“Tripwire Alert” – The Message Inside The Message – Donald Trump Frames Bush/Rubio…

In an August 15th campaign press conference in New Hampshire Donald Trump sent a message to the RNC warning them he knows how, why and who the RNC/GOPe roadmap is financing within the election to attain their specific goals.

Donald Trump frequently talks about how his speeches are carried live; code speak to affirm there are three audiences for his points when delivered: the electorate, the financial interests in Wall Street, and the entire apparatus of the RNC/GOP.   The code-speak is decipherable when you understand the big picture.

Donald Trump presidential raceIn that New Hampshire presser, Trump carefully aimed an arrow at the RNC/GOPe and their Wall Street constructs via Super-PACs.   Those who have followed the entire RNC construct since it was initially rolled out were able to see who Trump was talking to.

As we previously shared, it was a shot missed by most, but brutally -and wonderfully- transparent for those who understand the best laid plans of Wall Street, The CoC, Tom Donohue and the GOPe (McConnell Boehner crowd).

That first shot was August 15th.  Candidate Trump then began a process of undermining the only candidate in the race supported by the Republican National Committee and Washington DC based GOPe apparatus, Jeb Bush.

Trump was/is targeting the financiers on Wall Street who support Bush.  He does this by planting doubt and building a wall between the Jeb’s armory and treasury.

The announcement last evening that Team Bush was concerned about spending evidences the reality that Trumps’ approach toward them is working.   No-one wants to be on the losing end of a costly political bid – especially those financing the operation.

As we have discussed the entirety of the GOPe plan is dependent upon Jeb Bush pulling in 15-20% of the primary vote.  If Jeb cannot make the 20% threshold the plan simply falls apart because the “splitter strategy” no longer works.

Even with the RNC rule changes, the primary date changes and the delegate distribution changes all to assist Bush, if Jeb can’t pull in 20% of the base vote none of the structural supports can compensate.

why jeb 2The roadmap is designed to be successful with 20% (1/5th of the vote). It gets harder if a few percentages are dropped, but it collapses at 15% or lower margins.  There simply is no way for the RNC/GOPe to get Jeb elected -regardless of procedural benefit- if he drops to or below 15%.

Currently Jeb Bush is polling:  9% in Texas, 9% in South Carolina, 7% in New Hampshire and between 10% (Gravis) to 16% (Reuters) nationally.  The trend is downward, and continues to be unsustainable.

So what is the RNC/GOPe apparatus (Wall Street, K-Street, The CoC, McConnell/Boehner crew) going to do?

Well, they have three options:

#1) Destroy Trump – so far, everything they have tried has been unsuccessful.  But they won’t stop trying.

#2) Change Jeb’s Message – so far, everything they have tried has been unsuccessful.  ~ OR ~

#3) Change the RNC/GOPe chosen candidate.

If they choose option #3 – Absent of introducing another replacement, the only viable option within the field they control is Marco Rubio who is on the team to play the role of splitter for Florida.

This is an option.  Not an option they want, but still an option.  An option that becomes increasingly possible as Jeb’s campaign continues to fail.

Reminder:  The RNC/GOPe Team is: Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio (FL), Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee (AR), Chris Christie, John Kasich (OH), Rick Perry (TX), Lindsey Graham (SC), George Pataki (NY), and Jim Gilmore (VA).  These are all establishment insiders who are part of the construct to aid the election of Jeb Bush.  All of them Republican party loyalists; all part of the DC political machine.

The GOPe like but can’t use John Kasich, because Florida’s 99 winner-take-all delegates is the lynchpin.   Kasich doesn’t do anything to help win in Florida or even the SEC primary.

rubio bushHowever, it is possible, difficult – but possible, for the RNC/GOPe to reverse the roles of Rubio and Bush inside the road map.

Bush then becomes the splitter, and Rubio becomes the primary candidate they are using to retain the White House.

Rubio would then get all of the national establishment support, all of the bonus delegates, all of the party delegates, and more importantly all of the money.  It would take a HUGE amount of money – but would be possible.

