A Transparent Conflict of Interest – Treasury Secretary Jack Lew Blocks White House/IRS Email Release…

Yesterday we shared a startling revelation about a letter sent from the IRS to Cause of Action, regarding the denial of a FOIA release. Today we expand the explanation.

Denis McDonoughThe request from CoA to the IRS was an effort to gain documents shared between the White House and the IRS.  The concern of interest is the probability there was illegal distribution of taxpayer information from the IRS to officials in the White House.

Enough circumstantial information exists to speculate the information within the denied documents could outline collusion between the White House and the IRS – to formulate a list of political opponents for targeting.

The enforcement mechanism used for targeting includes the DOJ and various other government agencies (ATF, OSHA, EEOC, EPA Banking/Finance)

According to the jaw dropping IRS letter – Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, interceded and blocked the FOIA discovery from being released. See Letter:

However, as we have previously outlined current Treasury Secretary Jack Lew holds a serious conflict of interest. Lew’s decision to block the release is not only unethical, and an obvious conflict of interest, but also borders on illegal.

In 2012 Jack Lew was President Obama’s Chief of Staff. He would have been Chief of Staff at the time a discovered “Secret Research Project” was being conducted. The footprint of the 2012 Secret Project came to light as a result of a Judicial Watch lawsuit which led to the release of internal emails between the IRS the DOJ.

One of the email trails lends the following insight – As a result of a lawsuit communication documents dated June 27, 2012, it is revealed that inappropriately obtained donor lists were being used for a “secret research project” and that a top official wanted then-Acting IRS Commissioner Steve Miller to decide how to handle the issue. 

The email exchange, with the Subject line “donor names,” included the following:

Joseph Urban [IRS Technical Advisor, Tax Exempt and Government Entities] had actually started a secret research project on whether we could, consistent with 6104, argue that [REDACTED] Joe was quite agitated yesterday when I told him what we were doing. (He was involved when the initial question was raised, but we didn’t continue reading him in). At one point he started saying that this was a decision for Steve Miller–I told him we were already doing it, and that I didn’t know whether Lois had already talked to Nikole [former IRS Chief of Staff to IRS Commissioner Steve Miller] about this. Would not be surprised if he already started working on Lois.

  • June 27, 2012 9:02 AM — Holly Paz to David L. Fish:

Thanks for the heads up. The decision was made by Steve, based on advice from P and A. [Procedure and Administration]

Lois Lerner’s and other IRS officials’ concerns about how to handle these donor lists came on the heels of an advisory from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) to her and other IRS officials in late March 2012 of “an audit we plan to conduct of the IRS’s process for reviewing applications for tax exemption by potential section 501(c)(4), 501(c)(5), and 501(c)(6) organizations.”

This March 2012 “audit we plan to conduct” is the IG notification for a pending investigation of IRS.  Specifically of their handling of Conservative Groups filing applications and status.

We all know the result of that investigation was a finding the IRS was indeed targeting conservative groups – hence the IRS scandal erupted in the headlines.

However, far more troubling were later discoveries into the internal communications which suggested much more nefarious activity regarding the assembly of secret lists, the “Secret Research Project”.

An undertaking by both the Obama Administration and the DOJ together with the IRS began to surface.

The American Center for Law and Justice put it thusly:   We know the IRS unconstitutionally targeted conservative groups.  We know they illegally demanded, obtained, and held the donor lists of these conservative organizations.  Now we learn that in 2012, the height of the targeting, the IRS was involved in a “secret research project” with this confidential, illegally obtained donor information.

That’s more than a big deal.  It’s potentially criminal.

The very fact that the IRS was using the phrase “secret research project” should give every American pause.  But the fact that this project was conducted as part of a well-orchestrated effort to target and silence conservative Americans is utterly disturbing.

There are several other incriminating emails revealed in the latest set of Lerner emails turned over to Judicial Watch as part of their ongoing FOIA lawsuit.

When the Treasury Inspector General was in the early stages of its audit in June 2012, Lois Lerner demanded to be present when they wanted to speak with her deputy Holly Paz.  In a flurry of emails on the morning of June 28, 2012, Paz informed Lerner that the IG would be interviewing her.

