Too Big To Jail?…

According to reports late last year U.S. Attorney John Durham and U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr were spending time on a narrowed focus looking carefully at CIA activity in the 2016 presidential election. One quote from a media-voice increasingly sympathetic to a political deep-state noted:

“One British official with knowledge of Barr’s wish list presented to London commented that “it is like nothing we have come across before, they are basically asking, in quite robust terms, for help in doing a hatchet job on their own intelligence services””. (Link)

It is interesting that quote comes from a British intelligence official, as there appears to be mounting evidence of an extensive CIA operation that likely involved U.K. intelligence services. In addition, and as a direct outcome, there is an aspect to the CIA operation that overlaps with both a U.S. and U.K. need to keep Wikileaks founder Julian Assange under tight control. In this outline we will explain where corrupt U.S. and U.K. interests merge.

To understand the risk that Julian Assange represented to CIA interests, it is important to understand just how extensive the operations of the CIA were in 2016. It is within this network of foreign and domestic operations where FBI Agent Peter Strzok is clearly working as a bridge between the CIA and FBI operations.

By now people are familiar with the construct of CIA operations involving Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor now generally admitted/identified as some kind of a western intelligence operative who was tasked to run an operation against Trump campaign official George Papadopoulos in both Italy (Rome) and London. {Go Deep}

In a similar fashion the CIA tasked U.S. intelligence asset Stefan Halper to target another Trump campaign official, Carter Page. Under the auspices of being a Cambridge Professor Stefan Halper also targeted General Michael Flynn. Additionally, using assistance from a female FBI agent under the false name Azra Turk, Mr. Halper also targeted Papadopoulos.

The initial operations to target Flynn, Papadopoulos and Page were all based overseas. This seemingly makes the CIA exploitation of the assets and the targets much easier.

One of the more interesting aspects to the Durham probe is a possibility of a paper-trail created as a result of the tasking operations. We should watch closely for more evidence of a paper trail as some congressional reps have hinted toward documented evidence (transcripts, recordings, reports) that are exculpatory to the targets (Page & Papadop). HPSCI Ranking Member Devin Nunes has strongly hinted that very specific exculpatory evidence was known to the FBI and yet withheld from the FISA application used against Carter Page that also mentions George Papadopoulos. I digress…

However, there is an aspect to the domestic U.S. operation that also bears the fingerprints of the CIA; only this time due to the restrictive laws on targets inside the U.S. the CIA aspect is less prominent. This is where FBI Agent Peter Strzok working for both agencies starts to become important.

Remember, it’s clear in the text messages Strzok has a working relationship with what he called their “sister agency”, the CIA. Additionally, Brennan has admitted Strzok helped write the January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) which outlines the Russia narrative; and it is almost guaranteed the July 31st, 2016, “Electronic Communication” from the CIA to the FBI that originated FBI operation “Crossfire Hurricane” was co-authored from the CIA by Strzok…. and Strzok immediately used that EC to travel to London to debrief intelligence officials around Australian Ambassador to the U.K. Alexander Downer.

In short, Peter Strzok appears to be the very eager, profoundly overzealous James Bond wannabe, who acted as a bridge between the CIA and the FBI. The perfect type of FBI career agent for CIA Director John Brennan to utilize.

Fusion-GPS founder Glenn Simpson hired CIA Open Source analyst Nellie Ohr toward the end of 2015; at appropriately the same time as “FBI Contractors” were identified exploiting the NSA database and extracting information on a specific set of U.S. persons.

It was also Fusion-GPS founder Glenn Simpson who was domestically tasked with a Russian lobbyist named Natalia Veselnitskya. A little reported Russian Deputy Attorney General named Saak Albertovich Karapetyan was working double-agents for the CIA and Kremlin. Karapetyan was directing the foreign operations of Natalia Veselnitskaya, and Glenn Simpson was organizing her inside the U.S.

Glenn Simpson managed Veselnitskaya through the 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr. However, once the CIA/Fusion-GPS operation using Veselnitskaya started to unravel with public reporting… back in Russia Deputy AG Karapetyan fell out of a helicopter to his death (just before it crashed).

Simultaneously timed in late 2015 through mid 2016, there was a domestic FBI operation using a young Russian named Maria Butina tasked to run up against republican presidential candidates. According to Patrick Byrne, Butina’s handler, it was FBI agent Peter Strzok who was giving Byrne the instructions on where to send her. {Go Deep}

All of this context outlines the extent to which the CIA was openly involved in constructing a political operation that settled upon anyone in candidate Donald Trump’s orbit.

International operations directed by the CIA, and domestic operations seemingly directed by Peter Strzok operating with a foot in both agencies. [Strzok gets CIA service coin]

Recap:Mifsud tasked against Papadopoulos (CIA). ♦Halper tasked against Flynn (CIA), Page (CIA), and Papadopoulos (CIA). ♦Azra Turk, pretending to be Halper asst, tasked against Papadopoulos (FBI). ♦Veselnitskaya tasked against Donald Trump Jr (CIA, Fusion-GPS). ♦Butina tasked against Trump, and Donald Trump Jr (FBI).

Additionally, Christopher Steele was a British intelligence officer, hired by Fusion-GPS to assemble and launder fraudulent intelligence information within his dossier. And we cannot forget Oleg Deripaska, a Russian oligarch, who was recruited by Asst. FBI Director Andrew McCabe to participate in running an operation against the Trump campaign and create the impression of Russian involvement. Deripaska refused to participate.

All of this engagement directly controlled by U.S. intelligence; and all of this intended to give a specific Russia impression. This predicate is presumably what John Durham is currently reviewing.

The key point of all that background is to see how committed the CIA and FBI were to the constructed narrative of Russia interfering with the 2016 election. The CIA, FBI, and by extension the DOJ, put a hell of a lot of work into it. Intelligence community work that Durham is now unraveling.

