Rod Rosenstein “Unindicted Co-Conspirator”? – Durham Expands Timeline for Probe…

One aspect heavily monitored by CTH surrounds frequent redactions to ongoing DOJ releases that touch upon former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. An additionally annoying thorn would be the continued holding-back of Rosenstein’s expanded scope memos authorizing the expansion of Mueller’s special investigation. [They remain hidden]

The reason Rosenstein’s behavior remains a high-priority is simply because without his ongoing participation and authorization in 2017 and 2018 the Weissmann/Mueller probe would not have been able to continue.

Rosenstein is a central character to all events, and at the end of the Mueller investigation -through today- the DOJ continued to black out any information that evidenced Rosenstein’s duplicitous activity.

As a result, CTH has viewed the transparent DOJ redactions as a purposeful effort to protect Rosenstein.  However, recent activity and media reports outline the possibility of another motive.  Perhaps, just perhaps, the evidence of Rosenstein’s activities has been withheld because Rosenstein is a subject of the Durham investigation.  First watch this:


Setting aside the common mistake in part of that report by John Roberts, the fact that Durham is looking into the Mueller phase of the coup (early 2017); in combination with White House officials now sharing documents surrounding the Mueller-Rosenstein White House visit; and accepting the ongoing redactions by the DOJ on material that touches Rosenstein; there is a moderate possibility Rosenstein is now a Durham target.

There are four central actions taken by DAG Rod Rosenstein that frame the four corners of his active involvement within the “small group” coup effort.  Four corners that would highlight Rosenstein as an “unindicted co-conspirator”:

♦Corner One – Rosenstein’s contact with Mueller immediately following the firing of James Comey (less than 15 hours); and the documented contact with Mueller during the period of May 10th through May 17th (leading to the appointment); and the material evidence that Rosenstein lied to the White House when he took Mueller into the Oval Office on May 16th to interview the special counsel target.  As Devin Nunes outlined in January: “Rosenstein made Trump the target of Mueller“.

♦Corner Two – DAG Rod Rosenstein expanding the special counsel investigations. Rosenstein wrote three scope memos in total. The first initiated the special counsel under the predicate of looking at Russian interference in the 2016 election and/or Trump campaign official conduct therein. The second scope memo expanded the depth of the Mueller probe and allowed the investigation to look at other issues unrelated to Russia interference (Manafort taxes, FARA, etc.). The second scope memo also authorized Mueller to use the Steele Dossier as an investigative tool.

The third expanded scope memo allowed Mueller’s team to go after targets unrelated to Russia interference, and unrelated to the other matters. The third memo specifically allowed Mueller to target Mike Flynn Jr. as a tool to get General Flynn to take a plea deal.

♦Corner Three – DAG Rosenstein cooperated in the Mueller claim of Russian election activity through DOJ indictments of ridiculous Russian-related entities; none of which would ever be prosecuted – and almost all of which seemed constructed to promote the guise upon which the Special Counsel was launched.  It would have also been DAG Rod Rosenstein who approved of the James Wolfe plea deal, burying the FISA leak and the involvement of senators within the SSCI in the overall coup effort.

♦Corner Four – DAG Rosenstein was specifically in charge of authorizing or granting the aggregate activity of Mueller’s team; which would include the aggressive methods used by the DOJ and FBI evidenced by raids on Paul Manafort and SWAT deployment against Roger Stone (with CNN media to broadcast). More concerning, and perhaps most damning, DAG Rosenstein would have to sign-off on the $10,000 sting operation against George Papadopoulos at Dulles International Airport.  DAG Rosenstein also threatened President Trump not to declassify material in Sept. ’18 or he would face obstruction.

We’ve always said that Attorney General Bill Barr’s biggest challenge would not be gathering evidence of what took place; the evidence is so obvious there have been books written about it. The real challenge for AG Barr is navigating through what We The People are already aware of; against a likely disposition that Barr would not want to believe it, and certainly would be conflicted in facing it.

The reports of AG Bill Barr personally going to see and interview the places and people at the very epicenter of the fraudulent 2016 predicate, is an indication that Barr doesn’t really have any options. The scale of what took place is so serious; and the evidence therein so obvious; if he doesn’t get his arms-around-it the Attorney General is looking at very serious long-term institutional damage.

The obvious stares us in the face.  If Durham has indeed expanded his time-frame to looking at early 2017, he is looking at DOJ and FBI activity entirely under the authority of Rod Rosenstein.

It would be, at least should be, impossible for either Barr or U.S. Attorney John Durham to complete their investigation/review of what took place, and then deliver a report -or statement- that results in nothing; or worse, attempts to justify all of the known activity. Simply put, too many millions of Americans are aware.

All of that said, it could be possible the DOJ action to redact, remove and/or keep the demonstrable activity by Rosenstein hidden, is not to protect Rosenstein – but rather because Rosenstein is an investigative subject or target therein. Again, WATCH:


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495 Responses to Rod Rosenstein “Unindicted Co-Conspirator”? – Durham Expands Timeline for Probe…

  1. 6x47 says:

    Nah – Rod Rosenstein was always a sleeper, a Trump double agent setting up the Deep State by allowing the conspiracy to fully reveal itself through the Mueller probe. And Gen. Flynn deliberately allowed himself to be entrapped and then plead guilty as a 4-D chess move – again, to entrap the entrappers.

    Some paperboy on the Twitters told me so /sarc

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    • Connie B says:

      That phone # is still active for Mark Filip (just called it and got voicemail).


    • smartyjones1 says:

      It’s Sessions Slow-Walker, don’t ya know.
      You mean a 380-pound creepy paperboy porn bukake compilator in Texas isn’t the best source for political news out of DC?

      Who woulda-thunk-it?


    • L4grasshopper says:

      Was his name “Stealth Jeff”?

      AKA … the one man clown show called Brian Cates?


      • 6x47 says:

        Cates major flaw is what I call “Wictorism”: Constructing elaborate fantasies of secret plans to explain away the horrible truth.

        It can’t be that the Deep State torpedoed Trump while his feckless Attorney General stood by and allowed it to happen: No, it was a clever ruse! Giving the bad guys all the rope they needed. Yeah, THAT’S the ticket!

        And all the President’s Tweets andother public denunciation complaining Sessions was a horrible choice he deeply regrets, a crushing disappointment, and imploring him to PLEASE step up and do his f’ing job? THEATER! ACTING! To enhance the AG’s credibility for when Stealth Jeff drops the mask and goes full beast mode indicting and convicting the Deep State!

        And it can’t be that the Deep State protects itself and “muh beloved instatooshins” above all else, even when that means protecting bad actors who shredded the Constitution attempting to overthrow a President: “Declined prosecution.” Nah – its all 4D chess man!

