My Open Letter To Officer Darren Wilson

darren wilsonDear Mr. Wilson, Don’t do this.

Don’t fall for this. Don’t even put yourself in the position of thinking this is in any way prudent.

If you are in the room with someone who suggests it’s a good idea – LEAVE.

Change your fundamental paradigm. You are no longer a member of a society ruled by principle or law. This is the fundamental change. You are a flea looking into a thermonuclear furnace….

There is no-one on this list, or any list, connected to ANY New York, DC or regional TV or print outlet who will provide you any fair consideration for your position.

None, zero, nada, zippo and zilch, who will put their entire career at risk by even remotely allowing you, through them, to frame a narrative which might put you in a favorable light.

They will not do it.

Ever. Continue reading

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Whiskey*Tango*Foxtrot – Darren Wilson TV INTERVIEWS ?

Thoughts follow article…

VIA CNN - Practically every journalist covering the death of Michael Brown would like to interview Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed Brown.


In the pursuit of that interview, several high-profile television anchors have secretly met with Wilson, according to sources at several TV networks. All of the meetings were off the record, meaning the anchors could not describe what was said. Continue reading

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Sunday Open Thread – November 23rd

tomb of the unknown rainOur Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL.

For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen †

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UPDATE: Leon County Deputy Sheriff, Shooter ID’d, no one else in burned home

**Update – Sun Nov 23 12:00h **

Leon County Sheriff’s Department has released the names of the Deputy who was slain as well as the shooter who set the home on fire to ambush Emergency responders.

3722CaracasCtDeputy Christopher Smith, 47,  was shot multiple times and died during a battle with an armed gunman Saturday morning, Lt. James McQuaig, Public Spokesperson for the Leon County Sheriff’s Office stated at a 12 noon news conference.

McQuaig said Smith was “a loving Christian man who loved his wife and his children most of all.”

The shooter has been identified by 53-year-old Curtis Wade Holley. Law enforcement states Holley was armed with a .40 caliber handgun and had a history of making anti-government statements.  They believe his intent was to harm as many Law Enforcement agents as possible.

Officials said Holley acted alone and no one was found in the burned-down house.

Continue reading

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Mike Brown Grand Jury To Reconvene Monday…

CLAYTON • There will be no announcement Sunday from the St. Louis County grand jury hearing the Michael Brown shooting case, sources have told the Post-Dispatch.

big mike 3wilson 1

The grand jury is to reconvene Monday. – A decision was widely expected this weekend, but the grand jury is still gathering information. Barricades went up outside the county Justice Center and county police headquarters in Clayton on Saturday in preparation for an eventual announcement.

Protesters have been preparing to take to the streets if Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson is not charged in the fatal Aug. 9 shooting of Brown, 18, during a confrontation in a street beside an apartment complex. Police have been readying for increased protests, and Gov. Jay Nixon has called in the National Guard for extra protection of some locations.

SECRET BY LAW  – Whatever the grand jury decides, how its members arrived at their decision — and the votes for or against an indictment — will remain secret by law. Continue reading

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11/23/14 Mike Brown Shooting – Open Discussion Thread

Saint Louis Grand Jury Still Deliberating

• The election is over • Obama has conferred with the BGI • Holder is coordinating diversity training • DOJ/CRS boots on the ground • Emergency plans in place – The “no bill” announcement could come at any day now….

riot forecast 7

  • ♦ INFO – Feds Release Investigative Details To New York Times (LINK)
  • ♦ INFO - Officer Darren Wilson version of events given to media. (LINK)
  • ♦ INFO - Official Mike Brown autopsy supports Wilson’s Version of events. (LINK)
  • ♦ INFO – Eight Black Witnesses Confirm Darren Wilson Version (Link)
  • ♦ INFO – Feds Reveal No Charges Expected Against Darren Wilson (LINK)
  • ♦ INFO – STL Post Dispatch Releases Audio/Video of Police Call (LINK)
  • ♦ INFO – FBI Shares Violence Is Expected/Anticipated (LINK)

• Officer Darren Wilson pushed into vehicle by Mike Brown. • A Struggle ensued. • Two shots fired inside vehicle. • One bullet striking the hand of Mike Brown. • Blood from right arm wound on interior door, uniform and officers weapon. • Gun powder residue also on hands of Mike Brown. • Attorney for Dorian Johnson admits DJ lied to media.

canfield map new 3

• One bullet lodges in door panel of SUV • One bullet strikes near window of adjacent apartment building. • Hat and one shoe located on South side of police SUV. • Second shoe located approximately 10-15′ East. • Officer Wilson chases Mike Brown. • Both travel approximately 100′ from SUV. • Brown stops, turns, makes aggressive statement. • Brown charges Wilson. • Ten additional shots fired at approaching Mike Brown. • Five bullets strike Brown. • Total of 12 shots fired.

Continue reading

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SNL Skit – President Obama Throws Schoolhouse Rock “How A Bill Becomes Law” Down The Capitol Steps…

Either Saturday Night Live is spoofing President Obama for his usurpation, or Saturday Night Live is laughing at America because President Obama is usurping congress and laughing about it…..  You decide.

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