Heads Up! – New York Times Advanced Narrative Move: IG Office Investigating Stefan Halper…

Something is coming… something delicious.  How can we tell?  Well, whenever a bombshell is about to drop on the corrupt Intelligence Community, the New York Times does a quick narrative dump to get out ahead of the story.

All the way down, buried deep, in a NYT story about Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s FISA investigation and AG Barr’s review of DOJ and FBI activity… they drop the following two paragraphs (emphasis mine):

[…] The inspector general is also scrutinizing another early source of information for the Russia investigation, the people said: Mr. Horowitz’s investigators have been asking questions about the role of Stefan A. Halper, another F.B.I. informant, and his prior work for the bureau.

Agents involved in the Russia investigation asked Mr. Halper, an American academic who teaches in Britain, to gather information on Mr. Page and George Papadopoulos, another former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser. (read more)

Oh?  NYT now saying FBI agents asked help from intelligence asset Stefan Halper to go gather information on Carter Page and George Papadopoulos?

Six months ago the New York Times was calling people ‘conspiracy theorists’ for pointing out how the CIA and FBI were using overseas intelligence officials to run up against the Trump campaign.  Now they just drop it in their column as ‘meh‘, all casual like…. running spies into political campaigns, well, it happens all the time… or something.  Obviously they are shaping and dumping their narratives and quietly trying walking away.

The bigger question the Times avoids is: “FBI Agents involved in the Russia investigation asked Mr. Halper to gather information on Page & Papadopulospredicated on what?

What’s the underlying evidence that would inspire the FBI to request Stefan Halper to spy on American citizens connected to the Trump campaign?  What’s the reason?

These contacts took place prior to July 31st, 2016, when Crossfire Hurricane began; so they are not part of the ‘official‘ FBI investigation… because these requests would have come before the investigation began… so what gives?

What’s the predicate for such a request?

The FBI has a “Brennan” problem.  CIA Director John Brennan organized foreign intelligence assets to run against the Trump campaign March through July 2016 to help construct Brennan’s “EC” memo that he gave to James Comey to initiate the official start of the FBI counterintelligence operation.

As soon as The New York Times mentions the name Professor Joseph Mifsud in the same way as Professor Stefan Halper the gig is up.

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538 Responses to Heads Up! – New York Times Advanced Narrative Move: IG Office Investigating Stefan Halper…

  1. Dave Sanderson says:

    I remain optimistic that Trump (via A-G Barr) really is going to make the fit hit the shan on this epic scandal. The Donald’s habit of thinking and acting on his LONG TERM interests is long-established. Near the top of his ‘long term interests’ is the SAFETY and SUCCESS of his children, Don Jr. 41, Ivanka 37, Eric 35, Tiffany 25, and Barron 13.

    It’s quite plausible that at least the 2 oldest of his 5 kids – Don Jr. and Ivanka – have future political ambitions, based on their frequent public appearances around POTUS and his major events. Either of them could plausibly run in 2024. Since that possibility exists, The Donald – LIKE ALL OF US! – doesn’t want his kids to ever endure the outrageous, unprecedented attacks that he has endured.

    As EVERY FATHER HERE WOULD DO, the President will leave an abundance of enemy heads on poles all over DC as a warning of what awaits all future plotters against anyone named Trump. He has always acted long-term, and he is a father who is at least as protective of his kids as we are protective of ours.

    ‘The Wrath of Don’ will launch soon. It will be epic. Many will be indicted, convicted, financially and socially ruined. “Their names will be Mudd” (Dr. Samuel Mudd fixed the broken leg of a fleeing John Wilkes Booth, and was found guilty of being part of the Lincoln assassination conspiracy.)

    Trump’s epic response to this treasonous, bloodless coup attempt will serve as an effective deterrent against filthy politics for a generation. It’s coming.

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    • Daniel says:

      I’d like to add to this that Trump really seems to be enjoying this. He has probably mentally already played this whole thing out accounting for every last move in advance and has a counter for just about anything they try to pull. He wouldn’t play the game unless he knew he would win.


  2. Stefan Halper is part of this nastiness against General Michael Flynn, too!


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    • boomerbeth says:

      Will POTUS assign his handle “the absent-minded professor” or the “singing snake”?
      (You knew I was a snake before you let me in!)

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    • thedoc00 says:

      I had the pleasure of hearing General Flynn speak at several events, before 2016. It struck me at the time that he was completely out of synch with the Islamic and Mid-East Commercial interests of the Obama Administration. I am surprised “legal” issues did not befall him before the elections.

      It was clear in those presentation, that;

      He knew of the Obama’s and Clinton’s love for everything Islamic and that they paid for the Arab Spring.

