How All The Candidates Fit In The Overall GOPe Road Map – “The Big Picture”….

Hopefully this outline will be the last one needed to fully understand the (Wall Street, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, K-Street) RNC/GOPe plan. And more specifically, how each of the candidates lines up within the construct for the 2016 GOP Primary.

GOP candidates mashupMany political detractors have viewed the prior information as “conspiracy theory” or “tin foil hat” thinking. That’s fine, we’ve been following this since October of 2013 and it’s doubtful anyone who has not simultaneously followed along could possibly grasp the entire construct, almost two years of data, in a short period of absorption.

The fact-finding need to fully grasp the construct is why we continue to put all the reference material at the bottom. Within the reference material you will find hundreds of MSM and pdf citations for the specific tripwires, as they were placed, over the past two years.

All the evidence is there, we are not trying to convince anyone. We are, however, exposing the tripwires, the dots, and how they connect. Failure to admit the existence of the RNC/GOPe behavior -which leads to their road map-  does not protect you from the consequences of it.

All of this information is free for the taking in any form, construct, or presentation that fits your needs. Use it as you will, or take the information and try to disprove what is contained therein; it matters not.

It is no longer a complex theory – it is now actually fully exposed.

GOP primarySo how do all the candidates fit in?

♦ Jeb Bush is the easiest to outline because he is the entire reason for 11 of the 18 candidates to exist. Jeb Bush is the consummate Republican Establishment candidate. Jeb has the approvals of Wall Street, The U.S. CoC, K-Street and the professional republican party construct. Everyone inside the GOPe machine is in full support of Jeb.

The second easiest group to understand is Bush’s support team. The “splitters”: Jim Gilmore (VA), George Pataki (NY), Lindsey Graham (SC), Chris Christie (NJ), Rick Perry (TX), John Kasich (OH), Mike Huckabee (AR), Marco Rubio (FL) and Carly Fiorina CA/VA). All of these are Republican party insiders. All have strong connections to both the national party (RNC) and DC power brokers.

♦ Rick Santorum and ♦ Ben Carson are outliers, useful tools, pawns supported by Super-PACs. Carson has close ties to many liberal associations.

♦ Marco Rubio is a one-term senator paying back his friend and mentor Jeb Bush. Why would a one-term young senator with no accumulated wealth give up his seat in the Senate for a long-shot White House bid? The downside appears significant. Obviously the answer is the benefit must be greater than the risk. Personally I think back in 2013 and spring of 2014 Rubio looked like a great VP selection for re-payment. Regardless, for his loyalty Wall Street will reward his efforts if Jeb fails. Rubio’s goal is to split Florida and help Jeb win the 99 ‘winner-take-all’ electoral votes by blocking a more conservative option.

♦ Rick Perry’s initial GOPe compromise was evident in 2011 during the secret meeting in Colorado with the Koch Brothers prior to the 2012 race. However, the most obvious sign of his corruption to the DC machine came with Henry Barbour funding Perry’s supportive Super-Pac. Barbour was the tip-of-the-spear who attacked Chris McDaniels in the 2014 Mississippi primary on behalf of the GOPe, Mitch McConnell and Thad Cochran’s reelection. Barbours presence in the Perry camp made his affiliation transparent.

♦ Carly Fiorina is another consummate DC insider. She sells herself as an outsider but she worked for the John McCain campaign ’08, and Mitt Romney campaign in 2012. She even admitted her entry into the 2016 contest was spurred by Mitt Romney asking her to run. You can’t honestly run as an outsider and carry such establishment bona fides. In addition almost every one of her policies are straight from the Jeb Bush playbook. Fiorina aligns with Jeb 100%.

♦ Chris Christie is another former Republican Governors Association (RGA) head. He’s as much a part of the party apparatus as one could be.  Christie’s job in the road map is to defend Jeb like he did for Mitt Romney in ’12.  Chrisitie’s efforts toward the actual campaign are transparently halfhearted at best.

♦ Lindsey Graham, a DC politico and ever-present wallflower, looking to retain his own place at the trough of political influence.  He’ll probably vote again for John McCain in the 2016 race, for the fourth time.

♦ Kasich, Gilmore and Pataki are all merely key primary state vote splitters. Ohio, Virginia and New York respectively. None of them have or had a chance. Kasich gaining the media attention similar to Jon Huntsman in ’12, but overall electorate meh.

