Leftist Media Narrative Surfaces in Advance of al-Sisi’s White House Visit…

Understanding the ramifications to an official White House visit by Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, earlier today we pondered how the globalist left and entrenched ideologues within the State Department would react to the visit.  The answer surfaces.

The Sunday alphabet news and cable news completely ignored the topic.  The globalist leftists and the neo-con war machine crowd both have to position themselves carefully lest the larger U.S. electorate really begin to research the back-story.

However, a PBS daily update with the New York Times gives some insight into the approach the media will take via a set of talking points:


  • Mohammed Morsi was the first “democratically elected” Egyptian president?  That’s laughable.  Morsi was “installed” by President Obama through a heavily constructed social media campaign, a faux-revolution, and Muslim Brotherhood obfuscation.
  • President al-Sisi has some “concerning” human rights issues.  Again, beyond laughable. Putting the extremist Brotherhood ideologues into jails (including Mohammed al-Zawahiri, who was illegally released by Morsi from prison).

Listening to how obtuse the PBS interviewer and New York Times correspondent Peter Baker are about the Muslim Brotherhood is blood boiling.  The Brotherhood are the political face of the most extremely violent elements of authentic Islam.

The Brotherhood is a political construct specifically designed to put a masked face over the rabid ideologues and provide a false impression so that western diplomats can talk with extremists openly.  They deploy taqiyya as a political tool toward that objective.

Here’s some background on President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and specific (cited) actions he took to protect Egypt specifically, and recapture broader regional stability.

Here’s a list of the concrete actions President al-Sisi took quietly during a period of eighteen months in 2013 and 2014  putting action where his mouth is.

Allow us to highlight some of the actionable items that showcase a man of action behind his words. Since reluctantly taking power in 2013 Fatah al-Sisi has:

◾Disbanded the Muslim Brotherhood as a political terror entity. (link)  (link)
◾Arrested those who burned churches and attacked Coptic Christians. (link) (link)
◾Jailed or banished the extremist forces.  (link)
◾Supported Israel’s right to exist and defend it’s borders.  (link)  (link)
◾Defeated Hamas in the border region. (link)  (link)
◾Destroyed the border terror tunnels used by Hamas  (link) (link)
◾Pressured Hamas and the PA to negotiate the ceasefire, and forced the PA and Hamas to assemble ONE negotiating group for their interests. (link)  (link)
◾Fought extremism in the Sinai region, and fought against ISIS infiltration.
◾Fought the Libyan new al-Qaeda network “Libyan Dawn”.  (link)
◾Charged and prosecuted the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, who fled to Qatar.  (link)◾Followed the MB to Qatar and initiated sanctions against Qatar until they stopped financing and harboring terror.  (link)
◾Formed a coalition against Qatar including the UAE and Saudi Arabia who withdrew their ambassadors and isolated Qatar in the region.  (link)  (link)
◾Won reelection with almost 70% of the vote. (link)  (link )   (link)
◾Holds an 80%+ job approval rating among ALL Egyptians. (link)
◾Shut down Qatar financed Al Jazerra propaganda machine.  (link)
◾Supported the framework for a new constitution which supports minority protections.  (link)
◾Won a victory against Qatar as they finally conceded and stopped safeguarding terrorists. Sending the MB leadership to the new safe harbor of Turkey.  (link)
◾United the moderate (non violent) Arab coalition, the Gulf Security Council, and constructed a unity principle that supports the safety of Jordan and formed a coalition to defend if needed.  (link)
◾Faced down and quietly defeated Turkey’s bid for a security council seat in the United Nations.  (link)  (link)
◾Negotiated a safe passage coalition for Israel and Greece to form an energy based economic trade agreement.
◾Continues to fight the Islamist extremists inside Libya.  (link)  (link)
◾Continues to fight ISIS in the Northern Sinai region.  (link)  (link)  (link)
◾Expanded the border safety zone with Gaza to insure greater control and protection from weapons smuggling. (link)

Do those look and sound like the actions of a dictator intent on “Human Rights Violations”?   Of course not.  The accusations would be laughable if the transparency of the leftist talking points wasn’t so clear:

Despite President Obama undermining Egypt, these are a few of the actions Egypt took before President al-Sisi stood in front of the heads of the country’s leading Muslim groups and calling for them to confront the misleading ideologies harming Islam and Muslims worldwide.”

In response to President al-Sisi’s speech Al-Azhar stated:

CAIRO: Dar al-Iftaa has responded to President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s call for a “religious revolution” by launching a national project aiming to correct the image of Islam through social media, foreign visits, publications, and issuing fatwas that “suit the modern age,” Ibrahim Negm, advisor to the Grand Mufti said in Friday press statements.

“We should closely examine the situation in which we are in. It does not make sense that the thought we sanctify pushes this entire nation to become a source of apprehension, danger, murder and destruction in the entire world,” Sisi said in a Thursday speech before Egypt’s top religious leaders on the occasion of the Birth of Prophet Mohamed.

“I am not saying the religion [itself]. I am saying this thought that has been sanctified; texts and thoughts that have been sanctified for hundreds of years. And disagreeing with [these texts and thoughts] has become very difficult. To the extent that [this thought] makes an enemy of the whole world,” Sisi added.

Dar al-Iftaa, Egypt’s government-sponsored religious institution responsible for issuing fatwas and religious opinions, will work to achieve the “highest degree of effective communication” with Muslims in Egypt, Arab countries and the world.

