Palestinian Authority and Hamas Finally Present Egypt With “Truce Demands” In Gaza Conflict…

After Hamas previously refused the Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire, Egypt’s President el-Sisi gave the PA some much needed straight talk; telling both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority they needed to (“both”) come to consensus *before* Cairo could/would mediate any agreement with Israel.   The approach worked:

[*we would be remiss if we did not note that el-Sisi will not be attending the African Summit in DC]

hamas leadership - abbasEGYPT – A Palestinian delegation including Hamas agreed joint demands Sunday to present to Egyptian mediators in Cairo for a truce with Israel, including an end to the Gaza blockade, officials said.

The delegation, which includes members of president Mahmud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority and Gaza’s Hamas rulers, will meet the Egyptian mediators later on Sunday.

Cairo will then relay the demands to Israel, which baulked at sending negotiators after accusing Hamas of breaching a 72-hour truce moments after it began on Friday.

The Palestinians, who met earlier on Sunday to hammer out a joint position, agreed on “a ceasefire; Israeli troop withdrawal from Gaza; the end of the siege of Gaza and opening its border crossings,” said Maher al-Taher, a member of the delegation.

The Palestinian demands also include fishing rights up to 12 nautical miles off Gaza’s coast and the release of Palestinian prisoners demanded by Hamas and Abbas, said Taher, a senior official with the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

A Hamas official confirmed the agreement, saying: “These are the main points, but they must be discussed with the Egyptians. We hope things go smoothly.”

Cairo, a traditional broker in Palestinian-Israeli conflicts, has moved to isolate Hamas on its eastern border after the Egyptian military overthrew the Islamist government last year.

Egypt had proposed an unconditional ceasefire followed by talks between Israel and Hamas early into the 27-day conflict, which has claimed the lives of more than 1,800 Palestinians, most of them civilians, according to an emergency services spokesman in Gaza.

Since the fighting began, 66 Israelis have been killed, 64 of them soldiers.

Hamas had rejected the initial Egyptian initiative, saying it was not consulted and that that plan did not guarantee an end to Israel’s eight-year blockade of Gaza.  (read more)


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36 Responses to Palestinian Authority and Hamas Finally Present Egypt With “Truce Demands” In Gaza Conflict…

  1. waltherppk says:

    Hamas agreeing to a cease fire means they have run out of rockets.


  2. Blacque Jacques Shellacque says:

    The Palestinian demands also include fishing rights up to 12 nautical miles off Gaza’s coast and the release of Palestinian prisoners demanded by Hamas and Abbas,…

    I see.

    So these are the reasons why they’ve been building infiltration tunnels into Israel…


  3. Bomb says:

    Those sound like perfectly reasonable demands from people who constantly fire rockets into your country.


  4. ZurichMike says:

    Israel’s counter-demand:

    Bite me.


  5. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    If Hamas is really ready to talk then the IDF has really hurt them!


  6. Cyber says:

    Put Egypt in charge of Gaza, el-Sisi would arrest and imprison every one of the Hamas folks. And receive a sternly worded letter from John f’ing Kerry.


  7. RJ says:

    There is a much larger game being played on our Planet Earth. Nation states with defined borders are warring with “cell phones” which represent a “one world community” where these two groups so far have refused to come out into the sunlight and discuss these differing perspectives.

    Ever since Desert Storm, when the world was introduced to “pin point” bombing the shift has been when one wars no civilians are to be killed nor injured…kinda like a police force rounding up the bad guys only. Side note: As we demand our military behave like cops our American cops behave like the military…see the dark humor there?

    This creates that vacuum we hear about at least once a week, a vacuum where others wish to step in and establish his/her bona fides…along with “I know what’s right for my world and yours!”

    Sounds a lot like the old “Master and Slave” game to me.

    It is a time of “tyrants” jousting for power, nothing more, nothing less. Passive aggressive moves can only go on for so long, those who wish to be “top dogs” on the world stage will need to become more “pro active” which translates into active aggression.

