Historic – Secretary Pompeo Eviscerates Obama in Cairo, Egypt: “The age of self-inflicted American shame is over”…

In the historic annals of linguistic evisceration, the speech delivered today by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Cairo, Egypt, will long be remembered.

Standing in the venue of the American University in Cairo, the exact location used by former President Barack Obama in 2009, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo absolutely shredded the prior administration’s mid-east policy with a comprehensive and complete rebuke of the former President.

Understanding how Egypt was ground-zero for the destructive policies of the Obama administration and the rise of radical Islamic extremism via the Muslim Brotherhood; let there be no doubt Secretary Pompeo had a clear intention to outline the horrendous intentional Obama ideology, and it was well received by the Egyptian audience.

Stunningly resetting alliances, and simultaneously putting a dagger in the heart of the manipulative globalists.  Stop what you are doing and watch/read this stunner:


[Transcript] Thank you, Frank. Thank you to Frank Ricciardone. Thank you for your service to America as well, in addition to the duties that you perform here.

I’ve had the good fortune to be a frequent visitor here to Egypt and the Middle East as Secretary of State. In my prior role as CIA director, I was here with some frequency, and I came here too as a member of Congress. Every time I come, I get to see something new, something wonderful.

This trip is especially meaningful for me as an evangelical Christian, coming so soon after the Coptic Church’s Christmas celebrations. This is an important time. We’re all children of Abraham: Christians, Muslims, Jews. In my office, I keep a Bible open on my desk to remind me of God and His Word, and The Truth.

And it’s the truth, lower-case “t,” that I’m here to talk about today. It is a truth that isn’t often spoken in this part of the world, but because I’m a military man by training, I’ll be very blunt and direct today: America is a force for good in the Middle East.

We need to acknowledge that truth, because if we don’t, we make bad choices – now and in the future. And our choices, the choices we make today have consequences for nations, and for millions and millions of people, for our safety, for our economic prosperity, for our personal freedoms, and those of our children.

And there’s no more appropriate place than where I’m standing today to have this discussion at the American University here in beautiful Cairo. As Frank said, this year marks 100 years since the founding of this institution, and the AUC is more than just a university. It is an important symbol of America’s friendship with Egypt and what binds our people together. Together, we’ve created a modern place of learning in the midst of an ancient civilization with its own rich history of artists, poets, and intellectuals.

Egypt has always been a land of striving. And yet at times, your aspirations and those of your brethren in the Middle East have seemed impossible to achieve. These lands witnessed convulsions from Tunis to Tehran as old systems crumbled and new ones struggled to emerge. That’s happened here, too.

And at this critical moment, America, your long-time friend, was absent too much. Why?

Because our leaders gravely misread our history, and your historical moment. These fundamental misunderstandings, set forth in this city in 2009, adversely affected the lives of hundreds of millions of people in Egypt and all across the region.

Remember: It was here, here in this city, that another American stood before you.

He told you that radical Islamist terrorism does not stem from an ideology.

He told you that 9/11 led my country to abandon its ideals, particularly in the Middle East.

He told you that the United States and the Muslim world needed, quote, “a new beginning,” end of quote.

The results of these misjudgments have been dire.

In falsely seeing ourselves as a force for what ails the Middle East, we were timid in asserting ourselves when the times – and our partners – demanded it.

We grossly underestimated the tenacity and viciousness of radical Islamism, a debauched strain of the faith that seeks to upend every other form of worship or governance. ISIS drove to the outskirts of Baghdad as America hesitated. They raped and pillaged and murdered tens of thousands of innocents. They birthed a caliphate across Syria and Iraq and launched terror attacks that killed all across continents.

America’s reluctance, our reluctance, to wield our influence kept us silent as the people of Iran rose up against the mullahs in Tehran in the Green Revolution. The ayatollahs and their henchmen murdered, jailed, and intimidated freedom-loving Iranians, and they wrongly blamed America for this unrest when it was their own tyranny that had fueled it. Emboldened, the regime spread its cancerous influence to Yemen, to Iraq, to Syria, and still further into Lebanon.

Our penchant, America’s penchant, for wishful thinking led us to look the other way as Hizballah, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Iranian regime, accumulated a massive arsenal of approximately 130,000 rockets and missiles. They stored and positioned these weapons in Lebanese towns and villages in flagrant violation of international law. That arsenal is aimed squarely at our ally Israel.

When Bashar Assad unleashed terror upon ordinary Syrians and barrel-bombed civilians with sarin gas, a true echo of Saddam Hussein’s gassing of the Kurdish people, we condemned his actions. But in our hesitation to wield power, we did nothing.

Our eagerness to address only Muslims and not nations ignored the rich diversity of the Middle East and frayed old bonds. It undermined the concept of the nation-state, the building block of international stability. And our desire for peace at any cost led us to strike a deal with Iran, our common enemy.

So today, what did we learn from all of this? We learned that when America retreats, chaos often follows. When we neglect our friends, resentment builds. And when we partner with enemies, they advance.

The good news. The good news is this: The age of self-inflicted American shame is over, and so are the policies that produced so much needless suffering. Now comes the real new beginning.

In just 24 months, actually less than two years, the United States under President Trump has reasserted its traditional role as a force for good in this region. We’ve learned from our mistakes. We’ve rediscovered our voice. We’ve rebuilt our relationships. We’ve rejected false overtures from our enemies.

And look at what we’ve accomplished. Look at what we’ve accomplished together. Under new leadership, America has confronted the ugly reality of radical Islamism. On President Trump’s very first trip abroad to this region, he called on Muslim-majority nations to, quote, “meet history’s great test – to conquer extremism and vanquish the forces of terrorism.”

President Sisi joined us. He joined us in denouncing the twisted ideology which has brought death and suffering on so many. I thank President Sisi for his courage. (Applause.)

As I said in a recent speech that I gave in Brussels, our words mean something again, and they should. West Point taught me a basic code of integrity. If we commit American prestige to an action, our allies depend on us to follow through.

The Trump administration did not stand idly by when Bashar Assad used chemical weapons against his people. Indeed, President Trump unleashed the fury of the U.S. military not once, but twice, with allied support. And he’s willing to do it again, although we do hope that he does not have to.

For those who fret about the use of American power, remember this: America has always been, and always will be, a liberating force, not an occupying power. We’ve never dreamed of domination in the Middle East. Can you say the same about Iran?

In World War II, American GIs helped free North America[i] from Nazi occupation. Fifty years later, we assembled a coalition to liberate Kuwait from Saddam Hussein. Would the Russians or Chinese come to your rescue in the same way, the way that we have?

And when the mission is over, when the job is complete, America leaves. Today in Iraq, at the government’s invitation, we have approximately 5,000 troops where there were once 166,000. We once had tens of thousands of U.S. military stationed – personnel stationed in Saudi Arabia. Now that number is a tiny fraction. When we do set up major bases, as we’ve done in Bahrain, in Kuwait, in Qatar, and in Turkey and the Emirates, it’s at the invitation of the host country.

