One Third of Egyptian / Gaza Border Houses Contain Hamas Terror Tunnels… (so far) – Egypt Will Not Compensate For Demolished Houses If Tunnels Found…

This is a pretty sobering statistic.   Last week in response to continued terrorist attacks in the Sinai region, Egypt began to widen the border between Gaza and Egypt.  A “buffer zone” is being built and homes on the border are being removed.  A “border wall” is currently being considered.

So far around 200 homes have been bulldozed or destroyed as Egypt’s President Abdul Fattah el-Sisi and his government begin the process.  Of the 200 homes removed, 78 have been found to house tunnels from Egypt into Gaza, that’s 39%.  These tunnels are used by Hamas to smuggle arms and rockets into the Gaza strip – the target of the rockets is Israel.

border tunnel GAZA

EGYPT – North Sinai Governor General Abdel-Fattah Harhour said owners of houses on the border line with the Gaza Strip will not receive any compensation for their demolished houses if smuggling tunnels were discovered inside their homes.

The number of these homes whose owners will not receive compensation is 78, no compensation because these houses have smuggling tunnels,” he told local CBC television.

On Wednesday, the army began demolishing homes along the border line with the Gaza Strip to create a buffer zone which aims at preventing weapons smuggling.

gaza border sinai

Harhour explained that the departing residents would be compensated for their lost homes.

Each displaced family is expected to receive LE900 to help pay for rent elsewhere for three months, Harhour said, while compensation for lost property is being calculated.

He expected more than 680 houses on the border are set to be demolished.

Security forces had previously destroyed around 200 houses on the border after discovering entrances to smuggling tunnels leading into the Gaza Strip inside residences.

Last Friday, more than 30 Egyptian security personnel were killed in a terrorist attack on an army post in Sinai. Since then, the army’s crackdown on Sinai-based militants has intensified.

The Friday assaults were the worst ever since unrest and violence in the peninsula spiked following the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi last year. After the attack, a three-month state of emergency was declared in Sinai. (read more)

Netanyahu-and-General-el-Sisi-of-Egypt-333-x-248Hardball – […]  The planned buffer zone will reportedly stretch along the length of the 13km (eight mile) border.

Those who refuse to leave their homes within the deadline set by the authorities will have their property seized by force.

North Sinai’s governor, General Abdel-Fattah Harhoor, said on Wednesday that 800 homes in the border city of Rafah had been evacuated.

Compensation has been offered to the displaced, except those whose homes are found to contain smuggling tunnels.

Some residents have complained that the government’s action is breeding anger. Forcible displacement is a criminal act under the Egyptian constitution.

Militants operating in Sinai and in Gaza have been accused of using tunnels below the border to move weapons and fighters.

The tunnels have also played a vital role in the economy of the Palestinian territory, which has been struggling to cope with a blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt in 2007 as a measure against Hamas.  (more)

gaza border sinai 2

You’ll note the sound of (((crickets))) from the leftist U.S. media about el-Sisi’s decision to relocate the border residents. 

Why no protestations?  Simple.  Because it’s not Israel doing it, on that end.

When Israel does it the left goes apoplectic; when Egypt does it – notsomuch.

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56 Responses to One Third of Egyptian / Gaza Border Houses Contain Hamas Terror Tunnels… (so far) – Egypt Will Not Compensate For Demolished Houses If Tunnels Found…

  1. Thank God he’s doing it.

    Lesson to the U.S. – sniff out the tunnels and destroy them.

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  2. RJ says:

    Recall all those years on American television when you saw those “uprisings” in the middle east: Most of the demonstrators were males, were they not? If one has a job that gives sustenance and meaning, why go march in anger all the time? You certainly wouldn’t. Yet, those guys did.

    Now, fast forward. Here comes a genuine “mass movement” that offers “hope and meaning” to these tens of thousands of males who have no future they can easily embrace. Who wouldn’t want to join such a movement, especially if there are “enemies” defined and available to bring retribution upon…to get even with by killing? Add the radical clerics pronouncing it’s ok to do such and away you go to jihad and group dynamics of “we’ve made it” one way or the other.

    Not sure? Dust off your old copy of Eric Hoffer’s “The True Believer” for a refresher, or his “The Ordeal of Change” will also add insights on what to expect. This ain’t new folks.

    Note to those following American politics: If you expect Obama to change course if he loses the Senate, etc. you are seriously wrong. He will double down no matter what for he is following a game plan even he doesn’t recognize: He is going to self destruct just like his Daddy, only this time he will take down as many people as he possibly can, both here in the USA and anywhere else he is able (read Israel for starters)!

    Illegals coming into America with serious medical issues…no problem for Obama. Ebola coming to America…that’s too cool for Obama. Death to America by a thousand cuts is a fine game plan for such an evil, malignant narcissist and passive aggressive guy who intends to “get even with Whitey” one way or the other.