We also know specifically that John Durham is looking at the construct of the Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA); and talking to CIA analysts who participated in the construct of the January 2017 report that bolstered the false appearance of Russian interference in the 2016 election. This is important because it ties in to the next part that involves Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

On April 11th, 2019, the Julian Assange indictment was unsealed in the EDVA.

From the indictment we discover it was under seal since March 6th, 2018:

(Link to pdf)

On Tuesday April 15th, 2019, more investigative material was released. Again, note the dates: Grand Jury, *December of 2017* This means FBI investigation prior to….

♦The FBI investigation took place prior to December 2017, it was coordinated through the Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA) where Dana Boente was U.S. Attorney at the time.

♦The grand jury indictment was sealed from March of 2018 until after Mueller completed his investigation, April 2019.

Why the delay?

What was the DOJ waiting for?

Here’s where it gets interesting….

The FBI submission to the Grand Jury in December of 2017 was four months after congressman Dana Rohrabacher talked to Julian Assange in August of 2017: “Assange told a U.S. congressman … he can prove the leaked Democratic Party documents … did not come from Russia.”

(August 2017, The Hill Via John Solomon) Julian Assange told a U.S. congressman on Tuesday he can prove the leaked Democratic Party documents he published during last year’s election did not come from Russia and promised additional helpful information about the leaks in the near future.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a California Republican who is friendly to Russia and chairs an important House subcommittee on Eurasia policy, became the first American congressman to meet with Assange during a three-hour private gathering at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where the WikiLeaks founder has been holed up for years.

Rohrabacher recounted his conversation with Assange to The Hill.

“Our three-hour meeting covered a wide array of issues, including the WikiLeaks exposure of the DNC [Democratic National Committee] emails during last year’s presidential election,” Rohrabacher said, “Julian emphatically stated that the Russians were not involved in the hacking or disclosure of those emails.”

Pressed for more detail on the source of the documents, Rohrabacher said he had information to share privately with President Trump. (read more)

Knowing how much effort the CIA and FBI put into the Russia collusion-conspiracy narrative, it would make sense for the FBI to take keen interest after this August 2017 meeting between Rohrabacher and Assange; and why the FBI would quickly gather specific evidence (related to Wikileaks and Bradley Manning) for a grand jury by December 2017.

Within three months of the grand jury the DOJ generated an indictment and sealed it in March 2018. The EDVA sat on the indictment while the Mueller probe was ongoing.

As soon as the Mueller probe ended, on April 11th, 2019, a planned and coordinated effort between the U.K. and U.S. was executed; Julian Assange was forcibly arrested and removed from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and the EDVA indictment was unsealed (link).

As a person who has researched this three year fiasco; including the ridiculously false 2016 Russian hacking/interference narrative: “17 intelligence agencies”, Joint Analysis Report (JAR) needed for Obama’s anti-Russia narrative in December ’16; and then a month later the ridiculously political Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) in January ’17; this timing against Assange is too coincidental.

It doesn’t take a deep researcher to see the aligned Deep State motive to control Julian Assange because the Mueller report was dependent on Russia cybercrimes, and that narrative is contingent on the Russia DNC hack story which Julian Assange disputes.

This is critical. The Weissmann/Mueller report contains claims that Russia hacked the DNC servers as the central element to the Russia interference narrative in the U.S. election. This claim is directly disputed by WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, as outlined during the Dana Rohrabacher interview, and by Julian Assange on-the-record statements.

Now Watch This Brief Interview:


The predicate for Robert Mueller’s investigation was specifically due to Russian interference in the 2016 election. The fulcrum for this Russia interference claim is the intelligence community assessment; and the only factual evidence claimed within the ICA is that Russia hacked the DNC servers; a claim only made possible by relying on forensic computer analysis from Crowdstrike, a DNC contractor.

The CIA holds a massive conflict of self-interest in upholding the Russian hacking claim. The FBI holds a massive interest in maintaining that claim. All of those foreign countries whose intelligence apparatus participated with Brennan and Strzok also have a vested self-interest in maintaining that Russia hacking and interference narrative.

Julian Assange is the only person with direct knowledge of how Wikileaks gained custody of the DNC emails; and Assange has claimed he has evidence it was not from a hack.

This Russian “hacking” claim is ultimately so important to the CIA, FBI, DOJ, ODNI and U.K intelligence apparatus…. Well, right there is the obvious motive to shut Assange down as soon intelligence officials knew the Mueller report was going to be public.

Now, if we know this, and you know this; and everything is cited and factual… well, then certainly AG Bill Barr knows this.

The $64,000 dollar question is: will they say so publicly?

brennan and haspel

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  1. DMWT says:

    I realize this is a small piece but further evidence of the connections. The Vindman twins lived in Italy BEFORE moving to the US. Their family was friendly with …. wait for it …. the Misfud family. Small world, Grasshopper!

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  2. Mr. T. says:

    I find it interesting about Assange’s claim that Seth Rich, a DNC/Clinton staffer, who was murdered in the middle of the night and apparently not because he was being robbed, was the source of the leaked emails from the DNC provided to Wikileaks. I also find it interesting why the DOJ has gone after the media for reporting that Seth Rich was murdered because of his leaking to Assange. Fox News was targeted by the DOJ, especially Sean Hannity, to NOT discuss Seth Rich or else. If the reporting or discussion about Seth Rich’s murder wasn’t credible, why not just let it play out until it becomes yesterday’s news that drops off the radar screen?

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    • cplogics says:

      I don’t believe it was the DOJ who caused Hannity to stop reporting. Hannity stopped at the request of Rich’s parents.

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      • MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

        Hell even his parents don’t really wish to know how/why their son was killed. The same guy that managed the cameras for Epstein was in charge of the cameras where Seth was killed. Seth was killed in his room at the hospital not in the street.