Qpac poll(link)

That’s the easy bunch.

The next group is Scott Walker, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Each with various degrees of ‘insider’ aspects and DC influence. The original road map was constructed with these three as the primary opponents to Jeb Bush. These were considered by the GOPe to be the main contenders to battle Jeb. The “splitters” were all recruited to stop these three from gaining support.

However, ♦ Scott Walker is compromised. In addition to the red flag of George Will’s wife Marci working on Walker’s campaign, the appearance of Brad Dayspring in the Walker Super-PAC was a far bigger alert. Dayspring was also part of the entire DC construct in the 2014 mid-term primaries. Dayspring is to Scott Walker what Henry Barbour is to Rick Perry. Therefore, unfortunately, Walker must be considered compromised by the machine.

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz were SERIOUS disappointments in December ’13 and January ’14, with their decision to join the McConnell coalition (Senate GOPe) and not support conservative challenges to incumbent Senators. (Here’s the moment it happened)

It became obvious that ♦ Rand Paul made a deal with Mitch McConnell to stay out of the Kentucky primary and not support Matt Bevin who was challenging McConnell for his senate seat. This would have been a massive win for conservatives; even bigger than Eric Cantor’s defeat. Unfortunately, the Cantor defeat alerted McConnell to the risk even quicker and he made adjustments to insure his safety.

In exchange for Rand’s allegiance McConnell used his power and influence to assist Rand Paul in Kentucky getting legislative change allowing Rand to run for Senate and Presidential race. Rand made a deal with the devil and he’s been compromised ever since. History will show this decision was the undoing of Rand Paul as it exposed his selfish underbelly. The indictments of his Super-PAC team (Jesse Benton) was just icing on the cake.

♦ Ted Cruz. No single decision was more disappointing than for Ted Cruz to join with Rand Paul and align with Mitch McConnell in the spring of ’14. As Vice-Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Cruz was in place when McConnell pulled the trigger on the attacks against Ken Cuccinelli (Virginia governor race ’14), Chris McDaniel (Mississippi Senate), and Matt Bevin (Kentucky Senate). I don’t think Cruz was on board with the decision making, but he stayed quiet while the horrible action was taking place. Willful blindness.

My hunch is Cruz really regrets that decision. However, he remained on the NRSC until after the mid-terms were over, and didn’t leave until January of 2015. Ted Cruz laid down with dirty dog McConnell, albeit temporarily, and woke up months later covered in fleas. He has never fully or publicly apologized for his role against Chris McDaniel when Cruz gave McConnell’s henchmen (Benton, Barbour and Dayspring) $240,000 which they used to buy democrat votes and fund racist attack ads against McDaniel to benefit McConnell’s decepticon pal, Thad Cochran.

Ted Cruz has fought a good fight since that decision, but he essentially made himself ineffective within DC after that spring primary season. Obviously McConnell poked Cruz in the eye months later with intense ridicule during the pre-election shutdown fight. Cruz and McConnell have been enemies ever since; and Cruz is paying penance to the conservative base.  Cruz recently campaigned for Chris McDaniel.

That only leaves Bobby Jindal and Donald Trump.

Both of which are the furthest away from the DC machine as any candidates. Unfortunately ♦ Jindal is viewed unfavorably as too weak. Also, partly due to his outsider status and partly due to his lack of fundraising -despite his conservative record- he won’t last long.

♦ Trump is the ONLY independent republican running without being beholden to the machine, apparatus, donors, K-Street or lobbyist group. Trump is also the only one fully outside of the RNC/GOPe tentacles of influence. Wall Street, The U.S. CoC, Tom Donohue, and Mitch McConnell hate Trump with the intensity of a thousand supernovas.

As a consequence the two most hated in the race, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, have something in common. Currently Donald Trump is facing the full weight and fury of the Republican furnace as we now see raging.

trump cruz 2

Donald Trump is uniquely positioned to overcome their fury.  He appears to fully understand the roles and objectives, and he is brilliantly deconstructing their entire apparatus.

However, if Trump is destroyed, the eye of Sauron will quickly turn to Cruz…. and the GOPe road map will be back on track.

