Mueller Outlines Rosenstein August 2nd, Scope Memo – Investigate Claims in Steele Dossier…

On Pages #11 and #12 of the Weissmann/Mueller report, the special counsel team outlines the purpose and intent of the probe as delivered by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.  Within these pages Mueller outlines the August 2nd Scope Memo that has previously been hidden and remains redacted through today.

Read the highlighted portion carefully to understand the scope of the instructions.  Note the careful wording “the Special Counsel had been authorized since his appointment to investigate allegations”… This means from Day #1 of the special counsel, the scope of the probe was always to investigate the claims within the Ohr/Steele Dossier:

The August 2nd Scope Memo additionally authorized the investigation of “certain other matters” specifically relating to Manafort (financial crimes), and Papadopolous and Flynn (FARA violations).

These paragraphs tell us a great deal about what originated the purpose of the FBI investigation and the continued purpose of the special counsel.  Remember, the special counsel was a continuance of the FBI counterintelligence operation which officially began on July 31st, 2016.  [The unofficial beginning was much earlier]

Understanding now that Mueller is saying from Day One he was investigating the Steele Dossier; here’s where we all need to question the assumptions.

From the beginning most people have thought the Fusion-GPS objective was to dig up dirt on Trump for political exploitation.  However, with all the recent information outlined there’s actually a more significant role for Fusion.

The overall intelligence apparatus of the U.S. government was already conducting political surveillance on their political opposition.  The systems of the intelligence apparatus such as FISA-702(16)(17) databases searches were being exploited months (if not years) beforehand.  When NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers discovered the use of the database he shut down contractor access on April 18th, 2016.

When Fusion GPS was hired by the DNC and Clinton team, also in April of 2016, it now appears the purpose was to provide cover for government surveillance already taking place.  Perhaps part of that motive was fear of what NSA Mike Rogers might do.

The Obama administration (U.S. government intelligence apparatus) needed an external source of information that could cover their domestic surveillance and spy operations. That’s why Fusion GPS was hired, and why emphasis was put on using European and Australian intelligence contacts to create the plausible process to continue surveillance that was always taking place.

This corrupt weaponizing of the U.S. intelligence apparatus is MUCH BIGGER than anyone currently absorbs. The Steele Dossier was an eventual part of the cover-story.

When Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were discussing the “insurance policy” in August 2016, they were not discussing insurance from the perspective of their success, ie. Clinton elected; they were discussing insurance from the position of: if they failed.

If Clinton was elected, great; everything continues as normal. However, if Clinton was not elected the weaponization of government needed a cover story, a plausible legitimate reason for why political surveillance/spying was taking place.  This is the insurance policy need…. This is why they needed the Steele Dossier.

Regardless of anything happening to stop them, the intelligence community was conducting surveillance of their political opposition.  To validate that surveillance the intelligence community needed a plausible FBI counterintelligence operation.  That’s where John Brennan (CIA) comes in.

Brennan manufactured the plausible excuse for an FBI operation to begin through the use of “unofficial channels” via Joseph Mifsud, Stefan Halper and eventually Alexander Downer via an Australian intelligence asset Erika Thompson; who was working in London with U.S. intelligence assets Terrence Dudley and Greg Baker, ie. the “Papadopoulos operation”.

While the overseas operation was working to create plausible explanation and start Crossfire Hurricane, back in the U.S. Fusion-GPS was contracted to supplement the appearances for a domestic parallel track.  Fusion ran operations for the Russian appearances inside the U.S., ex. Trump Tower meeting.

For their effort, Fusion was using previously extracted FISA-702(16)(17) results to create more supportive evidence and plausible material.  That Fusion effort led to the Steele Dossier.

However, in a similar way the Brennan operation needed the Australian Diplomat Alexander Downer to cross from “unofficial” into “official” channels, the Steele Dossier  needs a way to cross from ‘unofficial opposition research‘ into official investigative status.

Enter the Steele Dossier.

The Steele Dossier is the investigative virus the FBI needed.  To get the virus into official status, they use the FISA application as the delivery method and injected it into Carter Page.  The FBI already knew Carter Page; essentially Carter Page was irrelevant, what they needed was the Dossier in the system {Go Deep}.

With the communication from Alexander Downer (foundation for the EC), in conjunction with the Steele Dossier (foundation for the Page FISA), the CIA and FBI now held a plausible -albeit fraudulently obtained- basis to explain/justify all of their 2015 and 2016 political spying and surveillance activity.   This is their insurance policy.

Andrew Weissmann was/is one of the DOJ participants who is well aware of the status of the operations as they proceed.  In 2016 and 2017 Weissmann is being briefed by DOJ official Bruce Ohr who is carrying messages from Fusion-GPS and Chris Steele into the FBI.

If Hillary wins the election, everything just evaporates into the ether.  However, if Hillary loses the election – the fraudulent investigative evidence now protects all of the players for their role in weaponized intelligence spying and surveillance operations.