        And the President, knowing full well that the FBI was a vipers nest of sedition, couldn’t possibly have been duped into hiring yet another Deep State Swamp Creature, Chris Wray, to replace Comey as Director! Surely his Attorney General Jeff Sessions was wise to what was going on by then!! Right?

        Nope. President Trump is no dummy: He is very smart and superbly capable. However – he came into government without any experience and very little in the way of organization. He had to rely on others who did have public sector experience, and those people all too often proved duplicitous and undermined President Trump. He catches on fast and those people don’t last long but Trump has had a steep learning curve. That explains the unfortunate mistakes that have marred his administration.

        But it’s really sad to admit that our guy, who IMO will be numbered as one of our greatest Presidents with Washington and Lincoln, got rolled more than once by slimy politicians and the Deep State.

        So let’s make believe it was all a plan, he MEANT to come within a whisker of getting forced out of office. Because reasons.

        Yeah! “”SOON.”

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  2. tommy m says:

    speaking of wires… what if Sessions wore one 24-7 for his 2 years as AG… the swamp folks would never worry about a hayseed in their midst…

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    • tav144 says:

      Sessions may be a gullible buffoon, but he is not a co-conspirator in this coup. Go back and read RR’s emails just released wherein he tells Mueller that basically “the boss doesn’t know about our conversations”. In other words — Sessions does NOT know about the entrapment scheme. Sessions was NOT in the loop. He was specifically kept out of the loop so that RR — a true co-conspirator — could run the operation against Trump. This comports with the earlier released details that when Mueller was appointed, Sessions was in the Oval office and was blind-sided by it.

      Sessions has many faults and bears the brunt of blame for recusing himself when he shouldn’t have. But he did so because as he saw it, it was the ethical thing to do to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. In a normal functioning, non-corrupt system, even this would have been okay. But against a conspiracy of coup-plotters, it was part of the scheme to REMOVE him from being able to uncover their crimes (which also tells you he was not part of it).

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      • cali says:

        @tav144: You are absolutely right about Jeff Sessions!

        Like Flynn Jeff Sessions was targeted and FISA was applied to Sessions as well by the same coup plotters.

        Jeff Sessions silently worked on the Jeffrey Epstein case which resulted in the re-arrest of Epstein. He also put together the task force to eradicate and adjudicate the MS13 and other gangs that were imported during the Hussein years.

        Rosenstein was a member of the ‘old guard’ without a doubt. His involvement with uranium one hung over his head. He strictly focused on his arse knowing its in a sling. Rosenstein may decided not to wear a wire but the tag team Mueller-Rosenstein did leave Mueller’s phone behind in the white house serving the same purpose as a wire would have done.

        We know when Horowitz’s first report came out that Rosenstein was responsible to screen and classify every coup plotters unlawful conduct and actions including that of himself.

        @Sundance: Yes you are so right: There are only two possibilities for Barr and Durham and that is
        1. Ignore all the high crimes and misdemeanors, seditious and treasonous activities while holding nobody or low level/low rank individuals to account while letting the top of spear walk will officially end the rule of law ergo the end of this republic. The citizens will not accept such a choice nor do our military men and women and their command.

        2. Weigh all involvement by ALL coup plotters and their allies abroad and bring them to justice regardless of rank or position – that means Hussein, HRC et al.
        This will restore not just restore laws and justice for all and a healing throughout this republic can commence.

        I do understand that all the interventions across the world by the deep state and their political allies here and abroad could commence declarations of war by countries affected by the false intervention and for financial gain.

        This is a very painful undertaking but it must take place. We can not claim to believe in law and justice if all of these corrupt individuals just walk away to repeat all over again after president Trump completes his term(s).

        I want to believe that this was not just another 4 year election!

        God have mercy on us all and help us defeat this dark and evil that is in control for such a long time!

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      • rayvandune says:

        If he was pliable enough to fall for the recusal “advice” he got, it is just as well he was not involved further on: decent guy, but not exactly filled with the “steely resolve needed to be on-point in the Trump Team.


    • 2013gti says:

      2 years of snoring on tape.


  3. Bogeyfree says:

    From Sundance’s article, This is now the door I want opened with this expansion……

    “It would have also been DAG Rod Rosenstein who approved of the James Wolfe plea deal, burying the FISA leak and the involvement of senators within the SSCI in the overall coup effort.”

    It is time to go after any and all Senator Snakes who may have helped plot or participated in this fraud and coup.

    I want Barr to now also expose Senators & Congressmen.

    By the way, pay attention to the blame game. The “we were only following orders”. You see this beginning to come out with the recent Clapper statement on following orders.

    I don’t believe the FBI cooked this up by themselves. I think they followed the orders to conduct the operation.

    So we are back to who ordered the Code Red and where did they come from?

    The WH? The CIA? The Congress?

    I agree that Barr must be seeing enough evidence now to be expanding.

    I don’t think a sweeper would expand but by expanding what Barr may now be doing in order to save the institutions to some regard is he must show that THEY were following orders from above.

    And RR just may be his squeeze point.

    So IMO Barr’s loyalty should be first and foremost the rule of law but IMO his second loyalty are the the institutions and because this fire has gotten out of control with more and more obvious evidence, Barr must expose the mastermind in order to save the institutions.

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    • Paul says:



    • Newhere says:

      Well put. Related to what SD has said several times: the challenge for Barr isn’t finding the facts, it’s what to do with the facts already known to millions of Americans; even institutionalists can be realists, and the calculus on “saving the institutions” has everything to do with public trust. A realist trying to save the institution would know he has to size it up correctly. Sometimes you have to burn down the structure to save the foundation.

      I watched a Few Good Men this weekend, after Brennan’s feigned incredulity about being interviewed …

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    • BoreMole says:

      I think this is deeply fanciful/wishful thinking, tbh… I remain very confident that no one will ever see the inside of a courtroom or cell for any of it. We’re just too far gone now. We’ll get a couple “better” process and procedures, but no person will be held to account, especially not Senators or Obama era lackeys.

      Bet on it.

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  4. He’s a weasel and should be charged!!

    God bless President Trump!!🙏🙏

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  5. jersey joe says:

    RR has turned states evidence. Been extensively interviewed by Durham. Trying to save his own behind.

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    • phaedrus cj says:

      Was that the deal he made when he left? Agree to cooperate and the public image projected will be Rod was a good guy and wouldn’t be charged and would be protected by redactions?


    • corkyboyd says:

      I think Trump’s unexplained invitation to fly RR on Air Force 1 to the Police Chiefs convention on October 2018 was the turning point, with Trump saying “Do you want to be on this side, or face jail time? Also, Trump was very cordial when RR left office. Yes, he has been flipped.

