Senator Dianne Feinstein Releases Transcript of Glenn Simpson Fusion-GPS Testimony (full pdf)…

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and the leading minority member of the 2016 Gang of Eight (intelligence oversight) when she previously held Vice-Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, released the full transcript of the Judiciary Committee interview with Fusion-GPS founder Glenn Simpson.

The transcript was released over the objections of Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley who is investigating the role of Fusion-GPS and their “Steele Dossier” in the 2016 DOJ/FBI surveillance operation of presidential candidate Donald Trump.

This follows on the heels of reports last night that Devin Nunes has been allowed to look at all documents surrounding the DOJ/FBI use of the Steele Dossier in advancing the DOJ/FBI Trump Operation.  It would appear that Feinstein is diluting the investigation of Chuck Grassley.   Feinstein has a personal motive within this larger story.  In 2016 Dianne Feinstein was part of the Gang-of-Eight who were supposed to conduct oversight over the FBI counterintelligence operation executed by the DOJ National Security Division and FBI Counterintelligence Division.

It has been suspected that Feinstein gave up her Senate Intelligence Vice-Chair position, following the election, because there was an inherent political risk for any oversight Democrat in relation to the FBI’s Trump Operation.

“The innuendo and misinformation circulating about the transcript are part of a deeply troubling effort to undermine the investigation into potential collusion and obstruction of justice,” Feinstein said in a statement. “The only way to set the record straight is to make the transcript public.”

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) was sharply critical of Feinstein’s decision to release the transcript without consulting with him first.

“It’s totally confounding,” said a Grassley spokesman, Taylor Foy. “Her action undermines the integrity of the committee’s oversight work and jeopardizes its ability to secure candid voluntary testimony,” such as from Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law.

There is a transparency of political activity at work.  Amid mounting evidence that is likely to bring massive sunlight upon the politicization of the DOJ and FBI the “AT RISK” politicians are maneuvering themselves to avoid THE BIG UGLY.

Additionally, now that the tide-has-turned the politicians on the side of the co-conspirators are trying to push out, and leak, as much information as possible so the larger group -that participated in the unlawful action- can prepare their defensive strategy.

Here’s the transcript:


You can help CTH with review of this 300 page transcript and please drop your comments below.  Note the page number of anything you find interesting….


ps. I am working to confirm that Devin Nunes has, or physically saw, the 2016 FISA application classified documents as reported by The Daily Caller.  If I can confirm that Nunes has actually seen, or possesses, those classified documents there is a MUCH BIGGER story the media is missing.  More on that later.

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728 Responses to Senator Dianne Feinstein Releases Transcript of Glenn Simpson Fusion-GPS Testimony (full pdf)…

  1. Radouanoor Rahman says:

    my Bangladesh of gold,
    I love you,,,,,,,


  2. IMO says:

    Feinstein Tampers with Investigation – Deep State Tactic of Desperation

    “Published on Jan 9, 2018It should be clear to everyone that the deliberate and interestingly timed release of the transcripts of the testimony of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson from August 22, 2017 is intended to obstruct justice by tampering with an ongoing investigation. Her actions are beyond the pale and illustrate the desperation of the Deep State.”

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    • IMO says:

      Frankenstein tampered with evidence

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      • V says:

        On the other hand, Grassley being against it might have propelled her to release it just to spite him or an impish irresistible gremlin got into her head and all the other evil ones’ heads and said, :”Release all info that damages and exposes the deepstate.”



  3. V says:

    I would so love to read all preceding 600+ comments and will tomorrow. So, excuse if these points have already been made. Here’s my contribution to the omelette.

    Haven’t read the whole transcript, just searched for various words like Alpha and FBI.

    Pg 303 to 305 re Alpha Bank is outrageous. Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes knows nothing about the “sprawling dossier” that accompanied Teal Leaves aka April Lorenzen and L. Jean Camp’s overtures to the media.

    The Intercept Nov 1, 2016

    “Professor L. Jean Camp, an esteemed computer scientist quoted at length in the Slate piece and also interviewed by The Intercept, said she knew the author of the Alfa Bank document — compiled with the exhaustive detail of a political oppo team, not a university researcher — but would not reveal who it was.

    From pg 303 of the transcript:

    Glenn Simpson: “…journalists were working on some issues related to this and they asked us about it, but the information didn’t come from us.”

    So, how did the journalists know to contact Fusion GPS about it? Methinks it was the other way around: Fusion GPS contacted the journalists.

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  4. V says:

    Glenn Simpson Transcript – Term “FBI” search in the transcript up to pg 207. More to go.

    Pg 160:

    This will come back to bite him:

    Simpson: “So he [Chris Steele] proposed to — he said we should tell the FBI, it’s a national security issue. I didn’t originally agree or disagree, I just put it off and said I needed to think about it. Then he raised it again with me. I don’t remember the exact sequence of these events, but my recollection is that I questioned how we would do that because I don’t know anyone there that I could report something like this to and be believed….”

