Stunner – Bolsonaro Open To “U.S. Strategic Alliance” Military Base in Brazil…

In the realm of everything geopolitical in consequence, a recent article from an interview with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro highlights the globalists’ worst nightmare. And the comments from the WTO reflects the global influence of President Donald J Trump.

Before getting to two key points, rather stunningly delicious points, it’s worth remembering that Brazil is the “B” in the ‘BRICS alliance’.  Before U.S. President Donald Trump took center stage in the world of international influence, the former governments of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) had formed a coalition.  Each nation represented an enlarged -and growing- regional trade/economic influence.

Shortly after taking office; and with hindsight – prior to the China confrontation; President Trump began a systematic process of challenging various economic influencers.  This is the origin of the Trump Doctrine .

By expanding U.S. energy development, strategically engaging with OPEC (Gulf Cooperation Council) States, and simultaneously engaging with Baltic States at the Three Seas Summit in Warsaw Poland, President Trump established the groundwork for downward pressure on oil prices.  This comprehensive and geopolitical energy strategy diminished the ability of Russia to maintain a consistent external financial influence.

(Tweet Link) – (Article Link)

Simultaneously, President Trump reset the framework for U.S. relations with India; and, while few were paying attention to the side-bar benefit of Nikki Haley, President Trump engaged with Prime Minister Modi in bilateral discussions of enhanced economic partnership. [See: India Invests $500 Million in two U.S. Steel Operations]

In addition to India providing strategic benefit for trade market systems and access; an enhanced relationship with India also provides an economic foil against China. [Remember, Chinese President Xi is allied with, and heavily invested in, Pakistan.  India’s Prime Minister Modi is allied with, and heavily invested in, Afghanistan.]

♦ Big Picture – With President Trump focused on Main Street USA, the policies to support economic nationalism (Main Street) run in opposition to the multinational interests of  global financial elite (Wall Street).   The constructs of the World Bank (WB), World Trade Organization (WTO), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are necessarily weakened by the rise of President Trump and economic nationalism writ large.

At the same time as President Trump unapologetically confronts these multinational financial institutions, the people of Poland, Hungary, Italy and now Brazil; having felt no benefit from left-wing global policy (economics and immigration); embraced the more visible benefit of a nationalist economic policies and reaffirmed sovereignty.

Back to the BRICS…  What we now see is two central regional components of the BRICS alliance, India and now Brazil, allied in economic ideology with President Trump.

In essence: Russia is bleeding financially (oil revenue dependent). China is being weakened during the U.S. -vs- China trade confrontation.  And India along with Brazil are joining with the U.S.  This fractures the BRICS alliance. [Hell, it just about destroys it.]

That’s the background.

Now, lets take a look at the article from Brazil we cited in the beginning:

France24 – Brazil’s new President Jair Bolsonaro said on Thursday that he would be open to the possibility of the United States operating a military base on his country’s soil, a move that would form a sharp shift in direction for Brazilian foreign policy.

Bolsonaro, who took power on Tuesday, said that Russia’s support of President Nicolas Maduro‘s “dictatorship” in neighboring Venezuela had significantly ramped up tensions in the region and was a worrying development.

Asked by the SBT TV network in an interview taped on Thursday if that meant he would allow U.S. military presence in Brazil, Bolsonaro responded that he would certainly be willing to negotiate that possibility.

“Depending on what happens in the world, who knows if we would not need to discuss that question in the future,” Bolsonaro said.  He emphasized that what Brazil seeks is to have “supremacy here in South America.”

But wait, here’s the even bigger part of the story:

[…] Separately, Bolsonaro met with the head of the World Trade Organization, Roberto Azevedo, who said the government’s sharp rebukes of globalism were shared by many other countries and that the trade body was making changes.

On Wednesday, Brazil’s new Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo said that under his watch the country would fight for change at multilateral institutions like the WTO.

Araujo’s words were not a threat, Azevedo said.