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    • donna kovacevic says:

      I have no mercy for these snakes all of them bastards. Get them all, go after their families wives, children all, the way they went after PDJT disgusting pieces of govna. How about do unto others” never heard of that? I want to see the worst happen to them all including that traitor that posed as your president for 8 years. God Bless PDJT.

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  6. 6x47 says:

    The real bad guy in all this drama, IMO: Jeff Sessions. A battered conservative, with a permanent cringe, always apologizing for what the Left baselessly accused.

    He walked into the DOJ as Attorney General and instead of taking charge like a boss he immediately supplicated before the Deep State Obama gang and recused from his post, surrendering before he even knew what was going on. That fateful decision is the inflection point that has determined the entire arc of the Trump Presidency: A scared little rabbit trying to please the hard Left by demonstrating his honor and decency.

    Jeff Sessions is the one man to blame for all that follows.

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    • gary says:

      and the expected reaction of most of the republicans in congress. the democrats flip out out over some perpetrated crisis and the repubs all get in line to apologize. the example trump has set is to be a template for future candidates for the repubs,i hope. burr and toomey types need to go.

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    • Fubu says:

      Sessions is no different than a lot of other participants. Just a compromised lackey that was controlled by the Deep State due to blackmail. The real culprit here is the surveillance state that has been installed that can be rewind someone’s life when needed.

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      • wondering999 says:

        True, true, but there is something else that we could do to protect ourselves. We could become more honest at the individual citizen level. What are we willing to condemn (in others as well as ourselves) and what are we willing to accept and deal with realistically? Our leadership are not saints. They are FALLIBLE.

        We need to be honest at the personal family level first, and then face up to reality in our leadership.

        If we were more honest with ourselves, blackmailers would have a harder time of it. The blackmailers make money off the public’s tendency to faint and have palpitations and outrage when faced with harsh truth, manipulated by the press.

        Trump looks at reality (as well as public fantasies) and says things that are true but cause outrage. Trump he often able to resolve difficult problems because he’s looking at the unvarnished truth and working off that, instead of trying to facilitate/enable public fantasies that are bogus from the get-go. Pernicious public fantasies are a feature of both “conservatives” and “liberals”. We can let go of the lying at all levels.

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        • wondering999 says:

          Grrr. “Trump is often able to resolve difficult problems” not “he often”

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        • Zippy says:

          “We need to be honest at the personal family level first, and then face up to reality in our leadership.”

          1. Who says we aren’t?
          2. Those who seek political power (“leadership”… gak) are rarely good people nor are they honest. “Honest politician” is an oxymoron and has been throughout history.

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          • wondering999 says:

            Zippy — you may be the paragon of honesty, but I come across a lot of people who dissemble in various areas of their life. It’s a lot easier to see in other people than in the self. Quick example, it’s easier for many “conservative Republicans” to notice that a Democrat’s kid is living sleazy with drugs, than to note that a leading Republican had a remarkable history of drug/alcohol consumption, and learned roughly zero about geography/ history/ reality during expensive college years paid by prosperous parents. Their wasteful living and lousy habits are not wonderful, not in ANY of them, right or left.

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          • wondering999 says:

            It’s tough to be a good leader, and I am respectful of people who do it well. I have noticed a few decent “politicians” and appreciate them.

            John Duncan of Tennessee worked hard to do a good job for Tennessee constituents. He retired recently, after the Democrats dug up dirt about an office scandal, some woman who was mistreated in his office because she was an older worker and was paid off out of the Congressional slush fund. From other people who have worked with Duncan in Washington, I heard that Duncan was exceptionally decent, and unlike much of the DC crowd, NOT a groping drunkard; he was very good about communicating with constituents with informative newsletters, and I appreciated that.

            Duncan had to work within the Tennessee Republican party with other people for whom I have a lot less respect (think Bob Corker, grrr, who was elected by Republicans who believed in him for some reason. Not thrilled with Lamar Alexander either, although in the past Alexander said some things that were forthright and honest (such as, the Department of Education is something we could easily do without — and for a time Alexander headed the Department of Education, so he would know).

            Have you ever had to work at a job with an incompetent, preening supervisor? I have, (although I didn’t stick around any longer than necessary). Working within a large system can be HARD, especially if directives from above are conflicting and impractical. Being a decent supervisor in a large organization can be difficult, especially when the people who rank above you, or who have power over how you get your job done, are corrupted and/or incompetent.

            Let’s be honest about what we delegate and to who. We NEED politicians and they should be treated with the same respect as anybody else (but not more). I don’t want to go to Washington, do you? No reason to be grossly disrespectful of people who volunteer for that job, and do it as well as they can, for a long period of time. And no I’m not Duncan or one of his family members. Just a grateful former constituent. He did a good job. I hope his successor manages to do his best also.

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        • Judith says:

          Even if your morals are impeccable, they will find a way to dirty you up with #metoo false allegations or trumped-up process crimes. If all else fails they’ll threaten your family with Arkancide. That’s life in the swamp lane.

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    • Robster says:

      Based on Lisa Page recent book, Sessions was in favor of the 25th amendment angle to get rid of Trump. This, among other things, tells me he was a deep state plant to begin with….as soon as he got in office he stabbed president Trump right in the back!…which Senators, I wonder, were his puppet strings?

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      • Tparty says:

        Why would anyone believe what a traitorous harlot says … nevermind what she implies in a book, one of many, written with the purpose of impeaching a president. She said it in a book?

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      • tav144 says:

        There is no such book. Need to provide a link or name because I see no book written by Lisa Page.
        Sessions is gullible. But not a co-conspirator.

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        • albertus magnus says:

          100% CORRECT. Some people hate Sessions because of his anti-pot stands in addition to his poor performance as AG. They think it is ok to falsely accuse people just because they arent who and what they should be.


  7. I dunno.
    Rosenstein will always have a top spot in the American pantheon of traitorous weasels, but – before Barr came on – and after the extent of the coup began leaking out (thanks to CTH et. al.) Rod took that trip to Florida on AF-1 with the president (Oct 2018). We never found out exactly what that was really all about, but I suspect Rosenstein had a “Come to Donald” moment and has been working for the forces of good ever since. When Barr came on board, Rod became inert and left paid government service in fairly short order.

    Could be that Rosenstein being redacted left & right is just a perfunctory gesture toward protecting the government’s star witness against the plotters of the failed coup.

