The DOJ and FBI Worked With Fusion GPS on “Operation Trump”….

Following the released transcript of Fusion-GPS Co-Founder Glenn Simpson’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee by Senator Dianne Feinstein, several media outlets have begun questioning the relationship between the FBI investigators, Glenn Simpson and dossier author Christopher Steele.

What we have discovered highlights the answer to those relationship questions; and also answers a host of other questions, including: Did the FBI pay Christopher Steele?  Yes, but now how media has stated.  Was the FBI connected to the creation of the Steele Dossier? Yes, but again, not the way the media is currently outlining.

The motive within the FBI/DOJ surveillance of the 2016 campaign of Donald Trump is simple. However, to understand how they did it – the story becomes more complex.  Some key background understanding is necessary.

♦First, to understand what took place in 2016 we must travel back to 2015 when Office of Inspector General (OIG) Michael Horowitz asked for approval to conduct oversight over the National Security Division of the Department of Justice; the DOJ-NSD.

In 2015 Inspector General Michael Horowitz was blocked by the Department of Justice from having oversight over the DOJ-NSD. In a lengthy response to the IG’s office [Full 58 page pdf HERE] Sally Yates essentially said ‘all DOJ is subject to oversight, except the National Security Division’.

♦Second, to understand how FISA is used within the intelligence community it is CRITICAL to understand that IC departments centered around National Security, such as the DOJ National Security Division, or the FBI Counterintelligence Division, may use the NSA database -and FISA enabled inquires- with considerably more leeway, and less restrictions on access and use.  In short, FISA “queries” from any national security department within government are allowed without seeking court approval.

During a recent hearing discussion between current FBI Director Christopher Wray and House Judiciary Chairman, Bob Goodlatte, the context is outlined.  WATCH:


The scale and scope of what took place in 2016 is also contingent upon understanding how the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) was being used.  Specifically how *critical* exceptions for FISA-702 “search queries”, without judicial warrants or FISA court approvals, were permitted.

In 2016 FISA-702(17) “About Queries” from legislatively authorized national security entities within the DOJ and FBI did NOT require FISA court approvals.

Remember this important fact as you continue reading.

WE BEGIN:  The recent stories about the 2016 DOJ and FBI counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign center around how the Christopher Steele ‘Russian Dossier’ was used by the DOJ/FBI in obtaining FISA approvals for surveillance of Trump campaign officials.

Within the “Russian Dossier” back-story everyone is familiar with the relationship between Fusion-GPS, the founder of the company, Glenn Simpson, and the author of the dossier, Christopher Steele. Additionally, the relationship between the Clinton campaign and Fusion GPS is now well known.

In/around April of 2016 the Clinton campaign hired and paid Fusion-GPS.  Team Clinton paid Fusion-GPS for information on candidate Donald Trump.  That agreement led to Fusion-GPS hiring sub-contractor Christopher Steele, which eventually led to the creation of the ‘Steele Dossier’.

Yesterday, it was reported the ‘Steele Dossier’ was used as the underlying foundation for the DOJ and FBI to seek FISA Court Approvals to monitor the communications of the Trump campaign.

In essence, as of yesterday, the FBI used Clinton opposition research -via Fusion GPS- on candidate Donald Trump, to generate surveillance authority over her political opponent.

That sounds bad; however, what we have discovered is worse.

Dates are critical because they build the circumstantial case within a story clouded by obfuscation and convenient FISA secrecy.

We know NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers became aware of an issue with unauthorized FISA-702(17) “About Queries” early in 2016.   As a result of a FISA court ruling declassified in May of 2017 we were able to piece a specific timeline together.

After Rogers discovered the FISA-702(17) “About Query” issues, the NSA Director initiated a full FISA-702 compliance review. [Full Backstory]

Watch this hearing testimony to hear Admiral Rogers explain the timeline:


At the same time Christopher Steele was assembling his dossier information (May-October 2016), the NSA compliance officer was conducting an internal FISA-702 review as initiated by NSA Director Mike Rogers.

The NSA compliance officer briefed Admiral Mike Rogers on October 20th 2016.

On October 26th 2016, Admiral Rogers informed the FISA Court of numerous unauthorized FISA-702(17) “About Query” violations.

Subsequent to that FISC notification Mike Rogers stopped all FISA-702(17) “About Queries” permanently. They are no longer permitted.

The full FISA Court Ruling on the notifications from the NSA is below. And to continue the story we are pulling out a specific section [page 83, pdfCRITICAL to understanding what was going on:

Pg 83. “FBI gave raw Section 702–acquired information to a private entity that was not a federal agency and whose personnel were not sufficiently supervised by a federal agency for compliance minimization procedures.”


Please pay close attention to this section, pg 84, [Note the date April 18th]:

Notice how it was FBI “private contractors” that were conducting the unauthorized FISA-702 Queries via access to information on FBI storage systems.

