“Tripwire Alert” – Texas Polling Shows Trump Growing – Quinnipiac Begins To Highlight The “Biden” Paradox….

Lots to discuss, absorb and discover.

Texas swing state polling shows Trump expanding his lead over home state candidates Jeb Bush, and Ted Cruz.  Similar to Florida Polling, the risk presented by Donald Trump is growing exponentially; which also explains the new Quinnipiac approach.

Beyond the Texas Polling, and specifically because of what Trump is accomplishing, you’ll note the data inside the Quinnipiac polling begins to present new paradigms, new questions.

Q-pac is beginning to test out Trump VS Biden.  EVERYONE should have fully anticipated this new ‘dynamic’, it was entirely predictable.

When we stated a month ago that unless something rather radical changes the general election movement is headed toward “Donald Trump VS Joe Biden”.  At the time many thought we were nuts.  [ One person didn’t. ]

Why is Trump VS Biden predictable?   To answer that question you need to stop looking at the water flowing over the dam in front of you, and start looking ‘downstream’.  I’ll explain…

Think about who is at risk to a Trump primary victory?  Wall Street, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, K-Street Lobbyists, Tom Donohue, Mitch McConnell and the entire apparatus of the DC political class, the “power brokers”, or as we like to call them the GOPe.

Now think about who is at risk from a Bernie Sanders victory?  You’ll note it’s the exact same players.

Think Long Term – Think about the power broker alignments and their preferred candidates in the General Election.

Jeb Bush VS Hillary Clinton is the ultimate Win/Win.

This is the outcome the Wall Street power brokers, the engineers, constructed within the GOPe road map.  This is the outcome that Donald Trump has thoroughly screwed up.


Paradigm change ahead:

Candidate Jeb Bush attends Chamber of Commerce dinner with Fox's Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett (December 2014)

Candidate Jeb Bush attends Chamber of Commerce dinner with Fox’s Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett (December 2014)

Don’t think Rupert Murdoch has skin in this game?  Think again.

What does an Australian based power broker, financier and Wall Street king, have to gain or lose from a U.S. election?

The Trans-Pacific Trade Deal which entirely involves Australia.

Hence Murdoch’s alignment with the other Wall Street benefactor group U.S. CoC and Tom Donohue et al.  Hence, Mitch McConnell changing the rules of the Senate to push the TPP deal through ASAP.  40% of the worlds manufacturing and GDP is on the line.

Now go back and look at that picture above again.  The White House (Jarrett), Murdoch and Bush all together at a CoC holiday event – What connects them?

Five months later, Mitch McConnell changes the Senate Rules (TPPA) to benefit the White House (Jarrett), Murdoch and the CoC for the TPP deal.  Can you see it now?

Back To Elections:

Again, put yourself in the position of the power brokers; begin thinking downstream consequences to this election cycle, and think about Trump defeating Jeb Bush.  What are you left with?

Donald Trump VS Hillary Clinton.  A Lose/Win scenario for this group.

Subsequently, the more Hillary becomes weak through her scandals, issues, polling weaknesses and investigative problems, the more she represents a risk of the equation tilting away from the outcome needed by the power brokers.

The GOPe Wall Street crowd must control the outcome to their benefit.  They can’t risk having Hillary so compromised.  If they cannot defeat Trump, they can only work on the other side of the equation.

As a direct and immediate consequence what do you get?

Donald Trump VS Joe Biden.  A stronger Lose/Win scenario.

Biden becomes a better option, a safer option, than Hillary.

When the power brokers begin to lose control; when the Trump water begins to come over the dam faster than they can direct it, you must look downstream and watch what they are trying to protect.  Look where the engineers are are placing the sandbags. 

Wherever they are placing their sandbags you will find the house where they are hiding their treasure.  This show you the real goals they need to protect.

That’s why we said a month ago look forward, see the “tripwire”, and you can see a Trump V Biden match up being constructed.  That’s why they are poll testing Biden VS Trump.