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    • Newhere says:

      That would be a real-life sting of epic proportion — and even with the mysterious AF1 meeting, hard to square. Not seeing enough for it to seem plausible. But I’d really like to know what that AF1 discussion was all about …

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  8. Marina Sapir says:

    Being a skeptic, I see only that “expanding” the investigation means further delays, while pacifying Trump and his supporters.
    The “signaling” of impeding justice from the Justice Department contradicts their actions:
    – nobody was indicted (including McCabe), even though the investigation was completed
    – the documents are still secret, they block disclosures as much as they can
    – reports are being postponed again and again. Month after month I hear that the IG report will be in the next two weeks or even next Friday. And nothing happens.
    Yet, with their hinting on “expanding”, they keep Trump supporters happy and hopeful. This is the main difference between Barr and Sessions, as I see it.

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  9. JRD says:

    I ain’t buying.

    Barr’s mission is to protect the institution of his precious DOJ.

    Yes, the wheels of justice turn slow but this is ridiculous.
    How long does it take Durham to accomplish something?

    Delay, delay, delay is all I am seeing in order for people to forget all the BS that went down.

    Sounds like more “trust the plan” fairy tales.

    Call me when indictments occur. I live in the real world.

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    • GP says:

      HI JRD-I share your skepticism. There have been many, many cover-ups of crimes by the DOJ at least as serious as “Spygate.”


    • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

      Will cal you if the indictments occur. Until then please don’t cry too much. Endlessly repeating that nothing happens is worth nothing. These grievances only clog valuable research and threads. They’re pointless.

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    • Julian says:

      Have a little patience man. Trust Trump geez. He knows what he’s doing. He put Barr in there for a reason.


    • Zippy says:

      Agree with you 100%.

      The entire Russian collusion farce could have been obliterated LONG ago simply by questioning Mifusd LONG ago (you know, the guy who “disappeared” who was living right next to the US Embassy in Rome), attacking the soft coup from its very origin (the publicly claimed one anyway).

      Once that was exposed, the ENTIRE investigative process for everything else related to that coup attempt would have had a strong coup conspiracy VALIDITY behind it which could have been further and rapidly strengthened simply by following the flowcharts outlined in several BEST SELLING books.

      But, no, they want to be very careful NOT to reveal a CIA, FBI, NSA, Five Eyes conspiracy.

      In the end, I expect nothing significant enough to OFFICIALLY reveal such a conspiracy, the incredible scope of it, nor will there be adequate legal punishment of any of the perps responsible for it.

      BTW, how long does it take to decide to indict and prosecute McCabe now that the year long investigation that Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch says should have taken only a few months has been released?

      Of course, the lack of results is all part of a cunning plan:

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      • Bubby says:

        I want to fix the low moral ceiling of the deep state by cutting off their head!

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      • Mark says:

        Agreed. I’ve been mentioning the lack of prosecution of McCabe for months. The evidence was available from the IG yet nothing was done. I’m glad that judge told DOJ either McCabe or drop it. I’m still waiting for Huber’s investigation to come to fruition as Barr told us months ago. We will see by November if Barr is serious or a deep state fixer.


      • albertus magnus says:

        You are correct. But idiots believe their holding on to irrational hope means they should be free to challenge your intelligence and MAGA support.


  10. StanH says:

    Be cool and be real. It’s going to be half a loaf. There will be indictments but the top (Barry-O, Hitlery, B-B-B-Biden) will skate. Perhaps something like a public rebuke, which for Cultural-Marxists is a badge of honor, you know, “sticking it to the man.” I would expect anyone around them however is fair-game.

    AG Barr knows that thinking, taxpaying America is watching, not the blithering idiots who follow AOC + 3, BLM, Antifi et al. His mission will be to attempt to appease both sides. We’ll see.

    KAG! ….by keeping close with our Great President Trump, he knows what we know and will extract every ounce of justice that he can. We’ve got an election to win in 2020. be careful with the Swamp Gas, (Look Squirrel) because it will be oozing.

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    • Somebody says:

      Maybe all the public attention on Biden and his son’s corruption is part of the plan? Perhaps they think slow Joe is the weakest link and intend to squeeze him. Throwing his only living son into the mix helps squeeze the vice a la Weissman.

      Beyond Clapper and possibly Page, I don’t see any of the rest of the coup plotters that might break, the rest are true believers. I doubt either of them were in on the master plan, but Joe? Maybe. Maybe Ukraine is the nerve center or part of the nerve center of the plot. Maybe Obama put Joe in charge of Ukraine to have plausible deniability.

      I would love to see the whole thing unravel and be exposed, but I’m not going to hold my breath. I will remain cautiously optimistic to the degree I can.


  11. L4grasshopper says:

    Oh….and Rosenhack also signed off on the 4th FISA warrant.

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    “”””The reports of AG Bill Barr personally going to see and interview the places and people at the very epicenter of the fraudulent 2016 predicate, is an indication that Barr doesn’t really have any options. The scale of what took place is so serious; and the evidence therein so obvious; if he doesn’t get his arms-around-it the Attorney General is looking at genuine long-term institutional damage.””””

    Even IF Barr is inclined (as any long time DC animal like Barr would be) to try to preserve the “integrity cough cough” of these institutions, too much bad behavior has gone on and WE KNOW.
    This is the thrust of the letter I sent to Barr myself. Letting him know, WE KNOW.
    And he needs US, Joe LunchBuckets, to hold this Republic together.

    We are Millions and Millions of Americans who make this Civil SOciety go.

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      IMO the fire is now a huge out of control forest fire.

      The only way he can save the institutions (not people) is by outing the top participants BUT by also expose who ordered the CODE RED and position the institutions as being used/ordered to follow orders.


      • olddog35 says:

        The forest fire analogy is a good one.

        When you suppress all prosecutions of corruption that should naturally occur over a long period of time, (thus allowing fuel to accumulate), eventually you will see uncontrolled, catastrophic wildfire.


      • tav144 says:

        Also, they should do what was mentioned about two years ago and break out the FBI headquarters to places across the heartland instead. DC is a den a vipers.


    • Marina Sapir says:

      That is the problem. Elites, like Barr, despite the “millions”, the masses. They believe (and have reason to believe), they are much smarter, and can cheat us indefinitely.
      We elected Trump. And all we have in DOJ is Barr, a pretty version of Sessions.


      • Rileytrips says:

        He’s good on the bagpipes, though.



        Nonsense. Barr is nothing like Sessions. Sessions was cucked into recusing.
        Barr told the Senate “I think spying did occur” and he tasked Durham to investigate.
        Sorry, but you’lll have to wait to see what Durham is coming up with. But based on this exapansion, and his trip overseas to talk to Mifsud, it sounds to me like he’s getting to the bottom of it.

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      • L4grasshopper says:

        And Trump picked Barr, and handed him declass authority.

        If you doubt Barr, you doubt Trump.

        Or do you not think Trump sees exactly what YOU think you see?