We have been tipped off that one of the FBI contractors in question was, unbelievably, Fusion-GPS.

It is almost certain this early 2016 series of FISA-702 compliance violations was the origin of NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers concern.

Mike Rogers discovery becomes the impetus for him to request the 2016 full NSA compliance audit of FISA-702 use.  It appears Fusion-GPS was the FBI contracted user identified in the final FISA court opinion/ruling on page 83.

Note the dates from the FISC opinion (above) – As soon as the FBI discovered Mike Rogers was looking at the searches, the FBI discontinued allowing their sub-contractor  access to the raw FISA information. Effective April 18th, 2016.

On April 19th, 2016, the day after the FBI stopped allowing access to the FISA database, the wife of Fusion-GPS founder Glenn Simpson, Mary B Jacoby, went to the White House.

(Link to White House Logs)

After months of prior opposition research, including what appears to be their access to FISA-702(17) “Search Queries“as a sub-contractor for the FBI, the wife of Glenn Simpson (Fusion GPS), Mary B. Jacoby, with years of Russia-angled reporting –including Donald Trump– visits the White House.

This is April 19th 2016, the day after the FBI, stopped allowing Fusion-GPS access the NSA FISA-702 database.  Immediately following this White House visit the Clinton campaign hire Fusion GPS to conduct opposition research on Donald Trump, surrounding Russia?

[The Tablet] … Simpson and Jacoby had ID’d Manafort as a world-class sleazeball and they were right. A slick Georgetown Law grad running in GOP circles since the Reagan campaign, Manafort used his talents and connections to get paid by some very bad people. I would only add here that, in my personal experience, journalists are not in the habit of forgetting major stories they’ve written, especially stories with a character like Manafort at the center.

So when the Trump campaign named Paul Manafort as its campaign convention manager on March 28, 2016, you can bet that Simpson and Jacoby’s eyes lit up. And as it happened, at the exact same time that Trump hired Manafort, Fusion GPS was in negotiations with Perkins Coie, the law firm representing the Clinton campaign and the DNC, to see if there was interest in the firm continuing the opposition research on the Trump campaign they had started for the Washington Free Beacon. (more)

This timeline is entirely too obvious.

What plan came from that April 19th,2016 White House meeting?  What plan did Mary Jacoby and Glenn Simpson present to use the information they had assembled?  How and who would they feed their information to; and how do they best use that ‘valuable’ information?

This appears to be where Fusion-GPS contracting with Christopher Steele comes in.

What happens next?

Glenn Simpson and Mary Jacoby (Fusion-GPS)  hires Nellie Ohr:

Contacted by Fox News, investigators for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) confirmed that Nellie H. Ohr, wife of the demoted official, Bruce G. Ohr, worked for the opposition research firm last year.

The precise nature of Mrs. Ohr’s duties – including whether she worked on the dossier – remains unclear but a review of her published works available online reveals Mrs. Ohr has written extensively on Russia-related subjects. HPSCI staff confirmed to Fox News that she was paid by Fusion GPS through the summer and fall of 2016. (link)

DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie Ohr had a prior working relationship with Fusion-GPS founder Glenn Simpson.  Together they worked on a collaborative CIA Open Source group project surrounding International Organized Crime. (pdf here) Page #30 Screen Shot Below.

Keep in mind, AFTER April 18th, 2016, Fusion-GPS knows the NSA compliance division is reviewing all of their FISA-702(17) search “query” activity conducted while contracted by the FBI.

The Clinton campaign hired Fusion GPS (April 2016).  Fusion sub-contracted retired British MI6 agent Christopher Steele to write the opposition research report “The Trump Russia Dossier”; and they hire a former intelligence community colleague, Nellie Ohr.

Nellie Ohr is a subject matter expert on Russia, speaks Russian, and also is well versed on CIA operations. Nellie Ohr’s skills would include how to build or create counterintelligence frameworks to give the appearance of events that may be entirely fabricated.

Knowing the NSA was reviewing FISA “Queries”; and intellectually accepting the resulting information from those queries was likely part of the framework put together by Glenn Simpson and Mary Jacoby; we discover that GPS employee Nellie Ohr applied for a HAM radio license [May 23rd 2016] (screen grab below).

Now this begins to take on additional context.

Open, traceable, or monitor-able communication, would be a risk.  The same FISA-702 surveillance activity, used to gather information on the Trump campaign, could just as easily be used against the ‘scheme team’.  NSA surveillance could discover information about the people now assembling FISA data into a fraudulent construct. The goal of that construct would be to justify continued counterintelligence operations, by the FBI, toward the Trump campaign.

The last thing Glenn Simpson, Mary Jacoby, Hillary Clinton, Christopher Steele, or the FBI would want – would be traceable communication networks.  Each of these people or entities would know exactly what the monitoring capability of government is.