There are tens of trillions at stake in this entire construct.  Players within this game never leave anything to chance.  Failure, or lack of full control of the outcomes, is not a viable option….

…. yes, as someone keeps saying, it’s all about “DEALS”.

…. Stay tuned !

Trump banner 2


♦ Quinipiac Polling Data

Texas Polling Data

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217 Responses to “Tripwire Alert” – Texas Polling Shows Trump Growing – Quinnipiac Begins To Highlight The “Biden” Paradox….

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    🏈 FootBall Stadium 🏈

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  2. Daniel says:

    At this point, we need to ask what could stop Trump’s popularity? If they are interested in stopping him, they are asking the same question and may be planning their next moves based on that.

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  3. dizzymissl says:

    Check this out re the event in Mobile:

    Gray said Trump’s popularity, even at a time when his campaign has released few specifics about a host of policy matters, is about image: “Donald Trump does not come through any gatekeepers. Every other candidate (in the GOP field) has called the Republican Party to set up a get-together. He did not come through the Republican Party.”

    Mobile County Republican officials were unaware about the trip. John Skipper, vice-chairman of the Mobile County GOP said the Trump campaign did not “reach out to the local” Republican Party to set up Friday’s event.


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  4. Mentalist says:

    Looks like the media (and some politicos) have resorted to the “Gabby Giffords bullseye” playbook. Sundance and Co., I bet you didn’t see this “tripwire” coming…

    Boston brothers urinate on, beat homeless man they called ‘illegal immigrant’ in Donald Trump-inspired attack: cops

    Two Boston brothers leaving a Red Sox game earlier this week brutally beat and urinated on a Hispanic homeless man for looking like an “illegal immigrant,” authorities said.


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  5. cherrybark says:

    Oh hell no! Don’t ever refer to Jeb Bush as a “home candidate” of the great state of Texas. We will proudly claim Ted Cruz but immediately hang our heads in shame when you mention John Cornyn.

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  6. auscitizenmom says:

    Yes, and I got an email from Trump saying the Mobile, AL, Pep Rally was moved to a stadium. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

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  7. Lea says:

    Biden has the appeal of dried up mucus, and then he has that touchy/feely thing going on. The latter makes you wonder which head he will use to run the country.

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  8. Ziiggii says:

    My personal opinion;

    Biden is being tested in the polls because there are so many Dems scared that they will get caught with their pants down (re: Hillabeast) and are reading their tea leaves. Clinton may not be able to weather this storm after all and since Obama/Hillary have never seen eye to eye (Obama is the new “face” of the party; not Bill) our current POTUS would rather see a lackey that can be controlled in office than someone he does not get along with.

    There seems to be a change in the wind for BOTH parties… we are only seeing one side of the coin at this moment. If/When ‘ol Uncle Joe does “officially” throw his name in the hat, I think we’ll begin to see the same turmoil in the Dems.

    But I could be completely wrong in that entire assumption….


  9. I don’t believe they will leave it up to Uncle Joe the gaff machine.
    They are going to have to come up with a good looking, charismatic, communist, rock star for the MSM can fawn over, hollywood style. That is their only hope. Imho

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  10. Donald Joy says:

    Burning Sandals 2016

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  11. sundance says:

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  12. Jersey Beach says:

    Hillary vs Trump, Trump vs Bush, Trump vs Sanders, Hillary vs Prison Inmate 12345877, Trump vs Easter Bunny and now Trump vs Biden??? I need a drink.
    I don’t drink much, but when I do I like a nice cocktail called a fuzzy navel.

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    • Jersey Beach says:

      Is your opinion of Donald Trump favorable, unfavorable or haven’t you heard enough about him?

                          FL     OH     PA

      Favorable 36% 32% 34%
      Unfavorable 50 54 55
      Hvn’t hrd enough 12 11 9
      REFUSED 2 3 2

      Sundance, can this change in your honest opinion?


