Trump Gives a Glimpse of the Golden Arrow Targeted Toward McConnell/Donohue’s Achilles Heel – Intensely Strategic…

First, an admission: I have seriously underestimated Donald Trump.

After spending more than three years tracking the construct of the GOPe strategy to elect Jeb Bush, and having lost the most single important battle in May 2014 to stop it, I was deflated and disenfranchised.

Few were willing to accept the road-map and sheer level of Machiavellian strategy deployed by the professional political class.  Every single prediction (tripwire) which stems from understanding the construct was triggered in the exact sequence.  We resigned ourselves to the outlook that Tom Donohue, Mitch McConnell and their team were going to pull it off.

Then the wild-card entered the race.   Yesterday, before the speech in New Hampshire last night, Donald Trump gave a press conference.  The part that matters comes after the 15:00 minute mark.  Please watch before continuing:

Now, I believe Trump knows the roadmap.  Now I believe Trump knows the construct of the GOPe McDonnell/Donohue scheme.

When Trump speaks of the GOP and Citizens United he is putting sunlight upon something almost NO-ONE was, or is, paying attention to.

If you look back closely at the history of the last few election cycles you will see what Trump is fully aware of, and what few have EVER paid attention to.

The Citizens United Supreme Court decision was reached in ’09.  Obama famously railed against it in his 2010 State of the Union speech.

Most, conservatives and Republicans saw the CU decision as a win for our team; a win for free speech; a win to push back against the scope of the Labor Union money that supports the leftist political apparatus.  CU allowed a construct for campaign money to push back against the unfair advantages for Democrats held within campaign finance laws and labor unions.

However, what was not thought through was how the Citizens United decision would evolve, and be used by the establishment Republican class, against us.

In 2010 we defeated dozens of incumbent Republicans in both the House and Senate, replacing them with more conservative representatives.  Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund, a traditional political action committee (PAC), was a key element in supporting Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, etc.

Mitch McConnell and the establishment republicans were furious.

If the 2010 election process was allowed to repeat again in 2012, the power of dozens of professional republicans was at risk.  The very influence of Tom Donohue and the CoC was at stake.  Billions of dollars hang in the balance.  Something needed to be done to stop the vulgarians.

In late 2011 and early 2012 the Wall Street and K-Street lobby groups formulated a plan to stop conservatives from steamrolling their preferred candidates, Super-PAC’s.

Super Political Action Committees were formed, using the Citizens United decision, to pour BILLIONS into very specific election processes and subvert the traditional dependency on campaign financial support from the electorate.

In essence the construct of the Citizens United decision was used to pump political gladiators with Wall Street steroids.  This approach would be how the professional class would defend their seats, their place at the trough.

This would be how Mitt Romney would be nominated despite the will of the electorate.

We were too slow to respond, because we did not understand the scheme.

In 2014, the process took on new levels of political maneuvering.  We caught on to the constructs, as well as the overall goals, of Donohue to 1.) keep Obamacare, 2.) get immigration reform to include amnesty, and 3.) establish Common Core federal education standards.

Late in 2013 we began ringing the alarm bells.  Few could believe what we were saying.

It came to pass in 2013, 2014 when establishment Super-Pac’s funded by Wall Street and Tom Donohue, and directed by the power brokers alongside Mitch McConnell, destroyed conservative challengers like Ken Cucinelli in Virginia, Matt Bevin in Kentucky, and most obviously Chris McDaniel in Mississippi.

Without the GOPe Super-PAC’s working against them, Cucinelli and Bevin would have quite possibly won; Chris McDaniel would most certainly have won.

The McConnell/Donohue GOPe plan worked brilliantly.

As a consequence this became the construct for the 2015 GOPe roadmap to elect Jeb Bush as the Republican nomination.   We saw them constructing it in late ’13 and early ’14.

Because of the outcome, Citizens United ultimately became a loss for our side.  The GOPe professional political class is now using Wall Street money to fund their efforts against conservatives by financing parallel campaigns for establishment candidates.

It is also the Super-PAC’s, and only the Super-PAC’s, which can assure them victory in 2016 with Jeb Bush.

Without Super-PAC’s the campaigns of Jim Gilmore, George Pataki, Lindsey Graham, Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry, John Kasich, Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorum and Chris Christie cannot exist.  If those candidates had to rely on financial support from the electorate, they could never be in the race.  They are only in the race to split votes and support Jeb Bush.

This essential and key element is what Donald Trump is now highlighting.  But will the electorate see it?  Will the media report on it?