“To the contrary, I think it was very propitious and compatible with what is happening,” he said after meeting Bolsonaro. “The World Trade Organization itself is beginning the process of reforms.”  (link)


Wait.., wha?…

Mr. Robert Azevedo, the head of the World Trade Organization, is now acquiescing to President Donald J Trump’s position that the era of multilateral, multinational, financial and corporate trade exploitation, ie. “globalism“, is over.

The WTO has agreed to reform in order to survive? …And the WTO is admitting this to nationalist political leaders after their successful elections?….

Pinch me!



Big ones.

“Hey, Mitt”..

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327 Responses to Stunner – Bolsonaro Open To “U.S. Strategic Alliance” Military Base in Brazil…

  1. John-Y128 says:

    Another distraction, the last thing we need is a US base in Brazil but it sounds like something we would do; how about a real ‘stunner’ a FOB on a Spratly Island, next to our Chinese ‘trading partner’.

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    • Jenny R. says:

      Why go to that expense? China itself isn’t as important as Brazil — it is after all, who is feeding China that is important.

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    • Joe2pt.0 says:

      Psst, we’re already there. There’s a contingent of USAF in Rio now.

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    • In the long run a military base could reduce costs of military activity in the region. It certainly makes more sense than NATO in terms of national security. In the past, the assumption was that there was no military in that region that could threaten the US. However, it has become clear that the new threat is not military invasion but ‘invasion by migration’ and that brings a renewed value to regional ‘stabilization’. If Bolsonaro is considering it, we should too.

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    • William Dorritt says:

      Kick the Chinese and their Cuban, Venezuelan and Nica puppets out of South America and Central America.
      Panama has to be told to drop China as the managers of their Strategic Ports and Canals and encourage them to hire a NATO Country of Japanese Company to run them.
      Even if China offers to manage the Canal for free, they must be kicked out.

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    • nuthinmuffin says:

      just saw an article saying after brexit, britain may develop a base along the south china sea

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      • Roger Calven says:

        Truely a dream by the EmpireThey have neither the funds or staff to do so – they have , since the end of WWll, used the U S as their military arm organized thru the intelligence agencies ( if one cam label them intelligent). Along with their U S political agents such as Jimmie Carters Beazinski who designed (using British guidelines) for the U S the entire military disruption of the mid-east for ‘endless wars’ policy that gave the military/industrial complex 0ver 30 trillion dollars that could have gone for rebuilding the U S infrastructure. Geoploitical moves controlled by the game masters (the British Empire) until the American Citizens said “enough” and elected Trump.


    • AH_C, Boofer says:

      I’m fine with overseas bases from the perspective of developing tighter relations. But under Trump, the days of paying for the privilege of operating a foreign base are over. What’s in it for US besides remote presence? That’s the key.

      At the rate Trump is going, he might well be signing renegotiated SOFAs with all of allies before election day. Particularly Germany, Italy, Spain and Korea where the cost of our doing business is made steeper than warranted by bad SOFAs (looking at you Madeline Albright and other State Dept traitors), compared to most other locales. The joke with Germany is we pay at least twice the human resource cost for half the productivity, compounded by onerous restrictions on the labor we can bring in to support the mission.

      All that aside, Trump just keeps on winnin’ 🤣



  2. Vito Romano says:

    Dear President Trump,

    I’m sure 1/5 would be honored to relocate to the proposed military base in Brazil.
    The women of Brazil are gluteus maximus extraordinaires.
    The motivated Marines would volunteer to police the fine beaches of Brazil.
    Camp Booty Snatchers would be an appropriate name for the base.

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  3. zephyrbreeze says:

    And look who proved they are bought and sold to the Chinese:

    None other than the New York Times who sent a letter of apology to China for an expose on their internal corruption.

    “In her forthcoming book, Merchants of Truth, Abramson writes publisher Arthur Sulzberger drafted a letter “all but apologizing” to Chinese officials for a report on how several of the country’s top lawmakers used their immense power for financial gain. Abramson claims the letter was written with “with input from the Chinese embassy.”

    “The 2012 report, titled “Princelings’ in China Use Family Ties to Gain Riches”, eventually won a Pulitzer Prize.”

    (Anything for the “prize”).