♦  June 28, 2012 8:57 AM — Paz to Lerner: “Now TIGTA wants to talk to me. I am guessing they read this morning’s paper. [Apparent reference to Wall Street Journal article concerning IRS scrutiny of Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS tax exempt status]Will keep you posted.”

♦  June 28, 2012 9:13 AM — Lerner to Paz: “Not alone. Wait til I am there.”

♦  June 28, 2012 09:17 AM — Paz to Lerner: “Sorry. Too late. He already called me. It was not about WSJ. Just him trying to get better understanding of the scope of the [House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave] Camp [R-MI] request.”

♦  June 28, 2012 8:22 AM — Lerner to Paz: “Just as dangerous. I’ll talk to you soon. Be there in half hour.”

Again, just for emphasis, this activity is between March and July of 2012.

From January 27th of 2012 to January 25th of 2013 President Obama’s Chief of Staff was Jack Lew.

Toward that end Chief of Staff Jack Lew would have been at the tip of the spear for any communication in 2012 around the “Secret Research Project“, and would have been in any meeting with, or on behalf of, the President -or White House- in that regard.


~ The Plot Thickens ~

We first discovered it on June 28th 2014 as an outcome of another research project we were working on. We have tried to draw as much attention to it as we can. Thankfully the Daily Caller is closing in, The Wall Street Journal is stumbling in that direction, and as noted above, the American Center for Law and Justice’s Jay Sekulow has finally connected the dots.

How can the DOJ conduct an investigation into unlawful aspects of the IRS targeting of specific 501(c)(4) groups, when the DOJ is the initiating body for the illegality they are seeking to investigate ?

The IRS scandal is NOT about the IRS. Yes, the IRS did indeed target conservative groups; however, they were NOT the originating entity in the overall plan to create a list of targets.

The U.S. Department of Justice was the originating governmental agency who constructed the plan to make a target list and then weaponize various government agencies against those on the list.

And whose instructions would the DOJ be following?

Eric Holder Finger Pointlois lerner 3

As said, we stumbled onto the DOJ trail of evidence back in June when we reviewed one of very few disclosures given by Lois Lerner’s attorney William Taylor III. In a moment of clarity, which was not caught by the interviewer, William Taylor responded to questioning by stating that his client, Lois Lerner, was merely responding to a request from the Department of Justice, when she sent confidential tax files to the DOJ.

Taylor said Lerner didn’t know and sent them because Justice requested the documents: “She [understood] the donor information on Schedule B had been removed. In some cases, we later learned, it may not have been.” (link)

Lois Lerner sent the DOJ 1.1 million pages of 501(c)(4) tax filing data. Including a very specific set of “33 Schedule B attachment files”. The Schedule B’s were specific to Large Conservative 501(c)(4) groups operating and organized to oppose the agenda of President Obama.

The Schedule B’s include the donor lists of specific people and sub-groups attached to the 501(c)(4).

In essence the donor group or names of every person who supported the larger conservative group.  These would have been “the opponents” President Obama outlined in the controversial “citizens united” Supreme Court decision.

For obvious reasons it is illegal to distribute that taxpayer data. It is primarily illegal because such information could be used to create a list of people in opposition to the executive branch; that is exactly what happened.

Lois Lerner sent the data to the DOJ just before 2010 mid-terms.  The DOJ hid the connection for three years and did not admit the submission until 2013 when congress was about to find out through one of their IRS subpoenas.

The DOJ then claimed it was some form of miscommunication, merely a mistake. The DOJ claimed they did not expect to get the Schedule B information, and therefore never noticed it until the House investigation began.

However, Lois Lerner’s attorney, William Taylor, is clearly refuting such deniability.   He said it was not a mistake, it was his client, Lois Lerner, fulfilling a specific request.

Hence, it now became obvious, the House Oversight Committee is actually investigating only ONE aspect of the overall scheme. The larger scheme is actually within the investigating body, the DOJ itself and where they came up with the idea.

