Julian Assange Arrested in U.K. and Indicted in U.S…

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was forcibly removed from the Ecuadorian embassy in London today and taken to the Westminster Magistrates Court where he was charged with skipping bail.  [Details Here] Assange will likely spend 12 months in British jail while pending extradition to the U.S. for crimes related to the Chelsea Manning classified information leak – also outlined in a U.S. indictment unsealed today (full pdf below)

In the U.S. Assange is charged with a conspiracy to commit computer intrusion for his role in assisting Manning. [DOJ Press Release Here] The simultaneous operation to remove Assange, charge and hold on the bail violation, and unseal the U.S. indictment, appears to be a coordinated effort by the U.S. and U.K. government. Holding Assange for the bail violation allows U.S. authorities the time needed for the criminal extradition process.

That said, the issues with Assange and how they related to British and American interests is a multi-layered story with various ramifications for both governments.

The indictment released today was written and sealed in March 2018.  This timeframe is the apex of Rosenstein and Mueller’s obstruction effort.

It is worth noting for the U.S. side of the legal framework, the charges against Assange are not related to Russian efforts in a hack of the DNC; nor is Assange charged with anything related to the 2016 U.S. election interference activities, the Podesta email release or anything therein as previously described by the DOJ.

Here is the U.S. indictment:


The issues around Assange are further complicated when we overlay the larger British government involvement in the 2016 spy operation of the Trump campaign, and how the British government worked with corrupt U.S. intelligence efforts to influence the election.

Remember, the U.S. intelligence community and special counsel (Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein) specifically stated that Russian actors were behind the DNC hack.  Additionally, the same U.S. government voices have stated that Wikileaks was used to distribute those DNC emails because Wikileaks was activing on behalf of the Russian government.

This Wikileaks/Russia angle has been drummed into place as part of the foundation for the vast Russian interference narrative.  However, there has never been any direct evidence to support those claims, and most evidence points away from this possibility.  The absence of anything related to those claims in the indictment of Assange would also seem to indicate there is no ‘there’ there.

So what ulterior motives exist for current geopolitical moves?

Corrupt officials in both the U.S. and U.K. government and intelligence services have a vested interest in keeping their 2016 election activity hidden.

Officials within the corrupt U.S. Deep State, and corrupt officials within the British Deep State have allied interests.  Some of those interests, specifically some of the cover story for their united 2016 activity, merges atop Julian Assange, Wikileaks and a necessary Russian conspiracy narrative. It would be imprudent not to see there are ulterior motives/interests that relate to Assange.  Some genuine cynicism and skepticism is warranted.

Unfortunately, there will be voices who will push the Assange arrest as part of the “trust the plan” theory….. painting Jeff Sessions, Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein and now AG Bill Barr working to take down the Deep State through the exploitation of Assange to prove the grand Russian interference conspiracy doesn’t exist.  This view is pure foolishness.

In the same way that Mueller needed to grab control over Flynn, Papadopoulos, Manafort and Cohen to give his Russia conspiracy investigation breathing room (while actually working to build an obstruction case) the same duplicitous motive appears to exist within the Assange arrest.

With the actual U.S. and British “Spying” during the 2016 campaign now starting to surface; the actors on both sides of the Atlantic -those who have an agenda to hide their real collusion- also have an interest in throwing a bag over Assange.

For U.S. and U.K. interests, Russian hacking and Russian interference need to exist.  Corrupt U.S. and British intelligence and government entities need the Russian conspiracy-collusion-interference narrative to remain in place.

Without being able to use Russian actions as the predicate for their joint surveillance and spying operation, those within the U.S. and U.K. who participated are naked to their enemy…. Trump.

Who benefits from Assange arrest and control? Why would they have a sense of urgency now?   The answers to those questions explain current events.

There are Also Trillions at Stake.

Last week President Obama met with Angela Merkel (Germany).  Yesterday, corrupt U.K. officials delayed the Brexit process into October 2019, after Theresa May met with Emmanuel Macron (France).  This delay, another in a series of delays, happens despite the EU saying for the past four months there would be no further extensions granted.

The multinational interests, the real root of power and finance, do not want the European Union dismantled.   The Brexit vote was June 2016, now the delay is pushed to October 2019.

Corrupt British government officials working to stop Brexit are the same corrupt British government officials who were working with corrupt U.S. government officials to stop Trump.  This ideological effort has not stopped, and it never will.

In addition to power and control, there are trillions at stake.

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390 Responses to Julian Assange Arrested in U.K. and Indicted in U.S…

  1. NJF says:

    Good take IMO, makes some of the same arguments as Tucker did Tonight.

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  2. Iamcat says:

    Assange can tell us where and who the DNC hacked emails came from. Trump will get this info. I do not believe they came from Russia.
    This will bring the house of cards down.

