Meanwhile As No-One Is Paying Attention – Egypt Finds Islamists Weapons Cache With 25 Grad Rockets and 500 SAAM’s…

egyptmapBookmark this one for Trey GowdyThis is like a reverse operation Zero Footprint.   Egyptian military forces locate a weapons cache’ located in the upper Egyptian mountainous region near Aswan.   Why this is important is several fold:

Firstly, because of their location these are most likely 500 U.S. missiles (MANPADS) and 25 Iranian Rockets – both bound for Gaza in support of Hamas.

Secondly, because most likely the U.S. provided these missiles in the former Clinton / Panetta operation “Zero Footprint” in Libya and then Syria.

So think about it.   Hamas and the Brotherhood are using Clinton’s Libyan missiles against Israel to kill Jewish people.    Meanwhile, Egypt -through el-Sisi- intercepts the brotherhood, destroys Gaza border tunnels, removes rockets and missiles and fights the radical islamists on both sides of the country.

Is it any wonder why Egypt tells John Kerry and President Obama to stay out.    And yet pundits wonder why Egyptian’s don’t like this administration ?… go figure.

Egypt Banner New

Pak%20Army%20stinger%20missileEGYPT – Egyptian security forces have seized a large number of anti-aircraft rockets and missiles in a mountainous area in the southern governorate of Aswan, state news agency MENA reported.

Forces found 25 anti-aircraft rockets and 500 missiles early on Monday in Wadi Al-Naqra, northeast of Aswan, MENA said without elaborating.

Since the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi last summer, Egypt has been hit by an Islamist insurrection, based mainly in the border Sinai Peninsula, adjoining Israel and the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

Last month, security forces seized 20 Grad rockets along with their launching pads being smuggled in from the Gaza Strip through a tunnel by militants in northern Sinai.

Also in July, gunmen killed 21 Egyptian border guards near the frontier with Libya.

Authorities have grown wary over the rising security threat from the burgeoning militancy in Sinai and a violent spillover from the neighbouring strife-torn Libya where militia fighting has worsened in recent weeks.  (read more)


Partners against radical Islam – Fatah el-Sisi (Egypt) and Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel)

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7 Responses to Meanwhile As No-One Is Paying Attention – Egypt Finds Islamists Weapons Cache With 25 Grad Rockets and 500 SAAM’s…

  1. Col(R) Ken says:

    If these SAMs are Stingers, US made, somebody copy the S/N down, they can/ will be traced. Even if they are Russian, the CIA will have a copy of S/Ns, would be interesting to know when these missiles disappeared.

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    I was very sad when Obama became Pres. in 2008. I was absolutely depressed when he was reelected. But, I never dreamed things would be this bad this fast and cover this much territory.


    • Daniel says:

      I agree. It feels like a free-fall and has been falling like this for quite some time. The list of problems and scandals is unending and the people just go on like nothing is wrong.


  3. William Eddy says:

    I do not blame the people of Egypt for wanting to do it on their own for awhile 🙂


  4. justfactsplz says:

    It’s very wise and crucial to keep Kerry and Obama out of these negotiations. I think el-Sisi and Netanyahu are doing a good job all on their own. Qatar and Turkey have no business in the mix either.

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  5. justfactsplz says:

    It was just announced the cease fire has been broken. Two rockets have been fired at Israel.


  6. Crystal says:

    When the Egyptian Army arrested Morsi, they confiscated documents that they say proves Barry and his entire Kenyan family are members of MB Int’l. Also, that Barry’s half-bro Malik aka “Roy” in Kenya is a terrorist helping Sudanese terrorists and that Barry gave him $8 BILLION for the Mus Bros to help Hamas take over the Sinai Peninsula. So, el Sisi has a vested interest in making sure this doesn’t happen. The Army issued an arrest warrant for Roy at which point he went underground with the money.

    This info came from Walid Shoebat’s website. Check the archives.

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