Why is Obama Panicking Now? – The Importance of Understanding Political Surveillance In The Era of President Obama…

Why is former President Obama calling forth all his defensive resources now?  Why did former national security advisor Susan Rice write her cya letter?  Why have republicans in congress not been willing to investigate the true origins of political surveillance?  What is the reason for so much anger, desperation and opposition from a variety of interests?

With the release of recent transcripts and the declassification of material from within the IG report, the Carter Page FISA and Flynn documents showing FBI activity, there is a common misconception about why the intelligence apparatus began investigating the Trump campaign in the first place.  Why was Donald Trump considered a threat?

In this outline we hope to provide some fully cited deep source material that will explain the origin; and specifically why those inside the Intelligence Community began targeting Trump and using Confidential Human Sources against campaign officials.

During the time-frame of December 2015 through April 2016 the NSA database was being exploited by contractors within the intelligence community doing unauthorized searches.

On March 9, 2016, oversight personnel doing a review of FBI system access were alerted to thousands of unauthorized search queries of specific U.S. persons within the NSA database.

NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers was made aware.

Subsequently NSA Director Rogers initiated a full compliance review of the system to identify who was doing the searches; & what searches were being conducted.

On April 18, 2016, following the preliminary audit results, Director Rogers shut down all FBI contractor access to the database after he learned FISA-702 “about”(17) and “to/from”(16) search queries were being done without authorization. Thus begins the first discovery of a much bigger background story.

When you compile the timeline with the people involved; and the specific wording of the resulting review, which was then delivered to the FISA court; and overlay the activity that was taking place in the GOP primary; what we discover is a process where the metadata collected by the NSA was being searched for political opposition research and surveillance.

Additionally, tens-of-thousands of searches were identified by the FISA court as likely extending much further than the compliance review period: “while the government reports it is unable to provide a reliable estimate of the non compliant queries since 2012, there is no apparent reason to believe the November 2015 [to] April 2016 period coincided with an unusually high error rate”.

In short, during the Obama administration the NSA database was continually used to conduct surveillance. This is the critical point that leads to understanding the origin of “Spygate”, as it unfolded in the Spring and Summer of 2016.

It was the discovery of the database exploitation and the removal of access as a surveillance tool that created their initial problem. Here’s how we can tell.

Initially in December 2015 there were 17 GOP candidates and all needed to be researched.

However, when Donald Trump won New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina the field was significantly whittled. Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich and Carson remained.

On Super Tuesday, March 2, 2016, Donald Trump won seven states (VT, AR, VA, GA, AL, TN, MA) it was then clear that Trump was the GOP frontrunner with momentum to become the presumptive nominee. On March 5th, Trump won Kentucky and Louisiana; and on March 8th Trump won Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii.

The next day, March 9th, NSA security alerts warned internal oversight personnel that something sketchy was going on.

This timing is not coincidental. As FISA Judge Rosemary Collyer later wrote in her report, “many of these non-compliant queries involved the use of the same identifiers over different date ranges.” Put another way: attributes belonging to a specific individual(s) were being targeted and queried, unlawfully. Given what was later discovered, it seems obvious the primary search target, over multiple date ranges, was Donald Trump.

There were tens-of-thousands of unauthorized search queries; and as Judge Collyer stated in her report, there is no reason to believe the 85% non compliant rate was any different from the abuse of the NSA database going back to 2012.

As you will see below the NSA database was how political surveillance was being conducted during Obama’s second term in office. However, when the system was flagged, and when NSA Director Mike Rogers shut down “contractor” access to the system, the system users needed to develop another way to get access.

Mike Rogers shuts down access on April 18, 2016. On April 19, 2016, Fusion-GPS founder Glenn Simpson’s wife, Mary Jacoby visits the White House. Immediately thereafter, the DNC and Clinton campaign contract Fusion GPS… who then hire Christopher Steele.

Knowing it was federal “contractors”, outside government with access to the system, doing the unauthorized searches, the question becomes: who were the contractors?

The possibilities are quite vast. Essentially anyone the FBI or intelligence apparatus was using could have participated. Crowdstrike was a known FBI contractor; they were also contracted by the DNC. Shawn Henry was the former head of the FBI office in DC and is now the President of Crowdstrike Services; a rather dubious contractor for the government and a politically connected data security and forensic company. James Comey’s special friend Daniel Richman was an unpaid FBI “special employee” with security access to the database. Nellie Ohr began working for Fusion-GPS on the Trump project in November 2015 and she was a CIA contractor; and it’s entirely likely Glenn Simpson or people within his Fusion-GPS network were also contractors for the intelligence community.

Remember the Sharyl Attkisson computer intrusions? It’s all part of this same network; Attkisson even names Shawn Henry as a defendant in her ongoing lawsuit.

All of the aforementioned names, and so many more, held a political agenda in 2016.

It seems likely if the NSA flags were never triggered then the contracted system users would have continued exploiting the NSA database for political opposition research; which would then be funneled to the Clinton team. However, once the unauthorized flags were triggered, the system users (including those inside the official intelligence apparatus) needed to find another back-door to continue… Again, the timing becomes transparent.

