Tripwire Alert – A Desperate Ted Cruz Announces Carly Fiorina as Running Mate…


A Wall Street Globalist By Any Other Name is Still A Wall Street Globalist

According to numerous national media reports, Senator Ted Cruz is moments away from announcing Carly Fiorina as his running mate.The transparency of intent is brutally obvious.

Cruz is desperate; all current indications coming out of Indiana do not look well for his ongoing ‘hail-Mary’ chances.  The Kasich/Cruz deal to split up states in a futile effort to block Donald Trump is backfiring.  Ted Cruz “authenticity” and “likability” continue to plummet.  The more Ted talks, the less people like him.   He needs a reset, fast.

Enter Carly Fiorina, the consummate DC cocktail class republican.  A failed corporate CEO who was jettisoned from the private sector for her inept and inadequate skills as a company officer – never to be hired again by any company.  Fiorina’s only hope at retention of influence and affluence was a shift to the public sector.

We have done some earlier extensive research on Ms. Fiorina which is reposted and outlined below, including “Globalist Carly Fiorina” in her own words.

carly cropcruz and heidi

Team Cruz has always been aligned within the GOPe road-map.  The addition of Carly Fiorina, the splitter candidate, to be his running mate is stunningly solid evidence therein. Here’s why:

FROM MARCH 9th 2016 – Adding the entire financial team of Jeb Bush which includes: Paul Dickerson of Houston, TX, Boyden Gray of Washington, DC, Charles Foster of Houston, TX, Reginald J. Brown of Washington, DC, Paula and Jim Henry of Midland, TX, and Nancy and Randy Best of Dallas, TX. shows that Ted Cruz is much further in alignment with the Bush clan than most previously recognized.

In addition, by Ted Cruz adding Neil Bush Cruz is signifying an ideological alignment that is 180° divergent than most of the supporters of Ted Cruz would be aware of. These alignments point to a direct acceptance that much of the story-line behind Cruz’s candidacy was false.

As a direct consequence, the fallacy of false choice within the option of Ted Cruz from the outset of the GOPe scheme is grounded.

However, this new reality is challenging for many people to accept. To those who cannot bring themselves to accept this paradigm shift, further evidence surfaced with the endorsement of consummate insider, Carly Fiorina, who said:

“Last Tuesday we had a primary, and I walked into the ballot box,” [Fiorina] told a crowd of Cruz supporters. “I saw my name on the ballot, and it was kind of a thrill, but I checked the box for Ted Cruz.” (link)

That “last Tuesday” reference highlights Fiorina’s home residence (as we previously shared) in Virginia, not California as many people mistakenly think. Fiorina has been the consummate “inside the beltway” politico, even though she was never in an elected position as a politician.

Fiorina worked for the John McCain campaign in 2008 as a surrogate. She again worked in 2012 as an official campaign spokesperson for Mitt Romney. Indeed, in the beginning of her own presidential bid last year, Carly Fiorina stated she was urged to run in 2016 due to a conversation with Mitt Romney.

So, we re-engage the intellectual honesty with a reminder of Carly Fiorina, and now find ourselves answering a nagging previous question.

Why did the Wall Street funders of the Ted Cruz campaign fund the origin of the Carly Fiorina campaign in 2015?

fiorina 1

$500,000 transferred from KtP1 (Keep The Promise) which is Ted Cruz’s Super-PAC, to CfA (Carly for America) Ms. Fiorina’s Super-PAC, in June of 2015.

What clarifies now, with this new information, is how the fallacy of false choice was being presented to us by the Wall Street financial team, the Globalists, last year. Remember, even the FEC wanted know what they were doing (LINK).

carly cruz

Cutting through the intent here and getting to the substance of truth is really not too difficult, but you won’t find many outlets (new media or old) willing to go there. However, as you are aware for us the Truth Has No Agenda, and Sunlight Is The Best Disinfectant.

We begin by watching this video of Carly Fiorina appearing on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and the discussion of a Muslim candidate eligible as U.S. President:

Just sticking with raw data, and trying to avoid injecting opinion, now consider this:


Thank you for those nice words, Mr. Chairman.

It’s an honor for me to be here this morning. This is the perfect place to host a meeting on the future of the Middle East. The leadership of Arab-Americans in this community – and in the state of Michigan – has been nothing short of dazzling, and I want to thank you for hosting us here this week.

A great deal of time will be spent at the conference this week focusing on the problems of the Arab world. I want to kick things off here today instead by asking you to imagine the possibilities…to imagine what the Gulf region would be like if Arab countries were at the forefront of the global economy…to imagine what the world would be like if Arab nations were the world’s leading force for enlightenment and inclusion…to imagine what the future would be like for a Middle East rooted not in conflict, but anchored in partnership.

