Why I Support Donald Trump’s Campaign – And It’s Probably Not What You Think…

Begin with the end in mind – I’m not trying to convince anyone that Donald Trump is  running a campaign to actually win the GOP nomination.

Factually, I’m as uncertain and perhaps more skeptical as the next person. However, given that Trump has actually done things he normally wouldn’t do if this was a mere publicity stunt (ie. stock divestitures, removal of conflicts etc.), for the sake of intellectual argument, I’m going to assume, cautiously yet optimistically, he’s in it to win it.

donald trump banner

So why support him?

Argument #1 – After all, he’s been a democrat, an independent, a Republican, and well, I have consistently despised Charlie Crist.

Counter Argument – Then again, what about Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, and Orin Hatch, and Lindsey Graham, and John McCain, and John Cornyn, and Thad Cochran and, well, you get the point…. What’s the difference between supporting those consistently Republican “Republicans” only to have them advocate for liberal/progressive policies.

Are the aforementioned better because they didn’t change party registration, yet act like Democrats?

Let me first explain something few fully comprehend – and fewer still, are willing accept.

People like us rail against the “establishment” because, despite the GOP claims to the contrary, they never actually do anything to stop the liberal policy agenda. One only has to look at President Obama’s veto record (four in 6.5 years) to accept that only legislation Obama agrees with is reaching his desk.


We gave the GOP the House (2010, 2012, 2014) and the Senate (2014) and yet we never have received a single benefit to the election victories We The People provided.

Why is that?

Here’s where a paradigm shift is needed for many of the political followers who don’t have a deep and specialized knowledge of the Republican agenda.

Citizens United was touted by conservatives as a victory. Why?

Was it because Citizens United was genuinely a win for freedom of speech, or was it actually and substantively because Obama declared it a loss?

Again, paradigm shift time – Citizens United was as much a defeat for “our side” as it was for “their side”.

We didn’t need Citizens United to win a massive electoral victory in 2010, Obama’s “Shellacking”; we just showed up to the polls and voted against his policies.

However, the Republican professional political class did need Citizens United to try and stop our efforts in 2012 and again in 2014. I’ll explain.

tom donohueThe U.S. Chamber of Commerce, led by President Tom Donohue, is the power brokerage for the GOP “establishment”. In short, whatever the CoC wants, their lobbyists on K-Street will insure the CoC gets through campaign contributions to influence the GOP as a Party.

The U.S. CoC is the operational arm of Wall Street, not, I repeat, NOT, Main Street.

The Citizens United  decision is what allowed Wall Street to fund the U.S. CoC, which in turn funded the GOP establishment machine.  If politics is a blood sport, Citizens United just authorized the unlimited use of STERIODS for the paid gladiators.

How does Wall Street differ from Main Street?

The answer to that question can most easily be reflected by explaining why the Republican Establishment, the professional political class, supports ObamaCare, Common Core and Comprehensive Immigration Reform to include Amnesty.

tom donohue 3

Wall Street and ObamaCare:

Wall Street, through the CoC, advocate for policies that benefit their interests; their financial interests. The cost of worker healthcare is a liability embedded in the cost of the products sold. If the United Auto Workers healthcare plan costs $10,000 per person, that cost is embedded in the price to manufacture a car.

Unlike their global competitors U.S. businesses (manufacturers) have these costs as part of their product cost, the cost of goods sold.

Globally, other nations have various forms of “government provided” healthcare, and so their products don’t carry the cost directly.   In an effort to level the manufacturing playing field, the U.S. CoC, Wall Street, are firm advocates of removing the cost of healthcare from U.S. goods.

Wall Street, supports ObamaCare for an expanded profit margin on financially capitalized businesses – ie. higher profits = higher stock valuations.

Simultaneously, unions support ObamaCare (see SEIU, AFL-CIO et al, visits to White House during ObamaCare construct) because ObamaCare removes the healthcare liability from the union retirees benefits. ie. increased solvency.

The globalists, and progressive Democrats support ObamaCare because it aids their constituency, unions; and also expands the influence of government control which is based on a collective outlook and elimination of the individual freedom.

Wall Street therefore supports both Republicans and Democrats when it comes to the retention of ObamaCare.

That’s why you don’t see Republican Majorities trying to remove it – it’s all hat and no cattle; a ruse, a fraud. Only the promises of actual removal being used to get Pavlov’s sheeple masses to pull levers with hopes/promises of getting repeal pellets.

The GOP has NO INTENTION of removing ObamaCare.

