Tripwire Alert – Senator Marco Rubio Announces Long-Shot Reelection Bid – Refuses Commitment To Full 6-Year Term…

rubio conmanAsk yourself why anyone would vote for a candidate who announces his/her U.S. Senate reelection bid and in the same breath refuses to say they intend to fulfill the 6-year term such a reelection requires.

Then ask yourself why would any candidate run for a political office while simultaneously refusing to commit to the term they are campaigning for.

Those two questions simply begin the discussion now that Florida Senator Marco Rubio has stated he has reversed position and intends to run for reelection.

What’s ultimately behind this decision is an intentional construct of the Wall Street legislative priority constructionists (GOPe leadership) to create a dynamic of controlled failure.

Watch Rubio explain his reasoning.

Let us be very clear with each other.

Senator Marco Rubio has no possible chance of winning reelection if the opposing party puts forth any substantive candidate to challenge him.

Marco Rubio is hated, H.A.T.E.D within Florida, for being a back-stabbing quisling who worked against the voters of the state and aligning himself with the DC Vichy Republicans and cocktail class party leadership.

To give you an idea how deep, strong and wide the sentiment amid the Florida common sense conservative electorate is you only need to remind yourself of the primary race outcome from within his own state.

Florida primary

In short, Rubio does not have any loyalty amid the electorate, and is a profound long shot to win reelection.   Then again, the people pushing him (McConnell, Cornyn, Hatch, Cruz and Jeb Bush, et al…) know this too – so why are they pushing him to lose?

The answer is yet again found in the simple context of Donald Trump’s presidential bid.

The GOPe apparatus writ large (all of it) despise Donald Trump because Trump is an existential risk to their grip on power.  That power has an intention; that intention is Wall Street’s legislative priorities.  There are trillions of dollars at stake.

The legislative Republican party leadership in both the house and the senate would do anything to remove the risk that is Donald Trump.  Including giving up their House and Senate majorities if losing those structural political advantages diminished the capability of Trump to dispatch their legislative agenda.

If the GOPe lose the election to Donald Trump, they’re finished – out of a job – they won’t be able to hide the UniParty alignment.  However, if the GOPe lose elections to Democrats they’re still there, still seated at the table, and still in power even in the minority.

  • If Trump wins, and the GOPe drop down to the minority party, the GOPe will be able to hide their Wall Street/UniParty nature and the globalist agenda that comes along with it.
  • If Trump wins, and the GOPe remain the majority party, they will not be able to hide their Wall Street/UniParty nature and the globalist agenda that comes along with it.

In essence, the Republican Party knows if Trump wins and they are in power they will have to drop their Wall Street legislative priority mission…. because to continue trying to advance it would be transparently in opposition to their own president, and there are TRILLIONS of dollars at stake.

In order to avoid the risks outlined above, the Republican goals will be to intentionally field the weakest possible team of candidates for the 2016 general election.  This presents a Win/Win for them.

mcconnell cornyn thune and decepticon caucus

(The Decepticon Caucus)

If the weak candidate loses, the GOPe simply blame it on Donald Trump and further attempt to weaken, isolate and marginalize the risk Trump represents.  It’s a beautifully Machiavellian strategy.  This is what the Decepticon Caucus is really good at, retaining power at all costs, any costs.

The truth is, this year the GOPe have some VERY WEAK candidates at risk of defeat, and that has nothing to do with presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Rob Portman (Ohio), Kelly Ayotte (NH), Mark Kirk (IL) and Ron Johnson (WI), are a few of the vulnerable republican senate incumbents not because of Donald Trump, but rather because they are quislings to the GOPe side of the UniParty apparatus and their flawed and unprincipled character is transparent to their own state electorate. You can easily add Senator John McCain (AZ) to this list.