Which brings us back to the question we began with:

How can the DOJ conduct an investigation into unlawful aspects of the IRS targeting of specific 501(c)(4) groups, when the DOJ is the initiating body for the illegality they are seeking to investigate ?

potus and Holder president obama and eric holder

In my humble opinion this is why President Obama took an unusual trip back to Washington DC in August of this year while he was on vacation. My spidey senses told me at the time he was meeting with various entities in/around the DOJ/IRS scandal, and secondarily getting briefed on Ferguson riots etc.

The timings we were finding within the research were too coincidental to be disconnected.

Interview with William Taylor III HERE

The Discovery outlined HERE

What difference it makes discussed HERE

Jay Sekulow ACLJ Catches On HERE

[…] We know the IRS unconstitutionally targeted conservative groups. We know they illegally demanded, obtained, and held the donor lists of these conservative organizations. Now we learn that in 2012, the height of the targeting, the IRS was involved in a “secret research project” with this confidential, illegally obtained donor information.

That’s more than a big deal. It’s potentially criminal. (link)

However, what we didn’t anticipate in August was the 2014 Ferguson type unrest could also be used as a distractive endeavor, a smokescreen, for the upcoming inability of the White House to continue keeping the construct of the IRS scandal hidden.

Hence, yesterday’s gob smacking release was buried amid a swarm of overwhelmingly distractive national anxiety.

In conclusion is it clear now how Jack Lew is in no position as Secretary of the Treasury 2014 to block evidence of his own White House activity back in 2012?

Lew is stating the internal communication requested within the FOIA contains taxpayer information that would be unlawful to disclose.  Therefore he is denying the FOIA request.  Within the denial he is admitting the unlawful transmission of taxpayer data from the IRS to the White House.

What’s worse, he’s claiming, according to the letter, there are “Department of Justice attorneys assigned to this matter.”  The very DOJ that are up to their eyeballs in the scandal.

Lew is blocking discovery of his own culpability as a consequence of being the President’s 2012 Chief of Staff at the time the illegal taxpayer information was gathered; and then he’s hiding behind the shield of another party, the DOJ, who was similarly engaged in the construction of the scheme.

An absolute conflict of interest.


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  2. doodahdaze says:


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  3. doodahdaze says:

    Change the names and fill in the new. Here is how to get Obama.

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  4. This is worse than Watergate ever thought about being. I cannot understand why this is being allowed to go on – why this POTUS is not in prison at this point. How much more damage can this man and his administration do? That’s a rhetorical question: the answer is the stuff nightmares are made of.

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    • mikeH says:

      Where is the special prosecutors to bypass conflict of interests here?

      Failing that, why have impeachment proceedings not yet begun? Holder was held in contempt yet ZERO consequences.

      My country has become no better than a Bannana Republic. The entire gov is corrupt to the bone and we are merely sheep in line to be shorn.

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      • John Galt says:

        The Independent Counsel Act, which would allow Congress to appoint a special prosecutor, expired in 1999. Reinstatement should be job 1 for the GOP Congress.


      • StormyeyesC says:

        Obama should have been impeached already, but having Joe Biden 2nd in command doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling either.
        Last night, I watched both Obama and Holder says that “law enforcement needs to work to establish trust ” with his ‘perpetually oppressed people.’
        What have either one of them done to establish trust in government for the rest of us? Not one thing. We are not their people. Obama’s government is like the clothing brand, FUBU.
        “For Us, By Us”.

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    • Al Bergette says:

      I’ve thought about how this has been allowed to go on a lot.

      My guess is it’s money and fear others have for what those in pursuit of money (and the power it affords) will do to those who attempt to do anything about the criminality of this Administration.

      Some indications of this go back to before this Administration, the Kelo vs New London SCOUTS decision and Sandy Berger’s hands being slapped for leaving the National Archives with the peoples documents and then destroying them.

      As I learned of those events, I said to myself, things are increasingly rotting in our government.

      Obama is really making that obvious and Congress does little or nothing.

      I think the only thing that can save the Republic is for the States to flex there power. The question is, are they just as happy with things as they are and are the States just as bought or intimidated?

      Evidently, with 17 states suing Obama, some States are fighting for the Republic.

