Rod Rosenstein "Unindicted Co-Conspirator"? – Durham Expands Timeline for Probe…

One aspect heavily monitored by CTH surrounds frequent redactions to ongoing DOJ releases that touch upon former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. An additionally annoying thorn would be the continued holding-back of Rosenstein’s expanded scope memos authorizing the expansion of Mueller’s special investigation. [They remain hidden]
The reason Rosenstein’s behavior remains a high-priority is simply because without his ongoing participation and authorization in 2017 and 2018 the Weissmann/Mueller probe would not have been able to continue.
Rosenstein is a central character to all events, and at the end of the Mueller investigation -through today- the DOJ continued to black out any information that evidenced Rosenstein’s duplicitous activity.
As a result, CTH has viewed the transparent DOJ redactions as a purposeful effort to protect Rosenstein.  However, recent activity and media reports outline the possibility of another motive.  Perhaps, just perhaps, the evidence of Rosenstein’s activities has been withheld because Rosenstein is a subject of the Durham investigation.  First watch this:

Setting aside the common mistake in part of that report by John Roberts, the fact that Durham is looking into the Mueller phase of the coup (early 2017); in combination with White House officials now sharing documents surrounding the Mueller-Rosenstein White House visit; and accepting the ongoing redactions by the DOJ on material that touches Rosenstein; there is a moderate possibility Rosenstein is now a Durham target.

There are four central actions taken by DAG Rod Rosenstein that frame the four corners of his active involvement within the “small group” coup effort.  Four corners that would highlight Rosenstein as an “unindicted co-conspirator”:
♦Corner One – Rosenstein’s contact with Mueller immediately following the firing of James Comey (less than 15 hours); and the documented contact with Mueller during the period of May 10th through May 17th (leading to the appointment); and the material evidence that Rosenstein lied to the White House when he took Mueller into the Oval Office on May 16th to interview the special counsel target.  As Devin Nunes outlined in January: “Rosenstein made Trump the target of Mueller“.

♦Corner Two – DAG Rod Rosenstein expanding the special counsel investigations. Rosenstein wrote three scope memos in total. The first initiated the special counsel under the predicate of looking at Russian interference in the 2016 election and/or Trump campaign official conduct therein. The second scope memo expanded the depth of the Mueller probe and allowed the investigation to look at other issues unrelated to Russia interference (Manafort taxes, FARA, etc.). The second scope memo also authorized Mueller to use the Steele Dossier as an investigative tool.
The third expanded scope memo allowed Mueller’s team to go after targets unrelated to Russia interference, and unrelated to the other matters. The third memo specifically allowed Mueller to target Mike Flynn Jr. as a tool to get General Flynn to take a plea deal.

♦Corner Three – DAG Rosenstein cooperated in the Mueller claim of Russian election activity through DOJ indictments of ridiculous Russian-related entities; none of which would ever be prosecuted – and almost all of which seemed constructed to promote the guise upon which the Special Counsel was launched.  It would have also been DAG Rod Rosenstein who approved of the James Wolfe plea deal, burying the FISA leak and the involvement of senators within the SSCI in the overall coup effort.

♦Corner Four – DAG Rosenstein was specifically in charge of authorizing or granting the aggregate activity of Mueller’s team; which would include the aggressive methods used by the DOJ and FBI evidenced by raids on Paul Manafort and SWAT deployment against Roger Stone (with CNN media to broadcast). More concerning, and perhaps most damning, DAG Rosenstein would have to sign-off on the $10,000 sting operation against George Papadopoulos at Dulles International Airport.  DAG Rosenstein also threatened President Trump not to declassify material in Sept. ’18 or he would face obstruction.

We’ve always said that Attorney General Bill Barr’s biggest challenge would not be gathering evidence of what took place; the evidence is so obvious there have been books written about it. The real challenge for AG Barr is navigating through what We The People are already aware of; against a likely disposition that Barr would not want to believe it, and certainly would be conflicted in facing it.
The reports of AG Bill Barr personally going to see and interview the places and people at the very epicenter of the fraudulent 2016 predicate, is an indication that Barr doesn’t really have any options. The scale of what took place is so serious; and the evidence therein so obvious; if he doesn’t get his arms-around-it the Attorney General is looking at very serious long-term institutional damage.
The obvious stares us in the face.  If Durham has indeed expanded his time-frame to looking at early 2017, he is looking at DOJ and FBI activity entirely under the authority of Rod Rosenstein.
It would be, at least should be, impossible for either Barr or U.S. Attorney John Durham to complete their investigation/review of what took place, and then deliver a report -or statement- that results in nothing; or worse, attempts to justify all of the known activity. Simply put, too many millions of Americans are aware.
All of that said, it could be possible the DOJ action to redact, remove and/or keep the demonstrable activity by Rosenstein hidden, is not to protect Rosenstein – but rather because Rosenstein is an investigative subject or target therein. Again, WATCH:


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496 Responses to Rod Rosenstein "Unindicted Co-Conspirator"? – Durham Expands Timeline for Probe…

  1. george says:

    Prayers for these men who are investigating the Swamp.

    • G. Alistar says:

      Prayers of thanks both in time and eternity. In time I get soooo frustrated and would feel justice for the nation if the corrupt, dirty cops and political/press actors see justice. In the end however, no one really gets away with anything. Hebrews 4;13 “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.”

      • Bill Durham says:

        I always wondered why Rosey Mueller and Weissman never got POTUS on obstruction in the Mueller report. It all makes sense now. They never got the chance. They got the Congress but POTUS fired sessions. He appoints Whitaker. Whittaker found out about Rosey the wire and the 25th amendment. Rosey and Mueller can’t finish the report with Whitaker and Mueller in place. They have him and Mueller on conspiracy cover-up and obstruction. If Trump was wired and taped both Rosey and Mueller, they were toast! Trump had the leverage Sundance claimed. POTUS taped the Mueller Rosey visit. He had them. What if session s or Kelly were wired too? They had rod on sedition. Rod never wore a wire. Donald Trump wore a wire. Just like he did in his new York days. He has passed that to Barr. Now Barr forces Mueller and Rosey to water down the report. that was the look on Rod’s face at the news conference. Weissman went nuts because he doesn’t know what happened. They changed his report. Donald Trump set up Rosey and Mueller and now he has them both. What does he do? What does he want? Pop time!!!!

        • Rhi says:

          Plausible scenario Bill, was wondering why Brennan was so cocksure ‘Drumph is going down’ right before Herr Muller report was dropped. They knew the plan but didn’t calculate the counter offensive by the VSGPT.

          • Jerrry Joe says:

            Leaves some new angles to the meaning of Brennan’s most recent public statements about receiving some bad information.

        • lftpm says:

          Trump probably has recordings, but can’t reveal this, otherwise the impeachers will subpoena all his tapes, as they did to Nixon. Still they are valuable kept secret, e.g. Trump knows if Comey’s WH-meeting “memos” are fraudulent.

        • farrier105 says:

          If Trump “has all this” then WHY are we facing the nonsense we are now? I have heard this for three years now, originating with the Q movement, that Trump “has everything.” So, what the hell are we going through this fake impeachment and Barr and Durham running around all over the place? Gathering WHAT? Evidence Trump already “has?” I find it fascinating that the “sealed indictments” have disappeared from all discussion. That is progress for discussion, at least. On this side of things, sealed indictments disappear, and on the other side the Mueller Report disappears as it will have nothing to do with their precious impeachment. Russia has vanished, too.
          If Barr is participating in, or conducting alone, interviews of witnesses, or is sitting in on interviews of witnesses and possible subjects of an investigation, Barr is now a WITNESS and the small group will once again have the convenience of a Recused Attorney General.

          • snellvillebob says:

            Imagine the pressures on Nancy Pelosi from not only the members of her party but everyone else who wants President Trump gone. China, the EU, Iran, Hollywood, 95% of the MSM, lawfare, billionaire grifters and their employees, and useful idiots everywhere. That could go a long way to explain why she and Schiff are attempting to write their own laws.

            • farrier105 says:

              If the Establishment did not want Trump elected, he would have lost. The voting process is so nailed down, especially at the national level, he just would not have been “elected” that night. Hillary would have won and that would have been that.
              When Bev Harris was interviewed by Alex Jones, just before the 2016 election, she said this about Hillary’s “chances”: “If she is viable, she will win.”
              And we have this:

          • chipin8511 says:

            My belief is Trump wants impeachment he wants the trial in the Senate why subpoena power he can call them all in Obama Clinton Clapper Comey Brennen all of them on Court TV worldwide they cant escape swamp is drained.and people go to jail.Just my take…

            • farrier105 says:

              This can be done by indicting the plotters and avoiding the impeachment altogether, if any of this is at all real. Sometimes I wonder about that.

              • gunrunner03 says:

                Might be that PDJT cannot get DoJ to move on any indictments but under an impeachment proceeding his personal lawyers/defense team can do the subpoenas, guaranteeing that all this ish will come to light.

            • icehole3 says:


            • sammyspicer60 says:

              Every one of them involved Brennan, Clapper, Rosey, Mueller and more, have all already lied under oath multiple times. They will never tell the truth.

          • Seneca the Elder says:

            Farrier- Excellent comment. You bring up some very important points.

            • Jerry Joe says:

              And turn this whole period of our history into another Kennedy assassination chapter, the weight of which yet to be determined. Makes me wonder who will take the place of that elderly black man I spoke with years ago on the NE corner of Houston & Elm, standing next to a photograph of him as a little boy when Kennedy’s Lincoln passed by moments before he was executed.
              If you still question any role of the intelligence community’s involvement in that period, well, the IC community has experience down this road as well, growing exponentially along the way….

          • Bryan Alexander says:

            “If Barr is participating in, or conducting alone, interviews of witnesses, or is sitting in on interviews of witnesses and possible subjects of an investigation, Barr is now a WITNESS and the small group will once again have the convenience of a Recused Attorney General.”
            So, you logic is that if Barr is investigating to see if a crime has been committed, then he has to recuse himself? Did you actually think through what you just wrote?

        • Dee Paul Deje says:

          I think POTUS probably taped Comey too. Remember the “he better hope there are no ‘tapes'” tweet. Remember POTUS and Rosey went on an AF1 ride after the wear-a-wire 25th Admendment news broke? All I know is that no matter how much crap they throw at POTUS he does not look the least bit nervous and seems to be enjoying draining the swamp.

        • Also, Mueller left his “phone” in the President’s office. HMM…betcha there was a Faraday cage dropped over that phone ASAP and left there and room vacated until the phone was returned…Hurts to Mueller and Rosie is on the spot.
          PDJT didn’t need to be wired BUT that particular room in the WH probably was. ALL makes sense…Sedition, Conspiracy, Illegal Wiretapping…OOOPS…
          Guess that object on the table is EVEN larger than expected for these malcontents!!!

        • Berly says:

          Bill, you may be right about Trump wearing a wire in that meeting with Rosey and Mueller. I think he’s known since the beginning that Rosey was a bad actor but played along with him, cozying up to him (remember when Trump called Rosey in and gave him cuff links?) and making him think he trusted him. Trump’s always the smartest guy in the room and light years ahead of everyone else. I think Mr. Rosenstein got played for a fool.

        • OlderAndWiser says:

          Where did you get the info that Trump wore wires in his New York days? Or recorded anything? One of his attorneys, the shady Michael Cohen, recorded calls including calls with his (Cohen’s) cleints! Not Trump – he does things by the book; had billions to lose if he didn’t. Happy to be corrected.

    • Tl Howard says:

      I hope the US Marshals are a top level security bunch.

    • donna kovacevic says:

      Boze Pomozi Amin. God help them Amen.

    • Jenevive says:

      Do CT proud Mr. Durham…

    • chipin8511 says:

      Rottenstein I can wait till they take that SOB down I hate him more then Comey…

    • amjean says:

      I hope the expanding of the investigation is not a delay tactic, effectively stretching out the “no results yet because we are still investigating” timeline to extend past the 2020 presidential election.

      • Chip Doctor says:

        Yes, and who exactly are all these additional investigators that Durham is hiring? I hope they are outsiders.

  2. cheryl says:

    I certainly hope that it’s Rosenstein in the crosshairs. I never thought he was anything but a black hat.
    We’ve gotten to the point in time that the reports are going to be withheld until the elections are over. The waiting has been awful especially because of the hell the Democrats are putting the President and his supporters through.

    • BobR says:

      un-indicted? That’s a big club at the moment.

    • G. Alistar says:

      Wonder what history will write about Jeff Sessions? Seems likely, IF Rosenstein was central to the corruption, so was Jeff. Would not be the first dirty politician; Mark Warner and Adam Schiff come to mind.

      • OmegaManBlue says:

        Spineless or senile if lucky.

        • donna kovacevic says:

          Bastards all off them, Da Bog da crkli. May God let them croak. In Serbian it sounds much better, when someone is evil, does harm to an innocent person(s) that is a saying, not nice but, after we say that in disgust, we also ask God for forgiveness, for saying that. Boze Oprosti. That is how I feel about Rosenstein right this minute. I am curious as to what the conversation on AF1 was. God Bless PDJT!

          • The Devilbat says:

            Обесите копиле

          • We the people know says:

            When the Streltsy marched toward Moscow to overthrow Peter the Great they were captured by Peter’s loyal troops. They were tortured (and I mean tortured) in order to discover who was behind the coup.
            Excerpt from
            Peter the Great
            His Life and World
            Robert K. Massie
            Eventually, reports of the horror reached such a magnitude that the Patriarch took it upon himself to go to Peter to beg for mercy. He went carrying an image of the Blessed Virgin,
            reminding Peter of the humanity of all men and asking for the exercise of mercy. Peter, resenting the intrusion of spiritual authority on temporal matters, replied to the churchman with great feeling:
            “What are you doing with that image and what business is it of yours to come here? Leave immediately and put that image in a place where it may be venerated. Know that I reverence God and His Most Holy Mother more earnestly, perhaps, than you do. But it is the duty of my sovereign office, and a duty that I owe to God, to save my people from harm and to prosecute with public vengeance crimes that lead to the common ruin.”

      • chipin8511 says:

        Remember Session is compromised Uranium One deal..30 years in congress they had a big blackmail book on him as they do all of them…Uni-party most all sleazy..

        • Orville R. Bacher says:

          Are we to see the American Republic go the way of the Decline of the Roman Empire, as the rot in the Capital undermines the trust necessary to hold the nation together?
          It is time that the corrupt Intelligence Agencies, including the Department of “Justice” working with their partners in crime, the Demented Party, get sliced and diced, 6 ways from Sunday.
          It is apparent that not 1 person inside the Washington Bubble has any perspective of themselves whatsoever.
          Pathetic to see Clapper pointing the finger at Obama. As if the corrupt ex-President makes Clapper, Brennan and Comey committing crimes against his political opponents any less criminal than the burglars working for Nixon.

          • botchedcasuality says:

            Orville R.B. I agree with your comment, it’s the reason I call them the Indulgence agencies.
            Loose on virtue, morality self reflection even circumspection.

        • snellvillebob says:

          When I am reminded of compromised Congressmen, I keep thinking of Debbie W Schults persuading other House members to allow Imran Awan to be their IT guy, allowing him free access to their computer systems. I suspect this has given DWS a great deal of blackmail data on them.

          • Cheesehead54016 says:

            When I think of compromised people I think of the Weiner laptop as there most likely are many of the 33000 missing/deleted/acid washed emails on that laptop. Seems a bit strange we havent heard much from Mills, Abedin, Weiner, Podesta, Mook, loretta Lynch……… since the 2016 election. There are mant others Im sure. Where is the Weiner laptop??

      • cheryl says:

        Read a story yesterday that Rosenstein was certain that Sessions and Kelly would go in with the rest to remove PT with the 25th amendment BS.

    • Why would Justice STOP the investigation and prosecution of a DEEP-STATE COUP (IC-FBI-DOJ-State), and watch passively as a CONGRESSIONAL COUP proceeds unabated
      … unless AG Barr, FBI Director Wray and our U.S. Attorneys are part of it.

      • Dutchman says:

        Does McConnell have ABSOLUTE control of who gets confirmed by the Senate?
        Yes, just listen to Ratcliff tell why he withdrew his nomination.
        Were McConnell and high ranking Republicons IN on the coup? I THINK the,answer is pretty obvious.
        Would McConnell, being IN on the,coup, and having absolute control on confirmations, allow Barr to be confirmed, unless he KNEW Barr was NOT going to aggressively prosecute the,”small group”, and force them to finger those who gave the orders, since that,would include McConnell.
        “Unless”, yeah thats a good one.

        • rondonmonson says:

          No…it has to be passed out of the Committee that Burr runs, therein was Ratcliff’s problem. Those clowns on the Sen. Judiciary should have all been charged, they all knew guy was leaking, he threatened to call them all to his trial and thus got a sweetheart deal.
          Burr had to make sure Ratcliff didn’t get in.

          • Dutchman says:

            Ratcliff said he called McConnells and Grahams office, to make an appointment with the Senators, to discuss his nomination to DNI.
            Was told the soonest they could see him was 3 months. Thats when he knew his nomination was going NO where.
            With McConnells support, smooth sailing, through committee, AND full body.
            Without, no chance.
            And, this is yet another “Unprecedented”; long tradition of the,Senate that when a member is nominated to a position in the,Executive, they get preferential treatment.
            And, especially when the,R’s are in majority, an R being nominated SHOULD have been an automatic confirmation.
            But, not in the age of Trump!

            • Peppurr says:

              Thanks for this Dutchman. I hadn’t heard this part about the appointment. Honesty and integrity are no longer a requirement. sigh

              • Dutchman says:

                And it was from the ‘horses mouth’, Ratcliff himself. You could see how he was hesitant to actually say anything negative about McConnell, but just layed out the facts for why he withdrew.
                It was on a video clip posted here, fox probably.
                You could tell he was shocked, that he was getting a clear wave off from McConnell and Graham.
                As I say, in the past, confirmation for a Senator was almost automatic, particularly from the majority party.
                Yet another example of McConnell exposing his true nature, and Graham, as well.

        • Great point on the confirmations!

      • cheryl says:

        I don’t believe they are.

    • trump20162024 says:

      If the truth doesn’t come out before the 2020 election, then the Trumpster will be a one-term president. “No 2nd term = no 2nd Amendment.”

      • Robert Smith says:

        I’m pretty sure Trump is going in for round two. The final push to remove him might be two democrat controlled house and senate though.

      • cheryl says:

        I don’t believe that. He will be re-elected regardless of whether the report is out or not. People on both sides see how good the economy is and how looney toons the Democrats are.

