#4 Mini-Tuesday Election Results – Trump Wins: Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii – Cruz Wins: Spuds..

03:35am 3/9/16  We anticipate the need for more than one Mini-Tuesday election results thread. Hence, we numbered them (as above) depending on the volume of inbound data.


♦ Michigan Donald TRUMP WINS√

♦ Mississippi Donald TRUMP WINS√

♦ Idaho Ted Cruz Wins Χ 

♦ *Hawaii Donald TRUMP WINS√ 


gop race mini tuesday

◊ CNN Election Center – Link To Results HERE

◊ Politico Link To Results HERE

Local Mississippi Results Link

  • Michigan – Primary, Polls Close 8:00pm EST – 59 delegates (If 50% winner takes most, if not proportional w/ minimum 15% threshold for any delegates) √ Team Trump Wins
  • Mississippi – Primary, Polls Close 8:00pm EST – 40 delegates (12 district, 28 at large delegates) At Large delegates proportionally distributed based on state result. District delegates 50% takes all, if not winner gets 2, second place gets one. 15% threshold. √ Team Trump Wins
  • Idaho – Primary, Polls Close 11pm EST – 32 delegates (If 50% winner takes most, if not proportional w/ minimum 20% threshold for any delegates) Χ Team Cruz Wins
  • Hawaii – Caucus, Polls Close 1:00am EST (3/9/16) 19 delegates proportional. √ Team Trump Wins

Remember Mississippi 2014?

shameful seven 12010_01-19-can-you-hear-us-now

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620 Responses to #4 Mini-Tuesday Election Results – Trump Wins: Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii – Cruz Wins: Spuds..

  1. Cruz caught cheating AGAIN! This time in Hawaii against Rubio. Sent out email saying rubio getting out of the race. CheaTED blamed it on “a volunteer.” More lies from the DisrespTED Canadian.

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  2. John Galt says:

    Kids are playing a new game:

    1st kid in swimming pool: Marco?
    2nd kid in swimming pool: NO!!!

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  3. BigMamaTEA says:

    I have to post this Drudge pic of Little Marco!

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  4. According to Fox, Trump is projected to have taken Hawaii

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Will he give it back? ha! {sorry, I am off tomorrow, so drinking glass of wine tonight, and I’m not a big drinker. Blowing off some steam. }

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  5. Joe says:

    Treepers are a part of history!

    Sundance, you owe it to history to video document this incredible run.

    I know you want no credit, but history cannot, should not be denied.

    I volunteer.

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Joe, let’s finish this up first! And yes Treepers are part of history, for more than just this.

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      • Joe says:

        This incredible story has just begun.

        We MUST record it for history’s sake.

        Afterwards is too late.

        We owe it to our progeny.


        • BigMamaTEA says:

          well it’s all written down in these many, many threads over the last two years.


        • BigMamaTEA says:

          More than one of us around here has been documenting the last 10 years, with extra focus on certain players. I myself have many many things, in different formats, in different physical places archived for history. They will never rewrite either this history or the history of the
          Founders , for our progeny, if a lot of us do our jobs, no matter what the outcome.

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    • tappin52 says:

      The stone that Sundance threw into the putrid political pond has created an enormous Doppler effect of opened eyes. He has played a huge part in getting people informed and those informed people are getting into motion to steer this country away from the abyss. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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  6. louche9 says:

    Trump is running away with it in Hawaii. Come on 50%! Anyone else notice how the MSM “Trump ceiling” shibboleth has died a death? Didn’t hear it once tonight. OMG it’s so late but I’m so happy!

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  7. joenigma says:

    It looks like, Hawaii can be counted as another state for Trump over 50% delegates.

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  8. arkansasmimi says:

    LOL I hope this picture shows up

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  9. I wasn t sure what was going to happen tonight


  10. arkansasmimi says:

    Ole Nat Jack lol umm ya think 😉 https://twitter.com/NatJackEsq/status/707479962169810944


  11. Plain Jane says:

    I can sleep now. Happily. Good night and God bless all. Thank You God for a good day. Please protect Donald and his loved ones.

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  12. American Dream 12 says:

    Someone on Free Republic said: If Trump wants to win Utah, maybe he can promise to give back the school trust lands that Clinton stole away from the state in retribution for not voting for him. – said we should send that to Trump. Someone from here could send that to him or tweet it somehow?

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    • nimrodman says:

      Here’s the Trump page:

      At the very bottom in the dark blue band, right beneath the “Pair for …” block of text there’s “Contact the Campaign”; it’s a clickable button. Click on it and fill out the form.

      Here’s the direct link, but it’s good to get used to the page in case you want to use it again:


    • Howie says:

      He could get a Roy Rogers outfit and sing Rawhide. That works out West. Maybe crack a Bullwhip and dip some snuff would help snap the conpshychotive voters.


    • Scott says:

      I think Utah is a lost cause for Trump in the Primary. But Clinton did take the Brand Staircase/Escalate land from Utah with the national monument. What people don’t know is that there is a lot of coal under the ground there that Utah wanted.

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  13. Sporty says:

    One more week and we never have to hear from Rubio again, Hot Dog!


  14. Howie says:

    Hillary is backed by the WWD, new female national organization. WWD (Women Without a Date)


  15. Howie says:

    Stay away from FOX debate.!


  16. BigMamaTEA says:

    I must look at this photo again that Sd used in a tweet……

    What a difference six months makes.

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  17. NJF says:

    What a night!!!!

    Feels good to be wiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnniing!


  18. jackphatz says:

    I’ve not heard, how well is Trump expected to do in Illinois and Missouri?


  19. Roadrunner says:

    A big THANK YOU to Michigan, Mississippi, Hawaii Yeah! Your all AWESOME! And our fellow Trump supporters in IDAHO as well for standing with us we appreciate your effort and support for Mr Trump together we will make America great again for ordinary people!


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