Tripwire Alert – The RNC, GOPe, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and Donald Trump…

Today the political landscape just became infinitely more interesting.  In order to understand the current landscape, and simultaneously explain what it means, we must weave in and out of history because this tripwire alert needs reference points.

marco rubio officialAt the most basic of level we must remember candidate Marco Rubio was never supposed to be the GOPe’s standard bearer for the professional republican party.  It simply was not his role.

A single-term, 44-year-old, freshman senator, with a wife, four kids, no accumulated wealth and no executive experience, does not independently mount a long-shot bid to become the chief executive office holder amid the power-elites who run the highest political offices.

Rubio was/is ‘a means’ – to an end.  Rubio does not represent the end goal, he never did.

This is a point we have continually referenced since early 2014. This point surrounds the transparency of motive for a Marco Rubio run for the presidency.   He is, quite simply, the least qualified candidate on the GOPe team.

Rubio was also the most severely non-vetted candidate that could ever enter the race.  – example here – Knowing and accepting that fact, Rubio’s role in the original plan made a lot more sense.

In October 2013 through February 2014 when the constructs were designed, the reason for Rubio’s enlistment was to act as a necessary part of the campaign to deliver the Florida electoral fulcrum, the 99 Florida delegates.  The republican party apparatus changing the primary date and distribution of those delegates (winner-take-all) was the visible second tripping of the Rubio tripwire which evidenced the GOPe roadmap’s validity.

Absent of Donald Trump entering the 2016 race in June ’15, the roadmap was a brilliant construct which would have delivered a Jeb Bush nomination.   Look back upon the falling dominos and you see the structure clearly.

However, all of the best laid plans were thoroughly destroyed by the vulgarian, populist, entry.  So where does that leave the architects, the power-brokers, today?

The person needed to RETAIN the viability of the GOPe, big ‘establishment’ as it is customarily known, is NOT in the current field.  The GOPe have shifted approach from a nomination process, to an outright necessary appointment.

It is still murky who the GOPe want to walk in and save their party.   However, by all current indications it appears to be Mitt Romney.   One thing is certain, they are not going with Rubio – and Rubio knows this, he has to.  [Notice Romney has NOT endorsed Rubio.]

rubio conman Marco Rubio knows he has a role to play, he is also aware the role has modified, and what we are seeing today is the necessary, and visible, change in that role.

The GOPe now need to tear down the Republican party from the direction it is going, if they are going to have any hope of retaining their position of power and influence.

The GOPe have lost almost all of their grip on the construct of the election process.  Their ability to manipulate the electorate has been severely diminished.   However, they still retain ownership of the party apparatus both at a national and state level.

Here’s the real kicker, and a very important point that everyone needs to continually remind themselves; moving forward the RNC is on the side of the GOPe elite (within Washington DC) in this ongoing battle to retain power.  As a consequence Reince Preibus and Sean Spicer need to project the illusion of distance, but they are inherently -by dependency and design- part of the overall apparatus.

Today when we hear Marco Rubio saying: “Donald Trump will not be our party’s nominee, because it would mean the end of the republican party“, Rubio is not being dramatic.  He is simply relaying the same message from the party apparatus as they tell him exactly what needs to be done.

Yesterday, four times -and most notably on the debate stage- RNC Head Reince Preibus said: “the candidates are applying to join the republican party and gain the benefit of the national party apparatus“.   Think about this very carefully.  The key takeaway is the RNC now saying all the candidates are outside the party, and the party will determine who leads it.  The candidates are mere applicants to the group for the position of nominee.

The visibility of the message, along with the specificity of the message itself, is intended to set up the future events; ie the goals the RNC/GOPe are working toward.  • A nominee chosen at a convention.  • A nominee who might not even be on the stage.  • An appointed nominee, because the party cannot accept its destruction at the hands of the actual electoral winner who they decide does not represent the party ideology.

Remember in August 2015 when George Will said:  Trump Supporters Need To Come Into The Republican Party On Our Terms, Not Theirs(link) This is the mentality within the closely guarded GOPe elite.  He was not joking when he said that.

It is not coincidental the donor class pulled back while this plays out.  It is not coincidental we are seeing articles like this on CNN:

Houston (CNN) Marco Rubio‘s campaign is preparing for a contested Republican Convention as one option to take the GOP nomination away from Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, his campaign manager told top donors at a closed-door meeting in Manhattan Wednesday night.  (Link)

By all appearances Rubio is facilitating that ends.  Again, he becomes a means to an end – not the end itself.  In essence his role shifts, but the larger role remains unchanged.  There will be a similar reward, perhaps political – perhaps financial, at the end of the plan just like there was in the original road-map.

In this role Marco Rubio has nothing to lose by trying to destroy the state of the race, or by pushing it fully off the cliff into the pit of absurdity.   By destroying the race itself, by creating mayhem -under the auspices, and shield, of just responding to the vulgarian approach- Rubio is hastening the desired end, an open convention ruled by the party apparatus who has laid the groundwork for an party appointment instead of an electoral nomination.

That’s the bad news.  Now for the good news.

chris christie donald trump w rubio

Those power-brokers within the party apparatus just received the biggest fright of the race.  Chris Christie endorsing Donald Trump is severely stunning not because of his clout and influence, but rather because he was inside the GOPe camp for YEARS.

Remember, Chris Christie was head of the Republican Governors Association.  Christie was at the head of the table during the Romney pre-race decision-making in ’11 and into 2012.

Christie attended the secret Colorado Summit post citizens united, which was the basis for the first discussions on how to defeat the electorate after the 2010 mid-terms.

Governor Chris Christie has been at the heart of the RNC/GOPe apparatus, and the well thought of insider, within Bush/Romney world for well over six years.  Christie attended and participated in some of the most sensitive discussions about with political party leadership, and the financiers therein, regarding all operational and organizational plans.

That is why his appearance today is so stunning – and also why it was such a closely guarded secret, it had to be.

christie trumpThe RNC/GOPe are now facing the looming probability that Chris Christie was a mole, an insurgent, the entire time.

They have to think about it that way.   Sure Christie and Trump were known friends, but the RNC/GOPe are now faced with hindsight filled with worry.  While Christie was inside the network, was he more “loyal” to his friend Donald Trump than he was to his role within the apparatus?