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        • Chieftain says:

          No doubt. Trump picked Sessions too.
          It is okay to doubt Barr.
          People have different motivations and often multiple motivations and aims.


    • Jim- heard an interesting bit on Rush yesterday, a very good point. He said that we Deplorables seem to forget that we are WINNERS. Yes it’s true- our President Trump did WIN the election. We need an attitude adjustment. Let us never forget what WE accomplished.

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      • Bubby says:

        Seneca we did “win” an important battle equivalent to Gettysburg politically! But I want to win the entire war and as long as the coup attempt continues I’m not looking back at President Trump’s victorious election! The deep state needs defeated in total! Godspeed President Trump!

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  13. ChampagneReady says:

    Rosenstein not only approved expansion with memos, he BACK DATED the memo to give Muller’s goons cover when they kicked Paul Manfort’s door in.

    Liked by 4 people

  14. k4jjj says:

    There is no future for America without a reckoning for this.

    The leadership of this country is so thoroughly rotted to its core, no paint or polish can hide it.

    Restoration of anything resembling this constitutional republic requires an all-out conflagration and removal of the vermin.

    What words on paper repairs this? What half measures will be put forth and laughed at by the perpetrators? What mandatory seminars on ethics bring justice?

    Will William Barr be another Neville Chamberlain waving a paper before the cameras to reassure the masses Hitler has signed and agreed to play nice?

    Liked by 2 people

    • grumpyqs says:

      Like letting the hogs clean out the pig stye! “Looks mighty fine to me”!
      It’s way past time for citizen power to be shown IN PERSON!
      Perhaps a National Clean Out Government Day?


    • Marina Sapir says:

      The problem is, at least half of the country would support the coup. They still support Democrats, despite everything they know about their corruption.
      They do not care about laws, only about their side winning.
      And the coup organizers hope they have good chance to survive until there is more agreeable president.

      Liked by 4 people

      • amjean says:

        I suspect that the “half” you refer to is benefited in some way by the federal government,
        either through employment or federal/state aid.


  15. MLK says:

    “Rod Rosenstein “Unindicted Co-Conspirator”? – Durham Expands Timeline for Probe…”

    Barr/Durham have an enormous advantage, they’re attempting to resolve this mess in the national interest, not cover it up/carry out a coup.

    Occam’s Razor (The simplest answer . . .) suggests that co-conspirators have rolled on Rosenstein. First and foremost Andrew McCabe. Indeed, as I’ve explained previously, it seemed that McCabe was being teed up a while back as a fall guy because he had repeatedly broken ranks to protect himself.

    Indeed, Every Man For Himself, at least at the top echelons of this criminal conspiracy seems to have been present almost from the beginning.

    Thus, ironically, it is less the circle-squaring Barr/Durham engage in because we the public know too much than that the principal conspirators have finally sung.

    Comey, as you noted, seems to have memorialized the malefactions in fine detail in God Knows how many memos. This explains why, once he was fired, he seemed a strange combination of resigned and serene.

    McCabe, only very recently seems similarly unburdened (see e.g. Bernstein interview).

    Please recall that the attempts to bait the POTUS into firing Rosenstein came at least as frequently as their attempts of same with Mueller. My view at the time was that both were desperate for an exit as the prospect of forcing Trump to resign or face Impeachment/Conviction/Removal became ever more unlikely, and firing either would have offered a new pathway to that objective.

    I don’t see any mystery in the revelations (leaks) about Barr’s direct role. Put yourself in both Barr AND Durham’s place, along with the foreign governments. All, including Bar, need him public acknowledge as there, to protect themselves and the investigation.

    Trump, with no just the Zelensky phone call, fired a shot across the bow of all concerned — and I really mean ALL — that he expected a resolve/reckoning commensurate with the scale, scope, and time-burn of the scandal.

    Otherwise he will effect that himself in full public view, come what may. That is no idle threat. He is invulnerable to Impeachment/Conviction/Removal at least until his second term, regardless of what the fake polls claim.

    Liked by 4 people

  16. Chip Doctor says:

    Barr and Durham have been airtight with their silence about the investigations, up until recently. First the trips overseas and now the expansion of the timeline. Whether intentional or not, these “leaks” are having the effect of making the guilty expose themselves. It is causing everyone from Congress to media, ex Vice Presidents, Susan Rice, Clapper, Brennan to panic and show themselves. The attacks on ‘rouge” Barr by Democrats is a telling sign.

    Every one of these coup masters have coordinated their strategy. They will survive together or go down together. They are blackmailing Barr and PT by threatening to burn down Washington DC if any of them are indicted. McCabe made it clear. They can plunge the US into total chaos and civil war if they burn it down.

    I say burn it down on truth and justice’s terms, not theirs. It needs to be cleansed. This has to happen at some point if we are to regain the America that we love. Might as well get it on, otherwise there is always the risk that they regain control through a stolen election. Then we will be even more screwed. Anything short of convictions and long prison terms will only guarantee that it will only rear its ugly head again in the future. Let’s get it over with.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Chaos in NC says:

      I don’t believe we survive a cover up of this coup if that should happen. It would be such a stain on our Constitutional values that the document will cease to be relevant. Currently, the dems try to re-invent the Constitution by rewriting and adjusting as they go. Unprecedented as it is, it is clear we will do either get back to upholding the language as written in our Constitution, or we will go full on Communist.

      As I see it our Republic values or full on Leftist will win if DOJ accept middle road negotiated pardons, we would have no choice but to change specific language in our original Constitution that allowed, then justify this type of cover up. It would forever change our heritage, and our place in society.


    • glissmeister says:

      Let them tantrum as they may. They are no so powerful outside the parlor and even less powerful outside the swamp.

      There has been a tyranny of the technician class; the SES and partisan cohorts. The mechanics of government are in transition, paradigms of the commonplace and the ignored rules and master algorithms that balance institutional power are waking up and will reassert themselves conclusively without regard to present rhetoric and polemic.

      I think the tipping point was passed months ago. All that is left is the emerging accountability and the agonism that comes with it.

      Somewhere I saw “deep state” described as “Deep Blob.” I though it was a much better descriptor.

      Deep Blob may be a robust fungal jungle of cryptic protoplasm and fruiting bodies, but there is not much enduring structure there.

      Enduring structure; that’s our Constitution. That’s enduring structure.

      “Democrat” has been monetized as an identity movement giving cover to a subterfuge of syndication, serial racketeering and looting of the taxpayer.

      “American” is the object of the exercise. We endure along with our Constitution despite the species of Democrat and Republican that parasitically infest the Deep Blob of insider dealings, self-enrichment schemes and pay-to-play, however normalized they may have become amongst the “Bloberatti” of domestic and foreign interests.