Two years ago, less than two weeks after the tragedy of September 11th, I gave a speech in Minnesota in which I said it didn’t take much to imagine that kind of world because we have seen that world before. All it takes is for us to think back to another time, to a civilization that was once considered the greatest in the world.

It was a civilization that was able to create a continental super-state that stretched from ocean to ocean, and from northern climes to tropics and deserts. Within its dominion lived hundreds of millions of people, of different creeds and ethnic origins. One of its languages became the universal language of the world, the bridge between the peoples of a hundred lands.

And this civilization was driven more than anything, by invention. Its writers created thousands of stories. Its poets wrote of love, when others before them were too steeped in fear to think of such things. When other nations were afraid of ideas, this civilization thrived on them, and kept them alive.

While modern Western civilization shares many of these traits, as I said to the audience that day in Minnesota, the civilization I’m talking about, of course, was the Islamic world from the year 800 to 1600, which included the Ottoman Empire and the courts of Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo, and enlightened rulers like Suleiman the Magnificent – rulers who challenged our notions of self and truth; who contributed to our notions of tolerance and civic leadership; whose leadership led to 800 years of invention and prosperity.

As we meet to think about the civilization that exists on that same land today, I ask you to imagine for a moment what a leader like Suleiman would say if he could somehow be here today, and see what the world has become.

I think he would be pleased at how much the world has learned from the example of the open, cooperative society that enlightened the world all those years ago. The Islamic example has helped create a world where democracy and transparency and rule of law are empowering people and taking them to new heights. (read more)

Please read the entire speech and pay close attention to the closing paragraphs.

What you will note is an almost eerie similarity to current Secretary of State John Kerry vis-a-vis the “Jobs for Jihad” program he, and his globalist co-horts, have been advocating for the past three years.

Read everything written by Fiorina and then reference/remember the words used by State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf – they are almost identical.

carly megyn

Next example – look at the following reception by Professor Al-Hassani, the Chairman of FSTC, at the conference “La Deuda Olvidada de Occidente he is responding to the speech of Carly Fiorina and the intended audience in the Mid-East:

[…] In this presentation focus will be on the other manner by which history is distorted: that is, the suppression of centuries of contribution to modern civilisation by the Muslim world. This negligence is apparent in academia, in the media and in the educational curriculum and associated history books, especially those aimed at the general public. The focus on this issue is to alert communities as to the particular significance of the Muslim civilisation and its historical role in giving birth to much of modern science and technology.

The following words by a famous lady well describes this situation and the debt that world history owes to the civilisation created by Muslims. They were pronounced by Mrs. Carleton S. Fiorina, chairman, president, and CEO of Hewlett-Packard Company (1999-2005) in a discourse on 29 September 2003:

[…] When other nations were afraid of ideas, this civilization thrived on them, and kept them alive.

When censors threatened to wipe out knowledge from past civilizations, this civilization kept the knowledge alive, and passed it on to others. While modern Western civilization shares many of these traits, the civilization I’m talking about was the Islamic world from the year 800 to 1600, which included the Ottoman Empire and the courts of Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo, and enlightened rulers like Suleiman the Magnificent.

Although we are often unaware of our indebtedness to this other civilization, its gifts are very much a part of our heritage. (read more)

Professor Al-Hassani was rejoicing that Carly Fiorina was asserting without Islam there would be no U.S.A., no America, no exceptionalism. This is the exact approach of the U.S. State Department, Charles Rivkin Project, we originally exposed in 2012.

The Rivkin Project was/is a U.S. State Department program with a specific goal to remove national pride and identity in favor of a more global worldview of a collective society, a “multi-cultural” society. Again, these are not interpretations of her words, these are Fiorinas’ own words.

And yes, there are those who are now beginning to connect the dots to President Obama’s first foreign policy speech and travel. Where was it delivered? Cairo Egypt.

Does it make sense now how Fiorina came to be in contact with all those “world leaders” she brags about meeting?

If you need to finally stamp out any reservations or doubt you might have about this agenda; consider Carly Fiorina is also closely linked to the Clinton Global Initiative – SEE HERE ( <—scroll down the page) – providing leadership and mentorship within the Bill and Hillary CGI.

Troubled? You should be. Her globalist ideology is thinly veiled, and in my opinion what has unnerved many of the electorate who did not buy what she was selling. Despite claims to the contrary, the U.S. voter is intelligent and have an innate sense when they are being misled:

♦ Carly Fiorina on Immigration: Pass the DREAM Act. For other undocumented immigrants, a direct path to citizenship is unfair. While running for the U.S. Senate in California in 2010, Fiorina said she supports the DREAM Act, which would give legal status to people who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

♦ Carly Fiorina on Climate change: It is real and man made. But government has limited ability to address it. Speaking in New Hampshire in February, Fiorina said there is scientific consensus that climate change is real and caused by humans.

