Panda Plays: China Lowers Auto Trade Tariffs – The Dance Continues….

Early this morning China transmitted and interesting tweet position that was/is a transparent display of their panda mask. In essence the panda play was a call for team USA to drop the zero-sum outlook and seek a win/win. Given the historic nature of Chinese negotiations the tweet was rather funny. However, it does highlight the dance.

Additionally, a few hours later President Trump tweeted about ongoing U.S-China trade discussions and something to watch for:

Moments ago we received the first indications of Chairman Xi’s panda play:

(Via Wall Street Journal) China agreed to reduce tariffs on U.S. autos to 15%, down from 40% currently, during a phone call with U.S. officials that opened the latest round of trade talks aimed at settling a trade dispute festering between the world’s two largest economic powers, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Chinese Vice Premier Liu He informed Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer of the move in a phone call late Monday, according to the person. It wasn’t clear when the change would take effect, but Washington is pushing Beijing to make concessions as soon as possible.  (read more)

Here’s the precursor tweet from China.  For those who are interested in following the dance, it is important to note this message was transmitted *after* the phone call between Premier Liu, Secretary Mnuchin and USTR Lighthizer.

Obviously those who follow standard negotiation tactics from China will note the transparent panda mask message behind this tweet.  China doesn’t do win/win, they never have.  Historically Beijing has no concept of win/win negotiations where each party gains a benefit; it is not part of their DNA strain to even fathom such an approach.  For China the negotiation strategy is simple: if it doesn’t benefit China, it is not done. Period.

China requesting a win/win is simply the dragon putting on a cunning panda mask and messaging to enhance their position through the utility of their purchased Wall Street multinational allies inside the U.S. [People like CoC President Tom Donohue]

However, here’s where it gets really interesting….. and also how we can reconcile the 25 minute lead-off discussion from Chairman Xi at the G20 dinner in Buenos Aires.

President Donald Trump outmaneuvered Chairman Xi and the ruling Chinese communist party over North Korea. Through a well executed -and profoundly unorthodox- strategy, President Trump severed the influence of Beijing over Kim Jong-un.

President Trump did not confront Chairman Xi on this directly, instead he led China down a path where Trump controlled all the options.  Now that the Korean relationship is moving toward reunification there is no way for China to put their influence back into play.

South Korea’s Moon Jae-in and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un are essentially united.

This was all done by President Trump smartly taking a unique approach and removing the Beijing influence.

President Trump then communicated directly with Kim Jong-un; and that meant no turning back.  As a direct result China lost their primary geopolitical weapon against U.S. economic policy.

Many people saw what happened in North Korea; and most recognized Trump had established a paradigm shift in the trilateral relationship; however, few expanded their review of Trump’s DPRK strategy to contemplate: what he achieved was only one phase toward the president’s primary objective – a full and comprehensive U.S-China reset.

The geopolitical and economic confrontation with China is President Trump’s legacy initiative.  This is his signature objective; everything else is less-than.

Chairman Xi has now witnessed the cunning strategy of his adversary.  China can no longer underestimate the strategy.  It is critical to understand how incredibly out-played China was over the North Korean issue.  President Trump neutered decades of Chinese duplicity.  Chairman Xi, and by extension, communist China, was outmatched.

Simultaneously, Chairman Xi got a taste of his own medicine.  In the DPRK contest President Trump mirrored the panda mask approach.  Trump praised Xi to a level that his approach was routinely criticized by U.S. media as over indulgent; but that criticism didn’t matter – it actually played directly into Trump’s strategy.

Chairman Xi could not initially fathom an opponent that would use criticism as a weapon and allow the appearance of domestic weakness as an international strategy.  Beijing was caught off guard, and Xi allowed his perspective of Trump to be clouded by historic standards therein.  Additionally, Chairman Xi watched as POTUS initiated trade conflicts with his own allies over steel, aluminum, soft-wood lumber, and even washing machines.