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    • Lorra B. says:

      Aaaa! Cover your ears! Never put voice to a question like that or we will find out just how much more damage that “special kind of traitor’ can inflict! 🙂 As for why the impeachment process hasn’t began, I believe it’s because folks are more afraid of Biden in office, just sayin… :-0

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  5. Col.(R)Ken says:

    Outstanding work Sundace, on the trail, with the hounds, that’s how we will hunt them down.
    Doo, as I have said before, don’t need to impeach “the O”, start with those around him, pick them off, make them squeal, prosecute them, perp walk these people. That’s how we will win this fight.

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  6. starfcker says:

    Imagine having a political party full of, and led by people of this caliber. Or a media. We could vote for them, and they would look out for our best interests. We could watch the news and believe what they told us. We could trust them, and go about our lives knowing the good work of the country was being done. Imagine that.


  7. springstreet says:

    Obama’s use of the IRS to target his political enemies is quite different than Watergate … Nixon didn’t actually do anything. John Dean created the so-called Nixon Enemies List … to bargain for a lighter sentence after his involvement in the planning and cover-up of Watergate. A compliant (Liberal) press and (Democrat) Congress went along for the (joy) ride.
    As was said by Hilary’s boss on the Watergate Impeachment Committee: Oh, we didn’t investigate the crime itself … we just included what we could prove! (eBook Reference: “Watergate Fiction”)


  8. Julie a says:

    Criminals asked to investigate themselves. Good Lord, no wonder we can’t seem to nail anyone with these crimes committed.


  9. Sundance, this is absolutely stunning. No wonder President Obama moved Jack Lew over to Treasury Secretary. He was sending him over there to protect them all.

    I don’t think it will work, though. President Obama and his Cabinet along with the various agencies and DOJ have only so much power. There are good federal judges on the bench and they have the power to bring this President and his people to their knees.

    I would hope, with all the corruption being revealed, that the Republican Congress and Senate will act to expose this lawlessness, as well.

    We need to go after them one at a time. Start with small fry Lois Lerner and work our way up. She’s always said she did nothing wrong; just following orders, the excuse Nazi soldiers working in Concentration Camps used in WWII. It didn’t work then, it won’t work now.

    We need to be patient and not allow the staggering, brazen hubris coming from these folks to discourage us from pursuing justice. This latest tactic from Jack Lew – wow, what gigantic cajones – you have to laugh at the arrogance – so obnoxious! These people are convinced they’re omnipotent – immune and privileged, wrapped with impunity. And we’re just too impotent and ignorant to catch them. Gawwwwwwd!!!!!

    They don’t seem to care that the American people just sent folks to Washington DC to deal with them. Are they really that clueless? This response sounds far too clever and wreaks of desperation.

    Sundance, I know you were furious last night, rightly so. But today, let cooler heads prevail. Remember one thing, PERSISTENCE is the purest form of aggression. We must persist in our pursuit of justice. And persist we will.

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  10. By the way, I’ve said this before, but I’m going to raise this again; it wasn’t just Tea Party groups that were targeted. Mitt Romney donors were subjected to audits from the various agencies. Remember Frank VanderSloot? There were several of Mitt Romney megadonors who disclosed their audits by the Dept. of Labor, IRS, OSHA, FBI, etc. President Obama and his people violated the rights of Americans and tampered with the election. They abused their power and they will pay for it. They’re going to prison!


    • Crystal says:

      They tampered with the election in a number of ways. Complaints from the swing districts about touch screen voting machines defaulting to Barry when the voter’s intention was for Mitt and there were conveniently no receipts. Those machines were owned (allegedly) by a Dem bundler and installed by SEIU, the Dems’ favorite union. They tried the same stunt in 2014 in both IL and MD, but folks were on to them and publicly complained. Multiple votes in swing districts where minorities are the majority up to 150% of every man, woman, child (& dead voter) living in the district, even though many weren’t eligible to vote. Non-citizens voting for $15 and some ciggies or a free cell phone. Busloads of Somalians escorted to the polls by Dem operatives who even followed them into the voting booths. Going to nursing homes to fill out voting forms for them and door-to-door to collect blank ballots. Same day voter registration with phony ID and no time to ascertain whether the “voter” was actually a citizen. Military ballots mailed too late to be returned on time and for those that were sent on time, a mysterious plane crash on a runway thereby destroying the military votes on the return flight. Insinuating that Mitt was a tax cheat and a murderer when he couldn’t answer the charges due to election laws prohibiting him from doing so as he hadn’t won the nomination yet. NOTE: The WH probably had Mitt’s returns also, especially since Dirty Harry was continually trying to poke Mitt into releasing them so that they could find any little tidbit to twist into something nefarious, such as Look at all the money Mitt has! Bad Mitt! Truthfully, all they really had was the dog on the roof of the car saga or they would have hit Mitt with their best punch early.