Accepting the FBI was utilizing Fusion-GPS as a contractor, there is now an inherent clarity in the relationship between: FBI agent Peter Strzok, Fusion-GPS Glenn Simpson, and ‘Russian Dossier’ author Christopher Steele. They are all on the same team.

The information that Fusion-GPS Glenn Simpson put together from his advanced work on the ‘Trump Project’, was, in essence, built upon the foundation of the close relationship he already had with the FBI.

Simpson, Jacoby and Ohr then passed on their information to Christopher Steele who adds his own ingredients to the mix, turns around, and gives the end product back to the FBI.   That end product is laundered intelligence now called “The Trump/Russia Dossier”.

It is a circle of intelligence information.

The FBI turn around and use the “dossier” as the underlying documents and investigative evidence for continued operations against the target of the entire enterprise, candidate Donald Trump.  As Peter Strzok would say in August 2016: this is their “insurance policy” per se’.

“I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office that there’s no way he gets elected – but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”

~FBI Agent Peter Strzok to FBI Lawyer Lisa Page

In October 2016, immediately after the DOJ lawyers formatted the FBI information (Steele Dossier etc.) for a valid FISA application, the head of the NSD, Asst. Attorney General John P Carlin, left his job.  His exit came as the NSD and Admiral Rogers informed the FISC that frequent unauthorized FISA-702 searches had been conducted. Read Here.

The FISA court declassified their opinion of the DOJ and FBI conduct, in May of 2017, and that’s the way the public discovered the 2016 admissions by the DOJ, FBI and ultimately the compliance department of the NSA.

Yes, the FBI was working with Christopher Steele through their contractor Fusion-GPS.  Yes, the FBI and Clinton Team were, in essence, both paying Christopher Steele for his efforts.  The FBI paid Steele via their sub-contractor Fusion-GPS.

Lastly, when the DOJ/FBI used the Steele Dossier to make their 2016 surveillance activity legal (the October FISA application), they are essentially using the outcome of a process they created themselves in collaboration with both Fusion GPS and the Clinton campaign.

All research indicates the intelligence information the DOJ and FBI collected via their FISA-702 queries, combined with the intelligence Fusion GPS created in their earlier use of contractor access to FISA-702(17) “about queries”, was the intelligence data delivered to Christopher Steele for use in creating “The Russian Dossier”.

Christopher Steele was just laundering intelligence.  The Steele “dossier” was then used by the DOJ to gain FISA-702 approvals – which provided retroactive legal cover for the prior campaign surveillance, and also used post-election to create the “Russian Narrative”.

Ten days after the election, November 17th 2016, Admiral Rogers traveled to Trump Tower without telling ODNI James Clapper. Rogers likely informs President-elect Trump of the prior surveillance activity by the FBI and DOJ, including the likelihood that all of Trump Tower’s email and phone communication were reviewed within the FISA-702 abuse.

On November 17th, 2016, NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers went to see President-Elect Donald Trump in Trump Tower, New York.  –SEE HERE–  Director Rogers never told his boss DNI, James Clapper.

On November 18th, 2016, the Trump Transition Team announced they were moving all transition activity to Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. –SEE HERE– Where they interviewed and discussed the most sensitive positions to fill.  Defense, State, CIA, ODNI.

The transition team was set up in Trump Tower. The very next day, November 18th 2016, Trump moves the entire transition team to Bedminister New Jersey.

♦Ultimately, the people within all of these unlawful intercepts of information is what Devin Nunes discovered when he looked at the “unmasking requests” which were a result of those FISA 702(17) collections on Team Trump. That’s why Devin Nunes was so stunned at what he saw in February and March 2017.

The ENTIRE SYSTEM of FISA-702 surveillance and data collection was weaponized against a political campaign.  The DOJ and FBI used the FISA Court to gain access to Trump data, and simultaneously justify earlier FISA “queries” by their contractor, Fusion GPS.  FISA-702 queries were used to gather information on the Trump campaign which later became FBI counterintelligence surveillance on the officials therein.

President Trump is 100% correct!


IG Stimulated Releases of Information:

♦Release #1 was the FBI Agent Strzok and Attorney Lisa Page story; and the repercussions from discovering their politically motivated bias in the 2015/2016 Clinton email investigation and 2016/2017 Russian Election investigation.

♦Release #2 outlined the depth of FBI Agent Strzok and FBI Attorney Page’s specific history in the 2016 investigation into Hillary Clinton to include the changing of the wording [“grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”] of the probe outcome delivered by FBI Director James Comey.

♦Release #3 was the information about DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr being in contact with Fusion GPS at the same time as the FISA application was submitted and granted by the FISA court; which authorized surveillance and wiretapping of candidate Donald Trump; that release also attached Bruce Ohr and Agent Strzok directly to the Steele Dossier.

