh man strozk is there too. They have to be removed now and any DOJ clowns left. The evidence is enough to not leave us in rock and hard spot with folks in positions to do great harm to the country….Like the Hawaii incident……..The big ugly is Mueller who needs to be smoked out and run down the street….No more of this……….

    • Donna in Oregon says:

      When the Obama admin. was reprimanded by FISC in the April 2017 Memorandum, that left the clean-up of FISA on AG Sessions. The current admin has been cleaning up the mess. It takes a lot of research……and no one wants to talk about it because of THIS flippin’ mess. They don’t want to admit what they did to our Constitutional protections especially when they plan to re-up the 702.
      It’s a big mess. Thanks Obama/deep and lasting sarcasm forever and ever

  51. Rene says:

    It will be soon. I think only a few hours before it is revealed to the public. This is a brilliant way to handle this. Make it available to house members first. Then as expected, most will call for the public release. Hold on for just a few hours more. It is coming!

    • C4T says:

      I think you’re right.

    • Sylvia Avery says:

      “In The Air Tonight”
      I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
      And I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, Oh Lord
      Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord, oh Lord
      Well, if you told me you were drowning
      I would not lend a hand
      I’ve seen your face before my friend
      But I don’t know if you know who I am
      Well, I was there and I saw what you did
      I saw it with my own two eyes
      So you can wipe off that grin,
      I know where you’ve been
      It’s all been a pack of lies
      And I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
      Well, I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord
      I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
      And I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord, oh Lord
      Well I remember, I remember don’t worry
      How could I ever forget,
      It’s the first time, the last time we ever met
      But I know the reason why you keep your silence up,
      No you don’t fool me
      The hurt doesn’t show
      But the pain still grows
      It’s no stranger to you and me
      And I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
      Well, I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord
      I can feel it in the air tonight, oh Lord, oh Lord
      But I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord
      I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
      But I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord
      I can feel it in the air tonight, oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord
      But I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord, oh Lord

    • Hopefully prior to the to the State of the union address

    • I would bet that Dirty Diane didn’t think her “look squirrel” release of the Simpson testimony would cascade into this outcome. The Dems really don’t want the committee summary report to be made public. They can’t call it all lies because they’re on the committee!

    • Patriot1783 says:

      Friday dump!

    • John says:

      So far no leaks from Shiff or Feinstein.

  52. mike c says:

    Trump need to read this report out loud at the State of the Union Address. While federal agents are conducting no knock, gun drawn raid/arrests of these traitors.

    • libertysc2016 says:

      You are right. POTUS should also move to stop anyone implicated by this from leaving the country. If they are abroad, they should return immediately.

      • ditzee58 says:

        Yep, revoke their passports.

      • A2 says:

        POTUS does not need to do anything at this point, Congress will release it. Remember all those sealed indictments?

      • usaproud7 says:

        Guess who are currently in Hawaii….yup, Bill, Hill, and Huma.
        Coincidence? Trying to leave maybe,?

        • I glow in the dark - Hanford, WA says:

          the nuke drill makes way more sense now

          • It’s a way to get people looking in the wrong directions … and not notice an outbound no-transponder flight leaving the island.

            • Carrie2 says:

              The Clintons and others may run but cannot always hide from justice via karma. There are more ways to remove them from the planet and we have the people to help them to Hell wherever they think they are safe. In today’s world, no one is safe in hiding because always a traitor to point you out and Voila! you are off the planet.

      • heytrudi says:

        Jeff Sessions, AG. needs to freeze ALL assets, besides taking away all passports. Bank Accounts, properties, cars, boats, Real Estate, and especially Retirement savings. Even their children’s college funds. It’s not nice to take away college funds from the children, but they can be given back at a later date. Just cause complete chaos for the whole family. They did it to Trump and his Family,…so tit for tat.

      • John says:

        If they are abroad make them diappear.Accidents do happen.The Jihadis would quite delighted to do the job.

    • Lack is not all says:

      You mean like in the baptist scene of the godfather? I would love it.

    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      SOTU will be great with Trump emphasizing economy, plus a couple other accomplishments. Ignore the behind-the-scenes cloak-and-dagger intrigue.

