McCabe Today, Ohr Tomorrow, And Deep State Predictably Runs Out Rooster Head For Chaff and Countermeasures…

Asst. FBI Director Andrew McCabe is testifying today behind closed doors to the House Intelligence Committee. Important to note how there have been no leaks; that’s the first indication of coordinated chaff and counter measures deployed by the UniParty enablers of the Deep State institutional government.

Bruce Ohr is scheduled tomorrow; again behind closed doors, this time in the Senate Intelligence Committee setting. Again, dueling intelligence hearings -between House and Senate- (on the same witnesses), indicates the UniParty apparatus has deployed Chaff and Countermeasures and is protecting the administrative state.

Promoting, well, actually the appropriate word is ‘deploying‘, the leveraged and controlled head of the House Oversight/Reform Committee is the tri-fecta in seeing the countermeasures deployed. [Prior: Issa, Chaffetz, now Roosterhead] The Chairman or Chairwoman of the House Oversight Committee is given the responsibility to deflect. In payment for services toward the cause of the UniParty the Chairman gets indulgences.

The oversight “Gang of Eight” appear to have taken over the process to ensure controls are in place. If we had not been watching this exact process play out for the past 8 years, we might not recognize the pattern. Alas, with Fast and Furious, IRS Targeting, Benghazi and more examples of UniParty wagon-circling, we would be naive not to notice the identical replay. The Hezbollah side-show is part of the ‘shiny thing’.

Congressional oversight over FBI, DOJ, CIA and NSA malfeasance has been usurped by the political ideology within the Gang of Eight construct. If a single member breaks ranks they come under fire from the remaining seven and the leadership of both wings of the UniParty. (See: Devin Nunes for the most recent reference)

It is well beyond infuriating.


Here’s Roosterhead:

The only way we can defeat this DC strategy is to demand open hearings. Period. Why do government officials get to hide behind closed doors when they are being questioned about their official duties as a government official?

If the officials don’t get put in front of cameras PUBLICLY the entire FBI/DOJ scheme will disappear into the ether.

It’s not conspiracy to point out the pattern – any more than it is conspiracy to notice the timing of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum opening to occur the day before the Alabama Senate election.

Did you really think those thousands of civil rights groups just left Mississippi the day after the opening without sticking around to execute the Alabama operation?

We need a smarter electorate.

It’s not funny how the Haley Barbour/Mitch McConnell and their UniParty schemes always seem to be overlooked by our Right-side “conservative” allies in the media.

I digress.

…Where’s Bill Priestap?

Here’s the way the entire construct looks in simple outline.

Career officials, managers and staff within the DOJ and FBI wanted to help ensure Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election. Those people were ideologically aligned with President Obama, and held the goal of maintaining progressive advances as part of their motive.

A “small group” was formed within the DOJ and FBI to facilitate this goal. The first goal was to remove Clinton from the burden of the FBI email investigation.

Once that goal was achieved, they moved on to Clinton’s 2016 challenger. By the time the 2016 GOP convention drew near, everyone accepted that challenger would be Donald Trump.

As such the FBI “small group” began monitoring candidate Donald Trump in June/July 2016 as part of a plan toward the benefit of candidate Hillary Clinton.

However, the FBI and DOJ officials also needed an actual basis, a legal justification for their behavior and the time they were spending. The plan to justify that behavior was to create an official counterintelligence operation.

To get the counterintelligence operation going, they needed a reasonable basis for creating one. That basis was the formative seeds of claims of Russian connections to the Trump campaign.

To establish the basis the Russian elements needed for the operation; the DNC and Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS to contract Christopher Steele to write a dossier that would form the legal grounding for the counterintelligence operation.

Fusion GPS hired DOJ Deputy Attorney Bruce Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, who was well versed in counterintelligence operations, CIA operations, and using tradecraft to create illusions.

Nellie Ohr worked with retired British MI6 Agent Christopher Steele to manufacture the Steele Dossier. The dossier would take innocuous connections between Trump and Russian people, enhance them, fabricate some nefarious appearance, and then be turned over to Bruce Ohr’s counterintelligence buddy in the FBI Peter Strzok.

In essence, the Clinton’s created the Russian “angle” out of thin air; and the FBI and DOJ used that creation as the legal underpinning for the counterintelligence operation.

The cointel op was always just a ruse for wiretapping, surveillance and monitoring of Donald Trump campaign officials.

The FBI (Strzok) and DOJ (Ohr) dressed up the Steele Dossier to apply for a FISA warrant (FBI Attorney Lisa Page). The surveillance was happening with or without the FISA approval; but the FISA warrant would make the surveillance legal.

