Stefan Halper Agent Provocateur – In His Own Words…

Stefan Halper has been identified and confirmed as the intelligence informant used by President Obama’s CIA and FBI to engage in contact with low level Trump campaign officials during their efforts to conduct a counterintelligence operation against the candidate.  The joint CIA and FBI operation was codenamed “Crossfire Hurricane“.

Rather ironically, five days before the 2016 election intelligence agent provocateur Stefan Halper gave an interview to Sputnik News where he outlined his agenda; in hindsight the aggregate agenda of the Obama administration:

“I believe [Hillary] Clinton would be best for US-UK relations and for relations with the European Union. Clinton is well-known, deeply experienced and predictable. US-UK relations will remain steady regardless of the winner although Clinton will be less disruptive over time.”  ~ Stefan Halper

2016 was not CIA/FBI Agent Halper’s first endeavor into manipulating the outcomes of U.S. political elections.  Indeed manipulating elections it is a specific skill-set within his curriculum vitae.   As noted in a New York Times article 35-years ago:

1983 – […] An operation to collect inside information on Carter Administration foreign policy was run in Ronald Reagan’s campaign headquarters in the 1980 Presidential campaign. […]  it involved a number of retired Central Intelligence Agency officials and was highly secretive.

The sources identified Stefan A. Halper, a campaign aide involved in providing 24-hour news updates and policy ideas to the traveling Reagan party, as the person in charge.

[…]  Speaking of Mr. Halper, David Prosperi, a Reagan campaign aide, now with the Superior Oil Company, said, ”He provided us with wire stories and Carter speeches, but people talked about his having a network that was keeping track of things inside the Government, mostly in relation to the October surprise.”  (read more)

Some terrific background research on Stefan Halper was done long before mainstream media picked up on his role as FBI Agent Provocateur.  Two months ago a Twitter Thread by TheWarEconomy outlined the scale of Agent Halper’s work weaving intelligence operations and U.S. politics into a deep state career. Including:

♦ Agent Halper worked as an assistant to three Chiefs of Staff – Alexander Haig (until September 21, 1974), then Donald Rumsfeld (from September 21, 1974 to November 20, 1975), and then Dick Cheney (from November 20, 1975 to January 20, 1977). (link)

♦Agent Halper worked as a legislative assistant to Senator William Roth of Delaware holding this position from 1977 to 1979.  Because Halper was working with Senator Roth, he also became a Special Counsel to the United States Congress’ Joint Economic Committee. (link)

♦In 1979, agent Halper left both positions to become the National Director for Policy Development for George H. W. Bush’s Presidential campaign. (link)  Halper then became the National Director of Policy Coordination on the Reagan / Bush Presidential campaign. (link)

♦ On November 4, 1980, Ronald Reagan was elected to become the President of the United States. From 1981 to 1984, agent Halper worked as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State. (link)  As such, Halper served under three different Secretaries of State – Alexander Haig (from January 22, 1981 to July 5, 1982), Walter J. Stoessel, Jr. (from July 5, 1982 to July 16, 1982) and George P. Shultz (from July 16, 1982 to 1984).

♦After this, agent Halper became a Senior Advisor to the Department of Defense, and a Senior Advisor to the Department of Justice, positions lasting from 1984 to 2001. (link)

♦Agent Halper’s former father-in-law was Ray Cline, who was the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. (link)  As Chairman of Palmer National Bank, Agent Halper  made loans to customs who then used it to channel the money to a Swiss bank account controlled by Colonel Oliver North, who then used the same bank account to provide military assistance to the contras. (link)

♦Along with Agent Halper, several Central Intelligence Agency related people were on the H. W. Bush campaign, including Ray Cline, Sam Wilson, Howard Aaron, Henry Knoche, Robert Gambino, Bruce Rounds, Jon Thomas, Jack Coackley and Richard Stillwell. All working with agent Halper. (link)

♦Agent Halper was on the Board of Directors at the National Intelligence Study Center, alongside his father-in-law and CIA Director Ray Cline, in 1983.  (link)  Agent Halper and his team of Central Intelligence Agency people during the Reagan / Bush ticket actually collected inside information on the Carter Administration’s foreign policy – with Halper in charge. (link)

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.”