Here’s the full details of how the entire scheme was created and rolled out; as well as details of how to defeat them.  There are hundreds of MSM historical citations inside the eleven linked outlines for those who need evidence or wish to research:

  1. Following The Money
  2. The GOPe Roadmap
  3. ♦ The Roles of The Players – “The Splitters
  4. ♦ Trump Hits The Super-PACs – The GOPe Achilles Heel
  5. ♦ The Rick Perry Tripwire Exposed – DC Super-Pac
  6. ♦ Jeb Bush Super-Pac Will immediately spend $10 Million
  7. ♦ Proving there is only one political party in Washington DC
  8. ♦ Why Support Trump – Part One (The GOPe Ruse)
  9. ♦ Why Support Trump – Part Two (Stop being played)
  10. ♦ Why Support Trump – Part Three (Intellectual Details)
  11. ♦ How To Defeat the GOPe Road Map
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196 Responses to How All The Candidates Fit In The Overall GOPe Road Map – “The Big Picture”….

  1. tappin52 says:

    I’m disappointed in Cruz, but I’m hoping that he has recognized his errors and righted his path. I have been a fan of his for a long time.

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  2. waltherppk says:

    Maybe Trump should look at Alan West as a potential VP

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  3. Jaxvillekid says:

    I was wondering why were so many people running for the Republican nomination and after reading this website it makes perfect sense. I mean Lyndsay Graham? I am now doing everything I can to inform everyone I know to participate in the destruction of the gope.

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  4. boutis says:

    Gilmore, who couldn’t get arrested until yesterday, showed the reason for his entire candidacy when he went full “but the children of the undocumented!” yesterday on camera for the amnesty Republicans. He has been smiley and pleasant until the media in a sit down interview (who talks to someone polling -0%?) asked him about birthright citizenship for a sound bite and he could be outraged and be one of the amnesty Republicans with a heart for !Jeb. It really is so obvious what they are doing.

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    • Meyer says:

      Loved Trump’s response yesterday to a similar question.

      Reporter said, ‘I know you have a kind heart. Do you know you hurt their feeling when you call them anchor babies?’

      Trump, “What do you want me to call the?.”

      Reporter, “American citizens with undocumented parents.”

      Trump, “I will call them anchor babies. Next question.”

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  5. Alfred E. Neuman says:

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.


  6. jim says:

    The law prevents candidates from controlling their super pacs. Even coordination is illegal. But it doesn’t prevent someone else from controlling that super pac.

    When we use the presence of some nasty GOPe creep in the super pac, or the way the super pac spends money, as a tool to judge a candidate, we may be reaching too far. It looks like solid evidence that the GOPe controls the super pac. This gives the GOPe strong influence over the candidate. But does being a victim of this bribery and blackmail machine make one a guilty collaborator?

    Looks like Cruz learned the hard way, that once the machine declares you an enemy, that there is nothing to be gained by playing along. You are still the enemy even when doing what they want.

    Insiders though will be payed off in other ways. Appointments, big private sector jobs, media positions, and huge speaking fees are all in their future. Maybe even support for future campaigns.

    I am not quite convinced of every assignment of motive. But it definitely looks like the GOPe has successfully exerted strong influence over quite a few candidates.

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  7. georgiafl says:

    “Carson has close ties to many liberal associations.”

    What are those organizations?

    Carson has been steadily building support and poll numbers.

    We need to know more about him.

    What are his positions on illegals, health care, economy, military, welfare, etc.?

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    • The Fighting Man says:

      I know he has been at events with Al Sharptongue. That alone puts him in the BGI camp. We already have a BGI prez. No thanks for seconds.


      • 4th time saying this:

        I will NEVER vote for Ben Carson, and that is said without even considering any appearances he may have made with Al Sharpton. Too many black radicals were emboldened by the fact that there was a (half?) black man squatting in the White House. America does not need another 4 years of overt black racism. And we certainly don’t need a cognitively dissonant president who could fail to respond properly when blacktivists violate the law. .

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        • Deb says:

          That is racist.

          Black violence has been stoked by the Bew Black Panther Party along with operatives of the Nation of Islam and CAIR. Obama happens to be on the same page as these organizations. Carson is not.

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    • William says:

      Carson is a liberal dressed up as a Conservative Republican.

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    • chiavarm says:

      Carson recently advocated for drone strikes, on American Soil, to enforce immigration at the southern border. Great for a bumper sticker, but scary for presidential policy.

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    • Sharon says:

      In my opinion, Carson is the new iteration of Jimmy Carter:

      Such a nice guy. Not a leader, but makes all followers feel comfortable. Presents as a Christian so evangelicals who want to feel good about their vote respond.