McConnell and Boehnertom donohue

Take away the Wall Street funded GOPe Super-PAC’s and their entire strategy to nominate Jeb Bush falls apart.   This is McConnell and Donohue’s ‘Achilles heel‘.

Any campaign that has to rely on electoral support, actual or financial, will fail.   That means the GOPe, to achieve their goal, have to construct campaigns that don’t rely on electoral support.

People have asked me how do we defeat the GOPe road map.  Well, there’s your answer.

Drive home the message that candidates are not supported by people, but are in fact supported by Wall Street.  Explain how Citizens United was a loss for our side.   Wake up the base to the reality of what is going on.

Once the sunlight comes upon the Super-PAC’s, and the real intent of their candidacy is exposed via embarrassment;  meaning, once a candidate has to actually be accountable for the support they don’t have, they will drop out.


The remaining candidates can then battle evenly on the field of ideas.

trump cruz 2

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282 Responses to Trump Gives a Glimpse of the Golden Arrow Targeted Toward McConnell/Donohue’s Achilles Heel – Intensely Strategic…

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  2. davidfarrar says:

    Trump is right about a lot of things in this segment, but he is especially right when he says the public should know who is contributing to whom. To use a legal analogy, “Money is free speech, but you can’t yell, ‘Fire!’, in a crowded theater.

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    • Meyer says:

      Yahoowee! It’s a start! Thanks for sharing, DizzyMissL!

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    • Just me says:

      I just skimmed the PDF version. IMPRESSIVE. The ‘he has no specifics/details crowd’ is going to choak on these details. Wish there could be a dedicated thread on the policy. Would love to read other comments/opinions on the policy.

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      • dizzymissl says:

        I’m sure SD will make a thread. I just read this comment over at FR

        I have completed reading the Trump position paper on immigration. It is a blockbuster, game changer that can push Trump to victory if he sticks to his positions and stays on message. Trump most not back down on this.

        I have been working on the immigration issue for over 8 years lobbying on the Hill. This is the best position paper I have seen on immigration for any candidate, including Dave Brat whom I supported and helped to defeat Eric Cantor. Trump is going to attract a lot of black support on this issue along with so-called Reagan democrats.;page=201

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      • Meyer says:

        I have read every word of the policy.

        The GREEN CARD MODERATION policy is suspect to me . . . .
        “Before any new green cards are issued to foreign workers abroad, there will be a PAUSE where employers will have to hire from the domestic pool of unemployed immigrant and native workers.” What is meant by ‘PAUSE’? Until I know more, I am not declaring this a win.

        I find that Trump has a good handle on the reality of the H1-B Visa program.


        • jackntx says:

          Doesn’t it just mean no more issuing of green cards until the native employment / labor participation rate reaches some predetermined amount?


        • doodahdaze says:

          It means Americans and legal immigrants get hired before any others are brought in. What is suspect about that?

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          • Meyer says:

            RE: “What is suspect about that?”
            It appears there is a gap in understanding about the reality of hiring practices. How long do companies/HR have to ‘pause’ before getting green cards? Two days, two weeks, two months? How hard do companies/HR actual work to recruit Americans verses saying they can’t find any candidates for the job? Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.


    • waltherppk says:

      Donald Trump is simply saying we can specify in detail what is an oath keeper’s solution for the illegal immigration issue, and that is the most “comprehensive” solution of all that addresses fully what is the actual deficiency about the present illegal alien problem.

      Trumps plan looks like a very sane and reasonable, entirely legitimate plan to me. The plan has practical and attainable, achievable goals, a very practical and pragmatic “builder” solution and proposal on paper, which can be easily reduced to actual practice to fix a problem. That “good to go” type of sane and sensible plan is a stark contrast with the completely wrong and hare brained alternative “progressive” amnesty and sanctuary “solution” that exposes the criminal complicity with illegal aliens, and exposes a dereliction of duty which presently governs, in what is becoming a lawless society where too many people just do whatever they “feel” is right without regard for law or for their oaths of office.

      What it is that Donald Trump is proposing could be called the oath keepers’ “immigration problem” solution, which is really an answer to the question what should be done about so many illegal aliens. The simple and correct answer is they should be deported. It really isn’t such a tough question for which law has already provided the correct answer years ago, if only people would follow the law instead of violate that law and then twist that dereliction of duty and call that wrong the right thing.

      There is a simple term for people who call violating correct laws not doing wrong, but call violating correct laws doing the right thing, and that “identity” of confusion is what is called a criminal.