Notice today when asked about his endorsement the key phraseology from Christie spoke about loyalty to his friend Donald Trump.  The word loyalty is key.  This is “code of Omerta” type loyalty. The witnessing audience might not fully grasp the intense significance.

It cannot be overstated how significant the concerns of the RNC/GOPe must be.  They must be apoplectic, heck, beyond apoplectic, with a realization that Christie was not who they thought him to be all along.  We can be certain the RNC/GOPe phones and emails are still in full meltdown mode.

One of the more consequential realities (what helps prove the thesis) is when you remember how importantly loyalty is viewed by Donald Trump.  For the GOPe to now contemplate Chris Christie might have been part of that Trump inner circle all along is almost unfathomable.

And yet it is entirely possible…..

lions together

Just a Reminder, this is an insurgency. – The modern enemy of Wall Street is Main Street vulgarians. The enemy of the RNC/GOPe is not Democrats, it’s Grassroots Conservatives, more vulgarians.

The Republican Party, and the Republican media apparatus, view us as their enemy. We are the enemy they need to protect themselves from:

In 2014, the RNC approved selection rules that govern how each state’s delegates are portioned out from the primaries. Under one of the changes, states holding their primaries between March 1 and March 14 will have their delegates doled out proportionately with election results, a change that will likely stymie a movement candidate.

States that have primaries on or after March 15 will be winner-take-all states.

That’s important because another RNC rule change requires that a candidate must win a majority of delegates in eight or more states before his or her name may be presented for nomination at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

With 18 GOP presidential candidates, for now, it will be that much harder for any candidate to win a majority in any state, let alone eight. (Article July 2015)

GOP-versus-Tea-PartyNow, ask yourself, why would the RNC want to “stymie a movement candidate“? Who exactly does that benefit? Obviously, the “non-movement” candidate, ie “the turtle“.

Isn’t the entire reason for campaigning in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina etc. to make a movement/momentum?

In addition Rule #40 changed in 2014 from previously five needed state wins, to a newer threshold of eight (8):

Officially, it’s Rule 40 in the RNC handbook and it states that any candidate for president “shall demonstrate the support of a majority of the delegates from each of eight (8) or more states” before their name is presented for nomination at the national convention. (article March 2014)

Again, ask yourself who does this benefit? A candidate can win seven states outright, and still not have their name presented for nomination?

These rules were made/affirmed in 2014 – Who or what exactly was the GOP concerned about blocking in 2016 that would necessitate such rules? When combined with other rule changes you can clearly identify a consolidation of power within the RNC apparatus intentionally constructed to stop the candidate of the GRASSROOTS from achieving victory.

It’s all part of their GOPe Roadmap.

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818 Responses to Tripwire Alert – The RNC, GOPe, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and Donald Trump…

  1. winky says:

    I trust Christie because he stated he and Trump have been friends for more than a decade…I do not believe he will hurt Trump at all. Christie knows he is in a much safer position with Trump than with the GOPe who are a gang of snakes and will toss a person out when no longer needed. Ten years from now Christie may be in a position to retire and he does not need the snake pit of the GOPe establishment. He knows Trump is a man of his word and a man of integrity….I believe if a man has his choice that is what side a man would rather be on for his family’s sake because he knows the direction of where the country will go and that is not the country he wants for his family.

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    • hnlbeach says:

      The Trump move on Christie closes the case for Trump nomination …Not only shutting down any Thursday night debate negatives , but the Christie move reinvigorated Trump supporters. How smart was the Trump staff to sneak in Christie Thursday night .WOW !!!
      Christie has the inside info that you know will be mined by Trump’s staff
      Chris Christie .. the next Atty General of United States.. watch out Hillary ..Obama can’t save her next year..
      Trump next 8 years POTUS

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    • You are absolutely right. A few years back with NEWT got kicked aside I knew then the GOP was corrupt as I knew few Romney people but so many Newt people, so I knew the vote was not right. Plus the GOP spent $20 million and Romney spent $20million to trash Newt in Fl. I wanted out of the party. But 2 things kept me in. I did not know where to go and I was worried about the Republican of which I was pres. In 2 years this was solved. I said I was leaving the party and would step down. They would not hear of it and we decided to become the Constitution Club of Tampa Bay. Many left the party with me. I went Libertarian, but have since found so many are too left wing. We are all back Rep. right now to vote for TRUMP. There is a big swell in the party right now, and they do not yet see its for Trump. After the primary we are all leaving, some back to Lib, some to Ind and I am checking out the Constitution party. It is not but in 5=6 states, but we love the Constitution, so it would be good if the right people get in it.
      Since McConnell has said he will vote for Hillary if Trump gets it, I am sure many, many Rep. s will leave that party and since they love the Constitution this could become a nation wide party.
      Right now we are praying daily for Trump and that he is safe and gains more wisdom, although I am thinking the right people have told him so much. He will be the best president ever I think. Many experts are saying the same. Pray daily for TRUMP to be president, and let the Rep. party implode on itself. The Holy Spirit gave me that word 2 years ago..IMPLODE. How can a real Rep. wish Trump dead and Hillary president. NO, he is corrupt and evil and he does not even show his face in Ky. anymore as I know people that live there. He sold his home and has an undisclosed location.
      I was in the Rep party deep for 30 years, holding offices in the GOP, so I knew how corrupt they are. I was told if Hitler ran for office with an R by his name we MUST support him. This is as disgusting as it gets. I see how totally evil the party is and am glad I am not involved anymore. If we don;t get Donald Trump in this country is over. If he is elected he will bring America back to greatness again. The people that know him best all say that. Please claim 11Chronicles 7:14 for our country and pray for TRUMP. I pray tonight he has big victories all over on Super Tues. When he comes to Fl. I pray he has a gaint victory here ( Jeb and Marco’s state) . Remember the Illuminati is planning on holding a convention pick anyone but TRUMP as they want ONE WORLD GOVT.
      Only TRUMP will put an end to those plane and make us strong and sovereign again. GOD bless America and GOD bless Trump.