San Antonio, Texas Mayor Julian Castro, center, applauds President Barack Obama in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, June 11, 2013, after the president spoke about immigration reform. From left are, Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton, US Chamber of Commerce CEO Thomas Donohue and Castro.  (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

San Antonio, Texas Mayor Julian Castro, center, applauds President Barack Obama in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, June 11, 2013, after the president spoke about immigration reform. From left are, Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton, US Chamber of Commerce CEO Thomas Donohue and Castro. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Wall Street and Immigration:

Like ObamaCare, Wall Street wants comprehensive immigration reform to include amnesty. Again, focused almost entirely on the reduction of the labor costs for goods and services. These are financial balance sheet determinations, not considerations of what’s best for the middle class U.S. worker.

Democrats and Republicans both want immigration reform to include amnesty. Democrats for a voting block and more collectivist ideological approaches, Republicans to do the bidding of their financial interests – The CoC, Tom Donohue, etc.

Neither Democrats nor Republicans are willing to build a border wall to stop illegal immigration.

Tom donohue 5

Wall Street and Common Core Education:

Like ObamaCare and Immigration, Wall Street wants the federalization of education. In part because it generates a consistently similar pool of eligible, who are increasingly Latino, workers; and in part because education is BIG BUSINESS.

Just look at your property taxes to see how much of your local property tax dollars are apportioned to public School and Education funding.

Democrats and Republicans both support Common Core. Democrats because it expands the financial base of local schools to allow greater room for increased labor union (teacher, NEA) wages; and because Common Core affords, yet again, an ideological watering down of individualism in favor of collectivism. Republicans support Common Core because it’s big business, and the CoC funds their advocacy.

Both Democrats and Republicans support Common Core.

tom donohue 4

In 2013 CoC President Tom Donohue went on record saying his 2014/2015 legislative priorities were:

1 – Full implementation of ObamaCare without repeal.
2 – Comprehensive Immigration Reform to include Amnesty.
3 – Full implementation of Common Core educational standards.

Wall Street, through K-Street, through the CoC, fund these legislative priorities.

The Citizens United decision allowed Wall Street, through K-Street, through the CoC to fund established legislative representatives to continue these legislative priorities.

Conversely, Citizens United, through Wall Street, through K-Street, through the CoC, fund attacks against any political opponent who would unseat their selected and established candidate. You only need to look at 2014’s Virginia (Ken Cuccinelli), or Mississippi (Chris McDaniels), or Kentucky (Matt Bevin) to see how strongly they will work to insure victory.

So now that you know why both Republicans and Democrats support ObamaCare, Amnesty and Common Core; what exactly is the difference between a Jeb Bush and a Hillary Clinton?

Some social issues, maybe – gay marriage, legalized pot? A SCOTUS appointment? Do you really think that Bush or Clinton would select a totally divergent SCOTUS, when their intents and purposes are essentially the same?

Wall Street needs Bush V Clinton in 2016 because they are two different sides of the same professional political coin. Wall Street doesn’t care which one, because Wall Street wins with either candidate.

How does Wall Street insure their desired candidate outcome?

Quite simple. WE’VE REPEATEDLY OUTLINED IT HERE – It’s a simple five state strategy, almost identical to their previously selected candidate, Mitt Romney, in 2012.

donald-trumpWhat makes Donald Trump different?

This is where you accept the value of Donald Trump; because despite opinion to the contrary, Donald Trump is Main Street – not Wall Street.

Trump’s wealth is tied directly to the success of Main Street. Trump builds things, actual things – which he then owns. Trump does not make money from capitalization of financials – Trump makes money from traditional business models, owning and operating stuff.

Both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are Wall Street candidates.

IDEOLOGICAL EXAMPLE: The IRS weaponization of government against people, as within the Lois Lerner IRS scandal, is an issue which Trump can breech. Both Democrats and Republicans benefit from the destruction of the Tea Party; neither Bush not Clinton bear any interest in exposing the IRS scandal itself.

When you accept that without Donald Trump you get Bush V Clinton, you begin to understand why it’s beneficial to support Donald Trump.

Quite simply, there’s nothing to lose.

As we previously shared, numerous times, you can get angry, mad, upset etc. about the reality of the 2016 GOP Five State roadmap, but that’s not going to change the path we are on to Bush V Clinton. Here it is again:

Exactly a year ago, May 2014, we shared the predictable factual activities, specific tripwires, which outline a specific path to a very specific destination.  Every single one of those tripwires has been reached exactly as predicted.

tom donohuegrubering us bush murdoch jarrett

Team Jeb’s path is brutally obvious to those willing to accept it. Intellectual honesty is required in order to accept what each of the tripwires represent. Here it is again, as written previously:

It is not far away from the Romney path, although the GOP learned a lesson from when Ronald Reagan beat “their guy” Bush in 1980, and therefore with a few minor modifications it is considered a successful strategy in the GOP primary.