Leader Mitch McConnell is a snake of the highest order. He knows the limp-wristed, big government, progressive republican, Wall Street cause could most certainly mean Portman, Ayotte, Kirk, Johnson and McCain may lose. [*note* Hopefully McCain loses in the primary] Hence, McConnell now trying to weaken Trump’s candidacy by positioning their potential loss as Trump’s burden.  Adding Marco Rubio to this aforementioned list is simply his best play.

What McConnell is doing is using the vulnerability he himself created to retain power, but the opposite of McConnell’s scheme/narrative is true.

Trump rally illinois 4If the aforementioned vulnerables would have shown some independent spine, refused to accept the Wall Street agenda and supported the majority will of their constituents (do what America-First is about), they would probably win.

If the weak quislings embraced the Trump objectives they might actually benefit from their state constituents seeing them stand up for their best interests.

They might win – and that weakens Mitch McConnell’s standing to get the Wall Street Agenda passed.

♦ The best political play for both Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell is to sell the concern narrative that Trump is toxic and then work earnestly to deliver a self fulfilling prophecy.

This keeps them in power, allows obfuscation by blaming Democrats or the White House for another 4 years, and retains their influence on the legislative agenda. Win/Win

Watch closely and you will see the new breed of globalist RAT’s come out and endorse Rubio’s decision to run for re-election.  Expect Mark Levin to advocate for him; expect Ted Cruz to advocate for him; expect the GOPe to advocate for him….

….and this is advocacy for a guy who won’t even commit to fulfilling his term as Senator.  Think about that against he prior teeth gnashing these same voices exhibited against Charlie Crist.

This is how the R.A.T’s work

Rat Finks

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trump lion



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365 Responses to Tripwire Alert – Senator Marco Rubio Announces Long-Shot Reelection Bid – Refuses Commitment To Full 6-Year Term…

  1. Joe Collins says:

    I’m starting to question Jim DeMint. DeMint was instrumental in helping Rubio get elected on the coat tails of the Tea Party.

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    • sundance says:

      DeMint was instrumental in getting Paul Ryan support for Speaker of House.

      It was DeMint who called House Freedom Caucus members and told them to support Ryan. Despite all prior confidence, DeMint has exhibited his acquiescence to the professional political class.

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      • rubioboto said it all when he said that whoever is elected president “he” “honestly” believes that “we” are going to need a senate full of people willing to act as the checks and balances on the excesses of the next president- whoever that is.

        Everything is out in the open now. Game. On.

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      • WSB says:

        Always a turncoat. Good actor if you live under a rock.

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      • Sue in MT says:

        How disappointing. Even Demint has been outed. It’s deeper than I ever imagined. Shame on them all.

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      • Laurel says:

        DeMint has been exposed as far as I’m concerned. We recently received fundraising request letter from Heritage Foundation, signed by him, pleading for money to elect true conservatives like Nikki Haley and Ted Cruz. There was not a single reference to helping to elect the GOP nominee Donald Trump. Ignored his historic achievement completely!


    • bocephus0h says:

      Demint was at the Cruzfest scheming secret dinner last week at Bozell’s…another “conservative” bites the dust.

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    • Rob says:

      And disappeared into the bowels of that erstwhile GOPe front group “The Heritage Foundation”, never to be seen again!

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      • starfcker says:

        Come on sundance. You know Florida politics. Think the dems could run a decent candidate? Let’s check the roster. Bill Mcbride? No, he’s dead. His wife, Alex Sink? Loses again and again. Give her credit for trying. I know!! Charlie Christ!!! Ha ha ha. I’m a republican. I’m a democrat. I’m an independent. That was a great commercial. Who’s left? Kendrick Meek? Who’s that? Sorry boys and girls, the dems are out of candidates.


        • Old Conservative says:

          I received a letter from a David Gee running for Florida senate as a republican. Says he’s a businessman not a politician and a devout Christian. Invokes Mr. Trumps positions. I do not know if he is for real though. I do know he is not Rubio. I will vote for him instead of Rubio or a democrate.


    • optingout says:

      “Starting to question” DeMint? He made his preferences blatantly obvious when he fired Jason Richwine.