Immediately after NSA flags were raised March 9th; the same intelligence agencies began using confidential human sources (CHS’s) to run into the Trump campaign. By activating intelligence assets like Joseph Mifsud and Stefan Halper the IC (CIA, FBI) and system users had now created an authorized way to continue the same political surveillance operations.

When Donald Trump hired Paul Manafort on March 28, 2016, it was a perfect scenario for those doing the surveillance. Manafort was a known entity to the FBI and was previously under investigation. Paul Manafort’s entry into the Trump orbit was perfect for Glenn Simpson to sell his prior research on Manafort as a Trump-Russia collusion script two weeks later.

The shift from “unauthorized exploitation of the NSA database” to legally authorized exploitation of the NSA database was now in place. This was how they continued the political surveillance. This is the confluence of events that originated “spygate”, or what officially blossomed into the FBI investigation known as “Crossfire Hurricane” on July 31.

If the NSA flags were never raised; and if Director Rogers had never initiated the compliance audit; and if the political contractors were never blocked from access to the database; they would never have needed to create a legal back-door, a justification to retain the surveillance. The political operatives/contractors would have just continued the targeted metadata exploitation.

Once they created the surveillance door, Fusion-GPS was then needed to get the FBI known commodity of Chris Steele activated as a pipeline. Into that pipeline all system users pushed opposition research. However, one mistake from the NSA database extraction during an “about” query shows up as a New Yorker named Michael Cohen in Prague.

That misinterpreted data from a FISA-702 “about query” is then piped to Steele and turns up inside the dossier; it was the wrong Michael Cohen. It wasn’t Trump’s lawyer, it was an art dealer from New York City with the same name; the same “identifier”.

A DEEP DIVE – How Did It Work?

Start by reviewing the established record from the 99-page FISC opinion rendered by Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer on April 26, 2017. Review the details within the FISC opinion.

I would strongly urge everyone to read the FISC report (full pdf below) because Judge Collyer outlines how the DOJ, which includes the FBI, had an “institutional lack of candor” in responses to the FISA court. In essence, the Obama administration was continually lying to the FISA court about their activity, and the rate of fourth amendment violations for illegal searches and seizures of U.S. persons’ private information for multiple years.

Unfortunately, due to intelligence terminology Judge Collyer’s brief and ruling is not an easy read for anyone unfamiliar with the FISA processes. That complexity also helps the media avoid discussing it; and as a result most Americans have no idea the scale and scope of the Obama-era surveillance issues. So we’ll try to break down the language.


For the sake of brevity and common understanding CTH will highlight the most pertinent segments showing just how systemic and troublesome the unlawful electronic surveillance was.

Early in 2016 NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers was alerted of a significant uptick in FISA-702(17) “About” queries using the FBI/NSA database that holds all metadata records on every form of electronic communication.

The NSA compliance officer alerted Admiral Mike Rogers who then initiated a full compliance audit on/around March 9th, 2016, for the period of November 1st, 2015, through May 1st, 2016.

While the audit was ongoing, due to the severity of the results that were identified, Admiral Mike Rogers stopped anyone from using the 702(17) “about query” option, and went to the extraordinary step of blocking all FBI contractor access to the database on April 18, 2016 (keep these dates in mind).

Here are some significant segments:

The key takeaway from these first paragraphs is how the search query results were exported from the NSA database to users who were not authorized to see the material. The FBI contractors were conducting searches and then removing, or ‘exporting’, the results. Later on, the FBI said all of the exported material was deleted.

Searching the highly classified NSA database is essentially a function of filling out search boxes to identify the user-initiated search parameter and get a return on the search result.

♦ FISA-702(16) is a search of the system returning a U.S. person (“702”); and the “16” is a check box to initiate a search based on “To and From“. Example, if you put in a date and a phone number and check “16” as the search parameter the user will get the returns on everything “To and From” that identified phone number for the specific date. Calls, texts, contacts etc. Including results for the inbound and outbound contacts.

♦ FISA-702(17) is a search of the system returning a U.S. person (702); and the “17” is a check box to initiate a search based on everything “About” the search qualifier. Example, if you put a date and a phone number and check “17” as the search parameter the user will get the returns of everything about that phone. Calls, texts, contacts, geolocation (or gps results), account information, user, service provider etc. As a result, 702(17) can actually be used to locate where the phone (and user) was located on a specific date or sequentially over a specific period of time which is simply a matter of changing the date parameters.

And that’s just from a phone number.

Search an ip address “about” and read all data into that server; put in an email address and gain everything about that account. Or use the electronic address of a GPS enabled vehicle (about) and you can withdraw more electronic data and monitor in real time. Search a credit card number and get everything about the account including what was purchased, where, when, etc. Search a bank account number, get everything about transactions and electronic records etc. Just about anything and everything can be electronically searched; everything has an electronic ‘identifier’.