As Xi looked out his window, surely Trump was bluffing against South Korea, Japan, the EU (writ large), Canada and Mexico…. but Trump doesn’t bluff.  If Trump was willing to walk through the firestorm of western allied criticism (over his trade policy) what would this same person do in trade conflict against a geopolitical foe?

Trump walked away from TPP. Trump walked away from the Paris Treaty.  Trump walked away from the G7 communique in Canada.  Trump walked away from the G20 climate communique in Buenos Aires.  Hell, Trump withstood the firestorm of criticism over Kashoggi and leveraged Saudi Arabia into increased OPEC oil production which hurts all of China’s strategic allies (Russia, Iran, Venezuela etc).

How do you think Chairman Xi reflected upon the mounting demands from an economic adversary (Trump) knowing what Xi was witnessing from this independent Trump toward his own economic allies? See the scale of shifting perspective?

Not only is this U.S. president willing to go to the trade mattresses, he was willing to go to these damned mattresses while simultaneously executing a DPRK strategy that removed the primary arrow from Panda’s quiver.

Chairman Xi, and his economic council of advisors writ large, have to accept that President Trump -through his eagle talon action- actually wants the conflict with China, while he simultaneously praises them in public.

Hundreds of years worth of China’s well-honed cunning negotiation strategy is being used against them.

Do they feel rucky?

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129 Responses to Panda Plays: China Lowers Auto Trade Tariffs – The Dance Continues….

  1. Apollo says:

    So should we expect some progress on NK now soon, too? I admit that I don’t fully understand how PDJT managed to leverage China via North Korea given that there hasn’t been all that much movement from NK, despite the direct talks. NK really seems to be dragging their feet.


    • Apollo says:

      (Good thing PDJT has the best team working on this, though! Experts all!!)

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    • sundance says:

      Though it was a very unconventional approach, President Trump created the foundation for stability and amicable regional relationships by fracturing the controlling influence of Beijing China over Chairman Kim Jong-un. Amid many international accomplishments, the results in North Korea are a truly remarkable exhibition of how the Trump doctrine uses economic power to achieve national security objectives.

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      • Apollo says:

        Yes. I’m just surprised that he managed to get the strategy to work so effectively on China with so little movement from North Korea (continuing weapons development, etc.)

        Maybe the previous Chinese grip on KJU was just so powerful that even a bit of daylight was enough to scare the Chinese into cooperating. I will enjoy reading the book on how this was done someday if and when it is written.

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        • MB224 says:

          What do you “so little movement”? NK destroyed their border security buildings, SK and NK troops have met on NK soil at a battle site, and NK is almost ready to allow US inspectors into their “facilities”. What isn’t moving? Just because you don’t hear about it in the fake news doesn’t mean nothing is moving. In fact, the less you hear from the fakes the safer you bet a great deal is “moving”.

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          • TheLastDemocrat says:

            NK returned some MIA.
            NK has not launched a nukelar-type test missile lately.

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          • fleporeblog says:

            It absolutely sickens me when people put these comments out there when the damn total opposite is happening!


            From the article linked above:

            A South Korean train rolled into North Korea for the first time in a decade on Friday as the countries began joint surveys on northern railway sections they hope someday to connect with the South.

            The weeks-long inspections represent one of the most significant goodwill gestures between the Koreas in past months as they push ahead with engagement amid a stalemate in larger negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang to resolve the nuclear standoff.


            Also on Friday, an official from Seoul’s Defence Ministry said the North and South Korean militaries completed removing 20 front-line guard posts and land mines from a border area where they plan to start their first-ever joint search for remains of soldiers killed during the 1950-53 Korean War. The official spoke on condition of anonymity, citing office rules.

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      • SD, your cup runners over.
        The powerful insights on Trump’s geopolitical interplay are piling up!

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      • Kalbo says:

        “…Trump doctrine uses economic power to achieve national security objectives.”

        No other President of my 60+ years has led through economic power.

        Seems all previous Presidents were personally disengaged. Wedded to bluster and surrender during negotiations. Compounding the total lack of Presidential leadership, CoC allowed to create trade agreements placing America at a disadvantage.