However, Donald Trump knows this too.   He specifically showed again today, his acute knowledge of the possibility for this to take place.  Watch the video at 15:43

Trump is cutting off that role reversal option by highlighting the relationship between Bush and Rubio.   He carefully uses the words “Mentor”, and frames the closeness of their relationship “Hugging and Kissing”.  Artfully, and strategically Trump then presents questions.

All of this “Rubio/Bush talk” intended to show there is no difference between Rubio and Bush and therefore a role reversal will gain the RNC/GOPe no additional benefit.

Intensely strategic, and very smart political play.

Can you imagine what will happen when President Trump is able to apply this level of intellectual acumen and strategy with the entire U.S.A.’s best interests at heart?

GOP primary 2

Just a Reminder, this is an insurgency. – The modern enemy of Wall Street is Main Street vulgarians. The enemy of the RNC/GOPe is not Democrats, it’s Grassroots Conservatives, more vulgarians.

The Republican Party views us as their enemy. We are the enemy they need to protect themselves from:

In 2014, the RNC approved selection rules that govern how each state’s delegates are portioned out from the primaries. Under one of the changes, states holding their primaries between March 1 and March 14 will have their delegates doled out proportionately with election results, a change that will likely stymie a movement candidate.

States that have primaries on or after March 15 will be winner-take-all states.

That’s important because another RNC rule change requires that a candidate must win a majority of delegates in eight or more states before his or her name may be presented for nomination at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

With 18 GOP presidential candidates, for now, it will be that much harder for any candidate to win a majority in any state, let alone eight. (Article July 2015)

GOP-versus-Tea-PartyNow, ask yourself, why would the RNC want to “stymie a movement candidate“? Who exactly does that benefit? Obviously, the “non-movement” candidate, ie “the turtle“.

Isn’t the entire reason for campaigning in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina etc. to make a movement/momentum?

In addition Rule #40 changed in 2014 from previously five needed state wins, to a newer threshold of eight (8):

Officially, it’s Rule 40 in the RNC handbook and it states that any candidate for president “shall demonstrate the support of a majority of the delegates from each of eight (8) or more states” before their name is presented for nomination at the national convention. (article March 2014)

Again, ask yourself who does this benefit? A candidate can win seven states outright, and still not have their name presented for nomination?

These rules were made/affirmed in 2014 – Who or what exactly was the GOP concerned about blocking in 2016 that would necessitate such rules? When combined with other rule changes you can clearly identify a consolidation of power within the RNC apparatus intentionally constructed to stop the candidate of the GRASSROOTS from achieving victory.

It’s all part of their GOPe Roadmap.

update-1 Reference and Resources:

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66 Responses to “Tripwire Alert” – The Message Inside The Message – Donald Trump Frames Bush/Rubio…

  1. Fascinated. says:

    Is that why at the end of Trump Iowa speech earlier, before he made the exit off the stage he said” some people are surprised at how smart I am”. LOL! Love the guy!

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  2. I knew it!
    It’s very obvious that they are setting up that snake Rubio to be their chosen one if Jeb totally implodes. The ‘smart set’ just loves this fool.

    Rubio is Jeb without executive experience. He’s also deceptive. When he was FL House Speaker he blocked 6 anti amnesty bills.

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  3. I knew it!
    It’s very obvious that they are setting up that snake Rubio to be their chosen one if Jeb totally implodes. The ‘smart set’ just loves this fool.

    Rubio is Jeb without executive experience. He’s also deceptive. When he was FL House Speaker he blocked 6 anti amnesty bills.

    He needs to be exposed and hopefully Trump can take him out.

    Rubio is to the right what Obama was to the left – the first Black/Latino, supposedly great speaker, party savior, first term senator, amateur etc.

    I’ve met Rubio a few times. In my opinion he’s a total zero.

    Anyway mini rant over. Time to expose these decepticons.

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  4. Judgy says:

    It was genius. They all keep bellyaching about how Trump isn’t “nice enough”. So he described Rubio’s betrayal of Jeb in the very NICEST way.

