Trying To Kill El-Sisi – The Rage Of The Muslim Brotherhood Against Their Nemisis…


HatTip WeeWeed: You won’t find an article like this in U.S. media because it is the antithesis of Obama’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is the dragon slayer of radical Islam. Unfortunately it’s Russia who has stepped in to assist El-Sisi in the fight against the radicals. Russia, because the United States, under Obama’s direction has supported the now ousted President Morsi.

Sadat AsassinationWe previously shared that prayers are needed for protection of El-Sisi as he swings a battle axe against the Islamist radicals and tries to bring Egypt into the 21st century without Sharia.  

The Muslim Brotherhood was the ideological origin of al-Qaeda.

The Muslim Brotherhood has a history, a long sordid history, of assassination – including Anwar Sadat (pictured above).

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CAIRO, EGYPT — The Egyptian presidential elections have begun—with wide expectations that former Defense Minister Abdel Fattah El-Sisi will be the winner.

al sisiEl-Sisi—the most powerful man in Egypt—and maybe in the whole Middle East now—is the man who toppled the Muslim Brotherhood, killed, arrested, displaced their leaders, orphaned their children, widowed their wives, ruined their business, confiscated their money,  and turned their dreams into nightmares.

Anyone who reads the history of the Muslim Brotherhood knows that assassinations were always their favorite way to get rid of their enemies or whomever stood in their way. El-Sisi, who utterly shattered their dreams —which they’ve been working on for eighty long years— delivered the knockout punch.

Recently, El-Sisi revealed during his first televised debate that he survived two assassination attempts, without disclosing details.

It seems that the Assassination of El-Sisi has already become the ultimate goal of the Brotherhood and their militias. Sources reveal that Russian and Egyptian intelligence services have discovered 3 different plans for the assassination of El-Sisi.

The sources point out that the first assassination plot was right after the June 30 revolution, and that this scheme was planned in a German city with the presence of members of the international Muslim Brotherhood organization—and the representatives of three different countries intelligence agencies, who support the Brotherhood.

brotherhood justice

According to what had been agreed upon during the meeting, the assassination of El-Sisi would come by targeting his motorcade, with the attack made by either a suicide bomber or an RPG rocket. Egyptian intelligence found information about this meeting and revealed it to El-Sisi. The plan was not limited to El-Sisi, but included targeting a number of highly placed officials, including the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar and the Pope of the Christian Copts.

A security source—on condition of anonymity—said that the first attempt was planned when El-Sisi was going to meet the interim president.  A Parked SUV with two tons of explosive parked on the side of the road, was to be detonated by remote control. The source explained that the scheme was ruined when security discovered the car a few minutes before El-Sisi’s arrival,  dealt with it, then changed El-Sisi’s route.

The second assassination attempt was revealed by intelligence cooperation between Egypt and Russia. It exposed an agreement between the intelligence of a ‘superpower’ country and the Muslim Brotherhood, which targeted El-Sisi and other military leaders by targeting their homes after a Western country had photographed them by satellite.

UAE newspaper Albayan reported that Brotherhood leaders received a detailed list of home addresses and maps of army leaders. A copy of these lists was found with terrorists, who were caught in Sinai peninsula. The attacks would have been carried out by RPG or by planting explosive devices in cars.

The second attempt on El-Sisi’s life was also by a car carrying one ton of explosives, while El-Sisi was on his way home from his office. With the cutting off of cellular communications during the passage of the motorcade, the car wasn’t exploded and was discovered after El-Sisi had already passed.  (read more)

The Muslim Brotherhood


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7 Responses to Trying To Kill El-Sisi – The Rage Of The Muslim Brotherhood Against Their Nemisis…

  1. ctdar says:

    I hope El-Sisi ratchets up the heat in stepping up his efforts against the MB now to keep them off their game.


  2. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    Hmmmm, a superpower you say? I thought America was the sole superpower in the world? Is Obama plotting with the Muslim Brotherhood to kill a country’s leader? I ask that rhetorically. He has been a staunch supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood as has Hilary. After all, her bestie is Muslim Brotherhood (and was sent on a mission else why would she marry a Jew?).


  3. Kihn says:

    Wonder which Western country is supplying the MB with Intel to coordinate assassination attempts?


  4. Sentient says:

    Another case where Russia’s on the side of the good (or at least less bad) guys.


  5. canadacan says:

    The Great Game-as Kipling called it .
    Whatever it takes.


  6. P.Spinach says:

    The image shown above which represents the Muslim Brotherhood looks like Barack Obama’s head and ears.

    El Si Si is a hero to look that viper called MB in the eye, and know the demon. I pray and hope millions of us do the same to protect him and his protectors, their families, in his task, to vanquish the MB and all its wriggling freed tentacles, and stay safe in the process, now and in the future.


  7. Sibyl S. says:

    Islamic countries seem to change administrations as often by assassination and coup as by election.


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