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      • Revelation says:

        ” at the request of Rich’s parents.”

        Given that they were told “You’ve already lost one son, STFU!”

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      • Mr. T. says:

        Cplogics, I could have sworn that I read somewhere that the DOJ was behind putting pressure on Fox News to zip it about Seth Rich. However, I did find quite a few articles about a lawsuit filed by Seth’s parents against Fox News to stop them from using Seth’s name, especially on Hannity’s show. The suit was dismissed by a lower court but it was then reinstated by an appellate court. Crazy stuff. You would think that Seth’s parents would want justice for the murder of their so. Makes me wonder if they weren’t threatened in some way to stop talking about their son’s death.


        • Hans says:

          It would be even more interesting who paid the lawyers to file the original lawsuit. And then who paid to refill it…
          Just perhaps when the SS is fully functional they might look at the SAR of the Rich family and the lawfirm…


        • cplogics says:

          Initially the D.C. police was investigating. I don’t know what would make the DOJ get involved in investigating a Washington, DC crime. I do believe the Rich family was threatened and most likely by someone associated with the Democrat Party.


        • MGBSE says:

          They do not want to lose their other son.


    • snarkybeach says:

      a big-name media fixer was installed as spokesman for the family. I don’t think the family could afford his rates…


    • Sunshine says:

      I have always wondered why is Assange so terrified of extradition to USA. He prefers his tiny dark isolation cell to better imprisonment conditions in America. Now, I know. He knows he’ll end up like Seth Rich and Epstein.


    • NancyB says:

      We now have unequivocal proof that the FBI is hiding records about Seth Rich
      January 27, 2020 by Ty Clevenger


  3. REMEMBER Senator Mark Warner’s texts with Adam Waldman talking about how “Assange could ruin everything” and they can’t let him talk.
    I hope Durham puts Warner and Waldman in front of a grand jury and makes them talk.

    Another strange old story that fits this narrative is Judge Napolitano saying on Fox that because the CIA can’t spy on Americans, Brennan had British Intelligence spy on Trump and actually set them up with our resources at the NSA to do so. What is strange is Fox suspended Judge Napolitano for reporting that.

    What is going on?

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    • gsonFIT says:

      Other than the coup which might be attributed to the political class, the Napolitano suspension was evidence of the power the deep state wields. Although he had the basics of the whole scheme shared with him, he was quickly suspended and has never been the same after his come back.

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      • MACAULAY says:

        Not only has he not been the same…he has been a pure Manchurian Candidate….brainwashed or shared to death…ever since.

        He has been every bit the disaster that CNN has. NEVER right on fairly easy questions of law.

        It’s scary—whatever they did to that man.

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    • Mr. T. says:

      scottzybdek4400, Napolitano is a hack who talks out of his backside. He has a grudge against President Trump, supposedly over POTUS not appointing him as a federal judge. Why Napolitano is still on Fox is beyond me. The creep is just not credible. All that BS about how POTUS was guilty as charged because of the impeachment was just that, BS.

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    • Kc says:

      Now napolitano is sucking the deep States wang like no other…they must have threatened to skin his whole family cause he is basically a Libtard at this point


    • NJ Transplant says:

      Fox suspended “Judge” Napolitano for reporting on British intelligence spying on Trump. Now, since he came back, all he does is trash Trump.

      Stephanie Grisham said on Hannity that Chris Wallace cancelled an interview with White House officials and other networks refused to have anyone from the White House on the Sunday shows. It doesn’t really matter since Maria Bartiromo is now the #1 Sunday show. More people are interested in the truth than the lies of the deep state.

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  4. Tom Hansen says:

    Due to aggressive investigative journalism, FOIA disclosures, research, and analyses, we, the public have learned through multiples disclosures, that treason and bribery occurred at the highest levels of government by the previous Administration toward the Trump Administration.

    Barr indicated along with Durham that a criminal investigation is being conducted. I do not get the impression that Barr or Durham does anything half assed, meaning that no one will get a pass for their corruption they find in their investigations, no matter who it is, including Obama and Hillary, and well known high officials we are all familiar with.

    I am still confident that Barr has integrity and is a patriot. The only reason no one has yet been arrested or indicted all this time is Trump had to get all the right people, judges, appointees, and politicians in place before the major declass of docs are released, followed by arrests and indictments. I believe finally the justice and action we seek is imminent.

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    • mushr45m says:

      Watch “Whitey: USA v James J. Bulger” and “Scandalous – Ruby Ridge”
      Just a taste of cleaners in action.
      Barr was AG for Ruby Ridge. Durham was prosecutor for Whitey Bulger.

      They have to decide the fall guys to appease us
      They know they have a complicit media to make sure we’re all seen as conspiracy wackos.

      Notice how easy it was with Horrorwitz’s FISA report.
      Release at height of impeachment during Christmas
      500 pages (so nobody reads it) of clear FISA fraud, but they put out the talking points:
      1. No political bias
      2. Mistakes were made. We’re incompetent.
      3. Orange Man Bad is gonna be impeached, so must’ve been warranted. Few days later, “See- Impeached!” We thought he was an imminent threat.

      Notice, nobody new is demanding justice. These people are pros.
      Notice Seth Rich. Buried and almost all Republicans say it was Russians who hacked DNC.

      I’m not optimistic about Barr/Durham, but I am optimistic about future.
      President Trump has survived all this and sees right through them.

      He’s seen their best and is still standing

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      • James says:

        It’s like I wrote your comment,…..we agree on everything.
        I too have grave doubts about Huber 2.0 eeer, I mean Durham .
        It’s going to be a cover up with maybe a couple stooges thrown to the wolves to appease the gullible public.