      To turn a phrase on its head, it needs to be acknowledged that being POTUS is not brain surgery…being qualified to do the second does not automatically qualify a person to be the first.

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    • Sandra says:

      Why do we have to ask about Carson’s positions on illegals, health care, and other matters ? Why didn’t he express them already ? He spent time expressing his opinion about race. That bothers me.


    • SharonKinDC says:

      He went to Cuba in 2010 to hear a Howard Dean speech?


    • Meyer says:

      He drew a huge crowd in Phoenix yesterday . . . 6,000.


  8. dizzymissl says:

    This is insane:

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  9. TC says:

    If Soros was to run as a Democrat, would you consider him an outsider?

    I like a lot of what Trump is saying, but the cloud of uncertainty spooks me. I want to believe, just like the victim of spouse abuse wants to believe that this time it’s different. Trump’s campaign reminds me a lot of the last guy who had a populist tune of hope and change……… just with a D instead of an R at the end.

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    • stella says:

      Did Trump work with the Nazis in WWII? Did Trump break the bank of England, or manipulate the Malaysian currency, causing its collapse? These are things that Soros did, as well as:

      Not a good comparison. And that Hope & Change guy? He didn’t run using his own money. He was bought.

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      • georgiafl says:

        Many of us knew Obama was dangerous, a hater, destroyer, anti-American, anti-white candidate well before 2007. Many of us knew about Soros as well.
        In a sane country, neither Obama nor Soros (nor Farrakhan and Sharpton) would be allowed to operate inside our borders.

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        • I wish that I could say I had spotted Obama for what he was prior to his first election, but I didn’t. And only because (at that time) I was just another lo-fo voter who listened to campaign speeches and made decisions based on superficial appearances. Obama’s a lot of things that are bad but, to someone who didn’t bother to do any fact checking, or really parse Obama’s words, he was a very effective and convincing speaker. But then, so was Hitler.


          • Thanks for your candor. You and millions of others.

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          • jackphatz says:

            I think is was just easier for us “older” folks to understand what Obama was about because we’ve been exposed to the inner working of the Democrats for so long. We knew he had to be at least one of these: Socialist/Communist/Marxist/Progressive just by his nearness to the Democrat Party machine. I honestly had no idea anyone could be as horrific as Obama has been.


      • TC says:

        Sorry, but you didn’t answer the simple question.

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        • stella says:

          I answered your question. Answer mine. What about Trump are you uncertain about, and why do you think he is like either George Soros or Barack Obama?


          • TC says:

            1. why doesn’t Trump’s web site have any platform specifics?
            2. What will Trump do to divest interest in all of his many businesses? How can we be sure there will be no conflicts of interest?
            3. As a supposed conservative, why on earth would he give money to the Clintons, Rahm Emanuel, and support Barack Obama? Why would he invite the Clintons to his wedding?
            3. When he says “I’m sorry conservatives, but you have to support everyone” what does he mean exactly?
            4. What women’s health issues is he talking about, and what will he ask of taxpayers to support whatever agenda he’s thinking about?

            I could go on. Like I said, I like a lot of what he’s saying, but I would never for a NY second attempt to claim he’s an outsider – in fact I’d say he’s pretty much the definition of an insider.

            And to answer the other question- Ron Paul is the only guy I’ve voted for as President who I was confident would do what he said he would do. I was too young to vote for Reagan’s 2nd term, but he’d also fit into that category. You may now commence the Alinskyesque jeering. 🙂

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            • stella says:

              Thanks. How do you know that Ron Paul would have done what he said he would? He was never elected, and he played as many games in Congress as all the rest. Like voting against legislation he knew would pass without his vote, so he could say “I voted against it.”


            • Sharon says:

              In light of your Ron Paul vote, your demands re Trump are even odder.

              Suggestion: You might want to address your questions to Trump’s campaign.


        • rodney says:

          It was answered, you just weren’t paying attention.


        • Jett Black says:

          I’ll answer, TC–yes, Soros would be an “outsider,” as in criminal, alien saboteur/infiltrator outsider. Hope that clears up the obvious for you.

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          • stella says:

            It really would depend on who was supporting Soros. If he was using his own money, and not supported by the Democrat party, then he would be an outsider.


        • ImpeachEmAll says:

          Soros needs to be arrested as the traitor
          that he is to a country in which he has a
          residence and enjoys the freedoms afforded to him.

          Soros would be an insider – inside a federal pen, that is.