    • boutis says:

      This is “registered” Republicans. As soon as Indies and leaners (many Democrats are leaning now) are added in the numbers change considerably which is scaring the establishment. The Texas polling, which has open primaries and Republicans can’t exlcude anyone so they can’t keep them out of polling either, Trump has bolted ahead of Cruz, Bush, and Perry who were all touted as favorite sons. They are not so favorite when it comes to immigration.


      • Jersey Beach says:

        Thank you boutis, all this polling data gets a bit unsettling when you see Donald Trump is favorable thsn he’s not. I understand now.


    • Monroe says:

      I need new glasses. I misread Santorum as scrotum.

      Must be all that talk about Clinton and the general character of must of the politicians.


      • Jersey Beach says:

        LOL. Want to borrow mine? I have to double up sometimes. The internet bugs me eyes out and I’ll be damned if I can read anything.


    • jeans2nd says:

      “Registered Republicans.” This is my problem with these polls. There are many registered labor-union Dems here in NE Ohio who are Trump supporters, black and white, who are not included in these polls. There are many who, like myself, purposely lie to poll-takers as we are tired of being portrayed by the “elites” as LIVs w/substandard educations (we are not). There are many who, like myself, have left both parties and refuse to vote for more GOPe or Dem-e candidates. I know this as I have lived nearly my entire life here. A UAW black man opened my eyes in Rite Aid in 2012 over heated words re: Obama and how he has hurt the blacks (I lost that argument). Men like him are not being polled, they are out looking for work.
      Kasich won in Ohio by being in collaboration with both parties. The Dem candidate was already proven corrupt and was “caught” in a parked car in a secluded spot with a woman-not-his-wife. Kasich couldn’t lose. If we can get the truth out here in Ohio I suspect Kasich’s narrative can be damaged. I suspect there are similar stories for the other splitters if we look and perhaps can change their narratives. One can hope, anyway.


  13. joanfoster says:

    If Mr. Trump reads here I have a message. The next hot topic that needs addressing by this country in addition to securing our borders is securing the integrity of our elections. We need a national voter ID law to make certain that elections are not stolen by the dead nor by the illegals. This goes to the heart of our national security in my opinion.

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  14. Arkindole says:

    Interesting notion.
    Faux was all over the Biden today.
    It was Carly/Carson at the beginning of the week.

    Note the departure in WH sponsored wordage:
    Associated Press
    Aug. 15, 2015 5:50 p.m. ET
    CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee—Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday called the slaying of four Marines and a sailor at a Chattanooga reserve center the act of a “perverted jihadist.”

    Should we watch for the word “islamic extremist” soon?

    I fear even Joe the Plumber wouldn’t put Joe on the button. And, that button will be needed soon.

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  15. joanfoster says:

    “perverted jihadist” – now that’s a redundancy if I ever heard one. Ole Joe, if nominated, will give us so much fodder, there will not be shovels big enough to pitch it. Of course, I am using the term “fodder” out of common courtesy for delicate ears.


  16. justfactsplz says:

    Frank’s new poll of both repubs and dems in New Hampshire shows Trump getting high numbers on the graph concerning immigration. Trump will be able to pull in democratic voters. I can’t see too many women wanting to vote for old Joe.

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  17. sundance says:

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  18. MfM says:

    Biden is a sleaze and a liar. He claimed to hear the Amish school shooting, but he couldn’t have. He claimed the trucker who killed his wife, drank his lunch. Zero indication of that and he didn’t mention it until after the man was dead so he couldn’t be sued. He was connected enough back then that if there was a hint of it being the truck driver’s fault he would have had some charges.

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  19. sundance says:

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    • Sentient says:

      For those who don’t know, Shoebat is Catholic, not an anti-Catholic zealot.


    • bodicacia says:

      Jeb Bush is a Catholic???
      That surprises me. I’m a Catholic and would never vote for him. I’m so sick of the GOP trying to force us to vote for him.
      I’m equally as shocked at his poll ratings. How can they be that high? I voted for both his father and brother, but would never give Jeb my vote. All of my Republican friends & family feel the same. So…..who are these people keeping his poll ratings as high as they are?