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    • G. Alistar says:

      For the Barr/Durham team to start up, conduct investigations, subpoena witnesses, conduct grand Jury hearings, keep all this from leaks….should take well over a year. You can’t even get a no contested divorce through court in less than six months. The millstone of justice like those of God, grind slowly. Give it six more months guys, beside….would it be so bad IF all this corruption on the part of democrats comes out on the eve of the November 2020 election? September 12th would be an ideal date for announcing the indictments, the sentences, the detail to the American people.


  5. Xena Laminak says:

    Sunday, February 9, 2020 Question: Where is Joseph Mifsud? What did he do for a living?
    DID he have any relationship with Joseph Anthony Buttigieg II who, like Obama’s grandmother, conveniently died on January 27, 2019. Pete’s “dad” was born in Malta in 1947 and was a flaming Marxist. Mifsud appears to have been born in Malta in 1960.
    Malta, from what I gather, went through its Marxist “period” (
    so I ask, did Pete Buttigieg’s father know Joseph Mifsud – were their families related?
    IS Pete Buttigieg a Marxist hiding in the guise of a CHRISTIAN married gay candidate for President of the United States? We do know Petei (designer spelling) was CIA.
    So again, what are the odds of a Maltese “professor” being a CIA asset framing a Trump associate and the CIA son of a Marxist Maltese professor running for President?
    I grew up reading a lot of Sufi literature that states there’s no such thing as a coincidence.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      Malta sits in a very important position…Boot Edge Edge father may have also been a member of the “Knights of Malta”…in modern times, many of the important decisions come from supranational organizations…

      Boot Edge Edge does have many attributes similar to 44 that signal allegiance to deep state…

      Ohrs, Strzok, etal are third generation true believers…

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      • Publius2016… the liberty daily.. website got better name for him ….check out…


        • Xena Laminak says:

          I wish they wouldn’t do that. I can’t recommend Liberty Daily to the faint of heart nor to anyone under 21. I still remember Rush Limbaugh on his show the day he tried to not define tea bagging. Poor guy almost had a heart attack – partly from gagging and partly from trying to alert his listeners that this was not just a cute knickname like deplorables.


      • Xena Laminak says:

        I was hoping someone else would mention the Knights of Malta! As they say, something stinks in Stockholm/Latvia/Malta/Rome/Kiev/Washington D.C./and London and Slovakia.
        P.S. Strzok acts like a third grader whose daddy sits on the school board! Have you followed Strzok’s family tree? George Webb ties it in really well.

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    • CM-TX says:

      There’s an old News article circulating. I won’t repost it, so consider it just speculation/rumor…

      But supposedly, a guy (teenager at the time) with the same name, was said to be responsible for killing 5 neighborhood dogs. A very Disturbing story regardless.

      I know the connection sounds absurd, but consider if Pete subscribes to the Dem Machine– he’s guaranteed to be SHADY & COMPROMISED. They got to control him somehow! We know it’s not his lifestyle choice, he’s been forthcoming about that.

      So whether it’s true or not, we can be certain he has far worse skeletons still lurking in the closet. Scary thought!


    • X XYZ says:

      “I grew up reading a lot of Sufi literature that states there’s no such thing as a coincidence.’

      That’s nice. Believe what you will. Please tell us more about yourself.


  6. Rodney says:

    It is certainly possible that the FBI created the appearance that Page was in telephone contact on certain dates with the Trump team. We all get spoofed telemarketing calls that have local exchanges but originated out of state or out of country.

    What are the odds that this method was used to dirty up Page for warrant renewal?


  7. dd_sc says:

    Don’t forget Israeli businessman George Tawil who gave George Papadopoulos the $10,000.

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  8. Franz dorn says:

    I don’t see any indictments coming out of a DC Grand Jury.

    Rush says that “there is a grand jury and that means indictments”. Rush is seldom wrong, but where is the grand jury located?

    Romney can still hurt President Trump and run as an independent and pull a Jill Stein. Given Romey’s speech regarding his conviction vote, don’t you think he has already plotted that gambit with the Dems? Romney will strike again. Trump will have win to by a wide margin to avoid vote splitting..

    What can President Trump do to Romney? Expose Romney’s business associate and his Son’s corruption with Burisma.

    Liked by 2 people

    • And Mittens defense of his son would be- Trump is abusing his power to investigate, using the DNC Dem press to howl, “just like Hunter” – so Mittens incentivized to run to protect his family, by making himself and family off limits to investigations…

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    • kleen says:

      Romney may take the VP position for the Dems’ nominee to bring Republicans to their side.. Notice how they are promoting him as a leftist Republican. He is it right now for the left. They are being conditioned to like him.

      That being said if Durham expose the criminal cabal, consider 2020 election won by Trump without competition. But, if they (Barr/Durham) are just running the clock then yeah we should worry about what the swamp is up to, including voting fraud.

      Liked by 2 people

      • scottzybdek4400 says:

        I like that thought but the ONLY democrat nominee who would nominate Mitt as his/her Veep would be Biden. But if Biden is the nominee what you stated just might be where Mitt is heading. I recall Mitt was not interested at all in having the Biden’s testify.


      • MGBSE says:

        Well the RINOS…including the Bush Family… voted for Hillary…and Trump still won…Pierre is worthless to Trump, Republicans, RINOS and RATS.


    • scottzybdek4400 says:

      Here is Romney’s game. He thinks there is a good chance Trump will be impeached. It will happen before the election or it will happen if Trump wins re-election and democrats win the House and take the Senate.

      So if Trump is impeached Pence becomes POTUS, assuming he isn’t also impeached. WHO IS VICE PRESIDENT. That is determined by Pence nominating and a majority vote of Congress to approve. Romney just might be running for that Veep nomination now. It positions him in 2028 or earlier if he can turn on Pence also and get him either impeached to to resign.