      I could go on and on…


  11. 7delta says:

    Yep, everything is starting to come together. This administration just moves its pieces around on the chess board from one spot to another to contain and control. Same people just swapping jobs. Let’s move the head of the CIA to Defense and Secretary of Defense to the CIA. Let’s move Lew from chief of staff to Treasury. Lew certainly has a vested interest in keeping the gears greased and since he already knows the truth and was a key player, it removes the risk of another appointee, who was not involved, from cooperating in the exposure of the schematics. Every move is strategic positioning of a firewall. Everybody is compromised in one way or another. Use it. Keep them compromised.

    So what got Hagel booted out of the inner circle? Why did the risks of cutting him loose suddenly outweigh the benefits of circling their wagons around him? They weed out the uncontrollable or the risky, but they don’t throw loyal people under the bus, no matter what gear got jammed on their watch. They can’t afford to. They must keep things as contained and ‘in the family’ as possible. It’s their ‘weed and feed’ strategy. There’s always a strategy, with multiple carefully crafted working pieces and cogs. The machine, most of us knew was running behind the scenes, is coming clearly into view.

    Underestimating stupid Americans may be their biggest mistake, but I have felt and said from the beginning that these people will not go quietly. They will burn NY City or as much of America as they can to the ground before they let go of a goal they have toiled in darkness to obtain for decades and decades. They are so close they can taste the rancid smoke of victory… Burn this bitch down!

    Lord, help me not to hate, but to stay focused on you and the truth and to never forget that there is no job too big for you. May all the anger that fills me be righteous anger that serves only you and true justice. Please forgive and have mercy on America. We don’t have the wisdom or the strength without you and your will guiding us. Father, help me. Please. Help us all.

    I knew it was there, but seeing it take shape… I need to take a walk too. It may require going from sea to shining sea though.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      “Lord, help me not to hate, but to stay focused on you and the truth and to never forget that there is no job too big for you. May all the anger that fills me be righteous anger that serves only you and true justice. Please forgive and have mercy on America. We don’t have the wisdom or the strength without you and your will guiding us. Father, help me. Please. Help us all.” AMEN
      What a great prayer, 7delta.

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      • 7delta says:

        Thanks, auscitizenmom. Jesus told the disciples that whatever we ask of the Father in His name, He will give it to us. After I wrote the post I thought I should have added In Jesus’ name, because that’s always my prayer. So, just for myself, I thought I’d look up the verse (John 15:16). I opened the Bible at a random starting point in the New Testament. The first verse I saw to get my bearings was Matthew 6:13. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen. No joke. First verse I saw. I smiled, thought of Sundance’s daily post, then flipped further, once, to look for the verse I wanted. The next verse I saw first on the page: Mark 3:23 (the red lettered sentence) How can Satan cast out Satan?When you get a minute, read verses 24-29 too.

        I’m still sitting here, kinda numb, unsure–I mean, pertinent random verses is kind of a cliche–but I believe in answers to prayers, obviously. I’ve seen them. Maybe we just got one and perhaps a warning. I pray so, In Jesus name.

