The DOJ -vs- FBI Blame Game Begins – DOJ Release Documents to Support Dropping Flynn Case…

The DOJ is releasing a series of additional documents to support their decision to drop the case against Lt. General Michael Flynn [download here].  Not coincidentally, at the same time these additional documents are being released, a fracture in the core group of coup plotters is surfacing.  The bigger picture is now the former DOJ -vs- former FBI.

The dynamic of distinction is interesting to watch unfold.  Prior DOJ officials pointing to corrupt decisions by prior FBI officials.  This is the fracture that will bring down the fraud. This was always why we needed the declassification process.  Things are happening fast.

Additionally, because the underlying Flynn evidence documents include portions of transcripts from questions put to the “small group”, Adam Schiff is now forced to release the transcripts. [file here] We’ll walk through this as it unfolds…. starting with McCabe.

Andrew McCabe releases a statement about the DOJ decision to drop the Flynn case:

However, within the newly released documents supporting the DOJ decision to drop the Flynn case, we can see how former DOJ-National Security Division head Mary McCord points a finger at former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Essentially Main Justice, via Mary McCord, is saying it was Andrew McCabe who first raised the issue of Flynn violating the Logan Act.   According to McCord’s testimony and notes: McCabe, FBI legal Counsel James Baker, FBI lawyer Trisha “Trish” Beth Anderson and former DNI Bob Litt were driving the use of the Logan Act as a targeting mechanism against incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

[DOJ Attachment Document to Flynn Filing]

In this testimony we see the fracture that will become critical as the events unfold over the next several days and weeks.  The former DOJ (Main Justice) is blaming the former FBI (Small Group) for the actions and activities against the incoming Trump administration.

This dynamic shows up again in the testimony of former Deputy AG Sally Yates.

Sally Yates is describing the infamous oval office meeting (January 5, 2017); that took place with President Obama and was memorialized by Susan Rice in her memo to self; that Yates had no idea Flynn was under investigation and was blindsided by a revelation the FBI was monitoring the communication between Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

It is important not to get lost in the weeds of each part of the evidence as it starts to surface.  All of the material hits upon three key points:

  • Michael Flynn (and others) were wrongly targeted by the FBI.
  • Michael Flynn was not guilty of the accusations by the FBI; and Flynn was not guilty of the accusations that came later from the Mueller investigation as a result of evidence gathered by the FBI.
  • The former DOJ is claiming they were not involved in the targeting of Michael Flynn; nor were the former Obama DOJ officials aware of the FBI activity.

Some of the defensive claims by participants in the anti-Trump effort may hold up under scrutiny (former DOJ).  Some of the defensive claims will not.  The key point is we have entered a phase where the coup-plotters and participants are trying to justify what took place; and they are pointing fingers at each-other to avoid culpability.

Keep in mind this doesn’t even begin to touch on what the corrupt Mueller crew did with the corrupt FBI material.  This phase is the former Obama officials putting all of the blame upon former FBI officials for the origin of “Spygate” and the subsequent plot to target and remove the incoming administration.

Here’s the additional material filed with the court as an attachment to the DOJ motion to drop the charges against Michael Flynn:  [It’s a lot of information]


(VIA AP) – […] The department said it had concluded that Flynn’s interview by the FBI was “untethered to, and unjustified by, the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Mr. Flynn” and that the interview was “conducted without any legitimate investigative basis.”

The U.S. attorney reviewing the Flynn case, Jeff Jensen, formally recommended dropping it to Barr last week, the course of action vehemently and publicly recommended by Trump, who appointed Barr to head the Justice Department.

Barr has increasingly challenged the Russia investigation, saying in a television interview last month that it was started “without any basis.” In February, he overruled a decision by prosecutors in the case of Roger Stone, another former Trump adviser, in favor of a more lenient sentence for the longtime Trump friend.

Jensen said in a statement: “Through the course of my review of General Flynn’s case, I concluded the proper and just course was to dismiss the case. I briefed Attorney General Barr on my findings, advised him on these conclusions, and he agreed.” (more)



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353 Responses to The DOJ -vs- FBI Blame Game Begins – DOJ Release Documents to Support Dropping Flynn Case…

  1. jmclever says:

    Remember when POTUS Trump said he was spied on and everyone (media) laughed at him? Now it’s all commonly accepted fact even by the media. Only now they work at justification instead of denial.

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    Obama imposed sanctions on Russia to provoke Putin and manufacture a diplomatic crisis for the incoming Trump administration.
    When this didn’t happen, as stated by McCabe “not ‘what was expected'”, then Obama went after Flynn for spoiling Obama’s hopes for diplomatic sanctions to escalate into military confrontations.

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  3. OldParatrooper says:

    Not the least bit surprised that McCabe was the motivating factor in the Flynn CI investigation. After all, it was McCabe who was a named bad actor in the sexual discrimination charges levied by SSA Robyn Gritz, and he would clearly remember that Flynn, acting as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, wrote a letter supporting Gritz’s claim.