Fraudulent justifications.

Just like the Susan Rice justification Memo, fraudulent justifications are what’s behind those paragraphs in the Rosenstein scope memos as delivered to Weissmann and Mueller.

Fusion GPS was not hired to research Trump, the intelligence community was already doing surveillance and spy operations.  The intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to give them a justification for already existing surveillance and spy operations.

See the difference?

Fusion-GPS gave them the justification they needed with the Steele Dossier.

That’s why the Steele Dossier is so important in the scope memos.



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218 Responses to Mueller Outlines Rosenstein August 2nd, Scope Memo – Investigate Claims in Steele Dossier…

  1. Majik says:

    Y’all need to click on that DONATE button now. General Sundance is on fire. Is $100 worth taking the cabal down? Are you going to do it? Methinks General Sundance can make enough noise to ensure it happens. Put some resources behind our General!!!

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  2. spoogels says:

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  3. spoogels says:


  4. k4jjj says:

    There can be no half measures. If every bit of this massive criminal and treasonous behavior is not revealed and prosecuted, how can this nation survive? There is no putting all of this back into Aladdin’s Lamp. The Big Ugly, the reveal of all the government corruption, does not end the United States. The Big Ugly SAVES the nation. The Big Ugly ends the reign of terror and bribery and the criminal lives of wealth and power of politicians but….

    POLITICIANS ARE NOT THE COUNTRY. They only THINK their widespread removal and imprisonment would be the end of the world.

    if William Barr came out of retirement to save America, he is a hero. If he only came out of retirement to preserve a corrupt and filthy system controlled by self-serving scoundrels, the nation is lost.

    An uncleaned sewer of a nation is nothing worth fighting for. No young patriots should offer to fight to preserve such a sewer. Nobody’s sons, brothers or fathers should have to come home in a flag-draped box to save this lawless government that has become a disgusting pile of human excrement.

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    • Betty says:

      Yea and AMEN !!!!


    • Donald says:

      Your extraordinary message should be under the pillow of two people:
      1. Donald J Trump
      2. Willian Barr


    • Cal Ricky says:

      My God you are exactly right! And all of this for the Clinton’s who had multiple cronies Convicted of Crimes years ago, which we all knew before the election. Note the only actual business the Clinton’s were in went bankrupt and cost the American Taxpayer 64 Million $$. What a travesty!!!


  5. CHenie says:

    The Mueller report was completed months ago IMO. You’ll notice POTUS always tweets “This must never happen again…” NOT “these people must be brought to justice”

    I am as anxious to see justice served as anyone-I listened to Susan Boyle’s “Dream a Dream” posted here and it brought tears to my eyes-and that is a rare occurrence (the tears that is). I have burned with indignation at government lies, cover-ups and and over-reach for decades:

    Ruby Ridge
    JFK assassination
    RFK assassination
    MLK assassination
    Lois Lerner/IRS
    Fast and Furious
    Iran Scandal

    And on and on and on

    I could fill the page with more of same.. NO ONE in the DS went to jail over any of these things. And I am to now believe that justice will be served on Spygate?

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  6. Fortunately (or unfortunately) everything is dependent on AG Barr’s action or inaction.
    PDJT firing Coates and Wray might clear the deck for AG Barr.
    Perhaps someday these United States will become united again.

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  7. Betty says:

    I just this morning realized why that filth Brennan keeps making his total BS statements – they are to keep the Useful Idiots, idiots and useful.
    We are not Brennan’s useful idiots, his idiots work in our Government, and can, day by day, work against Our Beloved 3-term President. Little drops of water, little grains of sand, little useful idiots.

    Here is the bottom line:

    The DOJ/FBI has shown itself to be a clear and present danger to our republic. When two organizations with that much power are corrupted, they must be disbanded. Maybe new organizations can come from their ashes, but we cannot trust these ever again. They hold a knife at the throat of every American citizen…

    And further –

    The FISA Court has shown itself to be a clear and present danger to our republic. When a Federal Court with that much power is irresponsible with the mission entrusted to it by We The People, and passively allows corruption or is itself corrupted, it must be disbanded. Maybe a new court can come from its ashes, but we cannot trust this one ever again. It holds a knife at the throat of every American citizen…

    Was it Joe diGenova who first said that the FBI must be dissolved and their duties given to the US Marshall’s office?

    And it is my, probably faulty, understanding that Constitution created the office of the Attorney General to provide the President with advice and guidance in his new duties.
    The Democrats would like us to believe that the AG is America’s AG, and so making the AG’s office a fourth branch of government. So, no I I think the office of AG was created as a private Constitutional advisor to the President. AG to the People creates a conflict I don’t think the Founding Fathers would have allowed.
    We have a Congress charged with over site of the Executive branch (are they) and the Supreme Court to resolve Constitutional Conflict for us.

    What are the Constitutionally mandated duties of the U.S, Congress? Are their duties confined to passing laws, calculating a yearly budget and sticking to it.