      Look up —new world order…one world govt….agenda 21..common core….Illuminati..eugenics and you will be shocked at who are behind all this. People of America lets unite behind some one that loves AMERICA. TRUMP 2016

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  2. JJ says:

    I’ve searched a while and can’t find a current tab of # of registered voters in the 3 political parties–anyone here know??


  3. pumpernickel says:

    Just wanted to add my thanks for all of the analysis. It is getting harder and harder to figure out who is projecting an agenda. As many others have pointed out, people we have listened to and trusted for years have revealed deeper agendas. This place is truly a refuge from all the psyops surrounding this election.

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    • sean436 says:

      The Christie endorsement was a good thing. bill Orielly said he had an inclining of it months ago just this night. Trump has planned this out.

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      • KBR says:

        Bill O Reilley will always say he knew or thought something was going to happen after the fact, simply b/c he likes to present himself as knowledgable. In plain speech he is a blowhard.

        I don’t believe that BOR is as smart as he believes he is. Most very intelligent people don’t pontificate and don’t condescend, mainly because that isn’t an intelligent thing to do.
        (One of the things I admire about Donald Trump: a genius that doesn’t talk down to others.)

        BOR’s histories are only researched from material that is PC approved, for instance, and thus liberally slanted. So either he believes that only the liberal-accepted history is the truth, (not intelligent) or he creates a liberal spin himself.

        History is a story of what later elites like to say about times that have passed, based primarily upon what the powerful had to say in the times the events took place.
        In every era there are less of the elites/powerful than there are of the non-powerful people. Thus any written and published history is only a small fraction of reality, and an elite-approved version at that.

        History, then, is the spin of the powerful reported at a later date by the later elites.
        History and reality often have little in common other than bare facts, given that it is a storytelling slanted for the few and against or ignoring the many. Any intelligent thinking person knows that. BOR apparently does not.

        History as it is written today is nothing more than an ancient song or saga once was, with longer words and without music, and likely with even less factual truth. Here there be dragons.

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      • Trump obviously has planned this out.No credence to Bill hes a Dill on FOX FUAX THE FACTS NEWS

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      • Panascope says:

        Christie stressed in his endorsement speech that Trump would be a great world leader. Is Christie our next Secretary of State?

        Liked by 4 people

      • Bruce Fauth says:

        And did it ever take the air out of anything else in the news cycle. Donald has an incredible sense of timing.

        Liked by 2 people

    • firethemall says:

      The RNC/GOP are on a suicide mission, without the voters and we are po’d, they are nothing.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. flyingtigercomics says:

    Bring it.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Texas Jack says:

    Brillant strategic analysis – Simply brilliant! Thank you so very much!

    Hope you have been working on the House of Clinton / DemoRats playbook analysis. Hil-zabel… She began hurling fire today.

    Liked by 9 people

  6. grlangworth says:

    I think we must always remember that politics is just a mole hill compared to this myriad of Mt. Everests our Private Sector has created in just two hundred years. Closing the deal, a la Mr. Trump, is a most powerful stubborn persistence. All else pales. Keep smiling, he’s a winner.

    Liked by 6 people

  7. beaupre03 says:

    I love the second part of this article! I remember noting a couple days back that the establishment must be scared that their former golden boy, Trump, is leading an insurgency against them, and that they now had to try to calculate what they can’t see. Now they know for sure there are others in their ranks who may be ready to move in and take them out. I love it!! Let the elites start sweating it out for once.

    Liked by 10 people

  8. trumplove says:

    Donald is no fool. He truly is special. Get it done so I can live my life.

    Liked by 13 people

  9. Christopher Johnson says:

    The major problem I see with the Establishment plan to steal the nomination from Trump by changing the rules at the last minute is that Trump currently looks like he could run the rest of the board with the [i]possible[/i] exception of Texas. If Trump comes into the convention with wins in 48 states and the majority of delegates from 28 states the ONLY way to deny him the nomination is to literally spit in the face of the coalition behind Mr. Trump and destroy the Republican party in a “taking our toys and going home” tantrum.

    The problem with that is that doing so doesn’t actually make Trump or the coalition he’s building vanish like it never existed. All it does is give Trump a vehicle to declare that both parties are hopelessly corrupt and that he is going to give a voice to the American people by forming a new party to represent all those whom the elites wish to deny a say in their own government.

    You wanna know what’s worse for the Establishment than letting Trump be the Republican president for eight years? Letting Trump form a new party that permanently fuses together the Reagan coalition in a manner they will have ZERO influence over and which lacks all the accumulated biases against the Republican party from various groups who could NEVER bring themselves to vote for a Republican.

    And that’s presuming there are zero defections on the Republican side from those who can read the tea leaves and want a seat at the new table. More likely than not anywhere from a third to half of the Republican politicians decide its better for their careers to back Trump over the GOPe.

    People presume that if Trump goes third party he’s guaranteeing Hillary’s victory, but I think instead if Trump has to go third party, it’ll be the Uniparty Republicans siphoning votes from Uniparty Hillary while Trump beats both because he’d still be the ONLY one actually representing the American people.

    That’s likely the calculus that various Establishment leaders are trying to make right now… just how certain are they that blowing up the Republican party would actually STOP Trump when every other attempt has just allowed him to soar even higher?

    “They fear me so much they destroyed the Republican party to try and keep you from having a voice. But we won’t let that stop us from Making America Great Again!”

    The Establishment are cowards in the end… I think they’ll ultimately capitulate to Trump today for the prospect of a return to the graft two to three election cycles down the line rather than risk Trump being able to forge something that would keep them from ever getting their crony profits again in their lifetimes.

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    • kathyca says:

      “The Establishment are cowards in the end… I think they’ll ultimately capitulate to Trump today for the prospect of a return to the graft two to three election cycles down the line rather than risk Trump being able to forge something that would keep them from ever getting their crony profits again in their lifetimes.”

      Yep. That’s what I think, too. If they’re “smart,” they’ll live to leech again another day.

      Liked by 11 people

    • llyod says:

      one of the best post’s I’ve seen is where someone said…trump 16 prevents 1776. I’ve seen a lot of people put their pitchforks down…for now & I’m talking the milquetoast suburban dweller with a wife and 2.5 kids. I guess that’s a great reason so many are ready for the zombie apocalypse.