♦Release #4 was information that Deputy Bruce Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, was an actual contract employee of Fusion GPS, and was hired by F-GPS specifically to work on opposition research against candidate Donald Trump. Both Bruce Ohr and Nellie Ohr are attached to the origin of the Christopher Steele Russian Dossier.

♦Release #5 was the specific communication between FBI Agent Strzok and FBI Attorney Page. The 10,000 text messages that included evidence of them both meeting with Asst. FBI Director Andrew McCabe to discuss the “insurance policy” against candidate Donald Trump in August of 2016.

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1,550 Responses to The DOJ and FBI Worked With Fusion GPS on “Operation Trump”….

  1. TheTorch says:


    Terrific work Sundance in piecing this all together.

    This is way worse than even some of us thought – when you see everything laid out in such detail.

    If some people involved in this don’t end up with jail time, then there is no justice. They simply can’t be allowed to get away this, it is not only sickening and shocking, but if this was a movie you would almost think it far fetched, yet it actually happened, they DID this.

    Forget Watergate, this is a zillion times worse. This is the levers of power being pulled to interfere and sabotage an election / campaign of a candidate for President and subsequently try and use said material for a coup / impeachment of a sitting President! with the sycophantic media along for the ride, enabling and encouraging this garbage day in and day out. Seriously, mind boggling, what they have collectively been involved with here.

    The Obama administration was an utterly corrupt regime, power mad, and at its core, anti-American. There is no other way to interpret what they did and attempted to do.

    Was there ever an administration in American history, with this level of corruption? When you consider all the other scandals that we now know about or suspected at the time, and this on top of them, simply staggering.

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    • Stringy theory says:

      Torch, you have captured the feelings of all of us perfectly. This is totally beyond imagination in the level of corruption. I am shocked and saddened.


  2. Kelley says:

    Absolutely stunning! I’m furious! Justice better be served!!!!! Maybe that’s why Trump says he will sign anything bc after this comes out in full, the dems are not gonna be worried about saving anything except their own asses!

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  3. Trump accurately tweeted Obama was wire tapping him. Once again Trump vindicated over time. It’s too bad he is a once in a lifetime president.

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    • rainmom says:

      it must never be forgotten how the msm mocked him, called him a liar, ordered him to “prove it” that obama was wiretapping him. (they belong in cuffs, too!)

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  4. grandmaintexas says:

    Gitmo awaits.

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    • Guyver1 says:

      Ah, yes. They won’t like their acommodations there. No club fed.
      Been there.
      Climate? Like Ponce, the city of my birth on the south coast of Puerto Rico… semi-desertic scrub, very little rain, humidity over 80% all year long (because of its proximity to the sea- it borders a bay), hot all year long (specially in the summer- mid to upper nineties every day, well into the evening).
      Because the humidity is so high, when you sweat, it does not evaporate- so it does not cool you down. So you keep sweating until you dehydrate.
      A hot, humid Hell… 🙂 And I would make them put on their coats… 🙂

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  5. John Rawls says:

    Got down to Jacoby WH visit, mind-blown. Look at the WHI visitor logs just after the 19th. WH meetings with FBI Baker (and FBI Comey memo editors) and DoJ-NSD FISA attorneys.

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  6. freddy says:

    Why do we have to wait for demotions of Mccabe or Strozk or any other criminals still operating with clearance out of the FBI. The most corrupted agency in history.. Bring in the military to arrest the saboteurs and coup plotters. They are not mostly good people over there, They are Hiallry zealots and leftists who are in the resistance. I don’t feel safe man…….straight up till those clowns are gone…

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  7. bill says:

    Pure Treason. And, extremely well written article and series! Watergate look like nothing in comparison!

    Does the Congress still admit we are in a WAR a WAR on terror? If so, then how will Treason be treated in case?

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    • DanO64 says:

      I am very versed in the actual law of forces use of treason versus civil law. The civil statues has been met in my opinion. The Act of War clause could be a challenge in a UCMJ case perhaps.

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      • bill says:

        You could be right, but then again I can hope.


      • bill says:

        1. Treason, sedition mean disloyalty or treachery to one’s country or its government. Treason is any attempt to overthrow the government or impair the well-being of a state to which one owes allegiance; the crime of giving aid or comfort to the enemies of one’s government. Sedition is any act, writing, speech, etc., directed unlawfully against state authority, the government, or constitution, or calculated to bring it into contempt or to incite others to hostility, ill will or disaffection; it does not amount to treason and therefore is not a capital offense.


      • KBR says:

        The particular person that associated Americans/Russians/Brits were trying to destroy was the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

        I think that calls for Military Tribunals.

        Besides, with the entire Federal Law Enforcement and very likely a large number of our Legislators as well, who is left to arrest and haul these traitors off to be arraigned but our military? Enemies to our Nation and our Constitution here are BOTH FOREIGN and DOMESTIC.

        Are we gonna have to go to the SWAMP ourselves?

