Trouble In Derna – Dozens of Libyans In Town Close to Egypt Border Pledge Allegiance to ISIS…

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LIBYA – Dozens of residents of a town in eastern Libya have pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of Islamic State militants fighting in Syria and Iraq, according to a video and a resident.

Around 50 young people could be seen in a video posted on social media gathering in Derna to support Baghdadi, who calls himself “caliph”, or Muslim leader, of Islamic State, an Al Qaeda offshoot.

A Derna resident confirmed the authenticity of the video, taken late on Friday.


There has been growing concern among Western nations and Libya’s neighbours that Islamic State is trying to exploit lawlessness in the oil producer where militant Islamists and other militias who helped topple Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 are carving out fiefdoms.

U.S. and Arab forces have bombed Islamic State targets in Syria and Iraq since the militants declared a caliphate in the territory under their control.

Derna, a port halfway between the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi and the Egyptian border, has since 2011 turned into a gathering point for militant Islamists and al Qaeda sympathisers.

Fifteen members of Islamic State, led by an Egyptian and a Saudi national, traveled to Derna from Syria in September trying to rally support and establish an Islamic State branch in Libya, Egyptian security officials have said.  (read more)

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15 Responses to Trouble In Derna – Dozens of Libyans In Town Close to Egypt Border Pledge Allegiance to ISIS…

  1. Not good. ISIS is on the ball. Even if they can’t take Egypt now, that second front opens up all kinds of bad possibilities. Wish we had that kind of planning here……


  2. Poor El Sisi – they’re coming after him from every side. He’ll quash this while the quashing’s good, though. Unlike our spineless POTUS, he’ll do what he can to obliterate them and nip this in the bud instead of waiting until things get much worse to decide to act. It will be interesting to watch how he handles this. Dear Leader might learn something about about how a real leader responds to threats to his nation.

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  3. elvischupacabra says:

    Why is anyone surprised? We have American and European youths excited and wanting to join ISIS, so why not kids in Libya?


  4. czarowniczy says:

    Libya is not in any condition to oppose a battle-hardened force, even with help from the various militia groups. They know that they have two options: surrender and (to an extent) survive or pray to the meteorite that Egypt will come to its aid. If you look around Libya you don’t see one heck of a lot of military power anywhere close. other than Egypt, that could provide a credible defense to an ISIS attack on their own lands never mind a neighbor. In a way it make sense for ISIS to attack…err…liberate Libya as it would give them a solid base to use in messing with the weaker countries in the area. They’d have a fairly good, for the area, infrastructure to work with, more oil resources (Libya’s one of the top ten reserves in the world) and a good port system to ship oil out and receive supplies in.
    To me the wild card will be Russia as she’s now crawling deeper into bed with Egypt. Egypt has seen the US ignore the ISIS advances in Syria and Iraq, where we shed so much blood and treasure to make it ‘secure’ and now are turning our back. Does Egypt think that this Administration’s going to come to its aid? The Russians have deep interests in the area and their recapture of Libyan fealty would – along with their Egyptian and Syrian ties, go a long way to Russia gaining the superiority in the Med that it so long dreamed of. win-win for Russian, Egyptian, Syrian and Libyan pols/military folks, they all share the power of controlling north Africa and the southern shores of the Med.
    The Mideast/North Africa is in international play and our government’s just staring at it like a deer in the headlights. I can see Russia and Iran leading the area into a trap that will be sprung when the pieces are in place. I can’t be sure if the POtuS is a Russian, Marxist, Baathist, Islamist or oil money recipient, or some combination, but I can be personally sure he sure as hell doesn’t have America’s best interests at heart.

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    • Nice summary of where the fractures mey lead away from the crater left by Obama-Clinton foreign policy.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Unfortunately some of those fractures may be aworkin’ their fractures may well be workin’ their ways up our national posterior REAL SOON. I’m waiting for DHS to start releasing real nervous notes on people being very cautious about going to large crowd events com Christmas.


  5. sangell51 says:

    Looks like the American position has totally collapsed with the surrender of Jamal Marouf and his forces to al Nusra. Oh well, another day, another foreign police disaster for Obama.

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  6. mills says:

    Don’t forget miss R2P Samantha Powers is the the one that forced the cut off of military aid to Egypt


  7. mills says:

    What ever happened to R2P in Iraq And syria?


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