AG Bill Barr’s Other Problem – The 2018 DOJ and FBI Coverup To Protect The Senate Intelligence Committee…

In the first part of this research into the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) we outlined how the committee was engaged in the 2017 effort –with specific evidence of communication– to support Robert Mueller and the ‘soft coup‘ team. [See Here] When you understand what the group was doing in early 2017, you understand why the FBI had to use DOJ official Bruce Ohr as a go-between to contact with Chris Steele.

Now we move on to overlay several data-points that happened throughout 2018 that are connected to a much more troubling part of the overall issues.  In 2018 the DOJ and FBI covered-up the corruption evident during the 2017 pre-Mueller effort.

The problem for Attorney General Bill Barr is not only investigating what we don’t know, but rather navigating through what ‘We The People’ are already aware of…. A branch of the United States government (Legislative) was attempting a coup against the leader of another branch of government (Executive); by using the Senate Intelligence Committee and designated corrupt agents within the executive branch cabinet.

This 2017 and 2018 time period covers Robert Mueller as Special Counsel, Jeff Sessions as AG, Rod Rosenstein as Deputy, Chris Wray as FBI Director, David Bowditch as Deputy and Dana Boente as FBI legal counsel.  I’ll lay out the evidence, you can then determine who was powerful enough to have made these decisions.

As a result of a FOIA release in Mid December 2018, Judicial Watch revealed how the State Department was feeding “classified information” to multiple U.S. Senators on the Senate Intelligence Committee by the Obama administration immediately prior to President Donald Trump’s inauguration:

The documents reveal that among those receiving the classified documents were Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD), and Sen. Robert Corker (R-TN).

Judicial Watch obtained the documents through a June 2018 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the State Department after it failed to respond to a February 2018 request seeking records of the Obama State Department’s last-minute efforts to share classified information about Russia election interference issues with Democratic Senator Ben Cardin (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:18-cv-01381)).

The documents reveal the Obama State Department urgently gathering classified Russia investigation information and disseminating it to members of Congress within hours of Donald Trump taking office.  (read more)

The impeachment program was a plan, an insurance policy of sorts; a coordinated effort between corrupt politicians in the Senate and hold-over allies in the executive; however, because she didn’t want to participate in this – Senator Dianne Feinstein abdicated her vice-chair position to Senator Mark Warner.  [Background Here]

This is the pre-cursor to utilizing Robert Mueller.  A plan that was developed soon after the 2016 election.  The appointment of a special counsel was always the way they were going to hand-off and continue the investigation into Trump; but they needed a reason for it.

The continued exploitation of the Steele Dossier was critical; thus they needed Chris Steele to be solid.  And the continued manipulation of the media was also critical; thus they needed Fusion-GPS to continue.  [Dan Jones paid both]

While Mark Warner was communicating with Adam Waldman and Dan Jones as a conduit to Chris Steele, the FBI/DOJ team was communicating through Bruce Ohr to Chris Steele (and by extension to Nellie Ohr and Fusion GPS).

Part of Warner’s role was to weaponize the Legislative branch to advance the ‘Muh Russia conspiracy’, a fundamental necessity if a special counsel was going to have justification.

The SSCI, and the security protocols within it, were structurally part of the plan; hence the rapid information from Obama’s State Dept. to the SSCI and Senate participants in the last moments prior to departing.

♦ On March 17th, 2017, the Senate Intelligence Committee took custody of the FISA application used against Carter Page.   We know the FISA court delivered the read and return Top-Secret Classified application due to the clerk stamp of March 17, 2017.

(Page FISA Application, Link)

The FISA application (original and first renewal) was delivered to Senate Security Director James Wolfe.  Senator Mark Warner entered the basement SCIF shortly after 4:00pm on March 17, 2017, the day it was delivered (texts between Warner and Waldman):

Now, when SSCI Security Officer James Wolfe was indicted (unsealed June ’18), we could see the importance of the March 17th date again:

(Wolfe Indictment Link)

We can tell from the description within the indictment FBI investigators are describing the FISA application.  Additionally Wolfe exchanged 82 text messages with his reporter/girlfriend Ali Watkins.  The FISA application is 83 pages with one blank page.

The logical conclusion was that Wolfe text Ali Watkins 82 pictures of the application.