      Liked by 3 people

    • ssupsky says:

      Trump already said that he was remaking the Republican Party, not in so many words per se, yet the effect would be the same.

      His quote from the debate as presented by the daily caller.

      This leads me to think that he has a plan in mind to create something that will demolish the current party and build a new, bigger, better model.

      Liked by 7 people

      • The establishment has been desperately trying to broaden the party by their insipid RINO strategy, and failing mightily in the process. Along comes Trump, who triangulates a path to do it, and the whole thing is downhill and feels like skiing. Trump is the absolute LAST gift horse they should be looking in the mouth.

        The GOPe were looking to remodel, and Trump is offering to do it better, faster, and under budget. SIGN THE DAMN PAPERS!!! YOU FOUND YOUR GUY!!! 😉

        Liked by 7 people

        • Amen to that, Tyrannocankles! What are they so damn afraid of? Just think about it for a damn minute; America’s economy, international influence and military strength comes roaring back to greatness and the entire world prospers for the next century. A rising tide lifts all boats!

          Liked by 2 people

          • Yes! All of those things, but new and freed from most of their downsides. A strong military without militarism. A strong economy, but with a strong middle class. And world leadership that comes from engagement as free world citizens, not subjects of a hidden and deceptive world order.


          • JJ says:

            But, the entire world prospering is NOT what TPTB want–they must retain all control over all the world…corruptness ensures that by padding their bank accounts.
            Power is always weighed by how wealthy one is.


      • Matt says:

        Good, a bunch of soft-spoken, cowering wusses. After milquetoast Romney caved to fat-ass Candy Crowley in the second 2012 debate, I knew it was over and we’d see another 4 years of Barry the Destroyer. Trump keeps the MSM on their heels, calls them out for the scum that they are, and it’s glorious to watch each and every time!

        Liked by 2 people

    • That witch Hilary keeps em in power

      Liked by 1 person

    • SharonKinDC says:

      Also, recall, ol’ Trump had Rancid Pubis sign that ‘pledge’ as well. A two way street. They try any crap, I swear, he’ll serve the GOP at the convention! As well as Tundra and Sweaty. He’d have a great fraud & breech of contract case. Even if the ‘fairly’ part is verbal. B/C he made repeated remarks during the ‘negotiation’ phase and then at the presser to announce the signature phase was complete. Loads of records of Trump stating his good faith interpretation of the ‘deal’

      One upside to all of this, it keeps his most devoted supporters alert, active, and even more motivated.

      Liked by 6 people

      • Mark Emerson says:

        The “fairly” part is not merely oral. EVERY contract includes the Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing. This is well established in case law. Breaching fairness is a breach of ANY contract.

        Liked by 3 people

    • frangelica1 says:

      Yes I do agree with you and I have been thinking about this also. Brilliant strategy of Trump to get a groundswell of support within a party and also across party lines and have enough support to form a third dominant party at that time. A new party would be the best case for the American people to change the direction America is headed, but would be happy if Trump gets the nomination within the Republican party to lead America back to our base values that we so desperately need.

      No matter what happens within the party, I know I will be voting for Donald Trump, even as a write in, because we must change the staus quo for our beloved America to survive.

      Liked by 3 people

    • coltlending says:


      I agree with a lot of what you have pointed out except I think they think they can’t be reached sticking it to Trump and middle and right leaning America.

      Since the lack of any demonstrative public blowback (people in the streets and I am not suggesting violence) with the bank bailout, IRS attacks, Fast & Furious, shutting down parks during the government shutdown, Obamacare waivers and delays, Treaty vote square dancing, the elites figure they can do whatever they want, given what they have gotten away with without any blowback that reaches them.

      They are going to do whatever is necessary to delay the day of reckoning.

      At this point, Hillary or Bernie is preferable to them.


  10. anthonytk says:

    I like Christie’s endorsement. It sounds good. Sundance mentioned Christie could have been a mole for Trump. But Sundance also mentioned that Christie was a GOPe insider for a long time. In today’s back-biting, traitorous world, is there any chance or any possibility that Christie is a mole for the GOPe, and might betray Trump?

    Liked by 2 people

    • llyod says:

      I agree but my guess is Trump has had enough life experiences to be ready for it…esp. after the deals in the Mid East and Asia he has done …..remember he said our leaders (uni-party- with no real negotiation skills necessary in a true capitalistic manner) are like a child playing checkers mentality vs. a chess grand master (Trump or people like him)…so I feel it is covered but a good point nevertheless.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Texas Jack says:

      I am concerned Christi is playing double agent I have to trust Trump the Fox.

      Liked by 3 people

      • The Defiant One says:

        If Christi is playing double agent, I think the determining factor is who is winning! If Trump is winning Christi will remain loyal.

        Remember Christi is an experienced politician who’s looking for all the angles.

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      • SharonKinDC says:

        Why would he play double agent to a party who already screwed him over? He’s no masochist.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Toronto Tonto says:

        This is high stakes gambling, and Trump is in his element, yet a new comer to the table. You have the Cheesehead Mafia of Priebus, Walker, Rubio, Ryan and Romney. Cruz was drafted by Bush to check Ryan and hold onto their power. They are old dynasties and friends. Jeb promised not to run against Romney in 2012. Now Romney is being called in for cleanup. Or maybe they’ll draft Ryan on the convention floor. Trump does upset their apple cart more than Hillary does.

        Notice the establishment coalescing around Trump have been burned by the Wisconsin-led party. Christie knows he should have run in 2012. They told him to wait his turn. Gingrich received some of the fire Trump has been getting. So have Palin, Huckabee and Giuliani.

        The reason no one can coalesce around an anti-Trump is because the party is going through something of an internal putsch itself. There is divided support, and Trump recognizes this. Longtime insiders do, too. The media doesn’t lol.

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        • YoJoLo says:

          Good analysis TT. I converted a Trump hater to aTrump voter last night. It started with a Wisconsin tale and ended on the topic of class division and the uniparty problem.
          When she realized Trump is loathed by theGOPe, her ears perked and we were off to the races. The media had her in blinders.