    • DrNo76 says:

      This is exactly what should be done….the covering it in the SOTU address. No knock raids are not necessary. The audience will be huuugggge anyway.

    • CirclingTheDrain says:

      Heck, have the traitors in CONgress arrested on live TV during the SOTU. Great example in front of the whole country and the world !

  53. C4T says:

    If the DEMs hold this back they become part of the cover up. They will make sure they warn the criminals before they have to say yes to the release. This is really going down.

    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      Yes – a while back, I noted that there has to be a pretty big group of comgressmen and intelligence community that, because of positions on committees, etc., KNOW at least some of the ugly stuff, AND are putting themselves in a very bad place by not speaking up now, while they have the chance.
      ALL Reps are now on the hook.

      • pitchfork time says:

        Hold them accountable. Call your rep and ask if they have “taken the time” to go into the SCIFF and read it yet, and if not, why not? Also, ask if any your two Senators have occasioned to sully themselves to see what all the damn curiosity and hubbub is about and what the h3ll they are going to do about it.

    • trialbytruth says:

      Dems were there to write it in committee. They have already sent out the warnings

    • John says:

      Does not really matter.People know who the criminals are.

  54. D. Manny says:

    Wonder if the raid on Newsweek is related….

    • Ziiggii says:

      linky dinky?!?

    • Ziiggii says:

      nvm found it

      IBT Media was co-founded by Jonathan Davis and Etienne Uzac. The IRS placed a $1.2 million federal tax lien against Uzac in December 2017.
      TAXES… wouldn’t it be interesting if the DA were to uncover something else……?

      • J. Alcott says:

        More and more GOP Congressmen are expressing shock and dismay at the House Intel Comm. summary and demanding it be released to the public ASAP. Soon there will be a public clamoring to see what’s in the summary. Democrats will be in a vise. Trump has them right where he wants them so he can put pressure on them regarding the budget negotiations. Once The Big Ugly gets up to steam, Dems will cry uncle and will do anything to “make it go away”. (Of course, it’s not going away, so Trump may throw them a bone to appease them for the time being.) But make no mistake, Trump is going to get what he wants on the budget. He has all the leverage.

      • mnwild1961 says:

        I’m no expert, but I wouldn’t think that the NYPD would do a raid predicated on a tax lien. I’d think the feds would be conducting a raid in that instance. Hmmmmm.

        • Ziiggii says:

          the Feds were a part of that raid… and they were looking at computer hardware only. IDK, if anything else has been released as to what they were actually after

    • I read that during the raid the FBI took serial numbers but that was it. I wonder if the raid is connected to Weiner’s insurance laptop.

    • LOL…no the raid on Newsweek was about IRS problems…
      Here is the inside scoop, they went completely BROKE when they went to press with the Madam President issue.
      they had to recreate the whole magazine, reprint it, distribute it world wide and then pay to have all the Madam President issues boxed up and shipped back to be destroyed.
      I know… I work there

  55. Carrie says:

    For the MSM and Deep Staters who read the comments. This is how the Treepers and most Americans are feeling right now :

    • Ziiggii says:

      too true

    • TwoLaine says:

      I think we just found President TRUMP’s exercise regimen, and Melania can still wear her stilettos! 😉
      Maybe we could send in the Dancing with the Stars teams to give he and Melania dance lessons in their off seasons. Wouldn’t that be fun to watch?!

    • prettiestone says:

      I never get tired of this one! Gonna request the song and dance it at my next kid’s wedding. So fun!

    • Minnie says:

      Precisely, Carrie.
      Trying so hard to be patient, not one of my finer qualities ?

    • vicschick says:

      I’ve watched this and giggled so many times in the last two years. It makes me love him even more. But is this really him? If it is, what a great sense of humor our glorious Lion has!! And, his dancing skills suck…..LOL.

      • Somebody says:

        Yes it is really him, but this particular song was edited to the video. The dance video is from an SNL skit he was a part of.

  56. ray76 says:

    Prosecutions. Now.

  57. Caius Lowell says:

    So the Democrats don’t want Obama’s many, many crimes revealed? Huh, weird…

    • Tegan says:

      I do very much like the idea of taking passports away…including the Obamas.