    • The Demon Slick says:

      I’ve always suspected that Rosenstein has been flipped. I’m not sure just seems like it to me, based on the previously discussed redactions covering for him, the way Barr forced him to help with the Mueller report redactions, and the way President Trump has never really gone after him on twitter or anywhere else.

      • Raghn Crow says:

        It is a plausible supposition. Rosey would have plenty of reason to do so, as he has plenty of skin in the game, having swum with these sharks as long as he did.

  3. The Boss says:

    This will play in Peoria.
    Makes perfect sense.

  4. distracted2 says:

    If one is investigating Mueller’s appointment and the meeting which took place before that appointment, all roads lead to Rosenstein.

    • G. Alistar says:

      Is it possible that Jeff Sessions was part of “all roads?” Or perhaps just a loyal, good ol’ boy who was in over his head? Like Comey, Jeff has been pretty quiet lately. One positive in waiting months and months for anyone to be held accountable is that I’m just frustrated and mad at the corrupt dirty cops and press and Obama Administration. They must be fearful of going to jail, irreparable damage to their reputations and bewilderment at who has flipped and whom will throw whom, under the bus to save their skin. Seems just for them to be terrified……accountability must be served!

      • OmegaManBlue says:

        Jeff Sessions could clear up some of this but has been silent. Firing hurts, but a honorable man wouldn’t let his country go through what it has been going through.

        • JC Calhoun says:

          Unless he is very foolish, and I don’t believe he is, Sessions was in over his head, naive, and disbelieving that the DOJ,CIA, FBI, and other intelligence agencies were rotten to the core You may be sure he is angry at being used to defend them and has provided Barr with every detail available to him.

        • chipin8511 says:

          IMPEACHMENT IS NOTHING BUT A COUP….it has been one long coup since before Trump got in office. Now he has turned it all around on them….he let them commit the crimes, now he has everything!
          Nancy is boxed in…dems leaving her…she can’t force a vote…if they vote they all go down in the end…if they don’t vote they are admitting fraud and treason….lol!

      • Tom says:

        da keebler elf don’t no nuffin’

      • distracted2 says:

        The jury is still out on that good ol’ boy.

      • Dutchman says:

        In order for anyone to be “flipped”, they have to first be CHARGED.
        No one has been charged.
        THEN, when confronted with overwhelming evidence, and looking at LONG prison sentences when fould guilty of the CHARGES, they “flip”.
        But again, no one has been CHARGED.

        • The Demon Slick says:

          That’s not true. You can confront someone, lay out the evidence, and THEN agree to what the charges will be. The better the cooperation the lesser the charges. In fact that’s very common.

          • Ray Runge says:

            Show the initial perp walk. Idle speculation fuels the Pelosi Schiff LawFare Monkey Show.

          • Dutchman says:

            In order for there to be a plea agreement, first there has to be a charge. Look how they did it with Flynn.
            The idea that Rosie has ‘flipped’, and that is why he is being shielded with redactions does NOT comport with ‘how it is,done’, it is,wishful thinking or fantasy.

        • wightmanfarm says:

          Are you certain he wasn’t charged ?

      • Contrarymary says:

        In reports I read, Rosenstein and mueller had Jeff Sessions under investigation too. Maybe they threatened him with obstruction and maybe he was afraid to resign for fear they would indict him. We’re dealing with truly evil people. In watching the mueller hearings, I was watching the men behind him and they looked as if they were soulless and completely evil.

        • Raptors2020 says:

          It seems like Sessions is the key. According to the new book by NYT reporter James Stewart, Rosenstein thought Sessions and John Kelly would back the 25th Amendment.
          Were Rosenstein/Mueller threatening Sessions to extort his vote? An ongoing exercise of lobbying/threatening Cabinet members to support the 25th seems like a good foundation for charging sedition.

        • chipin8511 says:

          Rat Rodent Stein wife is as bad a he is CIA lawyer Lisa Barsoomian…Pure Evil as is Stokz wife heades SEC enforcement arm Q says watch the wives and children of the congress rats…

      • montanadi says:

        Jeff Sessions recently gave a speech to Alabama Republicans in which he was very complimentary of President Trump’s efforts on foreign policy and immigration and said the Republicans in Congress ought to give him more support.

    • tominellay says:

      Is it possible that the White House interview occurred so that Mueller and Rosenstein could assess whether Mueller would be more effective as Special Prosecutor or as FBI Director?

      • distracted2 says:

        I don’t think so because the President appoints an FBI director – and only the President. And the President had no intention of appointing Mueller to be director.

  5. Steve in MT says:

    I agree. A prosecution has to be put together carefully, and should not be released to the public until the charges are brought. This has all the earmarks of a serious and thorough examination of the evidence with an eye to filing charges. The fact that Barr and Durham went twice to Italy and demanded physical proof is a prosecutor looking at the evidence that will be provided to the jury.
    I could be wrong, but I am willing to bide my time. For now.

    • BobR says:

      You think nothing is happening now? If PDJT is not re-elected it will be like it never happened. The media will say no one significant was convicted of any major crime. And it all was just rumor about spying. Time is important.

    • fabrabbit says:

      Yes, and they did not inform the State Dept they were going to Italy.

  6. 2013gti says:

    Heck yeah…..the Zippo is lit!

  7. Proud American from Texas says:

    Sad to think that Barr and Durham have to see things for themselves, first hand. Seems like there are not many agents that these two have faith in.
    Happy hunting, sirs!

    • Newhere says:

      It may not be an issue of trust in the agents (though, certainly, you can imagine why they might worry …..).
      It may be about trust with their foreign counterparts. They’re interviewing intelligence operatives of a foreign country; that’s a BIG deal, and it may be a matter of providing assurance to the foreign official(s) who had to authorize it. Sending highest levels is at times a way of showing respect and gravitas. Would Trump authorize some foreign agent to interview one of our covert operatives for a criminal probe? The answer is, it depends — but don’t you figure they’d send the top guy and not some line agent.
      It also gives Barr/Durham a united front for future Congressional inquiry and press mischief, having both heard the evidence first-hand at the same time/manner.

      • Rhoda R says:

        I’ve read also that there is some kind of goat-rope they need to go through to get the depositions acceptable as evidence in US courts.

    • littleanniefannie says:

      Barr and Durham need look no farther than the”twistleblowers” than to know they need to take the bull($hit) by the horns!

  8. veritas libertas says:

    Bull Durham has Rosenstein’s jewels in a vice!

  9. jackphatz says:

    “Rosenstein is a central character to all events, and at the end of the Mueller investigation -through today- the DOJ continued to blackout any information that evidenced Rosenstein’s duplicitous activity.”
    THIS…is why I have sad thoughts about Barr and we all living happily ever after. It’s just a bad feeling.

    • G. Alistar says:

      Hmmm, wonder how Rosenstein, Comey,Strozk and McCabe are feeling, a lot worse than sad! Mark Warner, D, Virginia too? Perhaps since this corruption touches several high ranking senators, there is a layer of complexity facing Barr and Durham that most of us do not understand?

      • Nancy Murphy says:

        The ‘up in the air’ status of the McCabe grand jury takes on new significance.

        • Indeed. If there isn’t a sealed indictment already, I don’t think the DC grand jury will indict now. Early on, perhaps before the Grand Jury became ‘woke” Liu may have gotten an indictment on one count and sealed it wanting to convince the Grand Jury on the other Counts as time went by. Liu does not want to try that count in isolation, if it exists, and doesn’t want want it unsealed, now.
          It is also possible that in the prosecutor’s dialogue with the DC grand jury as the 18 month term expired there was a trade off for an indictment in exchange for the term not being extended. Or as Judge J speculated perhaps McCabe was indicted in Ct. and that indictment was sealed.
          McCabe and his attorney have consistently acted and parsed words that would indicate that McCabe has already been indicted. DOJ needs to unite the two McCabe investigations upon the release of FISA report, hopefully before November 15, 2019, the deadline set by Judge Reggie “FISA Court”Walton for DOJ to make a decision on MCabe.
          McCabe’s attorney wants to divide and conquer.

      • littleanniefannie says:

        Warner and his Siamese twin attached at the corruption (Burr) both need to be on the chopping block. Literally!

    • Your Tour Guide says:

      The day that Rosenstein stood there quaking
      besides Barr put me didn’t put me at ease. I
      rather enjoyed Rosenstein’s quiet terror.
      I didn’t enjoy the way Barr described the BS
      charges. I thought his inflections, facial expressions
      gave them validity. I guess I was hoping that he
      would have read them off with some healthy scorn,
      skepticism. I now hope that he was playing poker
      faced, to avoid any appearance of judicial bias.

    • David A says:

      “The three Amigos” is difficult to forget.

  10. Randy Rep says:

    Another reason for Rosenstein’s actions to be redacted is that he may be a witness for the prosecution if/when anyone goes to trial. The cross-examination of Rosenstein, and impeachment testimony against him, may be interesting and devastating to him.

    • Dutchman says:

      Randy Rep,
      Good fantasy, but thats not how it works.
      In order to get a miscreant to ‘flip’, and become a witness for the prosecutor, against his co-conspirators, you CHARGE them, “locking them in”.
      You don’t work on trust, or the honor system. Rosenstein hasn’t been CHARGED, or we would know.
      Therefore Rosenstein is NOT working with the prosecution.

      • The Demon Slick says:

        That’s just not true. I explained upthread. You should stop insisting on it.

        • Dutchman says:

          O.k., well, since I have BEEN through thr process, as a defendant, I obviously don’t know what I am talking about.
          Rosies is being shielded with redactions, etc. by the DOJ, because he is secretly cooperating, has ‘turned’ and become a witness for the prosecution in exchange for immunity, …HUZZAH!

          • Chip Doctor says:

            I believe Sundance explained how this is done. Can’t find the exact quote but it goes something like: they sit them in a room, show them what they have on them. Then they say “this is how screwed you are. You can either give us what we want or you can go to prison for 25 years. Your choice”.

            • Dutchman says:

              Yeah, o.k. Any who want to believe that Rosie, without any charges being filed against him, or charges filed but kep ‘secret’ has ‘flipped’ on the rest of the small group, will continue to believe that, and nothing I or anyone else says is going to change their mind.
              I have BEEN in the room. They arrest you, they CHARGE you, you and your lawyer are sitting in the room when they ‘wave discovery’, and present to you and your lawyer all the evidence they have against you.
              They charged you with ONE count, but then they list all the,additional charges they CAN charge you with.
              Or,….you can cooperate. ‘We’ll leave you to discuss it with your attorney.
              But no plea bargain is made, without a CHARGE, cause without that, there is nothing to bargain over.
              A plea bargain is a,CONTRACT, and like all contracts, requires mutual consideration.
              So, in order to meet that basic requirement, there has to be a charge.
              Look at how Weismann dealt with Flynn; thats how its done.
              They CHARGED him, then threatened additional charges, against his son, in order to get him to flip on his partner.
              It was/is all a ‘sham’, but still follows the pattern.
              Rosie hasn’t been charged, and he hasn’t flipped.
              So, in this case don’t “Trust the plan”, and don’t believe in Unicorns, either.

  11. theresanne says:

    “…there is a moderate possibility Rosenstein is now a Durham target.”
    From your lips to God’s ears.
    May it be so!

  12. EJ says:

    Have to go light a couple hundred prayer candles this week and pray that this unfolds.

  13. Earl says:

    There appears to be a bit of misleading going on in the Fox News report that Sundance linked.
    John Roberts: “investigation into the genesis of the Russia probe is expected to be released later this month”
    Uh, not exactly. The Inspector General investigation has been characterized as ONLY an investigation into the Carter Page FISA application. That’s it. Expect it to be very artificially circumscribed to only Carter Page, and focus very narrowly on the reasonableness or non-reasonableness of the actions taken by FBI officials once they were handed supposed evidence such as the Steele Dossier that was used to apply for the FISA.
    The IG is not going to step back, look at the entire coup conspiracy and trace it back to the origin.
    Remember, the whole point of placing all inquiry on hold until an inspector general completes an endless investigation and finally issues a written report is to delay. Delay, delay, delay.
    It’s like saying we must put a racketeering investigation of a mafia crime family on hold until the parking violations bureau can slowly and methodically examine to what extent the mafia has incurred unpaid tickets. Only after that process has been completed will crimes be investigated. Oh, and anything the mafia members told the parking violations bureau can’t be used against them for purposes of criminal prosecution.
    And there is no way Barr or Durham is investigating Mueller or Rosenstein. That’s just not happening. They are all fellow initiates of the Cult of DOJ, the interests of which take priority over truth and justice.
    What everyone should be disturbed at regarding the Fox News report is the revelation that Durham is extending his investigation past Election Day 2016 until Spring of 2017.
    But we knew all along phony FISA applications were submitted all the way up to Fall 2017. Why on earth wasn’t the Durham investigation ALREADY before now covering at a miminum the whole phony FISA process up to Fall 2017???

    • gda53 says:

      We keep hearing again and again that Durham is NOT waiting on the IG Report. I would say that seems more than likely with the latest revelation. You don’t expand if you’re “still waiting for the IG”. And you don’t expand unless, as Catherine Herridge said “big shit is definitely coming down” (to paraphrase).
      Seems like you may be mistaken on this aspect, you’re likely mistaken on your opinion that “there is no way Barr or Durham is investigating Mueller or Rosenstein”.
      And how do you know he’s not investigating the late FISA? Shouldn’t take long, tat one.
      Casting lots of unfounded doubt there, aren’t you?. Hmmmmmm.

      • Earl says:

        If Barr and Durham were running a serious investigation actually intending to prosecute DOJ, FBI and CIA officials of crimes they would have halted the IG investigation as soon as possible so as to not compromise the criminal case against the government employees by virtue of Garrity statements made by targets to the IG. Instead of relying on an inspector general, they would have been relying on grand jury process which is a far more powerful tool to obtain evidence.
        Barr and Durham will wrap everything up before the primary season gets too heavily underway, because of the DOJ policy not to pursue investigations that are politically sensitive during election season.
        Remember, what Comey was criticized for was not for corruptly sitting on Clinton’s newly-found emails for six weeks hoping to ride it out past election day. No, he was criticized for announcing an investigative step against Hillary right before the election. THAT is what incensed Rosenstein in writing his letter of support for firing Comey.
        And when Barr and Durham wrap it up, they will recommend additional pages to DOJ and FBI and intelligence community policies and procedures so that, as the president has stated, “no other president ever has to go through something like this again.”
        But there won’t be indictments of Mueller or Rosenstein. Maybe a minor player or perhaps even a bigger player gets indicted for leaking. But not for the coup. (By the way, what did they ding McCabe for? Out of all the thousands of leaks out of the swamp? For leaking that the FBI really was investigating the Clinton Foundation.)
        Sundance was right the first time. The redactions coming out of DOJ were all along to protect Rosenstein.

        • gda53 says:

          From your earlier post;
          “Remember, the whole point of placing all inquiry on hold until an inspector general completes an endless investigation and finally issues a written report is to delay. Delay, delay, delay.”
          But “all enquiry” is NOT “on hold’. And likely never was, from the moment Durham was appointed. That was my first point which you have not addressed. And now that enquiry is being ramped up. No smoke without major fire when this occurs. Maybe it’s coincidence that the IG Report will be out next week, you think?
          I’m bemused that you assume that AG Barr would presume to interfere in an ongoing IG investigation considering he’s tasked to bring back order to the Department. I can’t buy the theory that he would shut it down.
          And of course we’re talking about a narrow FISA abuse IG Investigation against what is looking (to my mind) a MUCH broader Durham investigation ……essentially the FISA abuse was just a tool they used to facilitate the larger crime.
          The FISA abuse is very bad, and people will get taken to task there. But this is much bigger. Durham is no one to trifle with and I doubt he will participate in any cover-up.
          But, to misquote the President “we’ll see, wont we”.

          • Earl says:

            Hopefully we will see. But I’ve seen nothing to suggest Durham has yet started any serious criminal inquiry.
            And by serious, I mean witnesses testifying to a grand jury, subpoenas requiring the production of things like telephone and text messages of the suspected coup plotters, search warrants for devices, and so forth. You can’t do a proper investigation of a conspiracy like this without getting the communications records.
            As far as I can tell, Durham has done nothing except voluntary interviews with some people. Perhaps only a few people at that.
            Note that John Brennan says he is being asked to talk with Durham. Not to testify before a grand jury. Merely to sit down with Durham.
            I do think Durham has been waiting for the IG report before taking any serious steps. So maybe now he is just starting to take serious steps, since Horowitz’s investigation is complete. But time is marching on. It’s already October 2019. It certainly doesn’t seem realistic given the DOJ’s typical performance to expect indictments before the election, except maybe for leaking.
            Now, it’s true that we wouldn’t necessarily know if Durham was doing something serious, because grand jury proceedings and criminal investigations are supposed to be secret. But given the interests of the deep state involved, I think we would have seen signs of it in the reactions of the players involved.
            And I say “hopefully” we’ll see, but maybe not. Remember something else Rosenstein was incensed at Comey about: that Comey aired Hillary’s dirty laundry in his July 2016 press conference.
            DOJ is supposed to either indict, or be silent. Since Comey decided not to indict Hillary, he wasn’t supposed to publicly criticize her use of a secret server to conduct her State Department business, according to Rosenstein and DOJ policy.
            If there are no indictments (at least for anything big), we may hear nothing from Barr or Durham at the end of the day revealing the details of the coup, except for perhaps some recommended “institutional reforms.”
            So then we are left with whatever public hearings Lindsey Graham (or even the Senate Intelligence Committee!) decides to hold. And Graham will probably hold off so as not to compromise whatever it is Durham is doing.
            So I am not optimistic.

            • dwpender says:

              I’ve liked your post because it is very insightful, although I suspect you dislike your lack of optimism as much as I do.
              One thing I would point out, however, is that presumably the bulk (if not virtually all) of the conspirators’ “documents,” were created and maintained on, and shared via, US government devices. The conspirators have no expectation of privacy with respect to such documents. Barr and Durham can get them all without subpoenas.

            • gunrunner03 says:

              Three years + three AG’s = 0 (as in ZERO indictments).

          • amjean says:

            My only comment is that the longer this takes before the truth is reported and indictments occur, the longer the democraps and their complicit media have time to attempt to impeach, malign, make up incidents that never occurred, lie through their teeth, etc. the more damage is done to our President, its administration and our country.
            Time IS of the essence, regardless.

        • DebbieSemms says:

          I agree with you . One other thing that has stuck with me is how Barr was so smitten with Rosenstein at his retirement ceremony…as if he were best friends.