♦ Carly Fiorina on Education: Supports Common Core – Set national standards but give local districts maximum control. No Child Left Behind was positive. In a position paper while running for the U.S. Senate in California, Fiorina strongly advocated for metric-based accountability in schools. She praised No Child Left Behind as setting high standards and Race to the Top for using “internationally bench-marked” measures.

Carly Fiorina never hired after HP Job: […] Here are the facts: In the five years that Fiorina was at Hewlett-Packard, the company lost over half its value. It’s true that many tech companies had trouble during this period of the Internet bubble collapse, some falling in value as much as 27 percent; but HP under Fiorina fell 55 percent. During those years, stocks in companies like Apple and Dell rose. Google went public, and Facebook was launched. The S&P 500 yardstick on major U.S. firms showed only a 7 percent drop. Plenty good was happening in U.S. industry and in technology.

It was Fiorina’s failed leadership that brought her company down. After an unsuccessful attempt to catch up to IBM’s growth in IT services by buying PricewaterhouseCooper’s consulting business (PwC, ironically, ended up going to IBM instead), she abruptly abandoned the strategic goal of expanding IT services and consulting and moved into heavy metal.

At a time that devices had become a low margin commodity business, Fiorina bought for $25 billion the dying Compaq computer company, which was composed of other failed businesses. Unsurprisingly, the Compaq deal never generated the profits Fiorina hoped for, and HP’s stock price fell by half. The only stock pop under Fiorina’s reign was the 7 percent jump the moment she was fired following a unanimous board vote. After the firing, HP shuttered or sold virtually all Fiorina had bought. (read more)

Against this substantive backdrop, and considering all possible alternative explanations, a reasonable person can only conclude Ted Cruz was a “false choice” all along.

carly fiorina 2Romney side

Just a Reminder, this is an insurgency. – The modern enemy of Wall Street is Main Street vulgarians. The enemy of the RNC/GOPe is not Democrats, it’s Grassroots Conservatives, more vulgarians.

The Republican Party, and the Republican media apparatus, view us as their enemy. We are the enemy they need to protect themselves from:

In 2014, the RNC approved selection rules that govern how each state’s delegates are portioned out from the primaries. Under one of the changes, states holding their primaries between March 1 and March 14 will have their delegates doled out proportionately with election results, a change that will likely stymie a movement candidate.

States that have primaries on or after March 15 will be winner-take-all states.

That’s important because another RNC rule change requires that a candidate must win a majority of delegates in eight or more states before his or her name may be presented for nomination at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

With 18 GOP presidential candidates, for now, it will be that much harder for any candidate to win a majority in any state, let alone eight. (Article July 2015)

GOP-versus-Tea-PartyNow, ask yourself, why would the RNC want to “stymie a movement candidate“? Who exactly does that benefit? Obviously, the “non-movement” candidate, ie “the turtle“.

Isn’t the entire reason for campaigning in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina etc. to make a movement/momentum?

In addition Rule #40 changed in 2014 from previously five needed state wins, to a newer threshold of eight (8):

Officially, it’s Rule 40 in the RNC handbook and it states that any candidate for president “shall demonstrate the support of a majority of the delegates from each of eight (8) or more states” before their name is presented for nomination at the national convention. (article March 2014)

Again, ask yourself who does this benefit? A candidate can win seven states outright, and still not have their name presented for nomination?

These rules were made/affirmed in 2014 – Who or what exactly was the GOP concerned about blocking in 2016 that would necessitate such rules? When combined with other rule changes you can clearly identify a consolidation of power within the RNC apparatus intentionally constructed to stop the candidate of the GRASSROOTS from achieving victory.

It’s all part of their GOPe Roadmap.

♦ Reference and Resources – (links to internal MSM references are contained within prior outlines): RNC Rule Changes RNC Rule Battles

  1. Following The Money
  2. The GOPe Roadmap
  3. ♦ The Roles of The Players – “The Splitters
  4. ♦ How each candidate is aligned in the Roadmap
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959 Responses to Tripwire Alert – A Desperate Ted Cruz Announces Carly Fiorina as Running Mate…

  1. Sandra says:

    Someone on MSNBC speculates that Carly was chosen to be a target for Trump, like she’s a thorn in Trump’s side. I hope he doesn’t take the bait. He had said earlier that it was premature for Cruz to choose a VP, but I don’t think he said anything about Carly specifically. I hope he keeps it that way. Carly is in no way a threat, Cruz is barely a threat, and Trump is on the verge of securing the nomination.

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    • All Carly is a spokesperson for Cruz.
      Trump should defer all Carly issue to Katrina Pierson.