  2. Not Chicken Little says:

    The last refuge of a scoundrel…is politics. It’s also a scoundrel’s first refuge. Why work hard to make a living in the private sector when you can live off others as a politician?

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    • Linden says:

      The political parasite class, from the WIC and EBT takers, to the halls of Congress. Our great Framers would be weeping to see this.

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      • bigdrov1x says:

        Weeping?? The founders could never have conceived of things such as welfare, ebt, etc. They would have at the very least would have comitted someone to an insane asylum who brought stuff like that up. Probably would have hanged 98% of our government now for treason, that is a fact.


        • Dommy says:

          The godless lib-loons outlawed insane asylums, outlawed hangings, much of the death penalty and of course, the Bible in public schools.

          And the dissolution of lib-loon nation proceeds apace…


  3. Bull Durham says:

    The lack of moral integrity and character, ethics and patriotism is stunning, even for a cynical observer like me.
    The paltry number of men and women of character is a national scandal.
    Rubio is a slight person in history, forgettable in the long run.

    We need character, moral fiber, ethical behavior and humility under God and for our Nation.

    The scab has been lifted off Washington by Trump. We see and smell the dead flesh and pus of the Uniparty.

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  4. kitkatgator says:

    Carlos Beruff is the BEST Conservative Choice! I am proud to call him my Friend for 30 years! He has been on Water Mtg Board, SRQ Airport Board and cut Millions of $$ of Waste! Got rid of Tenure at our local college! He Loves Trump! Not a politician a very successful Developer!

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    • WeThePeople2016 says:

      I thought I heard that he is also ahead in some of the polls, too. IMHO, I don’t think that Rubio will make it in the primary. People can see that it is a weak pathetic attempt to seek re-election. His heart is NOT in it.

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      • NCPatrick says:

        Marco Rubio is a pathetic little putz, who has proven again and again he is for sale to the highest bidder. I hope the people of Florida have tired of his bait and switch game and will find someone who might actually want to represent their great state.

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        • Sue in MT says:

          He missed another Committee meeting today, what are we paying him for?!

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          • skipper1961 says:

            I want my vote back! rubio is a treacherous little parasite who deceitfully aligned himself with the TEA party. Not only does he only “work” a three day week, but GETS PAID as an associate professor of political science at FIU college on Mondays and Fridays! What a double-dipping toad… Maybe the “bubble party boy” expects the gay community to lobby for him? Something tells me that some sort of scandal will get him “weinered”.


        • tellthetruth2016 says:

          We in Florida, can’t stand Rubio……. The only place he could get votes would be down in Dade county/Miami where so many cubans live…..” Little Cuba”……..

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      • Elizabeth Craine says:

        What about Ron DeSantis. He was in the House And I am inclined to vote for him. Rubio will not get my vote. He was disloyal to us Floridians on the amnesty bill. I will not trust him again.

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        • skipper1961 says:

          I met Todd Wilcox at the “Sunshine Summit” in Orlando. Decorated military career (although after GHWB, being an ex-CIA operative isn’t automatically a positive). He seems knowledgeable about the jihadis, though. He served for many years “over there”, and was interested in meeting with Florida Oath Keepers. I wish that traitorous weasel little marco hadn’t jaded me to ALMOST all politicians (besides Mr. Trump, of course). Damn that cuban anchor baby quisling. He disgusts me. And to Sundance’s overarching theme of We the People being INTENTIONALLY disenfranchised, marco rubio is the poster child of political duplicity.


    • Shirley49 says:

      Yes to Carlos Beruff. He spoke to our women’s Republican club and sounds a lot like Donald Trump. NO! NO! NO! to Lil Marco. He had his chance and muffed it. He didn’t fool anyone when he ran a sorry campaign for president and bombed out. Will have no better luck running again as senator.

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      • singtune says:

        You are Right Shirley~WE Floridian’s will NOT vote for Lil’ Marco~!