      Look at so many things that Obama and his subordinates have done that is not obeying the law, but is circumventing and violating the law, and it is easy enough to see that what they are doing is a crime, and acting the part an identity owned for their criminal complicity is being a criminal. So who will stop them? Do criminals generally just stop what they are doing of their own accord? Or do criminals stop what they are doing when they are compelled by force, do criminals stop what they are doing when they are given a reality check? It is clear what should be done and must be done. It is only a mystery to those who are confused.

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      • doodahdaze says:

        Operation Wetback 2. Ike would like.


        • waltherppk says:

          Yes, and the militant drug cartel can meet again Blackjack Pershing if that is what it takes, go full bore into Mexico to “assist” the government there managing a problem with bandits they don’t seem to be resolved or able to manage without help. A bullet for a bad guy is a proven performer as a problem solver.

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    • angie says:

      Thank-you for the link. I just posted it on FB. Trump NAILS immigration reform.

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  3. dizzymissl says:

    LOL, just finished reading his policy. I sent the campaign the link they provided that goes to the NYT article about pamphlets on how to cross the border. I wonder if they knew about it before I sent it

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  4. Arkindole says:

    The notion of superPACs vs. Trump is an interesting one to consider. That is, the golden arrow, as contrasted against what is probably more appropriately called “the golden terror.”

    Today’s Gedankenexperiment:

    Let’s assume Trump can hire the very best of the best. This is what made the man–a business model. If you are good you don’t hire someone because they know someone else, or, there is a favor exchange of some sort. That tactic causes a fairly rapid profit loss, and therefore, a termination and rapid replacement with a better person.

    Do you think Trump could hire “personal representatives” that would be “in charge” of each and every congressman in DC? Do you think a million dollars payment to each person would be sufficient to find such an “expert”. (Now, you can interpret the quoted words how ever you like)

    That would total $535 million dollars.

    Do you recall what Trump’s net worth was when released a few weeks ago? Yes, he would still have lunch money left before he even spent his first billion.

    Does Trump have congressional insiders would be able to provide inside info on those very “special cases” who might need “special attention?”

    If Trump is serious, and it surely looks as if he is, each and every politician is standing right on the “X”, and they know it. Every symbiotic bottom feeder that depends on the upper DC food chain also is in cold sweats. That also would include our media friends.

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    • Eskyman says:

      Heh heh heh. “Every symbiotic bottom feeder that depends on the upper DC food chain also is in cold sweats.” Heh heh heh heh!

      You have just put your finger on George Will! He’s terrified that his rice bowl is about to be broken, forever. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving stuffed shirt! 😀

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  5. derksut says:

    All I want is a fair fight. And Donald Trump is giving me/us the voice to have it.
    For so long now, we ( the USA and it’s citizens ) have been handcuffed, hobbled, gagged and blindfolded and told to stand there and get beaten to a bloody pulp. That this is what we deserve for our “exceptionalism”. Our military is bound by ” rules of engagement”. We can’t have a border, or we are racist etc… I could list more, but most of you all know more than I.
    Our country is sought after by many for it’s opportunity, it’s freedom, it’s hope and it’s love. To the point of losing their life just to get here. Yet, for everything that is right about this place, we are being told it is wrong. We are shamed and PC’d into submission. We are told we have to lower ourselves down to the level of the places the refuges have just fled.
    Mr. Trump is giving voice to this truth. It is OK to be good, to succeed, to set standards of excellence to be strived for by others. To lead by example, and not by lies and manipulation and crying “foul” when you don’t put the effort in to contribute to the well being of this great country.

    It is OK to be exceptional. Make America Great again Mr. Trump.

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    • stella says:

      Good article!

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    • Eskyman says:

      Wow, that’s a brilliant article! Thanks for posting!

      Scott Adams is a very sharp cookie himself, and that was a fascinating view of persuasion.

      I particularly liked this part: “Now that Trump owns FOX, and I see how well his anchor trick works with the public, I’m going to predict he will be our next president.” Yowza!

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  6. Lou says:

    this is the same thing Dems are complaining about. the Kochs are investing to pollute without making sacrifices. it’s called a negative externality. both parties need to realize how special interest groups work. quick Economics lesson for today.


    • Ralph Riley says:

      The problem with the externality argument, more classically called marginal social costs, is that in the Wikopedia article we see a markedly leftist example of this externality using a truck that creates pollution that creates “costs” for everyone else. Hmmmmmm. So which causes more “externalities” a trucker or an unwed mother who has kids that are many times more likely to be sexually abused, low performers, criminals and a welfare burden on society. But as usual, Wikopedia’s hard leftist bent pollutes its content…


  7. JRD says:

    “Trump is breaking free, because he doesn’t need the Chamber of Commerce, he doesn’t need that — the lobbyist money, and that’s why he’s soaring in the polls.” – Ann Coulter

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    • sundance says:

      That’s the second time Coulter has mentioned the CoC in such a construct. The first time was when she exposed their control over CPAC ’12 ’13, ’14, ’15….. Not coincidentally at the exact same time they were constructing the Super-PAC strategy.