      He knew of all the financial intrigue of the Clinton’s to buy Arab Support for 2020. Note, by Arab’s I mean the previous Royal factions ruling the roost on the Saudi Peninsula and same factions bragging of funding over 1/2 of Clinton’s primary campaign on social media.

      He knew of all the Pipeline intrigues, involving; Turkey, Iran, Syria and Israel. Again note, Flynn supported pre-Erdogan Islamic Turkey while Obama supported Islamic Erdogan. That pipeline may have been the final act to force Turkey’s entry to the EU (which the EU did not want). Hence we now have Islamic Turkey and an alternate pipeline route.

      Flynn knows where all the Obama and Clinton skeletons or buried with respect to the Middle East and North Africa. Those skeletons involve allot of money paid via the Clinton and Soros Foundations in both directions as well as the destructive chaos that evolved across both continents.

      In fact I am surprised he is still alive.

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      • Robert Rogers says:

        He was definitely a marked man as soon as he did the right thing in the last regime and opposed the deals with Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood/jihadist ties. Him being a high ranking MI officer means he knows all the intel they were gathering on political enemies too. They had to get rid of him. Look at other examples, even Petraeus and McChrystal were taken out by the libs they worked with ASAP after their usefulness by the socialists was over.


      • GB Bari says:

        You ought to pass that along to AG Barr.


  3. BroMole says:

    Imagine a curious media

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  4. Alan Reasin says:

    If I see Hannity reigned in or fired I will know the fix is in. He and the Heritage Foundation are the few pushing the envelope on this crime against our republic and the American people; well at least 62 million of us.

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    • JB in Jefferson says:

      Interesting indeed, wrapped up in one article. I had forgotten about O meeting with world leaders days before President Trump did after the inauguration.

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      • Susan Bolle says:

        And he just met with Merkel before this began trickling out. Auditioning for a one world order committee seat somewhere?


  5. Sunny says:

    I appreciate your being willing to read to the bottom of New York Slimes articles…takes a strong stomach. Thanks for the heads up!

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  6. Orville R. Bacher says:

    “Imagine a curious media”
    Imagine a Media that isn’t part of the Washington Crime Family. They are all Mob members and need to be RICO’d out of existence.

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  7. Louis Genevie says:

    When Trump told us that some of our “allies” asked him not to declassify the documents related to the spying on him, it was clear what happened.

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  8. Sipper says:

    The language used by Barr makes me hopeful. However Hope is a fragile thing. So many moving parts and lawyers oozing all around to cover like a scab on an infected wound.


  9. askandgettruth says:

    i can’t wait till the corrupt rats on the ship of fools , which is sinking, start to eat each other to try and save their own skin and then try and chew a hole in the hull to escape the sinking hoax. get some x-tra pop corn and enjoy the sinking of evil. hillary will make a fine meal for 100 crooks.

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  10. Realist says:

    And all roads will be found to lead back to Bath House Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro Obama

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  11. Rose says:

    Liberal media spreading corrupt FBI and DOJ and CIA propaganda againnnnnnnnnnn, tarted up as news of course. I hope at some point the people via the media involved are charged with fraud via Rico.

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  12. sysconfig says:

    “What’s the underlying evidence that would inspire the FBI to request Stefan Halper to spy on American citizens connected to the Trump campaign? What’s the reason?”

    The predicate was the the 500K he was paid in 2016 by DOD which for all sakes and purposes served as a green light for the FBI that elements of DOD had their backs..With that slush fund he could line up Mother Teresa as a Russian patsy. Who in DOD authorized this? as it came out of their rainy day discretionary money….certainly not to turn in a bogus paper by Papadapolous.


    • Dr.Jay says:

      The FBI didn’t. Halper was already spying before start of Operation Crossfire Hurricane on 31 July 2016. Hence he wasn’t working for the FBI, he was working for the CIA.
      Same for several other intelligence assets (Mifsud, Downer). Other actions were later, but still do not look like FBI ( such as that Israel based CIA spy who attempted to entrap Papadopoulos)

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      • No.