A man places a corn kernel in a jar as he places a vote for U.S. Republican presidential candidate and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, IowaIowa kicks off the campaign, but Iowa is not strategically as important as the Fourth GOP Primary state, Florida. The establishment plan for Iowa has always been just to show face, make nice, and move on. Iowa is mandatory, but essentially irrelevant. [In 2012 Rick Santorum won Iowa]

New Hampshire is more important than Iowa – but again, it’s not important to win per se’. A top three finish is all that’s needed and a little money will get that done. A centrist GOPe will place in the top media tier for New Hampshire and rarely will the Iowa winner stand a chance. The decepticon establishment’s goal in Iowa is a top three finish.

The race then moves to South Carolina. South Carolina becomes more important than the prior two, but only slightly. The State that has given the conservative base such solid leaders as Jim DeMint and Tim Scott has also continued to deliver the ever pliable Lindsey Graham. Graham is to South Carolina what his buddy John McCain is to Arizona.

nikki-haley-170032_thumb_585x795In South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is the wild card, but can generally be predicted to come down on the side of the GOPe. More so now than years past as her record aligns with more in-state political adversaries having issues with her.

Between Iowa and New Hampshire the media will stick relentlessly with discussions of the two completed primaries and will focus on South Carolina only right before the actual voting (a week or less).

For the establishment the goal in South Carolina is to thread the needle between the Demint/Scott minded folks, and the in-their-pocket Graham voter. There’s usually a debate in this mix which can sway this outcome. A GOPe win would be great, but a second or even a third place finish is ok too.

Then comes the BIGGIE, Florida. A massive and immensely expensive market for a closed GOP only primary.

99 Electoral Votes – Winner Take All

Welcome%20to%20FloridaFlorida is big in both geography and diversity of opinion. At 800 miles tip to stem it takes a long time to campaign inside Florida and the apparatus within the state must be top shelf.

This is a financial and logistical nightmare for any campaign not prepared. Such a construct favors the establishment from the outset, so any candidate not part of the GOPe national apparatus will have a tough time.

You might remember that strong candidate, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, emphasized Florida 100% in his 2008 GOP primary bid. But even with his approach to focus -almost exclusively- on Florida, he failed. Although most of that failure was due to the Florida economy in absolute freefall (turning attention away from national security) his failure in Florida reflects a reality; Florida can be, and is, exhausting for a candidate in numerous ways – and it is a financial bottomless pit.

The 2016 establishment GOPe know they will hold favor in the Miami-Dade area (South East) where there is a large population. The decepticons also know the Panhandle (NW) is too conservative, but fortunately not population dense.

The GOPe will spend most of their efforts in the I-4 corridor between Tampa (large population) and Orlando (another large population) – with less, but still considerable, effort in the Jacksonville/Tallahassee market.

florida donors 2

Florida costs BIG BUCKS, but also holds BIG BUCKS. Events in the Country Club cocktail class areas will yield huge financial fundraisers. However, the mindset within those Bentley polished communities, filled with unused marble swimming pools, is that no-one likes to be on the losing side. Having been their Governor, Jeb already has all the GOPe constructs to succeed.

Oh yeah, and… Mr. Jeb also has a Latino wife, family, and speaks fluent Spanish. “Fluent” as in “better than” Marco Rubio….

The thought of Scott Walker and/or Ted Cruz vs. Jeb Bush in Florida is a formidable exercise. For all of the aforementioned reasons Jeb Bush holds an arguably solid advantage. He can speak Spanish at outside events in Miami-Dade, Tampa and Orlando, and still raise his pinkie higher at the 5:00pm cocktail party hour.

One can easily see the GOPe winning the South-East (Miami Dade), South-West (Naples/Ft. Myers), West/Center (Tampa/St. Pete to Orlando) and North East (Tallahassee/Jacksonville down to Daytona) and only losing the North West and North Center.

I predict that prior to Florida Chris Christie will be the attack dog for Jeb Bush as Christie positions himself favorably with the GOP apparatus. Similarly, when the race reaches Florida Marco Rubio will take that role.

Yes, Rubio will run in 2016 also, {ADD: as predicted he did} but he’ll be the type of candidate perfect for the GOPe plan. Rubio would split the Walker/Cruz constituents and take 3rd in Iowa, 2nd(ish) in New Hampshire, and skewer the field with a possible win in South Carolina.

Do you really think a single term Senator, with no accumulated wealth, would mount a presidential bid without a financial safety net under him?   The reward for Rubio’s loyalty is the CoC/Wall Street golden parachute.

This will position Rubio to be the ultimate decision-maker/power-broker in Florida AND provides him the ultimate opportunity to repay his friend, colleague and father-like mentor, Jeb Bush.

BOOM – 2016 primary over.

Here’s the scenario as predicted.  However, you can move the candidate bits around as much as you want to – and you’re still going to come up with the same outcome. Pick your favorite, put him/her into any combination, the outcome remains the same:

#1 Iowa = Walker/Cruz, Rubio, Bush

#2 New Hampshire = Rubio/Walker, Bush, Cruz

#3 South Carolina = Rubio/Walker/Cruz, Bush

#4 Florida = Bush/Rubio, Walker, Cruz… field.