  8. Jill says:

    Small win in Federal court regarding STEM jobs…

    Note: “In the case, the Administration argued that American workers who could not show that a specific foreign former student took their job were no more than disgruntled taxpayers who had no rights the government would consider or protect.”

    “Federal Court Strikes Down DHS Rule Permitting Foreign Labor to Compete With American Workers”

    How the program hurts American workers:

    “The program that converts foreign college graduates back to foreign students by a wave of a bureaucratic wand had these negative impacts on residents of the United States:
    It denied American workers more than 430,000 jobs during the years 2009-2013; and
    It removed $4 billion (with a B) from the Social Security and Medicare trust funds.
    The number of foreign college graduates from U.S. universities — in their DHS-created disguise of college students, so they can work legally — increased sharply in the years 2009 to 2013. The total soared to nearly 100,000 in 2013, and presumably is still growing. It had been at just under 74,000 in 2009.”

    Back in February Jeff Sessions released a timeline of the Obama administration’s long history of dismantling immigration laws. It is shocking:

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    • doodahdaze says:

      The Trump plan will be the winner. Even many libs like it. The only ones that do not are media shills and RINO CoC puppets in the GOP and democrat commies who want to resupply their votes. Even legal latinas and latinos will like it. Trump kicks ass.

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  9. rashamon says:

    Having read Trump’s first position paper (on immigration as that topic seems to most resonate with the constituency supporting him), I do not understand how Cruz can run along side him as two years ago Sen. Cruz wanted to increase the H1B visas issued by 500% — legal if passed, but ill-advised when people such as my grandson who holds an MBA with honors in engineering from U. of Michigan cannot find a job in his career, even after a summer internship with Hyundai in South Korea. And he’s not the only STEM graduate unable to compete with the H1Bs who are willing to accept greatly lower salaries to gain a foothold in this country.

    “Cruz, who announced his presidential bid this morning, once proposed an immediate increase in the base H-1B cap from 65,000 to 325,000. Cruz offered the H-1B increase as an amendment in 2013 to the Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill. Cruz’s amendment was defeated by the Senate’s Judiciary Committee, which approved an 180,000 H-1B cap increase in the comprehensive immigration bill. The House never acted on this legislation.”

    BTW, last Friday I spent several hours on the phone 1) tracking down a pediatric cancer specialist to offer a second opinion on the treatment of a three-year-old who is not responding to present care; 2) trying to find a person at my bank to solve a minor transfer issue; 3) attempting to communicate with an IT person regarding a computer question.

    No one spoke English sufficiently well to address these issues, requiring in the latter two cases that I request their manager in order to accomplish my goals. I will continue my physician search on Monday when, hopefully, a secretary who clearly speaks English can respond to my question in an English I can understand. I have worked with hospitals on such issues multiple times before and never faced this dilemma.

    A clear and present danger in our healthcare system is an inability for physicians and other medical staff to communicate with patients as we rely more heavily on immigrant populations for staffing or, just as dangerous, non-English speaking patients incapable of understanding the English-speaking medical staff or caring cultural values resistant to our American systems.

    My local public grammar school now has students representing 29 languages and dialects, most with non-English speaking parents. In case no one has travelled across Mexico by car lately (not that I would suggest it), Mexican Spanish is non-existent in many populations, who speak various native Indian dialects and the patois of multiple countries who travel from Central and South America. These are the ones Mexico doesn’t want and encourages to “go to America,” How can we expect teachers to handle this diverse, non-English speaking population without ignoring the time that should be devoted to covering curricula for native Americans?

    Immigration IS the #1 issue for 2016 elections, including H1B visas. Americans first, thank you very much.

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  10. waltherppk says:

    Maybe the ragin’ cajun would say ….George Will is stuck on stupid, …….over


  11. doodahdaze says:

    Now. I am thinking about the Trump Jury Duty. Seeing as how the NYC Public Defender Office was shown to be lacking in ethics recently. Seeing as how Big Bird is a communist. Seeing as how the NYC Prosecutor may be compromised. What are the chances that this could be a set up? Trump is called for Jury Duty next week in NYC. I would put nothing past them even to the point of a Jury Duty Political Scam. heads up folks.


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