      IT IS ROMNEY’s only chance to be POTUS. He could NEVER win it by election.


      • Wethal says:

        Pence would never nominate Romney, for many reasons, one of which is Romney can never be trusted.

        Romney may be so vain that he thinks he could be, but Pence would never do that to Trump.


      • Romney would be 80 in 2029.

        Romney may get in if they also impeach Pence in 2021
        I don’t think Romney will ever be president. He can run, satisfy his ego, and try to take
        President Trump out.

        I think the Dem V.P. is reserved for “Little Mike” and his two billion. “Crooked” will top the ticket.


    • Tl Howard says:

      Ask yourself these: 1)”How many persons who voted for Donald J. Trump in 2016 would NOW vote for Willard Romney?”
      2) “How many persons who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 would now vote for Willard Romney?

      Trump will not lose votes to Mitt. If anyone votes for MItt, it’ll be someone who otherwise would vote for the Dem nominee, taking votes from him or her. As for new voters? Do you think Willard will take from that group people who like the work the Donald has done? Hardly.

      Let Mitt run. Who cares?


    • jimmy matho says:

      very astute , Romney is a CIA Brennan stooge, so we know how desperate they are to get Trump, all the need to do is have Romney steal 3-5% of the vote to swing it to their Democrat candidate


  9. kleen says:


    If Barr/Durham do indict all crooks… expose their corruption like we think Durham is going to, and we get to see all docs declassified etc.. what do you think November election will look like? With Obama and his crooks all exposed for the world to see…

    Imagine November 2020 post corruption justice, Barr/Durham indictments leading to arrests, maybe jail? EVERYTHING declassified and exposed. Imagine that world. DC exposed.


    Pay attention on TV, what the swamp is saying about 2020 Election. They act as if nothing unusual will happen and everything will be normal as always. They are focused on polls and old tactics, the usual.

    Why are they so confident? Why are they smiling on TV and selling books and getting rich as if they have nothing to worry about?

    Something is up… It’s either justice or more or the same. It can’t be both worlds.

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    • L. E. Joiner says:

      The Democrat media will claim that any prosecutions stemming from Durham indictments are “Nothing but dictator Trump getting revenge on his opponents,” and “Why you have to vote against him in November.” Just wait.


  10. scottzybdek4400 says:

    PLEASE consider! Ask yourselves why would the CIA and FBI focus on Trump in 2015. No one took him serious. No one believed he could win the nomination and no one thought it could beat Hillary. Perhaps they were NOT just focusing on Trump.

    PERHAPS the real purpose of what they were doing was creating an extensive operation because they believed Russia had Hillary’s State Department emails and they might leak them to her republican opponent or simply leak them. So their purpose was to create a defense for Hillary. She when Russia leaked HER emails their defense would be the republican nominee, whomever that would be, was a Russian agent and colluding with Russia to defeat Hillary because Putin feared Hillary.

    It just might be that Trump was not the only one being spied on.

    Then when Trump surged and they thought it possible, not probable, that he could win they tried to get this narrative into the a willing media and when Trump won, the “resistance” took over the operation and used it to paralyze the POTUS elect so he could not unravel all this before they could destroy all the evidence and paint their narrative which they did through Mueller.


    • pyromancer76 says:

      “They” focused on everyone. No bit of data un-kept; no stone unturned. No one was safe, and many had already felt the boot on their neck (Seth, e.g., actually murdered), so silence became the only safe behavior. “They” wanted to be able to destroy anyone who got, or who might get, in their way. Now. what is “their way?”


    • Rob says:

      “they believed Russia had Hillary’s State Department emails and they might leak them to her republican”

      The Obama administration, including H.Clinton, were totally sold out to the Russians. There is no way this statement could have been true. Even if the Russians had her emails, they would not try to damage her by releasing them. They wanted her to win.


    • mushr45m says:

      Patrick Byrne stated emphatically he was used with Butina, to spy on Bernie, Rubio, Cruz and Trump. Says Strzok was his handler. FISC report by Mary Collyer says there was 85% non-compliant searches (702 “about” queries) of US citizens. Contractors were allowed to access the NSA data base (Nelly Ohr, Fusion GPS)
      ADM Mike Rogers discovers it and stops it.
      Uh oh, big problem for Obama and Hillary.

      Then April/May, DNC server “hacked” (probably a leak…aka Seth Rich)
      Double uh oh.

      I’m sure I’m a little off, but that’s the gist


  11. askandgettruth says:

    they are waiting for assange to die. poor guy doesn’t look good. the us and england are in the same corrupt bed.


  12. Todd W says:

    **Vault 7** – Around that time CIA reports “losing control” of hacking tools to include those that mimicked Russian hacks. This was cover for themselves. However it DID raise the question of the legality of having these tools in the first place.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Publius2016 says:

      Carter Page original FISA is key….Remember PINGS were reported and parroted by CROOKED IN PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE! We know Deep State PLANTED EVIDENCE ON 45!


  13. dcnnc says:

    Very frustrated with the inaction myself but I’m not sure what investigative value there is in interviewing Page. Neither IG nor Mueller investigated him either. Perhaps it’s because it’s overwhelmingly known that he belongs to U.S. intelligence and the exculpatory evidence is plentiful within DOJ.
    Mr. Page seems to want to be investigated so he can pursue the “OK death threats” and push those into somebody’s investigative perview. He mentions those “death threats” routinely. I’m from Oklahoma. I don’t know why Carter Page would be getting death threats from anybody in OK unless he’s a Texas Longhorn fan. That claim just seems fishy to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • jbowen82 says:

      IIRC a federal building was blown up with a truck bomb in Oklahoma, an operation that has never been fully explained. Jana Davis, an investigative reporter in OKC, wrote a very interesting book about the third terrorist, “John Doe #2.” Her belief is that he was a Palestinian and that Saddam Hussein was behind the whole operation. To my knowledge, Terry Nichols has never explained where the money came from, and McVeigh went to lethal injection without naming names.