    • I don’t think they care so much about Obama as they do about their own ineptitude, malfeasance, misprision of office and just general douche-baggery coming out.
      There are essentially NO clean hands on the D side and only a handful or so on the R.

  58. Treason against America and We The People are not allowed to see the information?! Time to Tar & Feather the Fake Government and those they hide and protect. Take back America and end this Fake Legislative Branch of the Republic.

  59. Starman says:

    It’s exciting to see this stuff finally coming down, even if it down seem to be happening in slow motion.

  60. […] via House Intelligence Committee Votes To Reveal “The Big Ugly”… […]

  61. convert says:

    THE BIG UGLY indeed–this is blowing up on Twitter. All of Washington has heard by now what we’ve known for about 2 months. People are going to be gobsmacked. Won’t be just Pelosi needing some Depends tonight…..

  62. Dudley says:

    The Congressmen’s description of this report is not in normal terms. “Secret FISA memo Threatens Democracy at its core” Let this steam for a few days and the pressure for its release will explode.

  63. Ivehadit says:


  64. C4T says:

    Too much pressure on the Dems to not release it. If they don’t they will be obstructing. This is going to blow open tonight!

  65. Bill says:

    The swamp is full of parasites.
    This is going to be like giving worm pills to a sick cat, only a thousand times worse.
    The swamp is not going down without a fight!
    Sit back and watch the show!
    The train is picking up speed!

  66. alliwantissometruth says:

    Feeling a bit queasy? Nauseous?
    Bowels churning with a bubbling cauldron of steaming hot diarrhea?
    Is the paranoia making you rush to the pot time & time again?
    Does each new revelation bring on a fresh load?
    Well, then you need our new “DEMOCRAT DIAPERS”!
    With more exposure coming out daily, our diapers are guaranteed to hold load after load, & keep your pants, skirts & pantsuits dry. You can watch the news, take phone calls & plot your escape without the hassle of running to the toilet every 2 minutes!
    Available in regular strength or try our new “I’M SCREWED!” extra absorbent

    • usaproud7 says:

      “Does each new revelation bring on a fresh load”?…..I hope so, ….all it takes is one load. A 45, 9, Heck, why not play Russian Roulette with your co-conspirators. JUST DO IT.

  67. Blue Moon says:

    My husband was watching the History channel today and it had a program on Osoma Bin Laden and how Obama captured him. It was really strange. They kept showing how Obama carried out this operation, gave the orders etc. They went all out to building Obama up. I told my husband to turn the darned channel cause it was Lies, Lies, Lies.

  68. Wheels says:

    …and if the dam breaks open many years to soon.
    and if there is no room upon the hill….
    ….I’ll see you on the Dark side of the moon! Roger Waters

  69. freq says:


  70. ditzee58 says:

    Remember what Crooked said after her interview with Matt Lauer? ““you f_cking idiots, you were supposed to have this thing set up for me and you’ve screwed it up! If that f_cking ba_tard wins we all hang from nooses!…”

    • Bill says:

      Since she likes to be lifted up….
      Then lets not disappoint her then.
      She’s an old lady, just lift her up easy, no nasty jerks.

  71. […] statement after reviewing information from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, including a memo held in the Congressional Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) that contained […]

  72. Badbob says:

    It will be hard to find anyone in high position in the Obama who is not in deep in this.Barack Obama included

  73. Minnie says:

    (Bears repeating – on multiple threads)
    At this pivotal moment in history, let us continue to pray for the sovereignty of our Beloved America, the safety of Mr. President and all involved in fighting the good fight and for strength and patience to await the final play.
    God be with us ????

  74. NEVER think that “it can’t happen here!” After Socialist regimes under Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, MAObama, and the Clintonistas, “it” already has!
    And with a Socialist pro-Communist Fourth Estate willing to play Pravda for the Dems by pushing lies – or staying silent about the Truth – it only compounds our problems in waking up the populace. And we know what the line will be if/when the Truth about this scandal hits: “POLITICAL WITCH HUNT! NO PROOF! CHARACTER ASSASSINATION! TRUMP AND REPUBLICANS OUT OF CONTROL!”
    Keep in mind that Socialists/Communists have no trouble using any means for their agenda: lacking religion, lacking basic morality, they are capable of the worst atrocities, as 100 million bodies spread throughout Eastern Europe, Russia, China, Cuba, Cambodia, North Korea, and sundry other places will attest!