          Liked by 5 people

    • Because of his years doing deals and having gotten screwed real badly more times than he might want to remember, I am sure he can read someone now perfectly, as to whether they would be loyal or a traitor. Biz people don’t talk bout how someone F’d them over. But they also don’t ever forget it or how it happened either. All of us, supporters and others almost never put a timeline to Trump’s life and experiences. We don’t constantly acknowledge that he has a solid 45 years of deals under his belt, deals with some pretty heavy hitters. You don’t last that long in business without becoming very wise by the time you get to Trump’s age.

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    • Trump knows.Seriously.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Donald Trump is no fool. He knows what he’s doing and I’m certain he has spies in every camp.

      Liked by 7 people

    • YoJoLo says:

      I was looking at his eyes for the tell. I saw mirth and devious glee, but no traitor.
      We know their wives are friends, so I’m going with trust based on the real familiarity between them. Two alpha leaders is such an up- ante power play against the GOPe, that they may decide to harness these stallions to their bandwagon before they pull away as a formidable independent team. That is the third party threat, unspoken.
      Mittens is not going to have an appreciable effect on the race. His pathology says a lot about victimhood being passed along, non? The elites are running out of options.

      Liked by 2 people

    • I thought the same thing


  11. Powerful letter to Reince Preibus from the editor of
    I posted this on the Saturday Open Thread but you gotta read it. it’s awesome! Puts Preibus on notice.

    “…I, along with hundreds of thousands of other MEMBERS OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, hereby demand that you immediately call for a cease and desist of this fraudulent bullshit, the lies, the backroom deals, the whisper campaigns, etc. You need to be slapping all these malcontents and party-wreckers with lawsuits. You need to get on the phone now, and tell Mr Three Time Loser to stop interfering in the electoral process. Romney should be shunned after that disastrous campaign he ran in 2012. And what is so sad is that the party won’t even admit that the reason you let Romney go on and on and on is because – HE GIVES YOU MONEY….”

    Liked by 15 people

  12. Rodmc says:

    If at the Republican party convention, they elect a person that is not a candidate on the ballot, then the Republican party should reimburse all expenses to the state, county and cities for this primary election. Since I could not vote for that person, it’s a bogus election at taxpayer expense.

    Liked by 3 people

  13. Texas Jack says:

    This is hot stuff breaking st infowars – Roger Stone Dishing on internal movements, strategies and deal making involving Koch Bros Thursday Night $75 Million Urgent Strategy Mtg with Donors and Rubio. Their Missisppi attack and the urgent attempts to dash Trump and get control. (14 minute interview on the street with Roger Stone):

    Liked by 3 people

  14. Susie says:

    Is it possible that the whole purpose of The Apprentice was to sway some demo Hollywood types with his personality? If so, this takes his cunning strategy even back further in time than we are giving him credit for.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jedi9 says:

      Almost like Reagan. He was an actor in Hollywood after all.


      • jeans2nd says:

        President Reagan was the TV host of GE Theater from 1954 to 1962, as well as a movie actor. “Reagan “GE Theater” Tapes Restored”
        President Reagan knew what he was doing, as does Mr. Trump I believe. So much for the “only an entertainer” label affixed to Mr. Trump, huh?

        Liked by 1 person

        • JMC says:

          What many people do not realize is that Ronald Reagan was head of the Screen Actors’ Guild. In other words, he had to go toe-to-toe with the big heads of the film studios and negotiate on behalf of the actors. As we all know, these moguls were SOB’s. Every time Reagan dealt with them he put his head in the noose. He put his career on the line. And remember, too, that Goldwin-Mayer and Fox and the others had hugely talented attorneys. Reagan had to have the brains and stamina to stand up to them. Reagan had somewhat the same responsibilities as Donald Trump. With non of the credit or glory.


    • TwoLaine says:

      The original Apprentice was not for celebrities. Celebrity Apprentice came later, when they realized the potential that TRUMP’s rolodex could earn in million$ for televised charity drives, using all the same concepts used in the original Apprentice. Celebrities lined up for the positions because they knew a show with TRUMP would put them in a good spotlight, something many of them needed to jumpstart and revive their failing careers.

      Through Celebrity Apprentice TRUMP made old stars new again, and new stars from nothing. He gave companies, many of them extremely new, the national TRUMP spotlight like no one else can. Example: Lifelock. It is doubtful any of us would know anything about Lifelock if it were not for Apprentice. TRUMP put them on the map. And many others.

      Liked by 2 people

      • TwoLaine says:

        Total raised for charities per season of Celebrity Apprentice:

        2007 – $1,185,625
        2008 – $1,563,721
        2009 – $1,492,893
        2011 – $2,950,860
        2012 – $2,133,682
        2013 – $3,072,227
        2014 – $2,010,000

        Total = $14,409,008

        The 7 Winners alone hauled in almost $6 million for their charities.

        2007 – Piers Morgan – Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund – $754,300
        2008 – Joan Rivers – God’s Love We Deliver – $526,546
        2009 – Bret Michaels – American Diabetes Association – $640,000
        2011 – John Rich – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – $1,261,908
        2012 – Arsenio Hall – Magic Johnson Foundation – $522,100
        2013 – Trace Adkins – American Red Cross – $1,524,072
        2014 – Leeza Gibbons – Leeza’s Care Connection – $714,000

        Celebrity Apprentices Total = $5,942,926


  15. trumplove says:

    Donald when you come to VA please wear a tricorn hat!

    Liked by 3 people

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  17. yohio says:

    I think if we no Trump, this was in the works all along. Just look at the job the hatchet man did on Rubio. Now we know it was part of the GOPe & RNC plan to take Rubio out, but remember the comments that night. That was brutal, a kill shot, damaged goods and everyone was saying I think Christie did to good of a job. I think we all know why now. It is my opinion only, but I think this is Christies payback for being betrayed. It was suppose to be his time and they shunned him. Christie has his issues, but you have to wade through, see who you can trust and build alliances. Most of all we need to realize Trump can’t fight everyone and he cant toss everyone aside even with some who have had issues. Washington is broke and like Trump who has taken advantage of laws as a businessman so to have politicians. That being said my opinion again is throw them all out, but the reality is that cant happen and won’t happen. I’m excited to see where this goes and there will me more surprises and others coming aboard. Forge on Mr. Trump and Wolverines. Welcome aboard Mr. Christie

    Liked by 4 people

  18. clearh2os says:

    Extremely interesting…I would like to interject something. A quote from the article, “Now, ask yourself, why would the RNC want to “stymie a movement candidate“? Who exactly does that benefit? Obviously, the “non-movement” candidate, ie “the turtle“. JEB BUSH was handing out turtles to people….never said what the significance of it was…but here it is…He’s the establishment’s turtle….that’s who they will suddenly inject into the convention….