#5 Nevada – After Florida it’s over, save for the details !

DETAILS (specific and predictable tripwires):

→ Exiting Iowa the GOP will work diligently to continue the Ted Cruz too polarizing message. They’ll want to keep him in the race, but only so that folks will be torn away from Walker.  The media will be more than happy to assist in selling a Polarizing Ted Cruz.

→ Entering New Hampshire the GOP will leverage Rubio to tamp down Walker and they’ll attack Walker as unintellectual, stupid, Midwestern, not smart enough. The GOP will use Rubio to ‘Out-Intellect’ Walker and make Walker appear small, over-his-head. The media will be more than happy to assist.

→ Exiting New Hampshire both Walker and Cruz will be damaged goods. Both Campaigns physically, emotionally and financially being drained from the onslaught. Enter Chris Christie to finish them off and continue the marginalization.  Christie’s goal is to aid the GOP and he’ll be the attack dog going into SC.

→ Entering South Carolina Nikki Haley will be leveraged by the GOP with a possible VP spot teased to media on Team Jeb. The goal is to keep her from endorsing Walker or Cruz and rescuing their now exhausted campaigns. If she wants to endorse Rubio, fine. If she wants to endorse Jeb, even better. If Haley endorses Rubio that will only aid Bush when Rubio endorses him later.

→ Exiting South Carolina Bush and Rubio enter their massive home state with friendly and large political constructs already in place. They tour the state as their campaigns talk to each other insure their paths don’t cross, and they don’t hit the same donors too closely together. The airwave campaign is massive and $$$$$$$$. Cruz/Walker or Walker/Cruz are ground up like cornmeal for cornbread, and exhausted as donors begin to worry if they stand a chance.

√ Exiting Florida the Decepticon GOP machine has ground-up their opposition and Bush / Rubio teams enter negotiations to divide up the spoils in what they both hope will be another Bush administration.

…. and so it goes.

rubio bush

Things could be different than this; however, it would take different actions than are currently visible to avoid it – and highly doubtful.

If we are to accept history, and also openly accept what is evident, well, this is what you get:

clinton bush

When we wrote this a year ago we established specific tripwires which would indicate that this was exactly what the GOP machine would intend to do.

All of those tripwires, every-single-one, and all of those exact candidates, have done exactly what was predicted.  Including the Florida GOP changing the electoral vote distribution (which we also predicted they would) they have followed the exact path and triggered every single tripwire in sequential order.

This is not some grand Nostradamus-like brilliant insight. Quite the contrary, it’s just common sense. It’s just accepting what the GOP said they were going to do, when they said they were going to do it, and how they announced they were going to do it back in 2013.

Nothing more, nothing less.

We are not smart – we just accept what is before us.

However, you’ll note we also included a very specific caveat:

…”Things could be different than this; however, it would take different actions than are currently visible to avoid it – and highly doubtful”….

Donald Trump is the absolute personification of that caveat. Trump is the only visible method to defeat the GOP/CoC/Professional political class scheme.

He, not him as a person, but rather Trump as a strategy – is the only strategic possibility that can upset the entire construct of years of careful Machiavellian planning.

That’s why I support Donald Trump.

I support him as a strategy to defeat the GOP and Democrat Party Machines:

Trump banner

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498 Responses to Why I Support Donald Trump’s Campaign – And It’s Probably Not What You Think…

  1. Renee Blythe says:

    We need to clean house and start over with conservative/republican Trump leading. Get rid of all of them! The corruption is terrible and the good ole boys need to go. We have been lied too way too long and must take our country back. Only the citizens can do it.

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  3. GrimmTale says:

    Can I get a “Hallelujah” …? Yes Sundance my friend — a resounding YES!
    Your point [in part]: “…Trump is Main Street – Bush and Hillary are Wall Street…”

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  4. thesouthwasrght says:

    You had me at hello.

    Trump it is, I just hope his security guys are on top of their game.

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    • squid2112 says:

      Um, yeah, no kidding. Consider this. There are literally TRILLIONS of dollars at state here. TRILLIONS. Consider the whole “climate change” crap, and the Cap-n-Trade (estimated $17trillion/yr), the whole healthcare system (1/6 of our economy, or $2.5trillion/yr), and so much more. There is a whole lot of incentive for something bad to happen to Mr. Trump. God I hope not!

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      • irvingtwosmokes says:

        One problem with that. whacking Joe Blow is easy, taking out a multibillionaire not so easy. If one thing happens to Donald, you’re going to have a Damacus Ark 1980 explosion across the country. The silo is filled with hypergolic fuel and it’s just looking for a spark to blow the 740 ton silo door off.

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  5. Bwanar says:

    We need to start over. The government should get back to representing and serving the people, not the other way around. I don’t think we can fix the existing machine. It is truly corrupt!