“For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”  ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero


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1,266 Responses to Stefan Halper Agent Provocateur – In His Own Words…

  1. Zippy says:

    “Into Summary” -> Intro Summary.

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  2. mr.piddles says:

    And to think: this could have ALL been avoided if the DNC did what they should have done and replaced Hillary with Ol’ Uncle Joe.


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    • jeans2nd says:

      Not funny. Joe Biden spoke at Brookings last week.

      Have a listen. Biden lies lies lies and lies some more, about the state of our country, the world, and Pres Trump’s accomplishments, while alzheimers prevents Biden from realizing he and Obama made this mess.

      Biden wants free college, free healthcare, guaranteed income for all, war with Russia, more subservience to China, more taxes, more unions, and on and on.
      The DNC and Biden would not have done one thing different, including the spying, etc. Biden is a better, more convincing liar than Clinton.
      There is no difference. None. Zip, zero, nada.

      Go listen. Then we’ll talk.

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    • Deb says:

      Creepy Uncle Joe? No thanks.

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  3. The Great Kazoo says:

    Halper has always been part of the war mongering globalist NWO of the bush machine.

    Remember: the establishment tried to stop Reagan from becoming the nominee (just like they did with Trump) until he agreed to select bush1 as his vp.
    Then they tried to kill him (Reagan).

    This rabbit hole goes all the way down to hell.

    The cabal must be dismantled and harsh examples made for future posterity.

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  4. andi lee says:


    Feb 13, 2018. Senate Hearing on, ‘Global Threats and National Security’.

    less than 24 hours later:
    TWO shootings occured on February 14, 2018:
    1. Marjory Stoneman Douglas School shooting in Parkland, Florida – February 14, 2018.
    2. NSA campus at Fort Meade in Anne Arundel County in Maryland early Wednesday, February 14, 2018.)

    Senator Tom Cotton:
    “Do you know if Christopher Steele worked for Oleg Deripaska?”

    FBI Director Wray:
    “That’s not something I can answer.”

    “Could we discuss it in a classified setting?”

    “Uh … there might be more we can say there”.

    “Thank you. Then, maybe, we’ll hear back from the lawyer in London, who will give us a straight answer”.

    (Cotton noted in beginning of Hearing, Chairman Grassley sent a letter to Deripaska’s lawyer in London, [Adam Walden], the week before this hearing. End of January 2018, beginning of February 2018, timeframe? Only found one letter dated last week of Feb.)

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  5. DanO64 says:

    Perhaps this would be a good time for a funeral.

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  6. Liked by 3 people

  7. Athena the Warrior says:

    Another one with a god complex who knows better than the rest of us what’s best for the country.

    Hope he spends the rest of his life in Gitmo.

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  8. Carole Zimmerman says:

    I have been reading Cth for about 3 years now and I have a question for Sundance but i,m not sure where to ask it .About 2 years ago you posted pictures on McCain with the so called moderate rebels fighting in Syria in those pictures was a couple with Adam Kinzinger could you repost in one of your articles? Thanks


  9. Carole Zimmerman says:

    Bad grammar sorry it should be pictures were


    • Delibero says:

      What an incredible article that is.Carole. It was well worth dredging up again and reading. I hadn’t seen it. Talk about playing with fire or more accurately “explosives”


