FOIA Release of McCabe Memo Highlights Much More Than Rosenstein’s “Wear a Wire” Controversy…

A Judicial Watch FOIA Lawsuit has resulted in the release of a May 16, 2017, memo written by then Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe.  [Link Here]  Current media are focused on Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein willingness to wear a wire into the Oval Office to record the President; however, the memo content actually reveals much more.

There are three aspects to the McCabe memo that warrant attention: (1) Rosenstein’s willingness to wear a wire. (2) Evidence that Rosenstein took Mueller to the White House on May 16, 2017, as a set-up to interview Mueller’s pending target; and (3) the CURRENT redactions to the memo indicate CURRENT efforts by the CURRENT AG Bill Barr to protect the corrupt intent of Rod Rosenstein.  While all three points are alarming; the last aspect is concerning in the extreme.

In order to show the significance of this FOIA release CTH is going to present the McCabe memo in two different ways.  First, by highlighting the raw memo release; and then secondly, to highlight the important context by inserting the memo into the timeline.

First, here’s the McCabe memo:

[Link to Judicial Watch FOIA pdf]

There are two important background contexts that help understand what is written in the McCabe memo, as contrast with the events at the time:

#1 [Rosenstein’s work with Robert Mueller in the Oval Office Meeting] and

#2 [The Overlay of the IG Report on James Comey with the Archey Declarations]

The first two substantive issues within the McCabe memo can only be accurately absorbed against the background of those two context links.

Now we can insert the new McCabe memo information into the timeline.  This will help better understand what was happening in/around the dates in question.

Start by noting the May 16, 2017, date of the meeting at 12:30pm is immediately before Rod Rosenstein took Robert Mueller for an interview with President Trump in the oval office.  The oval office “interview” is where Mueller reportedly left his “cell phone” at the White House.

“Crossfire Hurricane” – During 2016, after the November election, and throughout the transition period into 2017, the FBI had a counterintelligence investigation ongoing against Donald Trump. FBI Director James Comey’s memos were part of this time-period as the FBI small group was gathering evidence.  Then Comey was fired….

♦Tuesday May 9th – James Comey was fired at approximately 5:00pm EST.  Later we discover Rod Rosenstein first contacted Robert Mueller about the special counsel appointment less than 15 hours after James Comey was fired.

♦Wednesday May 10th – From congressional testimony we know DAG Rod Rosenstein called Robert Mueller to discuss the special counsel appointment on Wednesday May 10th, 2017, at 7:45am. [See Biggs questions to Mueller at 2:26 of video]

According to his own admissions (NBC and CBS), Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe immediately began a criminal ‘obstruction’ investigation. Wednesday May 10th; and he immediately enlisted Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

A few hours after the Rosenstein-Mueller phone call James Comey’s office was being searched by the SSA Whistleblower per the IG report on Comey’s memos.

♦Thursday May 11th – Andrew McCabe testified to congress. With the Comey firing fresh in the headlines.  McCabe testified there had been no effort to impede the FBI investigation.

Also on Thursday May 11th, 2017, The New York Times printed an article, based on information seemingly leaked by James Comey, about a dinner conversation between the President and the FBI Director.   The “Loyalty” article [link].  The IG report shows: [Daniel] Richman confirmed to the OIG that he was one of the sources for the May 11 article, although he said he was not the source of the information in the article about the Trump Tower briefing“.

♦Friday May 12th –  Andrew McCabe met with DAG Rod Rosenstein to discuss the the ongoing issues with the investigation and firing.  Referencing the criminal ‘obstruction’ case McCabe had opened just two days before.  According to McCabe:

… “[Rosenstein] asked for my thoughts about whether we needed a special counsel to oversee the Russia case. I said I thought it would help the investigation’s credibility. Later that day, I went to see Rosenstein again. This is the gist of what I said: I feel strongly that the investigation would be best served by having a special counsel.” (link)

According to Andy Biggs questioning of Mueller, on this same day, May 12th, evidence shows Robert Mueller met “in person” with Rod Rosenstein.  This is the same day when SSA Whistleblower went to James Comey’s house to retrieve FBI material and both Rybicki and Comey never informed the agent about the memos:

May 12th, is the date noted by David Archey when FBI investigators had assembled all of the Comey memos as evidence.  However, no-one in the FBI outside the “small group” knows about them.

♦On Saturday May 13th, 2017, another meeting between Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller, this time with AG Jeff Sessions also involved. [Per Andy Biggs]

♦Sunday May 14th –  Comey transmitted copies of Memos 2, 4, and 6, and a partially redacted copy of Memo 7 to Patrick Fitzgerald, who was one of Comey’s personal attorneys.  Fitzgerald received the email and PDF attachment from Comey at 2:27 p.m. on May 14, 2017, per the IG report.

♦Monday May 15th, McCabe states he and Rosenstein conferred again about the Special Counsel approach. McCabe: “I brought the matter up with him again after the weekend.”

On this same day was when James Rybicki called SSA Whistleblower to notify him of Comey’s memos. The memos were “stored” in a “reception area“, and in locked drawers in James Rybicki’s office.