        Get this DONE!!!


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      • G. Combs says:

        Congress Declared War on Sept. 14, 2001

        It was the war on terror and allowed troops to be used in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

        Don’t forget WHY they did not want Trump in the White House.
        The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook
        This is not only why Obummer wanted open borders but also explains Fast and Furious and why a traced gun ended up at a Paris France masacre. The Obama Admin was running guns to the Hezbollah drug cartel!

        And that is just ONE of the horrors from the Obama Admin.

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        • Donna in Oregon says:

          Fast & Furious is proof that our government colluded with the Sinaloa Drug Cartel and it is important to note that in Mexico the Cartels also own politicians, law enforcement, judges and media.

          People tend to overlook the poliferation of La Raza and other Mexican groups that lobby Washington DC. Do we really believe that the Cartels aren’t greasing political palms thru these organizations?

          Who is investigating? The DOJ/FBI? sarc and snicker. The gangs have free access to any place in America. Bought and paid for in Washington DC

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      • Dixie says:

        I’ll settle for civil. But I don’t believe it will ever happen.


    • KBR says:

      IDK if the “War on Terror” has been officially “ended.”

      I DO know that Russians were involved through Fusion/Hillary
      I DO know that a British spy was directly involved

      But I DO know that a State of Emergency Executive order was issued to combat FRAUD and CORRUPTION…and if this ain’t corrupt and a fraud, what is?

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  8. Meri says:

    Andrew Weissmann met with AP reporters to discuss Paul Manafort case before joining special counsel

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  9. nimrodman says:

    So, essentially, Obama’s FBI turned over the reigns of NSA’s vast spying / querying capabilities to private, partisan, political operatives

    (don’t try to say that last part with a mouthful of saltines, y’all)

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    • BakoCarl says:

      “mouthful of” . . . popcorn, y’all.

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    • LBB says:

      If you have a contractor come in, wouldn’t there be safeguards to how & what they accessed. Document says contractor had access to raw data that went well beyond what was needed for FBI request.
      When did FBI hire GPS (start date)? What was the original request? Have they allowed GPS or similar agency’s same kind of access? For political purpose, like with Romney.

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      • Risa says:

        Another Treeper, in the comments section of a different CTH column, speculated Trump may have informed Romney of something similar to this because Romney looked shaken after the dinner he had with Trump.

        It does make you reexamine the outcome of several political races.

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        • MM says:

          I made that comment and I stand by it. 2010 when BHO/Dems were blown out in elections they put the peddle to the metal with spying on political opposition. I think they started spying shortly after BHO was elected in 2008. The reason Congress/Senate did nothing/said nothing about BHO’S administrations Illegal activities was because they were being black mailed.

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        • Bill Robbins says:

          Risa: That Trump-Romney dinner makes sense, doesn’t it?


      • John Rawls says:

        p. 81, FISA doc says violations were occurring in 2012, Obama spying on Romney too.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      what a bozo. i would never try that.


  10. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Once again, great work SD. In watching Jordan and Mark Meadows on Hannity last night, they both seemed to indicate that they know a lot more and that it will be coming out soon. Meadows said something along the line that it will be alarming when it comes out (paraphrasing). When you look at the whole picture, it really is disgusting that our Government behaved in this manner. This whole thing makes Watergate look like child’s play.

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    • freddy says:

      don’t be fooled those guys they were the oversight committees. What happened jordan and Meadows. NOW we have a crisis .. Where were you to protect from the marxiasts islamists who took over.. Hiding is where. Your spineless GOP………The people will take care of this not Gowdy and friends and kabuki night again.

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      • Albertus Magnus says:

        Too much here to celebrate without the need for some of you to come in to concern-troll. Please just for one night. Take your concerns, warnings, etc. and share it with the great outdoors privately or with your spouse. That shtick is simply getting old.


        • John Rawls says:

          It’s a valid point.

          Where’s the oversight and communication of these issues to the citizens?

          They are renewing the 702 surveillance this week, and no public debate.


  11. Ray Van Dune says:

    I must echo all the compliments to SD. Small suggestion: could we have a set of bullet points that say “What we learned new today.” This would help us old guys AND prove very useful in reconstructing the trail of discovery for when we begin explaining this to the uninitiated..

    Liked by 2 people

    • Running Fast says:

      Bullet 1: Democrats/ liberals are fascists.
      Bullet 2: Our Republic was nearly lost
      Bullet 3: Sundance deserves a medal of freakin honor
      Bullet 4: Obama, Hillary and their minions ARE corrupt to the bone.

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  12. fleporeblog says:

    It would not shock me that Fusion GPS were doing “About Queries” on Bernie Sanders as well as Ted Cruz at the time as well. This was all about getting HRC elected. Bernie became a major liability by going on a winning streak. I hope and pray that is the case so that the Bern Bots run a million miles from the Democrat Party.