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    • zephyrbreeze says:

      Drama Queens:

      “Then Abramson claims that, “without her knowledge,” the publisher drafted a letter with input from the Chinese embassy “all but apologizing” for the original story. She brought the draft to a tense meeting with Sulzberger at a nearby Starbucks. When she showed him the letter, he “seemed startled that I had it and he kept saying, ‘I didn’t do anything wrong.’ He tried to slip the letter into his folder, but I snatched it back,” she writes.”

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  4. notfaded1 says:

    That Mickey Mouse pic about Mitt is priceless!

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  5. Ospreyzone says:

    Mr. Bolsonaro should be very careful in interpreting what is meant by “the trade body was making changes.” I believe that it’s a vast leap to think that Robert Azevedo, the head of the World Trade Organization, is now acquiescing to PDJT’s position.

    The draft “U.S. Fair and Reciprocal Tariff Act,” that PDJT endorses and has threatened to implement, confers upon our president full power to determine any current or future tariff rates with countries—outside of the jurisdiction of the WTO, and circumvents primary WTO fundamentals such as “most favored nation” status and tariff ceilings. It would be most surprising if the WTO, given its membership, was willing to pass that authority over to PDJT.

    More accurately, I believe WTO leadership would say (or do) almost anything right now to stall and undercut PDJT’s agenda, which basically pulls us out from that organization’s influence. Like every other bloodsucker, the WTO is fighting for its life against a host which has unexpectedly recognized it is being parasitically consumed. I’d watch the WTO moves carefully, because they’re dug into our commerce like an Alabama tick and not likely to move until they’re plucked out or full.

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    • I can understand your skepticism, but it’s important to remember that the US was the driving force for all of the various ‘multilateral’ institutions associated with the neoliberal project: UN, NATO, WTO, World Bank, IMF, IBoS.

      Without US support, these institutions are simply running on fumes and they know it.

      Yes, the various bureaucrats who populate these institutions will be looking for ways to stay ‘relevant’ in order to hang onto their cushy sinecures, but, as a result of the global rise of nationalism and populism in the West, they have to ‘adapt or die’.

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  6. Gregory Jenkins says:

    Brazil may just wake the hell up! I have been waiting to see Mickey “That Mickey” for what feels like a very long time and finally I have seen it again. TY SD for sharing the same sentiment I have for Mitt and many others in our country with that Mickey from the 70’s I believe I recall. F Iran!!!! Yes that was it F Iran!!!!

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  7. teeheeman says:

    Next two years: 1) approve a ton of judges in Senate; 2) cut deals with friendly countries that don’t require congressional approval; 3) keep the pressure on China; 4) use executive orders wherever possible to fight illegal immigration; 5) let the circle jerk in the House play out with full transparency to the American public.

    A reasonable prelude to Keeping America Great in 2020.

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    • CharterOakie says:

      4(a) have the Army Corps of Engineers finish BUILDING the WALL / pointed, super high steel slat fence…whatever…while Pelosi, Schumer and their freak colleagues shriek, howl and gnaw their fingers off.

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    • Roger Calven says:

      Yes – but the only way to make it great is to pull ir out of the geopolitical paradigm. Alexander Hamilton set up the ” based upon a National bank issuing loooog term funding at loooow interest rates designated ” American System of Physical Economy” that rapidly built America until the British geopolitical stooge Andrew Jackson canceled the National Bank and re-introduced the British Empire’s financial speculation system. the only way to carry out the intent for America is, as Chins has done, that of adopting the Hamilton Economic System and now pulled 140 countries into working for massive development for the “common aims of mankind” The new landing on the Far side of the moon involved several countries and picked up from the British financial gutting of our space program via buying wars instead of development. All the college educated people and their followers have quite a bit to learn, I believe, after having read so many foolish geopolitical origin comments .


  8. Jeff says:

    That’s what I call a Costco-sized bottle of Winnamins. 1,000-count.

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  9. G. Combs says:


    I have hated them from the git-go.
    This is a bit of a bio of Dan Amstutz, GRAIN TRADER. He was HONORED by an award dedicated to him for the wirk he had done on behalv of the grain traders. Stuff like convincing Congress to get rid of the Stategic Grain Reserves here in the USA so The traders could make more money.