FBI Investigators applied for, and received a search warrant for the phone records of journalist Ali Watkins.  Ms. Watkins was notified in February 2018, three months after Wolfe was questioned by FBI investigators in December 2017.

However, despite the overwhelming (public) circumstantial evidence that Wolfe leaked the FISA application, he was never charged with leaking classified information.  Wolfe was only charged with lying three times to federal authorities, and he pled down to one count of lying to the FBI.

CTH made the case in mid 2018 that someone at the DOJ had influenced a decision not to charge Wolfe with the leaking of the FISA application; despite the FBI and DOJ having direct evidence of Wolfe leaking classified information.

The logical reason for the DOJ not to charge Wolfe with the FISA leak was because that charge could ensnare a Senator on the powerful committee, likely Mark Warner.

Remember, the SSCI has intelligence oversight of the DOJ, DOJ-NSD, FBI and all associated counterintelligence operations. Additionally, when the FBI was investigating Wolfe for leaking classified documents, according to their court filings they had to inform the committee of the risk Wolfe represented.  Who did they have to inform?.. Chairman Burr and Vice-Chair Warner.

D’oh. Think about it.  A gang-of-eight member (Warner), who happened -as a consequence of the jaw dropping implications- to be one of only two SSCI members who was warned by the FBI that Wolfe was compromised…. and he’s the co-conspirator.  The ramifications cannot be overstated.  Such a criminal charge would be a hot mess.

Thus, the perfect alignment of interests for a dropped charge and DC cover-up.

Then, in an act of serendipity, James Wolfe himself bolstered that suspicion when he threatened to subpoena members of the SSCI as part of his defense. [See Here]

[…] Attorneys for James A. Wolfe sent letters to all 15 senators on the committee, notifying them that their testimony may be sought as part of Mr. Wolfe’s defense, according to two people familiar with the matter.

[…] Mr. Wolfe’s defense lawyers are considering calling the senators as part of the proceedings for a variety of reasons, including as potential character witnesses and to rebut some of the allegations made by the government in the criminal complaint, these people say.  (link)

Immediately after threatening to subpoena the SSCI (July 27, 2018), the DOJ cut a deal with Wolfe and dropped the charges down to a single charge of lying to investigators.  However, someone doing the investigative legwork wasn’t happy with that decision.

Our overwhelming CTH circumstantial evidence that Wolfe leaked the FISA application went from a strong suspicion, to damn certain (after the plea deal) when the DOJ included a sentencing motion in mid-December 2018.

On December 15th, 2018 the DOJ filed a response to the Wolfe defense teams’ own sentencing memo (full pdf), and within the DOJ response they included an exhibit (#13) written by the FBI [redacted] special agent in charge, which specifically says: “because of the known disclosure of classified information, the FISA application”… Thereby admitting, albeit post-plea agreement, that Wolfe did indeed leak the damn FISA:

(link to document)

Right there, in that FBI Special Agent description is the bombshell admission that James Wolfe leaked the Carter Page FISA application to his concubine Ali Watkins at Buzzfeed.

We know the special agent who wrote exhibit #13 in the December filing was Special Agent Brian Dugan, Asst. Special Agent in Charge, Washington Field Office.  The same investigator who originally signed the affidavit in the original indictment.

So with hindsight there was absolutely no doubt that James Wolfe leaked the 83-page Carter Page FISA application on March 17, 2017.  Period.  It’s all documented with circumstantial and direct evidence; including the admissions from the FBI agent in charge.

So, why was James Wolfe allowed to plea to a single count of lying to investigators?

Back to where this started….

A branch of the United States government (Legislative) was attempting a coup against the leader of another branch of government (Executive); by using planted and designated corrupt agents within the cabinet…

Now do you see why I say: the problem for Attorney General Bill Barr is not investigating what we don’t know, but rather navigating through what ‘We The People’ are already aware of….

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530 Responses to AG Bill Barr’s Other Problem – The 2018 DOJ and FBI Coverup To Protect The Senate Intelligence Committee…

  1. LarryG says:

    Great investigation and great writing again, Sundance. Thank-you again for your hard work and dedication to the truth!
    My question…and I suspect that of many citizens…is this, “What is it going to take to get that first serious criminal charge filed and the clean-up started?”

    Certainly “half of Washington going down” would be devastating to our system, but would it be any worse or more dangerous than the high levels of frustration and cold anger building as a result of sweeping all this corruption under the table and sending the criminals merrily into retirement with their full government pensions?