The initial application to the FISA Court was so sketchy (June/July 2016) is was actually denied. Denials rarely happen. One-in-a-thousand.

The Steele Dossier was dressed up some more. More stuff added, thanks to Christopher Steele and Nellie Ohr, to the second FISA application in Sept./October. That FISA application again submitted by Bruce Ohr, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page. That warrant was approved.

If Hillary was elected, the entire counterintelligence operation just disappears into the ether. No-one would ever know about it.

But Hillary didn’t win.

Trump did.

Subsequently, the entire Trump Counterintelligence Operation was likely to be exposed. So the team behind the CoIntel scheme, again “the small group”, had to make up the “Russian Interference in The Election” narrative, a larger narrative, to cover their tracks.

The manufactured basis for the FISA warrant, ‘Muh Russia’ now needed to become real; or at least have the appearance of being real or justified.

That’s why the goofy “Joint Analysis Report on Russian Interference” was created. Brennan (CIA), Clapper (ODNI), and Comey (FBI), and to a much lesser extent the outsider Mike Rogers (NSA). This became the “17 intelligence agencies” blah.. blah… blah.

It was never 17 intel agencies. It was four. Only three pushed it. Mike Rogers said he had low/moderate confidence in the underlying intelligence within the report. The report was created as evidence to enhance the cover. Nothing more.

[My hunch is if you put the Steele Dossier together with the Joint Analysis Report, you will find 90% of the FISA application documentation.]

Additionally, the entire crew, from the Obama Administration and current career people within the DOJ, FBI, etc., who understood the larger scheme, needed ongoing people to continue ensuring the story was maintained.

That drove the need for a Special Counsel investigation. Mueller’s investigation was really just another way the players within the original scheme could keep a lid on the events in 2016.

That’s why many of the FBI/DOJ “small group”, the crew who cleared Hillary in the email investigation, were also assigned to the Mueller investigation. Controls were needed.

Inside Mueller’s crew, the “small group” essentially works to watch over what information the Trump officials or congress could possibly be discovering…. under the auspices of investigating ‘Muh Russia’ etc. If the “small group” comes across a risky trail being followed, they work to impede, block, delay or deflect anyone from that trail.

That’s the ‘high-level’ summary of the way things look from a researched perspective.

There’s one guy at the heart of this operation who can blow the lid off EVERYTHING.

His name is Bill Priestap.

Priestap’s position in 2016 was Director of Counterintelligence for the FBI.

Start asking about him.




IG Stimulated Releases of Information:

♦Release #1 was the FBI Agent Strzok and Attorney Lisa Page story; and the repercussions from discovering their politically motivated bias in the 2015/2016 Clinton email investigation and 2016/2017 Russian Election investigation.

♦Release #2 outlined the depth of FBI Agent Strzok and FBI Attorney Page’s specific history in the 2016 investigation into Hillary Clinton to include the changing of the wording [“grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”] of the probe outcome delivered by FBI Director James Comey.

♦Release #3 was the information about DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr being in contact with Fusion GPS at the same time as the FISA application was submitted and granted by the FISA court; which authorized surveillance and wiretapping of candidate Donald Trump; that release also attached Bruce Ohr and Agent Strzok directly to the Steele Dossier.

♦Release #4 was information that Deputy Bruce Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, was an actual contract employee of Fusion GPS, and was hired by F-GPS specifically to work on opposition research against candidate Donald Trump. Both Bruce Ohr and Nellie Ohr are attached to the origin of the Christopher Steele Russian Dossier.

♦Release #5 was the specific communication between FBI Agent Strzok and FBI Attorney Page. The 10,000 text messages that included evidence of them both meeting with Asst. FBI Director Andrew McCabe to discuss the “insurance policy” against candidate Donald Trump in August of 2016.

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  1. Pam says:

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  2. JAS says:

    Something to add to the timeline. I’ve been looking into when Hilldabeast first started talking about the Russia angle in public. This because – she had to know what was going on behind the curtains, The first I can find was subtle, during the first debate: 9/26/16:

    CLINTON: “…..But increasingly, we are seeing cyber attacks coming from states, organs of states. The most recent and troubling of these has been Russia. There’s no doubt now that Russia has used cyber attacks against all kinds of organizations in our country, and I am deeply concerned about this. I know Donald’s very praiseworthy of Vladimir Putin, but Putin is playing a really… (CROSSTALK)

    CLINTON: … tough, long game here….”

    By the second debate, on 10/9/16, she, and the media were on full frontal attack.