    Read the Agreement on Agriculture some time. It was written by Dan Amstutz,
    ♦️ President of Cargill Investor Services 1972-1978,
    ♦️ USDA Undersecretary for International
    ♦️ Affairs and Commodity Programs 1983-1987
    ♦️ Chief Agriculture Trade Negotiator for the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1987-1989
    ♦️ Appointed to lead U.S. agricultural reconstruction efforts in Iraq
    ♦️ Wrote the WTO Agreement on Ag in 1995.
    ♦️ Wrote the DRAFT for the Freedom to Farm act in 1996.

    This law was later called the Freedom to Fail act as US farmers over produced and grain prices dropped like a rock. Grain traders used the surplus of very cheap grain to bankrupt farmers around the world. This was actually a KNOWN US policy as Clinton later admitted.

    President Bill Clinton, now the UN Special Envoy to Haiti, publicly apologized last month for forcing Haiti to drop tariffs on imported, subsidized US rice during his time in office. The policy wiped out Haitian rice farming and seriously damaged Haiti’s ability to be self-sufficient.

    ♦️ Amstutz then went to work for Goldman Sachs. This has always puzzled me until I finally ran across the last piece of the puzzle.

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    • G. Combs says:

      Can not post part #2 on Amstutz, DESIGNED world starvation and Goldman Sach.

      So here is part three:


      Food shortfalls predicted

      In summary, we have record low grain inventories globally as we move into a new crop year. We have demand growing strongly. Which means that going forward even small crop failures are going to drive grain prices to record levels. As an investor, we continue to find these long term trends…very attractive.” — 2008
      h ttp://

      July 22, 2008 letter to President Bush

      …Recently there have been increased calls for the development of a U.S. or international grain reserve to provide priority access to food supplies for Humanitarian needs. The National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) and the North American Export Grain Association (NAEGA) strongly advise against this concept..Stock reserves have a documented depressing effect on prices… and resulted in less aggressive market bidding for the grains.” h.ttp://

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      • G. Combs says:

        I am going to try just text without URLs.

        Stan Painter was the Head of the Government Inspectors Union that inspect food here in the USA. He testified to the bad corporate practices that were swept under the rug and cause deaths. Instead of the Cargill Board going to jail for killing people, we got Senator Burr’s Food Safety Modernization Act. 🙄

        Painter said Judge Bruce Levine … had a secret agreement with a former Republican chairwoman of the agency to stand in the way of investors filing complaints with the agency. “On Judge Levine’s first week on the job, nearly twenty years ago, he came into my office and stated that he had promised Wendy Gramm, then Chairwoman of the Commission, that we would never rule in a complainant’s favor,” Painter wrote. “A review of his rulings will confirm that he fulfilled his vow….

        Levine had never ruled in favor of an investor. Gramm [wife of former senator Phil Gramm (R-Tex.)], was head of the CFTC just before president Bill Clinton took office. She has been criticized by Democrats for helping firms such as Goldman Sachs and Enron gain influence over the commodity markets. After leaving the CFTC, she joined Enron’s board.

        How Goldman gambled on starvation
        (Council on Foreign Relations)

        This is the story of how some of the richest people in the world – Goldman, Deutsche Bank, the traders at Merrill Lynch, and more – have caused the starvation of some of the poorest people in the world. At the end of 2006, food prices across the world started to rise, suddenly and stratospherically. Within a year, the price of wheat had shot up by 80 per cent, maize by 90 per cent, rice by 320 per cent. In a global jolt of hunger, 200 million people – mostly children – couldn’t afford to get food any more, and sank into malnutrition or starvation. There were riots in more than 30 countries, and at least one government was violently overthrown. Then, in spring 2008, prices just as mysteriously fell back to their previous level. Jean Ziegler, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, calls it “a silent mass murder”, entirely due to “man-made actions.” Through the 1990s, Goldman Sachs and others lobbied hard and the regulations [controlling agricultural futures contracts] were abolished. Suddenly, these contracts were turned into “derivatives” that could be bought and sold among traders who had nothing to do with agriculture. A market in “food speculation” was born. The speculators drove the price through the roof….