In that same spirit, just last year, America bolstered a coalition of allies and partners to dismantle the Islamic State’s caliphate, liberating Iraqis, Syrians, Arabs and Kurds, Muslims and Christians, men, women, and children. President Trump empowered our commanders in the field to strike ISIS quicker and harder than ever before. And now 99 percent of the territory ISIS once held is liberated. Life is returning to normal for millions of Iraqis and Syrians. Nations in the global coalition should all be enormously proud of this achievement. Together we have saved thousands of lives.

Our allies and partners have helped greatly in the counter-ISIS effort. France and Britain joined our strikes on Syria and have supported our anti-terror effort around the world. Jordan and Turkey have hosted millions of Syrians fleeing violence. Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries have generously contributed towards stabilization efforts. We thank all of them for their help, and we urge them to continue.

The United States has also helped liberated areas as an important means of preventing the caliphate from re-emerging. We have provided $2.5 billion in humanitarian assistance to Iraq since 2014, and our churches and non-profits do good work there every day as well. We and our allies generated nearly 30 billion in grants and financing support to aid Iraq’s reconstruction during the Kuwait Reconstruction Conference just this past year.

Think about the people we’re helping. Last year, I hosted the first-ever Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom in Washington. At that conference, our ambassador-at-large recounted his trip to Iraq. There he met Yezidi women who had been sold into bondage, whose children had been ripped out of their arms. Life under ISIS was real hell, a living hell on Earth. Today, those areas are liberated, thanks to our coalition’s power and might and commitment.

I recall a line from your late Nobel Laureate Naguib Mahfouz. Quote: “Good is achieving victory every day. It may even be that Evil is weaker than we imagine.”

Let’s turn to Iran.

President Trump has reversed our willful blindness to the danger of the regime and withdrew from the failed nuclear deal, with its false promises. The U.S. re-imposed sanctions that should never have been lifted. We embarked on a new pressure campaign to cut off the revenues the regime uses to spread terror and destruction throughout the world. We joined the Iranian people in calling for freedom and accountability.

And importantly, we fostered a common understanding with our allies of the need to counteract the Iran regime’s revolutionary agenda. Countries increasingly understand that we must confront the ayatollahs, not coddle them. Nations are rallying to our side to confront the regime like never before. Egypt, Oman, Kuwait, and Jordan have all been instrumental in thwarting Iran’s efforts to evade sanctions.

The UAE has canceled its imports of Iranian condensate following the re-imposition of American sanctions. Bahrain has exposed the Revolutionary Guard proxies that are active in its country, and which – and working – is working to stop Iran’s illicit maritime activities in its region. Saudi Arabia, too, has worked with us to counter Iranian expansion and regional influence. We, the United States, commend each of these efforts, and we seek for all nations to continue the work to constrain the full array of the regime’s malign activity.

The work to curb the regime’s deadly ambitions isn’t confined to the Middle East. America’s friends and partners from South Korea to Poland have joined our effort to stop Iran’s wave of regional destruction and global campaigns of terror.

Countries across the globe have cut Iranian oil imports to zero and are working towards that goal. Private companies in France, Germany, Britain and elsewhere have all calculated that enriching themselves through work with the regime is bad for business and bad for the people of their own countries.

In Yemen, we’ve assisted our coalition partners as they take the lead in preventing an Iranian expansion that would be disastrous for world trade and regional security. As is always the case with America, our engagement has also been coupled with robust humanitarian aid. We’ve supported the UN talks to put Yemen on the path to peace.

In Lebanon, Hizballah remains a major presence, but we won’t accept this status quo. Our aggressive sanctions campaign against Iran is also directed at the terror group and its leaders, including the son of Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Hizballah.

Now let’s talk about America’s efforts to build coalition.

The Trump administration has moved quickly to rebuild links amongst our old friends and nurture new partnerships. My very first trip in this job included stops in Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

In fact, after being sworn in as Secretary of State, I visited those countries before I ever went to my office in Washington, D.C. And I welcome your leaders to my office often, as I did with Foreign Minister Shoukry in August of last year.

Coalition building for America is natural, but in past years we’ve neglected it. This administration has enjoyed fruitful relationships in the Middle East for hundreds of years, but we must keep them and work to keep them. Look, our ties stem back a long ways – with Morocco and Oman, back to 1777 and 1833. And our friendship with the country in which we are today, Egypt, stems back generations. Indeed, this year marks the 70th anniversary of our diplomatic relations with Jordan. We’re building out a healthy dialogue with the Government of Iraq, a thriving and young democracy. We’re also building relationships for our shared prosperity. It is time for old rivalries to end for the sake of the greater good of the region.

The Trump administration is also working to establish the Middle East Strategic Alliance to confront the region’s most serious threat and bolster energy and economic cooperation. This effort is bringing together members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, as well as Egypt and Jordan. Today, we ask each of those countries to take the next step and help us solidify MESA.

We’re also seeing remarkable change. New bonds are taking root that were unimaginable until very recently. Who could’ve believed a few years ago that an Israeli prime minister would visit Muscat? Or that new ties would emerge between Saudi Arabia and Iraq? Or that a Roman Catholic pope would visit this city to meet with Muslim imams and the head of the Coptic faith?

In October of last year, the Israeli national anthem played as an Israeli judo champion was crowned the winner of a tournament in the United Arab Emirates. It was the first time – the first time – that an Israeli delegation was allowed to participate under its own national flag. It was also the first time that an Israeli culture and sports minister attended a sports event in the Gulf. She said, and I quote, “It is a dream come true. For two years we had talks in order to reach this moment.” It was hard for her to stop the tears. “I want to thank the authorities in Abu Dhabi and our hosts here who received us in an exemplary manner.” She could not have been happier.

These steps toward rapprochement are necessary for greater security in the face of our shared threats, and they also hint at a much brighter future for the region.

Of course our work together is not finished. It’s almost never America’s work alone. The U.S. knows that we can’t, and shouldn’t, fight every fight or sustain every economy. No nation wants to be dependent on another. Our aim – our aim – is to partner with our friends and vigorously oppose our enemies, because a strong, secure, and economically vibrant Middle East is in our national interest, and it’s in yours as well.

Let me be clear: America will not retreat until the terror fight is over. We will labor tirelessly alongside you to defeat ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other jihadists that threaten our security and yours. President Trump has made the decision to bring our troops home from Syria. We always do and now is the time, but this isn’t a change of mission. We remain committed to the complete dismantling of ISIS – the ISIS threat – and the ongoing fight against radical Islamism in all of its forms. But as President Trump has said, we’re looking to our partners to do more, and in this effort we will do so going forward together.

For our part, airstrikes in the region will continue as targets arise. We will keep working with our partners in the Coalition to Defeat ISIS. We will continue to hunt down terrorists who seek safe havens in Libya and in Yemen. We strongly support Egypt’s efforts to destroy ISIS in the Sinai. We strongly support Israel’s efforts to stop Tehran from turning Syria into the next Lebanon.

