Mailboxes and Old Barns: Precious Lumber on a Treeless Prairie

Kemp Hotel, Terry, Montana

This hotel on main street is a wonderful experience. It’s been restored sufficiently for use but hasn’t had the history restored out of it.

The wallpaper in the rooms still features giant roses and unraveling edges that whisper of 1942 or so. The front desk area has huge worn leather chairs that once sunk into are only escaped from with some determination.  The covered front porch has large wooden rocking chairs where we sat on a Wednesday morning in the summer of 2011 listening to a thundering storm that came over the town and lingered before bellowing on its way east or south. It was wonderful.

The wild roses were in bloom along the street where we had parked the night before walking past the eight foot hollyhocks en route to the front door.

Next morning after the storm had left town we walked a couple of blocks to the store that sells the best cinnamon rolls in Montana or North Dakota right out of the oven.

Our home town had a hotel, too, which was actually newer than Terry’s. Continue reading

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Obama’s Conspicuously Avoided Little Syrian Problem… That No-One Seems To Pay Attention To…..

Surprisingly, or perhaps not, the media seem to be avoiding a rather obvious question:

Under what authority is President Obama claiming to be able to fly into Syria to attack NI-ISIS?

Obama syria

You might have noted a few, well, probing flights recently outlined by media of Russian incursions into U.S. and NATO qualified defense zone airspace. Yet interestingly no-one seems to be connecting the dots between the Russian pokes, and Obama’s proclaimed Syrian strategy. Remember, Russia is an ally the “state of” Syria, and Bashir Assad.

The U.S. State Department, and the U.S. White House team, have been very careful to note they will not be coordinating any offensive NI-ISIS engagements with Iran or Syria.

For all current intents and purposes the matter with Iran is a non-issue, however the matter with Syria is an entirely divergent situation altogether.

As far as we can tell there is no precedent for hostile U.S. action into the sovereign territory of another nation, even to target terror threats, without a specific agreement in hand before the action. Continue reading

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Associated Press Interviews Egypt’s Leader Fatah El-Sisi…

el-sisi 2CAIRO — Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi is feeling vindicated by the world’s alarm over Islamic extremism that is fueling wars and bloodshed across the Middle East.

The former army general has faced widespread international criticism for his ouster last year of Egypt’s first freely elected president and his ferocious crackdown on Islamists that has killed more than 1,000 and imprisoned more than 20,000. A year later, after el-Sissi’s election as president, his critics fear he is leading his country into autocracy, with pro-democracy dissenters jailed or silenced.

But in an interview with The Associated Press — his first with the foreign media since he took office in June — el-Sissi insists all his actions were to combat militancy and save the country from civil war. He said Egypt is a model for fighting terrorism and that the U.S.-led coalition to fight the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria should take note.

“More than a year ago, I warned that the region was heading to great danger from extremist thought,” he said. “It didn’t receive proper attention until the events in Iraq took place and the Islamic State swept over the Iraqi-Syrian borders.” Continue reading

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The KKK Comes To Ferguson ? Ridiculous ‘Incitement To Riot’ By Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal…

Many people around the nation look at Ferguson Missouri and wonder what’s going on. Yesterday Missouri Democrat State Senator, Maria Chappelle-Nadal, provided a typical example of the provocations upon not just the law enforcement community, but also upon the non-black community held captive to the behavior of the raging mob.

ferguson mob 3

Fortunately the entire fiasco was captured on video.

In an effort to solicit attention and public sympathy a group of professional agitators, led by Senator Nadal, took to the street and decided to block traffic. One of the protesting agents carried a video camera and up-linked the entire event to his livestream account.

Chanting various Mike Brown catch phrases the group stood in the middle of the road blocking cars from passing.

ferguson riotersferguson mob 1

A black minivan driven by a white, Jewish, middle-aged male became blocked by the protesting crowd. Here’s a couple of images before the video: Continue reading

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Sunday Open Thread – September 21st

tomb of the unknown - memorial dayOur Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL.

For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen †

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The Man Who Built Obamacare Prefers No Life Beyond 75 Years Old…

The guy behind the Death Panels structurally created in Obamacare policy reveals his personal preference for life expectancy. It helps to understand the thought process behind the policy.

ezikel emanuel_0-550x309(Via The Atlantic) Seventy-five.

That’s how long I want to live: 75 years.

This preference drives my daughters crazy. It drives my brothers crazy. My loving friends think I am crazy. They think that I can’t mean what I say; that I haven’t thought clearly about this, because there is so much in the world to see and do. To convince me of my errors, they enumerate the myriad people I know who are over 75 and doing quite well. They are certain that as I get closer to 75, I will push the desired age back to 80, then 85, maybe even 90.

I am sure of my position. Doubtless, death is a loss. It deprives us of experiences and milestones, of time spent with our spouse and children. In short, it deprives us of all the things we value. Continue reading

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Politicizing Private Bergdahl – To Avoid Presidential Embarassment Bergdahl Stuck In Limbo….

Bergdahls with Obamabowe bergdahl haqqanni

…a senior Army official told me court-martialing Bergdahl would “make the president look bad.” In spite of damning evidence against him, the official expects Pentagon brass to separate him from the military with a less-than-honorable discharge, sparing Obama total embarrassment….

(New York Post) Three and a half months have come and gone and the Pentagon has offered no clarity on what happened to alleged Army deserter and Taliban collaborator Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Fellow soldiers and other critics fear the military’s now-delayed investigation is shaping up to be a whitewash.

The case has become a political powder keg for President Obama.

Since he traded five imprisoned Taliban leaders for Bergdahl, the US Government Accountability Office has declared the swap illegal, and nearly two dozen House Democrats have joined Republicans in officially condemning the move for making “Americans less safe.” Continue reading

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