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        • WSB says:

          Do you all have enough muscle to vote him out in the primary? What an idiot of Rubio to even bother to run. I believe he really could not find a job in the private sector that would pay him as well or he really believes he has a shot at running for President again.

          Where were the madam’s notebooks or the other fun stuff? Waiting?

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          • tellthetruth2016 says:

            YES……. This is TRUMPS 2nd home here and we Floridians LOVE us some TRUMP…….. I really believe Lil Marco knows he doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell to win another election…….. He would have a better chance to win in Cuba……. The ONLY way would be IF no one ran against him………And even then I think we would vote for psycho Grayson first…….. As in Cummings case in Maryland (I think), No one run against him and they just keep voting him back in because people just don’t pay attention to politics, just the opposite hre in Florida…..

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  5. TrumpOrDie says:

    By this point, Congress is a mostly vestigial organ on the body politic — so who cares who “controls” it? Republicans have controlled it for awhile now, and to what result against the Obama-controlled Executive branch?

    Trump has said he’ll try to get people in a room and hammer out a deal. That’s the easy way of governing. If they try to sabotage America-first populism, he’ll just shrug his shoulders and say, “Well, my fellow Americans, I tried to negotiate with them, but 90% of them just don’t have America’s best interests in mind, unfortunately in both parties.”

    The apparatus for rule-by-Executive has already been built and fine-tuned by the Obama administration, so two can play at that game.

    Only when we vote in Congressmen who are populists and America-firsters will the President resume good-faith negotiations with Congress. More Trump-like Republicans and more Bernie-like Democrats.

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    • WSB says:

      You are so correct, Trump will run circles around these know nothings. He can easily press one Congressman, one Senator and basically flick a cigarette butt into anyone’s party. Ha! Can’t wait to watch it.

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  6. MfM says:

    Rubio has said he won’t campaign for or was it with Trump? If Beruff will, that will get him seen as supporting Trump and give him a chance against Rubio.

    Given Rubio’s horrible attendance record and lack of willingness to commit to six years, I think there are some good attack ads available.

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  7. RINOKiller says:

    Welcome to political tanking

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  8. valheisey says:

    As a Floridian, I want what’s in the best interest to MAGA and I hope that does not mean holding my nose for Lil Marco. My county has early voting starting August 15 and Statewide is August 20. Primary Election Day is August 30.
    I hope to vote for a pro-Trump candidate for Senate to go along with my overwhelming joy to be able to vote FOR a Presidential candidate instead of the lesser of 2 evils. Could Carlos Beruff beat his Democrat challenger? I want to do what’s best for DJT.

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    • benY says:

      Voting for Lil’ Marco is absolutely no different than voting for the Dem. The reason they keep doing what they have been is because there is no threat to them being voted out. Until we start kicking them out nothing will change.

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      • singtune says:

        You got that Right “benY”~! Floridian’s that want want MAGA will NOT vote for Lil” Marco~! We know WHO Lil: Marco is & what he represents.

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      • SouthernCatLiker says:

        Ben, I know it might feel good to say that, but yes, he is different. Do you want Donald Trump to win and get impeached if Democrats win Congress? Isn’t that possible with how far left they are now?

        Would Marco Rubio pass gun control and organize a sit-in like the House Democrats did? Would Democrats in power in the Senate allow even a moderate Republican to be confirmed to the courts? We need to think like Democrats about unity and not say that the two parties are the same, because they are not, and Donald Trump won’t be able to do anything much of substance with Democrats.


    • The Hour of Decision says:

      From what I have read on this thread Beruff sounds very Trumpian. He is using the phrase “America First” and another poster who knows him personally said he is a successful developer, not a politician. If you guys can vote him to victory over Rubio, the people who vote for Trump will enthusiastically vote for him in November. Go for it.

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      Vote BERUFF! And get every R you know to do the same!

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  9. NJF says:

    Lol Dobbs dedicated his nightly commentary to the Cabana Boy.