      Liked by 1 person

      • vladdy says:

        Vitally important book –it’s in my library — that never got exposure. First thing I thought when I saw the pics of OK City was “That looks exactly like the marine barracks in Beruit.” Second was, after islam became known here, that only islamic jihadists go for mass maiming and killing of children. McVeigh sure didn’t seem to get the decades of appeals,, did he?

        Liked by 2 people

        • jbowen82 says:

          He declined all appeals and went straight to lethal injection, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. From what I can tell, he told lots of different, inconsistent stories, just as someone trained in SERE would when being interrogated.


  14. VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

    Yesterday, I posted an analogy comparing draining Lake Mead to draining the swamp…

    If Hoover dam is catastrophically ruptured with much of Lake Mead behind it , the resulting turmoil to cities and critical infrastructure downstream would be enormous. Not to mention disrupting water supplies to upwards of 40 million or so citizens…

    Or you could disrupt the water supply (money/power) and the “nutrients” such as bribery and other personal and official corruption ,*into* Lake Mead and let the hot desert sun do the work of drying and disinfecting the swamp.

    Hoover dam could still be destroyed if in the end still needed.

    One consequence I didn’t think of yesterday is the swamp denizens of the deep; muskies, pirahnas, sturgeons, (carnivorous fish in general) and other creatures become naked and exposed as Lake Mead becomes just a wide spot of the Colorado river…

    All while still allowing the crucial water supply role of the river to continue…

    Just another morsel of thoughts to chew on…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ninja7 says:

      Thank you VDMA, and all of the Treepers, for your comments and perspectives. Sitting on this little branch, Enjoy the insight that Sundance has provided. Have thought that I was just a conspiracy theorist, before coming to this refuge. Appears that I was not.🤗🤔🤔


  15. kleen says:

    What about Brennan? Was he ever interviewed by Durham?


    • Wethal says:

      If so, neither would tell.

      I keep wondering who’s been subpoenaed into Durham’s grand jury. Those proceedings are confidential, including who takes the Fifth and who’s been given immunity and must testify. Durham’s careful use of immunity could put some cracks in the Russia hoax wall.


      • kleen says:

        I’m not so sure. All the swamp does is to leak, they leak to everybody. They would leak to their disinformation agents to control the narrative.

        I don’t know if they can breath without doing some illegal leaking. It never happened before.

        But this could be a first…


  16. VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

    Duncan Campbell, 1981
    …”In a series of articles which stirred considerable national and international interest, Duncan Campbell describes British and American operations to listen in on individual telephones and communications.”

    Duncan Campbell, 1984
    “The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier reveals how, since the 1940s and 1950s, Britain has become a safe haven for many US bases and facilities. Alongside the well-known cruise missile silos and nuclear bomber bases is a network of intelligence installations, command centres, communications stations – …”

    So what about the entire 5EYES network?

    Is this something that also needs a good dose of disinfecting sunlight as well?


    • CM-TX says:

      See GCHQ- British Intel, located out of Fort Meade, MD.

      FWIW- Back in 2017, there was some significance in connection with– as to questionable surveillance that was occurring.


  17. jbowen82 says:

    After the indictments and trials, toward the end of the second term, there will be a blue-ribbon commission that holds hearings and produces a report that lays out the broad scope of the CIA’s and FBI’s malfeasance with respect to the 2016 campaign. There will be recommendations for procedural changes and possibly the creation of a new watchdog. The commission will point to the Obama White House’s involvement, but won’t name BHO as being personally involved. Then life will go on. We are a 50-50 country, and the larger imperative of holding the country together will prevail over the desire for justice to fully be satisfied.


  18. Mac says:

    Just a couple of things here.

    Brennan was running the Get Trump operations through the CIA. Comey has always operated in CYA mode. He stepped out of the mold, briefly, when he did his backhanded exoneration of HRC in the Servergate affair. Her set out a prima facia case for indictment and then brushed it all aside by saying that no federal prosecutor would ever prosecute HRC in that case. Thus dumping it back on the DOJ, while still allowing the AG to back away by agreeing with Comey. Comey, again in CYA mode was forced to acknowledge that the agency had possession of the Carlos Danger laptop, which held copies of all the communications from the HRC bathroom server. So Comey was not the man to run the ops.

    Now, all the targeted individuals had previous ties to the IC, abroad, before and/or during the time they were being targeted by Brennan and Co. Popadapolous was working for a, IC front, when approached by Misfud, who was also, employed by the same IC front. Manafort had done intelligence gathering while engaged in his multinational deals with foreign leaders. Flynn was part of the IC when he was with the DIA and worked on Russian interests. And, page worked for both the CIA and FBI as an anti-Russian asset. Those targeted were already well known to the CIA, when Brennan began the attempted coup. REussia was chosen, because of a Finnish Eliint intercept that the Russian government was going to launch a campaign to influence the US 2016 Presidential elections. It did not identify which candidates the Kremlin was seeking to help nor what actions it was planning to take, This intercept was sent to British intelligence which forwarded it to the CIA.

    So, this was initially handled by Brennan and the CIA, on the US side. But, the whole purpose of the CIA operation was to set up a viable predicate which would allow its allies in the FBI/DOJ to gain FISA Title 1 warrant access to the Trump campaign. The FBI/GOJ was responsible for this as[ect of thee plot, but they were forced to falsify documents to gain that warrant and maintain it. of coourse, this required using assets of both the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

    Now, Assange. Assange knows the source of the DNC email hack. And, it was not an outside cyber invasion, but an inside job. And, it did not involve Chelsea Manning, who did not have access to the DNC server. Interestingly, after the first release of DNC emails, and before another hinted at release by WikiLeaks, someone who did have access to the DNC server was mysteriously murdered, Seth Rich. And, evidence exists that President Obama was aware of this operation.