      Liked by 7 people

      • shallbe4 says:

        As long as its so easy to become the Republican Nominee I have decided to run for President. I don’t have enough delegates — and Donald Trump has won all the states required to get the nomination. No problem I’ll just take some of his delegates and the party will not stop me. Hmm as for my running mate I’ll check and see what Rush is doing.


    • outerlimitsfan says:

      He mentioned it briefly in his rally. Thought it was funny someone picking a VP when mathematically eliminated.

      Liked by 9 people

      • shallbe4 says:

        Trump said that Cruz had a really bad night and that he came out with his VP choice just to get some headlines. There’s another way he could have gotten headlines and that would be to drop our and support Trump.


    • not2worryluv says:

      Carly is Cruz’s mommy mouthpiece – defending Ted against “bully” Donald. She’s a snarly piece of work and her husband must be glad she is back on the campaign trail so he doesn’t have to wake up to that every morning.

      Liked by 4 people

    • grannysue says:

      The turtle was Jeb. He was going to get the GOP nomination nevermind that the electorate did not want another Bush. Think about that. The corrupt GOP was willing to go against the wish’s of the people in this nation and put yet another Bush in the WH. The sixteen candidates or however many there were most were contacted by either the GOP or the Bushs to run and to give all their delegates to Jeb at the convention thereby making him the nominee. I believe that Cruz, Fiorina, Rubio, Kasich,Perry, Jindel, Pataki and a host of others were in on the deal. But, nevertheless I thank God that it did not work.

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    • Suzy Kiprien says:

      She knows she will never get the job but still is acting out the part. She also knows she looks foolish but is willing to demean herself.
      Both her and Cruz are dominating personalities, thus they will not work well together. I predict an awful lot of infighting.
      This lady is a temporary tool to be used to knock Trump off balance so as he doesn’t get the 1,237 delegates.
      She will assail Trump with lies and distortions in the hope of derailing him.
      I agree with John-Paul Johnes : Render her irrelevant/obsolete by referring all Carly issues to Katrina.

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  2. lukewb45 says:

    Watch “Carly Fiorina: Ted Cruz will say ‘whatever’ to get elected” on YouTube

    …please make sure this video gets posted if it has not already

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    • Greg says:

      Trump should play videos like this at his stops in Indiana. And for Kasich the video of him calling the Cop an IDIOT.

      Liked by 3 people

      • three by one says:

        Run the video of Kasich calling the officer an idiot, then run the actual video of the stop:

        Kasich calling the cop an idiot:

        The actual stop:

        The officer was 100% professional.

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        • jello333 says:

          Okay, I’m kinda neutral about that. Kasich claims there was no “emergency vehicle” there, and although here’s clearly wrong, it’s also possible that he actually didn’t notice it (assuming he hadn’t yet seen this video when he was making the public comments about it). But the fact is, he DID pass the vehicle while in the right lane, and he’s wrong to call the cop an “idiot” when, as others have said, the cop acted perfectly reasonable and friendly.

          The only thing I’m wondering, though, is how a cop (any cop) decides who to stop under these circumstances. You know why I’m asking that? Because in that video, while the cop has Kasich stopped, there are several cars that pass HIS “emergency vehicle” while in the right lane… many of them having plenty of room to move over to the other lane. I realize not every driver who commits a traffic violation gets stopped… the vast majority don’t. So if you’re the unlucky one, you always feel singled out.

          Still though, Kasich was wrong to call this cop an “idiot”, if for no other reason than it’s like the boy who cried wolf. There ARE cops out there who act like idiots, so it’s pretty stupid to slander one who’s NOT.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Eskyman says:

            As one of the comments under that video said, “Ever gone fishing? Did you catch ALL the fish?”

            The state legislature passed that law; the cop was just enforcing it. Maybe they passed the law because too many emergency workers were being killed by drivers passing too close to the emergency.

            At any rate, the cop was polite, did his job, and even warned Kasich to be careful when merging back into traffic; Kasich, on the other hand, had his right turn indicator on when he pulled into traffic on his left. He should have got another ticket for that!

            Bottom line: Kasich is a jerk.


  3. IMO says:

    Ted Cruz Names ‘Homewrecker’ Carly Fiorina As Running Mate | National Enquirer

    “The ENQUIRER has unearthed charges that Carly is a mistress herself!”

    Grandpa Munster gets around.

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    • IMO says:

      and Carly aka The Face gets around too.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Sandra says:

      I did some searching … Radar Online had the story back in September of last year.

      Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina may seem like a happy family woman, married to her devoted husband Frank for 30 years— but her smiling exterior hides a dark, and at times devious past! […] Carly, now 61, was the “Other Woman” in her husband’s former marriage! According to Virginia’s Prince William County Court documents obtained by, Frank filed for divorce from his wife Patricia on December 10, 1981. However, Carly has proudly declared she fell in love with Frank when Lori was just six years old, meaning she started dating her fellow former AT&T exec in 1980 — roughly one year BEFORE his split from the little girl’s mother. Carly’s divorce from her first husband, Todd Bartlem, seems just as messy. According to Maryland’s Montgomery County Circuit Court documents, she filed papers on May 31, 1984. But it seems that she was already shacking up with Frank! In the documents, the politician listed her home address as being in Manassas, Virginia, where the now 65-year-old was living at the time. Carly and Frank eventually tied the knot in 1985.

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  4. Pam says:

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  5. NHVoter says:

    This is just laughable. Projection much, Carly?

    Liked by 1 person

    • karmapos15 says:

      Definitely not true ….get help Fiona you definitely need it. ..

      Liked by 5 people

    • wheatietoo says:

      The fact that Carly would use a leftist term like “crony capitalism” speaks volumes about her.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Sentient says:

        Crony capitalism is exactly what we have lately. See Solyndra. Or Obama helping GE’s efforts regarding offshore drilling by Brazil – in exchange for Jeff Immelt’s support for Obama. Or Hank Paulson backstopping Fannie Mae mortgage-backed securities that explicitly said on page 1 that they were NOT backed by the full faith and credit of the US government – bailing out investors in those bonds. Or the GM bankruptcy where first position creditors were screwed in order to bail out union pension funds.


        • wheatietoo says:

          No…that’s Cronyism.
          Cronyism is Corruption.

          The term “crony capitalism” was created by the Left to demonize Capitalism by implying that it’s because of capitalism that cronyism exists.

          Low info people hear/see that term and say…”Yeah, that’s why capitalism is bad, because of all the cronyism.”

          What you’re describing is Crony Corruption…which exists in socialist countries far more than it does in capitalism.

          Capitalism is free-market meritocracy, where the consumer gets to choose which products & services are the best.

          Cronyism and socialism are both anti-consumer.


      • jmclever says:

        I was always creeped out by the way she called We the People citizens: sort of like an exaggerated movie communist

        Liked by 2 people

    • toomanykats says:

      Speaking as a woman who sunk 2 large companies ANDwas on the McCain and Romney campaigns…… ” just look at that Botox face and ask yourself “really??? Can I vote for this person who got 2 golden parachutes from companies that she failed at???? NO WAY!!

      Liked by 1 person

    • shallbe4 says:

      This is like a skit on Saturday Night Live. The Face meets the Nose and the American voters turn away in disgust.


  6. NHVoter says:

    I’m not a Boxer fan but she’s right here!

    Liked by 8 people

    • Greg says:

      Now that’s good. That hits right home.

      Liked by 1 person

    • NoOneButTrump says:

      I lived in CA for 17 years, and that’s the first time I have ever agreed with Boxer on anything!

      Liked by 8 people

    • redsequin4 says:

      Boxer has a reason for her dislike of Carly. It seems Fiorina is a hypocrite. She played the incensed victim when DT made an off the cuff comment about her sourpuss but she had no problem making fun of Barbara Boxer when she didn’t think anyone could hear her. Oooops she got caught on a hot mike. LOL


  7. Pam says:

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  8. Oldskool says:

    Here is where the Trump Team assault really needs to go throttle up in my opinion. Call, email write or walk-in your local Republican Party office and tell them it is your understanding that “people” have been “elected” to represent your interest that you don’t know who they are and want their names. You will be looked at like you have two heads, but demand it. They probably won’t give it to you but write down the exact name of who you are talking to, their position, date, time and what you asked for that they denied. Let them know the integrity of your vote is important to you and you and many others are watching to assure that it is not subverted. They will probably ask you who your preferred candidate is, tell them it’s Mufassa from The Lion King and then leave. An appropriate response given the circumstance. Did that in Greensboro, NC today and they’re probably still staring at the door. There’s more of us than them, act like it!

    Liked by 7 people

    • interfacegal says:

      I live in Greensboro too. Did you get the information? I heard there was some funny stuff going on with the selection of delegates. That they were selected when there wasn’t a quorum present.


  9. DaveNYviii says:

    Brutally accurate and precise. Top of the line research not seen anywhere else.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. R-C says:

    Wait, everybody! I got it! “Cruz-Fiorina — Two Losers, Losing”. Whatdya think?