    Also, the segment at the end of Charles Panyes show had me fist pumping.

    He was asking 2 congressmen to discuss Trump’s speech. The one guy said, “we need to halt the refugee influx. Not only do we run the risk of bringing in terrorists, but we also have to consider that even if these people aren’t terrorists, many of them want to live under Sharia law. That is completely incompatible with our way of life. We can not have segregated neighborhoods that seek to live that way”


    P.S. I’m paraphrasing.

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  10. nyflacon says:

    I will not vote for Marco here in Fla. Neither will anyone in my family.

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    • The Hour of Decision says:

      Go for Carlos Beruff in the primary. No Rubio.

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      • mamadogsite says:

        Have you heard the Sarasota ABC interview they did a week or so ago with Beruff?

        Rather egocentric…bragged about ALL of his speeding tickets…esp: the one doing 106 mph in a school zone…and when asked “why”, Beruff said something to the effect “he had to get home to his girlfriend”…and it was rather snarky. Mothers of childen sorta took offense to that, and the whole interview. For reference…it was the ABC affiliate in Sarasota, FL

        We have enough swelled heads/Trump wanna-be’s out there. Imitating Trump is not good enough. Beruff might be a good homebuilder, but his personality pretty much stinks.

        I do know…people in the Parrish, Florida area are pissed at him and his cushy zoning changes with a corrupt county.

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        • The Hour of Decision says:

          Well, I have to admit I was just going by the comments I read on here. IMO, though, anyone is better than Rubio. Rubio won’t be able to win, and if he does, will oppose Trump. If Beruff wins, he seems likely to work with Trump (just based on the several comments I have read here). He may a jerk, but the important thing we need is a Republican majority in Congress to get Donald’s agenda through, or as Sundance notes in this article, to be outed as the phonies they are for opposing it. Just based on that, I would take Beruff over Rubio.

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  11. mamadogsite says:

    OK…. losing me here…Why did Trump suggest (to Rubio) that he get back in the race a week or so ago?


  12. bocephus0h says:

    Lil’ Marco’s possible Robert the Bruce moment ends with a faceplant into the DC trough, shocked. There is more character & integrity to be found at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch than with these bastardized sellouts.

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  13. Brenda Copely says:

    Our family of five and extensive group of friends who originally supported Rubio will NOT be supporting him this time around. He cannot be trusted.

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  14. Rob says:

    One of Trump’s kids should go down there and run against Little Marco in the primary.

    Running to provide a “check and balance” against a President Trump. Scum.

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  15. rsanchez1990 says:

    I fell for Rubio’s Tea Party charade when I voted for him for Senate. It helped that he had flip-flopper Charlie Crist running against him, made the vote more a vote against Crist than for Rubio.

    Not falling for it again. Voting for Rubio’s primary opponent all the way.

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  16. ezpz says:

    After seven and a half years of Obama, suddenly the Rs are getting a checks and balances epiphany!

    Give. Me. A. Break.!!

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    • singingsoul says:

      ezpz + “After seven and a half years of Obama, suddenly the Rs are getting a checks and balances epiphany!”

      They want to defang President Trump and nullify his agenda he runs on. Trump is making a contract with America and its people and not with oligarchs and politicians . These angry people who put their ego before the country are trying to show him. Rubio let the cat out of the bag and now we all know what their agenda is.

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      • if Trump sneezes too much, they will draw up impeachment papers.


        • ezpz says:

          That made me laugh, John Thompson.
          Thank you!

          It also makes me mad because it’s so close to the truth.


        • catkittens1 says:

          No, that would be more probable if Democrats win Congress, and people need to think less about “sticking it” to the Republicans and be more rational about the two parties. No, Republicans are not the same as Democrats, and the sit-in is one good demonstration of that. Republicans just don’t know how to govern, and if more people got involved in electing different candidates in the primaries, different candidates would be elected in November to office.


      • ezpz says:

        Exactly so, singingsoul.