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        • TheLastDemocrat says:

          Thank you very much. Assembling this research is a labor of love.
          We don’t see this at election time at all. We don’t know what we are voting for or against when we vote for these people.

          A decade ago, when I was still on facebook, I stated on an old friend’s facebook, a friend from when I was very active in democratic party politics, that Obama had strong ties to Goldman Sachs. My supposedly well-informed, activist friend claimed this was nonsense.

          But it is true – as I knew, Obama was tied in with G-S in efforts to develop and established the Chicago Carbon Exchange. Even people on the Left, who hate the Big Banks and hate the big “multinational corporations,” with their “interlocking boards of directors” oppressing us little people, refuse to see that our dear representatives are tied up with these enemies.

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          • Should anyone ever decide to write a ‘Decline and Fall of the American Left’, the process by which the American Left became focused on ‘international, ‘racial’ and ‘gender’ issues and a concomitant abandonment of ‘workers’ issue would be a prominent theme.

            Before Noam Chomsky lost his mind, said something that left an impression. He remarked that (at the time) there was alot of agitation on the left for ‘Central American’ issues including worker issues and ‘protests’ around this issue would draw many ‘leftists’. However, meetings with leaders of long-running strikes in the US (including Hormel, I believe) would only draw a handful of people.

            Another theme would be the ‘professionalization’ of Leftism. The rise of NGOs for ‘international’ (immigration) and ‘racial’ issues provided a source of income for an entire class of ‘leftists’. As a result, the left was wedded to the Donor Class.

            Additionally, Leftist racist and sexist dogma became embedded in US corporate America’s HR departments via Title IX lawsuits. Another source of income for ‘professional’ leftists.

            The result was a Leftism — and unions — that had adapted to capitalism by focusing on just about every ‘issue’ except those of workers.

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          • DGinGA says:

            Obama saw AlGore get fabulously wealthy selling bogus “carbon credits” so he figured he would cash in too. Must be why he is out there pushing the gospel of Globull Climate Change to anyone who will listen.

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        • Lindenlee says:

          Wow. How Lucuferian. Shades of the Holomodor, writ large.


        • Lindenlee says:

          Rememberbthat Phil Gramm was part of the destruction of Glass-Steagall with Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and that AMLOs head negotiator, Jesus Seade, worked on GATT and for the WTO for many years. Seade will bear watching.


  10. Green Gas says:

    After this news hit ,Romney yelled out to his wife “honey I shrunk my dckk”


  11. pyromancer76 says:

    Amazing, absolutely amazing, the international (I am tired of the term “global”) reset our President is creating. Wow! Just Wow! Thanks to Sundance for keeping us right on top of the (more) transformations. Changes for a New Era of peace through strength and prosperity, not only for the U.S.

    I will have to spend more time learning about Brazil. I have always been more impressed with the corruption and leftism such that I haven’t given their strategic position and possibilities — and desire for a New Era — much consideration.

    I also was awakened by Sundance’s glancing blow re India: ” while few were paying attention to the side-bar benefit of Nikki Haley, President Trump engaged with Prime Minister Modi in bilateral discussions of enhanced economic partnership.” I only thought about this appointment as located in internal, national politics and President Trump “getting rid” of a globalist in the South to do his bidding at the UN.

    Not a chance. He uses people, even apparent enemies, for good in ways they cannot understand — but they do his bidding (and complain afterwards).

    President Trump thinks in so many directions at once, my head spins. We are in very good hands, not withstanding the slimy, everywhere tentacles of Deep Swamp/State. It is almost like our President he has a magic hat, but this is hard, hard, brilliant work. Another metaphor is that he is developing a world’s record for herding cats. I bet a whole bunch of them will be corralled (caged) by The Wall.

    Also thanks to G. Combs for: “SONS OF LEECHES,” and all the data she shares almost data.