The search parameter is only limited by the originating field filled out. Names, places, numbers, addresses, etc. By using the “About” parameter there may be thousands or millions of returns. Imagine if you put “@realdonaldtrump” into the search parameter? You could extract all following accounts who interacted on Twitter, or Facebook etc. You are only limited by your imagination and the scale of the electronic connectivity.

As you can see below, on March 9th, 2016, internal auditors noted the FBI was sharing “raw FISA information, including but not limited to Section 702-acquired information”.

In plain English the raw search returns were being shared with unknown entities without any attempt to “minimize” or redact the results. The person(s) attached to the results were named and obvious. There was no effort to hide their identity or protect their 4th amendment rights of privacy; and database access was from the FBI network:

But what’s the scale here? This is where the story really lies.

Read this next excerpt carefully.

The operators were searching “U.S Persons”. The review of November 1, 2015, to May 1, 2016, showed “eighty-five percent of those queries” were unlawful or “non compliant”.

85% !! “representing [redacted number]”.

We can tell from the space of the redaction the number of searches were between 10,000 and 99,999 [six digits]. If we take the middle number of 50,000 – a non compliant rate of 85 percent means 42,500 unlawful searches out of 50,000.

The [six digit] amount (more than 10,000, less than 99,999), and 85% error rate, was captured in a six month period, November 2015 to April 2016.

Also notice this very important quote: “many of these non-compliant queries involved the use of the same identifiers over different date ranges.” This tells us the system users were searching the same phone number, email address, electronic identifier, repeatedly over different dates.

Specific person(s) were being tracked/monitored.

Additionally, notice the last quote: “while the government reports it is unable to provide a reliable estimate of” these non lawful searches “since 2012, there is no apparent reason to believe the November 2015 [to] April 2016 coincided with an unusually high error rate”.

That means the 85% unlawful FISA-702(16)(17) database abuse has likely been happening since 2012.

2012 is an important date in this database abuse because a network of specific interests is assembled that also shows up in 2016/2017:

  • Who was 2012 FBI Director? Robert Mueller, who was selected by the FBI group to become special prosecutor in 2017.
  • Who was Mueller’ chief-of-staff? Aaron Zebley, who became one of the lead lawyers on the Mueller special counsel.
  • Who was 2012 CIA Director? John Brennan (remember the ouster of Gen Petraeus)
  • Who was ODNI? James Clapper.
  • Remember, the NSA is inside the Pentagon (Defense Dept) command structure. Who was Defense Secretary? Ash Carter

Who wanted NSA Director Mike Rogers fired in 2016? Brennan, Clapper and Carter.

And finally, who wrote and signed-off-on the January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment and then lied about the use of the Steele Dossier? The same John Brennan, and James Clapper along with James Comey.

Tens of thousands of searches over four years (since 2012), and 85% of them are illegal. The results were extracted for?…. (I believe this is all political opposition use; and I’ll explain why momentarily.)

OK, that’s the stunning scale; but who was involved?

Private contractors with access to “raw FISA information that went well beyond what was necessary to respond to FBI’s requests“:

And as noted, the contractor access was finally halted on April 18th, 2016.

[Coincidentally (or likely not), the wife of Fusion-GPS founder Glenn Simpson, Mary Jacoby, goes to the White House the very next day on April 19th, 2016.]

None of this is conspiracy theory.

All of this is laid out inside this 99-page opinion from FISC Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer who also noted that none of this FISA abuse was accidental in a footnote on page 87: “deliberate decisionmaking“:

This specific footnote, if declassified, could be a key. Note the phrase: “([redacted] access to FBI systems was the subject of an interagency memorandum of understanding entered into [redacted])”, this sentence has the potential to expose an internal decision; withheld from congress and the FISA court by the Obama administration; that outlines a process for access and distribution of surveillance data.

Note: “no notice of this practice was given to the FISC until 2016“, that is important.

Summary: The FISA court identified and quantified tens-of-thousands of search queries of the NSA/FBI database using the FISA-702(16)(17) system. The database was repeatedly used by persons with contractor access who unlawfully searched and extracted the raw results without redacting the information and shared it with an unknown number of entities.

The outlined process certainly points toward a political spying and surveillance operation; and we are not the only one to think that’s what this system is being used for.

Back in 2017 when House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes was working to reauthorize the FISA legislation, Nunes wrote a letter to ODNI Dan Coats about this specific issue:

SIDEBAR: To solve the issue, well, actually attempt to ensure it never happened again, NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers eventually took away the “About” query option permanently in 2017. NSA Director Rogers said the abuse was so inherent there was no way to stop it except to remove the process completely. [SEE HERE] Additionally, the NSA database operates as a function of the Pentagon, so the Trump administration went one step further. On his last day as NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers -together with ODNI Dan Coats- put U.S. cyber-command, the database steward, fully into the U.S. military as a full combatant command. [SEE HERE] Unfortunately it didn’t work as shown by the 2018 FISC opinion rendered by FISC Judge James Boasberg [SEE HERE]

There is little doubt the FISA-702(16)(17) database system was used by Obama-era officials, from 2012 through April 2016, as a way to spy on their political opposition.