    • craig swanson says:

      Exactly. Trump and everyone here know the Ds have completely infiltrated the GOP.


  17. they call me sweetheart says:

    From the title, per Sundance: “Refuses Commitment To Full 6-Year Term…”

    Is there something ‘new’ here?

    Senators, regardless of terms, do not translate into effective Presidents.

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  18. georgiafl says:

    Here we go again – Word Press won’t print my list of Rubio’s achievements in the Senate besides having the worst attendance record.

    Here’s article with the list:

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  19. daughnworks247 says:

    Let’s assume politicians are completely amoral and beholden only to their donors.
    Because they are beholden the push the Chamber of Commerce/Wall Street agenda.
    What if… they were no longer beholden?
    What if…. there were another income stream to provide re-election funds? Or another process for re-election?

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    • catkittens1 says:

      The process is primaries and getting involved in campaigning instead of complaining that things are never different. Congress will never vote for term limits. If we want different candidates, we need to go to Republican meetings and get involved in the process of elections.


  20. Pam says:

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  21. drdeb says:

    Little Marco has assured FLA voters that he will not remain in the Senate for 6 years. AHA! He and Cruz will run in 2020 for President.

    There are 4 things wrong with this:
    (1) Little Marco did NOT show up for work when he was elected to the Senate. Thus FLA voters lost their representation.
    (2) Little Marco himself admitted that he is an anchor baby. Thus he does not meet the requirements to be President. He is NOT the son of natural born citizens.
    (3) In his unsuccessful and illegal run for Pres, little Marco showed his backside. His hand moment will be remembered forever by those of us who are informed. It was trashy and unpresidential. WTP shall always remember.
    (4) There was a lot of press about Little Marco’s lifestyle. Fortunately there was documented proof of many of the accusations. Fortunately, this will also be remembered by those of us who are informed. In a future presidential bid, these facts shall destroy Little Marco.

    Floridians are SMART. They WILL NOT re-elect this lying loser to the Senate. It does sound like Little Marco is part of the Republican e plan for republican congress members to lose in this election so as to discredit WTP’s President: Donald J. Trump.

    The GOP e have now determined that either (a) Trump will lose or (b) if Trump wins, he will be such a terrible president that they will be able to rescue the party in 2020 with one of their two candidates-Cruz or Rubio – both ineligible for the Presidency because neither of them are natural born citizens.


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  22. Juan says:

    While I’ll vote for Beruff in the primary, he has little chance of winning. Rubio is a “name” & will prevail in both the primary & the general. In a poll released today (, he holds a big lead against both Democrat contenders. As in most elections I will hold my nose & vote for someone not my first choice. There is no way I could vote for anyone that would allow the likes of Harry Reid or Chuck Schumer to be majority leader.

    Fortunately, I actually will be able to vote for my choice in the presidential race.

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  23. Rex says:

    Love that R.A.T. logo. It should be on the home page over at the GOP Briefing Room. 😉

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  24. Marco is hoping Trump doesn’t win in November so he can run against Hillary, and is the main reason why Marco won’t commit to the full 6 years in the Senate. I will never forget Marco doing this:

    “For instance, during the height of debate about the Gang of Eight immigration bill in an interview with Univision, Rubio told his Spanish audience that amnesty and legalization of illegal immigrants would precede border enforcement. Rubio repeated this same tactic earlier this year when he endorsed Obama’s executive amnesty for illegal immigrants in a Spanish media interview with Jorge Ramos.”

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  25. Little Marco, have you forgotten who the head of the Florida GOP is now.

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  26. barton2016 says:

    Marco Rubio king of the H1B. Every day I go to work and have to compete with 500 H1B Indians who come from a country with a 10th the standard of living and who will work for a 10th of my salary. I hope the Rube gets roundly defeated by whoever he is running against.

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    • bpk1300 says:

      This is the state of affairs in Canada, where contracts that paid $75 per hour are being given to East Indians for $30 per hour.