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      • silverdust says:

        I think he was designed in a lab.


      • moondrops says:

        It was also reported that Soros took some positions in nearly bankrupt coal companies.
        Odd for a settled science groober.

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    • I like a lot of what Trump is saying, but the cloud of uncertainty spooks me.

      Sure, I get that. But let me ask you this:

      Have you ever voted for any presidential candidate with complete certainty that he would do what you expected?


    • Presidential candidates tell us what they would LIKE to do as president. What they actually do if elected depends a lot on whether or not they have sufficient support in Congress and their proposals receive the needed funding. Electing like-minded members of Congress is crucial.

      Of all the Republican candidates Trump’s ideas are most appealing to me. But there’s a wide gap between saying and doing in most cases. If it turns out that Trump is elected president he will face vehement opposition from left-of-center Congress members.


    • Jersey Beach says:

      I went looking into a few of those running, Bush, Cruz, Walker and Trump and no one has a platform up yet.

      Here’s the links, look for yourself.
      Jeb Bush:
      Scott Walker
      Ted Cruz
      Donald Trump

      Now we can go to this sites and see where they stand:
      Jeb Bush
      Scott Walker
      Ted Cruz
      Donald Trump

      One last things for Donald Trump
      What is Donald Trump’s platform?

      Disclaimer: This is the content of an email that has been circulating that purports to outline Donald Trump’s positions as of July, 2015:

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    • keebler AC says:

      I like a lot of what Trump is saying, but the cloud of uncertainty spooks me. I want to believe, just like the victim of spouse abuse wants to believe that this time it’s different. Trump’s campaign reminds me a lot of the last guy who had a populist tune of hope and change………

      We are all suffering from PSTD (post traumatic stress syndrome) as a result of the fraudulent Obama Hussein administration. We’ve become somewhat neurotic, and are fearful of our own judgment ability, that is if you had voted for Obama in the first place. I never did, thus I trust my judgment then and I trust my judgment now, that I feared Obama and like Trump now. Why? Because I did my research both times and I’m realistic. I knew that Obama hated America and had strong Muslim brotherhood influences in his upbringing. There is also a great deal of secrecy and hiding in his background. There is no such secrecy with Donald Trump. We also know that the Donald loves America. Since 1988, there were interviews with him indicating that Trump has long been feeling discouraged about the direction America was taking, and he was proven correct in 2015. You have to look beyond your own neurosis about being abused spouse. A lot of the issues that you have brought up have already been discussed on the threads in-depth. If this information is not enough to convince you then you are not wanting to be convinced.


  10. Just me says:

    Obviously Trump is really messing up the GOPe plan and they are going to start a coordinated ad attack to get him out of the race. Cruz supports are thinking a Trump takedown will help Cruz. It won’t, Cruz will be easy to get rid of after Trump is gone. Should the GOPe not be able to regain control if they are successful at taking Trump out, I think the candidate of LAST resort will be Biden. Clinton will be out of the race and even Obama doesn’t like her. Biden said he will only serve one term. The GOPe knows Biden will be a go with the status quo president and the GOPe can get ‘their’ guy into the White House in 2020. The GOPe won’t make the same mistake in 2020 with a Jeb candidate. Even with a Trump third party run, it is possible Biden, with help from the GOPe can win. Remember there is 47% who will automaticly vote Dem. Trump will be blamed for the GOP loss/Biden win and everyone will be back on the GOP plantation in time for the 2020 race.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dixie says:

      A one term Biden will be the equivalent of a third term for the Bully as Biden will be easily manipulated. IMHO, Biden is losing his mental faculties. This would be just what the Bully wants which is probably why he is aiding in the demise of Clinton. And we’ll be dead ducks.


      • If Biden is elected, and Valjar stays on, Uncle Joe can just doze off at his desk and wake up only to sign the occasional papers shoved in front of him.

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        • Dixie says:

          At lunch today, I was watching Fox on television in a restaurant and could only read the “closed caption”. They were touting the poll taken on Biden and Trump in 3 swing states. It showed Biden at a podium with Obama standing beside him. When the results were shown on the screen –

          FLORIDA: Biden 45 – Trump 42
          -OHIO: Biden 48 – Trump 38
          -PENNSYLVANIA: Biden 48 – Trump 40

          Obama leaned over to shake Biden’s hand and appeared to say to him “that’s a big f***king deal.”