        • Bryan Alexander says:

          If you are a criminal defendant, you have a 5th amendment right to keep silent.
          If you are employed by the Justice Department, AND WANT TO KEEP YOUR JOB AND PENSION, you have to answer questions, under oath, presented by the DOJ Inspector General.
          The US Attorney can take the questioning under oath by the IG and use it to further investigate possible criminal activity. If the US Attorney shows up at the DOJ IG office and asks him to terminate his investigation, then anyone called in by the US Attorney can say they believe they are a target of a criminal investigation and invoke their 5th Amendment Rights.
          That is why Barr and Durham have not short circuited the DOJ Inspector General investigation.

    • justlizzyp says:

      I believe the initial mandate was for Durham to investigate the ‘predication’ for the FISA warrant. If, in the course of that investigation, he found clear, compelling evidence of obvious crimes that continued beyond the initial time frame, then expanding the timeline makes perfect sense to me.
      In my personal opinion, if they are really expanding the timeline it suggests they’ve already identified that the predicate was BS so they have grounds to pursue other things. If Barr and Durham can’t prove definitively that the entire Crossfire Hurricane investigation and the Steele Dossier and all subsequent actions were predicated on information they knew to be false then what Sundance terms ‘The Outrage Trap’ kicks in as a viable defense for the bad guys’ actions: they say they saw and heard suspicious things that caused them to open a *Counter Intelligence* investigation. Rules are different with a CI investigation, they can lie and do all sorts of sketchy things because as the saying goes ‘The Patriot Act applies here- that means I can take your UNDERWEAR!’ That’s where all the ‘by the book’ stuff would have a decent shot at getting them off the hook (at least some of them). But proving that they knew all along that it was all a giant pile of made up nonsense…that means an ongoing conspiracy and that would be a serious win.

    • SE says:

      RR signed off on that last one. If it’s being excluded, then Sundance’s first assumption – DOJ protection – is likely true.
      I’ve wondered why they need to protect Rosenstein. Imagine the potential chaos if they blow up Rod. That immediately blows up Mueller- if Rod’s actions were criminal, well the SC Rod’s #1 action.
      Does anyone in the DOJ want to have to admit the massive SC that just concluded was a department-wide scam? Mueller Time was already a complete humiliation. Revealing the entire DOJ as a corrupted institution is probably too far.

  14. justlizzyp says:

    I can’t help but remember the look on RR’s face during the Barr presser regarding the Mueller report.

    • delighteddeplorable says:

      So glad you mention this, Lizzie. He was obviously quite uncomfortable, no arrogance on display that day. Once we know the whole, ugly story, all these little pieces will fall into place.

    • bertdilbert says:

      That was all I watched the whole time.

    • mr.piddles says:

      Clenching. And doing that for 30 minutes straight produced little beads of sweat on his most prodigious forehead (i.e., nowhere to hide).

    • J.C. Calhoun says:

      it would probably tell us a lot if there was a tail on Rod just to see whether he is lunching with any of his old friends…or if he is being treated as a bxxxxxd at a family reunion…I suspect we would find he is currently socially unacceptable.

  15. CopperTop says:

    Rod Rosenstein had his last DAG speech in a roomful of Armenians. His wife is Armenian. The Armenians have been looking for a US POTUS to declare that the Armenians suffered a great genocide. P Trump likes the Armenians he’s met in business. He would have been happy to do this prior to the Witch Hunt…Except for the appearance of a quid pro quo for RR he might have.
    Keeping the compromised RR to clean up the mess was necessary to help the Mueller report pass without obstruction. Giving him the Armenian victory could have further cuffed POTUS with a quid pro quo.
    Rod chose his last audience. Praised Potus at the dinner.
    For which he got nothing. POTUS knew what he was after and didn’t give him anything.

    • MVW says:

      As i recall, Rod’s wife is a top Clinton lawyer.

    • donna kovacevic says:

      Good. Serbians and Armenians are very close in our community we go to their vesper services before Easter and they come to ours, a beautiful thing to see. If anyone needs help from POTUS it is the serbians (not because I am one) but because of what Nato under Bill Clinton did, bombed the hell and many civilians, children died. Clinton is hated there and PDJT adored and that is fact. RR is a snake along with the rest, however I am curious what was said on AF1 between POTUS and that little weasel,

  16. Tl Howard says:

    I hope the US Marshals are a top level security bunch.

  17. Escape from New York says:

    Thank you for lighting the Zippo!

    • KJinCton says:

      Do you know the difference between a hippo and a Zippo…
      One is very heavy and the other is a little lighter.
      Just a short break on our path towards freeing our President from this den of thieves.

  18. Perot Conservative says:

    Can Durham subpoena people?

    • justlizzyp says:

      I believe he, as an US Attorney, has access to a Grand Jury and the ability to request subpoenas.

    • graphiclucidity says:

      Durham is a sworn U.S. Attorney (Connecticut),
      His only bosses are AG Barr and President Trump.
      He can investigate, interrogate, subpoena, call a Grand Jury, indict, and prosecute.

      • His juries may become his “bosses”, too.
        Can Durham pull out a gun and force a juror to vote the right way? Perhaps, if he can, he can unilaterally ‘indict’ and “prosecute”.
        Durham should be fairly judged by what he can do. He could no more punch his first through a brick wall 10 feet thick.

  19. Tom says:

    red rosie the worm has turned – the barr bear has been doing sensitive diplomacy in foreign parts. heads will roll quietly there, and only a few with big wigs here will, more loudly. nothing to discomfit 5 eyes.
    bully boy ali bin brennan and claptrap will squeal like stuck pigs at one of stalin’s show trials, as good commies should. their minions, who know everything, were only following orders.
    as for foty-fo and zher mare, kenya might be a nice retirement option.
    that’s my guess, but what do i know? for all i know, we may have potess cankles for 46, as anything is possible these days – in the meantime, we all briefly get peach pie for dessert after popcorn.

    • littleanniefannie says:

      I don’t think Brennan will squeal. He’ll just keep pointing his finger at President Trump and screaming “collusion, collusion, collusion”. He needs to be the first recipient of the American Hemp Award. Maybe Obama will return to his Kenyan roots. If so, he can take his kids and mommy-in-law and surrender all their passports. Place them on TSA terror list so they never come back. The rest of the cabal can vacay at Mar-a-Gitmo for life. No amenities. Minimal expenses. Manafort style. Matter-of-fact, maybe Manafort could become the warden in charge of their care! Sweet irony!

      • daylight58 says:

        The only use of hemp that I want to see, with respect to John “Punchable Face” Brennan is four hemp ropes, one fastened to each limb on one end, the other ends fastened to the rudders of the fastest Naval vessels afloat….
        And sent off in four different directions.

  20. cheering4america says:

    Those of us who daily read CTH and comments have long since thrown out our “Normalcy Bias,” but I’d venture to guess that the vast majority of our population is still struggling to see past what they think of as normal. Therein lies the rub, reinforced by the Fake News Industry.
    No matter what else happens, the Third-Worlder who posed as our President for two terms will always be remembered for owning literally the very first non-peaceful transfer of power in this country in 240 years. (And no, obviously I don’t imagine he was bright enough to do it on his own machinations, but he was in fact Evil enough to play the part.)
    I so much wanted Rosenstein not to be what he has turned out to be. I’ve listened to his speeches, including ad lib Q & A, and he is really quite brilliant, at least as far as the law is concerned. But as to whether he is now being investigated? Hope springs eternal.

    • graphiclucidity says:

      I gave Rod Rosenstein the benefit of the doubt up until the day he allowed the raid on Michael Cohen. Once Rod allowed the flagrant violation of the president’s attorney-client privilege by Mueller&Weissmann I knew he was a crooked bastard who was in on the plot, and all of the information that’s come out since then has totally confirmed that estimation.

      • dwpender says:

        Do we know that Rosenstein approved the raid?
        The SDNY “operation” was spun off by, and began to run separately from, Mueller in early 2018 (approximately contemporaneously with uber swamp creature Robert Khuzami returning from his latest lucrative private practice venture to run it). “Cohen” was assigned to the SDNY operation.
        I’m sure Khuzami approved the outrageous raid, but I’m doubtful that this investigative tactic was approved in advance by Rosenstein.

        • graphiclucidity says:

          Rosenstein was the Deputy Attorney General, with a recused Attorney General on all matters Trump campaign, which made Rod Acting AG in those matters.
          As Acting AG, the SDNY had to get Rosenstein’s approval for any actions, especially those which involved raiding the offices and residence of the president’s personal attorney.
          It was Rod who, in one of the scope memos SD has provided in this article, authorized Mueller to investigate Michael Cohen. We also know Rod was involved because it was he who had to go to the president and explain to Trump that the raid on Cohen had nothing to do with the president.
          We now know that was a lie, because the SDNY charged Cohen with an invented campaign finance violation crime which led to Cohen pleading guilty to that made-up charge implicating the president in a crime.
          Remember, this is the same “crime” that DA Vance in NY is now investigating, which is still in the news as the president is appealing the recent judgement that he turn over his tax returns to Vance.
          So, yes, of course Acting AG Rod Rosenstein authorized the raid on Cohen, thus approving the violation of the president’s attorney-client privilege with his personal attorney.
          Rod’s only possible excuse is that he was forced to approve the Mueller-Weissman-SDNY gambit with Cohen, or else they were going to put him under suspicion, and investigate him for obstruction of justice if he failed to comply with their demands to wrap Cohen up.
          If that’s his case, I’m not buying it.

  21. T2020 says:

    Rod RosenSLIME

  22. Angel Martin says:

    With RR, my take is that he was a halfway black-hat / Swampman who was trying to save his ass.
    The thing I keep coming back to is the NYT story on RR 25th Amendment / wear a wire. Someone or some group with the “small group” leaked that – because they are the only ones who knew about it. And could document it so that the NYT would publish it.
    So, by then, RR knew Mueller had nothing, and was telling Trump “I can land this plane”. And then the small group leaked the 25th Amendment story to try to get RR fired and ?….. scramble the board ? … create “obstruction” … ?
    RR may have been a black hat, but the “small group” was willing to sacrifice him.

    • justlizzyp says:

      I have wondered if that isn’t how Comey went bad also. I really felt bad for him when he got handed that steaming turd of a Clinton email investigation. Talk about a no win situation – he was literally damned no matter which way he came down. Unfortunately, he abandoned all procedure, which would have protected him from criticism, and went the ‘she’s probably going to win so maybe I can get something good out of this after all’ route. Maybe I’m giving him too much credit, but back then that was my perception.

      • Rhoda R says:

        I think I remember reading that Comey crossed paths with the Clintons back during the Whitewater investigation and has been their boy ever since. He hasn’t been a white hat for some time now.

      • Chip Doctor says:

        I have never felt bad for James Comey. He was given the Clinton email mess because he was supposed to be wearing big boy underwear. That was his job. That he decided to put panties on instead is NO justification for turning into a dirty cop. Screw him.

        • bofh says:

          A freakishly tall guy with a personality disorder that he was able to monetize for quite a few years. “Screw him” is absolutely right.

        • justlizzyp says:

          I’ve always said that the case should have been handed to a Special Counsel from the get go. In the case of the Clintons there are too many professional conflicts, political ties and entanglements for anyone in the DOJ to be truly independent and impartial.

    • Raptors2020 says:

      Didn’t McCabe leak the Rosenstein wire story, after he was fired? McCabe also revealed the very suspicious story about Mueller leaving his phone behind in Trump’s office.
      Andy ain’t taking the fall alone.

  23. Newhere says:

    It’s always seemed at least *possible* that the redactions implicated a criminal investigation of the redacted subjects. Sundance has steadfastly waited to entertain that possibility, highlighting instead the continued cover-up behavior, waiting until real indications emerged, which now they have.
    That was the responsible way to approach it. There’s so much glib confidence out there, that arrests are just around the corner, Sundance has done a real service by playing it straight and sticking close to the facts (truth doesn’t care about our feelings, after all….).
    I say all that as backdrop for us truly to appreciate this moment: return of the ZIPPO!!
    And this post really draws into focus that if Barr/Durham are going to tell ANY part of this story *truthfully*, they have to tell it all. Once one jenga piece is removed, really it all falls down. And the crimes are so serious; again, if they’re earnest, they can’t just ignore whole swaths.
    If Rod is in the cross-hairs, think through what that means. This could be epic.

    • L. Gee says:

      Great comment–one of many here. I would like to add that when you stop and compare past “investigations” of the left with this one, you see that this investigation has been VASTLY different. Rather than someone (or lots of someones) leaking critical information left, right, and center so the Dimms can get their lies straight and their butts properly covered, we’re not hearing much of anything out of Barr or Durham.
      This gives me some hope that this investigation is being done right so that no one weasels out of it! We shall see.

  24. You’re being too optimistic. Redacted for another investigation?
    They use that as an excuse, but the investigation goes no where and noone ever get indicted

  25. joeknuckles says:

    The investigation will ultimately need to be expanded again to take it all the way to the final Mueller “press conference”.

    • Newhere says:

      Was thinking that. And it seems like the Coup team is suddenly afraid it’s getting lapped … Durham may have started the mile-long race 3-laps in …. but he’s already caught them by two, and they’re hurrying to try to finish before he overtakes them in the final stretch …..

  26. dustycowpoke says:

    Conjecture or speculation run wild when attempting to solve a puzzle. We all must be aware of this and conduct ourselves in a most appropriate manner. We see only a tidbit of the real BIG PICTURE. Give it time the whole will be revealed quite soon I suspect.

    • Baby El says:

      Good point, Dusty! We can only infer what the picture might look like from the pieces we see.
      Patience… , prayer, and hope.

  27. JoeMeek says:

    “The real challenge for AG Barr is navigating through what We The People are already aware of; against a likely disposition that Barr would not want to believe it, and certainly would be conflicted in facing it.”
    Dear AG William Barr,
    Decency, security and liberty alike demand that government officials shall be subjected to the same rules of conduct that are commands to the citizen. In a government of laws, existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. Our Government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example. Crime is contagious. If the Government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.
    – Justice Brandeis, Olimstead v. United States 277 U.S. 438 (1928)
    Dear AG William Barr,
    Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.
    – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    • Bubby says:

      Joe love that quote from Bonhoeffer who lost his life speaking out and acting against the evils of Hitler and Nazism!

    • LadyLibertyII says:

      Amen. Bonhoeffer gave his life by speaking out in the face of evil. Left the safety of America to return to Germany and confront Hitler. He was killed just before the war ended.

  28. Jim in TN says:

    The position of DAG was just too important to not be part of the coup. These vaunted planners do not leave such an important key to their plans to chance.
    Just days after Rosenstein was sworn in, he took part in firing Comey, then he hired a special counsel to investigate his act as an obstruction of justice and stayed in charge of the investigation. There is no way that this was not part of the planned coup. There is no way why the crooked coup plotting Senators would vote for him unless he planned to do their bidding. 96-4.
    Remember, Sessions officially recused himself March 2. Rosenstein hearing took place March 6. The vote took place April 25. And for reference, the intelligence committee got the FISA warrant March 17.
    Now add his post Comey firing timeline with McCabe, Weissman and Mueller, wearing wires, interview for Director, and it is clear that he was plotting the Special Counsel investigation of Trump almost immediately, not because of being blamed, and not because of Comey leaks.
    Rosenstein started April 26. 14 days later, Comey has been fired and Rosenstein is plotting with McCabe in the coup against Trump.
    The only question left is what will they be willing to prove. Rosenstein can take down corrupt Senators as well as corrupt investigators.

    • Bubby says:

      Jim I agree. I now believe that Rosenstein fired Comey not because he thought he should be fired but because they the deep state needed a “predicate” to get a special counsel and Comey’s firing was the catalyst! It was all part of the setup!

  29. 2Alpha says:

    Been thinkin… Ryan and Pence were poised to take out Don Trump in the summer of 2016 because they believed the Russian nonsense and the validity of the infamous ‘pee tape’. They had to have help from the FBI, DOJ, CIA, DNI and Congressional leaders to pull this off. So Comey, Sessions, Rosenstein, Brennan, Clapper, McConnell, McCain, Pelosi, et al were active.
    The ‘pee tape’ proved to be fictitious and the Russian narrative needed more work. Enter James Comey to get the goods on Trump, but Sessions recused because he was skittish(substitute word for no balls), and wanted no part of any ‘official’ take-down of a President. It was left up to Rosenstein and the ‘gang’ to press on.
    But nothing seemed to work for this ‘gang of back-stabbers’. Comey gets fired. Mueller found nothing. Brennan had nothing. Even Kelly and McMaster could find nothing.
    When the DRats took back The House in 2018, Pelosi wanted to get involved directly. So she conspires with Schiff, Nadler and Cummings to get the ball rolling with hearings.
    Then AG Barr comes on board early 2019 and the DOJ gets pruned.
    So what is left?
    All hopes are resting on Pelosi and her gang of thieves and liars to take down The President. But her efforts will fail as well… There is no ‘there’, there.
    The biggest mistake the DRats made was assuming Don Trump was just as corrupt as they were and there MUST be dirt somewhere. Their premise was flawed from the beginning. All that is left is the hate. But we all knew that… That’s all the Democrats ever had…

    • DebbieSemms says:

      I don’t believe for a minute Pence was poised to take out Trump. Ryan certainly would of if he could of.

      • Chip Doctor says:

        I think 2Alpha typed something wrong. I don’t think he meant Pence. Doesn’t make sense.

      • donna kovacevic says:

        The minute I say Ryan I knew he was a corrupt evil weasel, reason being his hairline,we call it devils peak. Check out if you haven’t the front where his hairline starts. A so-called friend I grew up with has the same devils peak and sadly I found out later in life what a nasty back stabbing bijotch she was. Now if I see anyone with a widows peak I proceed with caution.

    • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

      Veep is a good honest man of faith. You evidently have none.

    • Jim in TN says:

      When this mess of false allegations became public ‘truth’, it worked to turn all of Washington against Trump. Very few exceptions. John McCain and Comey were part of a very successful propaganda coup.
      Creeps like McConnell and Ryan were getting out of the way as fast as possible, and obstructing the President’s agenda, except for the parts they could brag about. And investigations were kicking off all over the place.
      But eventually, the truth started leaking out. And the investigators were stonewalled by the coupists. But the news kept people deluded, and the Dems took the House and could start their desired impeachment.
      And yes, it fell apart on them. Trump being innocent was part of it, but they have the press and can destroy anyone, especially the innocent.
      More importantly, Trump fights back. His tweets drive them nuts. They grandstand in the press room, he counters with walk by helicopter pressers. And he won over a small cadre of faithful House leaders who defend him every day.
      But the coupists seem to care less about innocence, about the truth, even about his ability to best them at every turn. They have stupidly committed to Impeach him by hell or high water, and by any means necessary. Even if they have to manufacture lies and violate every constitutional principle to do so.
      They should have dropped it after the Mueller Report fail. But they made promises. And Mueller’s testimony should have been the final nail in the impeachment coffin. But they made plans they think are so smart that they must act them out.
      And don’t forget, the only thing new this time are the lies they are using to justify their actions. Violating the Constitution was part of their plan from the start. My, aren’t they so clever. And it has always been based on lies. The entire vast conspiracy has been so sure they can lie a President out of Office. Quite arrogant.
      And nothing, short of major humiliation, will get them to stop. And since the press is in on it, they are protected from humiliation. Their lies unravel, yet they are protected. Their unconstitutional plans are revealed, still protected.
      We are headed for some dark days. I pray Trump continues to best them at every turn. But that won’t stop them from hurting the country. The one thing that should never happen is for Trump to give up. That will do the most damage possible to our country. Even more than a phony impeachment.