Quite simply there is no other intellectually honest explanation for the scale and volume of database abuse that was taking place; and keep in mind these searches were all ruled to be unlawful. Searches for repeated persons over a period time that were not authorized.

When we reconcile what was taking place and who was involved, then the actions of the exact same principle participants take on a jaw-dropping amount of clarity.

All of the action taken by CIA Director Brennan, FBI Director Comey, ODNI Clapper and Defense Secretary Ashton Carter make sense. Including their effort to get NSA Director Mike Rogers fired.

Everything after March 9th, 2016, had a dual purpose: (1) done to cover up the weaponization of the FISA database. [Explained Here] Spygate, Russia-Gate, the Steele Dossier, and even the 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment (drawn from the dossier and signed by the above) were needed to create a cover-story and protect themselves from discovery of this four year weaponization, political surveillance and unlawful spying. Even the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel makes sense; he was FBI Director when this began. And (2) they needed to keep the surveillance going.

The beginning decision to use FISA(702) as a domestic surveillance and political spy mechanism appears to have started in/around 2012. Perhaps sometime shortly before the 2012 presidential election and before John Brennan left the White House and moved to CIA. However, there was an earlier version of data assembly that preceded this effort.

Political spying 1.0 was actually the weaponization of the IRS. This is where the term “Secret Research Project” originated as a description from the Obama team. It involved the U.S. Department of Justice under Eric Holder and the FBI under Robert Mueller. It never made sense why Eric Holder requested over 1 million tax records via CD ROM, until overlaying the timeline of the FISA abuse:

The IRS sent the FBI “21 disks constituting a 1.1 million page database of information from 501(c)(4) tax exempt organizations, to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” The transaction occurred in October 2010 (link)

Why disks? Why send a stack of DISKS to the DOJ and FBI when there’s a pre-existing financial crimes unit within the IRS. All of the evidence within this sketchy operation came directly to the surface in early spring 2012.

The IRS scandal was never really about the IRS, it was always about the DOJ asking the IRS for the database of information. That is why it was transparently a conflict when the same DOJ was tasked with investigating the DOJ/IRS scandal. Additionally, Obama sent his chief-of-staff Jack Lew to become Treasury Secretary; effectively placing an ally to oversee/cover-up any issues. As Treasury Secretary Lew did just that.

Lesson Learned – It would appear the Obama administration learned a lesson from attempting to gather a large opposition research database operation inside a functioning organization large enough to have some good people that might blow the whistle.

The timeline reflects a few months after realizing the “Secret Research Project” was now worthless (June 2012), they focused more deliberately on a smaller network within the intelligence apparatus and began weaponizing the FBI/NSA database. If our hunch is correct, that is what will be visible in footnote #69:

How this all comes together in 2019/2020

Fusion GPS was not hired in April 2016 just to research Donald Trump. As shown in the evidence provided by the FISC, the intelligence community was already doing surveillance and spy operations. The Obama administration already knew everything about the Trump campaign, and were monitoring everything by exploiting the FISA database.

However, after the NSA alerts in/around March 9th, 2016, and particularly after the April 18th shutdown of contractor access, the Obama intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to create a legal albeit ex post facto justification for the pre-existing surveillance and spy operations. Fusion GPS gave them that justification in the Steele Dossier.

That’s why the FBI small group, which later transitioned into the Mueller team, were so strongly committed to and defending the formation of the Steele Dossier and its dubious content.

The Steele Dossier, an outcome of the Fusion contract, contains three insurance policy purposes: (1) the cover-story and justification for the pre-existing surveillance operation (protect Obama); and (2) facilitate the FBI counterintelligence operation against the Trump campaign (assist Clinton); and (3) continue the operation with a special counsel (protect both).

An insurance policy would be needed. The Steele Dossier becomes the investigative virus the FBI wanted inside the system. To get the virus into official status, they used the FISA application as the delivery method and injected it into Carter Page. The FBI already knew Carter Page; essentially Carter Page was irrelevant, what they needed was the FISA warrant and the Dossier in the system {Go Deep}.

The Obama intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to give them a plausible justification for already existing surveillance and spy operations. Fusion-GPS gave them that justification and evidence for a FISA warrant with the Steele Dossier.

Ultimately that’s why the Steele Dossier was so important; without it, the FBI would not have a tool that Mueller needed to continue the investigation of President Trump. In essence by renewing the FISA application, despite them knowing the underlying dossier was junk, the FBI was keeping the surveillance gateway open for Team Mueller to exploit later on.

Additionally, without the Steele Dossier the DOJ and FBI are naked with their FISA-702 abuse as outlined by John Ratcliffe.



Thankfully we know U.S. Attorney John Durham has talked to NSA Director Mike Rogers. In this video Rogers explains how he was notified of what was happening and what he did after the notification.


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      Oh the sweetness, Hussein and his gang will be hoisted by their own petard. That’s not very intelligent. Is it?


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    Add this potential blockbuster log on the fire!!

    This letter from Ty Clevenger to Grenell dated 5-7-20 is HUGE IMO!