      They are not “the normal” anymore. Let them tantrum their way into insignificance, or should they be significant, let them tantrum their way into incarceration or a plea that better serves the public interest.

      Our institutions will prevail. The vermin will be outed and routed as Trump continues to clean out the barn and restore proper order to the feedlot down hill.


    • mikeyboo says:

      “It is causing everyone from Congress to media, ex Vice Presidents, Susan Rice, Clapper, Brennan to panic and show themselves. The attacks on ‘rouge” Barr by Democrats is a telling sign.”
      Chip, I think your analysis may well be correct and we about to witness a cosmic circular firing squad.


  17. daylight58 says:

    Personally, I believe that the opposition to the President can be summed-up by this video clip.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. ChampagneReady says:

    And what about those GREAT warrior patriots Judicial Watch yesterday, dropping the MOAB proof that Muller committed perjury.

    It’s getting to feel like Christmas !

    Liked by 5 people

  19. Publius2016 says:

    Where’s the Redacted Memos? The idea we can’t reveal operations is proof positive of the Coup’s Illegality!

    How many more months will go by? JFK Files released prove Oswald was on CIA FBI payroll but after that…crickets…This may be similar…McCabe Comey Brennan exposed then crickets…

    AG Sessions gets a pass??? He was the linchpin! at the most opportune time, Sessions offered his resignation expecting 45 to be livid…but 45 held his FIRE!


  20. SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

    Trump spoke of Rosenstein highly especially towards the end of his time at the DOJ.
    Doesn’t fit the story.. I sense no sarcasm in Trump’s various remarks about him. For example here;

    The allegations vs. Rosenstein are not new but somehow Trump was genuinely nice to him..? Something else is going on. Not saying that much of what you explain above isn’t wrong, Sundance, but it feels more like Rosenstein was working with Trump.

    Liked by 1 person

    • numbersixdance says:

      You’re naïve…he was subscribing to “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Trump knew the game and was on to them yet hampered by the “obstruction” angle they were shooting for.

      Liked by 3 people

    • willthesuevi says:

      President Trump uses flattery as a tool.

      On some occasions, getting kudo’s from POTUS is like getting a hug from the Godfather.
      You better run.

      Liked by 3 people

  21. not2worryluv says:

    Folks can criticize POTUS for his tweets but without them I suspect all these high crimes by the FBI DOJ would never have come to light.

    Thank you President Trump for your tenacity in exposing all of this. The citizens of the USA have always suspected graft and corruption in the Government.

    One poll has been consistently accurate and that is the “approval of Congress”. Regardless of Party it’s always in single digits.

    Drain the Swamp-it’s a world wide cabal.

    Liked by 4 people

  22. not2worryluv says:

    Folks can criticize POTUS for his tweets but without them I suspect all these high crimes by the FBI DOJ would never have come to light.

    Thank you President Trump for your tenacity in exposing all of this. The citizens of the USA have always suspected graft and corruption in the Government.

    One poll has been consistently accurate and that is the “approval of Congress”. Regardless of Party it’s always in single digits.

    Drain the Swamp-it’s a world wide cabal.


  23. Rileytrips says:

    The longer Barr/Durham take to indict the criminals trying to take down our duly elected President, the more they enable these criminals to continue and escalate their coups de’tat. This enabling is also criminal – it is tearing our country apart and making us look weak to our foreign enemies.


    • L4grasshopper says:

      Have you ever assembled a complicated case before?

      Where some of the targets are the highest officials in the land?

      Don’t you think timing of any action might be important? Especially when there are so many inter-related players, agencies, and equities involved?

      Liked by 5 people

    • doofusdawg says:

      Yep. And the next phase of the resistance is the unstated but obvious inference that if a dem wins the white house in 2020 that everyone involved with the cabal will be pardoned. Talk about obstruction.

      Very similar to the Trump/China dynamic… do they try to make a deal now or risk four more years and no deal.

      I suspect the leak that Durham investigation expanding to Mueller appointment is very good news for Sydney and Flynn… not so much for Yates and Mueller. As previously stated… Barr knows everything and the cabal knows that Barr knows everything… and Barr knows that the cabal knows that Barr knows everything. This really is a high stakes thriller. I sure wish Tom Clancey was still around to memorialize it.

      Liked by 2 people

  24. Don’t know who said it earlier but “Who ordered the Code Red?” is a classic.

    Liked by 3 people

  25. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Corner Two: Expansion of scope:

    If the goal from the beginning was to provoke “obstruction,” or otherwise to irritate Trump and so provoke him to do something out of bounds, then was the second done because the first had not had this desired effect, and was the third done again for the same reason?

    I guess if this progresses to some kind of hearing, the grounds for the scope expansions could be heavily questioned. Our style in the US is not to expand as sa fishing expedition, like when I have a typically lousy day fishing and change spots and lures too often, but to follow up on a fruitful path that has been discovered.


    • Daniel says:

      The investigation into possible obstruction seemed to have started from day 1. It does seem likely many of the things Mueller’s (Weissmann) team did was done in order to provoke a response. The media was often singing in complete unison with regards to Trump’s ‘predicted reactions’ ranging from firing of Rosenstein to withholding witnesses and testimony all connected with the predicted conclusion of “obstruction of justice.”

      If the lawfare group and the media were colluding (and they WERE) then the media’s own PREactions (not reactions) would seem to verbalize the intent of the lawfare group represented by Mueller/Weissmann.

      Liked by 1 person

  26. Daniel says:

    We’ve seen “ongoing investigation” status used PRIMARILY in order to hide and protect information from being revealed or released. That the possible reason for redaction of Rosenstein involvement of “Durham investigation” does not exclude the motive of “protecting Rosenstein and others connected to him.” It can certainly be both.

    The Obama executive order related to it being illegal to withhold information simply because it embarrasses the government or reveals negative information about people within government STILL STANDS. If this is the sole excuse or reason for redactions related to Rosenstein, then they are in violation of that executive order. The “work around” for this is placing the protection of “ongoing investigation” status on the subject.

    What we haven’t seen much of is the status of “ongoing investigation” used when there is any REAL investigation going on. It’s possible but the math says it’s FAR less likely.


    • glissmeister says:

      It occurred to me the House is not investigating. For the House to do so, there would need to a resolution pertaining to such and a vote taken by the institution to so investigate.

      The institution has taken no such action. The House cannot yet. The House has not voted to and thus not investigating.

      Then who is?

      Definitely NOT the House.

      So let us greet head-on one of the biggest “Big Lies” now being monetized by media businesses and their employees presently doing so. Yes, I do indeed mean the willful propagation and monetization of a lie for apparent purposes of financial (professional and personal) enrichment.