    It’s all happening right before your eyes, just open them a little wider and keep them open longer.

    You’ll see all his moves before the multitude of books come out after his presidency ends by those who knew yet feared telling the truths they learned during his two terms in office.

    Progressives are really regressives. The war on women really means women who are at war with men. Standard marxist moves with rhetoric to fool the masses.

    Liars of the first order…”if you like your health plan…”

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  3. georgiafl says:

    These tunnels were built to smuggle arms and jihadists into Gaza in order to plan and execute terrorist activities in Israel.

    24 THOUSAND, 250 documented deadly Islamic jihad terrorist attacks since 9/11/01. All over the world against every religion including other Muslims.

    Average monthly death toll is 800-1000. More details here:

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  4. libby says:

    Love me some secular no nonsense Moozlims.

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  5. ctdar says:

    Beginning of the end to Hamas and the other rats that used these tunnels.

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  6. partyzantski says:

    What Al Sisi is doing is right and proper. It needs to be done. The removal of these people is no different than the act of condemnation and seizure under eminent domain here. Either he does it, or the Israelis do it their way.

    Now, imagine how this would go if the Federal Govt here decided to get serious about our own border with Mexico. That would get interesting very quickly.

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    • RJ says:

      Not enough Americans have died yet to get the general population up on its feet! You might just wait and see if Harry Reid makes another move on the Bundy ranch…been real quiet these past weeks since the feds with their guns marched into that land and sent a fascist message to the Bundy family and other American ranchers in the neighborhood and those watching on television.


      • Sharon says:

        What difference would it make if the general population was on its feet?

        There was a mighty uproar throughout the land in the fall of 2009 when millions voiced their fury about both the method and the content of obamacare and it didn’t matter.

        Those who have been given authority in this nation by the fools who do not understand anything except their own thumb in their mouth couldn’t care less if the general population is on its feet. They have far more ammo than the general population does.

        The message they sent to the Bundy family and other American ranchers has been understood, received, and tolerated as far as I can see.

        I will be completely delighted and relieved to be proven wrong by events yet to unfold.

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      • mills says:

        they are going after him again. This time with siezure of property


        • partyzantski says:

          I believe that the Bundys made their point. While suboptimal, taking the exit now may preclude getting thrown under the wheels of Legion X in a future Waco for them. If Legion X has to take it to eleventy with everyone, they will not get too far down the line with that COA to see that it is a fruitless endeavor. Going to eleventy hardens resolve and darkens the hearts of the very people they need to keep believing in them, so it is counter-productive.

          As a point of stark comparison, just think about the Forest Brothers in Lithuania into the 1950’s against the KGB, or the last Polish partisans (1963!)

          As Americans, these men who have gone before have provided some monumental examples of what stubborn people who refuse to die on command or get pushed around can do, and we face a much more incompetently evil foe than the KGB. As such, there is much peaceful work to do and I am optimistic about our future as a Republic (per the Constitution and its stated guarantee).

          Guarantee of Republican Form of Government

          SECTION 4. The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence. –


        • I thought he was ranching on federal land.


          • partyzantski says:

            He had a contractual arrangement to use the property rights to graze cattle. What the status of that contract was is debatable.
            It is the same concept as illegal foreclosures for financial institutions to seize your equity through illegal foreclosure.
            The rule #1 is to “get off the X”. I think at that point, I’d consider retiring from raising cattle and enjoy my golden years. It is unequitable for a society to insist that the same player get up to bat, there is a deep bench in America. Time for the Bundy family to go ice that elbow. Unless they choose to step back up, their choice.


  7. DarPot says:

    Future headline: One Third of Ferguson Border Houses Contain Holder Terror Tunnels…


  8. elvischupacabra says:

    I’m sure the world community is outraged and all the little Paleostinkian [sic] sympathizers on US college campuses will be up in arms and calling for a boycott of Egypt. No? Like Sundance stated, it’s only when Israel tears down houses hiding terror tunnels that anyone gets upset.

    El-Sisi can do simple math. Hamas = Iran. Iran = Shi’a. Shi’a = radical Islam.

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  9. Moishe Pipik says:

    So when will the Liberals and the lefties start boycotting Egypt, and start calling Egypt an “apartheid” state?

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  10. sangell51 says:

    Gaza is just a great big Ferguson with the UN playing the role of the US government. For over 60 years the people of Gaza have lived off the UNRWA. How can one be a refugee for 60 years? If the people of Gaza were told they are going to have to earn a living these folks might do something more constructive with their time than making babies and boring under the earth like rats.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      ” How can one be a refugee for 60 years?: Go to any local public housing complex in teh US and ask that question.