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    • mike says:

      Half of Washington going down would only be devastating to our system because it left half of the rot untouched. Most Americans could lead happier and more productive lives without Washington DC there to threaten, swindle or stifle them.

      DC is a cancer upon the country that the Founders would be amazed that we weren’t already shooting at, 2A.

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    • swissik says:

      “Half of Washington going down”, in my mind, would be a blessing. The chaos we have now might be exacerbated but I believe we can survive it.

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    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      In my humble opinion, it is going to take someone willing to pay more than “lip service” to our Constitution, and to emulate the very principles and steadfast courage exhibited by our Founding Fathers. Attorney General Bill Barr must be willing to sacrifice his reputation, his fortune, and his sacred honor in pursuit of justice and to protect the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC.

      I also believe that IF AG Barr displayed such dedication, courage, and fortitude, that the floodgates would open, so to speak, and several other prominent officials and elected leaders would quickly join him in pursuit of justice; I also believe that the public would be overwhelmingly supportive…..but ultimately, somebody (aka: Attorney General William Barr!) has got to come forward and UNEQUIVOCALLY support President Trump.

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      • desperatelyseekingmelania says:

        They don’t come any more deep state than Barr. He’s as deep state as Kissinger or Dulles. Indeed a powerful weapon, were he turned against that which he has long been a part of. But we’re talking about the same president who appointed Wray, Sessions, Pence (there’s your real snake in the grass), Coats, the pathologically insubordinate Mattis, McConnell’s wife. I’m not necessarily blaming PDJT for all this, he is hamstrung by who the Senate will approve. But it would be a 180 departure from what we’ve seen if Barr were to turn out to be what you desire.

        Makes it all the more remarkable how PDJT has been able to assemble his own trade/economic team and run that side of things the way he wants. Why didn’t the Senate block him there? Or are they actually on board with his strategy re: China?

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        • 1987bear says:

          PDJT can appoint Temporary Cabinets position for 210 days before Senate needs to vote.


        • De Oppresso Liber says:

          I couldn’t begin to speak with any coherence whatsoever regarding President Trump’s trade strategy vs the Chicoms, but my hope with Barr is that his sense of duty will overcome any personal loyalties he may feel towards those who would irreversibly damage our Republic, in my humble opinion, should the coup plotters ultimately succeed.

          I would hope that AG Barr now recognizes the threat posed to our freedom and democracy, should the Office of the President be damaged beyond repair by this still ongoing coup.

          Regardless of any personal affinities for or biases against President Trump the man, hopefully his Patriotism and understanding of the historical significance of the moment will prevail, and govern his actions accordingly.


          • LarryG says:

            I agree, De Oppressor Liber…someone has to step up…there HAS to be someone in DC who isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right and what’s good for the country. I also agree with most here that the bulk of it crumbling….and a majority of those employed there being in jail, while traumatic for the country, wouldn’t ultimately hurt us much.

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      • 1987bear says:

        I agree, I’m sure there are many Patriots just waiting for someone to start opening the floodgates. These Patriots know if they try themselves w/o any help they will be crushed. America is depending on one guy, Bill Barr. Really Sad. Need to start making these Traitors feel the heat

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    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      Make that DEFEND the Constitution….

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    • Justin Green says:

      I’m not sure it would be “devastating” to the country. I think most of the people in the country, were the crimes to be finally be made mainstream news, would be happy that the prostitutes and pedophiles in DC were brought to justice for their crimes.


  2. LarryG says:

    Great investigation and great writing again, Sundance. Thank-you again for your hard work and dedication to the truth!
    My question…and I suspect that of many citizens…is this, “What is it going to take to get that first serious criminal charge filed and the clean-up started?”

    Certainly “half of Washington going down” would be devastating to our system, but would it be any worse or more dangerous than the high levels of frustration and cold anger building as a result of sweeping all this corruption under the table and sending the criminals merrily into retirement with their full government pensions?