♦Tuesday May 16th – Per the IG report: “On the morning of May 16, Comey took digital photographs of both pages of Memo 4 with his personal cell phone. Comey then sent both photographs, via text message, to Richman.

Back in Main Justice at 12:30pm Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, Jim Crowell and Tashina Guahar all appear to be part of this meeting.  I should note that alternate documentary evidence, gathered over the past two years, supports the content of this McCabe memo.  Including texts between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok:

[Sidebar: pay attention to the *current* redactions; they appear to be placed by existing DOJ officials in an effort to protect Rod Rosenstein for his duplicity in: (A) running the Mueller sting operation at the white house on the same day; (B) the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel, which was pre-determined before the Oval Office meeting.]

While McCabe was writing this afternoon memo, Rod Rosenstein was taking Robert Mueller to the White House for a meeting in the oval office with President Trump and VP Mike Pence.  While they were meeting in the oval office, and while McCabe was writing his contemporaneous memo, the following story was published by the New York Times (based on Comey memo leaks to Richman):

Also during the approximate time of this Oval Office meeting, Peter Strzok texts with Lisa Page about information being relayed to him by Tashina Guahar (main justice) on behalf of Rod Rosenstein (who is at the White House).

Later that night, after the Oval Office meeting – According to the Mueller report, additional events on Tuesday May 16th, 2017:

It is interesting that Tashina Gauhar was taking notes presumably involved in the 12:30pm 5/16/17 meeting between, Jim Crowell, Rod Rosenstein, and Andrew McCabe.  But McCabe makes no mention of Lisa Page being present.

It appears there was another meeting in the evening (“later that night”) after the visit to the White House with Robert Mueller.  This evening meeting appears to be Lisa Page, Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe; along with Tashina Gauhar again taking notes.

♦ Wednesday May 17th, 2017:  Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe go to brief the congressional “Gang-of-Eight”: Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Devin Nunes, Adam Schiff, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Richard Burr and Mark Warner.

… […] “On the afternoon of May 17, Rosenstein and I sat at the end of a long conference table in a secure room in the basement of the Capitol. We were there to brief the so-called Gang of Eight—the majority and minority leaders of the House and Senate and the chairs and ranking members of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. Rosenstein had, I knew, made a decision to appoint a special counsel in the Russia case.”

[…] “After reminding the committee of how the investigation began, I told them of additional steps we had taken. Then Rod took over and announced that he had appointed a special counsel to pursue the Russia investigation, and that the special counsel was Robert Mueller.” (link)

Immediately following this May 17, 2017, Go8 briefing, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein notified the public of the special counsel appointment.

We Exit The Timeline:

Back to the memo.  Notice the participants:  Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, Tashina Gauhar and Jim Crowell:

Now remind ourselves about who was involved in convincing Jeff Sessions to recuse himself:

The same two people (lawyers) Tasina Guahar and Jim Crowell, were involved in recusal advice for Jeff Sessions and the “wear-a-wire” conversation a few months later.

Back to the redactions.  Notice how in the McCabe memo FOIA release, the DOJ is redacting the aspects of the appointment of a special counsel.  The redaction justification: b(5) “inter-agency or intra-agency memorandums or letters which would not be available by law to a party other than an agency in litigation with the agency.” Or put another way: stuff we just don’t want to share: “personal privacy” etc.

Again, when combined with the testimony by Mueller in response to the questioning by Rep. Andy Biggs, the redacted information looks like current DOJ officials hiding the timing of the decision-making to appoint Mueller thereby protecting Rod Rosenstein.

More motive for this scenario shows up during a statement tonight by Matt Whitaker who appeared on Tucker Carlson television show.   Whitaker outlines why Rosenstein could never admit to having said he would wear a wire at the time the story broke.

When the “wear-a-wire” story first surfaced was when DAG Rosenstein was trying to convince President Trump not to declassify any information until after the Mueller special counsel was concluded.   Rosenstein’s justification for his instructions surrounded President Trump possibly obstructing justice during Mueller’s investigation.


Reminder when Rod Rosenstein convinced President Trump not to declassify the documents that were being requested by Congress (Sept. 2018):

While McCabe is a known liar, there is enough ancillary supportive information, circumstantial and direct evidence, to make the content of the McCabe memo essentially accurate.

Remember, Rosenstein expanded the scope of Mueller’s investigation twice, the second time targeting Michael Flynn Jr.  Also, Rosenstein participated in the indictment of fictitious Russia trolls and a Russian catering company.  Yes, all indications are that Rod Rosenstein was a willing participant in the overall McCabe/Mueller effort.

Ultimately all of the DOJ obfuscation, delay and hidden information under AG Bill Barr has an identical motive: help protect Rod Rosenstein.  That effort continues today with the internal DOJ redactions…

….The problem for Attorney General Bill Barr is not investigating what we don’t know, but rather navigating through what ‘We The People’ are already aware of…. (link)

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692 Responses to FOIA Release of McCabe Memo Highlights Much More Than Rosenstein’s “Wear a Wire” Controversy…

  1. lokiscout says:

    So I have a silly question. What exactly was “The Insurance Policy” the love birds discussed in their emails? Was it to “insure” the removal of President Trump if elected or to insure that none of the conspirators would be prosecuted if he was elected? I thought it was to insure his removal but not so sure any more.