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  12. Suzanne says:

    My only question is to what extent the bought and paid for traitors in the newly formed Mittens Caucus can screw this up because you KNOW they’re going to do any/everything they can


  13. TradeBait says:

    4D chess moves all over the board. “Down goes China (Frazier), down goes China! The Neocons are reeling. The globalists are trying to cash in as much as they can before retrenchment. DAVOS will be extremely amusing to watch as PDT orchestrates their exit interviews. Thank you, Brazilians! Let’s toast the new year in with the DECLAS.


  14. TradeBait says:

    4D chess moves all over the board. “Down goes China (Frazier), down goes China! The Neocons are reeling. The globalists are trying to cash in as much as they can before retrenchment. DAVOS will be extremely amusing to watch as PDT orchestrates their exit interviews. Thank you, Brazilians! Let’s toast the new year in with the DECLAS.

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  15. jmuniz1 says:

    Wow, and the MSM thought Trump was colluding with Russia!!!! Lies by the MSM debunked again

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  16. jmuniz1 says:

    “British Spy Confesses He Was Hired By The Democrats To Sabotage Trump”

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  17. Bendix says:

    I remember the MSM wailing about candidate Trump’s lack of foreign policy experience.
    Who needs a leader with plenty of experience in disastrous policies they created themselves?
    A bunch of stuck up connected brats living like it’s still 1950 in various embassies around the world only possess knowledge of their own insider clique.
    When it comes to the inside story, the real skinny, international gossip Donald Trump has them all beat by the height of Trump Tower.

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    • WSB says:

      President Trump has had direct foreign policy experience every time he put a Trump real estate venture on foreign soil.

      You really gain an intimate experience with a country by running a project within its own jurisdiction. Even if it is just a branding exercise. Additionally, the Trump Organization has vast experience purchasing product and infrastructure material all over the world.

      What President has ever had that experience since maybe even Eisenhower?

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      • Lindenlee says:

        Exactly! Americans don’t realize that when you are doing business internationally, you ARE DOING BUSINESS WITH THE GOV’T OF THAT COUNTRY.

        Therecare payoffs, labor laws, currency fluctuations, banking laws, materials procurement, so many things do coordinate, people one meets, etc.

        Our naive, unsophisticated, corrupt politicians think they are so smart. I bet they couldn’t tell you where Upper Volta is, whether England is run by a Prime Minister or a President, or much more. Power mad dolts and dullards, unfit to serve.

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  18. Zippy says:

    “The World Trade Organization itself is beginning the process of reforms.”

    And any time now the Spygate perps are going to JAIL along with Felonia von Pantsuit for her email scandal and Uranium One deal…

    Color me EXTREMELY skeptical. I’ll await actual, measurable and significant results before celebrating.

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  19. Your Tour Guide says:

    Sundance: Great explanation

    Having all that money from India invested in US Steel
    production will be great. The Prime Minister of India?
    Not so much. Wayyyyyyyy not so much.

    Have a coworker from India, a terrific guy in his early
    40s. One of the Christian channels had a documentary
    about radical Hindus that were attacking and killing Christians
    in India. Most of the Christians in India live in the southern
    part of the country. Most of the atrocities against Christians
    is occurring in the northern part of India.

    I was asking my coworker about all the targeting of
    Christians in India. He’s a fairly devout Christian himself.
    According to him the targeting of Christians increased
    dramatically, and was basically endorsed by Modi.
    Basically, it was one of the platforms he ran on. Radical
    Hindus targeting other religions in India. Modi is running
    for re-election in 6 months. My friend is praying that he
    will be defeated.

    It would be great if Trump could lean on Modi to quit
    backing persons that are going in and burning entire
    Christian villages. If he could use leverage against
    Kim in Korea,maybe the same can occur in India.

    It’s the correct thing for oppressed people. It would
    also have an explosive effect on how many Christians
    from India would put their allegiances behind Trump
    if he was able to make it happen. It also doesn’t hurt
    that the MSM has had zilch coverage of the carnage.
    All of the good will generated would be word of mouth.
    Much more powerful.

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    • Lindenlee says:

      Well said. We also need to get Asia Bibi’s family to the US on an asylum visa, right away!

      Modi has tried to extinguish cash as means of money in India, which has created great hardship for many people. And the hatred of N. I dia for S. India…That’s another story.