        Added: A reluctant note to Sundance. I’m nobody of any special talents or skills or knowledge. I’m as ordinary as Adam’s house cat, just a truth hunter, but something I feel I need to say has prevented me from posting my reply to auscitizenmom for nearly 30 minutes. Literally. Computer and outside interference/interruptions that are still ongoing as I try to type this last paragraph (up to 70 minutes now) plus a finger that just won’t hit post. I feel ridiculous, pretentious, like a duck trying to pretend its a swan or something, but it feels so heavy, I’ve got to put it down. Each time I try to move on, delete the whole thing, or to post without this last paragraph, the feeling comes back, heavier than the time before. This is hard for me, so please take it in the spirit intended and as nothing more. Forgive me, if I’m out of line and maybe the reason I feel ridiculous is because I am. That would be better than not doing something that maybe I’m supposed to, but I’m still horrified that I’m doing this. Anyway, it’s very simple: Within or surrounding all the verses above or wherever they may lead you, there is a message for you. Not much, for all my angst, but I don’t know what it is and that’s the best way I can describe it. I can’t shake it. Forgive me for this public display, but this is where it’s supposed to be, not in email. Oh Lord…

        After nearly an hour and a half and prayer, I suddenly feel peace. This is posted.

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        • auscitizenmom says:


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        • Wow, 7Delta, that is truly inspiring and comforting. We are up against evil with the Obama regime. They have no honor. I’m so glad you shared this here. Thank you. God bless us all.

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          • 7delta says:

            Thank you, FairestWitness. It’s not from me. I can do weird, but even that was too weird for me. My reply to auscitizenmom was actually pretty lighthearted. I was kinda stunned about the verses, but my response was simple, “Wow, how apropos.” And in the verses following Mark 3:23, it talks about a nation and a house divided. I thought there’s a good warning for us to stay focused on truth and justice and not get distracted by the extraneous stuff. I had completely written that response when I got blind-sided by a wrestling match. The interruptions to posting my reply to auscitizenmom didn’t stop until I started writing with intent. I’m still trying to figure out if God used the vessel I pledged to Him, or if I’m stark raving mad. But when I asked God to tell me if I was supposed to post it, that is was Him, not me, the sudden and complete peace that washed over me was real, because I sure wasn’t in a peaceful place the instant before. I don’t know, except may all things be to His glory. That’s the best I can do and that’s usually not much to brag about, but it’s all I’ve got.

            Thank you for your reassuring post.

            Okay, anybody know a good joke?


            • auscitizenmom says:

              “good warning for us to stay focused on truth and justice and not get distracted by the extraneous stuff.” Well, many of us have prayed for direction. There you have it. 🙂

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              • czarowniczy says:

                And, as I perhaps all too frequently do, I’ll fall back to Luke 22:36: “Then said he (Jesus) unto them: But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.’ Today, as in Jesus’ day, the world’s a scarey and the Disciples then, as we do now, have to be prepared to defend ourselves. I’m part of the crowd that believes Jesus was saying that it was all right to prepare and defend one’s self, family and others against unwarranted aggression. I’ll pray for forgiveness and peace once my family, friends and I are secure. Evil was put here, and remains here, for a reason and I believe it is to test our will to resist in the measure the defense against evil requires.

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                • 7delta says:

                  I agree, czarowniczy. While embroiled in disagreement and increasing aggression from England, the founders struggled over the question of the war they saw over the horizon and rendering unto Caesar. Finally, after attending church services, reading the Bible and praying, they determined they didn’t have God’s blessing to start a war, but they had every right and the blessings of God through His word to defend themselves. I believe the same.

                  I mean no one harm. I want everyone to be free and to enjoy the fruits of their choices, but that’s made impossible when people in power scheme and destroy to steal what does not belong to them. They are the ones who choose the outcome by their transgressions. Foolish men. They aren’t picking a fight with us.


                • czarowniczy says:

                  I think that if not having to kill in self defense was not allowed it would have been in the Commandments. Thou shall not murder is and there’s a big difference between kill and murder. I believe that God knew that when He turned man loose upon an unsuspecting earth man would, in many cases, do what man does best – transgress. Certain sins were, at one time, thought to be deserving of death but the stances of the religions have moderated that somewhat. That’s why I liked having the Chaplain around – ‘He said it was OK….”

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    • Dixie Darling says:

      This may be too simplistic, but IMO, the Ferguson riots and now the same effort in New York is NOT a cover for the IRS scandal so much as it is a lead up to it. The have managed to stir up the African Americans to such an extent that if impeachment is even seriously discussed for the first African American president, this county will be torn apart by only 13% of the population (and that percentage is very questionable as they don’t really want to be counted). That’s what this administration wants…..if we take them down, they have arranged for the country to go down with them.