    CLINTON:”…..But, you know, let’s talk about what’s really going on here, Martha, because our intelligence community just came out and said in the last few days that the Kremlin, meaning Putin and the Russian government, are directing the attacks, the hacking on American accounts to influence our election. And WikiLeaks is part of that, as are other sites where the Russians hack information, we don’t even know if it’s accurate information, and then they put it out.

    We have never in the history of our country been in a situation where an adversary, a foreign power, is working so hard to influence the outcome of the election. And believe me, they’re not doing it to get me elected. They’re doing it to try to influence the election for Donald Trump….”

    She knew! Her minions gave her the “insurance” card and she was going full swing with it in 2016.

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    • JAS says:

      Forgot to post the second transcript list:

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    • flowerbelle says:

      She, as well as her minions (MSM), started talking about Russia before this. It started as part of the plan to get in front of the Wikileaks emails that assange announced in June that he had and would start releasing in the near future. The Crowdstrike conjured Guccifer 2 showed up in June and the Russia story was off to the races.

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      • Howie says:

        Russia r Them

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      • farrier105 says:

        Assange did not reveal that the origin of the emails was the DNC. No one in the media knew the emails came from the DNC until JULY 22, 2016 when they were published. What Assange discussed with Robert Preston of Britain’s ITV on June 12, 2016 was that he had received emails about Hillary Clinton that he would publish “coincident to the Democratic National Convention,” but Assange did NOT tell Preston where the emails originated.

        When the emails were published, it was like Pearl Harbor for the media. Here is an example by Charley Savage in the NEW YORK TIMES in July 2016, during the convention:

        “Mr. Assange’s remarks last month received only scattered attention, in part because in the interview Mr. Peston appeared to mistakenly assume that WikiLeaks had obtained still-undisclosed emails from the private server Mrs. Clinton had used while secretary of state and kept cutting Mr. Assange off to ask about it.

        “But it now seems clearer that Mr. Assange was trying to talk about the Democratic National Committee emails.”

        Assange did not reveal the origin of the emails until he published them in July. For all the media knew, the Ellen Nakashima article in the Washington Post was accurate in that the Russians only “read” or “monitored” the emails. Verbs like “stole,” or “exfiltrated” were not used by Nakashima when describing what DNC and Crowdstrike people told her regarding just what the Russians stole. Nakashima reported that only DNC opposition research about Trump was stolen.


      • farrier105 says:

        Assange did not reveal in the June 12, 2016 interview on UK’s ITV with Robert Preston that the emails came from the DNC. The media did not know DNC emails were stolen by “the Russians” because the WASHINGTON POST exclusive story, published on June 14, 2016 did NOT report that DNC emails were STOLEN by the Russians, but only “read” and “monitored” by the Russians.

        Charles Savage wrote an article about this for the New York Times, as the publication of the emails on July 22, 2016, was when the media first learned that Assange had the emails in June. Here are some excerpts that prove that:

        “Mr. Assange’s remarks last month (on June 12th to Robert Preston of ITV) received only scattered attention, in part because in the interview Mr. Peston appeared to mistakenly assume that WikiLeaks had obtained still-undisclosed emails from the private server Mrs. Clinton had used while secretary of state and kept cutting Mr. Assange off to ask about it.

        “But it now (in July) seems clearer that Mr. Assange was trying to talk about the Democratic National Committee emails.”

        The emails were like Pearl Harbor to the Mainstream Media.


    • D. Manny says:

      I’ve been researching the same thing. The actual first reference to Russia was by WFB.

      Russian Collusion Story is Hatched

      2016-03-21 Carter Page joins Trump administration.

      2016-04-07 Paul Manafort joins the Trump administration. WFB begins to paint a Russian connection by writing a story about Manafort’s connections to Russia.

      It was right after this point that Hillary/Obama/DNC began increased payments to Perkins Coie.

      The DNC convention was the first time anybody in the DNC publicly tries to sell the Russian collusion story.


      • D. Manny says:

        The reason we know that Carter Page was the catalyst for the Russian collusion is because the FBI opened up an investigation of him “shortly” after Page came on board.

        Isn’t the FBI supposed to do security checks of people who join the campaign? If they had questions about Page, why would they give him clearance?

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        • farrier105 says:

          No, they don’t do security checks of volunteers, etc. for campaigns. I think candidates can request them. The FBI volunteered to warn McCain about hiring Manafort or any of Manafort’s people for his 2008 campaign, but did not warn Trump. The FBI was investigating Manafort, as usual, just before Trump hired Manafort.


      • farrier105 says:

        “The DNC convention was the first time anybody in the DNC publicly tries to sell the Russian collusion story.”