      • Your Tour Guide says:

        The Indian Christian community is much larger
        here in the U.S. then people realize. Two major
        populations centers are Chicago and Atlanta.

        To give an example of how dedicated and large
        in numbers they are in Atlanta, my friend’s
        congregation just closed on a mega church that
        was for sale in Stone Mountain. In the affluent
        Smoke Rise section. Those familiar with Atlanta
        would recognize it instantly. The former Mount
        Carmel Church site.

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  20. Mike in a Truck says:

    I would agree to a base in Brazil under one condition: removal of all our troops from Europe, Japan,S.Korea,Africa,Middle Ass-I mean East, etc, etc.Why should American troops serve as a hair trigger to get us involved in a larger conflagration? If those countries cant get along with one another a pox on them all. Bring our troops home.Put them on the border.A wall of steel.A wall of bayonets. This will do several things.Troops will be closer to loved ones.Troops will be happy to protect our own borders instead of some far off country that hates our guts anyway.The icing on the cake-every military payday will be like Christmas in those border towns.Troops spending paychecks on our own economy instead of ungratefull “allies” countries.We all win!

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  21. EJ says:

    But Mittens is on the foreign relations committee…

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  22. Joseph O'Donnell says:

    WOW! Super result, Mr. President. Thank you.

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  23. citizen817 says:

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    • Lindenlee says:

      There is another side to that. Small working-interest oil owners, like me, are getting killed by these prices. I need $55/barrel just to break even. And being 71 and enduring 10 years of low-interest rates from the fed has set my scrimping and saving back terribly as a senior, just so Wall St. banks and a profligate gov’t can enjoy low rates at no risk.


  24. Ghost says:

    Observations from a smaller limb.

    At the risk of catching the ire of Sundance and many others I disagree completely with the Reuters take on oil. I think it was one of PDJT best deals. U.S. gets lower oil prices to hep jump start the economy. A second tax cut if you will. The gulf states get sanctions reimposed on Iran looking to take the mullahs out and remove Russia to help stabilize the region.

    Next providing LNG through Poland and a new pipeline through the Mediterranean from the middle east will give the gulf coast new markets for gas. Moving into eastern Europe through Greece and Italy. Challenges the E.U. Along with Russia and German pipeline deal.

    The gulf states also demand payment in a stronger U.S. dollar reducing their B.E. point coupled with their deeper pockets are looking at great rewards with a chance at a new Iranian government. Iran, Russia are the first two targets, there are two more.

    PDJT is brilliant.

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  25. Doppler says:

    Fantastic analysis, Sundance, and great supplemental information G Combs and others. Deal making is indeed DJT’s canvas, and we are living through the creation of masterpiece after masterpiece. Perhaps best of all is the systematic exposure of the depraved corruption in the Left, the Globalists, the International Financial institutions, the Deep State, the MSM, the NGOs, the politicians, academia, etc. Getting them to allow their own evil (and, in the case of useful idiots, their stupidity) to destroy them.


  26. thegoosefish says:

    Likely Venezuela will be the 51st state. But we will keep the oil this time.


  27. Snow White says:

    Love Mickey’s picture at the bottom of the article.😂😂😂😂Good one, SD.


  28. Sparty says:

    I love this article. Thank you SD. For the first time nations with the desire foresight and ability to break free of the globalist tentacle can now do so. Simply align with a US president that has guts brains motivation and cannot be bought under any condition, a president that serves the people, a man that provides first ever security air cover/economic leverage partnership against global elites, if you will. They are signing up and getting on board. Awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  29. sDee says:

    China’s strategy to control South America.

    Someone here at CTH posted this PDF. It covers many Chinese moves that Sundance talks of and others underway in South America

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Donzo says:

    If discussions are on-going I take that to mean they already have a deal.


  31. Jack Rail says:

    Whoever proofread this article didn’t do his job. The misuse of dashes and semicolons mislead the reader and make it hard to follow the thought.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. This development is incredibly consequential. Another building block in resetting alliances and the complexion of world trade.
    It is heartening to see the reset move from the planning to execution phase. Fantastic post SD!


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