  20. Honest Abbey says:

    Tonight on CNN Anderson Cooper showed the results of the newest Florida poll and it has Donald Trump leading with 21% ahead of Jeb Bush with 17% and the margin of error is -/+ 3% for THAT poll. So what does Anderson say? He said “Donald Trump is leading in Florida, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio’s home state, but let me point out that its still within the margin of error.”
    Really, Anderson? This is pretty simple math, but the liberals can’t accept that Donald Trump is our next President. I guess they need to be in denial in order to sleep at night.

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  21. doodahdaze says:

    Biden will be sold as Uncle Joe. Like Stalin.

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  22. labrat says:

    This election is so much fun! Trump is having a blast. He’s liking this game and he plays to win. I wish I knew about the Derry Town Hall in time to get tickets.

    Wish I liked popcorn.


  23. Sandra says:

    Remember when Biden’s son Beau died ? And the well-publicized story was that Beau wanted Joe to run for President ? When I heard that I wrote it off as pure PR crap, I didn’t realize that it was actually foreshadowing. Beau died at the end of May. I don’t think Hillary was embroiled in legal problems at that time … but the Dem party probably knew she would be and they planted the seed of Biden running just in case Hillary ended up in prison.

    I always thought that back in 2008 when the Dems treated Hillary so badly that she was a sucker to declare her support of Obama. As her prize she got the crappy Secretary of State job which it seems almost killed her, but she hung in because she would ultimately receive the big reward: Dem support for her 2016 Presidential run, Obama’s sloppy seconds. And now look, her run is completely compromised, it might end soon.

    Liked by 3 people

    • auscitizenmom says:



    • kinthenorthwest says:

      It was Beau who signed the papers for Larry Sinclair after the Press Conference in DC.
      H3LL there were no Maryland warrants out for Sinclair. H3LL that should have been a sign that something was screwy with Obama, along with being screwy with our country when that happens. Remember thinking thats strange, until Biden got the VP nod at the Convention


  24. TexasRanger says:

    President Obama Trying To Torpedo Hillary Clinton’s Campaign?

    Fox Business Video

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  25. bnlynds says:

    Biden will be hard to beat–he has people believing he’s a working class kind of guy and there’ll be sympathy for him up the ying yang because of the tragedies in his life. Further, he’s an energetic campaigner and a good debater. No easy task to take electoral votes from him.

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    • Paula says:

      I thought he was awful when he debated Paul Ryan. A debate between Trump and Biden should be very interesting!


    • georgiafl says:

      Yep – though he’s often a buffoon and overly familiar with women, Biden can turn on the presidential gravitas, employ strong emotional pull and articulate oratory at will. Biden is a formidable debater and has the appearance of empathy that Obama never does.

      Just watch his speech at the Chattanooga Memorial for proof of that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-g3WVsxv8o


    • lovely says:

      I think that Biden is one of the few candidates who can present a problem to Trump in a debate. Not because of Biden’s cerebral abilities or debate skills rather precisely because of his lack of them and American’s venerability to emotional manipulation.

      Trump is going to have to be very careful as to not come across as bullying a dopey, grieving old man.

      Like it or not Biden has a Mr. Rogers vibe going with the low information voters. Trump will offer his condolences on Biden’s loss of his son and then get down to the business of presenting how to make American great again, explaining why Biden is part of the problem not the fix. Imagine Biden having to justify the state of the Union under Obama/Biden’s reign over the last 8 years.

      My guess is if it does come down to a Trump/Biden debate, look for Trump to be giving mini speeches rather than debating Biden. Let Biden defeat himself.

      Also look for Biden to creep on Ivanka and Melania.


      • Sandra says:

        I will not forget when Biden debated Paul Ryan. Despite all of Biden’s political experience, I thought Ryan did quite well. But Biden maintained his air of superiority (even though he couldn’t back it up with real substance) and that alone caused pundits and viewers to give him the win. Pure salesman. He won’t be able to pull that off in a face-to-face with Trump.