          I don’t know if it could be heard by everybody as it was shown on the screen as “closed caption”. I couldn’t believe my eyes that he would have said that on national television. Once again, maybe he thought the mic was off. I have searched for that video clip high and low and cannot locate it anywhere, so I can’t be sure it was totally accurate.


          • keebler AC says:

            Golf cart buddies Slick Willy and Stompy Feet Obama were probably discussing a deal, where will he would allow and support Biden in place of Hillary if Obama provided a full pardon for his wife before leaving office. Other items were probably discussed as well.

            Osama bin Ladin (Obama bin Biden) 2016

            All Biden has to do is show up, straighten his hair plugs, read off the Teleprompter and leave everything in Val Jar’s hands. With another eight years in charge, there will no longer be an America, The Statue of Liberty will be dismantled and replaced with a figure of Michelle. Obama will be dictator for life over the most coveted free country in the world–although it will soon become just another Guatemala, Mexico or Ethiopia.


            • keebler AC says:

              Attention, naysayers and doubters of Trump, be afraid, be very afraid of the K-Street establishment, which includes Obama and global sponsors seeking to take over America. You are being hijacked by foreigners with the complicit agreement elitists. Ignore Sundance’s warnings at your own peril.

              No one else can save America. We’ve seen how fast Trump can work. He cannot do miracles, but he certainly will do what he can. We’ve already seen how he loathes to parse his words and do politics because that would only take time away from real work and saving America.


            • Dixie says:

              If they lower the bar much more, it will be in hell.


    • Will there be a Republican Party in 2020? It’s fading. As a big government, big taxation party it is the weak sister of the Democratic Party, certainly not a meaningful opposition party. We don’t have one in this country. Having majorities in both houses means nothing because there are too few conservatives for effective opposition.

      Unless Trump can rally enough conservative voters and gain control of the executive branch, constitutional republican government and eventually a fair and balanced judicial branch are history. We will have a uniparty mired in socialism and fascism. The Almighty State. We are 80% there already.

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    • ImpeachEmAll says:

      After 2016, the United States of America will

      become the United Socialists States of America.

      It’s Trump 2016 or else.

      Your vote; your choice.

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      • Poster says:

        LOL. Nope, and that is exactly why I have not voted for a Republican for president when they ran loser like Mitt – the whole gun-to-your-head rhetoric does not motivate me in the slightest. I’ll be voting for Cruz, thank you.


  11. dizzymissl says:

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  12. I wondered during the last national primary season why there were so many Republican candidates. In the past we had maybe 6 or 7, but in 2012 there were at least 12, that I recall. Did the Republican Party try this strategy in 2012? They failed to elect their nominee, so they’re doubling down? Why can’t they see they’re backing bad candidates that turn off their base? They cannot win an election without us, I don’t care how much money they get from big money/big government advocates. Our votes and our country are NOT for sale!!!!!


    • Betty says:

      Their candidate, Romney, wasn’t supposed to win, he was just given the nomination to make sure no other republican won and ruined it for Jeb in 2016. Remember “anyone but Romney”?

      Ask your self how could Jeb primary a republican president and still look like a reluctant Saint Jeb answering the call of his country.

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    • silverdust says:

      They couldn’t care less about their base. The $$ they get from the CoC and K Street more than makes up for their party never winning. They like the lifestyle, and they’re content to do whatever it takes to keep it.

      Read “This Town,” by Mark Leibovich. Startling, to say the least.

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  13. saywhat64 says:

    Sundance, Any research on Carson regarding his motivations and allegiance? I still think Dr. Carson would make a great VP candidate and office holder. He understands the healthcare business better than most, has a great analytical mind and is a great researcher. Being a successful black American who has earned and lived the American dream is a great role model especially since we have had to live through the nightmare of a divisive, community organizer usurper who has never really earned much on his own and is more an Arab than a black man. Having a real Black man on the ticket with Trump will only increase his support with the Black vote and will quickly negate any racist propaganda that is likely to come from the DNC…


    • bofh says:

      Wow. Trump started out being pretty deferential and hands-off the other candidates, but since being attacked, he has certainly taken the gloves off for Jeb and a few others. Still speaks fondly of Cruz. Interesting.

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      • Eskyman says:

        It’s funny (!) how the MSM never mentions the fact that Trump doesn’t attack anyone, until he is attacked by them. Then it’s all-out war! Take no prisoners! Scorched earth! Thunder and lightning!