      • rayvandune says:

        They have taken the first “America-first” President in generations, the first to actually raise up the middle class, the first to stop the bleeding of jobs to overseas, the first to confront China… and they have hobbled him. They are our enemies at home and in league with our enemies abroad, and they should rot in prison for it.

      • rayvandune says:

        They have taken the first “America-first” President in generations, the first to actually raise up the middle class, the first to stop the bleeding of jobs to overseas, the first to confront China… and they have hobbled him. They are our enemies at home and in league with our enemies abroad, and they should rot in prison for it.

    • 2Alpha says:

      Gee, I thought everybody knew about Ryan and Pence… Interesting…
      I understand the loyalty aimed at the VP, but the truth is out there if you want to find it.
      Pence was turned but with a condition…
      Wonder why Pence got a letter at GWHBs funeral?

  30. DebbieSemms says:

    Is it even possible to convict a high level Dem with a DC jury these days? A city that voted almost 100% for Hillary. As I see it this would be one of the biggest problems for prosecuting the coup.
    Does Durham being a Connecticut D.A get around this somehow?

    • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:


      • Durham’s considerable skills, including jury deselection, could reduce the odds of winning from 100-1 to 10-1 (against) if tried in DC. As rule of thumb a prosecutor, ethically, should not even bring a case unless his chances of winning are even. If the republic is at stake, we need the 10% chance that Durham could give us. It is not wrong for Barr or Durham to consider these daunting odds and give their client PDJT their advice for his decision
        There is no such thing as an airtight case in the legal world. Even if there were juries, both grand and petit juries could nullify even such a mythical case. This is strong ideological bias here. Durham can’t take a gun and force a juror to vote the right way.
        Connecticut, while still not a very good venue, is demographically exponentially better than DC ,and bias is not as concentrated. Durham is also used to working with these people. He may have to use a Connecticut grand jury just to get indictments, which itself is problematic.
        Declassification plus indictments will help with the narrative and may improve the odds. Even woke people could turn into sheep if the current of the narrative is strong enough – stampede mentality.

  31. Jim in TN says:

    I have wondered what Barr used to strongarm Rosenstein into joining Barr in saying No Collusion and No Obstruction. And the OLC joined them too. Doubt we will ever know, unless of course Rosey gets blamed for all this.
    But I don’t think Barr will let Rosey be blamed. It would dirty Barr’s precious DOJ.
    I firmly believe that is Barr’s guiding principle. Save the DOJ. Whatever it takes.
    This is interesting and all, but until I see DOJ miscreants doing perp walks, I am not going to think any differently.
    Maybe, if we are lucky, Brennan and Clapper will do perp walks. But as you have heard, they are already claiming they were just following orders. Do we really think Barr is going to tarnish Obama? That fight would surely tarnish the DOJ too.
    Has anybody heard if the DOJ is ordering massive quantities of brooms and rugs?
    It sure would be nice if I were wrong. But I do not accept that there are any valid reasons not to fulfill Trump’s declassification request, nor that of the House investigators from 2018. Barr has the authority, and he just shuts up, not puts up.
    Grand Jury secrecy is not a way to hide government actions. Neither is calling yourself the source and calling your breaking the law a method then claiming you need to protect your sources and methods.
    Just imagine how the dems would react if they were told the information they seek has been used in a grand jury investigation of a leaker, so they may never see it?

    • Susan Harms says:

      if you think the DOJ wont take down a DOJ official remember John Mitchell was prosecuted and went to jail. as well as Babbin, Colson and others

  32. Gort says:

    If Rosenstein, then most certainly Weissmann. Rosenstein was complicit — likely a co-conspirator — but Weissmann has innocent blood all over his hands, he was the hatchet man.
    George Papadopoulos has publicly wondered why Bill Barr was not yet corrected the $10k he was set up with. Perhaps the reason is that Barr has incontrovertible proof that Weissmann fingerprints are all over it.
    There is no more fitting a place for Andrew Weissmann to spend his final days on Earth than in a prison cell, contemplating the innocent lives he destroyed, A prison cell next to Rod Rosenstein’s.

  33. Jim in TN says:

    One more thing. The IG does reports and referrals, not prosecutions. And the prosecutor has found more reasons to delay. But the DOJ will be too circumspect to act during the election season. Which kicks off with the conventions.
    So, if the DOJ doesn’t act by July, they won’t act until after November. And if Trump loses, the Democrats will make sure the DOJ never acts on this ever.
    So, Tick-Tock. Times running out. And all we ever see is delay and failure to release the truth. Maybe an impeachment with Republican subpoena power is the only thing that can force the truth about all these coups out into the public.

    • Linus in W.PA. says:

      I don’t know why people think Trump’s re-election hinges on the exposure of the “Russia, Russia, Russia!” scam.
      Trump is more popular than ever, and any poll that shows him even at 50% or low 50’s is just inaccurate.
      Further, there is not a democrat candidate who will work nearly even close to hard enough to win against a Trump campaign.

  34. wightmanfarm says:

    Well, it’s nice to see the zippo is back !

  35. Eastender says:

    As the storm clouds gather over Washington DC
    It is plain to see
    Little Roddy Rosenstein’s
    As guilty as can be

  36. Jenevive says:

    I am not sure what to think of Durham. Being
    from CT I can say this state is rife with corruption.
    What do we offer..Murphy and
    I am hoping Durham is the exception to the rule.
    Fingers crossed..will be more shocked if he comes thru
    than would be to find out he part of the swamp.

  37. dufrst says:

    I’m hoping Rosenstein is such a weasel and wuss that the mere possibility that he could be implicated will cause him to be the rat that untangles everything!
    As much as we suggest there’s all this evidence, I still believe you need a person within the conspiracy to turn on the others in order for things to truly start cascading. As long as the conspirators are together and feel like their stories mesh, it will be difficult to prosecute.
    What Durham and Barr are hopefully trying to create is a “prisoners dilemma” situation where each person has an incentive to rat the others out due to not knowing how much the others are cooperating or not cooperating in the investigation.
    So far, we have seen the main conspirators, in my opinion Comey and Brennan, put on brave faces with their television appearances, interviews, books and tweets. I believe they are doing so to signal to the others involved To keep their nerve.
    I hope Rosenstein fails to keep his mettle and cooperates with Barr to save his own behind from prosecution! Would I be willing to give Rosenstein immunity to nab the bigger fish in this conspiracy? Absolutely!

    • digleigh says:

      …he who fears corruption fears life… and the ends justify the means
      …. (alinsky)…..Do not be surprised at anything the BAMN brigades will do..Be orepared…

    • icthematrix says:

      Indeed, I believe this is exactly where any significant investigation will go (one that has real justice and consequences). Rod was pushed with just enough to know the gig was up and he could be in trouble. But, I believe Barr and perhaps PDJT have not pushed too hard yet, knowing he is the fulcrum upon which all this will rest. My hope is the extension of the timeline for the investigation indicates Durham found plenty of dirt for the predicate, and naturally following the evidence deeper. In time with evidence they would then squeeze RR into the proverbial corner, offering him a deal to escape serious prison time AND point to the key coup conspirators for justice…Brennan and Comey via tacit approvals from Obama. No way Barry gets charged…but I’ll take him permanently soiled as a reasonable consequence. Also doubt anyone in Congress is hauled away, but EXPOSE the deeds of these evil participants…every one of them, and let America see their “kings” with no clothes on them.

    • Child of Morning says:

      “I still believe you need a person within the conspiracy to turn on the others in order for things to truly start cascading“
      Agree strongly. It seems to me that the investigators are working diligently to make sure this does not happen. An endless cast of characters and not even a false leak about so and so being a cooperating witness. There must be growing frustration within DOJ that McCabe has not yet been Arkansided.

  38. mg says:

    If they were investigating anyone that is not a political hack, the hacks would have been in the crow bar hotel for 2 years now. Justice is never going to happen to democrats. They will all walk free.

  39. MVW says:

    Damage control, walking between fire and flood…? Too late to control damage with ‘impeachment’ in progress. The idiot Dems did not know when to stop.
    “The scale of what took place is so serious; and the evidence therein so obvious; if he doesn’t get his arms-around-it the Attorney General is looking at very serious long-term institutional damage.”
    Pelosi coup by impeachment, ‘Without due process, without a vote.’
    We are long past institutional damage. What we have here now is billboard, in your face, obvious as the morning sun, ants in your pants, outrageous criminality, that there is no denial. So, now, can these DOJ guys move forward without political blowback?
    If not now, when?

  40. iwasthere says:

    I dunno Sundance. It just all appears wishful thinking at this point. The best now is for all (R) to say they don’t trust DOJ or FBI to do the job.

  41. 1riot1ranger says:

    But…I thought Barr was covering everything up and is a deep state lackey and a war criminal…and played bagpipes like Nero fiddled….and so on and so forth

  42. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Hopefully this expanded scope doesn’t mean that THIS investigation will go on for another 20 months like the Mueller fiasco. Please, say it ain’t so.

  43. Baby El says:

    The real challenge for AG Barr is navigating through what We The People are already aware of; against a likely disposition that Barr would not want to believe it, and certainly would be conflicted in facing it
    At some point, we have to think that Bill Barr had his “Holy Sh*t” moment. The entire movement against our President is too overwhelming no remain unaware.
    The question is – and has always been – will the bricks ever fall – and how hard.
    We wait……

  44. amwick says:

    The scale of what took place is so serious; and the evidence therein so obvious; if he doesn’t get his arms-around-it the Attorney General is looking at very serious long-term institutional damage.
    The way I see it,,, institutional damage has already happened…What is more damaging to these investigative and law enforcement agencies than the total destruction of their credibility. They are toast. My question is the end game.. How can AG Barr restore them? I understand there are many, many individuals that need to face justice, but the institutions themselves need fixing.

  45. WVNed says:

    This isn’t crime or politics. It is war. America was attacked..There was no response.

  46. Bubby says:

    Well Corner One was enough for me the other three are just nails in the proverbial coffin! What I don’t understand is all this was done for the “one” obama and that female dog in heat Hillary? Those two hate America, hate the flag, hate deplorables, hate the Constitution, hate the military and police, hate WTP trolls, hate white men, hate flyover country (how would they eat without us?) and that is who you are willing to stand with? I can see taking a STAND with President Trump and I stated that previously. President Trump loves this country, loves the flag, honors our military and the police, and wants the country to be great for everyone regardless of skin color! I guess some things will always be inexplicable to me and committing serious crimes against the country following obama and Hillary is one? The shame of it all will be their sycophants will end up in jail while obama and Hillary lead the “good life”! Hey Rod let that sink in! Godspeed President Trump and Sundance!

  47. Brant says:

    Who would be the one person to be indicted that would break the log jam and send the “you conspiracy theorists” MSM (Toad, Chrissy, et al) into conniption fits? Low enough not to implicate Ozero (at this point), but high enough to wake some folks up. An indicted on their side higher than the fake ones on our side? Who would that be? McCabe didn’t seem to do the trick. Who would it be? Rosey?

  48. 6x47 says:

    Nah – Rod Rosenstein was always a sleeper, a Trump double agent setting up the Deep State by allowing the conspiracy to fully reveal itself through the Mueller probe. And Gen. Flynn deliberately allowed himself to be entrapped and then plead guilty as a 4-D chess move – again, to entrap the entrappers.
    Some paperboy on the Twitters told me so /sarc

    • Connie B says:

      That phone # is still active for Mark Filip (just called it and got voicemail).

    • smartyjones1 says:

      It’s Sessions Slow-Walker, don’t ya know.
      You mean a 380-pound creepy paperboy porn bukake compilator in Texas isn’t the best source for political news out of DC?
      Who woulda-thunk-it?

    • L4grasshopper says:

      Was his name “Stealth Jeff”?
      AKA … the one man clown show called Brian Cates?

      • 6x47 says:

        Cates major flaw is what I call “Wictorism”: Constructing elaborate fantasies of secret plans to explain away the horrible truth.
        It can’t be that the Deep State torpedoed Trump while his feckless Attorney General stood by and allowed it to happen: No, it was a clever ruse! Giving the bad guys all the rope they needed. Yeah, THAT’S the ticket!
        And all the President’s Tweets andother public denunciation complaining Sessions was a horrible choice he deeply regrets, a crushing disappointment, and imploring him to PLEASE step up and do his f’ing job? THEATER! ACTING! To enhance the AG’s credibility for when Stealth Jeff drops the mask and goes full beast mode indicting and convicting the Deep State!
        And it can’t be that the Deep State protects itself and “muh beloved instatooshins” above all else, even when that means protecting bad actors who shredded the Constitution attempting to overthrow a President: “Declined prosecution.” Nah – its all 4D chess man!
        And the President, knowing full well that the FBI was a vipers nest of sedition, couldn’t possibly have been duped into hiring yet another Deep State Swamp Creature, Chris Wray, to replace Comey as Director! Surely his Attorney General Jeff Sessions was wise to what was going on by then!! Right?
        Nope. President Trump is no dummy: He is very smart and superbly capable. However – he came into government without any experience and very little in the way of organization. He had to rely on others who did have public sector experience, and those people all too often proved duplicitous and undermined President Trump. He catches on fast and those people don’t last long but Trump has had a steep learning curve. That explains the unfortunate mistakes that have marred his administration.
        But it’s really sad to admit that our guy, who IMO will be numbered as one of our greatest Presidents with Washington and Lincoln, got rolled more than once by slimy politicians and the Deep State.
        So let’s make believe it was all a plan, he MEANT to come within a whisker of getting forced out of office. Because reasons.
        Yeah! “”SOON.”

  49. tommy m says:

    speaking of wires… what if Sessions wore one 24-7 for his 2 years as AG… the swamp folks would never worry about a hayseed in their midst…

    • tav144 says:

      Sessions may be a gullible buffoon, but he is not a co-conspirator in this coup. Go back and read RR’s emails just released wherein he tells Mueller that basically “the boss doesn’t know about our conversations”. In other words — Sessions does NOT know about the entrapment scheme. Sessions was NOT in the loop. He was specifically kept out of the loop so that RR — a true co-conspirator — could run the operation against Trump. This comports with the earlier released details that when Mueller was appointed, Sessions was in the Oval office and was blind-sided by it.
      Sessions has many faults and bears the brunt of blame for recusing himself when he shouldn’t have. But he did so because as he saw it, it was the ethical thing to do to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. In a normal functioning, non-corrupt system, even this would have been okay. But against a conspiracy of coup-plotters, it was part of the scheme to REMOVE him from being able to uncover their crimes (which also tells you he was not part of it).

      • cali says:

        @tav144: You are absolutely right about Jeff Sessions!
        Like Flynn Jeff Sessions was targeted and FISA was applied to Sessions as well by the same coup plotters.
        Jeff Sessions silently worked on the Jeffrey Epstein case which resulted in the re-arrest of Epstein. He also put together the task force to eradicate and adjudicate the MS13 and other gangs that were imported during the Hussein years.
        Rosenstein was a member of the ‘old guard’ without a doubt. His involvement with uranium one hung over his head. He strictly focused on his arse knowing its in a sling. Rosenstein may decided not to wear a wire but the tag team Mueller-Rosenstein did leave Mueller’s phone behind in the white house serving the same purpose as a wire would have done.
        We know when Horowitz’s first report came out that Rosenstein was responsible to screen and classify every coup plotters unlawful conduct and actions including that of himself.
        @Sundance: Yes you are so right: There are only two possibilities for Barr and Durham and that is
        1. Ignore all the high crimes and misdemeanors, seditious and treasonous activities while holding nobody or low level/low rank individuals to account while letting the top of spear walk will officially end the rule of law ergo the end of this republic. The citizens will not accept such a choice nor do our military men and women and their command.
        2. Weigh all involvement by ALL coup plotters and their allies abroad and bring them to justice regardless of rank or position – that means Hussein, HRC et al.
        This will restore not just restore laws and justice for all and a healing throughout this republic can commence.
        I do understand that all the interventions across the world by the deep state and their political allies here and abroad could commence declarations of war by countries affected by the false intervention and for financial gain.
        This is a very painful undertaking but it must take place. We can not claim to believe in law and justice if all of these corrupt individuals just walk away to repeat all over again after president Trump completes his term(s).
        I want to believe that this was not just another 4 year election!
        God have mercy on us all and help us defeat this dark and evil that is in control for such a long time!

        • donna kovacevic says:

          In Jesus’ Holy Name we pray. Amen.

        • Tall Texan says:

          I would never trade a spine for the appearance of ethics. That is what El Jeffy Sessions did, screwing the President and the country so he could appear more virtuous.

      • rayvandune says:

        If he was pliable enough to fall for the recusal “advice” he got, it is just as well he was not involved further on: decent guy, but not exactly filled with the “steely resolve needed to be on-point in the Trump Team.

    • 2013gti says:

      2 years of snoring on tape.

  50. Bogeyfree says:

    From Sundance’s article, This is now the door I want opened with this expansion……
    “It would have also been DAG Rod Rosenstein who approved of the James Wolfe plea deal, burying the FISA leak and the involvement of senators within the SSCI in the overall coup effort.”
    It is time to go after any and all Senator Snakes who may have helped plot or participated in this fraud and coup.
    I want Barr to now also expose Senators & Congressmen.
    By the way, pay attention to the blame game. The “we were only following orders”. You see this beginning to come out with the recent Clapper statement on following orders.
    I don’t believe the FBI cooked this up by themselves. I think they followed the orders to conduct the operation.
    So we are back to who ordered the Code Red and where did they come from?
    The WH? The CIA? The Congress?
    I agree that Barr must be seeing enough evidence now to be expanding.
    I don’t think a sweeper would expand but by expanding what Barr may now be doing in order to save the institutions to some regard is he must show that THEY were following orders from above.
    And RR just may be his squeeze point.
    So IMO Barr’s loyalty should be first and foremost the rule of law but IMO his second loyalty are the the institutions and because this fire has gotten out of control with more and more obvious evidence, Barr must expose the mastermind in order to save the institutions.