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  13. Coolpapa says:

    Here’s a question for you: If what what you lay out is true, what’s to keep these same bad actors from using the results of their extended surveillance to create another narrative about how evil Trump is and how their actions were necessary?

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  14. Trey Dawg says:

    I guess If I were to build a weaponized Governmental Intelligence Bureau, It probably
    would look just like that….

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  15. InquisitorLost says:

    Please excuse my inability to follow….
    >The New York Times never wrote about the admission by the Obama DOJ to the FISA court.
    What specific admission? Why is whether they wrote this admission pertinent?

    Trying to grasp as much as I can.


    • svenwg says:

      The admission that they had been misusing the 702 queries!!!!


    • JMC says:

      I think by “admission” SD means “application based on evidence provided”. I too am confused about that. It does need to be made clearer.


      • All Too Much says:

        Admission, as I believe SD is using it, is an admission in court, or a court document, that you did, said, did’d do or say, something. The full term is ‘admission against interest’.
        The FBI wrote, and probably said things in court, which, now, are used to prove thier wrongdoing.


    • Sandra-VA says:

      It’s in the linked FISA Court document, near the bottom… outlining all the crimes committed by those abusing the NSA collected materials.

      Read that and you will understand.

      The NYTimes never wrote a story about the abuse.


    • Kathy says:

      Greetings, InquisitorLost … Go back to the paragraph you are questioning and click on the “IN MAY OF 2017” hotlink, which will open to an article Sundance wrote in May 2017. As I understand it, the FISA court issued a memo declaring the Obama Administration had behaved badly. And while the Obama Administration admitted it did behave badly, the NYT didn’t write/publish anything about the Obama Administration’s “admission” about its bad behavior. The video at the hotlink may also help.


      • InquisitorLost says:

        Thanks a bunch. Too much happening and I want to be able to explain as much as possible accurately to friends/family during these historically troubling times.


  16. thesavvyinvester says:

    Sundance, how do we thank you, Those of us here are part of a grateful nation. The question begs, when did the weaponization of the levers of power in the Obama administration begin? My guess? 2009, Tea Party day 04/15/2009 with the FBI going to the rallyes and photographing the attendees.

    Liked by 7 people

    • JMC says:

      Is that the March in DC where the news media put a complete blackout on any mention or acknowledgement of the 500,000 to 1,000,000 people who were peacefully present?


    • deqwik2 says:

      Sharyl Attkisson has a timeline & it begins in April 2009. The following is interesting & shows in April 09 the FBI abuse of power was obvious to Leibowitz. Mueller was the Director.

      December 17, 2009:

      The Obama administration prosecutes FBI contractor Shamai Leibowitz for leaking documents to the media in April 2009. Leibowitz says he leaked because he felt FBI practices were “an abuse of power and a violation of the law” which he reported to his superiors at the FBI “who did nothing about them.” (According to the ACLU: “Amazingly, the sentencing judge said, ‘I don’t know what was divulged other than some documents, and how it compromised things, I have no idea’.”)

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    • Thank Sundance by clicking Donate Button top rh column


    • I of course admire the work done here, its superior as always. We have something to hold onto to, and spread. I would also like to thank the Tipster who gave direction to tie ends together.

      Thanks to everyone who helped tie this together


  17. starfcker says:

    Incredible. I literally don’t know what to say. Looks like we have some people we need to hang.

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  18. Orygun says:

    The idea that the FBI would work hand in hand with such a sleazy organization like Fusion-gps is disgusting. Letting them just peruse everyones personal communications is beyond reproach. That system needs to be shut down and these people need to be locked up.
    I had a feeling they were blackmailing Congress and the SCOTUS and now we know how and who.

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  19. Kristin says:

    We have names. We have a true conspiracy to defraud our country of a duly elected presidency.
    Thank you Sundance. Thank you.

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  20. KenG says:

    Once and for all, we are miles beyond treason.
    We have been witnessing sedition.
    Sedition is well covered by the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), specifically Articles 5 and 94.

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  21. Donna in Oregon says:

    Cynically speaking, I think Capitol Hill knew exactly what was going on. Evelyn Farkus said she was telling all her friends on the Hill.

    So they knew. They all knew what was up and that is Ryan and McConnell did not support President Trump. They knew. And they let Comey and Mueller set President Trump up again.

    Here’s the proof. They knew. They all knew. They also all know about Mueller.

    1. All FBI records relating to the agreement with Mr. Steele regarding his investigation of President Trump and his associates, including the agreement itself, all drafts, all internal FBI communications about the agreement, all FBI communications with Mr. Steele about the agreement, all FBI requests for authorization for the agreement, and all records documenting the approval of the agreement.

    Liked by 7 people

    • Covfefe-USA says:

      This 1-5-18 WatchdogUSA vid by Greg Hunter (formerly of ABC and CNN) – a ‘real’ investigative journalist, is worth the 41 min watch. Claims MI sources who’ve given him the backstory on the Meuller investigation.