        I sure love a winner who likes to win and hates to lose. What a refreshing change it will be to have a real man in the White House again! Roll on Trump!

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  14. Steve in Greensboro says:

    Sundance, you have made the GOPe plan for the 2016 primary season perfectly clear. I can’t see how anyone could call your description “tinfoil hat”, since the GOPe ran more or less the same strategy in 2012 – split the not-GOPe-candidate vote by running a bunch of stalking horses.

    Here is a thought (and pardon me if you or one of your commenters have already mentioned it).

    Aren’t the GOPe hoist with their own petard? For example, won’t Kasich split the not-Trump vote with Jeb in Ohio, Rubio in Florida, Jimmy Dale Gilmore in Virginia, etc.?

    Trump will be will be leading the Republican field on March 1 unless he compromises his immigration views. I think he is smart enough not to do that. Maybe I am projecting, but Trump could take the wrong position on Obamacare, abortion, free trade and quite a few other issues, but he would get my vote as long as he stays right on immigration.

    If Trump stays right on immigration, then I’d predict we will see the GOPe stalking horses forced out by the GOPe, forcing Republicans and Independents to choose between Trump and Jeb. And then the GOPe will try to do to Trump what they did to McDaniel in MS – get Dems to crossover to vote for Jeb.

    But I expect Ma Clinton to be out by then (hopefully wearing her orange jumpsuit full time) and an active Dem primary going on among the Marx brothers. This might help prevent a Dem Operation Chaos against Trump.

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  15. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Great post. Some thoughts. One. Over time, people figure out the rules of the game, and all behavior evolves to be rule-bound. Two- candidates controlling PACs. No. An affiliate approaches a candidate and says, ‘hey, a lot of ppl like you as candidate, incl. Some with money. Let me hook you up.’ Long time ago, I represented big volunteer labor force, and got this favorable introduction to a local candidate or two, us getting each other or yet again assembling the pieces of the machine. I have seen it done at interface of suburban dems and Dem Black neighborhood machine. Three- the money. Dems have led in building govt programs and shunting $ to discretionary funds: I believe Repubs have also gone flexible, rather than the one-candidate-one defense contractor model. Just my thoughts on the hegemony.


  16. strat4evr says:

    Latest poll for Florida shows Trump ahead slightly of Bush with Carson and Rubio trailing them. Obviously this would mean with Bush obtaining Rubio’s margin at this point wouldn’t Trump have to gain the Carson margin also to stay close?

    Liked by 1 person

  17. czarowniczy says:

    Fox is reporting on a poll that show in the three key swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida both Hillary and Biden, if matched against Trump, would win by a good margin.
    Interesting that Biden suddenly pops up – I’m assuming the economic pimps who’ve set up fiscal brothels in Delaware are 110% behind him. One would think that were the RAT party that fully behind Hillary the Biden viability would be a non-issue, close ranks behind the biggest RAT so to speak.
    It’s still some 16 months to the election so there’s still plenty of time for the Republicans to pull defeat from the jaws of victory – though they’ve become so good at it they can wait until the last minute – and their usual shortsighted and self-centered tactics should once again prove adequate.


  18. Sundance, thanks much for your good work. Your comprehensive overview of the GOPe candidate lineup is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together so that it makes sense as a whole. Very helpful.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Nation says:

    Thanks for tying everything together SD and CTH team.


  20. JRD says:

    Trump pushes Cruz out of lead in Texas poll

    Trump – 24
    Cruz – 16
    Carson – 12
    Bush – 9

    Liked by 3 people

  21. lovely says:

    Mexico has decided to demand US citizens show a passport and fill out a form to get into into Mexico at a passing point that had previously been an open crossing. Also Americans staying over a week now have to pay $20.00 at the same crossing (San Diego to San Ysidro).

    Trump should consider this a compliment because it sure looks like Mexico is already starting a fund to pay for the wall. The PTB in DC may not be listening to the ground swell of support for Trump but the PTB in Mexico certainly seem to be doing so.

    Liked by 3 people

  22. Cruz and Trump have some kind of alliance. That is becoming clearer as this rolls out. I really wonder what they have cooked up….