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  26. dsp says:

    Trump is going for it all. Anyone not supporting Trump is dead weight. Cut them loose!


    • Meyer says:

      I kind of disagree with cutting them loose. Anytime I have a conversation with someone, I try to educate them. I don’t confront or challenge them to avoid an antagonistic conversation (and my blood pressure rising.) Am I getting through to them? I don’t know, but at least I’ve challenged their understanding and (flawed) thought processes. Most important, I am no longer being part of the ‘silent’ majority.


  27. Paula says:

    When I heard about his son’s death bed request, I knew that meant he was going to run. Has Biden ever run for anything w/o using the death of a loved one? Does anyone really believe his son on his death bed was worried about his father’s political future????

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    • bofh says:

      Biden’s run will be the second coming of the Wellstone memorial service. “Do it for Paul” will become “do it for Beau”.


  28. TexasRanger says:

    Obama Orders Hillary Clinton’s Arrest If Trump Is Ass assinated.!

    What Does it Mean.?, Aug. 16, 2015, Sorcha Faal.

    Video Story

    Full Story


    This Trump thing will be taken care of during your debates, if not sooner Bill Clinton to Jeb Bush.!


    Remember, There are tens of trillions of dollars at stake in the 2016 Presidential election.


    • Ziiggii says:

      So this is based on a Russian Intelligence Report? How trustworthy is that?


      • TexasRanger says:

        Ziiggii believe whatever makes you feel good.

        But, do you know what the U.S. Government NSA is.?

        My Friend – You’re Very Naïve If You Believe The Russians Do Not Have An Equivalent of The NSA.?

        Do You Think The Russians Are Simple Incompetent Stupid Morons.?

        And, if you research it you’ll find that the Russians have some of the most elite sophisticated computer programmers and hackers in the world – they are not simple or stupid my friend – don’t ever under estimate your enemy.!

        The Russians have hacked and have every email, text and phone conversation this U.S. President and Hillary Clinton has ever had and or sent and received since the invention and development of email and wireless communication – just as we have all of theirs.!

        The Russians have leaks just as we do, especially when it’s just to bizarre to ignore.!

        So, if you think this is just intrigue BS, don’t worry, sleep well my friend – only time and events will tell and write the every day consumers version of the history to come of this.

        But, once again, the real truth will only be known by a few elite insiders.!

        Consume Your Prepared and Filtered Morning News, Relax and Have A Good Day.!


        • Ziiggii says:

          Ranger, I think you misinterpreted my questions. I’m not naive on this issue. I was just questioning the reliability of the first article link. I have no idea who Sorcha Faal is! The second link is more reliable and I agree with the author in her assessment.

          I’d love to believe that this supposed Russian report is real/accurate and something more than just planted propaganda by them to throw mud at Obama. Which I do know Putin would love nothing more than to do. And this would be perfect propaganda to do so. I am going to research this further though.


      • doodahdaze says:

        More than a US government report IMO.


    • TwoLaine says:

      Is Donald Trump in Mortal Danger? Dave Hodges says, Yes!


  29. doodahdaze says:

    Trump is the worst possible thing to the PC riddled establishment. A “Strong Man.” Anything but that!


  30. Lou says:

    Jeb Bush claims he so conservative because he’s Pro-Life. Conservatives need to come up with better values, and Amnesty isn’t one of them.


    • Arkindole says:

      Lou IIRC you’re down here…
      Let me show you this so-called conservative that did so well in Florida. Look at the graph. If anything Bush started to break a downward trend that was established by Lawton Chiles. Bob Martinez, a “republican” that most of the liberals continue to brag about, almost broke the bank. Bush “rode” Chiles’ inertia. Near the end of Bush’s term, knowing that he was moving, there is an upward trend developing. Then, there were reductions that were continued by Christ that Bush could have actually performed. Scott as essentially kept it flat.