And as the fighting continues, we will continue to assist our partners in efforts to guard borders, prosecute terrorists, screen travelers, assist refugees, and more. But “assist” is the key phrase. We ask every peace-loving nation of the Middle East to shoulder new responsibilities for defeating Islamist extremism wherever we find it.

It is important to know also that we will not ease our campaign to stop Iran’s malevolent influence and actions against this region and the world. The nations of the Middle East will never enjoy security, achieve economic stability, or advance the dreams of their people if Iran’s revolutionary regime persists on its current course.

February 11th will mark 40 years since the oppressive regime came to power in Tehran. America’s economic sanctions against the regime are the strongest in history, and will keep getting tougher until Iran starts behaving like a normal country. The 12 demands that we stated in May remain in force, because the regime’s threat to the region endures.

In Syria, the United States will use diplomacy and work with our partners to expel every last Iranian boot, and work through the UN-led process to bring peace and stability to the long-suffering Syrian people. There will be no U.S. reconstruction assistance for areas of Syria held by Assad until Iran and its proxy forces withdraw and until we see irreversible progress towards a political resolution.

In Lebanon, the United States will work to reduce the threat of Hizballah’s missile arsenal, which is aimed at Israel and can reach all points inside of that country. Many of these rockets are equipped with advance guidance systems, courtesy of Iran, and that’s unacceptable. Iran may think it owns Lebanon. Iran is wrong.

In Iraq, the United States will help our partners build a nation free of Iranian influence. This past May, Iraqis rejected sectarianism in a national election, and we will support that wholeheartedly. The people there refused to be cowered by Iranian-backed thugs and armed groups. Iraqis have strengthened ties with Arab neighbors, peacefully resumed cooperation between the Kurdish Region and Baghdad, and have renewed their focus on fighting corruption.

And in Yemen, we will continue to work for a lasting peace.

And I think this is clear, but it is worth reiterating: The United States fully supports Israel’s right to defend itself against the Iranian regime’s aggressive adventurism. We will continue to ensure that Israel has the military capacity to do so decisively.

The Trump administration will also continue to press for a real and lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Again, we’ve adhered to our word. President Trump campaigned on the promise to recognize Jerusalem – the seat of Israel’s government – as the nation’s capital. In May, we moved our embassy there. These decisions honor a bipartisan congressional resolution from more than two decades ago. President Trump acted on this commitment.

The United States also is working to keep our bilateral relationships strong. Over the next few days, I’ll hold in-depth discussions with the leaders of Bahrain, the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Kuwait. We’ll talk about our shared goals, just as I did in Jordan and Iraq this week, and as I did today with President Sisi and Foreign Minister Shoukry.

And as we seek an even stronger partnership with Egypt, we encourage President Sisi to unleash the creative energy of Egypt’s people, unfetter the economy, and promote a free and open exchange of ideas. The progress made to date can continue.

I also applaud President Sisi’s efforts to promote religious freedom, which stands as an example for all leaders and all peoples of the Middle East. I was happy to see our citizens, wrongly convicted of improperly operating NGOs here, finally be acquitted. And we strongly support President Sisi’s initiative to amend Egyptian law so that this does not happen again. More work certainly needs to be done to maximize the potential of the Egyptian nation and its people. I’m glad that America will be a partner in those efforts.

Let me close here with a couple of final thoughts.

First, it’s never easy to recognize truth. But when we see it, we must speak it. America has been criticized for doing too much in the Middle East, and we’ve been criticized for doing too little. But one thing we’ve never been is an empire-builder or an oppressor.

Just look at our history together, the history which I have recounted today. Look at our fights against common enemies. Look at our coalition building. And finally, just look around you at this university, which has existed now for a century. It’s not a coincidence that many other American universities like this one thrive all across the Middle East, from Beirut to Sulaymaniyah. These are symbols of America’s innate goodness, of our hopes for you, and of the better future we desire for all nations of the Middle East.

I want to thank you all for being here today, and may the good Lord bless each and every one of you.

Thank you. (Applause.)


CTH has long followed the efforts of Egypt to heal itself from the intentionally inflicted wounds created by former President Obama.  So allow us to highlight some of the actionable items that showcase a man of action behind his words. Since reluctantly taking power in 2013 Egyptian President Fattah Abdel al-Sisi has:

◾Disbanded the Muslim Brotherhood as a political terror entity. (link)  (link)
◾Arrested those who burned churches and attacked Coptic Christians. (link) (link)
◾Jailed or banished the extremist forces.  (link)
◾Supported Israel’s right to exist and defend it’s borders.  (link)  (link)
◾Defeated Hamas in the border region. (link)  (link)
◾Destroyed the border terror tunnels used by Hamas  (link) (link)
◾Pressured Hamas and the PA to negotiate the ceasefire, and forced the PA and Hamas to assemble ONE negotiating group for their interests. (link)  (link)
◾Fought extremism in the Sinai region, and fought against ISIS infiltration.
◾Fought the Libyan new al-Qaeda network “Libyan Dawn”.  (link)
◾Charged and prosecuted the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, who fled to Qatar.  (link)

◾Followed the MB to Qatar and initiated sanctions against Qatar until they stopped financing and harboring terror.  (link)
◾Formed a coalition against Qatar including the UAE and Saudi Arabia who withdrew their ambassadors and isolated Qatar in the region.  (link)  (link)
◾Won reelection with almost 70% of the vote. (link)  (link )   (link)
◾Holds an 80%+ job approval rating among ALL Egyptians. (link)
◾Shut down Qatar financed Al Jazerra propaganda machine.  (link)
◾Supported the framework for a new constitution which supports minority protections.  (link)
◾Won a victory against Qatar as they finally conceded and stopped safeguarding terrorists. Sending the MB leadership to the new safe harbor of Turkey.  (link)
◾United the moderate (non violent) Arab coalition, the Gulf Security Council, and constructed a unity principle that supports the safety of Jordan and formed a coalition to defend if needed.  (link)
◾Faced down and quietly defeated Turkey’s bid for a security council seat in the United Nations.  (link)  (link)
◾Negotiated a safe passage coalition for Israel and Greece to form an energy based economic trade agreement.
◾Continues to fight the Islamist extremists inside Libya.  (link)  (link)
◾Continues to fight ISIS in the Northern Sinai region.  (link)  (link)  (link)
◾Expanded the border safety zone with Gaza to insure greater control and protection from weapons smuggling. (link)

el-sisiDespite President Obama undermining Egypt, these are a few of the actions Egypt has taken before standing in front of the heads of the country’s leading Muslim groups and calling for them to confront the misleading ideologies harming Islam and Muslims worldwide.” In response to al-Sisi’s speech Al-Azhar stated:

CAIRO: Dar al-Iftaa has responded to President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s call for a “religious revolution” by launching a national project aiming to correct the image of Islam through social media, foreign visits, publications, and issuing fatwas that “suit the modern age,” Ibrahim Negm, advisor to the Grand Mufti said in Friday press statements.