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  11. chris says:

    IMHO, that picture at the top of this article with carly at the news presser, standing side by side defending cruz after the NE story broke tells says a lot. cruz eyes have that sorry but guilty look.
    carly’s eyes say..ouch! that question hurt didn’t it ted.. yes we both know you are guilty ted, but I’ll step up to your defense.
    Then there is that little 500k pac money transfer.. how does ted pay that back ? why was it made in the first place? still no answer to that..

    always the political opportunist ted may be hoping carly’s campaign support money pool will support, if not him alone , maybe both on a ticket for the next couple primaries?
    I would have thought a better VP choice would have been Rubio or Kasich, wouldn’t he then gather up their delegates?… sure is strange any way you look at it..

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  12. margarite1 says:

    Tonight on the way home my radio was turned to the station Levin is on so I listened for a few minutes only since that’s all I can take anymore.

    He was talking about an article in Legal Insurrection that said Trump guarantees a Hillary win since the primaries Trump won yesterday are in states that will vote rat. But how is Cruz going to beat Hillary if Trump cannot? I never heard him explain that one. What is the biggest rally Cruz ever had…has to be a small fraction of Trump’s. Levin also ignores Cruz’s lobbyist obligations, his lies, his giant turn off personality. I absolutely cannot imagine Cruz leading this country.

    Liked by 7 people

    • Howie says:

      Levin has taken a direct hit on his stupid bunker.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Eskyman says:

      I used to be a regular at Legal Insurrection, back in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman days. While I was following that trial, someone there posted a link to the Treehouse; I found that back then, each site complemented the other. This site had a wealth of information that most other sites didn’t mention, glossed over, or distorted intentionally.

      LI would provide expert analysis of the laws and the legal maneuvering, while here at the Treehouse we had exhaustive analysis of the facts of the case, the evidence seen and presented, and commentary from hundreds of cold-eyed analysts from all walks of life.

      By following both sites, it was impossible not to discover that George Z. was being railroaded, and Trayvon the thug was being presented as an angel from above. Both sites, to me, were fantastic! I was so glad that I had found them.

      Sadly, Legal Insurrection has now turned into an insane asylum where the inmates run the place. Foam-flecked spittle flies as the once-intelligent commenters insult everyone that isn’t also a TDS sufferer. Lately they’ve even been banning some people whose only fault was not agreeing with them, though they deny that. Even the proprietor there has succumbed to the madness, and the respect I once held for him, and most of the commenters still remaining, has vanished.

      There are still several there who try to reason with them, but they’re beyond reason; though those that try have my great respect. I hope that after President Trump is inaugurated, sanity will return, but I doubt it. They are simply too deranged.

      I have now taken Legal Insurrection off my bookmarks, and seldom visit any more. It sort of reminds me of Little Green Footballs: once a great site, but it descended into madness, catching everyone by surprise. Now it almost seems commonplace.

      Maybe there really are zombies, it’s hard to explain otherwise!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Tee says:

        Same with me. I’m very disappointed in LI now and rarely visit. Even Prof Jacobson who I have always admired has adopted a rather venomous tone when writing about DT. I believe he’s been influenced by some of his rabid Cruz employees. I respect opinions which differ from my own but this is just sad.


  13. Pam says:

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  14. jello333 says:

    😀 My wife is in the other room watching news about this, and every once in awhile she just breaks out laughing. Now just a second ago, she yells, “Purina!” I should note that she has trouble pronouncing Carly’s actual last name, so she doesn’t even try anymore. Just “Ha! Stupid Purina!” 😀

    Liked by 10 people

  15. Pam says:

    Liked by 6 people

  16. NHVoter says:

    I’m watching Maddow – she’s ripping Cruz and explaining how Trump is winning. It’s a very good segment.

    Liked by 2 people

  17. Katherine McCoun says:

    Driving about 4 hours on the interstate today. Turned on talk radio to find out about Mr. Trump’s speech. Haven’t listened to talk radio for a while as so blatantly anti Trump v. reporting. Anyway, I actually was gifted 2 laugh out loud, crack me up while I am bored driving moments. First was this announcement of Cruz’s VP. What?! Even though I was warned it was coming still hilarious to hear that someone who is loosing is announcing a running mate. And addition hilarity for all of the reasons that Carly is not a match for the fake Ted but is a perfect match for the real Tundra Ted and his insider, globalist agenda. More and more Terrible Ted supporters will be seeing the light shortly. First, colluding (poorly) with Kasich and now choosing Carly, neither of which stand even remotely close to where he Supposedly stands on the issues.

    Second laugh: flip over to talk radio in the middle of the guy (“big” talk radio guy here in Nashville that I stopped listening to months and months ago) reading projected primary numbers for who I presumed, based on the good numbers, to be Mr. Trump. Very high numbers projected for CA, which I expect for Mr. Trump, and middle to high numbers projected in all of the other states as well. Most were very believable for Mr. Trump although 1 or 2 were a little on the high side even for Mr. Trump as they are states with a lot of shady insider stuff going on but I thought it was still believable after last night, the positive exposure, his speech today and his ongoing momentum. Then the guy said this is why its looking so good for Cruz, why Carly joined him and why he isn’t dropping out yet! I just starting laughing so hard!! DELUSIONAL to think Cruz is going to get these kind of numbers!