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  3. jeans2nd says:

    This is an odd charge with which to charge Assange. Manning received 35 years, Assange faces 5 years.
    Assange was never a good hacker – Assange was caught, more than once. Assange quit hacking and went into verifying and publishing stolen documents, was my understanding. So DOJ charges Assange with aiding a hack? Password code-breaking software is available at Sourceforge and has been for what, 2 decades? Hacking/password haacking tricks and tips are found all over the dark web.

    Sessions was still at DOJ as AG and Pompeo at CIA when these charges were filed and sealed.
    The timing and “why now?” are fairly apparent.. Question now is, why these charges? smh Not seeing the logic here. Will be fairly difficult to prove. imo


    • Carrie says:

      Ok, Assange is unlikely to be charged with hacking. Maybe they will try stolen classified documents. But isn’t the NYT also complicit in writing extensively about Comey’s stolen notes about his meeting with President Trump, which were also classified and stolen because they didn’t belong off of FBI soil? Or the countless articles written by the WaPo and NYT and others about the unverified Trump dossier that was part of an ongoing investigation and also classified? Let’s see someone get a backbone and charge these newspapers for the same crimes as Assange. At least Assange didn’t bias all of the information, he published it directly without a narrative.

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      • jeans2nd says:

        Have you read the DOJ press release?
        “Assange engaged in a conspiracy with Chelsea Manning…to assist Manning in cracking a password stored on U.S. Department of Defense computers”

        That is called hacking, specifically password hacking. It is done all the time.
        Have you ever hacked? D/l-ed/researched anything from Sourceforge? Hung out on the dark net?


        • Carrie says:

          Jeans-I’m not privy into the politicking into how and why the various governments are keen on charging Assange right now. All I really want is for those same charges to be used on like crimes across the board and not solely for political points. And it is very clear that there are many others who are not being charged for identical crimes due to political interference.


  4. azgulch says:

    The timing – the timing. Trump wants something to absolve, completely destroy, the Ma Russia hoax.

    This guy has it.

    Pence put pressure on Equador and the UK for this to happen. This way Trump can say “I know nothing!” Trump wants the “white hats” at DOJ to depose him, and he will get it. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised to have him return on Air Force One, or Two when Trump visits the Queen.

    A few years ago Hannity interviewed JA. I’m sure this information has been passed on to Trump.

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    • Chad C. Muilligan says:

      Timing. There’s a report on BusinessInsider that Wikileaks has the goods on the new Ecuadorian President Moreno regarding some corruption scandal or other. Another Wikileaks guy was arrested there trying to fly to Japan, the story goes. Neutering Wikileaks now would be much to Moreno’s advantage,


    • MelH says:

      The Hill has the story of a California RepRhorbacher visiting Assange in 2017 and taking messages back to the President verifying that the Clinton and Podesta letters did not come from Russia.The President is acting as if he never heard of Assange. Maybe Rohrbacher was not granted time with the President?


  5. evergreen says:

    Assange has practically lived in prison already for a number of years. He could offer to plead out to the indictment and serve what his alleged co-conspirator served: 1/5th of a sentence.

    The offer would contain an abundance of information that may/would answer lingering questions across the board.

    After all, if the former president saw fit to lessen the charge for the convicted, primary offender, then one could at least argue that the bar has been lowered for anyone allegedly participating as a minor party.

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  6. Blue Moon says:

    Did anyone hear Joe Mancin from WV today? He said of Assange “this man belongs to us”. I am not so sure the Dems really want Assange to give the federal government any testimony he may have.


  7. jackphatz says:

    Obama goes to Germany to enlist a big fav from his fellow comrade. If Assange has anything closed to what has been alluded to then all of the Obama admin would have much to fear, including BO himself. But……
    …remember when Assange said if he was ever arrested or killed all of this info would be released.

    It could happen. Assange’s arrest may just be more entertaining than the crying Dim’s!

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    • stephen fenlon says:

      Apparently, a Wikileaks compatriot of Assange’s has just been arrested by Ecuador authorities as he was about to board a plane for Japan. They claimed he was about to release a smear piece about Moreno.

      The timing feels very suspicious to me, but can’t see what the end game is apart from maybe continuing to buy Assange’s silence on certain “matters”.

      I think it was reported via Twatter, but can’t find it now.

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  8. richq11 says:

    I give him 2 weeks… RIP Julian!


    • wondering999 says:

      I give this courageous man my prayers for his good health and survival after all he has endured over the last years, for the sake of the rest of us as well as his integrity


  9. spoogels says:

    Why would POMPEO be behind this if it wasn’t for other reasons than the ones given here?


  10. spoogels says:


    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be punished for embarrassing the DC establishment



  11. Moultrie Flag says:

    So many comments that seem to miss Sundance’s point. Trump isn’t doing this.

    Think of Comey, Ohr, and killing the immunity deal. Think of the TIMING. The Russia involvement lie can’t be allowed to die.

    Here, watch this as a primer. Jack P from OANN:


  12. Moultrie Flag says:

    Here is the chat log between Assange and Bradley Manning:

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  13. Dr.Jay says:

    That case seems awfully thin. And rather difficult to prove. Perhaps enough for an extradiction, but is this realy enough for a conviction?