        No, that was this post on June 27, 2016 at the bottom of Ellen Nakashima’s June 14, 2016 article about the alleged DNC Russian hack:

        “6/27/2016 11:52 AM EDT
        “Russian hackers linked to the government spill the DNC’s strategy, undermining their campaign against Mr. Trump right when his campaign needs a boost. Doesn’t this appear to support the allegations that Mr. Trump’s candidacy is being supported by Russia, a nation which is not currently behaving like our friend. When you put these together with Mr. Trump’s stated admiration of Russia’s dictator, a disturbing picture begins to emerge. How much do we really know about this guy and who his real friends are?”


    • jephfree says:

      try Jeb in one of the debates say something about “russia” it was in (crosstalk)


    • stringplayer55 says:

      There is another aspect involving Clinton & Comey which I don’t think is appreciated. Shortly before the election, Comey trotted out the “new” emails that Huma had forwarded to Weiner. The FBI “expedited” review of those emails, and just days before the election, Comey announced that there was really nothing new found in that review.

      That whole affair was a fix to give cover to Hillary after she ascended as Queen. The FBI had “investigated” her thoroughly. They had “dragged her through the mud” and she had come out “clean”. Comey announced just days before people went to the polls that she was officially absolved. Not only would Hillary come out pure as the driven snow, but Comey would appear the steadfast “keeper of the flame”. No one could accuse him of having performed political favors for Hillary. A dual purpose is served in that both come out with their badges polished.

      It was a calculated risk, but with appropriate timing, Hilarious would be elected. After that, if anyone brought forth questions about her email server, they could be dismissed with just a wave of the hand. I have no doubt that this was also part of the “insurance policy”. Hillary knew this fix. I am absolutely, 1 million percent sure of this. When all was said and done and she would become Queen and she and Comey would have been best friends. But for all they did to dress her up, for all the scheming that went on to get Hillarious elected, it was still just putting lipstick on a pig and the hoi polloi didn’t fall for the first ruse.


    • kroesus says:

      if you re suggesting it is time we sacrifice some traitors I fully concur

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    • scott467 says:

      That is the shadow of a snake (serpent), a shadow which is only cast at the Equinox, at Chichen Itza.

      I think my Spanish teacher told us about this in 9th grade 🙂

      When the Snake Awakens

      During the equinox in the late after the sun strikes off the northwest corner of the pyramid and cast a series of triangular shadows against the northwest balustrade, creating the illusion of a feathered serpent “crawling” down the pyramid.

      It’s an unbelievable and fleeting moment.

      It makes you wonder whether it is a result of purposeful design.

      As the sun sets, the snake seemingly slithers down the steps to join a stone serpent head that sits at the base of the great staircase.

      Coincidence? I think not.

      Take a look at this picture. What do you see?

      (same photo as above, with arrows pointing to the shadows)

      Chichen Itza Snake Shadow Dates
      So, when can you witness this spectacular phenomenon for yourself?

      Dates for the fall equinox 2018:

      Wednesday 20th
      Thursday 21st
      Friday 22nd

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  3. These hearings being closed to the public suggest that the Republican establishment and Mueller have made a deal:

    1. The Republican establishment will suppress Horowitz’ report.

    2. There will be firings within the FBI, but no prosecutions.

    3. Mueller will end his investigation.

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  4. Howie says:

    36 hrs and counting.

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    • smartyjones1 says:

      Is there a fresh delivery of Guinness coming from across the pond?
      What happens in 36 hours?

      Shoot, things are breaking out all over the place. McCabe was like a dead man walking yesterday. Looks like he’s being hindered with that bracelet on his right ankle.

      Our President is truly inspiring and leading. He’s exceeded on all fronts.

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  5. georgiafl says:

    Never doubt the hatred of the left. They are the haters for sure.

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    • Oldschool says:

      I’m confused. In my neck of the woods, lawn signs all over “hate doesn’t live here” /s

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      • Twinsonic says:

        Ditto, but with a twist, Black Lives Matter signs have popped up on my block recently. I am getting pretty pissed due to the fact that we live approximately a mile/ mile and a half from the West Side of Chicago – namely the Austin neighborhood, who is number one in homicides in Chicago with 82. With the signs around me, the neighbors (predominately white) are giving the “fickle finger” to the Oak Park IL Police, and inviting the criminal elements here. Carjackings are happening here in our town now. We also had a house that had been burglarized with Black Lives Matter sign on the front lawn. I am tempted to tell my neighbors if you are that stupid, why not add another sign: Gun Free Home to make a trifecta and watch the REAL fun begins. IDIOTS……

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    • Niagara Frontier says:

      I was going to post something about that story here but I was too angry. Not only do they hate, but they are passing that hatred on to their young children. The hatred is beyond pathological at this point. It’s becoming extremely dangerous.