    • Right to reply says:

      I still believe it was to take down Trump


    • lurker2 says:

      Strzok and Page both answered that question in their testimony to Congress. It was outing an FBI source. There are articles about it and also portions of the testimony were made public.

      I personally think the source was Carter Page. They sacrificed Page, who had already worked his way into the Trump campaign, to create the Yahoo News story about him colluding with Russians which then led to the FISA warrant. They were then 2 hops from Trump and just 1 hop from everyone with whom Page communicated directly. Total surveillance of all of them. Even after the Yahoo News story was published and Page resigned from the Trump campaign, he continued to maintain contact with people on Trump’s team. Hmmmm.


    • formerdem says:

      Surrounding the incoming President with an investigation by our top agencies that he would be unable to close down, and by this means to gather or create evidence for impeaching and removing him – I think that was the insurance policy. It would have worked if he had any dirt in his background, or if he were weak, or if he had actually tried to obstruct the investigation as they shouted out there about desire to hang him one day. Unexpectedly, none of the above.


    • farrier105 says:

      The Steele Dossier was the insurance policy. Steele admitted that in his written answers to an interrogative in his defense against a defamation lawsuit. All of this was planned inside Perkins Coie lawfirm’s Political Office, which is more of an Action Office for the Democratic Party as supervised by Marc Elias and with assistance by Michael Sussmann on matters such as the Steele Dossier and, especially, the work of Crowdstrike on the alleged Russian hack of the DNC.

      Assisting Elias in his work is his background in the following. Note the concentration in FARA and related lobbying as Mueller used that body of law to push out many of his indictments and the imposition of leverage to induce guilty pleas.

      “The bio confirms Elias’ role in both the Hillary Clinton and Kerry campaigns, as well as the DNC and other prominent Democratic political organizations. “Marc is currently general counsel to Hillary for America, the presidential campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton. He served in the same role for John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign. Marc’s clients include the Democratic National Committee, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Democratic Governors Associations and U.S. senators, governors, representatives and their campaigns.”

      It further describes him as a “nationally recognized authority in the Federal Election Campaign Act, Lobbying Disclosure Act, Ethics in Government Act and Foreign Agents Registration Act,” and “a preeminent counselor in the areas of congressional and executive branch ethics and gift rules, and federal and state pay-to-play laws and rules.” According to the law firm biography, Elias “also advises and litigates claims under the Voting Rights Act, Help America Vote Act and National Voter Registration Act. Marc has litigated voting and campaign finance cases throughout the country in federal and state court. He has been involved in voting rights and/or redistricting litigation in a number of states, including Texas, Florida, New York, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Nevada and Minnesota.”


  2. Oldretiredguy says:

    Everything about trying to dissect RR role in the coup is really sad. He was either a willing participant or a gutless wonder who was himself so deep in the swamp he lacked the nuggets to stop what he knew was wrong. The wild card here is Barr. Just the very fact that pieces of human trash like Nadless and Schifforbrains are still trying to remove a sitting President over nothing should cause every American to realize the fate of the nation is at risk. Regardless of any impeachment attempt by the Dims, Barr not bringing indictments against every one of the coup plotters should show that this nation might already be lost.


  3. Right to reply says:

    My take-away, is they think we’re idiots. We’re not idiots, we just lack the will to ACTUALLY do something about it, and they know it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. zucccchini says:

    They continually speak of “limiting the damage to the FBI”. Each and every time they let one these traitors off, they put another nail in the coffin of the Justice department of the US. A person would have to be blind NOT to see that Rosenstein, Wray, AND even Horowitz have a dog in this fight. All one has to do is watch their interaction with the media, listen to what they say and how it is said. Wray needs to be GONE along with Rosenstein needs prosecuted. Horowitz needs investigated for the FIRST report he put out which lacked complete candor as to what actually happened. He informed the public that there was, indeed, not only apparent but ‘glaring’ bias by many FBI people involved in this investigation. Shortly there after Wray trotting out before the public to tell everyone….(parable) ‘we are instituting a training program to RETRAIN our staff concerning BIAS….blah, blah, blah.” What a cluster! BARR was our last hope.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. JOHN070 says:

    Is there evidence the FBI worked with Al Franken and other Democrats involved in the Sessions confirmation hearing to repeatedly question JS regarding meetings with Russians to parse the answers later in support of the coup and having JS recuse himself?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Newt Love says:

    IMHO, AG Barr, when he reviewed Rod Rosenstein’s behavior, it happened that Rosenstein pled out and agreed to spill his guts as a witness at one or more future US Atty Durham trials.

    Think about it. While we’ve seen the Strzok texts about POTUS wants a briefing on …
    But Rosenstein could be a witness in trials against all of the people involved! If POTUS Obama was briefed, Rosentein likely attended the briefing. Et Cetera!


  7. Brock Cobomma says:

    Rat Rodentstench is a Deep Stater who was clever and shifty enough to avoid any consequences for the time being. . There is hope that eventually his treason will catch up with him.


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