    Why, Why, Why do they think this? They Don’t – its gas lighting (and comic relief). Thank you Sundance for educating me so I didn’t scratch my head and wonder what they know that I don’t. At this point, their “news” is obviously corrupt and merely entertainment. Doesn’t work anymore! 🙂

    Liked by 7 people

  18. Howie says:

    How awful for the Cruzbots. I could not imagine anything worse. To be a Cruzbot is to be a total dope.

    Liked by 4 people

  19. Howie says:

    hey gotta get rid of the money. It is lots of money.


  20. I heard Marco Rubio is announcing his VP pick tomorrow!

    Liked by 6 people

  21. Greg says:

    Carly seems to suggest Pamela Geller is “equal” to white supremacists.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. why are people concentrating on Fiorina.. she is irrelevant. Cruz is out and Fiorina is not running. It’s just all a distraction … I think Trump should just stay on message and ignore these losers, no matter what they do. Just push the fact that elections are rigged, and Cruz is disrespecting voters by trying to steal votes

    Liked by 5 people

  23. jstanley01 says:

    Cruz is already in the rearview mirror. It’s time to focus on Hillary.

    Liked by 4 people

    • shallbe4 says:

      Right Cruz is in the rearview mirror but why does the Republican party not tell him its over and time to stand with Trump? The party which can win in a landslide because of all the new voters Trump is bringing in chooses instead to look like comic relief.


  24. Did anybody see the headline on Drudge: It Ain’t Over Until the Skinny Lady Sings (with picture of Carly singing on stage next to Cruz).

    I don’t think Drudge likes cruz very much.

    Liked by 5 people

  25. Anonymous says:

    How could we elect a President like Ted Cruz that has to bring his mommy “Carly Fiorina”
    to protect him from harm. That is so pathetic. If he can’t win the fight, then get out of the race.

    Liked by 2 people

  26. Jane Harris says:

    My husband is a former HP and Agilent employee [California]……..Carly is generally hated and blamed for the demise of HP…. [right or wrong] …..There are tens of thousands of former employees will never vote for ticket she is on……

    Liked by 3 people

  27. sandraopines says:

    Liked by 6 people

  28. wheatietoo says:

    Sundance said:
    “Cruz is desperate; all current indications coming out of Indiana do not look well for his ongoing ‘hail-Mary’ chances.”

    Exactly. And thanks for the post.

    Cruz probably thought that taking on a ‘Female Running Mate’ would boost his likeability with women….since the pundits are claiming that “Trump has low favorability with women” (which is false, btw).

    But what does he do? …He picks a woman that other women do not like!
    The fact that he thought this might help him in any way just illustrates further what poor judgment Ted Cruz has.

    The Loser-Loser ticket.
    Oh yeah, that’s a winner.

    Liked by 5 people

    • jmclever says:

      it also gives people a new reason to look at the reasons that Cruz PAC gave Carly PAC $500K. whatever you might think those reasons are, his choice of Carly for the VP slot are foolish because they give the appearance of hush money or blackmail.

      Liked by 2 people

  29. shevtsova251 says:

    EliminaTed’s explanation for taking Fiorina’s VP found on CBS New York news website on 27 April at 11:23

    “The Texas senator unveiled his decision Wednesday afternoon in Indianapolis, calling Fiorina an “extraordinary leader.”
    “It is unusual to make the announcement as early as we’re doing so now,” Cruz said.
    He continued, “Why now? No one is getting to 1,237 delegates. We must unite.”


    • jmclever says:

      Projection much? The reality is that Trump will get the 1237 while Cruz has no chance. After Trump’s Town Hall with Bobby Knight on Fox, Trump is going to take Indiana in a landslide.

      Liked by 1 person

  30. Sue in MT says:

    Just a thought: Perhaps Cruz really expects to win the nomination(yeah ikr?). He has said he would not attack Hillary personally, just stick to the issues, therefore he would use Carly as his political attack dog, win/win-doesn’t get his hands dirty. The timing is to create some excitement for his supporters, some who are beginning to doubt his campaign. He desperately needs a new narrative to steal some of Trump’s thunder. She is also a convenient buffer to defend him in case more unfavorable stories come out in the Enquirer. Must be something about to break?


  31. I turned the TV on and Carly was singing… Did Ted fire her already? Is she auditioning for Sesame Street?

    Liked by 1 person

  32. RCS says:

    sundance wrote:
    “The modern enemy of Wall Street is Main Street vulgarians. The enemy of the RNC/GOPe is not Democrats, it’s Grassroots Conservatives, more vulgarians.”