“We should closely examine the situation in which we are in. It does not make sense that the thought we sanctify pushes this entire nation to become a source of apprehension, danger, murder and destruction in the entire world,” Sisi said in a Thursday speech before Egypt’s top religious leaders on the occasion of the Birth of Prophet Mohamed.

“I am not saying the religion [itself]. I am saying this thought that has been sanctified; texts and thoughts that have been sanctified for hundreds of years. And disagreeing with [these texts and thoughts] has become very difficult. To the extent that [this thought] makes an enemy of the whole world,” Sisi added.

Dar al-Iftaa, Egypt’s government-sponsored religious institution responsible for issuing fatwas and religious opinions, will work to achieve the “highest degree of effective communication” with Muslims in Egypt, Arab countries and the world.

Established in 970, Al-Azhar is the most prestigious Sunni institution in the Islamic world.

Al-Azhar’s newly formed Monitor of Infedilizing Fatwas Dept., which responds to radical Islamists’ fatwas labeling other Muslims apostates, has already issued many articles slamming the “extremist opinions” of “non-specialized” sheikhs that receive the attention of a segment of Muslims.

“You cannot feel what [this thought] is when you are inside it. You have to get out of it, inspect it, and read it with a real enlightened thought. You need to take a strong stance. I am reiterating, we need a religious revolution,” Sisi said in his speech, prompting Al-Azhar scholars to applaud. (read more)

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  1. Ron Jaeger says:

    What sis your opinion of Pompeo here at CTH ? I kind of like the guy so far but is he a rino at heart ?


    • kittytrump84 says:

      Absolutely not. I would love to have a President Pompeo in the future.

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    • lieutenantm says:

      Sorry but this is a load of horseshit…….

      We cannot find our way forward via horseshit.


      • Osugagal says:

        I am not following your comment. What exactly is a load of horse sh*t?


      • LibertyVibe says:

        I hear what you are saying. Most of the speech I agreed with. But when he said America has never been an oppressor, he was lying…and he knows it. Under Clinton, Bush and especially Obama…America terrorized the world. These regimes also terrorized Americans. They were evil, bloodthirsty demons who almost destoyed the world. Pompeo would do better to just apologize, and say those people no longer rule.

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        • Kenji says:

          Wow! How are you imbibing your medical marijuana tonight? Via bong, brownie, or vape pen? Your fantasies are flying high. Very high.

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        • snellvillebob says:

          Bush and obama terrorized Saddam Husain, Bin Laden and us.


          • Kenji says:

            Saddam Hussein GASSED the Kurds who helped Americans during desert storm … and Bush-1 ALLOWED it to happen (by stopping short of Baghdad … and failing to defend the vulnerable Kurdish people. As far as I am concerned Saddam should have been terrorized until dead and dismembered. Bush-2 and his neocon whisperers had no rational plan for the peace. No, America should not be nation building … but I don’t have a damn single problem with killing despots. The DEATH of ‘a few’ is preferred to the death of ‘the many’ (innocents).

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            • aumechanic says:

              Lotta that credit goes to the other African shit pigeon colon powell.


            • spren says:

              Invading Iraq and deposing Saddam was the greatest strategic mistake by our country in recent history. As terrible as Saddam was, he provided a counterbalance to Iran’s imperialism and terrorism. His departure left a huge power vacuum that quickly put Iran on the offensive. It also ultimately empowered the rise of ISIS. Hundreds of thousands of innocents were killed throughout the region as a result.

              Then we absurdly removed Qaddafi who, while a despot, had become a valuable ally to America in providing intelligence. We aided Islamic groups in the brutal murder of him, without any congressional approval. His removal turned Libya into a failed state and opened up their country as the gateway to Europe for the migrant invasion. As we all know from Sundance and what happened in Benghazi, our own weapons were distributed to terrorists who undoubtedly have used them against our troops and those of our allies.

              Now some of these same geniuses want to depose Assad. Our stupidity to learn from our mistakes is astounding. Middle Eastern countries are traditionally led by strongmen who keep their radicals in rein through great brutality. But the old saying “The devil you know is better than the one you don’t know” is very applicable here.

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              • rashomon says:

                I totally concur. For decades the U.S. citizen has been duped by the U.K. and France to use our resources, the lives of our young men and women, to retain their fading empires in the Middle East. Our past administrations’ leaders (especially since GHW Bush through the Obama/Clinton/Kerry disasters), our congresscritters, and the globalist media would make us think our future was at risk when, in fact, their policies have bred this instability. Moreover, they along with the Bankster Mafia have conspired to take a piece of the oil/arms/drug/human trafficking trillions skimmed off these invasions.

                We must have more sense. Throwing babies out of incubators as an excuse to invade Kuwait? I don’t think so. Suddenly finding Qaddafi, who was preventing the potential invasion of African refugees into Europe while building a county directed toward stability and peace, an enemy worth HRC’s wrath is ridiculous; we let a person with mental problems take over our foreign policy. She came, she saw he died! And we paid the price. Admit it.

                Further, the installation of Morsi, who gave free rein to the Muslim Brotherhood and decimated Egypt’s Christian population, by our Manchurian Candidate, I-wanna-be-King-of-the-World president was a mistake that el-Sisi has thankfully undertaken to correct. And Assad stood in the the way of pipelines, so The Zero, HRC and Kerry suddenly unleashed their wrath on Syria using Qaddafi’s arms shipped through Turkey as another War Games 6.0 played from their safe seats in D.C. When was the last time Congress actually DECLARED war?

                I don’t care what propaganda was spread about that meany Bashir; he was a friend to the Christians and minor sects who had lived in that area fo many generations. Kerry and his wife actually raved about how nice the Assads were at one point. We, we, we Americans need to keep our fingers out of conflicts that have been going on for millennia. Pompeo needs to cut out slamming Assad in public as it won’t solve the tribal problem, just incite the “rebels” and prolong our leaving that area. Perhaps continued diplomacy using Russia’s influence could establish a local accord to keep Erdogen’s dream of a new caliphate sans Kurds at bay. Did anyone learn from the starving (and very genocided) Armenians debacle?

                Meanwhile, let’s take care of America’s real problems, which are many, many, many that have accrued for decades while Congress sat on its collective a$$e$ cashing in on billions from lobbyists.


        • Jenny R. says:

          Was that America, all of it, or just a group of people who happened to be able to claim citizenship and thus leadership of America?


      • Wayne Tallaksen says:

        Exactly, the Deep State armed and funded all the Jihadist terrorist groups in the Arab Spring that created all the havoc in the region, I don`t see how President Sisi can keep a straight face through that speech!


    • REX says:

      Pompeo is genuinely outstanding. His resume is incredible, I have never seen anything like it.

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      • Kenji says:

        Agreed. Wanna bet this speech NEVER receives so much as a mention in the FAKE media? They would never broadcast anything the assaulted the policies of their heroic half-white President.

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        • Cache says:

          The MSM is already implying that Pompeo has contradicted the President. Ridiculous! The lies and miss truths are breathtaking.