    Isn’t it fun being “empowered” and so right in one’s view of the world?

    Ask Obama…if he will allow such a question in the first place!


    • Yakmaster says:

      As I’ve said in a previous post, the world now has international treaties and formalized etiquette to try and keep power/territorial aggressors in line. Those rules only work if everyone is willing to follow them or there’s swift decisive punishment for those who don’t. History shows there’s always a breakdown of one or the other. Obama can’t admit that truth; whether from his ignorance or his design is the question.


      • RJ says:

        Yakmaster…if you are still willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt as to his “real” intentions, then perhaps you need to see the “white” of his eyes before shooting.

        Problem is with such a snake–as he has always been, most likely your game of fence riding for as long as possible will not work for you’ll be ambushed or picked off by his snipers; unless you keep dancing or “bug out” before being discovered.

        There is no question for me as to the game plan of Obama: He is evil! He intends to bring America to its knees, always has and always will.

        That big toothy smile and sweeping handshake has never fooled me. Recall he loves the “Godfather” movie series where one is advised to keep his enemies closer till ready to deal with them…


        • Yakmaster says:

          I have a personal opinion that Obama and his minions are dangerous for our country and the world because of his deliberate weakening of America. I know he came into the Presidency with that specific intention. An analytical reading of “Dreams FROM my Father” would have clued the public that he, like his father, views western civilizations as imperialists and racists. I consider that view to be willfully ignorant on his part—a decision to make his father into a hero instead of a guy who just wasn’t interested in being his mother’s husband or a dad to him. But, his POLICIES, both domestic and foreign, are deliberate and by design. HE has masked his real agendas behind smiles and deceptive rhetoric (just as you say). The radical Left, MSM, and low infos buy it (or PRETEND to buy it).

          As for all the wars happening now, Obama is content to point out the “rules” and depend on the toothless tiger of the UN to deliver punishment (never swift or decisive) to “violators.” This is nonsensical, yet he does it over and over. Therefore, one can conclude he is: stupid, ignorant, insane, or subversive to our national interests. None of those choices are good!


          • RJ says:

            Yakmaster, I’ll stand with your perspective every day of the week! We are on the same team when it comes to this guy who smiles that big toothy grin while his real teeth are just behind those fake ones…biting everything he can when it works to diminish the power and very foundation of this country.

            Our real problem is how many dupes this country has who voted for this evil malignant narcissist. Perhaps we should wish he goes out like his daddy…sooner, rather than later in my opinion.


          • flaladybug says:

            As I watch our Country and also the World falling apart from all directions, I am reminded of what a retired Military General said on Fox News….” This is what happens when we elect an IDEALOGUE instead of a LEADER”. 😦


            • doodahdaze says:

              There oughta be a way to proclaim that the Obama Administration does not speak for us. I do not concur with their position.


    • flaladybug says:

      As I told my hubby last night, FOREIGN AFFAIRS now translates into a GIANT, WORLDWIDE, PISSING CONTEST and all we can do is sit back and watch 😦


  8. Sibyl S. says:

    Israel should counter their demands with this statement:
    1. “We demand unconditional surrender and relinquishment of all arms by Hamas and every Islamist group in Palestine.”
    2. “We will continue destroying tunnels and confiscating arms until that time.”
    “There will be no cease fire until the time all groups sign an agreement to these terms.”


    • John Galt says:

      If my neighbour shoots through my house several times every day, there will be no truce, as he has forever lost his right to live next to me.


      • doodahdaze says:

        If my neighbor was shooting at my family I think I would bring to bear all the firepower I could to stop him. Obama himself has killed so call innocents with his drones.


  9. ed greenr says:

    When Gama’s says no Mas with white flag then we can start talks if I start fight and get my asa kicked I can make demands I started it I don’t get do over. Just saw bloomberg on Cnn(the Gama’s informercial network) he tells it like it is


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