    Liked by 3 people

  19. tempo150101 says:

    Yesterday, four times -and most notably on the debate stage- RNC Head Reince Preibus said: “the candidates are applying to join the republican party and gain the benefit of the national party apparatus“.

    I also caught that and thought it sounded very odd.

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: If Trump loses fair and square, I’m okay with it. But if they use dirty tricks to force a loss, they’ve lost me as a voter for the next thirty years. I won’t vote for anything Republican. No Republican judges, no Congressmen, no Mayors, no Governors, not even the proverbial Dog Catcher. They will lose my vote for the rest of my life expectancy because, like Trump, I hold a grudge.

    Liked by 2 people

  20. tempo150101 says:

    You know, if they pull something shady, I might just start voting for the Bernie Sanders types who want to take everything they have. That will teach them a lesson they will never forget.


  21. tempo150101 says:

    I hope they realize they are playing with fire. Revolutions and civil wars start over this kind of stuff. How do you think Boris Yeltsin came to pass. This is dangerous, dangerous territory they are treading.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gail Combs says:

      It is very dangerous territory for US and not for THEM. Please be very very aware of that.

      “…One who observed and understood was the Creel Committee foreign educational section member, and future dean of Teachers College, William R. Russell. He was in Russia soon after the Bolsheviks seized power and spent considerable time there, working on Creel propaganda against the Germans, for the Bolsheviks, and later against the Bolsheviks. Russell described how he saw the communist tradecraft:

      The way they worked their way to the seizure of power was as follows: Talk about peace, talk about social equality, especially among those most oppressed. Talk about organization of labor, and penetrate into every labor union. Talk on soapboxes. Publish pamphlets and papers. Orate and harangue. Play on envy. Arouse jealousy. Separate class from class. Try to break down the democratic processes from within. Accustom the people to picketing, strikes, mass meetings. Constantly attack the leaders in every way possible so that the people will lose confidence. Then in time of national peril, during a war, on the occasion of a great disaster, or of a general strike, walk into the capital and seize the power. A well-organized minority can work wonders

      from Willing Accomplices: How KGB Covert Influence Agents Created Political Correctness and Destroyed America by Kent Clizbe

      They really have us in their power. We have the choice of a slow takeover of our government and serfdom or a violent takeover of our government and serfdom.

      This is why they act like they do not care what voters think.


  22. Crissy Kafer says:

    Thank you for this. It really breaks everything down in detail…. Sharing sharing sharing!!!!


  23. Jedi9 says:

    How can anybody forget what the GOP did to Ron Paul? IMHO, that is their MO. The GOP must be destroyed at all costs, for what they stand for is what every common American should stand against. Don’t get me wrong, I am a conservative first, and the Republican brand is anything but conservative. They represent the Washington elite and their obsessive compulsion to make sure they keep the power. The people are rising and it is about time!

    Liked by 3 people

  24. Jeff says:

    The GOPe is desperate now but they have given us hints along the way by their own ARROGANCE . Most people miss this stuff because of pundit dependency . (SUNDANCE cycle of abuse thread )

    Not only will Trump WIN THE NOMINATION in a LANDSLIDE …the GOPe won’t allow him to BE THE NOMINEE !! THEY CAN’T !! (Sundance link to George Will arrogance )

    They have no one to run as a third party to scrub votes away from Trump to give the election to Hillary . The Cruz people are losing more and more people with his NASTY tactics .

    There is NO PATH to the nomination for Cruz . His only job now it to TAKE OUT TRUMP .

    As the Trump groundswell grew …WHO do you know ( me ) that said FOX IS NOT NEWS would take to extolling the virtues of Hillary as a moderate .

    BAZINGA !! Here comes Billy Boy O’Reilly as if on cue !! The entire establishment is in a TIZZY !! Their system of GRAFT is at risk .

    This GRAFT is TRILLIONS of dollars !! did I say TRILLIONS ?

    So what are the options for the INSURGENT VULGARIANS ?

    The Trump Rally in Texas opens a new window

    Now most people would not think Christie …I took a walk with Obama …has any BOOST to the Trump campaign .

    SEE Jeff Thomas top ten RULES of politics …for the game of SURVIVOR AMERICAN ISLAND

    #2. Nothing is off the table . If someone is taking out the enemy …let them hunt

    3. Winning is everything . Those who put principle over politics fill the surrender voter base . (93 million in 2012 ) . Just where the two party system wants you ..out of the game . You may have to get _______ to get your guy in that administration and work their way to the top later the long game ”

    #7. Get help,from smart people who know the rules

    #8. If your on top ..don’t get comfortable ….see rule #1 go in for the kill. Keep winning

    A BUNCH of the rules comes in to play with the Christie endorsement. Most notably is the tipping point of an ESTABLISHMENT guy …former Republican Governors association president .

    Now we see the Governor of Maine endorse Trump as well as the Lt Gov of South Carolina . And I see headlines where Nikki Haley is doing a 180 on TRUMP ??? didn’t read that story but it is notable for this post .

    ALL of these people are on the JURY !! in the game of Survivor you OUT WIT , OUT LAST , AND OUT PLAY . TO WIN …you need those same people to VOTE FOR YOU !!!

    In the case of Trump he has the people …but he needs a REVOLT WITHIN THE ESTABLISHMENT ITSELF to ensure his republican nomination !! He needs an insurrection within the party to stop the Karl Rovers from the Brokered convention scam .

    3D chess people ….Trump is playing a masterful game of 3D chess

    George Will August 9 2015 decries ownership of the republican party . That mere mortals must bow down the the elites …


    Will essentially states that there is no way the republican party will relinquish their power to the likes of a MAN OF THE PEOPLE !!