  27. jfhdsiu says:

    Forked tongue Rubio is staying the course on his lack of character. It’s ONLY what I expected….

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  28. I kind of disagree with the premise here. These GOPe types are so detached from reality they probably believe Rubio to be wildly popular. His loss will be so large we need to be careful it doesn’t blow back on Trump’s campaign there.


  29. Carlos Beruff it is then, I think he’s our best bet right now, and lets see how he does in the Senate.


  30. Ziiggii says:

    Like a freakin dart, SD nails it!

    “Levin Endorses Rubio For Senate Re-Election [VIDEO]”


  31. onsu says:

    In my area of Florida I have been seeing a lot of commercials for Carlos Beruff. He parrots Trump but there is something about him I don’t like. I was going to vote for him though as the best of the worst. Then today I found this about Wilcox. I haven’t seen any commercials for him, but I like this guy.

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    • valheisey says:

      I like him too!

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    • bamainatlanta says:

      Seems like a really good guy, except he seems to buy into the notion that we need to be the world’s policeman. If you really listen to what Trump has said, you would see his skepticism for interventionism. There are many good people like this man, but I truly believe they are deluded to think that they are fighting to keep us free. That is their intention, but that is not what they are being used for. They are serving the Empire, not the Republic.

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  32. obeara says:

    Rubio lied last time to get our votes, he will NOT get them again. He ran saying he was against amnesty, then worked with The Gang of 8 to write a pro-amnesty bill. It failed, so he changed sides again. But he is a lying opportunist with no values beyond what he can get for himself. He is exactly the sort we do not want to elect.

    Liked by 4 people

  33. TheseTruths says:

    “Expect Mark Levin to advocate for him [Rubio]; expect Ted Cruz to advocate for him; expect the GOPe to advocate for him….”
    It was very telling to me when Cruz approached Rubio as VP — Rubio, with his disastrous positions on trade and amnesty. “Mr. Constitutional Conservative” would entertain someone like that? It confirms that he never was Mr. Constitutional Conservative.

    The Cruz campaign had conducted polls to float Rubio as VP, and the poll results were positive. So, “On March 21, Politico broke the news that Cruz had, indeed, approached Rubio with a proposal for a ‘unity ticket,’ but the Florida Senator had refused.”

    So Cruz was willing to do anything to win, even if it meant compromising conservative principles. Since Cruz was prepared to have Rubio as VP, no doubt he will endorse his candidacy for Senator, for all the reasons stated in this CTH article.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Father Thyme says:

    Trump should give Rubio one chance to get on board and if he doesn’t then Trump should campaign against him. Trump could hold a rally in Orlando and tell thousands of his supporters that Rubio isn’t worthy of trust and that they should vote their conscious in the Florida Senate race. :p

    Liked by 2 people

    • Juan says:

      Liddle Marco has endorsed Trump. A tepid endorsement, but nonetheless he did honor his pledge unlike a few of the other losers. Trump encouraged him to run for re-election & there’s little doubt he will fully endorse him.


    • Mike says:

      Marco spent his one chance sometime ago.

      Liked by 1 person

    • singtune says:

      RUBIO has been a Horrible Senator, beyond not Going in to Vote . When he did~~ Rubio Voted for Everything he said he would NOT do~! He never ever responded to ANY Telephone Calls about Concerns & totally Ignored His BASE~! #NEVER RUBIO~!

      I as a Floridian~~Will NEVER Vote for him!~


  35. MfM says:

    What percent vote in this primary? It’s not tied into the presidential race. Are there any local important ballot issues being voted on?

    From my experience voter turnout is low and only really dedicated voters or party loyalists turn out for a race like this.

    I don’t know the candidates, so someone needs to vet them and come up with one to stand behind… and the reasons why they are the one to support.