    Liked by 2 people

  23. I don’t think this Theory is tin foil hat territory at all, I think it’s rock solid evidence that explains the election cycle quite nicely. It’s presented concisely & truthfully. Apparently Sundance has been very involved in Journalism & Politics for a very long time.. Excellent work, yet again.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. cktaymd says:

    I know I’ve missed something here – would someone please update me as to why we are calling the GOP the name of GOPe? I tried to search but couldn’t find the source of the acronym. Thanks


  25. Rondo says:

    I think Cruz knows he won’t win the nomination, however I’m sure he is thinking he will be in the Trump administration if Trump gets the nomination and wins the election. Cruz is looking 4-8 yrs down the road. He does give credibility to Trump. Trump surrounds himself with the best people.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Poster says:

      Cruz is focused on Super Tuesday and is campaigning in the SE US accordingly, strange behavior for someone who should be dialing it in according to this theory.


  26. waltherppk says:

    Those people not supporting Donald Trump are establishment propagandists, fifth column subversives, and domestic enemies we need to marginalize.

    Liked by 2 people

    • waltherppk says:

      George Will pulled my finger, took a deep breath, and waited for that translation.


    • Poster says:

      I support Cruz. I never knew I was an establishment propagandist until now. Seriously, you are unhinged. I don’t think that is the case with most of Trump’s supporters, but I have seen a few incidences like this already. It’s a scary kind of mob/cult mentality.


      • waltherppk says:

        Really that was a poke at George Will who called Trump “that vulgar man we all need to marginalize”

        When I am unhinged seriously, then I will ignore what Ted Cruz did, running with the GOPe pack, voting YES on fast track trade authority giving Obama more executive power Obama did not need to have. Until that “when” that I am seriously unhinged, then I think I will try when I can to stay unseriously unhinged for stress relief


  27. jackphatz says:

    Could someone please explain what/who is K Street?


  28. TwoLaine says:

    Is Snowflake, I mean Little Princess back yet? I got a present for her.


  29. justfactsplz says:

    Keep working on friends and family showing them the truth of the GOPe. Finally I convinced a family member today. They support Trump but are registered Independent. Today they changed their party affiliation to Republican so they can vote in our state’s important primary. Onward we go. Wolverines!


    • Dixie says:

      I haven’t been successful with my educator relatives but a neighbor dropped by yesterday. I asked what he thought of Trump. Ah! Just a flash in the pan he said. Said he was gonna probably vote for Jeb Bush. An hour and a half later he left a little more educated. Then I sent him Sundance’s article so he could read and research for himself. I emailed it to 5 others (the only ones on my email list with brains) and received an acknowledgement from one who said thanks, they were already aware.

      One step at a time.


  30. My Name is Nobody says:

    To show solidarity with the movement, I’m growing me a comb over!


  31. jameswlee2014 says:

    Listen, and understand! That Trumpinator is out there! It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until the border is sealed, the illegals are sent home, and the American Dream is restored!


  32. Sharon says:

    I hope that Mr. Trump will have a significant staff presence in both the gathering of the names and final processes of being put on the primary ballots. If the team is not awake and on site when that happens. It would be the logical bridge for them to destroy, deep in enemy territory, to keep him off primary ballots in a handful of necessary states.

    The qualifications for getting a name on the primary ballot vary from state to state. At some point in that process, at a fixed time prior to the primary voting those names are certified and counted. It’s a point in the process that is rich with possibilities for skulduggery.

    As Minnesota voters learned when Franken was selected – it is not enough to have more votes than your opponent, or enough signatures. There must be such a plurality of signatures/votes that fraudulent counts/approvals are not a useful option.


  33. davidfarrar says:

    The really, really big tripwire I see that would indicate your vision is correct is Walker refusing to compete in Florida.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Leezah says:

    Fascinating analysis.


  35. gsmcconnell says:

    Reblogged this on gsmcconnell's Blog and commented:

    Great Stuff!


  36. Pingback: SMOKING GUN: GOP Establishment Strategy to Nominate Bush by Flooding Race With Candidates Exposed | Restoring Liberty

  37. James McComb says:

    My fellow Ohio voters.

    From what I’m reading? Kasich is nothing more than a GOPe tool to elect Jeb Bush.

    Would love to see a RNC debate where someone asked him straight out if that was the case?
    I don’t care about his answer. Trump and Carson are clearly the outsiders, and will get my vote.

    Don’t be fooled into voting for Kasich, when your vote will really end up counting as a vote for Jeb.


  38. Pingback: Seems Sort of Prescient, Given What Christie Did To Rubio at the Last Debate... - Daily Pundit

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