Troubling Things – President Obama Called Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi With Congratulations on Same Day of Election – For El SiSi Victory He Waits Two Weeks….

Against the backdrop of current events this little snippet will not reach the attention of too many people.   However, it’s lack of visibility in the news is not to say the inherent message is not resoundingly indicative of something newsworthy.

When Egypt held their 2011  “election” after the fall of Hosni Mubarak, the Muslim brotherhood worked diligently to elect their President, Mohammed Morsi.

obama on phoneMohammed Morsi

Upon hearing of the Brotherhood victory – President Obama promptly called Morsi.

Actually, he interrupted a vacation specifically to call Morsi on the day of his victory, offering congratulations and an immediate invitation to the White House.

But for Mohammed Morsi the actual trip to the White House would have to wait. There was another world leader he needed to meet first.

Indeed Morsi’s first official State Delegation, August 20th 2012, as the newly elected President of Egypt was to see an old friend:

morsi with imadinnerjacket August 20th 2012


However, President Morsi did send a delegation to the White House in his stead. The Delegation was the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood.


morsi muslim brotherhood in White House

Meeting of Muslim Brotherhood leadership in the White House

[In Egypt, and generally ignored by western media] Immediately following his election, President Mohammed Morsi began to systematically deconstruct the secular form of Egyptian government in favor of a more hard-line sharia compliant state.

Morsi Abbas

Morsi elBaradei

morsi clinton 2

Morsi Kerry

Egyptian President Mursi talks with U.S. Senator McCain during their meeting in Cairo

Morsi Clinton

Emboldened by their new president, the Muslim Brotherhood began slaughtering Coptic Christians throughout Egypt, even going as far as to begin crucifixions on the trees in front of the Presidential palace.

The body electorate in Egypt recoiled at how radically Islamist the new government was.

Their final straw was when President Morsi took it upon himself to disband the moderate and secular Egyptian court system.  Mohammed Morsi began to oust a large number of Egyptian judges.  His goal, as publically stated, was to put Sharia Law as the legal basis for his rule, and all legal authority, over the Egyptian people.

Egyptian citizens said enough!

Morsi protestmorsi protest 3

morsi protest 2

Morsi protest 4

The average and moderate Egyptian people turned to the only hope they held, the Egyptian military – for help.

Enter General Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi who leveraged his authority and leadership to remove the radical Islamists from power and install an interim governmental body more in line with the secular beliefs inherent within the Egyptian people.

On May 26-29th, 2014 another election was held.

23.4 Egyptian million people voted for Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi for President – significantly more than the 13 million won by Morsi two years ago.

Did President Obama immediately call to congratulate el-Sisi ?…..  No.

President Obama waited two weeks, finally calling el-Sissi today.

Why was that?    ….. and Do you think President Obama invited him to the White House?



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9 Responses to Troubling Things – President Obama Called Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi With Congratulations on Same Day of Election – For El SiSi Victory He Waits Two Weeks….

  1. nomorebsplease says:

    He was too busy rescuing that soldier that hagel rescued. Give him a break! 🙂


  2. Daniel says:

    Obama is Muslim. Everything he does says so. Obama hates America. Everything he is doing says so.


    • justafly says:

      As I understand, if a Mohammedan converts to Christianity (or Black Liberation Theology) they have committed blasphemy and must be beheaded (or stoned I forget which). Barry Soteoro in Indonesia was a Muslim by his own admission. If one were to compare his actions since being in the limelight, they seem to verify his continued adherence to Islam.
      For example, when he visited the Middle Eastern Muslim nations, he did not bring Moochelle. He’s had Muslim prayer services at the White House. NASA was converted to a Muslim outreach agency. Etc.


  3. Josh says:

    Of course he’s going to call his peeps sooner than he’s going to call his not-peeps. Sheesh!


  4. P.Spinach says:

    Damn you Obama…..history will record that the first US African American President led Egypt to a civil was by supporting a bunch of highly incompetent terrorists.

    Even the middle east knows Obama is a terrorist and yet North Americans along with the Congress are dumb to this treason and apathetic about removing Obama.


  5. d'hack says:

    It’s definitely not a secret! Obama is the Muslim Brotherhood! Michelle Bachmann tried to raise the alarm but she was ridiculed and marginalized…

    Interesting reading…Islamist Infiltration of the Obama Administration


  6. James F says:

    Obama probably has the Muslim Brotherhood on speed dial.


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