    • Paul says:


    • Newhere says:

      Well put. Related to what SD has said several times: the challenge for Barr isn’t finding the facts, it’s what to do with the facts already known to millions of Americans; even institutionalists can be realists, and the calculus on “saving the institutions” has everything to do with public trust. A realist trying to save the institution would know he has to size it up correctly. Sometimes you have to burn down the structure to save the foundation.
      I watched a Few Good Men this weekend, after Brennan’s feigned incredulity about being interviewed …

    • BoreMole says:

      I think this is deeply fanciful/wishful thinking, tbh… I remain very confident that no one will ever see the inside of a courtroom or cell for any of it. We’re just too far gone now. We’ll get a couple “better” process and procedures, but no person will be held to account, especially not Senators or Obama era lackeys.
      Bet on it.

  51. He’s a weasel and should be charged!!
    God bless President Trump!!??

  52. jersey joe says:

    RR has turned states evidence. Been extensively interviewed by Durham. Trying to save his own behind.

    • phaedrus cj says:

      Was that the deal he made when he left? Agree to cooperate and the public image projected will be Rod was a good guy and wouldn’t be charged and would be protected by redactions?

    • corkyboyd says:

      I think Trump’s unexplained invitation to fly RR on Air Force 1 to the Police Chiefs convention on October 2018 was the turning point, with Trump saying “Do you want to be on this side, or face jail time? Also, Trump was very cordial when RR left office. Yes, he has been flipped.

    • donna kovacevic says:

      I have no mercy for these snakes all of them bastards. Get them all, go after their families wives, children all, the way they went after PDJT disgusting pieces of govna. How about do unto others” never heard of that? I want to see the worst happen to them all including that traitor that posed as your president for 8 years. God Bless PDJT.

  53. 6x47 says:

    The real bad guy in all this drama, IMO: Jeff Sessions. A battered conservative, with a permanent cringe, always apologizing for what the Left baselessly accused.
    He walked into the DOJ as Attorney General and instead of taking charge like a boss he immediately supplicated before the Deep State Obama gang and recused from his post, surrendering before he even knew what was going on. That fateful decision is the inflection point that has determined the entire arc of the Trump Presidency: A scared little rabbit trying to please the hard Left by demonstrating his honor and decency.
    Jeff Sessions is the one man to blame for all that follows.

    • gary says:

      and the expected reaction of most of the republicans in congress. the democrats flip out out over some perpetrated crisis and the repubs all get in line to apologize. the example trump has set is to be a template for future candidates for the repubs,i hope. burr and toomey types need to go.

    • Fubu says:

      Sessions is no different than a lot of other participants. Just a compromised lackey that was controlled by the Deep State due to blackmail. The real culprit here is the surveillance state that has been installed that can be rewind someone’s life when needed.

      • wondering999 says:

        True, true, but there is something else that we could do to protect ourselves. We could become more honest at the individual citizen level. What are we willing to condemn (in others as well as ourselves) and what are we willing to accept and deal with realistically? Our leadership are not saints. They are FALLIBLE.
        We need to be honest at the personal family level first, and then face up to reality in our leadership.
        If we were more honest with ourselves, blackmailers would have a harder time of it. The blackmailers make money off the public’s tendency to faint and have palpitations and outrage when faced with harsh truth, manipulated by the press.
        Trump looks at reality (as well as public fantasies) and says things that are true but cause outrage. Trump he often able to resolve difficult problems because he’s looking at the unvarnished truth and working off that, instead of trying to facilitate/enable public fantasies that are bogus from the get-go. Pernicious public fantasies are a feature of both “conservatives” and “liberals”. We can let go of the lying at all levels.

        • wondering999 says:

          Grrr. “Trump is often able to resolve difficult problems” not “he often”

        • Zippy says:

          “We need to be honest at the personal family level first, and then face up to reality in our leadership.”
          1. Who says we aren’t?
          2. Those who seek political power (“leadership”… gak) are rarely good people nor are they honest. “Honest politician” is an oxymoron and has been throughout history.

          • wondering999 says:

            Zippy — you may be the paragon of honesty, but I come across a lot of people who dissemble in various areas of their life. It’s a lot easier to see in other people than in the self. Quick example, it’s easier for many “conservative Republicans” to notice that a Democrat’s kid is living sleazy with drugs, than to note that a leading Republican had a remarkable history of drug/alcohol consumption, and learned roughly zero about geography/ history/ reality during expensive college years paid by prosperous parents. Their wasteful living and lousy habits are not wonderful, not in ANY of them, right or left.

          • wondering999 says:

            It’s tough to be a good leader, and I am respectful of people who do it well. I have noticed a few decent “politicians” and appreciate them.
            John Duncan of Tennessee worked hard to do a good job for Tennessee constituents. He retired recently, after the Democrats dug up dirt about an office scandal, some woman who was mistreated in his office because she was an older worker and was paid off out of the Congressional slush fund. From other people who have worked with Duncan in Washington, I heard that Duncan was exceptionally decent, and unlike much of the DC crowd, NOT a groping drunkard; he was very good about communicating with constituents with informative newsletters, and I appreciated that.
            Duncan had to work within the Tennessee Republican party with other people for whom I have a lot less respect (think Bob Corker, grrr, who was elected by Republicans who believed in him for some reason. Not thrilled with Lamar Alexander either, although in the past Alexander said some things that were forthright and honest (such as, the Department of Education is something we could easily do without — and for a time Alexander headed the Department of Education, so he would know).
            Have you ever had to work at a job with an incompetent, preening supervisor? I have, (although I didn’t stick around any longer than necessary). Working within a large system can be HARD, especially if directives from above are conflicting and impractical. Being a decent supervisor in a large organization can be difficult, especially when the people who rank above you, or who have power over how you get your job done, are corrupted and/or incompetent.
            Let’s be honest about what we delegate and to who. We NEED politicians and they should be treated with the same respect as anybody else (but not more). I don’t want to go to Washington, do you? No reason to be grossly disrespectful of people who volunteer for that job, and do it as well as they can, for a long period of time. And no I’m not Duncan or one of his family members. Just a grateful former constituent. He did a good job. I hope his successor manages to do his best also.

        • Judith says:

          Even if your morals are impeccable, they will find a way to dirty you up with #metoo false allegations or trumped-up process crimes. If all else fails they’ll threaten your family with Arkancide. That’s life in the swamp lane.

    • Robster says:

      Based on Lisa Page recent book, Sessions was in favor of the 25th amendment angle to get rid of Trump. This, among other things, tells me he was a deep state plant to begin with….as soon as he got in office he stabbed president Trump right in the back!…which Senators, I wonder, were his puppet strings?

      • Tparty says:

        Why would anyone believe what a traitorous harlot says … nevermind what she implies in a book, one of many, written with the purpose of impeaching a president. She said it in a book?

      • tav144 says:

        There is no such book. Need to provide a link or name because I see no book written by Lisa Page.
        Sessions is gullible. But not a co-conspirator.

        • albertus magnus says:

          100% CORRECT. Some people hate Sessions because of his anti-pot stands in addition to his poor performance as AG. They think it is ok to falsely accuse people just because they arent who and what they should be.

  54. I dunno.
    Rosenstein will always have a top spot in the American pantheon of traitorous weasels, but – before Barr came on – and after the extent of the coup began leaking out (thanks to CTH et. al.) Rod took that trip to Florida on AF-1 with the president (Oct 2018). We never found out exactly what that was really all about, but I suspect Rosenstein had a “Come to Donald” moment and has been working for the forces of good ever since. When Barr came on board, Rod became inert and left paid government service in fairly short order.
    Could be that Rosenstein being redacted left & right is just a perfunctory gesture toward protecting the government’s star witness against the plotters of the failed coup.

    • Newhere says:

      That would be a real-life sting of epic proportion — and even with the mysterious AF1 meeting, hard to square. Not seeing enough for it to seem plausible. But I’d really like to know what that AF1 discussion was all about …

  55. Marina Sapir says:

    Being a skeptic, I see only that “expanding” the investigation means further delays, while pacifying Trump and his supporters.
    The “signaling” of impeding justice from the Justice Department contradicts their actions:
    – nobody was indicted (including McCabe), even though the investigation was completed
    – the documents are still secret, they block disclosures as much as they can
    – reports are being postponed again and again. Month after month I hear that the IG report will be in the next two weeks or even next Friday. And nothing happens.
    Yet, with their hinting on “expanding”, they keep Trump supporters happy and hopeful. This is the main difference between Barr and Sessions, as I see it.

  56. JRD says:

    I ain’t buying.
    Barr’s mission is to protect the institution of his precious DOJ.
    Yes, the wheels of justice turn slow but this is ridiculous.
    How long does it take Durham to accomplish something?
    Delay, delay, delay is all I am seeing in order for people to forget all the BS that went down.
    Sounds like more “trust the plan” fairy tales.
    Call me when indictments occur. I live in the real world.

    • GP says:

      HI JRD-I share your skepticism. There have been many, many cover-ups of crimes by the DOJ at least as serious as “Spygate.”

    • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

      Will cal you if the indictments occur. Until then please don’t cry too much. Endlessly repeating that nothing happens is worth nothing. These grievances only clog valuable research and threads. They’re pointless.

    • Julian says:

      Have a little patience man. Trust Trump geez. He knows what he’s doing. He put Barr in there for a reason.

    • Zippy says:

      Agree with you 100%.
      The entire Russian collusion farce could have been obliterated LONG ago simply by questioning Mifusd LONG ago (you know, the guy who “disappeared” who was living right next to the US Embassy in Rome), attacking the soft coup from its very origin (the publicly claimed one anyway).
      Once that was exposed, the ENTIRE investigative process for everything else related to that coup attempt would have had a strong coup conspiracy VALIDITY behind it which could have been further and rapidly strengthened simply by following the flowcharts outlined in several BEST SELLING books.
      But, no, they want to be very careful NOT to reveal a CIA, FBI, NSA, Five Eyes conspiracy.
      In the end, I expect nothing significant enough to OFFICIALLY reveal such a conspiracy, the incredible scope of it, nor will there be adequate legal punishment of any of the perps responsible for it.
      BTW, how long does it take to decide to indict and prosecute McCabe now that the year long investigation that Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch says should have taken only a few months has been released?
      Of course, the lack of results is all part of a cunning plan:

      • Bubby says:

        I want to fix the low moral ceiling of the deep state by cutting off their head!

      • Mark says:

        Agreed. I’ve been mentioning the lack of prosecution of McCabe for months. The evidence was available from the IG yet nothing was done. I’m glad that judge told DOJ either McCabe or drop it. I’m still waiting for Huber’s investigation to come to fruition as Barr told us months ago. We will see by November if Barr is serious or a deep state fixer.

      • albertus magnus says:

        You are correct. But idiots believe their holding on to irrational hope means they should be free to challenge your intelligence and MAGA support.

  57. StanH says:

    Be cool and be real. It’s going to be half a loaf. There will be indictments but the top (Barry-O, Hitlery, B-B-B-Biden) will skate. Perhaps something like a public rebuke, which for Cultural-Marxists is a badge of honor, you know, “sticking it to the man.” I would expect anyone around them however is fair-game.
    AG Barr knows that thinking, taxpaying America is watching, not the blithering idiots who follow AOC + 3, BLM, Antifi et al. His mission will be to attempt to appease both sides. We’ll see.
    KAG! ….by keeping close with our Great President Trump, he knows what we know and will extract every ounce of justice that he can. We’ve got an election to win in 2020. be careful with the Swamp Gas, (Look Squirrel) because it will be oozing.

    • Somebody says:

      Maybe all the public attention on Biden and his son’s corruption is part of the plan? Perhaps they think slow Joe is the weakest link and intend to squeeze him. Throwing his only living son into the mix helps squeeze the vice a la Weissman.
      Beyond Clapper and possibly Page, I don’t see any of the rest of the coup plotters that might break, the rest are true believers. I doubt either of them were in on the master plan, but Joe? Maybe. Maybe Ukraine is the nerve center or part of the nerve center of the plot. Maybe Obama put Joe in charge of Ukraine to have plausible deniability.
      I would love to see the whole thing unravel and be exposed, but I’m not going to hold my breath. I will remain cautiously optimistic to the degree I can.

  58. L4grasshopper says:

    Oh….and Rosenhack also signed off on the 4th FISA warrant.


    “”””The reports of AG Bill Barr personally going to see and interview the places and people at the very epicenter of the fraudulent 2016 predicate, is an indication that Barr doesn’t really have any options. The scale of what took place is so serious; and the evidence therein so obvious; if he doesn’t get his arms-around-it the Attorney General is looking at genuine long-term institutional damage.””””
    Even IF Barr is inclined (as any long time DC animal like Barr would be) to try to preserve the “integrity cough cough” of these institutions, too much bad behavior has gone on and WE KNOW.
    This is the thrust of the letter I sent to Barr myself. Letting him know, WE KNOW.
    And he needs US, Joe LunchBuckets, to hold this Republic together.
    We are Millions and Millions of Americans who make this Civil SOciety go.

    • Bogeyfree says:

      IMO the fire is now a huge out of control forest fire.
      The only way he can save the institutions (not people) is by outing the top participants BUT by also expose who ordered the CODE RED and position the institutions as being used/ordered to follow orders.

      • olddog35 says:

        The forest fire analogy is a good one.
        When you suppress all prosecutions of corruption that should naturally occur over a long period of time, (thus allowing fuel to accumulate), eventually you will see uncontrolled, catastrophic wildfire.

      • tav144 says:

        Also, they should do what was mentioned about two years ago and break out the FBI headquarters to places across the heartland instead. DC is a den a vipers.

    • Marina Sapir says:

      That is the problem. Elites, like Barr, despite the “millions”, the masses. They believe (and have reason to believe), they are much smarter, and can cheat us indefinitely.
      We elected Trump. And all we have in DOJ is Barr, a pretty version of Sessions.

      • Rileytrips says:

        He’s good on the bagpipes, though.


        Nonsense. Barr is nothing like Sessions. Sessions was cucked into recusing.
        Barr told the Senate “I think spying did occur” and he tasked Durham to investigate.
        Sorry, but you’lll have to wait to see what Durham is coming up with. But based on this exapansion, and his trip overseas to talk to Mifsud, it sounds to me like he’s getting to the bottom of it.

      • L4grasshopper says:

        And Trump picked Barr, and handed him declass authority.
        If you doubt Barr, you doubt Trump.
        Or do you not think Trump sees exactly what YOU think you see?

        • Chieftain says:

          No doubt. Trump picked Sessions too.
          It is okay to doubt Barr.
          People have different motivations and often multiple motivations and aims.

    • Jim- heard an interesting bit on Rush yesterday, a very good point. He said that we Deplorables seem to forget that we are WINNERS. Yes it’s true- our President Trump did WIN the election. We need an attitude adjustment. Let us never forget what WE accomplished.

      • Bubby says:

        Seneca we did “win” an important battle equivalent to Gettysburg politically! But I want to win the entire war and as long as the coup attempt continues I’m not looking back at President Trump’s victorious election! The deep state needs defeated in total! Godspeed President Trump!

  60. ChampagneReady says:

    Rosenstein not only approved expansion with memos, he BACK DATED the memo to give Muller’s goons cover when they kicked Paul Manfort’s door in.

  61. k4jjj says:

    There is no future for America without a reckoning for this.
    The leadership of this country is so thoroughly rotted to its core, no paint or polish can hide it.
    Restoration of anything resembling this constitutional republic requires an all-out conflagration and removal of the vermin.
    What words on paper repairs this? What half measures will be put forth and laughed at by the perpetrators? What mandatory seminars on ethics bring justice?
    Will William Barr be another Neville Chamberlain waving a paper before the cameras to reassure the masses Hitler has signed and agreed to play nice?

    • grumpyqs says:

      Like letting the hogs clean out the pig stye! “Looks mighty fine to me”!
      It’s way past time for citizen power to be shown IN PERSON!
      Perhaps a National Clean Out Government Day?

    • Marina Sapir says:

      The problem is, at least half of the country would support the coup. They still support Democrats, despite everything they know about their corruption.
      They do not care about laws, only about their side winning.
      And the coup organizers hope they have good chance to survive until there is more agreeable president.

      • amjean says:

        I suspect that the “half” you refer to is benefited in some way by the federal government,
        either through employment or federal/state aid.

  62. MLK says:

    “Rod Rosenstein “Unindicted Co-Conspirator”? – Durham Expands Timeline for Probe…”
    Barr/Durham have an enormous advantage, they’re attempting to resolve this mess in the national interest, not cover it up/carry out a coup.
    Occam’s Razor (The simplest answer . . .) suggests that co-conspirators have rolled on Rosenstein. First and foremost Andrew McCabe. Indeed, as I’ve explained previously, it seemed that McCabe was being teed up a while back as a fall guy because he had repeatedly broken ranks to protect himself.
    Indeed, Every Man For Himself, at least at the top echelons of this criminal conspiracy seems to have been present almost from the beginning.
    Thus, ironically, it is less the circle-squaring Barr/Durham engage in because we the public know too much than that the principal conspirators have finally sung.
    Comey, as you noted, seems to have memorialized the malefactions in fine detail in God Knows how many memos. This explains why, once he was fired, he seemed a strange combination of resigned and serene.
    McCabe, only very recently seems similarly unburdened (see e.g. Bernstein interview).
    Please recall that the attempts to bait the POTUS into firing Rosenstein came at least as frequently as their attempts of same with Mueller. My view at the time was that both were desperate for an exit as the prospect of forcing Trump to resign or face Impeachment/Conviction/Removal became ever more unlikely, and firing either would have offered a new pathway to that objective.
    I don’t see any mystery in the revelations (leaks) about Barr’s direct role. Put yourself in both Barr AND Durham’s place, along with the foreign governments. All, including Bar, need him public acknowledge as there, to protect themselves and the investigation.
    Trump, with no just the Zelensky phone call, fired a shot across the bow of all concerned — and I really mean ALL — that he expected a resolve/reckoning commensurate with the scale, scope, and time-burn of the scandal.
    Otherwise he will effect that himself in full public view, come what may. That is no idle threat. He is invulnerable to Impeachment/Conviction/Removal at least until his second term, regardless of what the fake polls claim.