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        • Michael Todaro says:

          Half Negro moslem, radicalized in an Indonesian madrasa, sporting a bogus birth certificate from bogus state Hawaii, that small, racist, asian, pacific, island nation.


        • AustinHoldout says:

          I also disagreed with every single policy of President Obama but I don’t see what being half white (or half black, yellow or polka dot) has to do with it. It’s gratuitous asides like that that get every conservative in the country branded a racist. I don’t appreciate it.

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        • What I’ve seen on Twitter from the left is attacking/mocking him for telling Egyptians that he reads his (shock face) Bible for (shockier shock face) “The Truth”!!! They go no further and address nothing else from the speech.


    • joebkonobi says:

      Anyone who slams Obama is a friend of mine. Too early to tell but could be the successor to PDJT in 2024. Damn sure has a good speech writer!

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    • JohnCarlson says:

      Things look very good re Pompeo, but you really never know for sure until later.

      McCain, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Bush – both of them, and Jeff Sessions, and others, all looked good to conservatives until they didn’t.

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    • amaezed says:

      Just by the comments he made, he is, especially the gas attacks that have been debunked by many honorable news outlets and private individuals that actually went there to see. So he is clearly lying.

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    • SoCal Patriot says:

      Be serious…he is far from a RINO.


    • Kent Clizbe says:

      Pompeo’s unapologetic America-first attitude is what Trump promised. It’s what America needs.

      But…Pompeo setting up America to continue spending American blood and money on the centuries-old internal squabbles of foreign potentates is exactly what Trump campaigned AGAINST!

      Trump was elected to get America OUT of all the “stupid wars” the neocons (Pompeo is a hard core neocon) and PC-Progs stirred up around the world.

      It’s none of our business how Afghans decide to educate their girls.
      It’s none of our business if Assad wants to put down the rebellious Kurds.
      It’s none of our business if Palestinians want to fight for their land and freedom.
      It’s none of our business if Egypt…..
      It’s none of our business!

      American foreign affairs must be managed to protect AMERICAN INTERESTS.

      The Middle East, Africa, Central Europe, the rest of the Old World have centuries and millenia of grudges, hatreds, rivalries, wars, and worse.

      Let them hash it out themselves.

      Meanwhile, a hostile army of millions is invading the USA, pouring over our border, intent on seizing America for themselves, and making us pay for them. They have American allies clearing the way for their invasion.

      The American border is what Trump promised to fix. American problems are Trump’s responsibility.

      That is what Trump was elected on.
      That is what Trump’s Secretary of State should be preaching and practicing.

      America First!


  2. DT2020 says:

    Whew. What a statesman.

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  3. joeknuckles says:

    Thank you.

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  4. joeknuckles says:

    Could you imagine Mittens giving this speech?

    Neither can I.

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  5. Cow wow says:

    Mike Pompeo has been a hero of mine for a loooong time.
    Once again I applaud him!

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    • MVW says:

      After getting sucked in by Sessions I am thrice bitten and reluctant to trust anyone.

      Trump is about it.

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    • noswamp says:

      Maybe he will run in 2024? He will certainly beat two-faced Romney and he won’t choke like a dog either.


      • Dena says:

        I think he is our next guy to support for 2024. I have hope that our Country is going to be next in the clean up. All the other Countries are talking about cleaning up the corruption. I so have hope that Trump and this man are going to clean up the crooks that have taken America over and give it back to it’s people. This is what I pray for every day. It can not continue as is any longer. You can not un see what we have seen!


  6. Repeating my opinion from his takeover in 2013:

    Egyptian President Fattah Abdel al-Sisi is the most courageous Mideast leader in history.

    Liked by 32 people

    • MBS appears to have similar leadership, vision and courage.

      Liked by 14 people

    • 4EDouglas says:

      Yep in the mold of Sadat…

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    • angellestaria6674 says:

      As one with deep and long interests in and about Israel, I have to say, Sisi has brought an amount of comfort and sensible, critical thinking to the table in the ME. BHO was a strife player and divider. al-Sisi is a peace player and uniter. And in the face of all the left’s hatred and bitter anger here in the US, Trump is working hard to be the same for America.

      I for one just felt like doing a shout-out and dance over the change that began to take place in Egypt back then in 2013. I thought to myself, WOW! Who could of known that a good thing would eventually manifest itself out of the horrible agitation and mess BHO and HRC made? I opine that Sisi took the position in the state of a humble heart. He loved(s) his country too. Sisi and Trump are on the same page in that category.

      I think the man needs our prayers for protection because you have to know, he has greatly upset and angered other ME antagonists.

      Am very grateful SD to the time to post all the specific bullet points of Sisi’s achievements and efforts and then to include follow-up links.

      Sundance and/or Ad Rem, thank you and the CTH team for taking the time to present this material as you did.

      Peace to all here today!

      Liked by 24 people

      • Post of the month for me, Angel.
        Great observations. 100% agree.

        Liked by 4 people

        • angellestaria6674 says:

          Thank you for that, BKR

          I’d have a hard time picking your post of the month as you put out a lot of good bullet points. You and flep are 2 of the best here to do that. When you summarize things as both of you do, it does put a lot of stuff in one easy picture to see. That is what SD did here tonight with his bullet points.

          This is a great site and wonderful family we have here in a very large, accommodating tree house.

          Peace and blessing to you and yours.

          Liked by 5 people

        • angellestaria6674 says:

          One thing I would change is to say…..”Sundance and Ad Rem”…..and leave out the or, since this was posted by SD. Could be that Ad Rem helped as part of the team. Didn’t want anybody left out. Also just noted a mistake that I missed earlier…..should have read…”am very grateful SD “took” the time…guess my fingers were moving a bit fast and left off the ok after the to. When my hands and fingers are working properly (don’t always because of nerve damage) I do get to typing at blazing speed.

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        • Michael Todaro says:

          Angel really nails it doesn’t he ?

          Liked by 1 person

          • angellestaria6674 says:

            Hey Michael. Have a great weekend coming up.

            Wish we were going to have some of that great weather you were teasing us with yesterday. Gonna rain all day today and tomorrow. Here. Get some sunshine for us, okay!


      • noswamp says:

        Angel loved your post. what is ME?

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      • Kent Clizbe says:

        “As one with deep and long interests in and about Israel…”

        Hmmmm? So that’s the motivation behind Pompeo’s speech?


        Don’t remember that as a Trump promise.

        Seems like it was: MAGA.

        America first.

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        • angellestaria6674 says:

          No sure what you’re trying to connect here.

          There is nothing in my comment that even remotely suggests that I am pushing any hought about Pompeo’s motivation possibly being a MIGA. I truly have no idea whatsoever about any connection here you seem to think I am suggesting.

          Quite a few likes and very positive comments tell me that the other readers/Treepers read and correctly interpreted my comment in the proper sense I presented it in.

          You quoted my first sentence…and it seems to me that you have injected thought about that that doesn’t exist in my comment.