  36. Plain Jane says:

    It’s obvious he had the questions before the interview because 90% of his answers were memorized – again. He’s a total puppet.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. bamainatlanta says:

    The GOPe will never learn.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. HoneyB says:

    So, Rubio now is saying he will not speak at the convention, and is not sure he will even attend? Now won’t campaign with Trump in Florida. And he wants to run for Senate to stop some of Trump’s policies? What a turncoat….his word means nothing. I hope he loses in a landslide.


  39. I don’t know. When I hear his answers it strikes me the GOPe wants him to run because he is one of them and they hope to have him on their side, i.e., they hope and think he will win. They are so out of touch.


  40. bliss3609 says:

    Email I received yesterday from Senate Conservatives Fund, (founded by Jim DeMint), regarding Rubio…..

    U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) announced yesterday that he has changed his mind and will run for re-election in Florida this year.

    This is a big change in this race given that Senator Rubio stated repeatedly for over a year now that he would not run for re-election.

    However, given Senator Rubio’s significant name awareness, it’s no surprise that Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL), our endorsed candidate for the seat, has decided to withdraw from the Senate race and run for re-election to the U.S. House in Florida’s 6th district.

    “Casey and I are grateful for the support we have received across Florida and throughout the country and plan to continue the fight for limited government principles and a strong national defense,” DeSantis said.

    The GOP establishment claims that Senator Rubio is the only candidate who can win the race in November, but that’s simply untrue. He may be the only candidate they want to win it, but he’s not the only one who could have won it.

    Congressman DeSantis led the field in fundraising and was capable of winning both the primary and general elections.

    Be that as it may, the race has now changed and we wanted you to know.

    Thank you for supporting Congressman DeSantis. Your support will help him win re-election to the U.S. House and put him in a strong position to run for higher office in the future. Perhaps he might even run to replace Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) in 2018.

    We will continue to keep you updated on the important races where you can support true conservatives who will fight for our principles.

    Ken Cuccinelli II
    Ken Cuccinelli II
    Senate Conservatives Fund
    @KenCuccinelli / @SCF


  41. chojun says:

    Hey guys – question: does the Florida ballot allow straight ticket or party line voting?

    If so, a strategy to lose could potentially fail as Trump voters could usher Rubio back in by voting straight ticket.


  42. jeans2nd says:

    Watching the Cavs coverage yesterday, I noticed the political ads.

    The Portman attack ad featured Portman’s support for China, in floor speeches and in Senate votes, and for supporting the bad China trade deals.

    Portman’s ad featured Portman standing with a mother from a rural small farm town, whose son had died from heroin overdose, sponsored by Senate Majority PAC. The Senate majority is GOPe, this PAC is actually Dems. Ohio is the Heart of the Rust Belt.

    Stupid, stupid people. As if we needed affirmation. Or, very smart.


    • cali says:

      Well the GOPe was successful in Ohio in one aspect – but a deceptive and evil success: Rioters and professional agitators/protesters gained their permit to protest outside the convention center during the convention while DT supporters are forbidden by law to be outside. Convoluted but effective in interrupting the convention which most likely will include bad optics and attacks which they will use against DT.


  43. SSI01 says:

    I wasn’t aware you could run for only part of a term in any public office, except when that office was vacated by the death or removal (i.e., prosecution and conviction) of the incumbent. That’s not the case here – so how can Boy Loser run for only part of his term?


  44. Dommy says:

    Trust weary FL voters will fill Lil’ Marco’s boots with cement and finally deep-six him for good.


  45. Joe says:

    Give us an estimate of Lil Marco’s chances of winning the primary and then (should he win that) his chances of winning his seat again. 50-50? 45-55? etc.


    • Juan says:

      The primary will be a cakewalk. Right now it’s maybe 50-50 or better in the general. Once Trump endorses him it goes to 60-40 that he will win. All the talk of Trump campaigning against Rubio is foolish. He will need a bulk of the 27% of Rubio’s primary voters to beat Hillary. Without Florida’s 29 electoral votes getting to 270 will be extremely difficult.


  46. Pingback: Marco Rubio is running for reelection because the...

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