    If Grenell declassified this IMO it is pretty much game set match.

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      Wow! Wowie-wow-wow!! That IS for sure game, set, and match if Grenell manages to declassify that puppy. A whole lot of folks, especially at the FBI and the DNC, are going to be in a whole heap of trouble if these statements of Clevenger are confirmed.

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        This must be related to the huge shit going down in DC right now. Listen for more Obama propaganda to say the current administration is corrupt…Expect a faster quicker move to indictments. IMO

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      The DS have shown time and again they’ll stop at nothing to keep from being exposed. They’ve attempted a political coup, the framing and prosecution of innocent men, including POTUS Trump. Why would they stop short of assassination?

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    • Kevin says:

      I’m just wondering if the FBI murdered Seth Rich or hired a professional to do it. Also, did the order to murder him come directly from Hillary or was it delegated to Huma?


      • USA Patriot says:

        How many suspicious deaths with ties to the Clintons now? Who knows this many people that commit “suicide?” Why are the Clintons so untouchable? Newt Gingrich told Hannity in 2017 “I met with a group of Republicans and they said they are afraid of the Clintons.” No follow up by Hannity asking why (time supposedly was up). STRANGE comment by Gingrich. Just what does that mean that Republicans are “afraid” of the Clintons?

        Likewise, May 2017, I saw live, Trey Gowdy tell Martha MacCallum that “history will judge Comey better than the Democrats do.” Martha asked what he meant. He said “Because of access he (Comey) had to classified information, that I also have, that the American people may never know.” AGAIN, show ended without Martha even questioning Gowdy to explain himself. I lost ALL respect hearing Trey Gowdy appear to brag that “I know things the American people will probably never know.” I loved that Matt Gaetz called out Ryan and Gowdy on Hannity last week for not allowing Republican Committees to subpoena people. So IMO Gowdy is as Deep State as Ryan was (is).


        • USA Patriot says:

          Actually Gowdy did answer to one more question by Martha MacCallum:

          Martha: I, I, I, do you mean because of their (the Clintons) entanglement with the DOJ?
          Gowdy: You are very perceptive.


    • Bill54 says:

      A comment from Dr. Farkas that hasn’t drawn attention
      “the Trump folks, if they found out how we knew what we knew about their, the staff, the Trump staff’s dealing with Russians, that they would try to compromise those sources and methods, meaning we would no longer have access to that intelligence.”
      She was most worried about the Trump folks find out “how we knew what we knew”.
      She left in 2015, and she knew how they knew?
      She knew about the intelligence mining. She knew about the unmasking.


      • USAPatriot says:

        The lack of reaction to this “Dr.” Farkas by most was shocking to me, as I understood exactly what she was saying. Talk about self-incriminating!!! Shame on Republicans for not investigating all of this. Paul Ryan was such a loser as Speaker of the House and far as I’m concerned is part of the Deep State. How did we have the House, Senate AND Presidency and none of this investigated and exposed? Ryan now on Board of Fox. No doubt he is a never Trumper.


        • USA Patriot says:

          I worked for the “agency” and knew much about “need to know” regarding access to classified information, so I KNEW immediately Farkas just exposed some major illegal stuff going on with “17 Intel agencies.” I also knew very well the mandate that CIA could do NOTHING involving US citizens PERIOD. If they suspected same, it would be turned over to the FBI counterterrorism, which was ONLY to target suspected US spies for foreign governments NOT political opponents; SO egregious. Neither of them can legally spy on Americans without suspecting treason, so I am outraged at the lack of indictments against these Intel and DOJ/FBI people spying on Americans AND a Presidential candidate for the opposing party no less. We know damn well Obama and Biden were/are involved. I don’t believe for one minute ANY of these people, Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, Comey, McCabe would go rogue without Obama orchestrating the whole damn thing. Do you really think Lynch met Clinton on tarmac without Obama’s knowledge? Obama lied about everything, learning of IRS scandal “when you did in the news” he told Bill O’Reilly. Just like he never “heard those things” by traitor Rev. Wright in his church for 20 years. The 60 million dollar question is, will they ALL fall on the sword for Obama overseeing the illegal activity? Remember the Page text “POTUS wants to know everything.” If no indictments/guilty verdicts result by Durham, I personally will be DONE with politics, knowing without a doubt our government is too far gone into the depths of corruption rushing over the edge to the New World Order to ever come back. I will never vote again in ANY election. Why bother?


    • Jan says:

      It could be better for Assange if Clevenger gets this info from the government if it exists. This would totally put the whole Russia-Russia-Russia in the garbage bin. Assange no longer has to fear for his life if he publishes the truth because there would be evidence in support of his truths from another source.


      • USA Patriot says:

        There is plenty of evidence already to put “the whole Russia-Russia-Russia in the garbage bin” without Assange saying anything. Mueller proved that for God’s sake. All that would do is prove the lies of the HRC campaign and DNC with Rich the source of her emails and their corruption NOT Republicans they blame the DNC hack on. We have WAY too many Republicans who think Assange is guilty of gaining access to classified information illegally. I completely disagree. He acted as any other journalist does with complete “Freedom of the Press” immunity. People who leak the information are guilty, NOT the one who reports it. Besides, Seth Rich did NOT turn over classified information. He turned over proof of DNC/HRC/John Podesta corruption, including emails proving Satanic involvement and association with Epstein. HUGE cover up because of that.