        The CIA (Brennan) was in on it, at its core, from the beginning (and all of the “assets” would appear to be joined at the hip to the CIA, whatever else their associations), but so was the FBI (and the DOJ, through the Ohrs…people need to think of Nellie Ohr more dramatically, as “Mata Hari” or something, so as not to push her out of the center where she really was). The main “intelligence assets” were the folks at Fusion-GPS (Halper, Mifsud, etc, were, in my view, mere alternates, or also-rans…and in the way things went down, they have been used by the cabal as back-up excuses, not the real felons at Fusion), and the FBI gave them “FBI contractor” access to raw intelligence, to find anything they could pin on Trump (before he became President Trump). Nellie Ohr was the main intelligence asset at Fusion-GPS, although the whole company was basically a bunch of mercenary “intelligence” miners/infiltrators, around “former journalist” Glenn Simpson. I would say Fusion was a partisan group, on the side of the Democrats, but that begs the question why Trump’s Republican rivals started the dirt-digging on him, that was taken over by Hillary & Company (and the corrupt, colluding FBI, as the latter also paid Christopher Steele for his contributions to the cause).

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      • sysconfig says:

        I am sure You are aware that CIA wear more than one hat and its how they embed the MSM as well and keep them in check. FBI is no exception..This was a cointel op run against everyone opposing Hillary. And remember it was Brennan who created a specialized joint interagency taskforce just for this occasion..This was 2015. Baker admitted Michael Sussman of Coi-prekinskins , who hired Crowdstrike gave him a copy of dossier whose input Sussman said was cyber experts..w/o naming them. I am sure if the names on the GPS roster become unredacted..you will find Crowdstrike on there..along with State Department people..The who were authorized will be just as telling as who wasnt..CS who along with Chlupa fed Izikoff materials for the Russians are at it….who then fed the FBI..works quite nicely.


  13. JRD says:


    No one has the GUTS to go after the 1st black president or the 1st woman to run for POTUS
    These Bushies are all eunuchs !

    If anyone suffers for this offense it with be a white male. That means Sally Yates doesn’t have to be concerned about her actions either.

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  14. 6x47 says:

    The investigation supposedly proceeded “by the book” after being set in motion. That isn’t exactly true, of course, but that’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

    The whole thing was an abuse of power and misuse of government agencies for partisan political purposes – which was the Obama modus operandi. Neither Obama nor his lackeys imagined they could ever lose control of the levers of power; and if by some freak occurrence they did, they had infiltrated deep and wide into the civil service, judiciary, and bureaucracy to where it wouldn’t matter.

    Obama and Valerie Jarrett stayed in Washington, DC for a reason – to continue to manipulate their network of sappers in the executive branch to overthrow the presidency of Donald Trump. Thank God they were not successful in bringing him down: I am convinced any of the other candidates who ran in 2016 would have been driven from office by the assault.

    God bless Donald Trump, and God bless America!

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    • Bill says:

      When Obama announced he was buying a house in DC my spidey senses went through the roof. I was genuinely concerned he was going to try and pull some S. And looky looky, I was right.

      I just hope Barr doesn’t find these people innocent of wrong doing. Someone needs to go down for this crime. That’s right, it was a crime of the highest order.

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      • Beau Geste says:

        I hope Barr doesn’t accept the “Jussie” defense, similar to the “Awan” defense and the “Wolfe” defense if they are guilty of treason => 2 days doing spelling lessons with the Reverend “Jessie” Jackson.

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      • Moe Grimm says:

        +1. 0bama HAD to have known. More he HAD to have been at least a passive if not active participant. Look at the names in this treasonous conspiracy – the number of them, and the daily high level access they had to the 0bama on a daily basis. And somehow he didn’t know? Bull Fkg Schidt.


  15. trapper says:

    In early 2016 the conspirators were trying to dirty up Papa and Page, and probably Flynn, trying to create enough Russia innuendo to allow them to go get two-hop FISA warrants on them (Papa, Page, Flynn, Manafort) in order to use one or all of them as delivery vehicles for their surveillance of the Trump campaign. Early 2016. Actually, does anyone really think they weren’t already doing the illegal surveillance? Remember, illegal NSA searches go back to 2010. Also remember, because FISA warrants allow digging backward in time, a FISA warrant serves to mask illegal surveillance that took place before the warrant is issued. Trump was always the target, from early 2016 and going back into 2015 at least. Everyone else was just a means to get at him.



    • cochato28 says:

      Agreed. I wonder if it goes back to 2011, when Trump was taunting Obama about the birth certificate. Obama is not the type of person to just let that roll off his back. He probably sicced some Government agency on Trump at that time.


  16. jeans2nd says:

    “The people said…”
    Is no one concerned about the leak of this to this NY Times? Will this leak be investigated?

    AG Barr seems like a good person with a good heart and good intentions. But gee wiz, AG Barr could not even stop this leak. AG Barr cannot do this alone, and it sure seems like AG Barr’s department is not only not on his side, but is actively working against him.
    May AG Barr be blessed with the spirit of saints and martyrs.