    So the Christy endorsement and Haley flip flop ….what does this tell us ?

    Most people are COWARDS !! yes ,,,MOST PEOPLE ARE COWARDS !!!! they stand behind someone and shout their anger . 3-5% of people stand their ground as all around them cower .

    Trump …the TYPE A VULGARIAN does NOT cower ….Are Christie and now maybe Haley escaping the GOPe FARM ? Is this a TREND we will see go from a trickle to a full blown raging river of abandonment of the GOPe ?

    THAT …I can only tell you will have to play out . But it’s significance is YUGE !! Could a GOPe REVOLT lead to the nomination of Donald J Trump as the republican nominee ………….dare I say …..AND …….MAKE REPUBLICAN GREAT AGAIN ????

    How many more will join the revolt to stop the BROKERED convention ?

    and you know that plan B is in place if the GOPe tries to do this .


    Liked by 1 person

  25. RP says:

    Careful Donald…Christie was not a mole in the GOPe, I disagree SD.

    First words came to my mind when I heard of the endorsement was “Et tu, Brute?”

    IMO, the folks running the Dems and GOPe behind the scenes are recognizing that there is a serious threat to their future and plans to eat our babies with a Trump presidency. Christie is their ‘mole’ (ie GHW Bush – Lyndon Johnson) in Trump’s camp. My guess is that Trump was talking behind the scenes and made a deal with Christie recently to be VP for him – recall just a few days ago Trump said his VP pick would be somebody political?

    A 70+ yo newly minted president by the will of the people suddenly dropping to the floor is a lot easier to pass off then a 44 year old Andrew Breitbart. Christie steps in – a perceived ‘hard-liner’ friend of Trump to tamp down the revolution and everything goes back to normal.

    Trump needs to literally watch his back.

    Liked by 2 people

  26. MfM says:

    There is no way Trump will pick CC as VP. Yes he has to watch his back, but something that was telegraphed in that announcement was family and children. It’s there right up with loyalty.

    How often do you think the Trumps get to just relax as a family with another family? I know it is seldom when you have two couples that click and all feel comfortable together, even more so when you add kids. Christie talked about it being a family decision, even his kids. He even made the crack about someday wanting to make more money then his wife. His wife has worked in Wall Street for years and just quit this year.

    Trump has five children, Christie has four. What I see is an underlying theme of seeing where the country is going and wanting to do something to correct it for our children and grandchildren. They want a bloodless revolution to throw the bums out. Cruz wants it to just change them to himself in charge.

    Liked by 3 people

  27. Jeff Stanley says:

    Talk about over playing their hand. If the Republican muck-a-mucks try it, not only will Trump run a 3rd party race, he will likely win it. After which their party will be well and truly screwed. Defunct, that is. Over with.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. cohibadad says:

    I’m going to throw this out there. Take it for what it’s worth. But here is my take on all of this. Chris Christie was bad, is bad and always will be bad. He hasn’t changed his role at all. This is the evolution of the plan. The skit between Rubio and Christie was the craftiest bit of stage that I’ve seen in this election cycle so far. Really quite well done. Rubio was never intended to be the nominee, but most people don’t know that. So the idea that the GOPe, which most people see as just the GOP, would sabotage one of their own for an ulterior motive is just too far-fetched to believe. And Chris Christie never had a chance to be the nominee, but before his exit he had one part to play. He played his role, seemingly being real, pointing out insider politics in a fellow insider. Wow. Apparently such a change. This will be remembered as the moment the RNC/GOPe admitted that their strategy to nominate Jeb and have either Hillary or Jeb (no difference) be the next President was not going to work. Finished. Done. The groundwork was laid for the inevitability of Trump. Christie appeared to have caught some of Trumps honesty, some of his lack of PC, some of his hatred of insider politicians. He takes a chink out of Rubio, with believable numbers lost for Rubio in the next primary, NH. All so believable. Jeb exits. Christie exits. Rubio reminds Trump of the malfunction/repeating by turning the accusation on Trump in the last debate, and next thing you have Christie endorsing Trump and standing next to him on stage. Now Christie has physical access to Trump.

    Do not fool yourself. Christie is a snake, EXACTLY like in the lyrics Trump read when to the crowd in Cedar Falls:

    “I saved you,” cried that woman
    “And you’ve bit me even, why?
    You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die”
    “Oh shut up, silly woman,” said the reptile with a grin
    “You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in

    See the supreme irony in it all?
    Which interpretation is correct? As always, time will tell, but Christie gets Trump NOTHING. Do not underestimate how much the establishment and everyone else in this has to lose. Trillions. And money is the least of it.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. cali says:

    It is indeed strange that the NYT today lays out almost the same theory as our Sundance always does prior as though it leaves them a bit baffled. There is no love lost between the NYT and myself – this is different. I can’t decide if a few writers there have taken an active and sincere interest in this election cycle exposing the GOP and gang members.
    They expose the GOPe strategy going forward with brokered convention, the Koch brothers demand to governors to do their part etc..
    As I’ve suspected yesterday – they mention that Christie and GOP fell out about ‘a gesture’ involving Rubio. Kasich also ignores their demand as has Huckabee.
    Christie and his endorsement may be the ‘middle finger’ to the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. One thing is for sure: The electorate of both parties are angry and although the conservative one more so than the dems – the education they are getting by day about the planned strategy to annul their vote and their candidate.
    I do wonder what the GOP and their gang are thinking knowing that they intent and malfeasance against their electorate is being so openly discussed everywhere and so openly including the in-motion-set-onslaught using every lie, distortion and accusation against Trump.
    Their secret and hidden strategy is no longer secret!

    Thank you again Sundance – this campaign would be the same xxxxxxxx as it always has been in the past without you and this site!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  30. ex-insider says:

    This is great analysis. Thank you for putting it out there.

    There are really only two scenarios now that concern me:

    1) The GOPe will attempt to blackmail Trump to bring him into their fold. This could be done in any number of ways, including threats to his business interests and/or family.

    2) The GOPe will conclude that Trump is non-corruptible and will simply have him liquidated.

    BTW, I use the term GOPe somewhat loosely. At the end of the day, there is only the “-e.”