Established in 970, Al-Azhar is the most prestigious Sunni institution in the Islamic world.

Al-Azhar’s newly formed Monitor of Infedilizing Fatwas Dept., which responds to radical Islamists’ fatwas labeling other Muslims apostates, has already issued many articles slamming the “extremist opinions” of “non-specialized” sheikhs that receive the attention of a segment of Muslims.

“You cannot feel what [this thought] is when you are inside it. You have to get out of it, inspect it, and read it with a real enlightened thought. You need to take a strong stance. I am reiterating, we need a religious revolution,” Sisi said in his speech, prompting Al-Azhar scholars to applaud. (read more)

Here’s the U.S. and Iranian crew who supported Islamist Morsi: (above left, John Mccain – above right, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – below left, Hillary Clinton – below right John Kerry)… and the U.S. State Department under their tenure.

The Egyptian people were right !

This is the Muslim Brotherhood:


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199 Responses to Leftist Media Narrative Surfaces in Advance of al-Sisi’s White House Visit…

  1. Jeff says:

    ENEMEDIA SPIN DOCTORS ” little ENEMEDIA can’t be wrong ”
    Egypt me ……..

    ” Been a whole lot easier since the MB left town
    Been a whole lot happier without Muhammad Morsi around
    Obama upstairs gonna stomp and shout
    Obama at the back door but we gonna throw GOOGLE out
    We hold the shotgun while you dote-se-doe
    Egypt want one man made of Hercules and Cyrano
    Been a whole lot easier since the MB is gone
    Trump -n- al-Sisi, al-Sisi, al-Sisi can’t be wrong

    Trump -n- al-Sisi, al-Sisi, al-Sisi can’t be wrong
    Ain’t no body gonna bow no more Obama and GOOGLE gone
    Trump -n- al-Sisi, al-Sisi, al-Sisi can’t be wrong
    Whatcha go’n do to get into another one of these here
    Middle East peace throngs

    THE ENEMEDIA thoughts they ain’t no truth around
    Would it be so bad to simply turn down the sound
    they lie so well, all over on CNN
    Your viewers do brain surgery with a frickin’ monkey wrench
    Trump -n- al-Sisi, al-Sisi, al-Sisi can’t be wrong
    Ain’t no body gonna bow like Obama no more he’s gone
    Trump -n- al-Sisi, al-Sisi, al-Sisi can’t be wrong
    Whatcha go’n do to get into another one of these here
    Middle East peace throngs

    I hope them MEDIA lies gonna make you cough
    Hope you hear the TRUTH and it pissed you off
    I take that back: Trey Gowdy gets you fine
    And if not hung for TREASON , you’ll be doin’ ninety-nine

    Trump -n- al-Sisi, al-Sisi, al-Sisi can’t be wrong
    Ain’t no body gonna bow like Obama no more he’s gone
    Trump -n- al-Sisi, al-Sisi, al-Sisi can’t be wrong
    Whatcha go’n do to get into another one of these here
    Middle East peace throngs

    Trump-n al-Sisi can’t be wrong ”


  2. PGlenn says:

    If you are trying to unravel how/why our elite political institutions had become so corrupted and destructive of traditional American values, you could do worse than pursue the following two questions:

    1. During the height of the Great Recession and so-called recovery, when almost every other metro in the U.S. was languishing economically, was DC experiencing a dramatic boom, with construction cranes seemingly going up all around that city?

    2. Why do so many establishment, corporatist “UniParty” types openly and/or surreptitiously support the Muslim Brotherhood?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. amanda4321 says:

    Muslim brotherhood is a creation and tool of intelligence agencies
    Robert Dreyfuss talked about intelligence connections to Muslim Brotherhood. Review of his book “Devil’s Game” is here: http://americanempireproject.com/devils-game/
    “Drawing on extensive archival research and interviews with dozens of policy makers and CIA, Pentagon, and foreign service officials, Robert Dreyfuss follows the trail of American collusion from support for the Muslim Brotherhood in 1950s Egypt, to links with Khomeini and Afghani jihadists, to longstanding ties between radical Islamists and the leading banks of the West.”

    James Corbett gets into this here at 13:20

    More on connections between Western intelligence agencies and Muslim Brotherhood here:


  4. Sandra-VA says:

    And here comes McCain, right on cue:

    (and I called him out 😀 )

    Liked by 4 people

  5. cjmcd says:

    Most of the world understands that obama is a muslim, jihadi who hates America, but Americans are slow to catch up. Must be something in our water………….or, in our media.


  6. FiveShooter says:

    Facebook is hard blocking the sharing of this story to the News stream (and the previous story “How Will State Department Ideologues Deal With The Egyptian White House Visit?…”

    Liked by 1 person

  7. ZC says:

    When shrillery transferred billions of US dollars from Clinton foundation graft last year 2016 to the bank of Qatar (which is also lacking extradition agreements with the US) as part of her plausible “getaway” should she lose the election, and then Was Prevented From Leaving The US, it really must have made the UAE and Saudi Arabia just fume because both she and Obama have long since thrown their hats in with the Muslim brotherhood —- while UAE and Saudi Arabia along with Egypt and many others have declared the MB a terrorist organization. The USA needs to follow suit and defund all organizations receiving any kind of federal funding that is supporting the MB’s organizations.


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