      Keeping their children out of school for a reason like this is condoning truancy. The parents should be charged.

      What a missed opportunity for the children!

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      • PatriotGalNC says:

        I totally agree Niagara! (I was born in Niagara Falls…btw!!) I completely do not understand how anyone could do this? Why is their level of “hate” differ? To use the word “hate” is repugnant, but yet… there are things happening these days that can garner my experience of ‘hate’, and this is one of them. We all are entitled to our opinions, but to me…if you are a mother—and to NOT agree with PDJT’s goals…Then, you do not really want the best for your children.

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        • trialbytruth says:

          I remember when I visited Niagara every one was shouting all the time. Seemed like a.lot of angry people. Or maybe it was because I was standing next to the falls , kinda loud there.


      • Orygun says:

        They are a step away from the Palestinians that teach their children to hate and kill the Jewish people. It can be traced back to the media and our schools of disinformation.

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  6. decisiontime16 says:

    This coup brought to justice for our President and for all of the American people is a MUST WIN.
    These vermin have gradually infested all of our institutions, the MSM, and even our election process. They have to be eradicated. We have no other choice if we are to keep our republic.

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  7. Texian says:

    Sundance is smart.. probably has a dossier on all of us Treepers..


    • H&HC 2nd-16th says:

      Damn – you mean he knows that I may be guilty of sexual abuse………of myself! Ha-ha-ha! So fire me. Oh you can’t. I’m retired. Ha-ha-ha.


  8. Lie Detector says:

    Politics is a bloody game. The moment a person is elected to public office the swamp tells him/her about all their liabilities and threat them that if they don’t play the game would be destroyed. On the other hand, if they play there is plenty of money and perks. That’s why Trump is so important for the times we live on. Only once in a lifetime a lider like Trump comes along with so little baggage and real qualities to start a new revolution. The swamp greatest fear is that no matter how hard they try they haven’t been able to destroy him. I really believe God send him to save this great nation from the evil forces that want to dominate the world y control the people. God’s will, Trump will prevail!!!

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  9. Angelone says:

    Thank God for the conservative treehouse. Your quest for truth brings much clarity and eases the frustration we all feel at this corruption in our Republic. Quite a helpless feeling watching this unfold knowing there’s nothing that will come of this the fox is guarding the hen house.

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  10. Ari says:

    Trump needs to put his agenda into overdrive. The FBI story is important but not critical to MAGA.

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    • 🍺Gunny says:

      Nice thought, but MAGA is finished if they complete the coup against the President.
      This has to be taken care of and quickly.

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    • Binkser1 says:

      Just my opinion, Ari, so please don’t take it personally, but I couldn’t disagree more. All the tax cuts, health care changes, etc., will mean nothing if law and order is not restored to this country. If these people all walk with no repercussions other than possibly losing a job (which let’s face it, will just mean early retirement with all their benefits intact), then what is going to stop anyone else from doing it again in the future? They will have nothing to lose. I love all that President Trump is doing for this country and let’s face it, he is doing most of this all by himself, but if justice is not brought to these treasonous (or seditious) b@#$ards, then our country is done, IMO.

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  11. Thecleaner says:

    It will work out fine. I have it on good authority that there are over 9000 sealed indictments waiting to be sprung on the evil doers by Beavis and Butthead.
    I’m just waiting for the next Imperator Rex tweetsrorm for my revised timeline. /s

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  12. It’s the ol’ “the country cannot handle a scandal this big” routine.

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  13. Pam says:


  14. MfM says:

    The left are the ones that need to demand that these are opened. Not the controlled ones in DC, but the ones on the outskirts who have big mouths.

    These secret goings on will have their TDS going into overdrive. It won’t take much to convince them that Trump or his people are hiding something.


  15. 4beagles says:

    zippo ran dry, bic won’t flick, strike a match and lite the candle


  16. Pam says:

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  17. Pam says:

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  18. Palafox says:

    Trump should go and sit in on the closed-door questioning, immediately declassify it, and tweet about it.

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  19. springstreet says:

    DJT deals with Putin because Putin is in power and DJT has to deal with the gang of eight for the same reason. The deal should be: we get the wall and you get what’s left of the swamp … case closed. Unfortunately, if DJT follows “the law” then America will end up looking like a banana republic. The wall gives us peace and prosperity now … the swamp will drain itself through 8 years of attrition.


  20. Firefly says:

    RAMPED UP: Gowdy & Goodlatte Tell Sessions Congressional Investigators Need to Interview McCabe & Key FBI Officials

    Two key lawmakers said late Tuesday the Justice Department should allow FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, FBI Chief of Staff Jim Rybicki, and FBI counsel Lisa Page to be interviewed by Congressional investigators.