        Someone please tell me this. Why did the FBI allow John Podesta’s brother Tony Podesta to quietly close down his office and go away when they committed 6 a.m. raid on Manafort’s home for same crimes? Talk about injustice. I’m glad Manafort is out of jail now for COVID and I look forward to President Trump pardoning ALL of them caught up in this Russia BS. The FBI had all this info on Manafort when Mueller was FBI Director and they chose NOT to indict him then. They ONLY indicted him to pressure him to plea for mercy by telling them something incriminating about Trump. I don’t even think he should wait until election their corruption is so in your face out in the open. I’m sure he is being advised for political reasons not to pardon them until after he wins reelection. Frustrating.


  3. railer says:

    After the Tea Party obliterated Uniparty incumbents in 2010, and remember they wiped out numerous RINO incumbents in the primaries, McConnell was being interviewed shortly after the election and publicly stated that his number one mission in the next term was to wipe out the Tea Party, which he proceeded to do and has been doing ever since, buying up weasel Senate candidates in state primaries and eschewing candidates the People wanted.

    McConnell sat around while Obama assaulted the Tea Party using the IRS, because both men agreed that was what they wanted. They also agreed on Muh Russia and taking down Trump.

    Fine to blame Obama, but remember, this is a Uniparty and they agree on all the big things: Open borders, foreign war forever, Wall Street supremacy, ObamaCare, Big Bailouts, Surveillance State, Multinational Corporate control of “free trade” agreements and all the rest of the globalist agenda.

    Our enemy isn’t just one franchise of the Uniparty… it’s the entire Uniparty.

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      AMEN railer, AMEN!!!

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      We should never forget that Republicans held both Houses of Congress for two years. Without their aid the Mueller ‘probe’ would never have gotten off the ground. RINO’s allowed the farce to continue right up to the 2018 election.

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      Uniparty it is.


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      Excellent post Railer.


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      Preach, brother! Preach!!!!
      Thanks to CTH, I’m much better informed than the people in my social circle who are mostly republicans. I have to continuously remind them, this is NOT a democrat vs republican issue. The republicans have a few good guys doing the right thing, but 90% are just as compromised and corrupt as the democrats. It’s all theater. As Sundance often says,…. “Once you see the strings on the marionettes…..” If we’re ever going to right this ship, we need to get people to see the strings


  4. KBigg says:

    Thank you Sundance, your reporting connects the prior NSA 702 abuse with Crossfire Hurricane. Although the NSA 702 and FISA abuse is bad enough, what’s more concerning to me is who’s behind it. Yeah, Hillary, but who are Hillary’s handlers? When we know that we’ll know the source of the corruption. The Clintons are fall guys for some very powerful people who want to avoid the light of day.

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      Removing Clinton, Obama, Brennan and the C.I.A. really paralyzes their handlers because once we know of it we will be aware if it creeps in, again.

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        That’s where deterrence enters. Properly sentenced there will not be any creeping back into the institutions. There should be lore told of those that betrayed their government and country. Betrayers and traitors must be exiled indeed or by death penalty, and not offer themselves to serve out government in any office — forever. (Death penalty will foreclose their re-appointments or elections. Just imagine “scum” standing for office — impossible!)

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        • USA Patriot says:

          No way Barr will go for treason/death penalty if he is giving Obama and Biden a complete pass on criminal activity. Why can these facts be KNOWN in plain view and Barr said they did nothing criminal? Is he worried about a civil war if the Manchurian Candidate Obama is investigated/indicted?

          Do you really expect a D.C. jury to convict ANY of these Intel/DOJ/FBI criminals? I think Barr is on record saying hard to get a conviction by a D.C. jury in not bringing charges against McCabe and Comey for leaking. If they bring an indictment/trial, Barr and Durham want to win.


  5. lgd says:

    I wish this would get linked to comments made by Maxine Waters ion her Roland Martin interview. She speaks of a database created by Obama that” has information of the like never seen before”

    Liked by 4 people

  6. brenrod says:

    Richard Burr was the greatest enabler of these plots, little known of his sediton

    Liked by 6 people

    • Bill Henslee says:

      Barr has successfully kept his head down and his mouth shut about all the investigations over which he served as chairman of the Senate intelligence committee. Even the infiltration of a Chinese spy into the orbit of his Minority member, Diane Feinstein or the suspicious acts of senior staffer Wolfe haven’t elicited comments from Barr. He is the epitome of the Deep State legislator, hiding from the sunlight under a rock.

      Liked by 2 people

      • DTH says:

        If all this is not exposed before the election and if Biden wins, this will be buried so deep that no one will find it ever again.