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  3. Right to reply says:

    I still wonder what role Jeff Sessions played in all this.
    1, He was Trump’s first big political supporter (He positioned himself to know everything that was going on in the campaign)
    2, He begged Trump for the job of AG (Recused himself instantly to allow the wolves to attack)
    3, He hired Rosenstein knowing his history, and which lead to the Special Council
    4, He presided over the attack without comment, and knowing full well what the game was (Obstruction)

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    • JoeMeek says:

      Jeff Sessions, you want to know what you are? Huh? Huh? You don’t. I do. Everyone does. You are the son of a thousand fathers, all #astards like you.
      – Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez

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    • Louis Genevie says:

      t has been obvious since he recused himself that Sessions is a deep swamp creature who should be taken out behind the barn and dealt with there.

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      • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

        Don’t agree.
        This would suggest that PT was Hoodwinked throughout much of his campaign.
        I trust God’s Plan.


        • desperatelyseekingmelania says:

          Unfortunately it’s far from the only thing that suggests PDJT has been hoodwinked


          • 1987bear says:

            Yes I believe PDJT has been deceived by swamp from day 1 (Reince) but caught on & has since adjusted. He’s in a really tough spot, Swamp vs MAGA


    • Curtis Gomes says:

      Jeff Sessions, was a huge President Trump mistake for sure. Sessions is a despicable little rat! He was part of the deep state entrenched Washington vermin right from the beginning…..

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    • I disagree. Jeff Sessions was an honerable man and his senate record was a truly conservative one. He was my senator from Alabama for years and I watched his every vote and position. Consistently honorable. I think he wanted AG to clean up the law from Holders overreaches and better the rule of law application. But, he willfully looked away from the swamp moves and let Rosenstein take over- I think cuz he didn’t feel the swamp was beatable. So he selfishly/happily did his part of Justice and was content to be Pontious Pilate w the coup. I’m so sad and disappointed about him. Horrible abdication of his duty to Trump and us all. He knew better – thus sickeningly incompetent.

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      • bubba G says:

        What he did to POTUS was tantamount to treason. He destroyed years of productive Presidency. Who knows how much political damage he did to the entire cause by allowing this Russia hoax to continue rather than be dismissed. Lives lost, marriages, it is a long list of damage. By one man. That one act erased a lifetime of whatever else he accomplished. He is a steaming, worthless POS. One act is all it takes.

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    • apfelcobbler says:

      Sessions’s needless recusal was our first big head-scratcher. His silly hanky-waving actions now appear very suspect. Who knows how long he’d been in on things or just how much or how little he knew at any point in time? He may have originally been a genuine Trump supporter and so the DS was happy to know there was someone “weak” (who Trump trusted) that they could confidently wean away … I wouldn’t be surprised if the DS didn’t do a detailed psychological workup on him to figure out how to turn him when they deemed the timing was right.

      Giggling at Kamala saying, “ooh, you’re makin me nervous” at his confirmation hearing seems like a goofy act in retrospect – given how Tulsi dispensed with her BS in about 30 seconds. Instead, Sessions was screaming, “Uncle” to Aunt Kamala. If he’d been born an omega wolf he would have presented his neck to her. Imagine how tiny Kamala’s ego would be without her Committee membership.


  4. icthematrix says:

    This mess gets resolved not through Barr or the courts, but by a massive reveal of evidence that is overwhelming, indispensable and damning to the entire cabal. It won’t happen, which is why we will get minimal justice if any. The slow drip drip of information is too easily challenged by lawfare, the propaganda press and deep state talking points. Or key persons become dead. Defeating such a massive group requires speed, impact and overwhelming force. Even our mighty President realizes this and is gearing up to win re-election far more than exposing the cabal.

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  5. rayvandune says:

    I hope this is the correct phrasing, but the idea is obvious anyway:

    “… but when a long train of abuses & usurpations pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them to arbitrary power under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government & to provide new guards for their future security.”

    By any definition, we are now living with “a long train of abuses & usurpations pursuing invariably the same object”, and that object is obvious: it is the subversion of our right to elect our leaders.

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  6. wonder if SSCI is holding a Don Jr “perjury” trap over POTUS’ head? Remember, he was called back a couple of months ago for ‘testimony’.


    • Zy says:

      Certainly possible. At the very least more a not so veiled threat to the president and more harassment. I want Marx Warner tarred and feathered.