    • rayvandune says:

      I don’t assume these “people” are real, and leaking right now. The NYT knows the whole story, never forget that, and is in a position to release pieces of the truth (or deception) at times when it will advance the narrative, or protect the plot and their part in it.

      I repeat, the NYT knows the whole story, as do dozens if not hundreds of people in the media. The elected President of the United States was / is being subverted, and the media was / is playing a big part in it. Remember when you read something in the Times, you are getting it from the lips of enemy conspirators.


  17. DeWalt says:

    Time for Halper to head to a none treaty country.


  18. lurker2 says:

    It’s always interesting to look back at old articles after getting better info. This May 22 2018 Hill article by Jonathon Turley is interesting. Not only did Halper initiate contact with one or more people associated with the Trump campaign prior to the opening of the official Crossfire Hurricane investigation, it was reported that Halper was attempting to JOIN the campaign! Thus, I think, the claim that there was an insider, a mole.

    Perhaps the most serious allegations deal with Halper’s reported effort to advise the Trump campaign or secure a position in the new administration. If Halper was a longtime paid asset of the FBI and CIA, such a role would be deeply troubling. If successful, the FBI could have had a person working with the campaign or even in the administration who was on its covert budget. Even if they stopped paying Halper, it is doubtful that he would disclose his prior relationship. Trump officials have said they were unaware of the connection in their conversations with him. In his meetings, Halper was clearly trying to influence or possibly join the campaign while working with the FBI. At a minimum, Halper met with with Trump campaign advisers, including Papadopoulos, Page and former national campaign co-chairman Sam Clovis. Trump economic adviser Peter Navarro reportedly submitted Halper’s name for a post during the presidential transition. If the FBI knew Halper was actively seeking a role in either the campaign or the administration, this could be every bit as serious as Trump alleged. While the media has tended to downplay these allegations, they are manifestly serious. The use of a paid FBI asset to target a national campaign in this way would be unprecedented. https://thehill.com/opinion/judiciary/388785-FBI-source-in-Russia-probe-raises-alarms-over-political-surveillance

    Who directed Halper to talk to Carter Page prior to Crossfire Hurricane? Who directed him to attempt to join the campaign? And, as Sundance asks, why?


    • Dr.Jay says:

      >> If successful, the FBI could have had a person working with the campaign or even in the administration who was on its covert budget.

      Correction, that should be: …, the CIA could have had a person working ….

      that he worked for the FIBs is just part of the post WTF/CYA narrative.


    • lurker2 says:

      By the way, has anyone figured out what Mifsud was? PapaD had claimed months ago that he suspected Mifsud was working for the FBI. Mifsud contacted PapaD in March-April 2016 offering up Putin’s neice and Hillary emails allegedly hacked by the Russians (which is very much in dispute still). Is it possible Mifsud is another Halper? Mifsud was working in London too, like Halper. Was Mifsud not able to entrap PapaD and that’s why later Halper took over to try? PapaD’s wife thought that Mifsud’s “Center” was a front for something else.


      • JMC says:

        Lurker, the shoe has still not dropped on Mifsud, and you are wondering the same thing we all are. He is a key player, and he needs to be sought out and brought to bay.


  19. HickTick says:

    Well I heard AG Barr say today , he has only been on the job for 7 weeks , but has done more than Sessions did in 2 years relating to the spying on PDJT . I think some of this leaking is planned along with what Collins has been releasing . I don’t see what could be taking the IG , FISA report so long unless it includes the Clinton Foundation .


    • lurker2 says:

      Sessions had recused himself, he couldn’t have done anything related to spying. Where did you hear this from? It doesn’t sound like something Barr would say.


  20. JRD says:

    Now I like the sounds of this.
    But, notice, it’s a white male.
    Interesting if they go after Simpson’s wife Mary Jacoby also.

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    • JRD says:

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      • Beau Geste says:

        Ha !!
        about time.


      • Yy4u says:

        I think Flynn was being targeted before he joined Trump campaign.

        Daily Caller had an article about a grad student at Cambridge named Svetlana Lukhova. On my tablet so can’t send link. Flynn was a member of Obama admin. Warned that Obama admin was backing wrong side in Syria. Flynn attended a dinner Lukhova attdnded. As did a lot of others. Later Flynn was nailed for not reporting his contact with her. Media insinuated they were cozy. Lukhova..a Brit and Russ citizen says no. Media reported they were seated beside each other. She has photos to contrary. Later a Halper friend emailed her to save a date for a dinner given by Halper whom she did not like for Halpers wife whom she did not know. She dodged it. Later press reported she was a Russian spy which she says she is not. My guess is the small group had been spying on Flynn before Flynn joined the Trump campaign.