      • Chris says:

        Yeah, they start in inner city slum, then moved to Pruitt Igoe, then shipped off to the county in section 8 apartment complex (Canfield Apts.) It’s very well documented in the film “Spanish Lake” I highly recommend people watch it, then you get a glimpse of how this country has done a great disservice to blacks by “helping” them.


      • partyzantski says:

        That is quite a salient point there, Czar. Now, why does the Goobermint insist that the transfer population crowd gets to collect the dole AND live in the urban cores? One would think that they could be more economically maintained if they were to be moved to the most unpopular places (like the Mohawk River Valley of New York, or West WEST Texas). It would allow the property in urban cores to generate the incomes (calling all hipsters, techies and the creative classes) that might plausibly keep the transfer population in tuna & cheese for a more sustainable time.

        Seriously, is there a real reason to keep transfer population areas in Manhattan? Brooklyn? Maybe for vote farming and having on call militants, but legitimate reasons? None that I can see.


        • czarowniczy says:

          If you ain’t gotem in a confined area they are not as easy to control. You have their utilities, food, medical, educational – their entire lives and being – in one convenient place. They’re your dedicated and dependent Helots who’ll do your bidding as long as you support them. Much harder to do when you have them dispersed or even congregated in some distant area detached from some place you need them.

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  11. czarowniczy says:

    The tunnel situation’s no surprise, it’s like the tunnel situation on parts of the US/Mexican border. Hamas goes to the people whose houses they wish to tunnel under and gives them an offer they can’t refuse. Some do it willingly and many do it as they have no other choice. The big wrench in the works is the US’s refusal to actively assist the Israelis in wiping out the Hamas leadership, making any foot soldier in the Hamas chain think more than twice about moving up into a dead end career. This POtuS, like Carter but worse, seems to think the violent Islamic political groups are some semi-tame exhibit in a political petting zoo.
    I’m 110% for an active open season, either sex, no bag limit, on groups like Hamas, Hezbollah or any other Mideast terrorist-masquerading-as-a-political-group organization. I think we could put a real dent in the Hamas tunnel program if we took groups of them and put them into the tunnels they dug as we blew them up.
    Don’t look for Israel to fund the rebuilding of houses that were voluntarily turned over to Hamas but look for this Administration to directly or indirectly (through some 3rd party group like the UN) to help. Note the lack of interest by the Arab oil countries in relieving Palestinian suffering.

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  12. John Galt says:

    Seizing assets of supporters of Islamic terrorists is a good idea. Seize Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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  13. John Galt says:

    “The number of these homes whose owners will not receive compensation is 78, no compensation because these houses have smuggling tunnels”

    I expect that Obama will pick up that tab with taxpayer money.

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  14. saguaro says:

    Not a peep out of the progressive liberal scumbags. I don’t know who I despise more, Islamic terrorists or the progressive lunatics who sympathize with them.

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  16. mills says:

    If all the tunnels are closed, Gaza is done. Now it’s time to hit the Lebanon side. Zero will have a fit, because it’s not part of the plan. Egypt has seen that O is letting Iran get NUKES. So they are teaming up with their best frenemy.


  17. mills says:



  18. mills says:

    sorry, watching football and reading and writing don’t work. go broncos


  19. Chris Houston says:

    This is why you will never get our Libertarian votes.
    Sickening slavish support of Israel, warmongering, putting a foreign nation above America.
    Staying home on election day here.


  20. Chris Houston says:

    And you hijack the term “Conservative” nothing about you people is conservative.
    900 US military bases worldwide, how is that “Conservative”
    It’s imperialism and its failing, it will result in the collapse of this country.
    One can only think that you people want that.
    We know you by your fruit, not your words.
    You are the same as the Marxist left.
    Destroy America!!


    • sundance says:

      You do know the dollar is the global trade currency no?

      And you do know that if France held your 2014 opinion in 1778 you would still be speaking the Kings English. Thick Irony there.

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    • ytz4mee says:

      How did the laptop/Iphone/tablet or whatever it is you’re using to hack out your nonsense get in your hot little hands? The lanthanides and other raw components necessary in their manufacture are no longer mined/produced in the US. They got here most likely through international shipping – the safety and security of which is guaranteed by the US military and by extension, the US taxpayer.

      Your alleged pride in personal military geneology would have understood that the precedent for US global military action was cemented by Decatur and the Marines in defeating the Barbary pirates in the second barbary war and freeing shipping from the tyranny of Moorish piracy in the Med, which was decimating shipping and as a consequence, world trade. It’s the reason the line, “From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli” is still sung as part of the Marine Corps anthem.

      Our modern lifestyle is not possible as isolationists. And, aside from the recent troubles, the US military has been supported by the taxpayers to undertake humanitarian projects where they are deployed in a non-combat role which does more for the safety and security of all US citizens worldwide by leading through positive example and genuine charity than can reasonably be quantified.


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