Musical Jihadists – Terror Leaders Leave Qatar Headed To Turkey, For Now…

The hidden story behind the mid-East events continues to unfold.  As previously discussed Egypt’s Fatah El-Sisi requested the assistance of the Saudi royals, Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz, and The Arab Gulf Council, in pressuring Qatar to stop their support for the Islamic Jihad and terrorists.

el-sisi in Saudi

The UAE and Saudi’s respect the stability El-Sisi is delivering, and last week agreed to assist the stability objective.  A quiet conversation with Qatar led to the announcement that several members of Muslim Brotherhood leadership were being dispatched from the region.  Now, today…   

(Egypt Independent) Gamal Abdel Sattar, a Muslim Brotherhood preacher, said that former International Cooperation Minister Amr Derag was deported to Turkey five days ago, while Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who has the Qatari nationality, will remain in Doha.

Abdel Sattar added that there are six other Brotherhood figures leaving Doha to destinations to be determined within hours.

Another source said they would first go to Turkey and then leave, so as not to embarrass Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his party before the opposition. (link)

The safe-haven in Turkey, albeit temporary, should be seen for what it is.   Further evidence of Erdogan’s support for the radical jihadist elements, aka ISIS.  There is no doubt Erdogan has an ultimate ideology in general agreement with the Islamic State.

Egypt’s El-Sisi has asked Interpol for assistance in intercepting the terrorists as they leave Qatar.  Hopefully they are: a.) willing, and, b.) successful.

Earlier today an Egyptian court sentenced Mohamed Badie, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, and 14 others to 25 years in jail for murder and inciting violence. 

Hopefully this begins to clarify for readers the actual motives around the conflicts, and you can begin to see the alliances who are assembled, in unity, to achieve “stability”.

The ‘stability group’ know that President Obama, like Erdogan, is a willfully blind co-conspirator.  Indeed, Obama/Kerry continue to advocate on behalf of Qatar as the financier for terror networks even as Qatar comes under pressure from Arab states to stop their support.  

Additionally, and facing a serious problem with the devolving situation in Libya, the Socialist leadership in France is now directly skipping the U.S. State Department and engaging with Fatah El-Sisi for his help.   France has a serious problem with the current radical Islamists inside its borders; there is a serious risk from additional migration which would flow through the opened gates of Libya toward Malta.

Egypt is the only nation bold enough, and currently stable enough, in the Mid-east to take on a serious leadership role. 

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29 Responses to Musical Jihadists – Terror Leaders Leave Qatar Headed To Turkey, For Now…

  1. doodahdaze says:

    So, our NATO ally is a terrorist country. What could go wrong?

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  2. Yakmaster says:

    Well, wonder if the 5 terror leaders Obama traded for Bergdahl will also leave cushy Qatar for Turkey too? Wink, wink, say no more, say no more…

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  3. Irish Eyes says:

    I’d be looking somewhere down around our southern border for the six other MB guys kicked out of Qatar. Once they sneak in, Obama will call them refugees.


  4. RJ says:

    Ok, so Iran comes ever so closer to acquiring a nuclear bomb…Israel decides to act, to strike first and sends everything they’ve got (except for defensive actions/protection) against Iran’s facilities. Israel is able to do this without telling the US (Obama) so as not to have a “leak” about the strike coming from somewhere (read Obama admin). What happens next?

    My my, all those ISIS supporters go crazy with Jewish hatred and run to attack Israel. What countries join in this all out war against the Jews? Guess…

    Meanwhile Obama and Kerry continue to seek a “working coalition” of Middle East partners while working through the recently discovered problems to re-supply Israel of spent weaponry, etc.

    Obama comes before television cameras and states he loves Israel and will do everything in his power to protect them…right after he gets done chatting with Vlad who is not too happy about any of this as his Russian troops continue to move about in areas that used to be part of the Soviet Union.

    China tells North Korea to pound the drums of war and do some nuclear testing.

    Obama reports he has been able to shave two strokes off his golf game during the past year as he throws a party for boxer Mayweather in the White House.