        Halper ix everywhere un thus sordid scheme


  21. Treehugger says:

    What was Sergei Milan and rob goldstones purpose


  22. Moe Grimm says:

    Does anyone know where this creep Halper is? Mifsud? I’m unable to find any definitive information as to where they are now. Anyone else?


  23. I have been Dislikng Obama from The being, Obama is Bigger Divider and he was fauilure weaker leaders,


  24. willthesuevi says:

    Since Stephan Halper’s name popped up in this sordid affair I have had a pet theory. Stephan Halper involved himself in what looks to be a soft coup against candidate and then POTUS Trump at the behest of the Bush family. President HW Bush and Halper go all the way back to the elder Bush’s tenure at the CIA. Despite wearing their religion on their sleeve the Bush family can be very vindictive. Especially when you get in the way of the coronation of Jeb as royalty.

    As I said, a pet theory of mine. This is going to get very interesting.


  25. wondering999 says:

    The BBC covered parts of today’s story but reported it differently “Trump urges inquiry into ‘attempted coup’ against him”

    Emphasis added:
    “US media reported last year that the FBI sent an informant, an unnamed US academic who teaches in the UK to speak to two low-level Trump aides, George Papadopoulos and Carter Page, after the agency became suspicious of the pair’s Russian contacts…”

    Anybody feel like letting the BBC know who the “unnamed US academic” would be? They don’t seem to be aware LOL

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  26. Screaming Eagle says:

    Make no mistake my fellow Deplorables! The insurance policy was Brennan and Clappers failed scheme to get the SCOTUS to stop the inauguration, on the phony “muh Russia” BS. Lefty’s don’t wait around for 2 year SC investigations or mumblers like Sessions.. They want to seat their puppet immediately, at all costs. This failed coup was activated at 3:00AM Pennsylvania EST on November 9th, when they had exhausted all cheating methods at the polls.. It was an all out, last minute, desperate bomb run to save their slow witted and arrogant queen. Nothing surer. They must all be prosecuted to the highest degree, including death. This was TREASON!

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  27. SteveStevensen says:

    Hey Halper…suicide is painless.


  28. As 1960’s Comedy “Laugh In” star Arte Johnson would say; while dressed as a German Soldier,…”Interesting…..VERY Interesting.”
    ~This NYT Advanced-Narrative-DUMP has become SO-PREDICTABLE that you could set your ‘Sun-Dial-Watches’ by them.~


  29. Retired IG says:

    Apologize for the verbal “enema” to come. But after reading the NYT article – I am STUNNED – that without ANY ATTRIBUTION TO SOURCES WHATSOEVER – except maybe something in the article attributed to “the people,” that the NYT had the SHEER GALL to publish this article.
    I’ve been around. And this NYT article is a piece of SHIT, SAME AS IT EVER WAS, The NYT with all of their “SOURCES” now having a supposed inside “SCOOP” into what is in the IG report.
    It’s absolutely laughable. Anyone with a BRAIN or a curious nature KNEW LONG ago what IG Horowitz was investigating.
    This newspaper needs to be exposed for its complicity in divulging classified information. PERIOD. And if you are wondering about my absolute FURY I am feeling tonight – well, I’ve been around. And the IG I used to work for would HAVE FIRED or send me back to GS7 boot camp for making comments to ANYONE other than through the official OIG spokesperson.
    I KNOW MY former IG TRIBE. Loyal to the FACTS and non-disclosure.
    When the NYT “claims” by innuendo ONLY that they have a SOURCE and a “OUJI
    BALL SOURCE” in the DOJ OIG – its OVER THE TOP FAKE News. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


  30. Pyrthroes says:

    In politics, 5 and a half years may as well be Chixculub’s K/T Boundary (qv). But come February 2025, demographics but procedural balloting reforms may well Rats’ reptilian subversives with an electoral drought similar to that of 1860 – 1912, when only Cleveland as a Mugwump reformer even pretended to Jeff Davis’ mantle.

    By the way, Trump is incumbent President 44, not 45– because Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms, media ignoramuses inconsistently count terms, not incumbents. On a pro forma four-year term basis, DJT would count as number 58.


  31. Bill Henslee says:

    Ralph Waldo Emerson: “When you strike at a king, you must kill him.”

    These “smart” guys in the intelligence community underestimated Trump from the get-go. That led to some bad group think among them, e.g. that they could commit treason and get away with it. They had all the advantages of secrecy, electronic surveillance, and the power of a corrupt
    Deep State administration and President behind them.
    But they couldn’t strike the blow that could take him down. Now, in his righteous wrath, he will take them down publicly and legally —and henceforth be known by the Left, as Trump the Destroyer


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