      Democrats are not the House, though enveloped in an apparent patina of collective psychoses they certainly pretend they are. Public representations of such pretense as fact is more than just a reprehensible misrepresentation in support of what appears to be yet greater frauds and lawlessness. This also seems consistent with the behavior of apparent criminal syndicates emerging from the shadows into full and fulsome view.

      Democrat actions are not House actions. They are not the institution. The institution speaks for itself through an established process that has yet to happen.

      The House exists, in part, to prevent the very type of apparent sedition the House Democrats are waging upon the institutions and the people of the United States.

      Sedition has many tripwires and takes many forms in matters such as these.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ma McGriz says:

        “So let us greet head-on one of the biggest “Big Lies” now being monetized by media businesses and their employees presently doing so. Yes, I do indeed mean the willful propagation and monetization of a lie for apparent purposes of financial (professional and personal) enrichment.”

        Bull’s eye.

        Excellent post. Thank you.


  27. IGiveUp says:

    A bit confused about the headline “unindicted co-conspirator” and the gist of the text–maybe Rosenstein’s being investigated too. If RR’s guilty but comes out as unindicted co-conspirator, I’d say he wins. It’s not like he’d have to crawl into a cave and disappear from polite society. They’d throw him a ticker-tape parade in Manhattan.


    • tav144 says:

      It simply means that he has cooperated or spilled the beans concerning his part in the conspiracy, and in return, he is not going to be charged/indicted. He is a witness against all the co-conspirators. IMO, He was allowed a “queen for the day” proffer and given immunity in return.

      If he is an indicted co-conspirator, that is actually good news. It means they are charging everyone else involved with the conspiracy to overthrow the government — and as they say in the DOJ, “conspiracy is the prosecutor’s darling”…..meaning, a conspiracy charge is easy to prove and has high penalties. It is usually the charge that is added to an indictment because it allows bargaining room to remove it and plea to lesser charges.

      The Supreme Court has described the gravity of the conspiracy offense: “For two or more to confederate and combine together to commit or cause to be committed a breach of the criminal laws, is an offense of the gravest character, sometimes quite outweighing, in injury to the public, the mere commission of the contemplated crime. It involves deliberate plotting to subvert the laws, educating and preparing the conspirators for further and habitual criminal practices. And it is characterized by secrecy, rendering it difficult of detection, requiring more time for its discovery, and adding to the importance of punishing it when discovered.”

      By waiting until all co-conspirators cases are ready, they can unseal indictments all at once and probably have them all joined in one single trial (or minimal number) where the facts and evidence is the same or overlaps. This is another reason why the timing has to be right.


  28. IGiveUp says:

    Lately it sure looks like our team has learned how to play some excellent defense. Look how we’re countering the Ukraine hoax so effectively. Look how we’re countering the impeachment hoax so effectively. However, no team every won by playing defense alone…


    • mikeyboo says:

      Ir Rudy, DiGenova, Toensing, and maybe even Sidney Powell are help Pres Trump, I very much doubt the plan is “defense alone”. All of these people are brave and aggressive in battle. Fire when ready, Griddley!


      • mikeyboo says:

        If Rudy, DiGenova, Toensing, and maybe even Sidney Powell are helping Pres Trump, I very much doubt the plan is “defense alone”. All of these people are brave and aggressive in battle. Fire when ready, Gridley!


  29. glissmeister says:

    In the end, we may end up calling a major segment of this scandal “Rosenstein’s Baby.”

    If this goes where it looks like it’s going, in the humble opinion of this reader it seems rather unlikely Rosenstein’s wife would be entirely uninvolved in the conception and gestation. When I see his name “Rosenstein” my mind wanders back what I’ve read about his wife; who she is and what she has been involved in, and who she has been involved with, commercially and professionally.

    See the man. Contemplate the couple. What hath they wrought? I wonder.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. beachbum31 says:

    from last night regarding Gregg Jarrett interview of PDJT:
    “I asked the president if he discussed with Mueller why he fired Comey? the pres paused for 20 seconds and said ‘no comment’.”
    uh huh… the hero and Russia savior was a fact witness during the whole investigation.

    go to 40:00 of the show.


  31. hardworkingsob says:

    I find it unlikely that Jeff Sessions was so inept or “recused”, that he was unaware of the corruption going on around him. Supposedly an honorable gentlemen?…BS. Let’s hope that he too pays a heavy price for failing to protect the Republic.


  32. Somebody's Gramma says:

    Protecting our institutions is like protecting the child molester in the family.
    Nothing good comes from protecting evil doers.
    The hotter it gets in DC, the more they will turn on one another, the more evil will be exposed.
    Declassify ALL of it. Let us decide who we throw out and who we keep.
    The fear of civil unrest is the bogeyman.
    Lay it all out there. Let’s clean house literally. It’s time to start over and see if we can truly save the Republic.


  33. EggsX1 says:

    Election season is coming soon. Senate and House primaries are coming fast (some even happen by March 2020). The wheels of justice grind slow which makes the windows for indictments of politicians small (unless your Senator Stephens).

    A question for the community: If we are going to see indictments before the November 2020 election, when would we see them?


  34. fanbeav says:

    What is happening to Bruce and Nellie Ohr?


    • willthesuevi says:

      Good question. Bruce is still wandering the halls with his Starbucks cup and sh!t eating grin. Nellie is sending SOS messages on her Ham Radio.

      I really hope those two are very, very uncomfortable right now. At some point one of these characters are going to get nervous enough to hand the sweater thread to the IG and start the unraveling. Deny, deny, deny will eventually quit working.


  35. Padric says:

    If true, it will be interesting to see how his involvement with the Durham investigation unfolds. RR is a political chameleon and cockroach. He will change his colors to blend in and always acts in the interests of his own survival. If he senses that spilling the beans is the surest way to keep himself out of trouble he will do so wholeheartedly.


  36. Linda K. says:

    Rod may be unindicted but I know he is guilty as hell. .


    • Remember: like everyone else, Rosenstein is “presumed innocent.” If a Grand Jury has been or will be convened to hand down an indictment, we will not know until we read in the morning newspapers that he has just been arrested. Prosecutors are forbidden to discuss anything. At this point, by law, it is all secret. If anyone today says “so-and-so is going to be indicted,” it’s speculation – not from any official source.


  37. You can certainly dismiss the fear that “Barr/Durham will just write a report.” They are Prosecutors. That’s what they do. High crimes are everywhere. The guilty are placed everywhere from the bottom to the top. They’re desperately trying to get everyone impeached or fired, but, no matter what a bought-off media may say, “everybody knows now.” And the latest attempt, literally to lie and to conceal the liar, is just pathetic. All Hell is about to break loose for these vermin, and they brought it all down upon their own heads.