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    • Bill Durham says:

      Bingo! Don Junior is the Fredo Corleone of the Trump family. A low iq moron who was dumb enough to get set up by Glenn Simpson. My fear is that a deal was already cut. A weak Mueller report, weak Mueller testimony, and impeachment will never see the light of day. In return POTUS has to give up something. What that is I have no idea. Barr is in position to implement that deal. He decides who gets prosecuted and who gets a pass. May be it’s Fredo Corleone for Warner Burr sessions McCain Ryan Rosenstein etc. I would assume Hillary and Barry get a pass. Comey Brennan and clapper skate. But I think McCabe and his crew will go down. Whether it’s for sedition or mere process crimes. The thing is if Barr was doing a total white wash, this is not how to do it. He could have done an internal review andbe done with it. The IG and Durham and Huber is too many moving parts for a white wash. Talking about spying on interviews and public hearings is not white wash strategy. There will be no gitmo or hangings.the conclusion- A rogue element of biased partisans went beyond their authority like Hoover. They will gamble on a Trump hating jury and roll the dice. Don’t expect plea deals.


    • flowerbelle says:

      Exactly. Time for the gloves to come off. Interesting that Trump specifically called out Burr yesterday.
      Here the thing. The GOPE is reviled by just about everyone. Their constituency is the CoC, very limited. We essentially voted for trump to take on the backstabbing GOPE. We’re still waiting. The goodwill they accrued with the kavanaugh vote is done and don’t kid yourselves, that was done for Bush, not trump.
      Expose all of them. The country is longing for honesty and a return to trust in our institutions.


  7. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Left hand… right hand.

    Local sources claim that this video shows hundreds of Chinese anti-riot troops crossing the Shenzhen Qianhai Guangshen Coastal Expressway Bridge into Hong Kong today where they obviously intend to put down the rebellious freedom insurrection once and for all. If true this is bad news which will upend politics as usual in DC. No mention on mainstream news so far and this report is “unconfirmed.”

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  8. Magabear says:

    So basically, even when we have clear as day evidence of a crime by deep state actors, we still can’t get justice served. No wonder all the coup participants never seem nervous about being held accountable.

    Hopefully that all changes soon.

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  9. Paul says:

    Barr has a problem if he doesn’t give DJT what he wants, and makes it stick. The President will not back off from the deep state knuckle draggers. He will take down as many as he can.


  10. leftnomore says:

    The caustic Republican senators involved will resign or get voted out if this is made widely known. Trump will make it known and down they’ll go. Do you think a single Demrat senator will suffer for their participation? Unlikely. Their resistance efforts will be rewarded. That’s our true dilemma. Be careful what you wish for.

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    • ezgoer says:

      Trump will be forced to endorse all these GOPe traitors when they run because he wants, no needs, a GOP Senate majority. Just like he endorsed Mittens. Makes me want to throw up.


  11. arze says:

    Moral Turpitude.

    The pertinent question to ask is: how it came to be that a British spy operation to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, and later, the administration of President Trump came to be framed — instead – as: a Russian spy operation to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, and later, the administration of President Trump.

    Why were the British also hell-bent on blaming their own dastardly deeds on the Russian Federation?

    This question must be answered if we are to even be in the ballpark of what is most relevant in this ongoing sedition against our president.

    It is most certainly useful and necessary to get to the bottom of the Obama administration’s efforts to destroy Trump during and after the 2016 campaign.

    But for clarity on the key question involving why the British did what they did, it is essential to determine whether:
    1] This was the British government’s idea
    2] This was the Obama administration’s idea
    3] And/or how was this a combination of both governments, all against the Trump phenomena.

    And of course, a clear answer must be provided to ascertain if this was: Hillary Clinton’s brain child, or Bill’s, or Barack’s, or the British government’s, to begin with? This is Predicate Material 101, Mr. AG William Barr.

    The OHR 302s show the woven-togetherness of the above actors. Thank you Judicial Watch.

    Clarity can be gleaned by figuring out what can be ruled out as fact, and what cannot, at this point.

    At this point, the fact of the matter is that:

    >A British spy operation to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, and later, the administration of President Trump

    >Clinton paid for Steele Dossier

    >The Steele Dossier was laundered to become “evidence” in a FISA warrant — that was then the laundering mechanism for all the previous [British and] American spying on Trump.

    >The Steele Dossier become a black ops. — All Fake — to create confusion, division and mayhem in American political and social society.

    The British sewed division in American political and social society via a black ops scandal, and what is being done, to address this British action, related to this dimension of those heinous and serious crimes against our sovereign nation?