    He is Must-See T.V.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Nicest? He practically had them as being gay lovers! The gay duet, Jeb and Rubio. Trump is so comfortable and becoming more polished with each speech. More importantly, I think women voters are really warming up to him.

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      • Judgy says:

        Most women I know don’t consider themselves delicate flowers who wilt at the first hint of anything insulting a man might say. Sure, we may get ANGRY, but I think getting constantly “OFFENDED” is different. I was admittedly raised by a father who treated me often more as a son than as a little girl, so perhaps I’m biased, but I just know that one of the few things that could “offend” me is the terribly sexist idea that no man should insult me, solely because I’m female. Ideally, no one would ever insult ANYONE, but that’s not the world we live in, & if you wanna play w/ the big boys, you can’t act like a little girl who wants special treatment. I’m FAR more worried about the “War on White Men” than about any “War on Women”!

        Plus, Trump is just flat-out funny. Many of us broads are suckers for a man who can make us laugh. I’m darn sure going to try my best to convince my more uptight, or “sensitive” sistahs, even here in CA, to at least give him a LISTEN.

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        • Dixie says:

          You sure said a mouthful that time, Judgy. You and I must have had similar fathers…….

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          • Judgy says:

            Knew there was a reason I feel like you’re a friend, Dixie! Lucky us, right? I may have secretly also coveted the Barbie camper, but I LOVE that I know how to assemble model rockets and dinosaurs, Hot Wheel tracks, and all kinds of oddball Tinkertoy & Erector set architectural wonders/ monstrosities. My boyfriends always dug that I knew about turtles and mice; the different scales of model train sets; how to fix a sink, and could keep up a cuss-a-thon w/ the filthiest of construction crews. He didn’t try to force me into sports I didn’t want to do though–we just used to constantly go ice-skating together & scare the heck out of my grandma with our abrasive “snowplow stops”. (My dad was 100 percent stubborn Norwegian, hence my love for strong white men. Yeah, I said it! It’s OKAY to say that–I shamefully had to be reassured of that awhile back).. How were YOU your father’s son?? Did your dad like dogs too? 🙂


            • Dixie says:

              no….not dawgs…..trucks….big trucks, long trucks, heavy trucks. Started his own trucking company, shipped and sheeted tobacco for RJReynolds and PLorillard. I grew up in the tobacco warehouses in our town and will never forget that wonderful aroma of cured tobacco (before all that crap was added). My Dad could add a column of figures a foot long, no adding machine, faster than I could do it with an adding machine. He always came up with the correct total too. He could name every president of the united states without hardly taking a breath. He was handsome and he smiled a lot. He was the light of my life. There ain’t no wimps in my life, past, present or future.

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            • Dixie says:

              I responded Judgy, but it disappeared. Hopefully will show up later.


        • NJF says:

          Agreed. One of the biggest reasons I was so ticked after the debate. MK put up this “I am woman hear me roar,” shtick, seeking to take down DT with the fat pig, etc. accusations. Then, when he fired back, she turned into a wilting flower who couldn’t take the heat, and crying foul. How disingenuous is that?

          And LOL the war on white men! I say this often to my friends, “our husbands are at the mercy of the PC class, and face the most the most discrimination. Can’t cry the sexist card, can’t cry the racism card (black, Spanish, Muslim, etc.), can’t cry the gay card….nope. Everyone else has a card to threaten with, but boy oh boy, if you’re a white guy, you are SOL.