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  4. berniekopell says:

    Overlay the timing/timeline with the pending release of the ICA (1/6/2017), and the very late in Dec. 2016 Kislyak/Flynn call a dream come true for the coupsters to integrate later as part of the timed release of the Russian collusion narrative. They knew the ICA was going to include dossier garbage (partially) and lean heavily on Russia interference, so having an open investigation of the incoming NSA for calling the ambassador, (allegedly) currying favor with the Russians re: sanctions, then releasing the transcript, then get Flynn fired for “lying” to VPOTUS, fits the collusion narrative like Cinderella’s glass slippers. It also took out (and silenced) Flynn and put Flynn and POTUS under the cloud of suspicion indefinitely. Then leak the transcript and leak that Flynn is under Russian influence/criminal investigation and let the slime/lame stream media — thru multiple coordinated leaks — have at it with: What does Flynn have on POTUS? I am still skeptical about Yates CYA notes/recollection, but do not put it past Lyin’ Leakin Comey to feign opposition to WH disclosure, when in reality he wanted WH disclosure of Flynn being investigated, so he used Yates to get the WH, specifically McGhan, involved so they can begin building the foundation of the obstruction dossier. Yates’ lawyering-up for her SC interview in summer 2017 is also a tell IMO.

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  5. The use of Obama’s name is perhaps misleading. I don’t think “he” did anything aside from read lines and do what his handlers (Jarret for instance) told him.
    Sort of a Manchurian candidate scenario…….

    Wonder if the reason they failed was too many Indians behind an incompetent chief ………….. Or too many chiefs behind a clueless Indian..


  6. TRProst says:

    McCabe: “ it is pure politics designed to please the president”. That is a good description of why the targeting of Flynn began in the first place.

    These people always project their motivations onto others.

    It is also clear from Susan Rice’s CYA letter that Obama directed this to happen. She made a point of saying Obama wanted it done “by the book” but Obama definitely ordered it done.

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  7. Bob Parker says:

    Remember the hit “The Name Game” (1964-Shirley Ellis) gang?

    Well, let’s play “The Blame Game”
    Comey Comey Bo Bomey
    Bonana Fanna Fo Fomey
    Fe Fi Mo Momey

    Come on ev’rybody, I say now let’s play a game
    I betcha I can make a rhyme out of anybody’s name
    The first letter of the name
    I treat it like it wasn’t there
    But a “B” or an “F” or an “M” will appear
    And then I say “Bo” add a “B” then I say the name
    Then “Bo-na-na fanna” and “fo”
    And then I say the name again with an “”f” very plain
    Then “fee fi” and a “mo”
    And then I say the name again with an “M” this time
    And there isn’t any name that I can’t rhyme

    Clapper Clapper Bo Bapper
    Bonana Fanna Fo Fapper
    Fe Fi Mo Mapper

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  8. “According to McCord’s testimony and notes: McCabe, FBI legal Counsel James Baker, FBI lawyer Trisha ‘Trish’ Beth Anderson and former DNI Bob Litt were driving the use of the Logan Act as a targeting mechanism against incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.”

    Which is a lie. They were all obviously acting as surrogates of Obama, who was the ONLY one whose personal hate towards Flynn could have mattered — and the point is, he DID have such personal hate towards Flynn, as is underlined in his advising the new President not to hire him (but is proven by everything we know about Obama’s lack of personal character and his will to “transform America” along radical Left and Muslim lines, and Flynn’s well-known opposition to that anti-American agenda).

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    • Feisty Hayseed says:

      One of the reasons the Obama loathed General Flynn is that he Outed Obama for training, equipping, providing military grade weapons and funding the “moderate” Rebels in Syria, AKA: the “Freedom Fighters” who immediately became or surrendered their gear to the Islamic State or one of it’s offshoots.

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  9. John Drake says:

    A single call by Gen Flynn to the Russian Ambassador AFTER the election is amplified as contact with ‘Russian Officials’…and a Logan Act violation.

    In 1852, Jonas Phillips Levy an American living in Mexico at the time, had acquired a grant to build a railway across the narrowest point across Mexico. Secretary of State Daniel Webster had been lobbying Mexico to accept a treaty that would allow a different group of American businessmen to build the railway. Levy wrote a letter to the Mexican President urging him to reject the proposed treaty, prompting Webster to seek an indictment against Levy for violating the Logan Act.

    Federal prosecutors were forced to dismiss the indictment when Arista refused to hand over the original copy of the letter, depriving them of the evidence they needed to convict Levy.

    So in essence the last time Federal Prosecutors tried to convict someone under this Act, they attempted to do so by forcing the accused to provide evidence against themselves…in violation of the 5th Amendment of the US Constitution. This was the last time anyone was ever indicted under the Act.

    …and once again Federal Prosecutors fracture the Constitution in constructing a perjury trap and denied Gen Flynn his 6th Amendment right to Counsel with a phony investigation under the guise of a ‘Logan Act’ violation.

    I won’t even delve into the similarities of a US Secretary of State lobbying a Foreign Government on behalf of a ‘group of businessmen’ to cement a lucrative business deal…nor of the apparent conflict of interest.


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  10. Feisty Hayseed says:

    The article, “Obama, Biden Oval Office Meeting On January 5 Was Key To Entire Anti-Trump Operation” by Mollie Hemingway, explains very nicely and concisely why the Obama FBI & DoJ needed to neutralize both General Michael Flynn (Get him fired or indicted) and AG Jeff Sessions (force him to recuse himself) to prevent either or both from discovering and exposing their criminal activity creating the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. Leaking Top Secret information was critical to moving their operation along.

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