  31. todayistheday99 says:
  32. JustMe says:

    Cohibidad, RP & Anthonytk, Re: CC being a mole to DT, the following article caused me to wonder even more: Gov LePage, who had supported CC, is reported to want desperately to stop Trump on 2/19 and all of a sudden endorses him on 2/26 after Christie does? Very suspicious! Hope CC is not named VP or this looks even worse to me.

    Liked by 2 people

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  35. Ziglwitz says:

    The “Roadmap”, the “Tripwires” blather has been shown to be conspiracy crackpot drivel by events. Give up on the conspiracy pimping. You’re looking like such a kook & a fool. Jeb! never got the level of endorsement prior GOP top candidates, like his brother, got, which clearly debunked your delusions about the GOPe. Trump benefitted greatly by Jeb being such a dismal candidate, stuck in a decade old time warp, clueless to how radicalized the Dems had become since he was governor. Rubio and Cruz totally exposed Trump as not ready for prime time to debate Hillary. Trump’s last 2 debates were disasters for those of us with brains. Rubio & Cruz showed that they can outwit Hillary in a debate, although Cruz foolishly tries to be too gentlemanly about it. Trump’s had months to wise up on the issues he’s weakest on and he’s showed no progress. Obama’s politicized DoJ is not going to indict Hillary, so the GOP candidate has to be able to not look like a fool debating her. Rubio & Cruz have shown they’re up to that task. Hillary, right now, will mop the floor with Trump debating foreign policy. Trump is going to learn what PC really is because Hillary has a $3B general election fund that will ram Cultural Marxist race baiting down The Donald’s throat to all those Latinos that view him unfavorably. Hillary has already shown she’s nothing but the Cultural Marxist Big Lie. The real LIAR, LIAR in the race. All Trump’s superficial dope, lightweight, zero cred slurs are no match for that. Cultural Marxism is hard core anti-White Christian hate ideology that has to be attacked and exposed as that. Trump hasn’t shown that he fully understands that. So Trump gets a GOPe endorsement, Christie, and that’s OK to the insurgency? Trump’s going to need lots of Billionaire donors to battle Hillary’s $3B general election funds. He’ll bankrupt himself if he’s self-funding to compete against Hillary’s Bain Capital 2.0 Smear Job on Steroids against him. The silver lining is Trump will get just as down and dirty as Hillary if he gets the funding to do it. Trump will have to get billions in Super PAC support to counter-smear Hillary or lose
    Change the name here to the Trump Refuge & the Trump Treehouse.


  36. jldnagg says:

    It’s time for the GOP to fall in line with the people, they can’t choose our president, we the people do. And if they don’t get it straight this time, they won’t have a next time. They seal their own doom.
    Because under Hillary, it’s doomsday for everyone, she’ll finish what Obama started.
    I’ll still go on fighting till the end, for #DonaldTrump 2016! In hopes that the people like me, who are willing to die for our country, will join this biblical fight. God Bless our man Trump! Amen!


  37. jameswlee2014 says:

    It is the Rise of the Republican Rank and File. It can’t be stopped. Marco will not win a single primary on Tuesday, dropping his record to 0 for 18. Then, two weeks later, on March 15, Donald Trump will put an end to Marco’s dwindling ambitions once and for all. On March 16 Marco will be seated right next to fellow Floridian Jeb Bush on the high speed train to political oblivion.


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  39. Dan Schwartz says:

    MY LATEST: Occam’s Razor: The Simple Reason Chris Christie Endorsed Donald Trump

    Yesterday at high noon the earth shook at the Fort Worth Stockyards when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump for President. Although pundits have suggested several motives, including opportunism because he had nowhere else to go by National Review’s Rich Lowry, selling his soul for a VP slot by NR’s Jonah Goldberg, to a conspiracy theory he was a GOP Establishment mole as head of the Republican Governors’ Association. However, when you apply Occam’s Razor as you look at both his professional as well as his political life, this crucial endorsement will make complete sense.


  40. iowacaucuses says:

    Are these Twitter rumors brewing in the electorate? @marcorubio does drugs (speed?) @tedcruz is tanking bad in Texas @HillaryClinton’s full server is discoverable @BernieSanders secret Mayo Clinic appt.

    PS. Rubio likely has not properly disclosed certain intangible assets contributed by Romney to his camp and Mitt Romney is not at all a total idiot douche bag


  41. Gus says:

    Now Trump just needs Cruz for a VP so they don’t kill him.


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  44. jo wall says:

    If you plan to vote for Ted Cruz, you MUST know these things! Educate yourselves on him and his wife

    Heidi Cruz has been employed by Goldman Sachs since 2005. She is currently on leave.
    Heidi Cruz is a member of the leftist council on foreign relations, advocates of world Government and a New World Order.
    Ted Cruz was George Bush’s top policy advisor.
    Ted Cruz was in the federal Trade Commission.
    Ted and Heidi met when they were both Bush staffers.
    Cruz advised on legal affairs and Heidi on economic policy for the bush administration.
    Heidi was director for the Western Hemisphere on the national security council under Condoleeza Rice.
    Heidi served as deputy U.S. Trade Representative to USTR head,
    Robert Zoellick, working on China trade policy.
    Ted Cruz’ campaign chairman, Chad Sweet, is a former CIA officer.
    He also worked for Goldman Sachs.
    Ted Cruz voted for cloture on TPA, (trans pacific partnership agreement)
    fast track trade authority, removing the hurdle of concern for further amendment, and clearing the way for passage!
    It didn’t have to be recorded, so nobody knew this.
    He voted NOT to require approval of congress before other countries could join, including China.
    Cruz has openly stated that he will NOT use a deportation force, and will continue to use the failed ICE system, where an illegal has to commit a crime first, then be caught.
    Cruz belongs to the radical Christian sect of 7 mountains dominionism, that seeks to place their members in control of our culture and create a NWO though the domination of business, government, media, arts & entertainment, education, family, and religion. He is the appointed messiah/savior of their group.
    Ted Cruz has only been a citizen for about 19 months! He renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014 so he could run for president.
    There are also other reasons that he is not constitutionally eligible, including the fact that both of his parents were NOT U.S. Citizens when he was born, only his mother was.

    Wise up, he’s not who you think he is


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