    So, what we are looking at is a huge conspiracy which engaged in numerous criminal activities, including potentially a murder. If all the participants and publicly identified, charged and tried, this will likely result in the destruction of the federal government as we know it. So, this investigation is being slow walked and will likely result in no naming or indictment of any higher members of the Obama Administration. If anyone is charged for illegal activities in this coup de etat attempt, it will be some small fry bit player with no real knowledge of the extent of the coup plot or who will commit “suicide” or be run over by a truck before he can testify.

    So, do not be disappointed if nothing comes of this “investigation”. It is not about justice, but about identifying the extent of the damage and to put additional pressure on the Get Trump faction to back off. Though it is probably too late for the later.

    Liked by 1 person

    • CM-TX says:

      Unacceptable. If they can’t do the job of rendering Justice fully & properly– The People will finish it. But they’re NOT going to like the outcome!

      70-80% of our BLOATED Fed Gov has already revealed themselves to be USELESS. They are PARASITES, sponging off of Taxpayers (ie., Glorified Welfare). They spend their time conspiring to obstruct the President, & the Will of The People. The Country would thrive WITHOUT them.

      Liked by 1 person

    • vladdy says:

      If that happens, the attempted coups will continue until successful. So America is ending?
      No doubts or hesitation about it? Globalism wins?


      • Mac says:

        No, the “coups” will not be successful. The reason for that is because approximately half the population has awakened to the fact that politicians work solely for themselves and that the government(s) will do whatever it has to do to protect itself. So, a coup will no longer works. This leaves those that wish to maintain the status quo or to increase government control of the populous will have to resort to violence against their political opponents and against society in general. This will stimulate a violent backlash and civil war will be on.

        The problem with government corruption is that it has become the norm. Virtually every politician and much of the higher echelon in government civil service are all feathering their nests with public money or lobbyist pay-offs. To expose all of this, or even the upper tier, would, essentially, destroy the government of this country. So, you end up with maintaining the status quo or burning down the house. We’ll see which occurs..


  19. rojobirds says:

    Broom. Rug. Sweep.


  20. Raquel says:

    One thing that I have asked myself since President Trump announced his candidacy, is why the deep animosity against this man, from people in high places, who once considered his friendship such a plus. When I listened to his statements about how people in government were ripping off the American public, all the while enriching themselves, I began to get a hint as to answer to my question.

    I have since come to the conclusion, because he worked and played among these people for years, he knows FAR more about their modus operandi than we realize. It is not only that he knows about them; but knows way too much about them and their shenanigans. Thus, he is a tremendous threat not only to them personally; but he now has the power to shut down their operational outfit.

    I emphasize that he knows WAY too much. This fact gives me comfort. He knows way more than any of us do. He now has access to the power to shut down the swamp’s operations; thus access to Barr and Durham are not outside of his influence, and they are not on their own in this situation. My acknowledgement of this fact is influenced by the revelation of his active role in the court case brought on by the victims of Jeffrey Epstein back in, I think, 2009. President Trump was the only respondent to a letter sent out by their attorney seeking information on Epstein. His information was “very helpful” to their case. His willingness to participate in the cause to bring justice to the plaintiffs gives me courage. He put fruitful action to his knowledge, as a factual witness.

    I believe candidate Trump sought the office of the presidency solely to set things straight for the American people (God bless him), and that involves draining the swamp, and whatever else it takes. On top of that, President Trump DELEGATES duties to others, as that is part of his business style. He trusts people with the skills to do their jobs properly, and he stays on top of their work, and fires when he deems necessary. President Trump likes to get a job done.

    So, keep courage, my friends.

    Liked by 3 people

    • X XYZ says:

      It’s much simpler than that. Trump did what he had to do politically in NYC to do what he wanted to do and to get things done. He’s no choir boy. He’s no angel. He’s not pure. Nobody is. Some of us are more pure than others, and we need not apologize for that. Those who are “black as the devil’s ass” and who are long (and permanently through no term limits?) in power know that, and they will rub it in to anyone entering their devils playground, and try to convict anyone for acting honorably. Just who the hell does this renegade, this maverick, this “upstart” (that’s a Marx Bros. line)… Just who does THIS GUY THINK HE IS???
      Trump knows who he is.

      Everyone: Go find and watch the Preston Sturges film, The Great McGinty. 1940.

      (Paraphrased) “So you want to be REFORM PRESIDENT, eh, lug?”

      That movie explains the whole political scene of party politics. Same thing, different decade. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


  21. sarasotosfan says:

    While President Trump was celebrating his acquittal, the Senate Intelligence Committee dropped Volume 2 of their “report” on Russian interference in the 2016 election. It deserves a critical read and commentary.


  22. Kenney says:

    This takes more turns everyday. Don’t forget Romney’s former adviser sits on the board of Barisma now. I think the idea was to hold Barisma and the Ukraine bank ownership and return it to the former oligarch but things got messy. This was all about a proxy war with Russia but the Democrats twisted the election into it. Hillary’s missing emails are all about the proxy war. The Clinton foundation is a front for CIA arms dealing. Now how do you get the election interference out in the open but leave the rest in the can. Lindsey Graham is sweating bullets. That’s why Schiff and Nadler can tweet their noses. It is too intertwined.


  23. Val says:

    I’d rather concentrate on getting President Trump re-elected.

    The President seems to be hurt and I hope he’ll make the right decisions. But even tho he is hurting, he is always optimistic and working against all odds.

    I’ll keep praying for him, his family and his administration. I’ll volunteer to work on areas within my possibilities to help his campaign.


