Egyptian Military Chief Vows To Rebuild Coptic Christian Churches Destroyed By Muslim Brotherhood…

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egyptian-military-saviorsEGYPT – The Egyptian defense minister has ordered the repair and reconstruction of all churches that suffered damage in the country’s violent demonstrations since the Egyptian military removed President Mohamed Morsi from power last month.

Defense minister Col. Gen. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi intends to fix the damage to Coptic churches at Rabaa Adaweya and Nahda squares, according to a report by the Mid-East Christian News.

Dozens of churches were attacked and burned in riots after thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Cairo and other Egyptian cities to demand the end of what they call military rule, following the removal of Morsi on July 3. Many of Morsi’s supporters have voiced criticism at Egypt’s Christian minority for largely supporting the military’s decision to oust him from office.


“The Egyptian defense minister ordered the engineering department of the armed forces to swiftly repair all the affected churches, in recognition of the historical and national role played by our Coptic brothers,” read a statement that aired on Egyptian television.

Bishop Mousa thanked Sisi for his efforts to repair the damaged churches.

“We thank Col. Gen. Sisi for commissioning the brave Egyptian armed forces to rebuild the places of worship damaged during the recent events,” Bishop Mousa said on Twitter. (read more)

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11 Responses to Egyptian Military Chief Vows To Rebuild Coptic Christian Churches Destroyed By Muslim Brotherhood…

  1. So very tragic for our Coptic Orthodox brothers and sisters. God watch over and bless them. Can you imagine having your children taken from you and forced to convert to Islam?? What a nightmare.


  2. dws says:

    The military can’t be all bad if they rebuild the damage done by the psycho Brotherhood. I wonder what % of Egypt support each side. All I hear in the US are muslims totally vocal against the Egyptian military government.


  3. dws says:

    Obama $8B bribe to the brotherhood?


  4. Sam says:

    Mubarak and the military tolerated Christianity and did not persecute Christians. The Muslim Brotherhood wants Christians to convert or die, kills Christians and destroys churches. Prayers for our Christian brethren in Egypt.

    And yes, Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood and has MB supporters around him in appointed positions. He supports the savages. That’s the reason the US media only tells us the “protesters” side.


    • czarowniczy says:

      Mubarak and his military supporters did not actively (at least not where they’d be caught) persecute Copts or destroy their churches but neither of them lifted as much as a finger to stop Muslim extremists from attacking the Gopts all over Egypt The bombings of Coptic churches during the holy days in 2011 were not done with homemade explosives and the police (and military) just stood by as the Coptic cathedral in Cairo was burned in April of this year. No Egyptian leader is going to openly say that ‘Yep, we’re gonna keep on doin’ what we’ve always been doin'”. The cathedral was torched after a promise the Copts would be left in peace. If the Copts believed the BS the Egyptian leadership puts out they wouldn’t be moving here as quickly as they can.


      • maryfrommarin says:

        I’m afraid that when I saw the title of this post, my first thought was, “Why should I believe this?” And the second thought was, it’s all about the optics–or the pretty speeches–to reassure that part of the world that still cares about the Copts. Or about any Christians living in Muslim countries, or countries-quickly-becoming Muslim. The brakes are off, and the horrors are unfolding right before our eyes, all over the globe.

        This is not cynicism, it is realism. This persecution of Christians by Muslims is not going to stop, no matter what regime is in power. The veneer of secularism is just that–a very thin veneer indeed.


        • czarowniczy says:

          This carefully scripted fluff thrown out there for the short-attention Westerners whose religion runs as deep as their attention spans do. It allows them to clear worrying about the fate of Copts, which they feel a social and not moral obligation to do, and toss that bothersome piece of thought train right back into the Things-Too-Hard-To-Do box. Copts are roughly about 10% of the Egyptian population, a sizeable number, and the US government’s basically ignored their millennia-long oppression by the Muslims unless they needed to for political reasons. Right now the US government doesn’t have a major hand in the Philippines so are you hearing about the murders of Philippine Christians by the Muslims in, especially, the southern Philippine areas?


  5. myopiafree says:

    I think Morsi was going to produce a “dictatorship of the Muslems”. I am certain the Army saw this coming. By attacking the Christian religion – Morsi crossed a line. I often wondered what would have happened, if the Army had arrested Hitler, after he burned down the Reichstag, and demanded “emergency powers” – when there was no “emergency”. That would have been the correct action in 1933 – and would have saved Germany from a massive “murder empire”. Remember, they STARTED by persecution of another religion – they hated. The Jewish religion. With Morisi – it is the same thing.


  6. sangell says:

    This may not be a good idea, at least right now. Anything that ties the Christian community to the regime is going to inflame the Muslim fanatics even more. As there are towns and areas where the government exercises little if any control over Muslim mobs this could lead to more churches being burned and Christians being attacked. Same problem in Syria where the Christian community is seen as backing Assad’s regime even if the don’t like it simply because the Sunni extremists promise a bloodbath against them and the Alawites should they prevail.


  7. czarowniczy says:

    I saved this one behind so that I could look back on the Egyptian military’s promise to rebuild Coptic churches that were destroyed after a few months respite. Didn’t take that long, the churches are still being burned and ransacked and again the Egyptian military is saying it will rebuild – though not stop destroying, or supporting the destruction of, Coptic churches. Guess I should have asked ‘when’ they were going to start rebuilding and stop being a factor in the destruction of the churches.


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