          Let me clarify please…

          I personally have deep and long interests in Israel.

          The true connection in my mind, not Pompeo’s speech, is this:

          If America is great, then that portends to a greater and stronger alliance with Israel. And I figure Trump pretty much has that figured out being is he loves Israel too and counts her as a great ally, certainly better than the UK these days.

          And what al-Sisi has accomplished has made it better for an Egypt and Israeli relationship. Both the US and Israel are glad for Sisi’s accomplishments. It certainly bolsters resistance against Iran being the hegemony of the ME.

          Somewhere you got a wire crossed and misconstrued my first sentence to mean something I had no intention of it meaning.

          But hey, if you misunderstood, that’s okay brother. We’ve all done it and have had to re-evaluate our first thought about something, myself included. So no worry. Were good. I welcome your input anytime. I am giving you a like to encourage your dialogue anytime.

          Have a great Friday and weekend.



          • Kent Clizbe says:


            Thanks for your note.

            The entire point of Trump’s candidacy, and his presidency was AMERICA FIRST.

            Not Israel. Not the UK. Not Iran. Not Afghanistan. Not Ireland. Not China. Not Egypt. Not Russia. Not Saudi. Not Syria. Not Iraq. Not Somalia. Not South Africa. Not Mexico. Not….(fill in the blank with every foreign power)…

            Foreign powers constantly engage in covert influence operations against America and our interests. They attempt to snap a ring in the American nose and lead us to their country–demanding American blood and treasure be spilled and wasted for their own profit.

            Some foreign countries are more successful in these influence operations than others.

            None of them are for AMERICAN INTERESTS.

            A declaration of fealty to a foreign power, as opposed to AMERICAN INTERESTS, is probably not a logical stance.

            Clear-eyed consideration of the question: “What’s in it for America?” needs to be the deciding factor in all of our foreign entanglements.

            America First!


            • angellestaria6674 says:

              Absolutely agreed. With America strong, it is better for our allies, what few good ones there are.

              And we do need at least some good allies. As it is said that no man is an island to itself, so today is more true than ever, no nation, no matter how strong it is, is an island unto itself in such and interconnected world. There are many dangerous adversaries, and weapons of mass destruction are greater than ever. So it takes strong alliances to be at least some kind of bulwark against evil.

              But one thing I have detested for decades is that some of our allies, namely most of, not all of NATO, have been like leeches and have not contributed their share, especially a nation like Germany, but even Japan, whose share should be in proportion to their GNP.

              But hey, Trump has jumped on that with 2 stomping feet unlike any previous POTUS.

              This POTUS absolutely has America’s back and has let many know….this charade of blood/money sucking days are going to become a thing of the past.

              Anyway, been up all night, still have work to do, then eat and off to bed hopefully for a good hour or two of sleep.

              Thx for getting back with me.



              • Kent Clizbe says:

                Good night and Amen!

                And not one foreign power should be immune from Occam’s Razor, slicing away entanglements in their regional squabbles, financing any aspect of their existence, and any other activities that are not directly in support of American interests.

                Regardless of their massive influence operations–covert and overt–against our people and our politicians. There is no honor in being an accomplice of a foreign power.

                All the best.



            • angellestaria6674 says:

              One more thing I should have added about allies.

              It’s a big question…who can we really trust? I mean look at the UK and AU in their part of the Steele dossier!

              It isn’t always our clearly known, overt enemies conducting their ops in and against us.



              • Kent Clizbe says:

                Who can we trust?

                Exactly the Occam’s Razor question that must be applied to our president’s America First motto.

                The Brits and the Aussies, like all right-minded nations, are out for themselves. They use any and all measures to pursue their interests.

                They participated in a massive covert operation to de-stabilize and de-legitimize the American election. They were close and willing accomplices to the neocon/PC-Prog operation to take down Trump. The Steele operation was just one facet of that operation. British, Australian, and other foreign security and diplomatic services all participated with the Hillary/Obama/Rice/Brennan plot.

                America first!


                • angellestaria6674 says:

                  U actually caught me before trying really hard to eat and get my butt in bed.

                  It’s painfully true. And no past POTUS has spoken out and hit that hypocrisy harder than Trump. It’s about damn time!

                  But it’s because our seemingly closest, best allies are globalist in their real agenda in their dealings with America. How many more occasions of this kind of thing do the sleeping, average sheeple of the masses need to see before waking up out of their political drunken stupor? Only God knows.

                  Okay. I am really going to try to stop now, eat and go to bed…this coming from somebody who has stayed awake for way-too-long periods of time for years and years to get the mission and task at hand done. Laughs on me.



  7. Steve Saaf says:

    And how did the MSM report this?

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  8. AlwaysRight says:

    WOW – just – WOW!

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  9. REX says:

    Superb. As we know, Trump regards no one as indispensable, but even he might make an exception with Pompeo. The guy is genuinely brilliant.

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  10. Vernon Miller says:

    The former naked emperor will not be pleased when he hears this speech.

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  11. JohnCarlson says:

    “He [Obama] told you that radical Islamist terrorism does not stem from an ideology.”

    Pompeo eviscerated Obama alright, but he also eviscerated George “Islam is love, not hate” Bush and Herbert “The Taliban have no religion” McMasters, among a whole lot of others.. It was a wide net evisceration.

    Liked by 21 people

    • sDee says:

      Yes! The skids were greased for Hussein.

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    • Like a breath of fresh air.

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    • Jenny R. says:

      He actually reinforced what McMasters had been saying, but I realize that is an unpopular opinion around here.
      Radical Islamism does indeed stem from an ideology — but the history of that ideology is not as clear cut as many think. Here’s a hint: it involves socialism and what has been going on for the past 80 odd years.


    • MVW says:

      1400 years of the ‘Religion of Peace’ later and nothing has changed. ISIS showed that. Give them weapons and a chance and pure evil is let loose.

      Putting white wash over the blood stained religious books, that have commands of Mohammed chiseled in stone detailing the destruction, enslavement, rape of all that are not Muslim is delusion, delusion that the world is paying for in blood.

      How do you take back the words that are spoken, written, and deeds to illustrate the meaning of the words, from 1400 years ago without losing your head some dark night by a true Muslim believer?

      The deluded will pay dearly.

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      • We are living in a climactic (or near-climactic) time of wars, not just between men but between competing, long-held dogmas (as opposed to competent reason and honest, rational disagreements). What you have written is obvious to me, but I have noticed that one can tell the dogmas ruling a person or group by their refusal to see the obvious. Adherence to one’s favorite false dogmas is ascendant now over good, honest reason; this has been a constant refrain of mine, since the ascendance of Obama/Soetoro, the First Fake President.

        It is the false dogmas themselves — yes, like Islam, or Mohammedanism — which have been too long nurtured, that must be destroyed, not just the jihadist — i.e., activist, radical — individuals who follow them, to mass destruction on all sides.