        Liked by 1 person

      • USA Patriot says:

        You mean Burr, NOT Barr I assume. Yeah, he is my piece of shit Senator, BUT at least his Senate investigation found no Russian collusion. Not running for reelection because he KNOWS we don’t like him. Needs to be convicted of insider trading.


  7. Bill Henslee says:

    This whole mess with the “hacking of the DNC” and Seth Rich could be easily settled by a plea bargain with Assange. If the emails were provided to Wikileaks by Rich, then there would be a question as to whether Wikileaks would be afforded the same protection as the NYT for publishing the infamous Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam War. It’s not clear that Wikileaks should be prosecuted under any US law.

    Liked by 8 people

  8. Obama is “panicked” now because his CULT — his mass-movement view of how things ought to be, following his desires — is in danger of being exposed and dissolved. His cult encompasses what I identified in 2009 as “The Insane Left”, a coalition of the most radical and vengeful Leftist elements, and every one of them wrong-headed in their separate, false dogmas (“White Racist America”, “Global Warming”, “Islamophobia”). It IS the Democrat party, since he was raised to the highest office in America; and it is no longer a legitimate political party, but ONLY a criminal organized mob and an insane cult…HIS cult, HE is the empowerer and the leader (hence the tingles up the legs of the believers).

    It is NOT politics — just — on his part. You could say it is ideological, but because it is also INSANE, it is very much more than that. Thus, the criminal part.

    This should not be minimized nor marginalized. The reason why the “political surveillance” turned into a deliberate, meticulously planned coup d’etat — not just spying on the other party, but traitorously warring upon Obama’s successor — is because the coup was Obama’s work, and all of its operators only his willing, personally flawed, surrogates, empowered by him.

    America is perilously close to being like 1930s Hitlerian Germany — suborned to an aggressive cult that is engaged, for the last 12 years, is what I first identified back then by the term “The War of the Insane Left”.

    All of the merely POLITICAL drones — including McConnell and other powerful, leading congressmen — are thoughtlessly enabling Obama/Soetoro’s twisted, essentially Black Muslim, cult. Black Muslims believe in Black separatism and Black superiority; Obama/Soetoro adopted those ideas for himself, his own personal sense of power and moral authority.

    And now he is ranting, like every other cult leader threatened with exposure.

    Yes, the problems go beyond him; but his cult, of the Democrat party of the last 12 years, is the IMMEDIATE threat. Back in 2013, I wrote about Snowden, when everybody, even on “fair and balanced” Fox News was vilifying him:

    warning signs comment, july 2013

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  9. mjazz says:

    U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, ordered the State Department to monitor the following people:

    Jack Posobiec

    Donald Trump Jr.

    Laura Ingraham

    Sean Hannity

    Michael McFaul (Obama’s ambassador to Russia)

    Dan Bongino

    Ryan Saavedra

    Rudy Giuliani

    Sebastian Gorka

    John Solomon

    Lou Dobbs

    Pamella Geller

    Sara Carter

    I didn’t know that one of the functions of a United States Ambassador was to spy on US citizens

    Liked by 5 people

    • SSI01 says:

      Some of those folks have websites similar to this one wherein people write in to express their opinions. Does that mean those people are now on some database, simply because they expressed support for Mr. Bongino or for Laura Ingraham? Especially the more vocal among them? If any of them elicited strong NSA (or other) interest, this spying could easily increase into potentially several million people who have been monitored.


  10. mjazzguitar says:

    U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, ordered the State Department to monitor the following people:

    Jack Posobiec

    Donald Trump Jr.

    Laura Ingraham

    Sean Hannity

    Michael McFaul (Obama’s ambassador to Russia)

    Dan Bongino

    Ryan Saavedra

    Rudy Giuliani

    Sebastian Gorka

    John Solomon

    Lou Dobbs

    Pamella Geller

    Sara Carter

    I didn’t know that one of the functions of a United States Ambassador was to spy on US citizens


  11. JamesD says:

    Why is Obama panicking?
    James Baker, FBI lawyer. In charge of Dennis Montgomery Whistleblower case on HAMMER.
    DOJ attorney Deborah Curtis. Part of Montgomery interviews. Later lead prosecutor of General Flynn. Forced to resign.
    Agent William Barnett. Lead agent of Flynn investigation. Part of Montgomery interview. Joined Mueller team.
    Agent Walter Giardina. Part of Montgomery intervew. Joined Mueller team.

    Dennis Montgomery and the illegal access of NSA data, “HAMMER” exposes everything.


  12. Teddy Zamba says:

    This assault on America, ..’..we the people.’..is more heinous and dastardly than any foreign attack in US history. Just a worthless race hustler and his myriad of homies doing what they do best; turning everything into a ghetto, and then, turn loose the brown shirts. Your totalitarian utopia has arrived.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. GI-had Joe says:

    Traitors and there treasonous actions and the devastation to my country are being exposed. Take no prisoners!


  14. Father of three Gen zers says:

    For each query, imagine the number of hits of ordinary Americans. I can see to & from or about queries easily bring up huge numbers of people contacting the Trump campaign. Obama was surveilling the whole country.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Jolly rancher says:

    Richard Nixon, “I am not a crook!”