      • MaineCoon says:

        Greg Hunter is an excellent investigative journalist. He left CNN because he would do it ‘their’ way. He’s a Christian.


  22. Sassy says:

    I have a dumb question: Does anyone know of a quick way to go directly to the first page of comments from the last page of comments, other than repeatedly hitting “older comments”?


  23. John Doe says:

    Can someone explain exactly what queries are? I’m getting hung up on that vs unmasking.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. SublimeZ says:

    This is why they freaked out over tweet this morning. They HAD to pass the 702 bill before it came out

    Liked by 2 people

  25. Walt says:

    Thanks Obama…But really Thank You Sundance!!!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  26. KBR says:

    Sedition and conspiracy to commit treason against the President of the United States of America and the voting citizens of the United States of America,

    [in association with British (Steele) and Russian (two Russians have Sept lawsuit against Simpson + the Vel-whatever woman/entrapment attempt on Donald Jr) agents/citizens],

    fraud against the people of the United States of America, in an attempt to overthrow the government of the United States of America,

    Election tampering,


    Liked by 4 people

  27. NJF says:

    Amazing Sundance. It’s heartbreaking though. Not only bc of the weaponizing of these agencies, but also the sh$t storm this will generate.

    How many will believe this? We’ve all witnessed how deep the denial of the left is, and the media continues to cover up what has been happening.
    They will scream and protest “it had to be done Trump was coooooolluuuuing either the Russians.

    I’m hopeful the IG will deliver the goods. He might be the only one people will believe bc he was an Obama appointee.


    Liked by 6 people

  28. amwick says:

    There are so many people, companies, and actions… I would like to see what actual crimes are possible, what charges… Maybe it is obvious to lawyers, but not me…

    Conspiracy, obstruction of justice, perjury, hmmmmmm

    Watergate 2.0 on steroids….

    Liked by 1 person

  29. blind no longer says:

    This is just mind blowing corruption and cover up!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  30. chojun says:

    This is fantastic work, as always Sundance.

    My only question about all this is that the Steele Dossier has been pretty much viewed as “salacious and unverified” (James Comey) and many people in the IC have apparently urged caution about the veracity about it’s contents. President Trump himself has said that the dossier is bogus.

    That suggests that the contents of the Steele Dossier were NOT drawn from FISA queries – as the FISA queries would pull raw, truthful data that was collected.

    Since there’s no evidence, as you suggest, of FISA warrants, I think Strzok’s “insurance policy” was to get FISA warrants on the information gathering (allowed to be done retroactively) so that in the unlikely event Trump is elected, they have their bases covered and have the legal basis for having gathered such information. We know the dossier was used as the basis for the FISA warrants – but it would appear that the FISC saw right through the dossier and denied the applications.

    This scenario would be precisely the thing that would keep general council Carlin awake at night. And he left his job just before the election.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Florida_Frank says:

      “That suggests that the contents of the Steele Dossier were NOT drawn from FISA queries – as the FISA queries would pull raw, truthful data that was collected.”

      Yes, IMO. Conversely, the MSM will say that if the Dossier was drawn from FISA queries, then that proves its veracity.

      Liked by 1 person

    • memci3 says:

      No. The CIA can hack or ping a computer and make it look like it was done from Russia. This is picked up by the NSA and seen by Fusion GPS.

      Trump has no idea what the hell they are talking about.

      Remember Sheryl Atkinson the reporter watching her screen and seeing what someone else was doing in her computer.


  31. grandmaintexas says:

    Devin Nunes said none of the info he saw had anything to do with Russia, Russia, Russia, yet they built the Russia Dossier on kernels of truth they found in the queries? What am I missing?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Rene says:

      Nunes probably saw raw data on Trump and others. The fact that none of it had to do with Russia is exactly the point. Fusion didn’t find anything so had to hire Nellie Ohr to make stuff up.

      Liked by 6 people

    • MaineCoon says:

      IMO they would take some factual basis and spin it from there.

      When Trump owned the Miss America contest it was in Moscow once. He was there.

      That’s the only fact they would need to spin all the lies around one indisputable fact. I didn’t read the Dossier, so I don’t know what fact(s0 they used, but this would be one possibility.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Guffman says:

      Nunes was shocked more at the unmasking that he saw was going on… for no apparent reason seemingly (most of the intel reports apparently had little to do with Russia) other than to spy on the Trump campaign.

      Liked by 1 person

  32. Newman says:

    Scott Johnson at Poweline is busy right now grading Sundance’s Common sense precise Grammer.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. MVW says:

    The sad thing is that the Libtards don’t care how illegal any anti-Trump action was. Even murder is ok with them. Libtards have lost their sense of morality.

