Turkish President Recep Erdogan Rises In Defense of ISIS and The Muslim Brotherhood…

Having recently given safe haven to the leadership of Muslim Brotherhood terrorists exiled from Qatar, Turkey’s President Erdogan delivered a speech at the United Nations in defense of the Sunni extremists ISIS and The Brotherhood – while simultaneously attacking Egypt and Fattah El-Sisi.


Let there be no doubt the NATO member Turkey is not only willing to stand on the sidelines, but is, in actuality, supporting the Sunni extremists with direct support (financial and military).  Erdogan is also supporting with non-action, such as refusing to allow coalition forces to use NATO bases in Turkey.   The reasoning is not complex Erdogan is supporting his ideological ally ISIS against his arch nemesis, Syria’s Bashir Assad.

To deflect attention away from his actual support of ISIS Erdogan chooses another target for his attack.

Defending his friend, jailed and former Egyptian President – Muslim Brotherhood leader – Mohammed Morsi, President Erdogan removed the sheep’s cloak, yet most of the western media avoid peering into the dark eyes of the wolf laying underneath.

Perhaps the media avoid because it is too brutal a reality to admit, or perhaps because Western media suffers from a severe case of willful blindness, you will find few news outlets actually getting to the heart of the reasoning for Turkey’s unwillingness to support the removal of The Islamic State of Iraq and Syrian, ISIS.

Erdogan supports the overall ISIS objective. President Erdogan hates Bashir Assad beyond all else; and the Sunni ISIS methods, while concerning, are, in his mind, effective.

Erdogan UN

Desperate to retain the ideological bond to both ISIS and ‘The Brotherhood’ Recep Erdogan chooses instead to direct his attacks against Egypt and Fattah El-Sisi.

“Again, those objecting (to) the murders in Iraq, Syria and the murder of democracy in Egypt are subjected to certain unfair and groundless accusations and almost immediately accused of supporting terrorism,” said Erdogan.

“The United Nations as well as the democratic countries have done nothing but watch the events such as overthrowing the elected president in Egypt and the killings of thousands of innocent people who want to defend their choice. And the person who carried out this coup is being legitimized.” (link)

In an interesting development following Erdogan’s U.N. disparagements, the Arab partners who form President Obama’s coalition: Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar, pushed back against Turkey’s Sunni advocate for terrorism:

“We were surprised by the statement of President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, regarding the Arab Republic of Egypt and his exploitation of the of the U.N. platform” to attack Egypt, the Foreign Ministry of the UAE stated. (link)

President Obama, on the other hand, was silent.

Accepting what lay afore us. It appears, and was expected, that Obama is further evidencing his ideological alliances. The five Arab partners are useful for Obama’s domestic political shield, against opinion/optics of Obama as a mid-east war monger, but Obama’s friendship and ideological alignment with Recep Erdogan is far more important.

Both President Obama and President Erdogan are Sunni apologists. (Remember, according to Obama, “ISIS is not Islamic”).

Like Erdogan, President Obama instead points his finger at El-Sisi to share his contempt and concern about the Muslim Brotherhood, and Qatari financed, al-Jazeera reporters being jailed for actively working against the State of Egypt.

el sisis and obama

President Barack Obama Thursday raised the fate of jailed journalists in Egypt and his concerns over political repression in his first meeting with President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, US officials said.

Obama and Sisi met on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, as Washington and Cairo gingerly seek common ground after a period of turmoil sparked by the toppling by Sisi, a former army chief, of Egypt’s first elected president, Islamist Mohamed Morsi, last year.

[…] “The president expressed his view that those journalists should be released.”

Washington has frequently raised the plight of three Al-Jazeera journalists jailed by Egypt after being accused of ties with Islamists.

Australian Peter Greste, Egyptian-Canadian Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Egyptian producer Baher Mohamed were convicted in June of aiding the blacklisted Muslim Brotherhood. (link)

In the interests of both frank discussion and brutal honesty, the term “journalists” can authentically be replaced with the word “Muslim Brotherhood” activists.

Al Jazeera is a Qatari owned media outlet who, until very recently, had openly supported the Muslim Brotherhood/ISIS and provided both with money and material support for their terrorist activity.

ADDITIONAL CONTEXT – Put another way, President Obama is pointing admonitions toward Egypt’s El-Sisi for doing (two years ago) the exact same thing the U.K.’s Prime Minister David Cameron did just this week with British cleric Anjem Choudary.

It was only after the Six Gulf Arab States began pressure upon Qatar – the Qatari government had a change of course away from supporting the extremists. Yet interestingly President Obama and John Kerry had, and have, no issues with using Qatar for a variety of causes including the caretaking and hospitality of the GITMO 5.

Erdogan has publically slipped his cover…..

Obama Erdogan - Turkey

…. but can people see that Obama’s is gone too? 

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19 Responses to Turkish President Recep Erdogan Rises In Defense of ISIS and The Muslim Brotherhood…

  1. Sentient says:

    Can we end this NATO farce now?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sundance says:


  3. SouthCentralPA says:

    I must not stop by often enough … is Assad Erdogan’s enemy simply because Assad opposes Daersh, or is there some long-standing personal animosity between Erdogan and Assad that I’m unfamiliar with?


    • sundance says:

      Sunni Erdogan has long supported The Muslim Brotherhood.

      ISIS, ISIL, IS or Daersh, is simply another nom de plume of “The Brotherhood”.


      • SouthCentralPA says:

        thanks, the way you were using archenemy, I was wondering if Assad had botched Erdogan’s prescription at some point… 🙂 I dunno about simply another name, Daersh is threatening to cut off the tongues of those that call them Daersh, so Daersh it is from now on …


  4. doodahdaze says:

    The media/democrat “War on Reality.?


  5. As I commented yesterday, I believe he sees himself as the likely head of the new caliphate. He doesn’t care about NATO or the US anymore. He’s been sacking Generals and Advisors faster than oboka has, and he’s moving his government and country more and more into the islamist camp.


  6. Aslan's Girl says:

    NATO needs to kick Turkey out. There must be a way to do that!


    • chiavarm says:

      There is a way, but Turkey is providing money to NATO. The other (European) nations are strapped for cash. It would be, to a lesser extent, akin to NATO kicking out he U.S.


  7. cohibadad says:

    Isn’t it Turkey that is buying the oil from ISIS thus funding them to the tune of millions of dollars? When the air strikes are aimed at destroying refineries to shut off a source of terrorist funding, there seems to be the obvious question left unasked, who is buying these petro products from ISIS? And why isn’t that being targeted?


  8. timmihendrix says:

    Maybe some reporter can ask erdogan if Isis is “not Islamic”?


  9. harrydweeks says:

    Pray Israel has a bullet with his name on it.


  10. Dexto says:

    Thousands of Islamists were killed? This moron is faking realities too? Sure he knows better than the HRW which officially said they were 814!! Not even a thousand.

    Weird to take an advice from a moron state which killed 100 of thousands of Armenians and Kurd people in a disgusting ethnic cleansing. Turkey supports ISIS and the murdering of the poor Iraqi people, they even keep healing those terrorist fighters and send them back to Iraq!!!! TERRORIST STATE, NATO MUST KICK OUT THIS VIRUS ASAP!!!!!!


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