  24. ishare says:

    Blah bla bla…..All talk, NO ACTION!
    If there are no arrests after what they made the President and his supporters go through all these years, these slow-mo appointees should go. We need people who can cleansed the alphabet agencies and make the arrests specially of the big fish like Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Mueller and operatives, Clinton (hello, the madam has a long list, just ask Charles Ortel for starters…not Mr. Cover-up-Huber) etc etc etc.


  25. X XYZ says:

    Too Big to Jail?

    The usual play is that once they are publicly exposed, perhaps even indicted, pleas from other highly placed people will be made that they “have suffered enough” and that their resignations or firings are sufficient. Slap on the wrist, and ‘we promise it will never happen again’. Nixon was guilty as hell. But as soon as he left office his apologists repeated those mantras relentlessly.

    Let’s assume that will happen, as many here do. You may be right.

    Now let’s look at purpose, or the underlying motive for any action. What was the purpose of the impeachment? It was impossible for Trump to be convicted, and EVERYONE in the swamp knew that, especially Nancy. The primary purpose was to use it as a PR stunt to assuage the Dems base and the “low information voters” for the next election. So was the Mueller report. The Democrat congress did an impeachment, simply because they COULD. Like giving Trump the finger – as well as putting him through hell, to wear him down. Impeachment is the biggest weaponized loophole in the constitution. The Lawfare lawyers knew that. There was nothing to stop them, and there still isn’t anything to stop them from doing it again.

    Now what is the primary goal of the Barr-Durham investigation? To expose the coup. Not necessarily to convict the actors, but to capitalize on exposing it, so as to guarantee a R party victory next November. Much of politics, and also what goes on in courtrooms is a stage show. Timing is everything. If there is one person who is a master of timing and staging, it is Trump. His talent at it is obvious, and it is guaranteed. If anything CAN be done, HE WILL DO IT. Trump is unique. If you don’t think he’s in control, more than anyone imaginable, then you are a Doubting Thomas.


  26. Sick & Tired says:

    A little off topic…maybe…Trump plans to move the Secret Service from Homeland Security back to the Treasury Department in the new budget.



  27. Joemama says:

    Am I missing something here? Hasn’t it been long ago proven that the DNC e-mails that Wikileaks got cannot have been gotten by a remote hack?

    The time stamps on the files indicate that they were copied to a local storage medium, most likely a thumb drive, not transmitted over the internet or even a local network. The transfer rate of the files was too high to have been done over a network.

    This isn’t rocket science.


  28. L. E. Joiner says:

    Writes Sundance:

    The predicate for Robert Mueller’s investigation was specifically due to Russian interference in the 2016 election. The fulcrum for this Russia interference claim is the intelligence community assessment; and the only factual evidence claimed within the ICA is that Russia hacked the DNC servers; a claim only made possible by relying on forensic computer analysis from Crowdstrike, a DNC contractor.

    The CIA holds a massive conflict of self-interest in upholding the Russian hacking claim. The FBI holds a massive interest in maintaining that claim. All of those foreign countries whose intelligence apparatus participated with Brennan and Strzok also have a vested self-interest in maintaining that Russia hacking and interference narrative.

    Julian Assange is the only person with direct knowledge of how Wikileaks gained custody of the DNC emails; and Assange has claimed he has evidence it was not from a hack. . .

    Thanks for reiterating this. I guessed back in April 2017 that the claim ‘the Russians’ hacked the DNC computer was both a coverup and an excuse for CIA/FBI spying on the Trump campaign, and wrote about it in a post, ‘The Easter-Bunny Coverup’:

    Not only did the ‘Russian-collusion’ myth work to distract from the rampant DNC chicanery revealed by Wikileaks; it also served to cover up and justify the crimes of spying and leaking, leading astray the Congress, the Press, and the Public. As a bonus, it ‘explained’ to the distraught Democrat electorate why Hillary Clinton lost to a novice politician, the New York real-estate mogul and TV personality. . .

    Ever since then I have become increasingly convinced that the key to blowing the whole seditious conspiracy wide open will be discovering who killed, and who ordered the killing, of Seth Rich. I agree with Sundance: the first job is to protect Assange, and hear what he has to say, then re-open the investigation. Do Barr and Durham understand this? If Seth Rich was the insider who stole the emails from the DNC, and if he was killed to preserve the ‘Russia’ conspiracy, then the whole gigantic frameup will be exposed for the world to see. /LEJ


  29. Don L says:

    “Too dangerous to our freedom to not jail.” is my thinking…and I’m certain that I’m not alone.


  30. GTOGUY says:

    Everyone knows it was Seth and Aaron Rich that provided the DNC emails to Assange. No one wants to admit it, and Twitter, FB and all the other SM sites block you if you even hint that is the actual truth. Just like if you sue the Whistle-blower’s name they will block or suspend you.


    • L. E. Joiner says:

      See my comment above. I think it is time for the President to raise the question about Seth Rich’s murder, and to ask the Attorney General to investigate. I know it was a local crime, but the DoJ is good at thinking of ways to justify a Federal investigation (e.g. ‘his rights were violated’, or something).


      • Raquel says:

        GTO & L.E. I agree. I remember the death of Seth Rich pretty well. I think it was about a week after wikileaks got the emails. I may be wrong. Assange also gave an interview with someone and hinted at it being Rich who transferred the emails to him prior to Rich’s death. He did not name him, but I think he talked about a staffer.

        I remember a media watch organization stating that CNN literally spent 15 seconds reporting on Rich’s death whereas none of the other media outlets reported it besides Fox. I think CNN never mentioned Rich’s name, but merely reported that DNC staffer was found dead.

        All of this has played in my mind over again and again; and I have often wondered why no one took his death more seriously.

        Also, I believe Debbie Wasserman Shultz was the head of the DNC; and was and still is a close associate of Hillary’s.


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