    Liked by 3 people

  34. kpm58 says:

    The dossier is like a Tom Clancy novel. A well researched piece of fiction.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. freddy says:

    Dear general Sessions…are you having difficulty figuring out which statutes all these crimes are. We can send you help cause it’s clear as a hand in your face. Come on Huma!!! saved her marriage to not be testified against. She is a slam dunk…. Why are we protecting these people. Plenty evidence….Whats wrong…. I’m getting really pi$$ed of lately…

    Liked by 2 people

  36. I figure that TRUMP will make a huge MEDIA CIRCUS of this PRIOR to signing, if he doesn’t he isn’t the showman, honestly I think he should refuse any reauthorization until someone ADMITS on CNN that the government illegally wiretapped Trump Tower… he doesn’t he has lost an EXTREMELY UNIQUE opportunity.

    Liked by 2 people

  37. bill says:

    Hillary Clinton, looks good in Orange!

    Liked by 1 person

  38. FofBW says:

    FBI reports to POTUS, DOJ report to POTUS.

    I see a common link for coordination and control.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Craig from Scotland says:

    Way worse than I ever thought.
    Round them up and throw away the key.

    Great work Sir Sundance.


  40. H&HC 2nd-16th says:

    Amazing investigative work. Where does it go from here? Grand jury? Indictments of who and on what specific charges?


  41. AngelOne says:

    Sundance there’s a direct in white house fusion tie in, look at Shailaigh Murray and Neil King.

    Liked by 1 person

    • All Too Much says:

      “An explosive story by Sean Davis at The Federalist reveals that President Obama’s PAC, Obama for America, paid nearly $1 million in 2016 to the law firm that retained Fusion GPS, the consulting group responsible for the infamous Trump “dossier.” According to Davis, Federal Election Commission records show the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and Obama’s PAC paid Perkins Coie more than $12 million last year alone.

      The article also notes that Neil King, Jr.—the husband of Shailagh Murray, one of Obama’s former senior advisors—went on to work for Fusion GPS shortly after the election. King was a longtime Wall Street Journal reporter who, while at the Journal, was also a colleague of Glenn Simpson, one of Fusion GPS’s founders. These links were never divulged in any of King’s election coverage for the Journal. These ties could explain the Obama White House’s almost daily attention to the Trump-Russia collusion plotline, fueled largely by Josh Earnest, Obama’s press secretary.”

      Is that your reference?

      Liked by 1 person

  42. All Too Much says:

    The Wray-Goodlatte exchange makes complete sense now.
    The distinction Goodlatte made between national security issues, one one hand, and domestic crime on the other, specifically the need to obtain a search warrant when its the latter case, helps paint a picture of the FBI and DOJ, at a minimum, conspiring to intentionally violate the civil rights of candidate Trump, all to ensure the election of HRC. Who would benefit from that is another story. I’ll wait for the answer. Sundance will have it in due course.


  43. Lion2017 says:

    This is incredible! The dominos need to fall!


  44. Betcha that it was Bruce Ohr who used that ham radio. He’s the one that needed to cover his tracks, way more than his wife.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. MaineCoon says:

    “it was an FBI “private contractor” that was conducting the unauthorized FISA-702 Queries.”

    I read this and literally gasped, knowing the next disclosure would be it was Fusion-GPS.

    This is The Story. All the pieces of the puzzle. All the dots are connected. All the dominos are included right to the top.

    I can’t really put into words how I feel. The closest is to say I am feeling numb.

    President Trump has no choice. America cannot be made great again without full and final measure of justice brought against all co-conspirators — bar none.

    Without final justice of sedition and traitorous actions America will not be great again.

    Liked by 4 people

    • huskerheart says:

      You are correct MaineCoon……it has to happen so the American people make sure that this sort of thing never ever ever can happen again. So short term it may be painful and it may be ugly, but long-term we will be a better and stronger country for going through it…


  46. xxxMat says:

    Unbelievable. Great job sundance. Thanks.

    So the news is

    1) the FBI/NSD of DOJ worked together with Fusion GPS against candidate Trump (one team, hand in hand).
    2) Fusion GPS, an opposition research firm, conducted 702 ‘about’ queries themselves, which is illegal.
    3) these 702 queries by Fusion GPS were used to ‘construct’ the Stelle dossier, among other sources.

    Please write executive summary. To sell this bombshell to the public the core of the story must be easy to understand. Would be helpful to summarize in no more than 10 sentences what happened.

    Also it would be helpful to name the crimes committed, one by one.

    That way it’s easier to digest.


    Liked by 3 people

  47. Linus_in_W.PA. says:

    I think we may see some dirt naps coming soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  48. karen wilson says:

    nice work sundance


  49. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    Everyone has already pretty much summed up my thoughts…. but this – God Bless you Sundance!

    doing my part to get this out there! maybe someone will put you up for a pulitzer!

    Liked by 4 people

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