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          • allhail2 says:

            I’m a white guy. While I don’t have a boo hoo card to play, I do not care. I am an equal opportunity offender. When the boo birds come at me with their crap, I shove it right back in their face. I don’t care who, what, where, when. If they want to play, fine. But there’s no crying once they throw the first pitch. They cannot out offend me with their stupid games

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          • Judgy says:

            Agreed right back at ya, NJF! One of the reasons I was so blown away by Megyn’s pseudo-Hillary-style questioning was that it seemed (to me) SO unlike her! She always kinda presented herself as the “cool chick who can hang w/ the guys”; the kind they used to call a “dame”. I mean, the woman quotes from “Caddyshack” and regularly scoffs at the silliness of campus-style PC, for Pete’s sake! She even had a mocking catchphrase for the “special snowflake” types! It was “Buckle up, Buttercup”, and she used it in the story about law school students claiming they were too “hurt” by Michael Brown’s death to take their exams. So for her to sell her soul to please the Establishment was particularly grating, esp. since she did so in such a pointless LEFTY FEMINAZI way!

            And we need to STICK UP for white men. They’re the ones really taking the brunt of this insane ideology relentlessly being shoved down our throats! I wish Melania could have had two minutes alone w/ Ms. Kelly, to tell her off in such a lovely & refined accent. Not that The Donald really needed her to though. 🙂


      • justfactsplz says:

        I know women of all ages that support Trump. I think the number of women supporters will increase the more they hear and watch him speak. He grows on people for sure.

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  5. SharonKinDC says:

    My ears perked up at the Bush/Rubio talk! Love the analysis.

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  6. Nomadic100 says:

    I watched the speech and Q&A by Trump tonight in Dubuque. He did an absolutely masterful job, especially in the press conference: no bluster, respectful treatment of questioners, reasonable answers. A little too much criticism of Fox News, though. He should have let the record speak for itself at this point. Every sentient person knows Fox and, especially, Kelly, was out to take him down at the debate. If he had to mention Fox, it should have been in the context of Fox failing to be “fair and balanced,” their shibboleth.

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    • ImpeachEmAll says:

      You failed to mention the escorted
      out, Univision reporter, who was
      allowed to return and ask a question,
      not once but twice and Trump stated
      he liked him for his honest answer.

      Why harp on Fox?
      You have a thing for Megyn?

      Trump doing his thing, masterfully,
      and you fail to mention the ousted
      Univision reporter situation. That was
      truly Trump at his best, doing his thing.

      Trump 2016. Be loud; be proud.

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      • ctdar says:

        I wish he mentioned that once again Fox failed to show tonight’s stump speech yet CNN
        (or as the trump sisters refer to it as “C N & N”) shows it pretty much in its entirety. Wonder what the ratings were for that time period between the 2 networks?

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    • fred says:

      He was right about her she’s sneaky and low down. See what she tried with Cruz tonight. I saw the clip. Same old Megan still trying to put the hurt on trump and Cruz. Don’t feel sorry for her for second. Ailes calling out trump too. I hope Trump never goes on there again and they are stuck with these other candidates no one wants to watch.

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    • Ziiggii says:

      “Every sentient person”…

      Theres the rub! The LIV’s aren’t very “sentient” are they?


  7. catmom says:

    I heard that today also. Sundance, you are providing an invaluable service to this country by exposing all of this and providing a guide for us. Must read every day. Trump 2016!

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  8. lovely says:

    the “non-movement” candidate, ie “the turtle” = The “low energy” candidate.

    Every time Trump impersonates Jeb’s mannerisms I laugh. He is spot on.

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  9. Col.(R) Ken says:

    In simplistic military terms/strategy, Trump is fighting the deep battle, therefore shaping the battle field. While preparing the troops (audience/electorate) with his plan: ” Make America Great Again”. Now a few more missiles shots in the deep zone, aimed at target Wall Street. This as Sundance has said , is to create doubt, Trumps Psychological Operations against GOPe/Wall Street. This is all simultaneous throughout the battle space. ATTACK, ATTACK, then PURSUE, then DEFEAT!
    This is fantastic, watching Trump! Who is the Fox National reporter covering Trump or is Fox using stringers from locals?

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    • Ziiggii says:

      Asymmetrical warfare, Colonel !

      “Asymmetric warfare (or Asymmetric engagement) is war between belligerents whose relative military power differs significantly, or whose strategy or tactics differ significantly. This is typically a war between a standing, professional army and an insurgency or resistance movement.”