  6. Michael Shea says:

    Mr. Trump, Your stance on immigration is spot-on. Several years ago I was contracted to complete a few months of work in Puerto Rico.
    TO A MAN,
    They bragged about how they:
    You KNOW it, back home THEY KNOW IT!
    In NYC if you get accepted into public housing you run the risk of getting killed by Puerto Ricans. THIS is not some arbitrary statement Mr. Trump. I was told this by my social worker who was assigned to me by New York University Transplant. This social worker was dealing with both my traumatic brain injury and my liver transplant. She suggested that I might try Statin Island instead.
    Mr. Trump, being a Caucasian is a disadvantage in NYC.
    When Caucasians are in charge of a situation, they do not necessarily give preference to white people over people of color, BUT PEOPLE OF COLOR FLAT OUT BLOCK OUT WHITES. I remember my mother, after struggling to get her GED while watched over my younger siblings while she was away, crying time after time as she was refused work by African American UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT WORKERS placed other AFRICAN AMERICAN citizens FLAT OUT AHEAD OF HER.
    Mr. Trump, Thank you, you are a hope and an inspiration for this politically Korect Country.
    I stand by you.
    Thank You
    Michael Shea 12580

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  7. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    I support Trump as well for these reasons and many more.

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  8. criticalbill says:

    If Trump is hurt or killed…the guns come out. Time to start a citizen ‘Star Chamber’.

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    • squid2112 says:

      I’m ready for it!


    • DR Barrie J Dent says:

      Hi I like your comment and I hope that Mr Trump sees this, for the following reasons, I am a US Citizen and I have travelled world, America is too soft on the rest of the world, I respect the course of political correctness but, but Now its time to take the gloves off, I haved lived in Saudi, UAE Bahrain Pakistan been round the world three times in the navy, and the feeling is that we are losing our shirts, The billions that are given to other countries that goes into the pockets of corrupt officials, while the Vietnam Vets get shit on, the politicians that promise the world, and what do we get is a cracked Egg, if you notice its the chicken livered people who are the one that are scared of Donald, its time for a change, kick those old grandpas off the campaign trail, and that woman that almost bankrupted Hewlett Packard , remember the 5 th columnists from germany flooding the country with Billions of Fake dollars . dont tell me that it cant happen again, one good American said after coming back from Vietnam ( Id rather fight those sons of Bitches out there , than walking down my back garden and killing my Wife and kids. well its happening again, , and all those stupid candidates with false promises will let them do it
      WHY because they are all owned by the lobbyists who are paid by the investors, Donald has and does not have anyone to whom he is indebted to. he shoots from the Hip Says what he wants and wants what he says .

      NO MORE 9 elevens

      Go for it Donald

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  9. I supporting Doald Trump because is the only andidate talking about the real issues and he isn’t taking any of the money from the good old boys.

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    • Lisa says:

      Even though Trump has a lot to learn but he will sk the right people and surround himself with knowledgable people and by the way, I believe that Hillary will be out of the picture pretty soon because things are closing in on here with all this lying what has gone on for years and years. They had gotte away with way to much, Hillary and her husband and I truly thing that both actually should be in jail


      • Cesar says:

        If one reads the biography of greatest and most successful people in the world, they all surrounded themselves with great people that a masters in their field, Trump has been doing this for years hence, his great success, I’ll vote for him for sure.

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  10. Chris says:

    The Donald is the first ray of sunshine, on the political front since Ross Perot. I hope he finds a way to do better than poor Ross did.

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  11. Hell yes we have nothing to lose by voting for Trump. We are in the tank and sinking without a lifeline and he is the only one I see throwing us a life raft. Just his ego to win will MAGA because if he can’t do it nobody can do it. Let’s toss out the old establishment politicians and give Trump a shot at it. He does good he gets another 4yrs. Both sides have been in the dumps even the Dems I know have woke up and going to break the D behind their names and vote for Trump. Now that’s saying a lot.


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  13. jimash1 says:

    I do not follow ALL the ins and outs, but one can see that Pataki, Gilmore, Christie, Santorum,
    Rubio, Kasich, Graham etc. are not really running. Just holding the bag for Bush.
    Your Scenario is right on. Its the old money boys selling us out for profit. Only Trump can save the country. OMG.
    And he’s doing it.


  14. kh5744 says:

    I have been MISSING OUT by not knowing of, and not reading “Sundance”.
    Masterful. Can’t wait to read the rest.


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  16. Jeremiah says:


    Okay. Most of what I read at other places urging me to vote for Trump sound like mindless hero worship. That everything will be perfect, but only if Trump wins. That Obama is secretly controlling everyone that attacks Trump (including Rand Paul?!?), and that kind of conspiracy theory stuff.