    I need to take that free course on the Constitution offered by – Who, I can’t remember, is it still being offered?


  8. Kevin O'Shea says:

    there is no good reason why FBI would not give President elect Trump a defensive briefing – the bad reason is they were trying to bring him down – sedition

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  9. Lester Smith says:

    For all these lies to work the American people had to buy in and believe the lies. What is most interesting is the psychology. What I mean is the people’s mistrust of government has been redirected and weaponized along with cold war mistrust of Russia. Hense use the mistrust as a cover to blind fold public. When one controls another’s emotions the control to the other. Project trump as a corrupt rich guy, and a bad guy, a guy that is a cheat. Exploit his past indiscretions and Fram him are you really going to trust this guy. By msm, the onslaught of dems and rinos all repeating the same message will reinforce the publics perception that trump is no good and this all has to be the truth. You know psychology of snitches (stars apron ours) or when a lie is told enough times it becomes the truth. This is the whole cover up go after trump for what we actually did. There is an other side that these fools are now scared the death. The real truth starts to be revealed and the public starts to question the message. If you notice the message changes but the psychology stays the same. These bastards have to be exposed trump has to follow his instincts and not listen to others. Release all documents exposing these evil people the public will back you. It’s not interfering when you expose a lie with the truth Mr President. Safe your ass and save our country key the truth set us free.

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  10. concerned3 says:

    It’s just opinion, but I think this is the best document written to date by Sundance.

    Now, what I would do with this, is to write it up in the proper legal fashion and take it to the Supreme Court. This should be more than enough to reverse the Actions of the Special Council.

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  11. Azrajo says:

    Everyone is missing one person Bob Bauer , founder and principal partner of Perkins Coie, he hired Fusion GPS. Bauer was Obama’s personal Attorney as well as Atty for the DNC and Hillarys campaign and Obama for America. He was an Obama cabinet member as was his wife. She was Obama’s communication director.
    Funny how he left his firm and retired just as things started to heat up. Why his name is always left out is beyond me.

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    • Lady Sid says:

      She was a freakin’ Commie, gave the commencement address at some college during Obama presidency saying her personal hero was Mao Tse-dong.


  12. Azrajo says:

    How hard is it to connect the dots to Bob Bauer ? Obama’s group gave his firm over six figures the same time the Hillary campaign and he DNC gave large sums of money to hire Fusion GPS.

    The information about him are listed on the internet for example below which was taken from Wikipedia.

    Bob Bauer principal Attorney for Perkins Coie

    In November 2009, he was named to be the next White House Counsel,[3] upon the resignation of Gregory Craig.[4] Bauer was President Obama’s personal attorney and the general counsel of the Obama for America presidential campaign prior to his appointment as White House Counsel. He has also previously served as the general counsel to the Democratic National Committee,[5] and had advised President Obama since Mr. Obama came to Washington, D.C. in 2005 as U. S.

    Bauer returned to private practice to again represent the president’s election team and the Democratic National Committee. “Bob was a critical member of the White House team,” Mr. Obama said. “He has exceptional judgment, wisdom, and intellect, and he will continue to be one of my close advisers.”

    Bauer is married to Anita Dunn, the former director of communications at the White House. He has four children, a daughter in-law, a son-in-law, and a grandson.[6] In 2008, Bauer and Dunn were described as Washington’s new “power couple” by Newsweek magazine.

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    • Sherri Lynch says:

      Nothing clicked until you mentioned Anita Dunn. Wasn’t she lively supporter in early days of Obama’s presidency? Wasn’t she an “admirer of Mao Zedong? Another wife I am curious about is the wife of Rod Rosenstein. She has been involved dozens and dozens of times in representing, Obama, both Clintons, Comey, Mueller, Kathleen Sebelius, etc. and according to one account read, very active in thwarting Freedom of Information requests. Conflict of interests there, you think?


  13. Flight93Gal says:

    Special Request of Sidney Powell!

    Whenever it’s announced that you will appear on Hannity TV, I tune in–only to be YUGELY disappointed.

    You appear with Greg and Sarah and…with Greg and Dan…and with Greg and fill in the blank.

    YOU are the guest I want to hear from and you always get short segments–WTH!!

    Please tell Hannity you will only appear on his TV show as the primary guest since I and likely 99.9% of CTH readers here want to hear Sidney strategy for both document declassification and for combatting Volume II of Mueller/Weisman report. (We all likely read your and SD articles on declassification but we need this vocalized–without interruption!)

    Can you get on Laura Ingraham or Lou Dobbs for a LENGTHY solo segment?



  14. Anonymous says:

    Small note:

    Another issue with the tortured defense of the “afterwards” AUG2 scope memo: it’s irrelevant that Rosie wanted to write a memo for public release without details. He could have done that and still given the AUG2 info secretly to Mueller. After all the AUG2 memo was not shared for a long time. In addition the desire to make public releases, does not remove the responsibility to clearly define and oversee scope. That remains.


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