  63. Chip Doctor says:

    Barr and Durham have been airtight with their silence about the investigations, up until recently. First the trips overseas and now the expansion of the timeline. Whether intentional or not, these “leaks” are having the effect of making the guilty expose themselves. It is causing everyone from Congress to media, ex Vice Presidents, Susan Rice, Clapper, Brennan to panic and show themselves. The attacks on ‘rouge” Barr by Democrats is a telling sign.
    Every one of these coup masters have coordinated their strategy. They will survive together or go down together. They are blackmailing Barr and PT by threatening to burn down Washington DC if any of them are indicted. McCabe made it clear. They can plunge the US into total chaos and civil war if they burn it down.
    I say burn it down on truth and justice’s terms, not theirs. It needs to be cleansed. This has to happen at some point if we are to regain the America that we love. Might as well get it on, otherwise there is always the risk that they regain control through a stolen election. Then we will be even more screwed. Anything short of convictions and long prison terms will only guarantee that it will only rear its ugly head again in the future. Let’s get it over with.

    • Chaos in NC says:

      I don’t believe we survive a cover up of this coup if that should happen. It would be such a stain on our Constitutional values that the document will cease to be relevant. Currently, the dems try to re-invent the Constitution by rewriting and adjusting as they go. Unprecedented as it is, it is clear we will do either get back to upholding the language as written in our Constitution, or we will go full on Communist.
      As I see it our Republic values or full on Leftist will win if DOJ accept middle road negotiated pardons, we would have no choice but to change specific language in our original Constitution that allowed, then justify this type of cover up. It would forever change our heritage, and our place in society.

    • glissmeister says:

      Let them tantrum as they may. They are no so powerful outside the parlor and even less powerful outside the swamp.
      There has been a tyranny of the technician class; the SES and partisan cohorts. The mechanics of government are in transition, paradigms of the commonplace and the ignored rules and master algorithms that balance institutional power are waking up and will reassert themselves conclusively without regard to present rhetoric and polemic.
      I think the tipping point was passed months ago. All that is left is the emerging accountability and the agonism that comes with it.
      Somewhere I saw “deep state” described as “Deep Blob.” I though it was a much better descriptor.
      Deep Blob may be a robust fungal jungle of cryptic protoplasm and fruiting bodies, but there is not much enduring structure there.
      Enduring structure; that’s our Constitution. That’s enduring structure.
      “Democrat” has been monetized as an identity movement giving cover to a subterfuge of syndication, serial racketeering and looting of the taxpayer.
      “American” is the object of the exercise. We endure along with our Constitution despite the species of Democrat and Republican that parasitically infest the Deep Blob of insider dealings, self-enrichment schemes and pay-to-play, however normalized they may have become amongst the “Bloberatti” of domestic and foreign interests.
      They are not “the normal” anymore. Let them tantrum their way into insignificance, or should they be significant, let them tantrum their way into incarceration or a plea that better serves the public interest.
      Our institutions will prevail. The vermin will be outed and routed as Trump continues to clean out the barn and restore proper order to the feedlot down hill.

    • mikeyboo says:

      “It is causing everyone from Congress to media, ex Vice Presidents, Susan Rice, Clapper, Brennan to panic and show themselves. The attacks on ‘rouge” Barr by Democrats is a telling sign.”
      Chip, I think your analysis may well be correct and we about to witness a cosmic circular firing squad.

  64. daylight58 says:

    Personally, I believe that the opposition to the President can be summed-up by this video clip.

  65. ChampagneReady says:

    And what about those GREAT warrior patriots Judicial Watch yesterday, dropping the MOAB proof that Muller committed perjury.
    It’s getting to feel like Christmas !

    • willthesuevi says:

      Fitton does amazing work. I have decided instead of giving to campaigns this year I am sending money to CTH and Judicial Watch. One notable exception is PDJT re-election campaign.
      They, Sundance and Fitton, are doing the job my Representative and Senator should be doing.

  66. Publius2016 says:

    Where’s the Redacted Memos? The idea we can’t reveal operations is proof positive of the Coup’s Illegality!
    How many more months will go by? JFK Files released prove Oswald was on CIA FBI payroll but after that…crickets…This may be similar…McCabe Comey Brennan exposed then crickets…
    AG Sessions gets a pass??? He was the linchpin! at the most opportune time, Sessions offered his resignation expecting 45 to be livid…but 45 held his FIRE!

  67. SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

    Trump spoke of Rosenstein highly especially towards the end of his time at the DOJ.
    Doesn’t fit the story.. I sense no sarcasm in Trump’s various remarks about him. For example here;
    The allegations vs. Rosenstein are not new but somehow Trump was genuinely nice to him..? Something else is going on. Not saying that much of what you explain above isn’t wrong, Sundance, but it feels more like Rosenstein was working with Trump.

    • numbersixdance says:

      You’re naïve…he was subscribing to “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Trump knew the game and was on to them yet hampered by the “obstruction” angle they were shooting for.

    • willthesuevi says:

      President Trump uses flattery as a tool.
      On some occasions, getting kudo’s from POTUS is like getting a hug from the Godfather.
      You better run.

  68. not2worryluv says:

    Folks can criticize POTUS for his tweets but without them I suspect all these high crimes by the FBI DOJ would never have come to light.
    Thank you President Trump for your tenacity in exposing all of this. The citizens of the USA have always suspected graft and corruption in the Government.
    One poll has been consistently accurate and that is the “approval of Congress”. Regardless of Party it’s always in single digits.
    Drain the Swamp-it’s a world wide cabal.

  69. not2worryluv says:

    Folks can criticize POTUS for his tweets but without them I suspect all these high crimes by the FBI DOJ would never have come to light.
    Thank you President Trump for your tenacity in exposing all of this. The citizens of the USA have always suspected graft and corruption in the Government.
    One poll has been consistently accurate and that is the “approval of Congress”. Regardless of Party it’s always in single digits.
    Drain the Swamp-it’s a world wide cabal.

  70. Rileytrips says:

    The longer Barr/Durham take to indict the criminals trying to take down our duly elected President, the more they enable these criminals to continue and escalate their coups de’tat. This enabling is also criminal – it is tearing our country apart and making us look weak to our foreign enemies.

    • L4grasshopper says:

      Have you ever assembled a complicated case before?
      Where some of the targets are the highest officials in the land?
      Don’t you think timing of any action might be important? Especially when there are so many inter-related players, agencies, and equities involved?

    • doofusdawg says:

      Yep. And the next phase of the resistance is the unstated but obvious inference that if a dem wins the white house in 2020 that everyone involved with the cabal will be pardoned. Talk about obstruction.
      Very similar to the Trump/China dynamic… do they try to make a deal now or risk four more years and no deal.
      I suspect the leak that Durham investigation expanding to Mueller appointment is very good news for Sydney and Flynn… not so much for Yates and Mueller. As previously stated… Barr knows everything and the cabal knows that Barr knows everything… and Barr knows that the cabal knows that Barr knows everything. This really is a high stakes thriller. I sure wish Tom Clancey was still around to memorialize it.

  71. Don’t know who said it earlier but “Who ordered the Code Red?” is a classic.

  72. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Corner Two: Expansion of scope:
    If the goal from the beginning was to provoke “obstruction,” or otherwise to irritate Trump and so provoke him to do something out of bounds, then was the second done because the first had not had this desired effect, and was the third done again for the same reason?
    I guess if this progresses to some kind of hearing, the grounds for the scope expansions could be heavily questioned. Our style in the US is not to expand as sa fishing expedition, like when I have a typically lousy day fishing and change spots and lures too often, but to follow up on a fruitful path that has been discovered.

    • Daniel says:

      The investigation into possible obstruction seemed to have started from day 1. It does seem likely many of the things Mueller’s (Weissmann) team did was done in order to provoke a response. The media was often singing in complete unison with regards to Trump’s ‘predicted reactions’ ranging from firing of Rosenstein to withholding witnesses and testimony all connected with the predicted conclusion of “obstruction of justice.”
      If the lawfare group and the media were colluding (and they WERE) then the media’s own PREactions (not reactions) would seem to verbalize the intent of the lawfare group represented by Mueller/Weissmann.

  73. Daniel says:

    We’ve seen “ongoing investigation” status used PRIMARILY in order to hide and protect information from being revealed or released. That the possible reason for redaction of Rosenstein involvement of “Durham investigation” does not exclude the motive of “protecting Rosenstein and others connected to him.” It can certainly be both.
    The Obama executive order related to it being illegal to withhold information simply because it embarrasses the government or reveals negative information about people within government STILL STANDS. If this is the sole excuse or reason for redactions related to Rosenstein, then they are in violation of that executive order. The “work around” for this is placing the protection of “ongoing investigation” status on the subject.
    What we haven’t seen much of is the status of “ongoing investigation” used when there is any REAL investigation going on. It’s possible but the math says it’s FAR less likely.

    • glissmeister says:

      It occurred to me the House is not investigating. For the House to do so, there would need to a resolution pertaining to such and a vote taken by the institution to so investigate.
      The institution has taken no such action. The House cannot yet. The House has not voted to and thus not investigating.
      Then who is?
      Definitely NOT the House.
      So let us greet head-on one of the biggest “Big Lies” now being monetized by media businesses and their employees presently doing so. Yes, I do indeed mean the willful propagation and monetization of a lie for apparent purposes of financial (professional and personal) enrichment.
      Democrats are not the House, though enveloped in an apparent patina of collective psychoses they certainly pretend they are. Public representations of such pretense as fact is more than just a reprehensible misrepresentation in support of what appears to be yet greater frauds and lawlessness. This also seems consistent with the behavior of apparent criminal syndicates emerging from the shadows into full and fulsome view.
      Democrat actions are not House actions. They are not the institution. The institution speaks for itself through an established process that has yet to happen.
      The House exists, in part, to prevent the very type of apparent sedition the House Democrats are waging upon the institutions and the people of the United States.
      Sedition has many tripwires and takes many forms in matters such as these.

      • Ma McGriz says:

        “So let us greet head-on one of the biggest “Big Lies” now being monetized by media businesses and their employees presently doing so. Yes, I do indeed mean the willful propagation and monetization of a lie for apparent purposes of financial (professional and personal) enrichment.”
        Bull’s eye.
        Excellent post. Thank you.

  74. IGiveUp says:

    A bit confused about the headline “unindicted co-conspirator” and the gist of the text–maybe Rosenstein’s being investigated too. If RR’s guilty but comes out as unindicted co-conspirator, I’d say he wins. It’s not like he’d have to crawl into a cave and disappear from polite society. They’d throw him a ticker-tape parade in Manhattan.

    • tav144 says:

      It simply means that he has cooperated or spilled the beans concerning his part in the conspiracy, and in return, he is not going to be charged/indicted. He is a witness against all the co-conspirators. IMO, He was allowed a “queen for the day” proffer and given immunity in return.
      If he is an indicted co-conspirator, that is actually good news. It means they are charging everyone else involved with the conspiracy to overthrow the government — and as they say in the DOJ, “conspiracy is the prosecutor’s darling”…..meaning, a conspiracy charge is easy to prove and has high penalties. It is usually the charge that is added to an indictment because it allows bargaining room to remove it and plea to lesser charges.
      The Supreme Court has described the gravity of the conspiracy offense: “For two or more to confederate and combine together to commit or cause to be committed a breach of the criminal laws, is an offense of the gravest character, sometimes quite outweighing, in injury to the public, the mere commission of the contemplated crime. It involves deliberate plotting to subvert the laws, educating and preparing the conspirators for further and habitual criminal practices. And it is characterized by secrecy, rendering it difficult of detection, requiring more time for its discovery, and adding to the importance of punishing it when discovered.”
      By waiting until all co-conspirators cases are ready, they can unseal indictments all at once and probably have them all joined in one single trial (or minimal number) where the facts and evidence is the same or overlaps. This is another reason why the timing has to be right.

  75. IGiveUp says:

    Lately it sure looks like our team has learned how to play some excellent defense. Look how we’re countering the Ukraine hoax so effectively. Look how we’re countering the impeachment hoax so effectively. However, no team every won by playing defense alone…

    • mikeyboo says:

      Ir Rudy, DiGenova, Toensing, and maybe even Sidney Powell are help Pres Trump, I very much doubt the plan is “defense alone”. All of these people are brave and aggressive in battle. Fire when ready, Griddley!

      • mikeyboo says:

        If Rudy, DiGenova, Toensing, and maybe even Sidney Powell are helping Pres Trump, I very much doubt the plan is “defense alone”. All of these people are brave and aggressive in battle. Fire when ready, Gridley!

  76. glissmeister says:

    In the end, we may end up calling a major segment of this scandal “Rosenstein’s Baby.”
    If this goes where it looks like it’s going, in the humble opinion of this reader it seems rather unlikely Rosenstein’s wife would be entirely uninvolved in the conception and gestation. When I see his name “Rosenstein” my mind wanders back what I’ve read about his wife; who she is and what she has been involved in, and who she has been involved with, commercially and professionally.
    See the man. Contemplate the couple. What hath they wrought? I wonder.

  77. beachbum31 says:

    from last night regarding Gregg Jarrett interview of PDJT:
    “I asked the president if he discussed with Mueller why he fired Comey? the pres paused for 20 seconds and said ‘no comment’.”
    uh huh… the hero and Russia savior was a fact witness during the whole investigation.
    go to 40:00 of the show.

    • mikeyboo says:

      The conversation might have gone like this: “Mueller: Why the fruck did you fire Comey?We LIKED Comey!!!
      Pres. Trump: Get the fruck out of my office!

  78. hardworkingsob says:

    I find it unlikely that Jeff Sessions was so inept or “recused”, that he was unaware of the corruption going on around him. Supposedly an honorable gentlemen?…BS. Let’s hope that he too pays a heavy price for failing to protect the Republic.

  79. Somebody's Gramma says:

    Protecting our institutions is like protecting the child molester in the family.
    Nothing good comes from protecting evil doers.
    The hotter it gets in DC, the more they will turn on one another, the more evil will be exposed.
    Declassify ALL of it. Let us decide who we throw out and who we keep.
    The fear of civil unrest is the bogeyman.
    Lay it all out there. Let’s clean house literally. It’s time to start over and see if we can truly save the Republic.

  80. EggsX1 says:

    Election season is coming soon. Senate and House primaries are coming fast (some even happen by March 2020). The wheels of justice grind slow which makes the windows for indictments of politicians small (unless your Senator Stephens).
    A question for the community: If we are going to see indictments before the November 2020 election, when would we see them?

  81. fanbeav says:

    What is happening to Bruce and Nellie Ohr?

    • willthesuevi says:

      Good question. Bruce is still wandering the halls with his Starbucks cup and sh!t eating grin. Nellie is sending SOS messages on her Ham Radio.
      I really hope those two are very, very uncomfortable right now. At some point one of these characters are going to get nervous enough to hand the sweater thread to the IG and start the unraveling. Deny, deny, deny will eventually quit working.

  82. Padric says:

    If true, it will be interesting to see how his involvement with the Durham investigation unfolds. RR is a political chameleon and cockroach. He will change his colors to blend in and always acts in the interests of his own survival. If he senses that spilling the beans is the surest way to keep himself out of trouble he will do so wholeheartedly.

  83. Linda K. says:

    Rod may be unindicted but I know he is guilty as hell. .

    • Remember: like everyone else, Rosenstein is “presumed innocent.” If a Grand Jury has been or will be convened to hand down an indictment, we will not know until we read in the morning newspapers that he has just been arrested. Prosecutors are forbidden to discuss anything. At this point, by law, it is all secret. If anyone today says “so-and-so is going to be indicted,” it’s speculation – not from any official source.

  84. You can certainly dismiss the fear that “Barr/Durham will just write a report.” They are Prosecutors. That’s what they do. High crimes are everywhere. The guilty are placed everywhere from the bottom to the top. They’re desperately trying to get everyone impeached or fired, but, no matter what a bought-off media may say, “everybody knows now.” And the latest attempt, literally to lie and to conceal the liar, is just pathetic. All Hell is about to break loose for these vermin, and they brought it all down upon their own heads.
    When the American people (just like the Ukrainians) elected a new and unconventional President to “drain the swamp,” they were calling for Law Enforcement. For Justice. The lawless ones simply assumed that they could defeat Donald Trump. How very wrong they were!

    • mikeyboo says:

      “The lawless ones simply assumed that they could defeat Donald Trump. ”
      And who they REALLY assumed they could defeat is the American people.

  85. paulashley says:

    Am I off the wall in wondering if Rosenstein’s recommendation to fire Comey was part of the plan? Let’s say Comey either knows he’s going to be fired eventually, or even doesn’t care or even wants to vacate the position, and is thus willing to sacrifice himself. He provokes the President into firing him, while also sowing seeds for obstruction charges. Then Rosenstein, who is in on the game, recommends the desired firing and simultaneously gives himself cover, keeping himself in place for the next step, the hiring of Mueller.

    • To me, that’s the weird part of it. Rosenstein’s memo was extremely well written… damning, yet balanced and fair. It pointed out many reasons why Comey richly deserved to be “fired with cause.” I never would have dreamed of what Rosenstein did next.

  86. Paul Apostle says:

    So, We The People are smart and Barr “cannot see it”, are you referring to ‘willful/deliberate blindness? Could be that “99.9% of the DOJ is corrupt, 100% of the Gov is corrupt, and Barr has a monumental task of starting somewhere? Barr cannot investigate/indict everyone at once with a fully corrupt DOJ. IMHO, AG Barr has to lay a foundation and start at the genesis of the ‘coup’ and allow the tentacles to expose what they may, and go from there. Kind of like Pres Trump starting his first term, knowing 90% of the GOPe/RNC is Deep State he had to give a little to get a lot.

  87. Bruce_Dern's_Finger says:

    The many players and actions of and by the UniParty Deep State Swamp want President Trump out of the White House before President Trump initiates an investigation into the previous presidential regime’s Constitutional illegitimacy.

  88. Carrie says:

    I’m reading reading and getting upset all over again about the Rat and then- I see the zippo!!!! Hallelujah.

  89. Donzo says:

    Rod Rosenstein “unindicted co-conspirator”.
    Are any of them indicted?
    All free as birds to hatch their diabolical schemes.

  90. Tim Holden says:

    It is unlikely that Durham would be expanding his investigation if the intent is to bury the crimes. It’s that simple. The deeper the investigation goes, and the further back in time it goes, the higher it goes. It’s that simple again. Bill Barr is in a pivotal and historic position. It is certain that he is aware of this, and he is taking an active role in verifying what has been uncovered. This is plain to see. Be optimistic, despite what has happened thus far. Signs of the forthcoming Tsunami are evident in the behaviour of the Democrats. The impeachment efforts are merely the sudden absence of water in the tidal zone. Brace yourselves, and (repeat) be optimistic.