    But this is more interesting, and more possible. Especially if you consider that Rubio is the best positioned to win Nevada (which I thought had moved to go before Florida).

    I did wonder why Rubio would run, but I figured that he was really running for VP as Florida is so important in the general that anyone other than Bush would want Rubio as their VP.

    However, I’d like to point out that the primary election does not end with Florida. And to wave away what comes after as “details” is insufficient. Furthermore, nothing in Cruz’s personality has ever lead me to believe that he will suffer any “emotional exhaustion” after a loss in Florida. Even Walker would continue on (if more stoically than with energy – quiet endurance while the storm rages seems to be his thing).

    Cruz has money. A lot of money, because the Texas donors lined up behind him instead of Perry. That means Cruz can keep on going long after losing Florida (as everyone expects him to) and up next is the South. If Cruz wins the south (which he has a good chance of doing) and wins Texas, then he is most definitely still in the race.

    Walker has a bit of a harder time, but if he can make it to the Midwest primaries he could compete there and those aren’t small either. If he won Iowa, this would be a lot easier for him to do.

    Bush can still pick up California, the west coast, and maybe New York, but that’s not enough to win the primary. Not without the South or the Midwest.

    Additionally, you are assuming that the American voters are predictable. If Walker and Cruz both get wins in the early primary states, (Iowa and New Hampshire respectively), there is every chance that voters might consolidate behind them as “winners” more quickly than expected. Expectations are a big thing. The expectation is for Bush to win Florida, so that will also mitigate a victory there for him.

    Still, I grant that there might be something to this as a plot by the Bush political machine.

    There is just one problem with this idea: Donald Trump

    You see, unfortunately we don’t elect a movement. We elect a man. And Donald Trump is not a man I want as President. He is not Main Street, he is Wall Street. He’s giving us a sales pitch and telling me what I want to hear – yet that is at odds with who he donated too, and his previous positions. I’m tired of electing politicians who tell me what I want to hear, but don’t do anything once in office. How is Trump different?

    In my judgement all Trump cares about is Trump, and he will betray his voters as fast as any establishment politician.

    If you were proposing using Trump as a way to pave a path for Cruz, by focusing all of the attacks on Trump instead of Cruz… well that sounds semi-plausible. But if you are actually trying to make Trump President then I must oppose.

    You say we have nothing to lose. If that is the case then let’s go double or nothing and push for Cruz. That way if a miracle happens and we win, we win big.

    If we put up Trump, then even if we win we lose, because Trump won’t destroy the establishment. At most he might exile them for 4 years. At which point after 4 years of ineptitude by Trump the public will be happy to accept establishment domination again.

    Don’t waste our one chance at revolt on a blustering Dick Draper.

    Let me paint another scenario for you.

    Donald Trump eats up all of Walkers support and so Iowa is won by Trump with 15%. Trump eats up half of Cruz and Rand Paul’s support and so wins New Hampshire by a small margin.

    The call goes out for “anybody but Trump”, Bush wins South Carolina because of the division among conservatives.

    Bush wins Florida. Now the media all say the choice is between Trump and Bush. Conservatives who can’t stand Trump consolidate behind Cruz as Walker drops out. We go into the Southern primaries, and because Cruz and Trump divide the conservative vote, Bush manages to win 1/3 of them. Bush wins California, the west coast, and New York.

    In the Midwest, Trump and Cruz divide the conservative vote again, and so Bush wins 1/2 of them.

    Now Bush has secured the nomination with a solid majority of delegates.

    That sounds like a rather plausible outcome to me if people keep flirting with a fake like Trump instead of a real conservative.


    • stella says:

      You should read all of the posts on this subject. This is an old one.


    • cmsfl says:

      Bush does not have a lock on Florida.


    • dbg says:

      The problem is Cruz is NOT attacking Bush or Rubio. Until he throws out that silly Reagan commandment he’s going to loose.


    • A40 says:

      “Additionally, you are assuming that the American voters are predictable.”

      And you are assuming a lot about Trump’s motivations and being inept if President. I guess if you think Bush automatically wins, there’s nothing left for you to do, and no reason to vote. Even if all Trump does is exile the establishment for four years, that is certainly better than the alternative. Sorry you don’t get that. When I read comments like yours — i.e. the fix is in and there’s nothing anyone can do about it — I wonder if it’s a Progressive talking. The only think you left out was that we might as well vote for Hillary.


  17. Tracy Doyle says:

    Oh… My… God… I am a former news reporter and Tea Party conservative who has lost faith in most blogs. Today I found yours and I can’t be more excited! You guys have done your homework on the super corrupt GOPee and you have NAILED exactly the reason why, if we are going to bust the donor class cartel and save the voice of We the People, we MUST support Trump. Not because he’s a perfect conservative, because he is not (but he’s dead on right with enough issues that I’ll settle); but because he’s the only candidate in think this country has ever seen who has enough personal funds to smash the Wall Street cancer to smithereens! I LOVE this blog and will be watching regularly. Your exposé of the “splitter” strategy is brilliant!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Steven Bourgeois says:

      Amen Tracy


    • Eleanor Cummings says:

      These were pulled by random so you can see some of the links and videos (his own words) found in


      It sure made for some interesting reading. Made ME change my mind about him.