    Trey Gowdy and Bob Goodlatte (in a letter below) called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to make the three FBI officials available for transcribed interviews for the Congressional investigation of the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton investigation during the 2016 election.

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  21. dadawg says:

    McCabe still in closed door meeting going on eight hours now….

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    • Firefly says:

      See my post above with link above -Gowdy and Goodlatte issued a letter to Sessions and Wray to interview transcribed testimony of mccabe, rybicki, and page. They want the testimony to start 21 December.


  22. dadawg says:

    McCabe is finally released…

    Chad Pergram‏Verified account
    4m4 minutes ago
    Colleague Jason Donner rpts Dep FBI Dir McCabe has departed after more than 7.5 hrs behind closed doors w/Hse Intel Cmte.


  23. mitro roman says:

    Sundance – You are very insightful and have done great work in exposing this whole Russia-Trump farce way before most people did.

    I didn’t think about the timing of all the civil rights people going to Mississippi right before the Alabama Senate election. I bet you are right and with a margin of only 21,000, I’m sure the Dems stole the election.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the corrupt/partisan Dems in the DOJ/FBI and Mueller’s team try to push the narrative that some info in the Dossier is true and Russia and Trump associates tried to collude. Think that Goldstone guy will testify next week that he was “duped” by the Russian lawyer. My hunch is Goldstone was in on it as well as the Russian lawyer on the fake plot with the help of the Obama admin. Think Papadopoulos was also a plant to try to entrap Trump/his associates.

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  24. Stanley says:

    This site is awesome, the founder/the writer of this articles is really smart.
    You guy’s, the posters are wise and intelligent unlike liberals that are blinded by deception, unjustifiable hate, stupidity etc.

    I hope the full truth comes to light, I am not an American but may God bless USA and you all.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  25. Christine says:

    Another brilliant article, Sundance, with just one question:

    You dismiss the Politico revelations of Operation Cassandra/Hezbollah as just another “side-show shiny thing”.

    Thomas Wictor’s view however, is that the only person with the authority to release that info to Politico is AG Jeff Sessions.

    From the outset I’ve been of the view that Special Prosecutor Mueller reached a deal with President Trump + AG Sessions that his investigation would bring down the entire corrupt Clinton/Obama cabal (including those Clinton loyalists within Mueller’s investigative team, appointed specifically to entrap them in illegal behaviour, while conflicting the lawyers out from acting for the Clinton’s in their inevitable prosecution), while exonerating an innocent POTUS. Everything else is Kabuki Theatre.

    Since the Uranium One expose several weeks ago, we’ve seen a cascading number of stories, each building on the corrupt Clinton/Obama narrative. I’m of the view these are controlled releases by Mueller + Sessions, prepping the public for the final takedown of the whole corrupt lot in waves over coming weeks and months. By then, only the most rabid Marxist Clinton/Obama supporters will understand the scale of their corruption, minimising the chance of a violent Soros-funded uprising.

    The Politico story is another thread to overlay the others, with Sessions providing the info. It’s just one of many that will continue to be released, revealing the depth of Clinton/Obama corruption.

    Under President Trump + AG Sessions, you’ve entered a new paradigm. The Gang of Eight may be circling the wagons to protect their own now, but ultimately it will be no match for the power + determination of POTUS + Sessions to blow up the Establishment, taking down the lot of them. Adam Schiff in the Gof8 has already been caught. Those obstructing justice, committing treason etc will continue to fall. This was all plotted out with General Mike Flynn a year ago, and It’s rolling out nicely.

    PS: MegaAnon on /pol/ stated a few days ago that McCabe had an ankle monitor slapped on him last week when he was a no-show at the Senate, and he was actually fired/resigned from the FBI 2 weeks ago. Interesting to see whether this pans out to be true.

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  26. Tonawanda says:

    I just re-read the post from Sundance and feel more somber, not just because of the description of the underlying scheme (a given) but because of the continued corrupt cover-up.

    I didn’t fully absorb the fundamental point: why aren’t the American privy to what is going on? There is NO reason for the privacy.

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    • tazz2293 says:

      President Trump is our last best hope.

      The depth’s of treason and criminality our government has been/is involved in is incredulous to say the least. I doubt even President Trump thought it was this bad. In fact he said as much at his last rally in Pensacola.

      I suppose many of us have decided that after President Trump that there will be no more talk. President Trump is either successful and peace and prosperity will reign or there will not be anymore ballot boxes or soap boxes for the criminals to spew there nonsensical treasonous rantings and lies from.