    John Boehner claims he is willing to work with the White House on making ObamaCare a better run system by the government. Hillary gets more plastic surgery and hair dye. Bill continues to visit on set with his latest flame, in her private trailer of course.

    Bruce Jenner finally states he is in transition to become the woman he always felt was inside!

    Whoopi and Rosie begin a serious love affair as GM’s stock tanks once again!

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  5. waltherppk says:

    Ottoman Empire Revivalism is as bad as a modern equivalent of Xerxes being resurrected, and it is way past time that everybody needs to figure that out is the reality, and understand what has to be done about it to stop it for the good of the entire world. This is the same old satanic beast as has been on the loose before and has been defeated before.


    • canadacan says:

      We had to sink the Bismarck cuz the world depends on us.
      Same sentiment.


      • waltherppk says:

        I heard the fellow from Duck Dynasty doing a radio interview about this and describing how the United States has defeated before what are truly evil and fanatical even suicidally fanatical adversaries by doing whatever it takes to stop them, such as nuking Japan and presenting them with the choice of do they really want to continue fighting to the last man and if so that last man will be gone in short order, or they can have a change of heart and surrender…….and guess what those determined suicidal fanatics did …..was all of a sudden they reevaluated the situation and had a change of heart about every last one of their sorry asses being burned to a cinder… (paraphrasing)… so they very wisely surrendered. Whatever it takes to stop suicidal fanatics is to give quite a few of them their wish to die with great efficiency or perfect fulfillment if necessary……if that is what it takes to square that fight away with a satisfactory outcome for that reckoning. There is no substitute for victory and half measures towards fanatics generally won’t get the job done. You have to prove to them that their fanaticism is their end if they continue with it and make that a reality if they require it.

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      • doodahdaze says:

        Seems to me that they are sitting ducks. No air power. Sitting in the desert with nothing and wide open. It should be a cakewalk. They will be defenseless. Blast them then let whoever mop them up.


  6. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    At least someone is doing something beside talking!


  7. justfactsplz says:

    el-Sisi has been working hard on the fight against terror. Now tell me again just what is it that Obama has been doing?

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  8. Hughes Angell says:

    I doubt Qatar is going to give the boot to Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal and make him live in Gaza.


  9. Col(R) Ken says:

    El Sisi has the “good” on Barry and Hillary’s gun running in Benghazi. Did Tray Gowdy issue a subpoena so he can testify. Imagine this; Hillary is testifying, the door opens, El Sisi comes in and sits down. Then gives Hillary the death stare!


    • Crystal says:

      El Sisi claims to have documents confiscated from Morsi’s office when he was arrested that prove Bari and his entire Kenyan family are members of MB International.


  10. Anton says:

    There was no Arab Spring …..but rather The Islamic Spring….every sectarian dictator taken down was replaced by A Muslim Brotherhood dictator/Islamic fanatic.

    In Egypt, our one time ally with the Middle East’s large American built army,… our long time sectarian ally, Mubarak was taken down, arrested, tortured and caged. America has never stood behind this outrageous behavior before…Mubarak was replaced by Muslim Brotherhood, CIA asset Morsi. The Muslim Brotherhood with their Islamic extremists thugs proceeded to savage moderate Muslims and Christians.

    In Libya, sectarian Qaddafi who had turned his weapons over to the USA, was savagely raped and gruesomely murdered by Islamic fanatics chanting Ala Akbar. Qaddafi had long kept the Muslim Brotherhood in check keeping Libya in some semblance of order. Clinton, with Huma Aberin at her arm, in the most UnAmerican, inhumane display by a Secretary of State ever –in response to news and video of Qaddaffi’s horrific end, cackled…’We came, we saw, he died.” Libya, now in utter chaos, simmering in lawlessness, where Terrorsists traffic in arms, drugs and child sex slaves, has become a terrorist state and a threat to the global community.