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  12. Jack Lew signed his own confession with his refusal to provide those documents ordered by the court. Start the impeachment proceedings with him and work up from there all the way to the top. Impeach them, prosecute them and send them all to Guantanamo!

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  13. John Galt says:

    I find it amusing that Obama relies on clever white Jewish lawyers to protect him, as opposed to affirmative action black lawyers.


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  14. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    These guys and gals should all be in prison!


  15. czarowniczy says:

    Look at it from their point – they are fighting a holding action, trying to use the system to delay the discovery process until any actions against them are moot. The refusal to release the emails that they – hoops – just found under the couch is now not only ‘on’ again but now has a reason that will have to work its way through court. I’m betting, as we’ve said before, that there’s either one sitting in wait for this one to be settled and a team out working on future excuses. All they have to do is block it for about 18 months and the issue dies – a new administration’s spinning up, no one’s interested in the tailing from the old regime and no one’s going to go to the years of trouble it will take to prosecute the villains after the are out of office. Not only will that look like revenge but you watch relevant paperwork disappear in the ‘administration transition’ process.

    “They don’t seem to care that the American people just sent folks to Washington DC to deal with them. Are they really that clueless? This response sounds far too clever and wreaks of desperation.” Yes, no and yes. No bureaucrat/politician gives a rat’s patoot about the folks who sent him/her there after the seat’s secured, s/he’s owned lock, stock, and barrel by the special interests who spent the MILLIONS it takes to put one of them in office. It takes over $10-million to run a hard Senate race and if I, as a contributor, slam hundreds of thousands of $$$ into putting a Senator in office you bet your wallet that I own him. You try to talk to your Senator on the phone – yet how much trouble do you think a contributor who raises 6 or 7 zero sums has? Ditto high ranking appointees and SES-level civil servants, they are the corps and division soldiers who carry out the high-level pols wishes. None of them are clueless, they are conniving, scheming and the alpha predators in our population – they also know there ain’t one damn thing you can do about their shenanigans as long as they keep a majority of the VOTING population happy. Yes, it’s clever but it’s boilerplate – been there and watched them do that, helped a bit too. This is how they do business and the desperation is more reacting to an expected outside threat than a chinese fire drill (save the racist complaints – I used a small ‘c’). I went through a number of these CYA exercises, none this big but the only thing that differed was the size of the response, not the tools and tactics.
    For those who elect these clowns and turn them loose unsupervised to crash through our lives – what the hell do you expect? Yes the elected are responsible for the actions of these appointed officials, just as you are responsible for the actions of your dog, The key here is Congress taking immediate, nonpartisan corrective action (pause here for peels of laughter and the wiping away of the resulting in tears………….). That’s Congress’s job but they avoid it by playing the game through holding endless, pointless and zero results committee hearings. There are dozens of ways Congress could have stomped all over Treasury but chose to play this ‘business as usual’ passive-resistance game instead. So let’s play it ourselves to get us through the holidays by clicking our heels three times and believing that the new Republican controlled Congress will usher in a new day of enlightened conservatism.

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  16. CrankyinAZ says:

    This is even worse than I thought…. I am really, really trying to figure out how the US Govt., as it is (sort of) functioning today is any better than some of the worst despotic governments of the past. Okay, no concentration camps or gulags… but, I rather doubt Obama & Co. has any problem with those either.


    • StormyeyesC says:

      Remember, the roads to the concentration camps were built well in advance and no one questioned why.
      Federal government is way too large and powerful. It is like the giant cornfield maze that you wander through, never sure where to turn, unable to re-track your steps to escape, nor can you see the exit. It doesn’t help when people keep trying to bait you into taking the wrong path.
      Until/unless the Feds are exposed as the Gestapo they have become, and citizens and states re-assert their rights and demand the prosecution of all evil soldiers marching for America’s Hitler and dismantle all co-conspirators, we are doomed. My children will never know how a constitutional republic is supposed to function.
      Return government to the local/state level, make Federal government run the way it was intended. Take away the powers they have grabbed for decades while the roads were being built.