    In that effort, the British used Russia as the bogeyman, and this British effort continue to sew bigotry and division between America and Russia; between American and American, and so on and so forth.

    Shakespeare well understood and wrote about what can fairly be called British Deceitfulness.

    This is an opportunity for our country to call the British out on this, and take serious and consequential action against that nation, the UK, — that is taking us to be complete and utter fools.

    In addition to this British criminal act against our nation and people, will we ever hold them, in addition to, Obama and Clinton, accountable for their sedition? Let’s stop pretending what the British did is no big deal. They did it on purpose for a specific end: destroy Trump.

    Sir Kim Darroch, who at the time was the UK’s Ambassador to the US: vouched for British ex-spy Christopher Steele who put together the Dirty Dossier on Trump.

    Darooch told US officials Steele was “absolutely legit” – which our media apostles endlessly parroted – and we, to our great shame, came to own and become part of this grotesque perfidy and sin.

    The British appointed Darrooch to that role in July 2015; he served in that role from Jan. 2016 until July 2019; prior to that he was the National Security Advisor to the British prime minister, from 2012 to 2015.

    Bad people in our own government and our “closest ally” Great Britain may or may not ever be held accountable: time will tell. Were the Kennedy assassination every properly investigated, I might be more confident that the current attack on a president will be investigated “to the full extent of the law.” Time will tell.

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    • 1987bear says:

      More likely operation was hatched by Clapper, Brennan & Oidiot, it was a poorly run operation. Perhaps b/c they thought hilLIARy would win. At least 4 US agencies were involved along with UK, Italy, Germany & Australia. Italy & Australia have already cleaned house with their spy agencies.


    • Apfelcobbler says:

      Brits do excel in matters of deceit at the highest levels – no other nation comes close. It is rather odd that no single media outlet (to my knowledge) is framing inquiry into issues as you propose. Rather, the presumptive framing seems to be that conception just leapt out of a tiny handful of American DS minds.

      Clinton, from Oxford days, has personal ties to the Foreign Service. And Steele had been the head of the UK desk during Meuller’s tenure as FBI head. No reporter or Congress critter has gone anywhere near exploring the Steele/Meuller acquaintanceship (again, to my knowledge). It certainly makes you want to reconsider the purpose of the Clinton Foundation – in ways that far exceed the facile media explanation of ‘personal graft’ and limited to narrow American politics.

      Clearly the DS has become a heck of a lot more entrenched and well financed since the Church Committee! Our foray into Empire quite naturally involved an expansion of international elites and their security apparatuses within our own DS orbit. Many overseas operators had plenty at risk from PT’s America First policies. No one ever expected a President to act in such a way as to increase gain for the average American.


  12. Garavaglia says:

    If it weren’t for President Trump and the CTH, I would not even know there was such a thing as a Senate subcommittee, much less cared. I have to think that them being brought into the sunlight is pretty uncomfortable and they would much rather be lurking in the shadows. Keep the pressure on and good work.

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  13. I will never believe there is a single honest person working for the federal government ever again.

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  14. Jim in TN says:

    It will be interesting to see how much of this comes out in the open and how much gets erased from history.

    If communists in government is an example, lots of damning things will only be released when the fake story is too cemented in the history books to be erased with the truth. And as West documented, important bits of history were totally erased. Even transcripts of public Congressional hearings.

    This thing is and was humongous. It will be difficult sorting out the people who had the pitchforks and torches all ready to go from the people who were spun up in a frenzy to attack with pitchforks and torches.

    But the key is Obama was using the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA and the NSA to spy on EVERYONE. And was doing so long before Trump came down to run for President.

    That morphed into a coordinated frame up and spying on Trump and his campaign. Coordinated with the DNC and Hillary that is. Which really got going once the same bozos whitewashed Hillary’s crimes.

    But when she lost, she unleashed the dogs of hell upon the nation. And almost all of that city was in on it.

    McStain was key to inflaming the mob, and making it a bipartisan witch hunt.

    It was big. Most of Congress was lining up to cast Trump out. All except a handful of conservatives. And the one that mattered was quickly iced out. There is hardly any group in the DOJ that was not pitching in.

    Sessions was quickly forced to castrate himself. Rosenstein was quickly cued up to start off the hunt. And within days he and Sessions were ‘assisting’ Trump in the act that would be used to justify the hunt. Firing Liar Comey.