    • sejmon says:

      …do not forget 10 000+ civilians death April 2014-Dec. 2017 in Eastern Ukraine…..thanks to neocons/globalists…

      • Feltonrancher says:

        The DEEP STATE behind the Deep State will do anything to protect their CFR, Trilaterals, and Bilderberg positions to establish a “one world order.” God Save The Republic.

    • John says:

      For one I am not surprised.In fact it confirms what I have been saying for years.

  75. freddy says:

    How much sabotage is going on at this moment at the FBI and DOJ…These creightons are still there working……..Step one relieve the criminals of duty then take them down… They are still there and that makes people nervous what these zealot Hillary hounds might do. Obama may be running things from his war room with valerie and their communication equipment…If this is so serious Freedom Caucus take these clowns out of commission now.

  76. paulraven1 says:

    So who will be the Daniel Ellsberg who steals and releases this to the public? Because I’m tired of inferior and compromised people allowed to see and share information crucial to the integrity of my country when I am not allowed to.

  77. Wow. Wow. Wow. It might finally be happening! The Big Ugly has Sundance has laid out for many months. I pray you are correct. MAGA.

  78. DanO64 says:

    Wish some one would post that picture of the Whitehouse staff crying. Valerie and Jen were staring at the camera really ticked off. They are busted.

  79. Truenative says:

    Anyone seen Adam Shiffty today?

  80. Patriot1783 says:

    Lol….showed hubby SD photo grid above…took one look and said “geez looks like a mafia crime family.”

  81. thedoc00 says:

    Fresh off the presses, Obama claims to be a Kenyan and Malaysian citizen, not subject to US Law. //sarc

  82. aeronjericho says:

    I would prefer to see him waste away in a prison cell for the rest of his miserable life, especially knowing only a smidgen of what he has done to destroy our great nation.
    I see no reason why he should be allowed to live in luxury and be waited on hand and foot, none whatsoever. It will just leave him more time to cook up even more nefarious acts against our country and humanity in general.
    In addition, the way they have mastered in making themselves look as if they were the victim, no matter how heinous their crimes does not sit well with me. I would not look forward to all of his idiots screaming his innocence and how not only he should be allowed back in our country but should have free reign to continue with any and all he is doing. I really don’t want to go there or see any of their tirades supported by the msm and their friends, allies, criminal buddies etc
    I know your heart is in the right place and you’ve had enough as we all have, mine just has a different opinion.
    Be well,

  83. SSI01 says:

    Could someone please explain to me why security and handling caveats are still applied to a document full of falsehoods and distortions, things every thinking person who reviews the document must know are absolute untruths. They also know not a shred of material used to prepare that FISA warrant was accurate or true – or was grossly embellished with malice aforethought by the submitting authority. Why is bunk classified? This just goes to prove my long-held belief security caveats are very frequently applied to documents not to protect sensitive sources and methods, or classified information – but to keep from the public at large the notion of how either stupid, coldly calculating, or how much in the pay or influence of foreign powers or individuals their elected officials, or some appointed civil servants, really are.

  84. Searkreb says:

    This level of corruption makes it easier for me to fathom where all this debt came from. The levels of theft and corruption is on the top of the historical scale I’m afraid

  85. LibertyONE says:

    FIGURES, the DemonRATS voted no. NOW, WE the people DEMAND to know the contents. DECLASSIFY it .WE pay your salaries, enough of the BS secrecy.

  86. Since we have extradition treaties with most civilized countries, I suspect that there will be a lot of dems heading to sh*th0les. I also recommend that Hillary be assigned the late hate bucket detail in Haiti!

  87. freq says:

    The BIG UGLY is HERE…
    Wreck it HARD…SWAMP CUFFS 2×2…


  88. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Arrest, Guantanamo, creative torture, public execution. Let’s get it done.

  89. old farta says:

    If all this crap does not result in somebody going to jail, not one representative should be reelected.

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