      • Col.(R) Ken says:

        Roger, or as a very wise LTG Fred told me long age, use all of the tools in the “tool box”. Within the battle space, the Army and Corp Commanders have a lot of tools to use.

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    • NJF says:

      Given we now know Trump spent $1 mil “researching” his competition it’s no doubt he picked the brains of every wall street/hedge fund type who are/were clued into the GOPe’s grand plan. I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t a good deal of face palming by those he’s wined and dined over the last 12 months.

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  10. DeWalt says:

    He is a master. Imagine Trump speaking to the American people as President. He is destined to go down in history as on of the greats.

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  11. Havedecidedit'sallrigged says:

    Just saw on the Washington post that the gope( sorry I do not capitalize their name anymore) in Colorado changed rules of some sort. I personally don’t understand what this means. Colorado Republicans cancel presidential poll at caucuses.It is in the Washington Post under national section.

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  12. conservalicious says:

    Good evening fellow Vulgarians! I think Trump has been a frequent visitor to the Tree-house! Everything he id doing suggests that he is many steps ahead of the RNC! Go Trump!

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  13. Prescient11 says:

    Sundance, you nailed it. It is why we have Underestimated Trump!!! He sees the construct you have awakened us to. O’reilly hates kelly. Awesome to watch.

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  14. Ziiggii says:

    Option #3 is the Nuclear option; that is a break glass if needed option!

    But a more clear picture needs to be painted, SD, that this roadmap plan of theirs (GOPe) had nothing to do with Trump when it was constructed. It was Paul, Cruz, Walker, Jindal and lastly Carson that this was the constructed to beat. Trump was/is the “Joker” in the deck that was not planned on. He has screwed up the plan and now audibles are having to be called on the fly.

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  15. billinlv says:

    There is a fourth option….compromise Trump. He is the deal maker extraordinaire, right? He lives in and thrives in the world of Wall Street and CoC and politics. They will eventually, if things continue apace, have to make an accommodation with Trump. This will be the point in time when everyone finds out how principled Donald Trump is. Deal or no deal?! Stay tuned.
    In any event however, the system is so broken that only the Divine can fix it. Hope everyone remembers how to pray and beg for forgiveness. And just to be clear, I am not referring to Donald Trump when I mention the Divine. Nor am I referring to the current 12th imam wannabe currently occupying the white house…..just to be clear.


    • judyw says:

      Speaking of “how principled Donald Trump is” brought to mind the story a caller into Rush Limbaugh’s program told today. He was from FL and told about being a contractor on the Taj Mahal building when Trump decided to pull the plug on building it. He said he had 20+ employees and had committed to do the work so when he heard one afternoon work was to halt on it, he sat down and wrote a letter to Trump telling him he knew he was an honorable man and would honor the contract they signed for $85,000 and sent it to Trump by FedEX the next day. Two days later he received a FedEx envelope and the only thing in it was another envelope with a personal check signed by Trump for $85,000.

      Just hearing that coming from a personal business experience was inspiring and led me think it would be nice if there was a place where people could write/tell their own true stories like that. Nothing sells like word of mouth and personal stories are the best! We know the “dirt diggers are busy now” and it would be awesome to put those stories together on a video/audio to expose what I see so far as the “core” of this man. I envision the “stories of those put out of their homes/businesses” due to him using eminent domain are currently being compiled.

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  16. DeWalt says:

    Honestly, if I were Çruz, I would bail out. He is going to be sorely needed as a bull for Trump in the Senate. Don’t waste his talents as a V.P.

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  17. Aslan's Girl says:

    Hey, Sundance, your theory about Trump calling out Fox is coming true: Roger Ailes pitched quite the hissy-fit tonight claiming he’s going to “save America from Trump”. Trump is ripping the mask off Fox. For too long Fox has pretended to be the Base’s friend while they were really Establishment. Trump is waking people up.

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    • Yep. Fox needs Trump more than Trump needs Fox…and he knows it. Viewers, like me..will gravitate to wherever He goes, Fox is irrelevant.


