Walking Tall – Egyptian Military General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi Vows To Finish Off The Muslim Brotherhood If Elected President…

Egypt better SERIOUSLY protect this man.   He certainly will not be getting any congratulatory phone calls from President Obama.

al sisiEGYPT – Egyptian strongman turned presidential candidate Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi vowed in a television interview on Monday to finish off the Muslim Brotherhood if he is elected president as expected in the May 26-27 vote.

“Yes, just like this,” he said in the joint interview on the privately-owned CBC and ONTV stations, according to an English translation published by Al Ahram. “Egyptians reject reconciliation with the Brotherhood.”

In the interview — the clearest sign yet of the former military leader’s intentions for Egypt — Sisi expressed admiration for Gamal Abdel Nasser, Egypt’s first military leader, who also led a crackdown on the Islamist group, which is the ideological godfather of many other extremist movements, including al Qaeda.  (read more)

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24 Responses to Walking Tall – Egyptian Military General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi Vows To Finish Off The Muslim Brotherhood If Elected President…

  1. maryfrommarin says:

    I hope he means it, and I hope he can do it. The MB is like a human version of kudzu.


  2. DO IT!!!! Tell obama to kiss your *** while doing so!


  3. Pamela says:

    This may be good for Egypt, but do you think Obama will give the MB sanctuary here in the USA? The MB leaders left England after it was announced that PM Cameron would be investigating the MB. There are far too many gullible people around the world and in this country who think the MB are harmless. We must protect our country and our way of life from islamization, whatever way that may be.


  4. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    “Egypt better SERIOUSLY protect this man.”

    That’s an understatement. I don’t know if al-Sisi has more to worry about from the MBs or from US government.


  5. czarowniczy says:

    Don’t look at ‘if’ he’ll do it, look more at ‘why’. This guy’s got an interesting past, a general staff result if US training BUT he’s Egyptian to the core (OK, gotta say it) and to the corps. Remember the Egyptian military holding young female protesters for virginity testing? He’s the staff officer who rendered the official excuse for doing so.
    If he’s been promoted to where he is, again considering his past over the last few years, it’s because he’s a class-A politician in a uniform. He was a mover and shaker in the recent top-level political upheavals and during the period when the Egyptian military and government were both sitting down with high-level Russian diplomats and military advisers, planning the Egyptian return to the Russian fold after Obama undid some 30 years of Egyptian/US cooperation. That is no little undertaking.
    I believe his statements, given his past record of warning all who had plans to disrupt the Egyptian military’s control of the country, were aimed not only at the Brotherhood but the hoods in the Libya hood. He has an intel and armored command background, both being very important in Mideastern politics, and will (I guarantee) get lots of intel help from the Russians who’re chomping at the bit to get their on-the-ground intel systems back into the area. If the Brotherhood had any hopes of getting active help from the Libyan rebels this is a warning – and al-Sisi’s kicked the Brotherhood’s butt before so they all know it’s no idle threat.
    Obama’s largely a non-issue here, I believe he won’t intervene in Russia’s return to Egypt – I’m betting he and Hillary plan to use Russian presence in Egypt as a bargaining chip in their controlling Israel. I’m watching for the Egyptian army to star ramping up with Russian equipment and training to go back to a major threat to Israel. The Russians can play Egypt in North Africa and Iran in the Gulf while the POtuS plays with……


  6. partyzantski says:

    If you are looking for an indicator of how far they are inside the proverbial wire, just take a look around at how many “mosques” have been erected.
    Now, do you see the “congregants” (is that correct? they sure are not “parishoners”) reach out in any sort of community support for the overall community? Charitable works, civic mindedness? I have not seen it, maybe it exists.

    http://www(DOT)ikhwanweb(DOT)com/ is the MB English website. It shows the state of the art in agitprop. If there are any Treepers out there fluent in Arabic, it would be interesting to see how the English site compares to the Arabic one. Al Jazeera is quite different, depending upon language presented in.

    For those who would like some solid background on MB:

    Insert the General in this clip from past experience:
    “Nasser, a pious Muslim, was most likely intimately, if not instinctively, aware of what the Brotherhood was—and still is: he was aware that it is impossible for Muslim organizations committed to theocratic rule to negotiate or share power, much less be trustworthy allies. In short, Nasser was aware that, once the opportunity presented itself, the Brotherhood would do everything in its power to take over: unlike secular parties concerned with the temporal, it has a divine mandate — a totalitarian vision — to subdue society to Sharia.

    Now, understand that the Progressives have a similar, secular “divine mandate” and see Islam as the perfect vehicle to plow the American nation under with.


  7. partyzantski says:

    For the Treepersphere:
    This document will provide a ready reference for some of the terminology that may appear from time to time, as well as provide a catechism of common terminology. Happened to find this while looking for moar cat gadgets… the red dot laser only gets you so far.

    As added bonus material, try:
    The premise that sometimes smart people fail (in analysis) because the process of analysis is flawed is an interesting one. This process fallacy has the IC chasing its tail in an ongoing loop of “self improvement”. You are not wrong (in their eyes) if you are always working at improving process. However, analysis is not a recipe one follows, it is a skill set that allows you to work with what ingredients you have on hand, and does not demand perfect knowledge.

    There are some general templates, guidelines and standards, but you cannot ensure solid analysis no matter WHAT process you follow. It is EXTREMELY important to make sure that your starting assumptions are written out so that you can have a logical path how you go from “if…then”.

    The issue of confirmation bias creeps in and makes anything outside of mainstream analysis shunned. The idea of an IC (intelligence community) itself is a means to dodge responsibility and diffuse blame. “But we all agreed..”


  8. partyzantski says:

    To break up the comment stream from me on this topic, here is another one:
    The thought process differences between WW2 Wehrmacht and the rest of the combatants is striking (no pun intended). What they prized in leadership (no matter the job) was efficiency. They measured efficiency through “laziness”. If a Commander could get the job done with little effort, he was efficient. The Commanders that treated every action as a flail-ex (an exercise in flailing about like a drowning man) did not last long, if they ever made it to a command role.

    Today, we the opposite of this. American bureaucracy exists in a fishbowl of unending introspection, pulled punches and self-induced friction.


    • czarowniczy says:

      The intel community is as varied as the ‘walking around the street’ community. We provide information and estimates based on the data, experience training, and gut-feelings we have. The data are sent up the chain where it’s massaged and prepared for serving – just like that chicken on your plate, it don’t look like what was running around the coop a few days ago. The folks who do the preparation for consumption use a different set of – I choke to call them ‘skills’ – tools and it’s not unusual to have to pass that info by the intended recipient’s handlers – who are not intel but political animals. That first thing in the morning WH, DIA, State – you name the group – is where the final seasoning goes on. The professional, polished, buffed-and-fluffed briefer plows into the presentation and frequently gets interrupted by those present – some seeking clarification, some just attention – and the subject experts sitting behind the briefer will fill in the details. It ain’t unusual for the folks present to have their own agenda and wish the presented data to be presented stronger or in a different way. I once spent twenty minutes arguing about the ability of a certain area to support vehicular traffic as one person wanted to put a truck park there (due to location and convenience) and I was pointing out that it was a tidal flat. Physical evidence was it was a mud flat, emotional data was that there was going to be a &^%$* truck park there regardless. The intel’s on the buffet table, only question is how the consumers will choose and how they’ll spice it. The consumers do not always pick the best diet.


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