      I pray that if more of us don’t wake up and call for open investigations that there are at least enough of us who will stand and defend this nation if the time comes.

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  27. Betty says:

    Thank you Sundance for the “Here’s the way the entire construct looks in simple outline.” I can’t tell you what it means to me to read honest thoughts about this mess.


  28. Sunshine says:

    BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. We all want to know what they have to say. Thankfully, President Trump and the IG have a handle on this. It will come out.


  29. Warren Schickli says:

    Seems like Bill Priestap AND Mike Rogers [NSA] both need to be questioned. Rogers warned Trump. He clearly knows what went down. Rogers could break the conspiracy down from the top. Pressure from both ends.


    • dayallaxeded says:

      I don’t think Rogers needs to be questioned so much as encouraged to continue quietly to accumulate evidence for prosecutions and to identify and “out” deep state criminals behind the scenes. The public or closed-door questionings should be primarily to add perjury counts to indictments of deep state seditious conspirators.


  30. Fromseatoshiningsea says:

    When necessary PDJT is a New York street fighter. He knows these people and what tbey have attempted. He knows it all. He’s a patriot, he loves American and Americans and he is a commercial real estate kingpin. He will not get taken at the closing table, he will not let them beat America. They are petty, conniving nothings, they would have wet their panties in Donald J Trump’s world of international real estate development. They are shills for the international cabal, he will defeat them on behalf of we the people.

    First he must get his tax plan passed. Then the numbers from terrific Christmas retail season roll in. AG is also a patriot, a cunning AL snake when be has to be. In 2018 the moves will be swift and decisive, they have to start with this group SD calls Gang of 8 and work up, different tactic from shutting down SA prince. Donald J Trump never got mugged at the closing table when the commodity was real estate. Do you think he’s going to let these thieves, these deceitful traitors beat him and us at the closing table when the commodity is the country he and we love?

    Liked by 5 people

    • John Good says:

      Great Post!

      From when I had my own Commercial Sign Company here in Ontario Canada during the 80’s, I dealt with large developers, construction companies, etc. & every one of the Principals of these companies were very educated, very professional, business-savey people who hated to lose at anything, but they would listen to you because you had expertise in your field.

      Everyone was aware of who Donald J. Trump was back then & we all looked up to him as a mentor (most of us anyway, that weren’t envious of his immense success in his field).

      I truly believe deep-down in my heart that your PDJT is “just sitting-back & letting people incriminate themselves even more than they already have” & he will let us know when he thinks that the time is right.

      Liked by 3 people

  31. zaq123 says:

    Sally Yates is about as corrupt as they come.

    Liked by 2 people

    • farrier105 says:

      At least Yates can keep her damn mouth shut about things. That’s more than Mary Jacoby, Evelyn Farkas, and even Hillary Clinton can do. Hillary had to yap about that server in Trump Tower being surveilled. Where did she get that but a leak? Farkas is a blathering fool bragging about how the leaks to “people on the Hill” were done.

      Some people just can’t keep their damn mouths shut, and, therefore, should not have any kind of security clearance.


  32. Joe Blow says:

    Take heart, fellow Treepers.



  33. scott467 says:

    “The only way we can defeat this DC strategy is to demand open hearings. Period.”



    How do we “demand” that our unjust stewards and criminal civil servants obey anything, much less the Law or the American People, without a gun duct-taped to the back of their head?

    We go through this exercise, over and over and over (and over) again. We realize exactly what is happening. The criminal political-class is brazen about their betrayal, to the point of bragging about it.

    And the conclusion is that we must “DO” something.


    What the #@$% are we supposed to do?

    Nobody ever answers that question.


    We just get infuriated beyond words, over and over again, and then what do we do?

    Wait for it to happen again.

    That’s NOT an answer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

      The answer is within… within your own post, that is.

      “Pour encourager les autres.”

      Liked by 1 person

      • scott467 says:

        “Pour encourager les autres.”

        Collins English Dictionary:
        in order to encourage the others: often used ironically

        Encourage others to do what?

        To endure more abuse?

        Or to finally do something to stop it?


  34. sammyhains says:

    The “Joint Analysis Report on Russian Interference” was written up by a small group of “hand-picked analysts.”

    I have a strong suspicion that this small group is the same “small group” behind 0bama’s COINTELPRO on Trump. The names behind the “Joint Analysis Report on Russian Interference” need to be exposed.

    Liked by 2 people

  35. RAC says:

    “To get the counterintelligence operation going, they needed a reasonable basis for creating one. That basis was the formative seeds of claims of Russian connections to the Trump campaign.