    When the American people (just like the Ukrainians) elected a new and unconventional President to “drain the swamp,” they were calling for Law Enforcement. For Justice. The lawless ones simply assumed that they could defeat Donald Trump. How very wrong they were!

    Liked by 2 people

  38. paulashley says:

    Am I off the wall in wondering if Rosenstein’s recommendation to fire Comey was part of the plan? Let’s say Comey either knows he’s going to be fired eventually, or even doesn’t care or even wants to vacate the position, and is thus willing to sacrifice himself. He provokes the President into firing him, while also sowing seeds for obstruction charges. Then Rosenstein, who is in on the game, recommends the desired firing and simultaneously gives himself cover, keeping himself in place for the next step, the hiring of Mueller.

    Liked by 1 person

    • To me, that’s the weird part of it. Rosenstein’s memo was extremely well written… damning, yet balanced and fair. It pointed out many reasons why Comey richly deserved to be “fired with cause.” I never would have dreamed of what Rosenstein did next.


  39. Paul Apostle says:

    So, We The People are smart and Barr “cannot see it”, are you referring to ‘willful/deliberate blindness? Could be that “99.9% of the DOJ is corrupt, 100% of the Gov is corrupt, and Barr has a monumental task of starting somewhere? Barr cannot investigate/indict everyone at once with a fully corrupt DOJ. IMHO, AG Barr has to lay a foundation and start at the genesis of the ‘coup’ and allow the tentacles to expose what they may, and go from there. Kind of like Pres Trump starting his first term, knowing 90% of the GOPe/RNC is Deep State he had to give a little to get a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

  40. Bruce_Dern's_Finger says:

    The many players and actions of and by the UniParty Deep State Swamp want President Trump out of the White House before President Trump initiates an investigation into the previous presidential regime’s Constitutional illegitimacy.


  41. Carrie says:

    I’m reading reading and getting upset all over again about the Rat and then- I see the zippo!!!! Hallelujah.


  42. Donzo says:

    Rod Rosenstein “unindicted co-conspirator”.

    Are any of them indicted?

    All free as birds to hatch their diabolical schemes.


  43. Tim Holden says:

    It is unlikely that Durham would be expanding his investigation if the intent is to bury the crimes. It’s that simple. The deeper the investigation goes, and the further back in time it goes, the higher it goes. It’s that simple again. Bill Barr is in a pivotal and historic position. It is certain that he is aware of this, and he is taking an active role in verifying what has been uncovered. This is plain to see. Be optimistic, despite what has happened thus far. Signs of the forthcoming Tsunami are evident in the behaviour of the Democrats. The impeachment efforts are merely the sudden absence of water in the tidal zone. Brace yourselves, and (repeat) be optimistic.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Kleen says:

      I will wait and see what this means but it is possible he will burry what he can. Leverage!

      You have Hillary’s criminal gang, Obama’s criminal gang and the RINOs wanna be gang. All fighting for power within the criminal world/ deep state. All guilty of decades of crimes. Abuse of power was routine, in the open amongst them.

      Barr is Bush’s gang( RINOs, the bullied nerds) and they are not the cool kids. Hollywood doesn’t like them. No cool parties to go to.

      Well well well… now their guy is in charge! This time they hide behind Trump and blame him if it backfires. That’s why they have been MIA

      They love it, but are afraid of the cool kids so they just pretend they are not even in the room.

      Barr is * at least* collecting mass oppo research against the rival gangs.

      The nerds will get their little coward hands on their rival’s sources, methods and have a ton of blackmail goodies on them. At least!

      We could see justice. That would be nice, but also some political deals.

      If Barr tackles corruption, everyone in DC will go down( a few exceptions) but House, Senate, agencies etc mostly criminal/ corrupt.

      You can’t just get a few without implicating all of them.

      Is Barr willing to bring the deep state down with all of them in it? That is the question!

      Not to mention foreign involvement.


    • Justah says:

      I feel dirty, it I took a ride through some of the Leftist “elite” websites this morning. A lot of remnants of Firedog Lake. More articles about getting rid of Bill Barr than there are about getting rid of President Trump. It appears they think Bill Barr is more dangerous- and they are correct. IF they were to manage to kangaroo court PDJT, Barr would still be in place. It’s interesting to me that these very same posters and writers absolutely hated John Brennan when Obama brought him into his Administration. Many articles about it.
      Now …. it’s like they never heard of Brennan.

      Barr really has no choice and I think he put them on notice when the Mueller Report came out. He is a target also and must be very aware of that … that’s why he is working fast with a small trusted group and verification in person.

      He is indeed in a historic position, I think he is fully aware of that.

      Liked by 1 person

    • doofusdawg says:

      Going to be interesting to see how much is disclosed in Horowitz report vs. what they are saving for Durham. I think a tell tale sign will be whether or not the fisa report will mention the letter which was hand delivered from UK to Susan Rice after the election stating that Steele was not reputable. This is a key factor in the fisa renewals yet probably no one involved in the chain of custody of that letter is still in government… at least not that we are aware of. Then again… maybe Atkinson. Wouldn’t that be a hoot.


  44. Johnny Dollar says:

    I think Rosenstein is clean for one reason – Trump has not dumped on him.

    Not like he’s done on Sessions, Comey, Mueller and all the other nimrods.


    • railer says:

      Rosie hasn’t attacked Trump. Comey and Mueller have, and Trump will always hit back in that case. As for Sessions, he attacked Trump by omission. He’s fair game as well, when it’s called for, but Sessions has gone fairly dark so Trump doesn’t see value in exposing him like he does the other rats.

      Trump knows everything Rosie did by now. As long as the guy keeps his mouth shut, no reason to attack him. Later, as reports and possibly indictments come down, Trump would sadly reflect on Rosie’s actions, but like with Sessions, he wouldn’t receive the full barrage.

      Liked by 1 person

  45. Kleen says:

    Typical nerd with inferiority complex given too much authority.

    Dude just wanted to be with the cool kids and wanted to show off his super powers.

    What a coward!

    Such a nerd!


  46. dustahl says:

    Rosenstein is a rat, maybe that is a good thing, looks like a flip candidate , to me


  47. Mojo says:

    If there is one molecule of integrity left in the Pulitzer Committee, Sundance should get the Prize for Journalism.


  48. California Joe says:

    Rosenstein is responsible for destroying the first three years of President Trump’s term in office. The Russian collusion hoax was totally absurd and President Trump had every right to fire James Comey for any reason he wanted. If this debacle had happened to Obama there would have been a hundred FBI and CIA officials fired within the first month and dozens more would have been indicted, arrested and convicted. President Trump should have cleaned house by the hundreds when he took office. None of these people should have been retained!


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