    • Judgy says:

      Not only is it awesome to see The Donald proving Sundance correct at every turn, it is also HIGHLY entertaining. Even just having to talk about Trump’s serve-’em-right shenanigans & master strokes is making Those Other Networks actually WATCHABLE, no race riots, or Malaysian airplanes needed!

      MSNBC’s resident lame hipster, Chris Hayes, is completely flustered over whether he should be delighted that Trump is going rogue on FOX, or if that’ll get him kicked out of the slobbering #WhitiesWhoLoveBLM crew, because it entails pointing out how honest & amusing Trump is. Can’t have that! He is so beside himself he practically needs a double (Pajama Boy, perhaps?), and it couldn’t be any more delicious to watch.

      Please, please, please let us see him debate Hillary! Okay, maybe I oughta be careful what I wish for, cuz I’m so politically naive, but just the idea of her forced, brittle dodges & lies coming up against his easy casualness, and completely off-the-cuff honesty fills me with glee and Premature Schadenfreude (is there a word for that?).

      Even just to picture him making his Trumpface when she opens her yapper & immediately starts to lie makes me laugh out loud. Try it! 🙂

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    • doodahdaze says:

      They took the bait.


    • conservalicious says:

      Wait, isn’t that against FCC regulations? Isn’t that illegal?? Trump might have yet another lawsuit…lmao.


    • annieoakley says:

      Colorado’s GOP has changed the rules for the caucus today. I am not sure what they are up to but it is an attempt to force every Republican to back !JEB.


  18. angryduc says:

    Trump is indeed very smart. Lol I’m wondering, based off the writer’s analysis how they will ever push Rubio after he advocated “chips” (rfid ) in people during the last debate as his solution to illegals. I couldn’t believe my ears. Jeb has now allegedly made an Asian gaffe.

    What catholic says nobody said anything about being against birth control? How could you trust a catholic that made such a statement? How could he face his priest on Sunday? Seven Catholic’s each afraid to state their faith. I get not everyone is catholic but how could you trust one that was afraid to state his beliefs. smh How hard would it be to state your faith and acknowledge not everyone held your view?

    I’m catholic and would rather vote for someone I could trust. For now that is Trump. (and no I don’t like everything he has said)

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    • lovely says:

      Jeb said when he referred to anchor babies he was talking about Asians. Jeb said he was only speaking mostly about Asians who come here pop a baby out and then take advantage of their citizenship.


      “What I was talking about was the specific case of fraud being committed, where there’s organized efforts, and frankly it’s more related to Asian people coming into our country having children in that organized effort, taking advantage of a noble concept, which is birthright citizenship,” he said.

      Now the Asians are upset with Jeb.

      You simply can’t make this stuff up.

      Liked by 7 people

      • doodahdaze says:

        FIRAC. Facts first, then the issue, then the rules of law, then and only then your argument, then your conclusion. Trump is great at it. He always uses active voice. Booosh is the most pathetic passive voice I ever saw.

        Liked by 3 people

        • I teach presentation skills for part of my living. I spend a lot of time teaching the active vs, passive voice and you are 100% correct that Trump has mastered it. You’re also correct in saying that Bush is the master of the passive. Unfortunately many of our pols speak in the passive. I think they do as the passive can sound more like “a consensus was reached by our group of consultants” rather than the active which sounds more like “I led this club to reach consensus”.

          The former sounds like all animals are equal, no one bigger or better than the rest. The passive voice is communist. The latter shows leadership and personal responsibility. The active voice is conservative.

          My somewhat silly comparison aside, Passive voice can indicate two things:
          1 – weak command of language – a poor quality for a leader.
          2 – solid command of language for a leader who chooses to defer his leadership to a consensus – another poor quality for a leader

          You’ve hit on the biggest reason to vote for Trump and to avoid Bush. Well done!