    500 year old Christian churches were destroyed across Egypt and a holocaust ensued..killing Christians and moderate Muslims..and Obama supported that…no dissent was uttered as the IslamoNazi’s returned to barbarianism. Hundreds of thousand of Christians were raped, murdered…beheaded and savaged–driven from Egypt and other Muslim Brotherhood controlled countries. With nary a word from the president of the United Staes of America…not even a SMIDGEON coupled with the silence of the MSM press, Obama stood by silently as Christians were murdered and driven from the Middle East by the the Muslim Brotherhood…..Only when journalists were murdered, beheaded like the many “Infidel” Christians…did the press finally deem to carry the story of murder and mayhem in the Middle East by ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood erected army.

    Qatar, the state sponsor of terror and terrorists, the sponsor of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, the sponsor of Al Jazeera-their media arm used to foment violence. ISIS, the army Qatar built, trained and armed…with the help of Barrack Hussein Obama is now 30,000 strong if reports are to be believed.

    If Qatar were stopped..the terrorism would stop. Supposedly Qatar is an ally to America….they invest their oil returns deeply into our stock market, buy their way into our corporations, buy and fund our lobbyists and politicians, influence our think tanks like Brookings (14.5 million recently) and into our now infected universities and our amoral corporations (Georgetown, Northwestern, Cornell, Boeing, Lochkeed , Exxon, among others) …We the People of the USA have been lied to so this sub rosa Marxist takeover of the USA can continue under the Obama administration. Consider oil prices are 3x’s what they had been under George W Bush…this is a massive transfer of wealth to the Muslim Brotherhood and oil rich nations while America is stymied from drilling our own vast oil reserves by Barack Obama and others like the self satisfying Warren Buffet, with special deals and regulations for some and a different set stymying capitalism for most Americans. We are committing national suicide under Barack Hussein Obama’s policies…with the help of Qatar.

    Finally, Obama facilitated a meeting with Karzaii and the Emir of Qatar…with the end result being headquarters for the Taliban being built in Qatar, reconstituting and strengthening America’s enemy. the Taliban. Shortly after, Obama, unbeknownst to Congress or the Pentagon, released the Taliban 5 terrorists from Gitmo. Those five released to Qatar from Gitmo, were deemed by the United Nations as having committed crimes against humanity. Obama exchanged those 5 terrorists for deserter-traitor Bergdahl, on his own, without Congressional knowledge or input…. and delivered them to QATAR, THE HOME of their New Taliban Qatar.

    Stand up America…join the campaign to STOP QATAR





  11. Aslan's Girl says:

    “…there is a serious risk from additional migration which would flow through the opened gates of Libya toward Malta.”

    sundance/Treepers, did you hear about the migrant ship that sunk today off of Malta?

    I guess there’s been a lot of sinkings lately and migration is up by a lot.

    “The UN says more than 130,000 migrants have arrived in Europe by sea this year, compared with 80,000 last year. Italy has received more than 118,000 migrants, the UN said.

    Many attempt to cross from North Africa and the Middle East in unsafe and overcrowded vessels.”

    Even tho this particular boat sailed from Egypt, I was thinking of sundance’s “gates of Libya” the whole time I was reading this article earlier.

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  12. moogey says:

    I would not be surprised that these individuals ended up in America and that Obama would fight extradition based on our Constitution. Anybody want to make a wager?

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  13. Plain Jane says:

    Golly I need a list of the players and dictators and their respective countries in the mid-east from the past 40 years to current times. I have a difficult time keeping all the al, el, mohams and the rest of the hyphenated names straight.


  14. justfactsplz says:

    Meanwhile we just bombed a target near Baghdad. Obama says it’s not part of the new bombing campaign but part of the old. You know, he promised us transparency and we got it. You can see right through him.


  15. I can see that Erdogan acts on the “my enemy’s enemy is my friend” as ISIS is currently slaughtering the Kurds. However, there are a lot of loyal Kurds in Turkey and Erdogan might end up with alienating more people in his home constituency than he could ever gain from ISIS’ actions. After all, he would then also eventually have to fight the Alevites, a Shiite “sect”, which are strong in Turkey and generally belong to the educated middle and upper classes. This is all very short sighted.


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