    Luckily the insanity of the witch hunters ruled the day. They chose the most ridiculous way to go about their job. Even so, without Barr, they would have never been called out on their abuses.

    But Barr is a Bushie. This implies that part of the establishment realized that the insanity had gone too far. And they stepped up to rein it in. But not until after 3 of the 4 committees had begun dissecting the coup.

    Barr must preserve the institutions that were conducting the coup, while stopping the coup and making sure that it doesn’t happen again. He has been publicly negotiating an end game. A few wrists slapped for improper behavior, new rules to properly predicate future spying on Presidents and candidates, and maybe a scapegoat or two in the IC.

    But the coup is too large and too insane. They are not letting Barr tie everything up in a neat little package to make it all go away. They are not even stopping the coup.

    And Barr’s organization has been an essential part of the coup from day one, Obama illegally spying on Americans. He can’t fix things if they keep rebelling. And that prevents him from making it go away too.

    Definitely cursed to live in interesting times.

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    • islandpalmtrees says:

      Like nearing the end of a juicy book. I am waiting to see what Sundance comes up with regarding Obama, Gang-Of-Eight and Lynch?

      Based on your take of events, “if they keep rebelling”, we are going to see something Catastrophic take place.

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    • gda53 says:

      Nice summary. And you’re right about Barr being caught in a quandary. How to contain without having this thing get out of hand.

      It may not be possible.

      With regard to the coup, I surmise they may identify one or two egregious individuals who “started this off” and who can be pinned with the “kingpin” tag to the extent that everyone else naturally would have accepted their word as gold without enquiring too closely about the “evidence”.

      After all, when the entire IC + Obama/Hillary cabal tell you Orange Man Bad, it just confirms your preexisting bias and you’re more than happy to do what’s asked of you.

      So maybe Brennan, Comey and one or two others will get hit with conspiracy charges, others will be reprimanded (the other FISA signatories + ?), and everyone else gets a “just obeyed orders” pass?

      That’s the coup thing.

      But what happens with the spying from 2012? Who’s going to take the fall for that?


      • GB Bari says:

        But what happens with the spying from 2012? Who’s going to take the fall for that?

        That’s the elephant in the room that the Left and their MSM buddies have been so far successfully ignoring. But that elephant is developing a bad case of gas…….

        Liked by 1 person

  15. islandpalmtrees says:

    Was the NSA working with the SSCI to prevent the conspiracy from being revealed?

    I would like to talk about communications between the conspirators by asking that we remember that they were concerned about leaving a paper trail but not about phone conversations that could be picked up by the NSA. If you were a conspirator and you knew all to well what the NSA was able to do. Then why would you not be concerned about your phone conversations being recorded?

    I could come up with only two answers: 1) The NSA was in on the conspiracy 2) Some sort of special phone that would prevent even the NSA from making sense of any communications.

    Then I remembered this old posting.

    “Was it all an IC fabrication?

    The NSA would have had copies of the DNC emails had these emails been transferred as claimed per the former NSA technical director. We all when through almost three years of BS because people like Mike Pompeo did nothing when presented with evidence.

    Any wonder why the SSCI did not support Ratcliffe for DNI now?



  16. islandpalmtrees says:

    Are one or more the people below still very much a problem?

    Paul M. Nakasone
    General, U.S. Army; Commander, U.S. Cyber Command; Director, National Security Agency; Chief, Central Security Service


  17. Mitch Steel says:

    America is gone. Barr cant go at this alone and it almost certainly means we would head into a hot civil war(cold right now)if he actually DID, what NEEDED to be done.
    Where do we go from here? Two choices: a dramatically changed America through bloodshed or the same change, just a cultural one and one conservatism has been losing for 50 years?
    I dont have the answer, but I know our government is beyond repair.

    Liked by 2 people

    • islandpalmtrees says:

      You get up the next morning and read in the headlines “Peter Somebody” is missing or Terrible Accident elevator falls with “Peter Somebody”, etc.


  18. islandpalmtrees says:

    What if, Mike Rogers got out some of the conspirators but not all?


  19. David Farrar says:

    Wasn’t Senate Intel. Chairman Burr the one who single-handedly torpedoed Ratcliff’s DNI appointment? Now I understand why he wanted so desperately to nominate Clapper’s protégé Sue Gordon to the DNI post.