      37) 2014: A) Ted Cruz wants to Sell OUR National Parks to Private Owners
      (Link: whohijackedourcountry.blogspot.com) B) Ted Cruz Launches Senate Fight To Auction Off America’s Public Lands (Link: http://thkpr.gs/1q21g5c)

      40) How Corrupt Lawyer Ted Cruz Helped George W. Bush Steal The 2000 Election. (Link: http://www.occupydemocrats.com)

        (Like he's doing to Trump, who isn't "in on" dirty political Games.)

      41) Top Ted Cruz Activist Jumps Ship…Joins Donald Trump Campaign (Link: http://disq.us/92knkf)

        (Evidently Trump didn't offer him anything. He went with the RINO bribers.)

      42) Ted Cruz Visits Texas Border To Welcome Illegal Alien Families (Link: theconservativetreehouse.com)

      58) Ted Cruz is in the U.S. Senate Illegally! (Link: northamericanlawcenter.org)

      65) “All citizenship records for Ted Cruz are sealed”: TED CRUZ IS IN THE U.S. SENATE ILLEGALLY? (Link: northamericanlawcenter.org)

      67) How Ted Cruz Screwed Florida In The Year 2000 (Link: detonite.com)

      Ted Cruz is just another CORRUPT Politician working for himself and the Establishment, aka the globalists, the New World Order, NOT for the American people!

      .Now……read and then tell me why YOU still support Cruz…..there are more, but this will give you an idea of what kind of person he is!

      Lied about Ben Carson in Iowa
      Lies about his eligibility to be President
      Lied on a Facebook page where he said Gowdy no longer supports Rubio
      Lied about #Trump’s support of the 2nd amendment
      Lied about Trump’s stand on abortion
      Lies about his receiving money from the Chinese
      Lied about his stand on social security
      Lies about his support of Obama and the Washington establishment
      Lies about his voting record in the Senate
      Lies about financial support from “special interest” groups
      Lied about his interview on the Duke Machado show in August of 2011 where he himself said he doesn’t qualify to run for President
      Lied about Trump’s support of guns for Americans
      Lies about his support for people of color
      Lied about coming to the United States illegally
      Lies about his support of our military and defense budget
      Lied about robo-calls made in NH where he said Trump was not running, so be sure to vote for Cruz
      Lies about sending another mailer to NH residents threating to expose non-voters
      Lies about his non-supporters in the Senate – he is NOT well liked
      Lied about Rubio’s stand on pro-life
      Lies about his support from evangelical leaders
      Lies about his wife and his stand on the New World Order (He, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and many of our corrup politicians endorse NWO.

      I could go on and on but I believe the point is made that Cruz is all about lying and cheating to get votes! I also believe that it is a very sad situation when his supporters don’t want to admit all of this, when it is staring them in the face…..they must have SELECTIVE SEEING AND HEARING.
      I did not list, but it is very important to me…….RESEARCH what his father preaches and what he says about his son. Also, remember that Cruz has his father counseling him in his campaign (the apple does not fall far from the tree).
      Then, we HAVE to consider his ties to the Bush family through the years and he NOW has members of that family working with him and supporting him! Cruz IS NOT an OUTSIDER!!


  18. Steven Bourgeois says:

    Yes, stand up now America. I’d rather give Donald Trump the opportunity to pull us out of this than ensure this is the last election that brings this once great nation to her knees. If we don’t choose a different direction this time, it will be too late. I think most rational Americans understand how important this is.


  19. facts777 says:

    Donald Trump exbibits the same tendency of the problem this article describes. Paying others to get what I want….this is what Trump boasts about. Ted Cruz is the only one who has proven to take on this establishment problem. If Trump ends up taking apart the system, fine. But a Trump presidency is a return to that same system just with some minor differences.


  20. I love the analysis assessment roadmap, it’s right on target for the GOP establishment, being corrupt as they are, they know what, how, and who to manipulate to get their targeted desired end result. The GOP establishment is nobody’s friend but their own. Thus I totally concur with your Trump support reasoning.

    But here’s something that must be included in –

    No one in the Conservative movement ever said Trump was a conservative.. We the people all know what and who Trump is and is not.. That’s NOT why we support him. I realize they’re trying to drive a wedge between the supporters and Trump, but when they just don’t get why we support Trump, and frankly they don’t care about getting it, this is what they do.. NOT going to work !! 