        “Islam”, in particular, literally means “I-Salam”, or “No Peace”. That translation (made by me alone, based upon revolutionary research), in the context of what we all know about the entire history of Mohammedanism/Islam, is instantly confirmed.

        It’s going to take a general abandonment of too-long held false dogmas, to solve the mess of our time. And that will take both a moral re-enlightenment, and the new knowledge I have uncovered, about the origin of the oldest false dogmas.


  12. Patriot1783 says:

    Yowch, that’s gonna leave a mark on Obama 😂😂😂

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  13. Greg1 says:

    When President Pompeo is sworn into office in January 2025, the msm will have a collective FIT.

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    • Sloth1963 says:

      They’ll do that even if Pompeo is a candidate. Heck. They’re probably already getting the long knives out.

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    • CountryDoc says:

      I pray for the MSM to be dead by then, and that there be rising some American Youth who know the Truth and the “t”ruth of our world history — and who, like our founders are able to grasp the universal principles of our Creator that cause us to radiate His glory.

      I pray that those courageous patriots who, living deep in the dangerous swamp as aliens, but who remained as a remnant — will be able to come to light and help us defeat the treasonous swamp creatures who acted at the beck and call of the power hungry and greedy globalists who have been leeching the life out of our hard working citizens.

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    • noswamp says:

      “When President Pompeo is sworn into office in January 2025, the msm will have a collective FIT.”

      The people now know what they want for president. California can have 1 million illegals vote, unless they get the midwest , they won’t win in 2020. God Bless the USA


  14. Janice says:

    The adults truly are in charge! Wow

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  15. albertus magnus says:

    Pompeo/Mulvaney 2024!

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    • R E Peterson says:

      Right now that looks great. But like so many here say….wait, things change.

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      • angellestaria6674 says:


        Wisdom is patient enough to wait to see how the room will be read at a later time.

        The geo-socio-political world and events of the day can be drastically different one month from now, so how much more in two years.

        So we rejoice for and support what good that comes our way today and wait to see what tomorrow brings, hopefully, as we each work hard to do our part, will be able to contribute to the good of it all, now and then.

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  16. average Joe says:

    Pompeo 2024…

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  17. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “In my office, I keep a Bible open on my desk to remind me of God and His Word, and The Truth.”

    John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
    2 The same was in the beginning with God.
    3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
    4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

    Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

    1Thessalonians 2:13 For this cause also thank we God without ceasing, because, when ye received the word of God which ye heard of us, ye received it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which effectually worketh also in you that believe.

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  18. Brant says:

    America oppressor? I don’t think Americans every really been. Perhaps ra ra get on the sometimes deep state pushed false patriotic bandwagon. AstroTurf not grass roots. I think lots of us……about half currently are seeing the light of deep state globullist involvement in all of it. Deep state is thrashing about and it’s very noticeable.

    Hope this is clear as mud. In rocking chair with baby in arms.

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  19. Pompeo could have just said “we’re back on Team Likud. Questions?”


  20. Rawkstar says:

    America has always been a force for good. Ok. What a load of crap. The American people yes. The American idea yes. But with what we know now about the decades of lies? Bushes. Clintons. Bushes again. Ooooo…Obama! Obama Again! Excuse me Mr. Pompeo, but America is a force for good now maybe, for the first time in my lifetime, if your Boss succeeds in wresting it from the deep state monsters. 😎

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  21. covfefe999 says:

    President Trump is the best President ever, and I think Mike Pompeo is the best Secretary of State ever! It’s so refreshing to have two confident people in these positions! Unapologetic, courageous, and in charge. LOVE THEM!

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  22. Sayit2016 says:

    Wow just wow…what a riviting speech. America IS good. What a powerful Secretary of State we have, I believe Mike Pompeo I was born for this moment in history

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  23. jjs says:

    Pompeo is the real deal. Pompeo/Haley – 2024


  24. jjs says:

    Pompeo is the real deal. Pompeo/Haley – 2024


  25. Brant says:

    Zero went after Egypt because it’s one of the most western aligned ME countries due to tourism. So much history. My mom went about 20 times. 1981 to about 2005. 15+ of those times Stayed with a family there who lived nearly in shadow of pyramids. Tourism/independence was money maker. Globullists couldn’t have that .

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  26. HB says:

    How gray will Obummer’a hair be by next Monday?

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    • bentley1blog says:

      HB…first, he needs to stock up on his supply of flour powder puffs. What a farce trying to show the world how HARD he has been working. Give me a break!


  27. covfefe_USA says:

    “….another American…” Really?????


  28. sDee says:

    Systematically dismantling the new world order.

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  29. covfefe999 says:

    It’s hard to believe this wuss was ever a President.

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  30. Brant says:

    Pompeo was head of CIA? Could he not assist with the clean out? Maybe he has been. He may have known the snakes.

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  31. Jason Ross says:

    I am usually 110 percent on board with Pompeo. But he stuttered throughout his address, as if he was reading a speech wasn’t his own, one that John Bolton prepared for him.

    Bolton (as well as Lindsey Graham and George W Bush) would give this speech an A+
    Myself, I am not sure how neatly it corresponds with #MAGA

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  32. Blind no longer says:

    Saw this in real time this morning on Fox…it was EPIC!!!! In fact Bill Hemmer said it would be a total reversal of and rebuke of President Obama’s policies!!! It was. Pompeo is President Trump’s best pick yet next to Stephen Miller! Love me some Miller and Pompeo

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  33. joeknuckles says:

    Remember, the Cairo speech was Obama’s first order of business. It was at the top of his agenda.

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  34. Mo says:

    Glad You found this version.
    The full version on Sec. of State site had really poor audio.

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  35. vfm#7634 says:

    “In the historic annals of linguistic evisceration, the speech delivered today by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Cairo, Egypt, will long be remembered.”

    It would be pretty funny if Pompeo was descended from the Roman general Pompey, or at least his family.

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    • vfm#7634 says:

      Also, Egypt’s economy has been growing at over 4% per year under Sisi, and has passed South Africa as Africa’s second-largest economy. Making Egypt a decent place to live for its citizens is extremely important.

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  36. bessie2003 says:

    While the Democrats and their minions the press play Wall, quietly, pointedly, firmly the President and his team are forging ahead with his work in the rest of the world.

    That was a beautiful wonderful timely speech – and makes me wonder what it is the prelude for, perhaps an open Saudi-Israeli peace initiative?

    Keep the Dems and the press busy playing Wall, we might even see China and North Korea deals too before the Cohen/Mueller scheme have their opening salvos in congress. That should take some wind out of their deep state sails.

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    • CountryDoc says:

      The left playing wack-a-mole with the Lion, and is many moves behind PDJT. Each time the Lion/mole pops his head up, they look more and more like Keystone Cops. Even when they are trying to be serious (i.e. the Gothic pic of Pelosi and Schumer) they are ridiculously funny.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Forging ahead with the rest of the world…

      I think that long term history will show PDJT had even more impact outside the USA than in it. Foreign policy reformer and helping other countries stand on their own two feet, those who are interested in doing so.