    • Kleen says:

      I will wait and see what this means but it is possible he will burry what he can. Leverage!
      You have Hillary’s criminal gang, Obama’s criminal gang and the RINOs wanna be gang. All fighting for power within the criminal world/ deep state. All guilty of decades of crimes. Abuse of power was routine, in the open amongst them.
      Barr is Bush’s gang( RINOs, the bullied nerds) and they are not the cool kids. Hollywood doesn’t like them. No cool parties to go to.
      Well well well… now their guy is in charge! This time they hide behind Trump and blame him if it backfires. That’s why they have been MIA
      They love it, but are afraid of the cool kids so they just pretend they are not even in the room.
      Barr is * at least* collecting mass oppo research against the rival gangs.
      The nerds will get their little coward hands on their rival’s sources, methods and have a ton of blackmail goodies on them. At least!
      We could see justice. That would be nice, but also some political deals.
      If Barr tackles corruption, everyone in DC will go down( a few exceptions) but House, Senate, agencies etc mostly criminal/ corrupt.
      You can’t just get a few without implicating all of them.
      Is Barr willing to bring the deep state down with all of them in it? That is the question!
      Not to mention foreign involvement.

    • Justah says:

      I feel dirty, it I took a ride through some of the Leftist “elite” websites this morning. A lot of remnants of Firedog Lake. More articles about getting rid of Bill Barr than there are about getting rid of President Trump. It appears they think Bill Barr is more dangerous- and they are correct. IF they were to manage to kangaroo court PDJT, Barr would still be in place. It’s interesting to me that these very same posters and writers absolutely hated John Brennan when Obama brought him into his Administration. Many articles about it.
      Now …. it’s like they never heard of Brennan.
      Barr really has no choice and I think he put them on notice when the Mueller Report came out. He is a target also and must be very aware of that … that’s why he is working fast with a small trusted group and verification in person.
      He is indeed in a historic position, I think he is fully aware of that.

    • doofusdawg says:

      Going to be interesting to see how much is disclosed in Horowitz report vs. what they are saving for Durham. I think a tell tale sign will be whether or not the fisa report will mention the letter which was hand delivered from UK to Susan Rice after the election stating that Steele was not reputable. This is a key factor in the fisa renewals yet probably no one involved in the chain of custody of that letter is still in government… at least not that we are aware of. Then again… maybe Atkinson. Wouldn’t that be a hoot.

  91. Johnny Dollar says:

    I think Rosenstein is clean for one reason – Trump has not dumped on him.
    Not like he’s done on Sessions, Comey, Mueller and all the other nimrods.

    • railer says:

      Rosie hasn’t attacked Trump. Comey and Mueller have, and Trump will always hit back in that case. As for Sessions, he attacked Trump by omission. He’s fair game as well, when it’s called for, but Sessions has gone fairly dark so Trump doesn’t see value in exposing him like he does the other rats.
      Trump knows everything Rosie did by now. As long as the guy keeps his mouth shut, no reason to attack him. Later, as reports and possibly indictments come down, Trump would sadly reflect on Rosie’s actions, but like with Sessions, he wouldn’t receive the full barrage.

  92. Kleen says:

    Typical nerd with inferiority complex given too much authority.
    Dude just wanted to be with the cool kids and wanted to show off his super powers.
    What a coward!
    Such a nerd!

  93. dustahl says:

    Rosenstein is a rat, maybe that is a good thing, looks like a flip candidate , to me

  94. Mojo says:

    If there is one molecule of integrity left in the Pulitzer Committee, Sundance should get the Prize for Journalism.

  95. California Joe says:

    Rosenstein is responsible for destroying the first three years of President Trump’s term in office. The Russian collusion hoax was totally absurd and President Trump had every right to fire James Comey for any reason he wanted. If this debacle had happened to Obama there would have been a hundred FBI and CIA officials fired within the first month and dozens more would have been indicted, arrested and convicted. President Trump should have cleaned house by the hundreds when he took office. None of these people should have been retained!

  96. Attorney says:

    Thie retired prosecutor will until his dying breath spread the word about what happened here….as well as the AG’s corruption, if justice is denied again. Surely there are millions outwhere just like me. We know a banana repiblic when we see it. Pray for Barr to pull us put of third world s–thole status.

    • amwick says:

      TY… I am curious.. what is your vision of an attorney? My own opinion, as an old lady that plays tennis, is that many people will be disappointed, but there will be important changes (repairs) that may be, IDK, not exactly be obvious.

    • Richard Orberson says:

      I think the only way to avoid a hard revolution is to punish the perpetrators of this off coup. I personally would like to see the death penalty brought back for treason.

  97. rustybritches says:

    This all started with John Brennon, and sooner or later Barr needs to make sure that man loses his security clearance like he should have long time ago, He just cant ever shut the hell up and pours lies out there like they are yesterdays under wear The President Ordered his clearance pulled and they didn’t follow his orders and now that most of the swampie creatures are gone, He should order them pulled again . Time for Brennon to face the music of what him and Obama cooked up and now both should go down the hard way.
    Along with the other big crook Hillary Clinton and by the way, have people taken a real close look at her lately and look back at what she looked like a few months ago and now she looks intirely different? Now I don’t know if this looks like bad or not, I don’t think that’s her I don’t believe she just got better all of a sudden and has the ability to run for President again and some one should start pointing this out.. She was not even able to walk alone and she could of course have gone threw a lot of plastic surgery but she still would not be able to walk alone is why I think its not her

      • Gil Stonebarger says:

        that website os closet liberal…be careful what you read there

      • MBB says:

        I saw her walking to a podium the other day and she was actually waddling. She could barely walk. She has put on a lot of weight. If you have a link to A video in which she looks ok please link it. Still photos can be very deceiving. We never saw a bad photo of her when Bill was president.

    • CharlyG says:

      Security clearances give you no right to see anything that is secure. You still have a need to know, or it’s eyes OFF!

      • lokiscout says:

        And since he no longer has a need to know because he no longer works for the government, pull the damn clearances! Just like they pulled mine when I retired and no longer had a “Need To Know”!

    • lfdale says:

      It looks to me like the hildebeast is wearing a body brace to keep herself from falling over, those big baggy clothes she been wearing hides something. If she got the d-rats nomination she would cave within a month trying to keep up with President Trump. go ahead hildebeast “YOU CAN DO IT”

      • Mr e-man says:

        I don’t understand why Hillary is NOT running. After all, the last election was stolen from her because Trump used the Russians. If that were true as she says, then she should be able to tell the American people and they can now reject Trump and restore her to her rightful place. Or is she lying about all the awful things that caused her to not be elected?

    • Jederman says:

      What is Brennan’s motivation?
      In fact, it would be interesting to know the true motivations of all the perps, including the WH. Given the fact that nobody has go here before in our history it’s important to know why.

      • Tl Howard says:

        Maybe he was in on the pay for play of the Obama admin.
        Did you see Rudy and Joe on Laura I. last night? Rudy was scathing about the “Chicago pol.” Yep. He called Obama that.

        • Tl Howard says:

          In fact, I think Rudy’s recent attacks on Obama himself might be his way of opening the door for Barr to “go there”–yep, reveal the corruption of the previous President of the United States.

      • Benedict Comey says:

        In the end, it’s aways all about the Benjamins …

      • God's Poster says:

        Expanding the Caliphate (“fundamentally transforming” the United States). Pure and simple.
        Which requires:
        1. billions/trillions of dollars (gutting of the American middle class and doubling the US debt to ~$20 trillion in just 8 years),
        2. giving open access to all of the goings on of our government and military (unprotected servers & cell phones, etc, the unmasking and wiping out of our spies in numerous countries, prosecution of 1400 whistleblowers, and filling our government up with ISIS sympathizers, etc),
        3. importing ISIS sympathizers and strategically distributing them throughout the US (50,000 in Minnesota alone).
        4. brainwashing the children (Islam now taught in schools; prayer rooms for Muslims, but not Christians; etc)
        5. dividing our nation and making people afraid to speak out (creating an “us” vs “them” dynamic – racism, sexism, homophobia, ISLAMOPHOBIA, etc)
        6. upending the moral fabric of our Nation (replacing Christianity with Islam, boys in girls’ restrooms, replacing parents with the State, demanding hormone replacement and sex change surgery for small children, etc)
        7. forcing acceptance of ideas (pushing people out of the public square and out of jobs, ruining reputations, etc)
        8. creating an atmosphere of fear (fear of public humiliation, loss of employment, loss of reputation, etc)
        9. instituting rampant voter fraud (illegals, ballot harvesting, ballot destruction/replacement, etc)
        10. defining love of God and love of country as unAmerican, hateful, bigoted acts…
        …to name just a few things. This list is nowhere near complete. Which is why I believe the planning for this entire operation has been in the works for YEARS – long before Barack Hussein Obama came along. Which means, he is not the head of this leviathan. Someone else is. Who?

        • Sloth1963 says:

          I’d suggest the House of Saud. Weren’t they instrumental in Barry’s education?

        • RetiredEE says:

          Excellent list! Yes it has been a plan for years. It starts in the universities. The communist movement was very visible in the ’60s and 70’s. The universities created the new communists that today inhabit the so called “news” media and our school system. The Anthropogenic Global Warming fallacy is also propagated by the elite trolling for tax payer research dollars while promoting the global socialist/communist takeover. Bill and Hill are active products of that era. If we want to fix it it will take a very active reformation of the university system and likely multiple generations. Although many are waking up, I am concerned that it is probably 50 years too late. However the more people who see this list and recognize the objectives of the socialists/communists/democrats/globalists/RINOs the more of a chance we have to recover from this. Thank you God’s Poster, keep up spreading the list.

          • God's Poster says:

            I have to agree that the universities have played a major role. The graduates of the ’60s and ’70s are now many of the “thought” and institutional leaders, corporate owners, politicians, etc. Unfortunately, we don’t have 50 years, so how do we blunt the progress of this evil? You remove the head of the leviathan.
            And, that began with the election of President Donald J. Trump (Praise God!). It must continue with millions of patriots running for office, volunteering on election committees and at the polls, registering new voters (see Scott Pressler’s great effort), educating those around us, stepping out as whistleblowers, actively spreading the gospel (while we still have the right to do so), creating new news organizations and outlets, standing up to Antifa, attending rallies and protests, etc.
            If 63 MILLION voters each began doing at least one of these things, we could take back our nation in one election cycle. It’s only when we’re complacent that the leviathan makes headway. Pick one of the activities above and give it everything you’ve got.
            Our nation has been at war for years. It’s just been a silent war. Time to stand. Time to fight back.

        • sturmudgeon says:

          G.P. Good ‘reminders’… thanks.. must keep this evil “front and center” at all times.

        • Joemama says:

          The banking families are the ones behind the worldwide campaign to destroy all western societies and create a one world communist government.
          They are unimaginably wealthy and most have never heard of them. It is my belief that they do their bidding through George Soros. He is their visible arm, so they can remain in the shadows and not risk incurring the scrutiny and anger of us “little people”.

      • redridge45 says:

        He is a radical Muslim.

      • dd_sc says:

        Power and money.

      • Mr.Morris says:

        John O. Brennan worked for The Analysis Corporation, a Federal Government contractor.
        Two articles might shed some light on the Corporation and the involvement of John O. Brennan.
        1- “What did The Analysis Corp. do, Anyway?”. CNBC – Feb. 6, 2013
        2- Obama’s Passport Breach: Unanswered questions, and an unsolved murder”. July 23, 2012. Pamela Geller

        • Mr. Morris says:

          In the “Obama’s Passport Breach” article on July 23, 2012 then Democrat Presidential Candidate Barack H. Obama stated to “tap into peoples personal records were a problem not just for me, but for how our government functions”.

      • William Murphy says:

        (1) Why are those Dem’ rats so frantic? What are they hiding?
        Found it! Wowee zowee!
        Here’s The Biggie:
        A State Dept.-CIA led coup of a “democratically elected” gov’t.
        Biden was on board – Listen to the phone call. I liked the “Fuck the EU” part.
        Then, they installed a new Ukrainian gov’t.
        Could this possibly be related to Biden’s son and those sweet deals later on? And Pelosi’s son, and Romney’s step-son, etc. Hog heaven!
        Uh, however, a lot of Ukrainian people were killed.
        No wonder all this recent desperate behavior and faux impeachment tidal wave crap.
        “Facts are stubborn things.” – R.R.
        Scroll to 3rd video down, the phone call.
        This is not a “conspiracy!” It’s a phone call.
        Some of the comments are good too.

        • William Murphy says:

          THE SNIFF TEST(2) Activity and Background of Sketchy IC IG Michael Atkinson Now Under Investigative Spotlight…
          Last week the Intelligence Community Inspector General, Michael Atkinson, testified behind closed doors to congress. Atkinson testified about his role in bringing the ‘whistle-blower’ complaint forward.
          “Despite having a full week to come up with explanations for his office’s decisions to secretly change its forms to eliminate the requirement for first-hand evidence and to backdate those changes to August, Atkinson refused to provide any explanation to lawmakers baffled by his behavior.
          “Michael Atkinson was the lawyer for the same DOJ-NSD players who: (1) lied to the FISA court (Judge Rosemary Collyer) about the 80% non compliant NSA database abuse using FBI contractors; (2) filed the FISA application against Carter Page; and (3) used FARA violations as tools for political surveillance and political targeting.
          “Yes, that means Michael Atkinson was Senior Counsel for the DOJ-NSD, at the very epicenter of the political weaponization and FISA abuse.
          “If the DOJ-NSD exploitation of the NSA database, and/or DOJ-NSD FISA abuse, and/or DOJ-NSD FARA corruption were ever to reach sunlight, current ICIG Atkinson -as the lawyer for the process- would be under a lot of scrutiny for his involvement.
          “Yes, that gives current ICIG Michael Atkinson a strong and corrupt motive to participate with the Pelosi-Schiff/Lawfare impeachment objective. Sketchy!

      • jackbeowulf says:

        brennan is a communist and a muslim convert. He is following the Marxist plan to degrade/destroy America from within. A marxist mole so to speak.

      • MBB says:

        The Obama administration was spying on everyone. It came out that he was spying on all of our European allies. But he was spying on us as well, as well as all of his political opposition. They also covered up Ben Ghazi which was a gun running operation to Isis to take down Syria. There was a lot of wrongdoing and Hillary would’ve covered it all up.
        There’s probably much more than that, but the aforementioned is a lit of motivation.
        And I guess I left out the fact that they were using Russia and many of our allies to keep Trump from getting elected. They didn’t want that to come out either, did they?
        Not to mention the Clinton foundation, uranium one and so much more

      • 1987bear says:

        POWER & to install their ideological ideals, ie. Govt control over everything & everybody

    • I love the CTH. Their analysis is spot on.
      However, I have learned a couple things living in California for decades. Water can and does run uphill. CTH fails to factor in the political realities. Rosenstein, Comey, Strzok, and even McCabe who lied at least 3 times will all never get the justice they deserve. Trump will get the justice he doesn’t deserve.
      This is not a media coup. This is not a democrat coup. This is a coup by the media, democrats, the Chamber, Republican donors and Republican elites, the Bush gang, NATO the DOJ, State Department, IC, NY, DC, Maryland, California, FBI and the Federal judiciary to get rid of Trump. THEY make water run uphill.

    • Amy2 says:

      I (like everyone here) would love to see justice meeted out to Obama and HIllary, but there is that underlying fear they will look like victims/targets to many, despite their guilt, and that could get ugly. Perhaps if Brennan, Clapper et al are in shackles or making plea deals, and everything is spelled out (as best it can be in this convoluted mess) to the American people, the knowledge of Obama and Hillary’s crimes would eventually start to fester with many. Our outrage could then determine their punishment or at least Barr/DOJ could navigate the repercussions a little better.
      I know that doesn’t sound “fair” since they were basically the organizers of it all, but might produce the best outcome for the country’s future. ‘Just spit ballin’….

      • Sloth1963 says:

        Too many out there (currently) think those two are as pure as the driven snow. A few will believe that no matter the evidence. Until that number is reduced, there’s no chance.

      • MBB says:

        Yes, that is a big concern. That is why they need someone like Rosenstein who is deep in it. He needs to be held in front of the American people to spell out the entire plot. That is the only way he should be given mercy is if he does that. Otherwise they will accuse Trump if prosecuting people who don’t deserve it, or based on revenge. If some of the deep state creeps who turn states evidence actually testify and spell it all out, only then will the American people “get it.”

    • mikeyboo says:

      My question: If Brennan believes himself to be in serious enough jeopardy will he threaten to implicate Obama/Jarrett as the “Mr. Bigs of the whole operation?

      • Somebody says:

        Brennan implicate Mr. Bugs? Never, won’t happen. He’ll eat a bullet or cyanide pill first, either willingly or unwillingly.

        • mikeyboo says:

          Actually, I don’t think Brennan has true loyalty to anything or anyone except himself. He will always rationalize his behavior to be for some “cause”. Bur ultimately, I think Brennan is a supreme egotist who cares nothing for anyone else.

      • Ma McGriz says:

        I suspect any such utterance would be soon followed by a sudden and serious health emergency, which would be followed by the sad announcement of his passing.

    • va22033 says:

      I have to say I think this all started with the Street Agitator. Surely a perpetually angry, communist lackey like Brennan, scuffed knees and all, would not have independently run an operation like this without approval and authorization from the boss: the Street Agitator Osama, whoops I’m sorry I mean Obama.

  98. LBB says:

    I have a tiny curiosity of why RR was in the midst of changing his .gov email address at the timeframe of May 2017.

    • chipin8511 says:

      They all have encrypted blackberries..

    • Diddian says:

      And it looks like it must have changed three times before that (to end with 2, then 3, then 4).
      I’m curious about each of those changes and their timing.

      • Somebody says:

        I don’t know about DOJ protocols, but depending on position and security clearances some email and passwords are changed at least every 90 days. (Security reasons) If I had to guess, that’s why, but again I have no idea about DOJ.

  99. MustangBlues says:

    A lot of people commenting here seem to know all there is to know, and have decided they have all the answers: Even digging up Sessions corpse to batter around again and again.
    Wonder if the adage ”gigo” applies to the substance of their conclusions.
    Trust President Trump. Without him, there would be no knowledge of the coup.

    • Publius2016 says:

      President Trump said it better than anyone…its a hoax…if Sessions would’ve told me he’d recuse, I would’ve picked someone else…everyone said My Presidency was Over once the Special Counsel was picked…There are many ways to WIN!
      AG Sessions is Deep State…

  100. willthesuevi says:

    Rod Rosenstein is one of the most ethically challenged players in this sordid mess.
    Someone should have told him riding the fence gives you a sore crotch. The boy has no constitution. If anyone cracks it’ll be him, IMHO.

    • lfdale says:

      I do not think he was riding the fence, he was in it up to his eyeballs. From the time he wrote that letter advising the President to fire comey, they planned and hoped on having the President fire comey and then set up the “insurance policy” the Special Council, they are special alright, specially crooked and treasonous.