      Bush’s record of spending relative to taxation, even under the most generous interpretation, as nothing more than meh. In actuality, the state’s requirement of balanced budget probably kept him under control.

      Also, look at the relations to the housing bust/”recovery” that everyone correlates with Bush and use to apologize for him.


      • doodahdaze says:

        Bush was awful. Big spending, government growing, RINO. Not conservative. Awful governor. Raised government spending big time.


    • georgiafl says:

      Bush and Fiorina are the least conservative GOP candidates – after that come Graham and Christie. https://www.conservativereview.com/2016-Presidential-Candidates

      Liked by 1 person

      • georgiafl says:

        The Uniparty and their puppeteers seems to want to run Biden/Warren against Jeb/Carly this time around.

        Hillary is mired in her own mud, can’t speak/think coherently, is worn out/washed up.


      • doodahdaze says:

        It they took aptitude tests it would come out as toll booth operators. They would be right there.


  31. cletus says:

    Trump has got the nomination almost in the bag.
    When the others start dropping out, there aren’t enough others who aren’t named cruz or carson to give jeb the lead. Yeb is done.


    • Monroe says:

      The CoC wont allow the others to drop out. They are splitters who act like PacMan gobbling up votes which they will give to Jeb.


  32. Sandra says:

    Is the Dem Party paying the polling organizations to run Biden vs. X polls to see if they should yank Clinton and run Biden ? Because that’s what it looks like to me. Free research.

    If Bush were out I think Trump would be able to beat Biden. People who would vote for Bush WILL NOT vote for Biden, they will vote for Trump. IMO.


  33. Sandra says:

    I think it’s pretty clear that Trump needs all of our votes during the primary season. Don’t cross over (if you are in an open or semi-open state) and try to screw with the Dem nomination.


  34. dizzymissl says:

    Liked by 1 person

  35. TwoLaine says:




  36. doodahdaze says:

    Best jobs for the GOP field.
    Jeb…Clerk at D/L office.
    Fioriana…Mary Kay Sales.
    Kasich…Car Salesman.
    Walker…Dept. manager at Lowe’s.
    Cristy…Slim Fast test subject.
    Huckster…Life insurance Salesman.


    • John Galt says:

      That’s one topic that doesn’t seem to come up too much: candidate skill sets

      Hillary/Biden/Bernie 2016 because they’ve got proven applicable skills like: ???


  37. labrat says:

    This is probably already on here, but I don’t have time to look. It really deserves highlighting IMHO.
    Trump appeals to the America I knew growing up. Americans are optimists. They take initiative, they have a can-do attitude, they can solve and create anything, and they admire achievement. Americans are independent, proud, and generally happy. America is the home of the self-made man, where money is made, not looted or obtained through political favor and plunder. Americans are not blindly obedient, and they are defiant and will not be pushed around. That is the attitude that Donald Trump has captured.

    What America needs is not conservatives, as there is nothing left to conserve. America needs radicals for capitalism who have a conviction that not only does capitalism work, but it is moral. We also need to return to a constitutional republic as originally intended by our Founders.

    I want to vote for a presidential candidate who can make with conviction this statement from Ayn Rand: “[T]he United States of America is the greatest, the noblest and, in its original founding principles, the only moral country in the history of the world.” Donald Trump is showing the way and stimulating the real debate for the survival of America. If others follow his lead, it could be a new beginning for America. If not, it could be our last gasp before we sink to a full totalitarian state with only an illusion of freedom.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/08/trumps_appeal_a_new_beginning_or_the_last_gasp_of_america.html#ixzz3jSt9UJ8D
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook


  38. Patchy says:

    Take that Canadian flag off Cruz’s desk, you cheeky beggars!


  39. doodahdaze says:

    FOX splodey head alert! Stand back! Shock Rassmuss poll. 57% of Republicans think Trump will be nominee. Rove heading for Uruguay to hide from donors. Watch the airports.


  40. Ian Sagal says:

    Someone Agrees with Trump s Plan to Build a Big Wall to Keep Immigrants Out.


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