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  37. Mongoose says:

    Wow, gotta love Mike! “Hey, let’s give it to Mikey. He’ll do anything.” Slap Barry upside the head! And rip him a new one, all in one swift move that leaves the Dems/Libs/Commies gasping for air! “But, but … he was the one we were waiting for. And now he is gone!” Good riddance. Stay gone. Too bad, HRC won’t take a hint, or two, or three.

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  38. BSR says:

    Pompeo 2024!!!


  39. Ziiggii says:

    That was a REALLY good speech!

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  40. CNY3 says:

    Apology Tour officially over and relegated to the dung heap, along with Osh*tter’s legacy.

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  41. azgulch says:

    Yes, this was an historic change of direction for the region. I personally think it’s great, having lived there.

    BUT, in the context of history. I say ” Don’t trust anyone!”. For the next two years they have an partner, maybe for the next 6 years. Who becomes the next president? Beto, Biden? Egypt could become the next Libya in seven years.
    I would buy arms from Russia, Sweden, Germany, China and the US, as well as maintain diplomatic closeness to all. The US has proven it is a fickle and unreliable friend, and sometimes an advisary.


  42. Texian says:

    Laying the ground work for the new deep state playground..

    This is a hard call to make.. But agree to a certain extent.. (keyword: “certain”..).

    The Iranian people have wanted to join the modern world for decades now.. Their belligerent “government” may soon provide the excuse to:

    Advisor them.. Support them.. Supply them..

    But let their People do the Fight..

    That is key.. Otherwise it will not succeed.. They have to “own it”.. Right from the start..
    (Lessons from Vietnam..).. Egypt did.. And now look.. A Sovereign Nation that strives for relative Peace and Fair Trade in the World.. And we bask in the exchange of positive afterglow accolades..

    And also advise in order to “Win”..
    (Lessons from Vietnam..).. Due to the fallibility of Man, there will always be more playgrounds.. So advise to Win.. Actually make World progress in a positive way.. And then exchange positive afterglow accolades..

    Before you know it.. You will have a much vaunted and real semblance of.. ‘World Order’.. Of a relative Peace, Fair Trade and Prosperity for All.. The Sovereign Republics of the World.. Not Death and Destruction..

    Symbiosis.. It is a successful strategy.. It is a naturally selected successful function in Nature.. Why not follow Nature’s proven, naturally selected game plan..?

    Sovereignty for One.. Sovereignty for All..

    A ‘World Order’ by “Sovereign Symbiosis”..

    What a concept..

    [Symbiosis: The living together in more or less intimate association or close union of two dissimilar organisms.].

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  43. Wayne Robinson says:

    I believe President SiSi , will go down in history in greatness . I can see him being sameas George Washington to America / Sisi is a good man not perfect but good and faithful . Egyptians are blest to have him .

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    • MVW says:

      Muzzies killed Anwar Saddat, Sissi is one very, very brave man, and to have the vision of revising Islam is dreaming of the impossible.


  44. Fools Gold says:

    Whoa! What a well thought out message and speak. The Middle East could be a place of peace and prosperity if people there would grasp it and support its leaders who go for it like Trump. Come to think of it and off topic, Trump/Pompeo are multitasking as well in the Southern Hemisphere. Look at Brazil and Mexico and others. A secure border and our regional states with leaders who care about it’s own people is lasting force to be reckoned with! We’re living in the MAGA agenda at its peak with Trump in charge. SoS Pompeo understands it and handles it better than anyone before him too! When he has to he can also wing it as good as any in front cameras, hostile democrats, and corruptocrats. If fact He sorta reminds me of Trump but much less aged and powerful with his tongue, exhortation, charismatic and confidence. Anyway, I’d vote for Pompeo in a heartbeat whenever Trumps terms end.

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  45. Maquis says:

    “When America retreats, chaos often follows.”

    Big Time.

    God Bless President Trump and his stellar Secretary of State, both Lions, tearing the shiite out of Zero’s insidious anti-Human legacy.


  46. What say you Radical Islam Apologist former pres. B.OBOZO, excuse me, Obama, Hildabeast Clinton, John ‘LURCH’ Kerry & my personal favorite—>NBC Employee & Communist Supporting / Muslim Convert former Obozo CIA dir. John O. Brennan ?
    ~Would you like a nice White Wine with that CROW you’re Eating ?~ 🙂


  47. This was a magnificent speech; beautifully written with consistent and vigorous policy ideas. And common sense, practical and consistent with the American ideals of self-government.

    The most potent part of the speech, to me, was Pompeo’s assertion that we will deal with “nation states” and not a religion, or “Moslems” as BHO and his foolish apparatchik’s formerly did. Terrorism, at root, denies the power of nation states and their borders, as the components for foreign relations and alliances.

    And, isn’t that on of the KEY components of President Trump’s fight against globalism and one world order? Instead, he wants borders for our nation state, and alliances and work that respects the boundaries and prerogatives of other nation states.

    Pompeo’s speech brilliantly enunciated these ideas. Just WOW! Very thankful today for this speech and other un-forecasted blessings such as the idiot Acosta making the case for the wall, unwittingly.



  48. ForGodandCountry says:

    The only criticism I have is that Sec. Pompeo did not name the Muslim Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) directly, as he should have. Had he done so, it would have guaranteed fake leftist outrage, and hence assured MSM coverage of his speech.

    It was a fantastic speech. Unfortunately, it also reminded me of just how deep and wide my loathing for Soetoro and his ilk runs. Such vile, utterly reprehensible scum. So evil. May the merciful Lord help and save me from the hate I bear for those traitors to their oaths of office and our nation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Blind no longer says:


      Liked by 1 person

    • Mo says:

      President Trump’s influence on the strategy is visible by the employment of his preferred method of negotiating- Economic leverage. The Secretary sends a strong message to Assad and Russia, that there will be NO Money, from the coalition’s purse to rebuild Syria, until Iran is out of the country. By the way, that purse does not include any American Taxpayer funds. **Totally new strategy**

      The Secretary sends a message to all members of the Middle East that the United States role from here on in will be to partner to defeat ISIS & assist in the peace process. No longer will we be risking our men and women or wasting our dollars on squabbles between nations in their own backyards. He asks them to step up and take greater responsibility for their security and work towards peace. The U.S will be there to “assist” only. **Totally new strategy**

      Pompeo/Jordan 2024


  49. Mo says:

    Pretty obvious from the pictures of President Trump shaking hands with world leaders which one He has no trust of.


  50. kevin king says:

    As far as I can tell Pompeo is making the same mistake as previous administrations. He is making a false distinction between radical islam and islam. There is no distinction. Islam per se is radical. European peoples are learning this at a high cost to their standard of living and loss of civil liberties. The quicker the US government wakes up to reality the better.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lurker2 says:

      He’s being diplomatic and he is also trying to effect change. They are here to stay, like it or not. The best thing to do is try to encourage the growth of the less radical factions and encourage them to wipe out the most radical.


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