    What we the people are facing in the country today is nothing short of govt corruption and cronyism on a scale not seen since the American Revolution. Thus the enormous magnitude of what we the people must stop and reverse, and restore our country back to not just economic prosperity once again, financial health and well being-ie; eradicating this massive Obama debt he has incurred nearly all by himself with nothing to show for it but unsustainable imploding debt, but back to being our Constitutional Republic with a limited govt Of, By, and For We the People, back to being a force of and for good with a strong US Military to back it up – not allying and aligning America with the evil of the world-ie; Iran/ Islamist Terrorism, as Obama has done.. thus it will take someone of enormous strength, resources, will, and unyeilding resolve to do it, and thus far Trump has answered that call- ie; Trump is our “break glass in case of emergency” candidate, and he has proven himself worthy of that task thus far. Our anger and disdain at the GOP establishment RINOcrat leadership is reflected and voiced through Trump, ie; it’s about defeating the arrogant obnoxious political ruling class establishment, which the conservative media intelligensia are just as much a part of as the liberal media and political establishment is, that has a death grip strangle hold on the political process, which the power they yield is being used against us, against the best interests of our Nation Republic, against our closest ally-the State of Israel, etc.. while they collude and conspire with Obama on everything and anything. We the people have had enough of, fed up, and the game is over.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. Pingback: How the Two Party system works against Your Freedom | Marietta OH 9-12 Project

  22. Jim Brown says:

    I’m in a deep Democratic area, Hillary territory. My gosh, would I love a Donald Trump banner on my front Lawn. I live accross from our fire company and it would be noticed…


  23. Robert Wade says:

    There is no mention on Ben Carson’s position in this. Currently, he has taken the lead in the polls. Is Carson a Wall St. lapdog too or is he a rouge wirld card? Is he disrupting Trumps chances?


  24. jojo says:

    If TRUMP just builds the GREAT WALL of TRUMP and sends aliens home he’s done enough for me. GO TRUMP. Invest in our country by sending a donation to the TRUMP campaign.


  25. sean436 says:

    I am going to voice my piece, even if it means Sundance removes me. I simply don’t care anymore. I have two subjects. The first is Trump, and no we don’t honestly know for sure if he actually wants to win. He has an almost zero ground game and even knowing the rules, never solicited delegates that would be on his side after the 3rd or 4th votes at the convention. He pretty much holds all of my ideals as a president, but will he win? We can hope and we can also hope that he actually wants it. Sundance is correct in his analysis, IMO.

    The second is the tea party. OMG, have you people made some major mistakes, infantile mistakes. Yeah, I’m calling you out. It is amazing that right at or over half the freedom caucus deserted you guys. You are not losers, You are simply naive. I talked with our local branch and realized that their ‘leader’ was total establishment. They claimed he saw the light. Whatever that means. Didn’t work out well did it, Michigan. Another great example, one of hundreds is Rubio. He held pro abortion and pro amnesty and open borders positions going into the electorate and the tea party ‘vetted him’? Seriously? He told you in a room that he had universally changed his positions to your beliefs and you actually believed him? What happened after he gained the senate seat exactly. Tell me please, but I already know the answer, I simply want you to fess up to it. He screwed you and badly.

    It honestly makes me sick on how unintelligent most people are and how gullible. This is not politically correct speak but you guys and gals seriously need to do your homework. I am on your side, but I refuse to join the tea party when I see RINO’s leading it. My suggestion? Pull your head out of your … and start using your brain. Vet your candidates and if they have a one month conversion (such as Rubio) Don’t support them. Jeez. How hard is this to comprehend? OMG. I am amazed.

    So I vented at the massive stupidity of our current tea parties, but what to do? That answer is also simple and I alluded to it already. If any dislike my vent, tough. I spent 8 years in the marine corps so you could be allowed to make incredibly stupid decisions, with 3 westpacs and 4 tours in the middle east. Suck it up.

    Start doing research. Never believe a candidate that suddenly that month decides he is for your beliefs. How hard is that? You elect representatives because they have money? We have money and I’ve contributed more than my share, as have my family. Your list of mistakes is unforgivable because you REPEAT THEM.

    Stop that. Stop being ignorant and start being smart.

    Not sure you’re up to it. You haven’t been so far in most cases. Time will tell.

    Opinion over. All within the rules of this website, but you are welcome to ban me if you wish Sundance. These people needed a wakeup call. They cry, they scream, they whine and moan and do nothing to help their situation.


    • sean436 says:

      I have to expand this. As soon as the Tea Parties formed, they were infiltrated by the RINO’s. Factoid. In the military, we call this counterinsurgency. YOU allowed it to happen, willingly, blinded by the money the leaders had. Willing to believe same day positions. It is pathetic and I’ll sit at home and roast steaks on the BBQ and drink a couple beers while watching my kids play on my 25 acres, fully paid for already, while the country burns to the ground because of stupidity.

      Good Luck.


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