  10. LiReadsaLot says:

    I’ve enjoyed many comments here,and outstanding journalism. But while you all are connecting dots,I had a question. Somebody noted they’d seen a suggestion somewhere “follow the wives” and I do that. Has anybody spoken about the connections to Fusion GPS before April 2016? The official story is that Fusion was first hired by Free Beacon, for oppo research against Trump (?). Fusion owner Glenn Simpson’s wife is Mary Jacoby, a Little Rock Princess. She and her husband wrote a few hit pieces on the McCain campaign of 2008. Who in DC did not know these things?
    Officially, no 2016 Republican primary campaign had anything to do with that early Free Beacon effort, or any contract with Fusion GPS (but Papdopoulos was I think on Team Carson for a bit). According to Wikipedia, founded in 2012 the Free Beacon’s editor-in-chief is Matthew Continetti, Columbia grad. His wife Anne Kristol is the daughter of one William Kristol (friends call him Bill) whom I always see as the Clown Prince of Never-Trump. But William Kristol was once the Chief of Staff to VP Dan Quayle under President George H. W. Bush. What are the chances that Bill Kristol does not know who Stefan Halper is now or was then? Slimto none I’d guess.
    Kristol and Halper would both prefer HRC over Trump. But not over Jeb Bush. When Jeb went down in flames, losing to Donald J. Trump of all people, I’m betting a conversation broke out. The kind that becomes a plan because let’s face it – HRC was nothing like “A Lock” to be elected with her record, her finances, her ego, her tone (and her Deplorable mouth). What are the chances Free Beacon hired Fusion with no connection to our other heir apparent Jeb Bush? And then Team Hilary hires them to do the same thing, sink Trump.

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    • farrier105 says:

      I wrote a few days ago that, after all these morons have done to try to keep Trump out of office, there is NO WAY they every thought Hillary was any kind of sure bet. Even Strzok didn’t think she had it in the bag. When you look at some of the other stuff they did, you really have to wonder just what the hell they were really doing and why? You only do things like this when you are desperate and have nothing to lose do you risk this much. If she was a sure bet to win, WHY do all of this? It defies any kind of sense.


    • lokiscout says:

      Remember the cozy relationship between Bill Clinton and the Bushes especially GHW and Barbara? Yeah, I could see how a connection could exist.


    • DerpAnon says:

      FreeBeacon was paying Fusion a retainer fee for news items, not oppo research.


  11. Delibero says:

    Halper might have been be a non partisan informant for hire to whichever whichever political side pays him the most or can provide him the greatest opportunities.

    Some people are only fake partisans if more money is handed over to them or the thrill of spying and manipulating trusting human targets and destroying their lives turns them on.

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  12. Caius Lowell says:

    If the Dems are truly worried about Halper’s physical safety, he has more to fear from butter than from a bullet. Of course Treepers have known about Halper for over a week, while the rest of America is just waking up to the Dem threat — thanks Sundance!


  13. Charlotte says:

    Glen Greenwald:

    The FBI Informant Who Monitored the Trump Campaign, Stefan Halper, Oversaw a CIA Spying Operation in the 1980 Presidential Election

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  14. Darren says:

    It’s interesting how Halper, Mifsud and Downer are connected. They are all part of the same group in England. Halper invites GDop to England and connects him with Mifsud. Mifsud passes Russian intel to Gdop. Back to England and Gdop passes the intel to Downer. Downer passes it on to the FBI. Circle Jerk.


  15. LULU says:

    Sharyl Attkisson has apparently woke and come up with her own timeline (with borrowings from some curious sites she recommends): (compressed to save space)

    It’s easy to find timelines that detail Trump-Russia collusion developments. Here are links to two of them I recommend:
    Politifact Russia-Trump timeline
    Washington Post Russia-Trump timeline

    On the other side, evidence has emerged in the past year that makes it clear there were organized efforts to collude against candidate Donald Trump–and then President Trump. For example:

    Seriously? Well, I’ll be darned… Apparently no one told her about Sundance and Conservative Treehouse.


  16. Patrick Brownrigg says:

    Sounds like his current assignment is to aid Mays administration in interfering in the US elections.


  17. Philip says:

    Cambridge University has lost all credibility by having a foreign spy work on their faculty. His access to students and faculty means he is in a good position to recruit spies for the US which is probavbly his major activity.


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