    To establish the basis the Russian elements needed for the operation; the DNC and Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS to contract Christopher Steele to write a dossier that would form the legal grounding for the counterintelligence operation.”
    It seems important in my view to establish a definite link between the two paragraphs above. The original idea coming from the “small group” and clinton/DNC acting on their behest.


  36. Sean Supsky says:

    Hopefully we will be able to learn what the testimony was. These were criminal acts these scoundrels committed on the American people. Not just President Trump.

    At the very least, that attempted to defraud the American Public.


  37. doc00 says:

    There is a picture missing from the lead graphic, William Holder. Don’t forget that a significant portion of Clinton activities actually occurred under his watch. Lynch was actually responsible for squelching investigations protecting Candidate Clinton and President Obama, while Holder actually enabled all the operations of Secretary Clinton and President Obama. I believe that is the driving purpose behind this snake raising his ugly head again.


  38. Firefly says:

    Here’s one interview regarding the McCabe testimony. Somethings up – both Dems and GOP aren’t saying much. The secrecy is eerie.


  39. President Trump is going to accept & allow his Justice Department & FBI to make a deal with Special Counsel Mueller, the Obama Administration black hat holdovers & DOJ/FBI career partisans? They’re just going to fire some people but not prosecute anyone after the egregious crimes committed against him & the coup attempted? That’s what you’re all thinking is going to happen? No justice will be sought or rendered? Is this the law & order President Trump ran on?

    I don’t think so, folks. You do not let the bad guys escape when you’ve got them dead to rights. You finish them off! Otherwise they live to fight another day. President Trump MUST bring these people down – HE MUST CRUSH THEM! Otherwise he shows weakness & they will come up with another plot. He’ll be fighting the same cretins again, because they are creatins! He must make them all face justice! If only to discourage others.


  40. Nessie 509 says:

    I can’t believe the IG is investigating this to see if anyone violated the Hatch Act. That’s like saying the homicide detectives are looking into if you were jaywalking.
    I’m all done with outrage for 2018. If I die next year they can carve immortal words on my tomb stone
    He was a good dad for this age.
    Ending life with no outrage.


  41. farrier105 says:

    I think they used Crowdstrike’s report of the DNC hack for the first application for FISC permission to spy on Americans. June/early July 2016 was too soon for the dossier. Someone posted this first comment on the Washington Post Web page containing Ellen Nakashima’s article about the “Russian hack” of the DNC. It foreshadows the hack’s place in the Muh Russia Pantheon:

    “6/27/2016 11:52 AM EDT
    Russian hackers linked to the government spill the DNC’s strategy, undermining their campaign against Mr. Trump right when his campaign needs a boost. Doesn’t this appear to support the allegations that Mr. Trump’s candidacy is being supported by Russia, a nation which is not currently behaving like our friend. When you put these together with Mr. Trump’s stated admiration of Russia’s dictator, a disturbing picture begins to emerge. How much do we really know about this guy and who his real friends are?”

    Trump wasn’t even nominated yet, and the media were talking about how he might get challenged at the following month’s GOP convention. Just read the anonymous post and look at that date: JUNE 27, 2016. The emails were not only NOT PUBLISHED AT WIKILEAKS YET, but the MEDIA DID NOT KNOW THAT WIKILEAKS HAD THE EMAILS until they were actually published on JULY 22, 2016. How could the commentator above KNOW all of that? The emails were not even published yet. The hack had no material effect on anything in the campaign on June 27th. Ellen Nakashima’s article was not a “hair on fire” expose’ about a grand Russian plot. It was barely a ripple, with all media coverage going to the Orlando Pulse alleged mass shooting for the entire week.

    Whoever posted the above comment was on the inside of “MUH RUSSIA,” and knew the whole thing in advance. The hack came first to the FISC, using the above logic. It failed. The dossier, and Steele’s reputation as a source followed, along with attempts to create an October Surprise by Steele hawking the dossier to the media and Simpson BRIBING reporters..


    • farrier105 says:

      The more I think about it, the more I think the above post is the most important part of the entire first Nakashima article about the alleged Russian hack. I would bet a six pack of Heineken that an insider to “Muh Russia,” Mary Jacoby, who blabbed and bragged all the time about the scheme, one of Hillary’s campaign people, they just HAVE to tell what they know.

      The hack was the main thing at FISC in June, along with the Crowdstrike report. I might be wrong, of course, but I’m going with it until proven wrong. The Judge probably told them they didn’t need such a warrant prior to investigating the hack itself, then come back again with more. The FBI never went after access to the DNC servers, and that was not, obviously, the objective in filing for FISC authorization. They didn’t ask for access to the DNC network, but to spy on Trump campaign people to see if they were behind the hack with the Russians.


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