    He certainly had a connection with the DOJ through his employee Nellie Ohr, to her husband Bruce Ohr at a high level in the DOJ. Evidence of his connection to the FBI’s Strzok Page Priestap McCabe Comey cabal will probably surface, too.

    Here’s a start: on a social level, it seems Glenn Simpson and his wife, Mary Jacoby have a connection with Bill Priestap and his wife Sabina Menschel via Georgetown Day School. (Priestap FBI Asst Dir of Counterintelligence, was jr to Comey and sr to Strzok,)

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    • V says:


      The links no longer exist, but can be seen if one clicks the little arrow next to the entry at G oo gle to see the cached version. Search for “Sabina Menschel” “Mary Jacoby” Georgetown Days

      Georgetown Day School 2015-16 Annual Report

      Pg 47 – COMPREHENSIVE GIVING FOR 2015-16
      $20,000-$49,999 – Menschel and Priestap

      Also on pg 48 and 61

      Pg 50, 64 and 76 – Simpson and Jacoby

      Georgetown Days, fall 2016 by Georgetown Day School – issuu [LITTLE ARROW]
      Jan 11, 2017 – Title: Georgetown Days, fall 2016, Author: Georgetown Day School, Name: Georgetown Days, fall 2016, Length: 92 pages, Page: 1, Published: … Molly Levinson and Josh Wachs Nancy and Reid Liffmann Connie and Erik Lindenauer Cathy MacNeil-Hollinger and Mark Hollinger Sabina Menschel and Bill …


      Georgetown Day School 2014-15 Annual Report

      Pg 52, 68 Menschel and Priestap
      Pg 54, 68 Simpson and Jacoby

      Georgetown Days, fall 2015 by Georgetown Day School – issuu [LITTLE ARROW]
      Jan 7, 2016 – Title: Georgetown Days, fall 2015, Author: Georgetown Day School, Name: Georgetown Days, fall 2015, Length: 100 pages, Page: 1, Published: … Seth Perretta Linda Lipsett and Jules Bernstein Angela and Michael Madnick Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Malek Vicky and Greg Marchand Sabina Menschel and Bill …

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    • Doppler says:

      NellieOhr is a great gotcha.


  5. V says:

    Glenn Simpson Transcript – Search term “FBI” cont’d

    Pg 166 – Title and name of FBI official that Steele talked to in July 2016 redacted. (Name = 22 spaces) Researchers probably already know who that is.

    Pg 168
    Glenn Simpson: “…I can talk generally about the FBI and what happens when you give them [FBI] information because I know that from years of experience,…”

    So, now all of a sudden he says he has years of experience, but on pg 160 he claims: “I don’t know anyone there that I could report something like this to and be believed.”

    Checked “FBI” mentions up to page 207 – to be cont’d

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  6. JoeUser says:

    Wish I could contribute, but the document link is blocked here at work. I’ll try to peruse it after work. Thanks in advance for the responses from others!


  7. The Most Interesting Part Turned Out Not To Be True

    While the testimony is full of details, far and away the most interesting revelation was Simpson’s claim that the FBI had a source within the Trump campaign. Simpson said that Christopher Steele, the freelance spy paid for dispatches about Trump, was told by an FBI official that they had a confidential informant in the Trump campaign. This “human source from inside the Trump organization” was acting in a “voluntary” manner. It was someone “who decided to pick up the phone and report something.”

    Understandably, that was the big headline many media outlets put with their initial stories on the transcript, including USA Today: “Dossier author Christopher Steele told FBI had source inside Trump Org” and the Washington Post: “Ex-spy behind Trump dossier was told FBI had source inside network, testimony reveals.” The only problem is that it apparently is not true.

    Ken Dilanian, the NBC reporter who frequently helps Fusion GPS disseminate stories for its clients, said that “a source close to Fusion GPS” had a correction to offer:

    While Simpson used his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination to negotiate an interview that was not done under oath, it’s still a federal crime to give the committee false information. It is unclear if he corrected the false testimony with the committee or just worked through his collaborator Dilanian.

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  8. NC Nana says:

    Judicial Watch, Chris Farrell, talks about Glenn Simpson’s attorney’s purpose in interjecting unsworn comments into the record. It is helpful to have these comments at the back of your mind as you read the testimony.

    This is the link to the Judicial Watch video discussing the Fusion-GPS Simpson testimony:

    If you want to follow along in the testimony as you listen to the video go to page 279 of the testimony. You can find a copy at:

    Click to access 934A3562824CACA7BB4D915E97709D2F.simpson-transcript-redacted.pdf

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