  17. sageladymj says:

    I understand that the riling up of the blacks in America is supposed to “bullet proof” the pResident, but I want that man in jail, not just impeached. Along with Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett and quite a few others. This is boiling down to states making a stand against the corruption that has blossomed into a maelstrom of evil. There is no hope at the Federal level unless we have a contingent of Federal Judges not bought and paid for by the crooks.

    Watergate looks more like a jaywalking incident these days. The amount of corruption and abuse of power is staggering. We need a slew of Trey Goudy’s and Ted Cruz’s out there to nail their sorry backsides to the wall and then ship them off to Leavenworth. I am so ticked off after reading this piece where Sundance put it all together I can’t see straight. I knew bits and pieces before, but laid out on a platter is disgusting.

    Who do we have that we can depend upon here? The Republican and Libertarian parties are no better than the Democrats. We need a complete overhaul of the representation of our citizens. These career criminals (not all, but a heck of a lot of them) need to be hung out to dry and new blood put in that has NO financial incentives to vote one way or the other. Get rid of the special interest groups, the donors, the fundraisers, the lobbyists. Make it all illegal. One term, no one makes a career out of DC. They are paid according to a scale set by the citizens and have the same health care options as the rest of us until they get rid of the Ovomit-not-care.

    I don’t want to leave my grandkids a legacy of communism/socialism and the attendant nightmare that follows. Go back to our Constitution and resurrect the damn Republic, One Nation, Under God (not allah) where there is no press 2 to speak English and all immigrants are documented legally, the rest get a plane ticket out. Those that don’t support the Republic get a plane ticket to Russia, Liberia, Somalia or Argentina and their passport voided on departure.

    Destroy the liberal arts colleges and put in place real educators. Change the secondary school system back to classical learning and fire all the principals who don’t understand what that means. Pay our teachers, policemen, firemen and true public servants what they are worth. Revise the hiring practices to exclude quotas and dummied down entrance exams. You are hired, enrolled or employed due to your character and capabilities – not your skin color or ethnicity. Get rid of Welfare for the multi-generational leeches. Leave it only for intact families who have lost jobs but the welfare comes after 40 hours a week of public service. For widows, widowers etc… same rules apply. No more single mother payouts with WIC and EIC etc… You pop a kid, you work – either for the city/state that pays you or you get a damn job.

    I’m fuming. FUMING MAD.

    Liked by 6 people

  18. 1hear2learn says:

    Everyone here is fuming about this ordeal, and rightfully so, myself included. I just don’t know what the answer is, if we go after impeachment, and/or criminal charges of Obama, or his minions, what’s to prevent presidential pardons for all involved?

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Lars says:

    What a treacherous den of thieves.


  20. StormyeyesC says:

    I’m voting for Sage for President. I love your platform! I wish there was one politician in American willing to say 1/10th of what you said, who is not worried about the non-PC optics and is willing to take the shredding the media and opponents would unleash on him.
    For me, the Tea Party is the short term answer. Those like Cruz and Lee and Walker who have a spine are my choices. Romney would have saved us a lot of the current strife in both America and worldwide but he was scoffed, discounted, and done in by the liberals (thanks Candy Crowley). Who we elect in all capacities, beginning at the local level where we work and live all the way to Washington, is the best recourse we have. If the organizers of the Tea Party movement renamed it, with the same goals, I think most of America would side with them. The name Tea Party has become slaughtered by the Libs, giving the low info crowd a false narrative of their value to our country. Many low IQ voters would vote for them if they had a different catchy name that Millennials and Gen X’s would relate to. Maybe try the “F**k the Feds” or “Terms Up, Get the Boot” or “We want Freedom, Freedom…All this Greedy Politicians, We Don’t Need Em, Need Em” party./ sarc

    Liked by 2 people

  21. auscitizenmom says:

    And, that’s only a start.


  22. happypappies says:

    Who do we have that we can depend upon here? The Republican and Libertarian parties are no better than the Democrats. We need a complete overhaul of the representation of our citizens

    Been saying this all along

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