      • babrightlight says:

        I think with most of these characters, there’s no God & country aspect to them. Their highest priority is themselves and thus they behave like a windsock following the breeze of favor. Like Hollywood to become an “A” list, you have to conform and DC has the same social structure that be on the “A” list you must be a swamp creature. RR wrote the firing memo because Comey was despised by both parties–HRC thought he ruined her chance to be president (amid a thousand other excuses) and the Repubs for not charging her with her obvious crime–look up synonym for “Gross Negligence” and you get “Extreme Carelessness”–mere semantics but somehow legally distinct.
        When the Dems (Swamp leaders) were appalled at Comey’s firing, RRs windsock changed direction and what others have described as riding the fence I think is merely to maintain whatever social circle he wanted to stay in. His blind ego rationalizes all his actions as patriotic, yet in terms of principles–he’s as spineless as a jellyfish. He gave favorable actions & made decisions that supported the coup plotters probably just to keep his social status within the swamp. That may cost him his freedom.

  101. chipin8511 says:

    Cofer Black remember that name tied to Romey deep into Ukraine He could well take Romey down that is why Romney is running his mouth he knows what’s coming.On the board of Barmisa in Ukraine

  102. Beau Geste says:

    Rosenstein was reportedly trying to remove the President, initiating approach and attempting to persuade President Trump’s Cabinet Members to act under the 25th Amemdment (incapacity). Astounding !!!
    “The New York Times also reported that Rosenstein was courting Kelly’s and Sessions’ support, and claimed he told former FBI deputy director Andy McCabe about his in-depth talks with cabinet members”, and “Rosenstein was said to have discussed the matter with other cabinet members and was confident they would turn on Trump”.
    To what extent would President Trump’s Cabinet members report to President Trump that the head of the DOJ was trying to get the Cabinet to remove the President? Did deep-sleeper-plant sessions report this travesty to President Trump? Did Kelly report this weasel to PDJT? What about the other Cabinet Members? Do they talk to each other? Did ANY of them report weasel coup-plotter rosenstein to PDJT? Any Cabinet Member that DID NOT IMMEDIATELY report rosenstein’s coup attempt should have been immediately fired.
    Why doesn’t any “journalist” ask these obvious, simple questions? Which Cabinet members immediately reported rosey’s coup scheme?
    PDJT on AF! to Florida: rosey, I hear you tried to get my cabinet to remove me.
    rosey: so?
    PDJT: You also lied to me, which is a violation of 18 USC 1001. And what’s this about you signing a phony extension under oath to the FISA Court to spy on me, and allowing SenateFISA leakers to skate, and approving a Halper/mifsud/turk honeypot money sting on my low-level campaign staff. ? You need to do a better job rosey. I’m only going to give you an A-minus on your annual review.

  103. magatrump says:

    Rosenstein needs to be indicted. Pray for justice.

  104. Tom Hansen says:

    It is also possible that in exchange for immunity, RR told Barr everything he knew and was culpable of doing, and identifying everyone involved in the soft coup. After all, Barr gave RR a bagpipe send off and said how invaluable RR was to him. In March, when Barr said at the House Judiciary hearing, he had a strong basis for stating that spying did occur on the Trump campaign and transition teams, that basis may have been based on what RR provided him.

    • Scott Lyddon says:

      I recall that sendoff. It was noteworthy – could signal he cooperated.

    • trapper says:

      I see that as a possibility, that RR started out as part of the coup and at some point changed sides. Another possibility is that he is just a duplicitous little weasel who changes sides as the wind direction changes, always sucking up to whomever he thinks is winning. We’ve all worked with guys like that. Can’t trust them, but they can be useful at times, especially when the time is right for them to sell out their former friends who are now your enemies.

    • Amy2 says:

      I hope Rod stays of Twitter then.

  105. Gary says:

    I hope and pray that both Barr and Durham are brave enough to let this investigation take it’s natural course into the unraveling of this American injustice and that those involved are brought to bear the full extent of the law…But truthfully, I will not hold my breath.

  106. willthesuevi says:

    che (? really),
    I cannot square your comment with what Sundance has written about for months.
    Not to mention the constant condemnation of Republican swamp dwellers in the comment section(s).
    You are certainly welcome to your opinion but you must have comprehension problems.

    • William Murphy says:

      (1) Why are those Dem’ rats so frantic? What are they hiding?
      Found it! Wowee zowee!
      Here’s The Biggie:
      A State Dept.-CIA led coup of a “democratically elected” gov’t.
      Biden was on board – Listen to the phone call. I liked the “Fuck the EU” part.
      Then, they installed a new Ukrainian gov’t.
      Could this possibly be related to Biden’s son and those sweet deals later on? And Pelosi’s son, and Romney’s step-son, etc. Hog heaven!
      Uh, however, a lot of Ukrainian people were killed.
      No wonder all this recent desperate behavior and faux impeachment tidal wave crap.
      “Facts are stubborn things.” – R.R.
      Scroll to 3rd video down, the phone call.
      This is not a “conspiracy!” It’s a phone call.
      Some of the comments are good too.

  107. askandgettruth says:

    the dirty of dirty cops have corrupted this republic beyond repair !!

    • ann says:

      Look at it as our long awaited opportunity to FIX the damn mess.
      Yes, I too blame the leaders who, IF in prior administrations, could have chosen to perform the damn mission:government corruption & domestic security.
      The authority and cause was there, but the character of these individuals is weak .
      All that status, with unprecedented power, yet this clan of mature, advantaged adults lack the courage we expect of the lowliest private.
      The arrogant Institutional culture of perceived limitless power, personal & collective immunity and flat out lying & denials whilst evidence of egregious conduct is glaringly obvious is going to be GONE.
      The flippant attitudes of referring to “Matters” such as a massive long term intell breach as the “First Year Exam”.
      The shock of transparency is necessary in order to fix.
      Transparency is GOOD, ,
      We can fix and will fix.
      History informs us justice is the foundation of civil societies.
      The elements of a functional, sustainable societies,
      marketplaces, trade, husbandry, agriculture depend on prompt, responsive delivery of “law”, ranging from councils of tribal elders to ornate “legal” formats of abstract principles , precedents and quasi worship ritual.
      Perhaps we will devolve this monstrous leviathan into smaller, controllable agencies, for the Bureau & DoJ’ obviously needs to be humbled, , not to get off on humbling fellow citizens ???? .

  108. Concernedcitizen says:

    The following opinion is derived from my experience in federal law enforcement:
    Mueller says he wasn’t interested in the FBI Director position, President Trump says he was. What’s the truth? Here it is: Mueller was pretending that he was interested in the job as part of a ruse crafted by Rosenstein, Mueller, and McCabe. The purpose of the ruse was to entrap the President with obstruction. The meeting with the President was recorded on Mueller’s smart phone.
    The seditious conspirators, as part of the scheme, were hoping that the President would tell Mueller that the job was his if he would agree to drop the Russian collusion investigation and/or ‘go easy” on Flynn. The recorded conversation would be the evidence needed for impeachment.
    President Trump didn’t take the bait, so the conspirators went to Plan B: the appointment of a Special Counsel staffed by a stacked deck of biased, anti-Trump prosecutors with the full support of Rosenstein.
    When the American people find out about the truth of the Mueller – Rosenstein meeting with the President in May, 2017, the outrage will be off the scale. Perhaps this is reason the DOJ is careful about keeping the lid on it, at least for now.

    • Matthew LeBlanc says:

      I agree with this assessment. Somehow in America we have reached the point where a lying dirty cop isn’t a lying dirty cop if he is doing what the fake news wants him to do.

    • tav144 says:

      Exactly. And of course Mueller could not say in his Congressional testimony he was interviewing for the job because that in itself is a conflict of interest that would bar him from being appointed. Irony of ironies, the fact is he told the truth on that point! He wasn’t interviewing for the job. But then again, neither was he there “just to give advice” either (a lie).

    • WRB says:

      And just like Comey telling POTUS he was not under investigation (he was), these guys assumed it was ok to dissemble because they were “investigating the perp” and that is allowed.

  109. sarasotosfan says:

    Good to see you over the target Sundance! Barr has massive leverage on that pencil-neck and I believe his withholding of all the Rosenstein related activities against the president is going to bear a very large harvest when the time is right. Rosenstein holds the keys.

  110. sarasotosfan says:

    Furthermore, I hope the first dozen indictments are filed under seal. I do not want to see any advantage given to any of the conspirators. Also, by proceeding in this manner McCabe can be indicted and held on ice. The Court order telling the DOJ to act on their unreturned bill would then be met.

  111. I would love to know what was said in the Air Force One conversation between Rod Rosenstein and President Trump when everyone thought he was getting fired. Between that and the conversation between President Clinton and Loretta Lynch on that other plane, sure wish I could be a fly on the fuselage of both those planes!

  112. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    RR knows who and what he is.
    He knows that we and the rest of the world (well, almost the rest of the world) know a lot about him and what he did, and what he is still doing, for that matter.
    IMHO, he must have something. Something that is very disturbing.

  113. arze says:

    Or Rosenstein is a cooperating witness at this point.
    What will also come back to bite him and Mueller in the ass is the fact that Sessions was targeted, the sitting AG was a target of Rosenstein and Mueller.
    I have a sneaking suspicious this dimension really pissed Barr off. Yes, it is a minor point in some ways; but in others, is epicenter of the crimes: violation of the civil rights of American citizens, in this case Session [among others]. [I remain skeptical of, though open to, possibility on Rosenstein and the recording device to record Trump. Fact that Rosenstein, one could argue, used this threat against Session, targeting him, was this to sway Session to go along with the 25th Amendment road? I don’t know. But fact Rosenstein/Mueller/etc. threatened Session need more unpacking at the least.]
    Barr is pissed about the entire construct that created the fantasy — that obstruction could be deployed to vitiate civil rights. And it’s this exact construct, as we know, that is all the Democrats are using now in the Ukraine fantasy.
    Rosenstein is not only corrupt as a matter of law, but as a matter of intellect and logic and knowledge.
    He never learned that only via facts can understanding of reality be possible: Rosenstein lives in a world of make believe. [“He rules a crowded nation inside his mind. . .with that frenzied look of half-demented zeal” -N. Merchant]
    Here he is, lying his ass off, at this late hour, when he should know better….

    • OlderAndWiser says:

      Hmm, “There was overwhelming evidence Russian operatives hacked American computers and defrauded American citizens, and it is only the tip of the iceberg of a comprehensive Russian strategy to influence elections, promote social discord, and undermine America”.
      This is nothing new. The last part has been going on for 100 years ever since the Commies took control of Russia, the computer hacking has been going on for 30 years. What’s different, Mr. RR?
      And why did that suddenly require an investigation of a presidential campaign of the opposing party?

    • trumpthepress says:

      Anyone still have a question which side this fool is on now? Will they never learn?
      I guess not until they are all behind bars!
      The net is getting bigger and bigger daily.

    • Bill Hollinger says:

      There is some loud music obscuring their voices. I couldn’t hear anything but this annoying music.

      • johnnyfandango says:

        Whatever you say Rod…If there is overwhelming evidence then why outsource the examination of the DNC servers. FBI forensics can’t do the job? Where are those servers. There must be a copy of them. Or have those disappeared into thin air like Humma’s and Wiener’s laptop and all of Hilldabeast’s devices…smashed with hammers?

    • MaineCoon says:

      Liar. You never saw any “overwhelming evidence Russian operatives hacked Americans computers” because the DNC wouldn’t relinquish the computers to the FBI.

  114. Dee says:

    I love Vids but some summary would be nice when asking us to watch a 2 hour plus program. Who is it about what is it about, why are they talking about ???? No won’t watch with no info and run time.

  115. inspectorudy says:

    Could this be the reason that Trump kept Rosenstein on for as long as he did? Could Barr have told him to do this to provide him with more latitude in his investigation? I never believed that Trump “Liked” Rosenstein and that there was something else afoot.

    • Justin Green says:

      Well, for one thing, it helped Trump avoid any legitimate accusations of obstruction (the unjustified accusations of obstruction were still trotted out and run through the press, of course).
      Another is it does give old Rosey and McCabe and some of the others that weren’t fired instantly more room to scurry about adding additional evidence to the pile.
      Which makes Rosey’s WH “send off” party more comical, in the event he’s ever held accountable.

    • “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

  116. For Eyes says:

    Double the guards on the suicide watch and check the cameras.
    Rosey is a dead man walking

  117. The whistleblower is CIA Michael Barry (probability 75%)
    has anyone been able to tie Barry to a 2020 Dem candidate???

  118. ChampagneReady says:

    Although JW got enough to nail Muller for perjury beyond any question, I looked through all 145 pages of what was turned over to Judicial Watch and there’s something mighty suspicious.
    Almost all the memos, letters, texts are to him—where are HIS RESPONSES back? They’re missing. It’s all one-way communications. Do you mean to tell me he didn’t respond to the dozens of requests by all these people–congress, attorneys, newspaper reporters, liberal groups–that they be contacted or given information?
    This stinks like a pack of skunks.

  119. Why add the “Co-conspirator” qualifier? EVERYBODY who is anti-Trump — whether conspirator, co-conspirator, or outright criminal / traitor — is ‘Unindicted’.

  120. willthesuevi says:

    Is there a single thread in the last month on, the CTH, where you haven’t posted a George Webb video?
    We get it, you like George Webb.

  121. Richard Whitney says:

    You are witnessing the greatest sting operation ever. Rosenstein, Mueller, Sessions, Comey, Wray – all the folks being vilified – are on the hero side of this story. And still very few suspect that.

    • mikeyboo says:

      Richard, I admire your powers of imagination.

    • Joemama says:

      I could imagine a scenario where some of those you listed could be part of a sting operation, but not one that includes Comey and Mueller.
      That doesn’t mean I subscribe to your sting operation theory, however.

      • Richard Whitney says:

        Mueller obtained the evidence (legally) against the plant Manafort. He referred other perps to SDNY. He exonerated Trump. No collusion, no obstruction.
        Comey said in sworn testimony that Trump was not under investigation. Comey’s memos will contribute to the case against Lynch, Yates, Brennan and perhaps others.

  122. Bryan Alexander says:

    In an earlier post, someone used the phrase “Consider the ramifications”. It would be interesting if Sundance, ristvan and some other lawyer laid out their understanding of the negative ramifications to the Department of Justice and our Intelligence Agencies IF, repeat IF, the following people were indicted:
    Peter Strozk – Senior FBI agent.
    James Comey – FBI Director
    Andrew McCabe – Deputy Director, FBI
    Rod Rosenstien – Deputy Attorney General
    John Brennan – CIA Director
    James Clapper – Director National Intelligence
    Rudolph Contreras – Federal Judge, FISA Court
    And this is just a PARTIAL list of the extremely Senior Federal Officials who appear to be caught up in a plot to remove the President of the United States from office.

    • numbersixdance says:

      Agree with the partial list…but the question I have always wondered as in the Godfather 2…”Who gave the order”? I think this scheme goes back years before Trump, covering up Uranium 1, Ukraine/China payoffs, Clinton pay for play, unmasking enemies providing blackmail against then…hello John Roberts…and genuine graft of the system by both parties. Along comes Trump who doesn’t need payoffs is an outsider and realized as a genuine threat and therefore needed to be taken out by any means necessary so as not to expose the perpetrators or the corrupt system. My bet is was Brennan’s concoction with the plan filtering down. Obama’s too lazy, he’s been used all his life because of his half color. But Soros is in this as well. .


        Brennan, Rice, Yate s, John Carlin: “Hey Barack, we’re gonna dip into the NSA database and spy on your opponents”
        Barack: Cool!
        Eazy Peazy

  123. john edward lorenz says:

    A few points: 1. Rosenstein is a weasel. Thought so from day1, 2. The first IG report generated no indictments. The upcoming one better have numerous referrals and indictments or Horowitz is just another obama holdover who can disguise things well enough to make it look like a trmendous effort

  124. Shyster says:

    Let us not forget that apart from the disclosed and now being discovered bad acts, Rosenstein on April 12, 2018 outright lied to PT telling him he was not a “target” of the Mueller probe.
    This scum bag has manipulated, plotted and outright lied to the American people, and both the legislative and executive branches in addition to obstructing and slow walking the handing over of materially relevant documents to investigative committees. Good old Rod needs to be put under oath, or questioned by the FBI (in order to subject him to a 1001 penalty) and directly asked if he took Mueller over to interview for the FBI position and get him to agree that is what he told POTUS, POTUS staff and the VP. He will have to say yes, since there are witnesses and documents evidencing this. Once confirmed he needs to be informed that Mueller will be indicted for lying under oath to Congress and that he, Rod, is going to be the first and primary witness called by the prosecutor against Mueller. This course of action will either loosen Rod’s lips or Mueller’s.

  125. k4jjj says:

    John Brennan was CIA station chief in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia when the 9/11 hijackers applied for U.S. visas. The staff there vehemently opposed giving them visas. Brennan overruled and is responsible for those hijacking murderers getting into the USA.


    / Great update from Judicial Watch

  127. fanbeav says:

    I don’t remember any RINO’s or democrats whining about Rosenstein or Sessions. They only whined about Whittaker as acting AG and Barr who is working with Durham. That is always a good sign as to who is swamp and who is trying to get to the bottom of the swamp!

  128. mark says:

    Please don’t forget Sydney and Flynn. That case depending on what the judge does could blow everything wide open. How many players are in this coup, 100, 200? It can’t be kept in the dark just to many people involved.
    The 1st one and who is indicted and I don’t care who it is has tentacles that reach out to others. It won’t take much imo to get them to squeal on their accomplices. Samantha Powers, she’s got a family right? Lisa Page right at the center of everything. Remember the feud between Comey and RR? Come on Bagpipes throw us a bone.

  129. Mortimer says:

    As much as I would like to believe that Rosenstump has flipped …. I don’t buy it.
    If Rosey was truly talking it wouldn’t have taken 30 minutes to get enough to take down Comey, McCabe and the whole Mueller team.

  130. The scale of what took place is so serious; and the evidence therein so obvious; if he [Barr]doesn’t get his arms-around-it the Attorney General is looking at very serious long-term institutional damage.
    Let’s review: The last 4 AG have been Holder, Lynch, Sessions/Rosenstein, and Barr. The first 3 were losers of the highest order. The jury is still out on Barr. If he doesn’t come through and clean up the mess created by the first 3, what possible reason would there be to have even the slightest smidgen of respect for anyone holding the AG position going forward?

  131. gs425 says:

    And yet another delay. Take this to the bank…NOBODY is going to be held accountable for either the FISA abuses, the illegal spying or trying to frame a sitting POTUS.

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