    This is the core paradigm of modern GOP politics


  33. Howie says:

    Major run on bags at all grocery stores. Cruzbots react to the Snarley announcement.


  34. Howie says:

    Cruz is busy designing his presidential library now. He is down to two options…..
    Option 1

    Option 2

    Liked by 1 person

  35. CertifiedUnicornTamer says:

    Dyin’ Ted makes his winning move!
    As a die-hard Republican, I support this!
    Scarly is a crazed disgrace. I fully support either generous donations for dual-facelift/lobotomy surgeries, or a flat-out shut-out/ disregard of either.
    In Jesus name, Amen.
    It doesn’t matter… Mr. Trump is in it to win it.


  36. Don’t forget Carly’s failed Senate run against Barbara Boxer in California. The ads Boxer ran against her were devastating.


  37. moe ham head says:

    i dont think an extra 1 % of the vote will put lying ted over the top


  38. MVW says:

    Donald Trump dropped a zinger into one of his speeches that Cruz is standing in the way of needed cash to start flowing into the RNC coffers for all the RNC Senate and House races, etc.

    Time for 35 mph Ted to get off the Interstate and let the cars get out of the traffic jam.


  39. MVW says:

    Crudz and Snarly, new movie, Bum and Bummer


  40. geoffb5 says:

    Obama had a pre-presidential seal while campaigning in 2008. Will Cruz go him one better and get a pre-non-nominated presidential seal? Or will he first just…?

    Liked by 1 person

  41. ash036 says:

    My husband and I were young and had small children when Jimmy Carter was president. With lots of scraping by we survived. We used to joke we needed t shirts that said “We survived President Carter”.

    Then came the Clinton years and we struggled again through the scandals, impeachment proceedings and wondering how it would affect his job. Through outsourcing and lay offs we tried to stay afloat.

    Then Obama got in and within just a few months we knew it was going to be a rough ride as my husband was laid off for 11 months in Obama’s first year and subsequent lay offs here and there over the 7 1/2 years including 10 days off this month with more to come in July. And the company he works for has been sold to a Chinese corporation. We don’t know how we’ll survive that if they move overseas since it’s hard for a young person to get a job let alone someone who is retirement age and ill to boot.. We have worked hard, sacrificed and hope there is a shining light at the end of this tunnel because we know Ted Cruz has shown he will do anything to get elected, legal or not and will do the bidding of anyone giving him money. We are just road kill to ignore as he drives over us using smooth talk, lies and underhanded shenanigans to win.

    After my husband went back to his job at the end of 2009 went we felt we were getting too old for living through these presidents who should never have been elected because they were either crooks, or didn’t know what they were doing. They had no business running a juice bar let alone running the most important job in the world. We got more involved in politics to try to make sure the next president would make things better.

    When they were debating ObamaCare behind closed doors I wrote to all the Supreme Court justices and implored them to follow precedence and to vote that ObamaCare was not constitutional. I did a lot of legal research to back up my claim that it was unconstitutional. We all know how that turned out. Americans lost.

    As we approach our mid 60s we are both dealing with a lot of serious health issues and we know we can’t survive Cruz, or Hillary and their donors that want to strip us of any health care, and cut Social Security that we have had taken from our earnings for almost 50 years so they can give that money to the illegals pouring over the border with promises of freebies at the expense of US citizens in need.

    The state we live in is already cutting programs that the elderly and disabled need like Meals on Wheels but are finding the money to get illegals housing, jobs, medical care, EBT cards and on and on. With federal government cuts as well people will be dying in droves.

    We have done the math and have decided that if Donald J. Trump does not win we won’t be able to make it as we are struggling now because Lying Cruz and Hillary if elected will do everything in their power to strip us of everything we need to survive.

    All in all Cruz selecting Carly is a desperate move by a snake that will do everything and anything to get elected, including picking Carly who have a mutual hatred of each other. There is obviously a lot behind that pick will benefit only the two of them and their donors. Cruz has no intention of doing right by voters. He’s had three years to try to change things and he has done nothing for the citizens but lie to them.

    We pray daily for Donald Trumps safety and that is is our next president. The lives of too many people are riding on Trump winning despite all the establishment is throwing at him.

    Sorry for the long length I’m just passionate about the prospect of finally getting a decent America loving man in the WH. Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

  42. shallbe4 says:

    Great comment Ash. For election after election these frauds have promised us the world and when the election is over we find that they have picked our pockets. So sure are they that they don’t needs the voters that they just ignore us now. Trump is the only one that cares. He loves this nation as do we and after all these months of the People’s Candidate winning everything in sight the best the GOP can do is release Ted Cruz into our midst. Pray hon — Trump has the people and God to guide him though this.


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