    Barack Obama, “hold my beer!”


  16. soldiersmom2 says:

    If they had Obama, Brennan, Clapper, et al on video shooting someone in the back, NO JURY IN DC would find them guilty. I pray Durham and Barr are working to remedy this – changing the venue for prosecution.


  17. Jill Partun says:

    Note the phrase: “([redacted] access to FBI systems was the subject of an interagency memorandum of understanding entered into [redacted])”,
    Noticed where the redaction is the first letter isn’t quite blacked out totally. Looks like a C as in CIA. Or james clapper.
    Be interesting to put him under oath and see if he lies to the fbi. Turn about being fair play and all if he were to go to trial for lying to a federal agency.


  18. Carter Burger says:

    We all know why Barry did it. With Hillary, his legacy and distruction of this country would be cemented. She HAD to win. and they were willing to go as far as necessary to make sure that happened. Unfortunatly for them, these pesky voters got in their way. That why you see democrats all over the country wanting vote by mail. Squashing voter ID laws isn’t working fast enough for them. Voting by mail allows them to make elections unnecessary and they can control who wins and loses.

    The question is, doe the republicans have the stones to call them out and punish them for doing this? History has shown that they don’t.


  19. LeperSandwich says:

    “the Obama intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to create a legal albeit ex post facto justification for the pre-existing surveillance and spy operations. Fusion GPS gave them that justification in the Steele Dossier.” — This has always been a bit murky to me, perhaps someone can clarify… The database abuses had already happened and the audit been logged, so any “justification” would just be psychological, not legal, right? Like, “We bent the rules, but were vindicated because we found misdeeds, so look the other way” just like the forced Mueller convictions served to give IC cover for using Steele Dossier becase “these were bad people”. OR, would it have been possible to make the illegal queries appear to only have occurred in the (legal) context of FISA/SC if they were duplicated therein? Or were they just going to use CH/SC as a shield against transparency because “ongoing investigation…”? Seems like they could never retroactively make what they did legal (or hide indefinitely, unless they could remove anyone who might go looking), only wages a public opinion war with selective leaking while hobbling POTUS’ ability to defend himself, while running out the clock hoping to find something else they could use to remove him… Calling it a “legal justification” is a misnomer, (right?) as only the subsequent action would be legal, not the initial actions. Seems like that is their aim was to use slight of hand to generate seeming justification while really just hoping to blur the lines.


  20. Richard Whitney says:

    >> the question becomes: who were the contractors?<<
    My guess: They were contractors working for that organization created by Brennan, I believe it was called The Analytics Corporation (or Company). Brennan ran that from three offices: Beijing, Teheran, and Washington D.C. Hmmm.


  21. Kerry Cromack says:

    It’s simply amazing to me how clueless people are about what was actually going on especially after Admiral Rogers broke this information early on to Trump. He met with Trump in the Trump Towers and briefed him early on. Russia Gate was always meant from the beginning to be a distraction from what was a seminal moment where the spying operation had become known and passed on to Trump. The next two years were marked by Crossfire Hurricane the Mueller Report and now, the exposure being lead by Durham. This will come full circle and it will make Watergate look like Romper Room. This should be punished as Treason to make sure it never happens again. The DOJ, FBI, CIA and NASA were all involved to unseat a POTUS to cover up the biggest Spy Scandal in History! It will be remember as Obamagate because he was always at the Center of the operation.


  22. Mark Mont says:

    Democrats are ghetto makers. We are running! My entire family left the lawless corrupted Democrat party. I suggest everyone to run. Old Democrat party is gone.

    New Democrat party is lawless, power hungry, taxing, anti America and corrupted. Many need to be locked up.

    Democrat primaries are rigged – screwed Sanders x 2.

    dem EXIT for everyone I know


  23. Bill Henslee says:

    During Adm. Rogers testimony to Congress, I wanted to throw something through the TV screen. Even I, an amateur sleuth on the Deep State , knew that his testimony was absolutely unfathomable by most deplorables and even the Senators. The truth about his investigations was being buried by intelligence verbiage and insider terminology. He just needed to say that the Obama administration was conducting a huge illegal data mining of political foes and organizations–and he got fired for trying to stop it and warning Trump about it.KISS

    As former aide to Gen Flynn K.T, McFarland recently put it in an interview, “They wanted to deflect attention to something very big. I don’t know what it was that they were trying to cover up. But they went to enormous lengths to cover it up. It’s very clear it wasn’t just a few rogue agents at the FBI. This is not done by some mid-level government official in the Justice Department or the FBI. It was the highest levels of the FBI,” she said, slamming fired FBI Director James Comey for laughing about wiretapping Flynn.


  24. anon says:

    Trump used an iPhone, big mistake. Apple volunteered to spy for the Clinton campaign if Obama would authorize it to protect the company from lawsuits if they got caught. CEO Cook & board member Gore implicated. Seth Rich died & Julian Assange went to jail to bring you this information: https://utbblogs.com/?p=38477


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