    To recap: Prosecutors surprised Assange’s supporters when they revealed in their extradition warrant that, rather than pursuing him on espionage charges, or charges related to Wikileaks’ publication of the classified documents, only one charge had been levied against Assange: conspiracy to hack a government computer.

    Note that they can’t prosecute him for publishing leaked stuff.
    Also note that he isn’t indicted for anything related to 2016. Which also makes sense (perhaps not to the Dims, LOL).

    Helping with hacking is a crime (it seems they talked about password issues, but that is it; unless he gave advice, and even that is quite iffy), as is ordering someone to do so. But just asking for more dirt is a normal journalist action, hence not a crime.


  14. askandgettruth says:

    pray that he has a dead man switch, and the clintons and their cronies be put to the gallows. i hope that seth rich’s murder can be solved. you can bet the farm that hillary the fat gas bag had the hit ordered. there is not a word in any language on this planet that can describe clinton and slime that has taken over our once great country. i am afraid america has been castrated and the only way out of this commie take over is a revolution, GOD HELP US ALL !!!

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  15. Rob says:

    I am wondering if a presidential pardon for Assange is in the works, in exchange for some testimony before Congress.

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  16. spoogels says:

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  17. JackofallAsses says:

    With Julian Assange being extradited to the United States for releasing classified documents and footage extracted in part by Bradley “Trans” Chelsea Manning. However I bet the real reason is to have him testify that Seth Rich was his source, not the Russians who “hacked” the DNC servers. The corruption of the dems is going to be exposed. Finally justice looks like it has a chance.

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  18. Gary Lacey says:

    Damn, the Assange arrest looks bad, the Home of the Free, the Home of the Brave, this stinks to high Heaven, good grief…..and after finding out there was no Russian collusion…this stinks!


  19. Sunshine says:

    I was sympathetic to his cause but no longer.
    Go visit Wikileaks website page. Check out the box titled ICE.

    Sotiri Dimpinoudis ❁‏@sotiridi
    #WikiLeaks have published the names and pictures, and living area of 9243 I.CE. and border patrol agents on their website. That is a thing a journalist never would do, but the work of a activist. Julian #Assange and Wikileaks as a whole are not “journalists”.


  20. Laramie Evan says:

    Julian Assange is a hero. Period.

    He’s being persecuted just like Trump was (is), just like Michael Flynn is, and just like Roger Stone is.

    He had the audacity to reveal “Deep State” secrets all over the world. For that, he’s being silenced. Do not let these evildoers convince you this has anything to do with Chelsea Manning, or DNC emails. The mainstream media tried to sell you a bunch of mullarkey about “Russia collusion” for nearly 3 years. The same thing is going on here.

    This man needs to be set free. Whistleblowers expose the dark secrets that those in power don’t want you to see. Julian Assange is a great man being crucified by dark and sinister forces.


  21. Laramie Evan says:

    Really, this whole thing is a preposterous joke. It reads very much like the 17-agency “intelligence assessment” that the Russians “hacked” the DNC’s computers. Remember that? Except it wasn’t 17; it was 3. And, of the 3, 2 of the agencies claimed to have “high confidence” the Russians hacked; the 3rd agency only rated their belief as moderate. And, everyone involved from the 3 agencies were hand-picked by Brennan, Comey and Clapper — which never occurs for intelligence assessments. And, they never bothered to look at the server in question. And, if you actually read the report, it was transparently obvious that it was nonsense.

    Here, read the indictment against Assange. They allege that Manning used “special software” to access the hash values of passwords. What was the “specialized software?” A Linux operating system. Seriously?!?!?! What a joke. I guess 90% of the companies around the world are running “specialized software” for hackers since 90% of servers run on Linux.

    The allegation is that, on March 8, 2010, Assange agreed to help Manning crack the hash values associated with the password file. (Passwords are frequently stored this way so that a thief breaking in won’t actually get the passwords — you can only get the passwords with the private key used to decrypt them.) Depending on the encryption, it likely would have been impossible for anyone to decrypt the hash values at issue. Think Bitcoin, which is based on encryption and has never been hacked. There is no allegation in the indictment that anyone could have cracked the hashes, which is telling.

    Likewise, there’s no allegation:

    – that any passwords were cracked;
    – that any classified info was taken using any passwords. Indeed the indictment alleges that Manning already had given everything to Wikileaks by the time the password cracking agreement was reached.
    – that Assange even lifted a finger to help Manning break the password hashes.
    – that any classified info was passed to Assange after he entered into this ludicrous agreement to help Manning decrypt password hashes.

    What utter rubbish.


  22. Ben D says:

    Trump government officials would now be on their way to the UK where they will be given access to Assange. If he has the goods that will help Trump get back at US bad actors, he may walk free.


  23. tdwesselman says:

    As wikileaks is not a U.S. based organization, I am trying to figure out what jurisdiction U.S. courts have in the first place. Any U.S. laws that Assange might have broken, he was neither a U.S. citizen at the time or on U.S. territory at the time.


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