    “What does Clapper have over Sen. Burr?”


  20. MR52 says:

    Interesting how Trump called out Burr in the presser the other day. He usually telegraphs something coming.


  21. ChampagneReady says:

    Sundance it is stunning how much history and factual recollection you document on this marathon soap opera trying to subvert, frame, and remove President Trump.

    If the heads of the DOJ are not reading your stuff, they’re working extra hard for nothing. You connect all the dots for them.


  22. ss442 says:

    “Senate intelligence committee?” now that is a contradiction in terms.


  23. philip horner says:

    Go for the low hanging fruit and lock her up. Nobody should walk Scott free on mishandling classified info. No agency official…e.g. Comey…can give her a pass because that is not an adjudication…but his ‘opinion’. *cough cough*.


  24. Occam’s Razor says:

    I don’t believe that AG Barr is part of the Deep State. I also don’t believe that he is immune to blackmail tactics involving his family. We all know the information on all Americans is vast and deep, so even Barr can be persuaded to protect his loved ones.


  25. Law of Unintended Consequences requires POTUS / AG Barr to prosecute without undermining the full faith and credit of U.S. government. Full faith and credit is a phrase used to describe the unconditional guarantee / commitment of the federal govt. to back the interest and principal of our national debt. Loss of faith in this guarantee = world markets in collapse = global chaos = War.

    POTUS / AG Barr must prosecute the former high ranking conspirators methodically.


  26. JuniorBR549 says:

    What I want to see happen is that everyone, and I mean everyone (I don’t care who they are or what party they are in), has to pay for what they have done and also attempted to do in the conspiracy and attempted coup of the President of the United States. I don’t care if they have to have special elections to replace all the criminals in Congress because so many have been involved in this. It is way past time to lower the boom. I trust AG Barr will get the job done, no matter how distasteful this is. THANKS for all the research.


  27. Shadrach says:

    This will get interesting. PDJT is laying waste to gov’t institutions while everyone is crying chaos. What do they say about the forest for the trees?

    I hate to use the term 4D chess, because it is so overused, but I am seeing a pattern. Take out the top layers and the bottom layers collapse.


  28. Newt Love says:

    Sundance, for the unenlightened, would you explain how The Woods Procedures must be sworn to, for every


  29. MightyMustardSeed says:

    Barr’s problem is actually Warner and Burr’s problem.

    As they conspire to block Dan Coats’ replacement for DNI, it is time to remind them of the specter of James Wolfe.

    The rats will play if the cat’s away. Barr Kitty had Rodentstein nailed to the wall, at the Mueller report news conference. The vermin of the Senate Intelligence Committee have created their own trap.

    Nice when the rats set the traps AND provide the bait! Barr just has to check the traps.


  30. Midnite says:

    While it may suit the sensibilities of some to tear it all down and start over, I think PDJT is taking a slightly different tact. Let’s imagine this as a business situation as he well might, you’ve successfully pulled off the takeover of a company only to find that the management and staff are corrupt and they’re robbing you blind at every turn. What do you do? If you fire them all the company goes down and you loose everything. I think we can all understand this may NOT be a desirable result, so what other options exist? Why not replace them one at a time and bring in your own people, the company keeps on making widgets and you can still sell enough widgets to stay afloat for the time being. In the meantime you shake things up a bit and let ’em know there’s a new sheriff in town…some leave, some retire and some just fade away and as they do you bring in new blood to replace them.

    I think PDJT knew DC was corrupt, but I doubt he had any idea just how bad it really was. As Sundance and others have shown the enormity of the situation it’s almost impossible to see any other solution than expose the whole rotten mess and let it fall down around their ears, but it’s our country that’s at stake here and I think PDJT is taking the only viable path forward. He’s knows what happened and he knows who the players are. He also knows just how dangerous these circumstances are, not just for him but for all of us. I’d rather see him take his time and get it right, come Nov. 2020 he’ll have four more years to get some of this shit straightened out.


  31. itsy_bitsy says:

    It is past time to stop lying to protect corrupt democrat politicians!


  32. mg says:

    The time is now for Trump to can the hack barr. JHMFC what in heck is he waiting for. Starting to wonder if Trump is completely full of B.S. The voting public deserves better than what Trump and his band of hacks is telling us. Grow a pair Trump and can the S.O.B.


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