      • Judgy says:

        Asian “Anti-Hate” groups are even weirder to have to deal with than the constantly outraged “La Raza/ LULAC/ MECHA” types. I think maybe it’s cuz they actually DON’T get discriminated against that much anymore, so they feel a little left out. Or they inexplicably start getting mad about being stereotyped POSITIVELY–“We don’t ALL get good math scores!”. LOL. (They are WELL within their rights to be mad about college admissions though. But no one’s going to take you seriously screaming that you’re not all Tiger-Moms, or violin prodigies. Not when other minorities are killing each other over sneakers. Sorry that y’all are regarded so highly!).

        Gavin Mc Innes had a funny article about that on Takimag. com, but I realize both he & that site can be a little abrasive to some, so I won’t link. If you have just a slightly twisted sense of absurd humor though, it’s worth looking up (esp. if any Asian Activists REALLY decide to get worked up about this. They’d be a tad late though, but as Sharpton & Jackson have taught us, there’s really no statute of limitations on being offended. Ask Paula Deen, or Hulk Hogan. Or the Confederate Army).


  19. lovely says:

    I think Trump is a student of Aristotle. Trump seems to always answer the accusation behind the question.

    …One must therefore make space in the listener for the speech to come; and this will be done by demolishing the opponents case; thus, having put up a fight against either all or the greatest or most specious or easily refuted points of the opponent, one should move on to one’s own persuasive points


    I would love to know Trump’s IQ.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I believe he went to military school instead of prep – right? That could explain a lot.

      Yes. He’s smart. But yet I think he senses his own limits very well, and uses that knowlege and his gifts at reading people to get the answers he needs.


  20. NJF says:

    Not sure if posted yet. Tonight on Don Lemon’s show


    Don Lemon brings up the Reagan moment, and likens it to Trump’s handling of Ramos. His guest concurred.

    “I immediately thought of that too, Don. I heard you mention it earlier. It rang that Reagan bell. I think it helps Trump. He is beating up on the liberal media, beating up on Univision. Trump has a lawsuit with them. The thing is this may not be the Ronald Reagan we have that one moment there in New Hampshire in 1980. This may be the first of many more for Donald Trump. He seems to be able to manipulate the age of Twitter, the age of cable television, the age of the media moment like nobody else’s business. And I can only tell you the good news for CNN on, September 16, the ratings will be very high. Jeb Bush and the others will have to go after Trump he is and a master of the putdown.”

    Who would have thought that CN&N would be covering Trump more even handedly than FOX?


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  21. Indiemex says:

    I think the bloom has been off the rose for some time regarding Rubio. I have a nagging feeling they’ll make a fake right to Cruz. I suspect that Cruz may want to be president more than he wants to maintain his integrity. He’s got the connections through his wife and I think he’s compromised.
    Hope I’m wrong. I sent him money before Trump ever got into the race.


  22. doodahdaze says:

    Rule #40 was made by Romneys lawyer.

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  23. annieoakley says:

    I hope someone can explain to me what the stupid Rino’s are doing in Colorado. I’ll try and find the link.


  24. fb274 says:

    In 2012 at the Republican Convention it was Romney, Boehner, the RNC Pre-bus with Romney’s attorney Gingsberg who came up with the proposed changes for 2016, as Sundance indicated, to restrain the grassroots movement, but more specifically to make certain a particular Governor by the Name of Sarah Palin would not have the financial means to launch a grassroots campaign on limited resources and win in the early states. Oh yes, the GOP elitist/establishment plan way ahead. In 2012 they were not aware of Sen. Cruz’s ability to win against the Establishment’s favorite Dewherst, which the Bush, Rove, Perry and their clans all backed. They were certain Dewherst would win. Now, in pops Donald Trump and has upset their apple cart.


  25. GOPe…I think recent developments show your conspiratorial view to be overblown. Christie and Huckabee have defected to team Trump. Politicians don’t usually even like party leaders since they all want to be ‘the man’ themselves not listen to some dorky party operative they consider inferior to themselves. And even Jeb and Rubio despised each other as Jeb clearly thought Rubio was stealing his “turn.”


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