el Sisi’s Egyptian Media Thank Netanyahu For Destroying Hamas – Obama’s U.S. Media Denounce Netanyahu For Destroying Hamas

The dynamic and contrast could not be more stark.   The majority secular Egyptian people continue to spotlight freedom principles and identify terrorists as just that, terrorists.

Egypt Banner New

Admittedly there are ideological elements inside Egypt, mainly the Muslim Brotherhood, which are aligned and supportive of Hamas.   Fortunately, they are in the minority and being diminished daily.   The bright light comes from the majority Egyptian people who worked diligently to remove the terror network from their own political constructs, and now continue to push back against the terror in surrounding countries, including Hamas. 

Egyptian people intelligently know who the terrorists are; they have lived through them. This makes them uniquely well skilled at putting the sunlight upon the shadow dwellers because they have lived through survived the propaganda.    In addition, were it not for the Western trained and secular Egyptian military, the Brotherhood would still rule over them.

Watching the evolution of Egypt in the past 4 years has been the single brightest ray of hope for a region severely lacking in it.   

martyrs-for-islam_muslim-brotherhood-550x379(EGYPT) – Officials and public figures in Egypt are beginning to call for Israel and Egypt to wipe out Hamas in the Gaza Strip, which some are calling the “armed branch of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization,” that runs the coastal enclave.

A major Egyptian television news commentator savaged Hamas on Sunday for its support of the Muslim Brotherhood, and called on her country to join Israel and strike the Islamist group.

“The Egyptian people know exactly who they are facing, and understand that there is no alternative to employing the Egyptian army to strike terror cells in Gaza and destroy Hamas in a military operation,” Hayah Al Dardiri, a presenter for Egypt Today told viewers.

Another pundit, Azza Sami, of the newspaper Al-Ahram wrote, “Thank you (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu and may God give us more [people] like you to destroy Hamas.”  (read more)

Egypt Freedom Loss 2

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11 Responses to el Sisi’s Egyptian Media Thank Netanyahu For Destroying Hamas – Obama’s U.S. Media Denounce Netanyahu For Destroying Hamas

  1. czarowniczy says:

    If you’re Hamass that’s how you find out who your friends are


  2. Aslan's Girl says:

    I knew Egypt would be on Israel’s side in this — I knew they didn’t like Hamas. I well remember how mad Egypt was when they discovered tunnels dug by Palestinians from Israel to Egpyt. I’m so happy Egypt is sane again (or as sane as can be expected from a Muslim country).


    • sundance says:

      Amen. I agree 100%.

      Egypt, in a larger sense, has become the Mid-East beacon of hope in keeping the principles of freedom, individual freedom, alive within a region intent on crushing individual liberty.


      • rashomon says:

        All in spite of our Nobel Peace Prize president’s interference…


      • czarowniczy says:

        A factor I’m looking at is how Egypt’s moved from the US to the Russian sphere of influence. I’m betting in this case it’s the old ‘enemy of my enemy’ play, or ploy, for the time being Israel’s done something Egypt doesn’t have the whatever to do. Egypt’s probably sure that US would not come to its aid if Hamas attacked but it’s sure that Russia (or China if her Suez facilities were threatened) would and while Egypt’s not about to go out and confront Hamass proactively they will sit on the sidelines and say ‘let’s you and him fight’. I’d feel more betterer if, instead of just thanking Israel, Egypt would have assisted Israel, that would have shown me that Egypt’s back into its active pan-Arab nationalist mode. Time will tell.


        • sundance says:

          Yes, but I think you might not be giving Egypt enough credit for collapsing the tunnels into Gaza and forcing all Gaza Strip terror support (from Iran) to come via vessels which Israel can intercept and inspect.

          Egyptian military also took control of the border region, which is a little sketchy because the nasty Egyptians are all up there near that border.

          IMHO el SiSi might not be directly aiding Israel, but as soon as Morsi was removed he immediately took action to provide a better level of security for them.


      • canadacan says:

        Amen Amen Amen God bless Egypt and Israel.


  3. P.Spinach says:

    The Hamas are largely a Sunni majority.

    In 1981, Anwar Sadat, leader of Egypt, was assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood termed extremists then. He had been honored with a Nobel Peace Prize along with Menachem Begin for attempting to negotiate peace with Israel. I think part of the Sinai Peninsula was returned to Egypt or muslims? If so, this illustrates how hell-bent Sunni muslims and the Hamas are in murdering their own for negotiating peace and a ‘return’ of land to muslims.

    When is Obama, Kerry and the Democrats going to learn that peace with Hamas and Obama’s muslim sunni brothers is not ever possible. These space cadets live in la-la land. They have no business running a country devoted to freedom of peoples.


    • P.Spinach says:

      Egypt has not forgotten the assassination of Sadat by Muslim Brotherhood. It has come back to bite them. Obama is part of the same pox.


  4. doodahdaze says:

    Everything he does is wrong. Start to finish. Wrong Way Obama strikes again.


  5. harrydweeks says:

    Thank God for el Sisi . He should round up all the Muslim Brother , who support Hamas, and send them to Gaza if they want to fight.


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