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      • Angelle Staria says:

        One of the quintessential elements of being able to negotiate with your opponent is to understand human nature and it’s natural tendency towards self-preservation, for good and for bad.

        Whether purely of his own skill and knowledge or at least partially of the skill and knowledge of advisors who understand China’s mindset, I believe POTUS DJT is negotiating with that element.

        Imho, I have to believe that DJT understands the basic premise that China and XI are never going to be pure, sincere and genuine in motive. Otherwise, they are not going to just play nice and do the right thing out of the goodness of righteous equity and fairness. Not in a thousand years. Otherwise, you are spot on about China’s double-face presentation in negotiation.

        We must stay aware and understand that China and Xi WILL stay their course and determination to come out ahead in the end, even though they are getting out-manuevered presently. Don’t you know that Chinese political and economical think-tanks are scratching their heads and burning the midnight oil trying to figure out how to save face and eventually come out on top.

        It is my hope that DJT stays aware of this. He is definitely playing a complex, long game. Looking good so far. Again, you can’t negotiate with the Chinese without a basic understanding of human nature. In business, economics and military, theirs is very complex and multi-faceted nature.

        Good day

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        • DHarvey says:

          Every day we see the benefit that Trump is beholden to no special interests, lobbyists, party hacks etc. HE is free to exercise HIS best ideas without having to bow to outside influence agents.Oh,and the fact that he’s a billionaire and therefor doesn’t need to line his pockets helps too. We are all so lucky, even rucky to have him as our President.


    • Elric VIII says:

      The next Trump-Kim meeting is tentatively scheduled for January or February.

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    • jmarshs says:

      Kim Jong Un has to move slowly. He’s almost certainly surrounded by a lot of very dangerous people who have much to lose if NK starts to head in the direction of SK. North Koreans that have strong financial ties to China, and who could face trials for crimes against humanity if/when the regime opens up.

      I doubt very seriously if Kim is entirely in control of North Korea. He’s still very very young.

      I believe that a great deal of what Pompeo (and Trump) have been doing is shoring him up internally so that when the time comes to make sweeping changes, Kim won’t lose power from an internal revolt.

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      • Jmarshs, great comment! Kim Jung Un most certainly has been guided by Pompeo and President Trump. The old guard must be furious and scheming agahim at every move.

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      • Mary Wilson says:

        Don’t forget—keeping Kim alive. Kim has turned his back on China. No one who does that has ever lived. You don’t turn your back on the emperor.

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      • Angelle Staria says:

        Some of the dynamics are different, but the occasion of Caesar comes to mind.

        Beware and watch your back thought must play havoc in Kim’s head 24/7.

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      • olderwiser21 says:

        Treepers, if you are interested in the DPRK mindset and possibly gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges the two Koreas face in this reunification effort, please read “The Girl With Seven Names” by Hyeonseo Lee. Riveting and insightful. We judge others and make assumptions as to their behavior by what we know, instead of who they really are and how they were raised. This book was really enlightening. Trump is a genius to approach things the way he has.


    • Ospreyzone says:

      PDJT basically red-pilled Kim Jong-un. He showed him how life could be and the political peace, success and security he could have if he behaves correctly. Not to mention, after a gut-busting meal at the 5-star Capella Hotel, he showed him “The Beast.”

      “Now what’s it gonna’ take for me to put you in this fine vehicle today?”

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      • California Joe says:

        Kim was sent to private school and college in Switzerland by his father. He used the identity of the son of a NK diplomat. He traveled all over Europe, lived the high life and loves skiing which is why he built a ski resort in NK. President Trump parlayed that and dangled that life under his nose again. I’m surprised that the next meeting between the two isn’t in Switzerland, Aspen Snowmass or Whistler!

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  2. magatrump says:

    Excellent analysis SD! Winning! This is the best way to get the globalists. Take away there source of profit. Bring China to its knees.

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  3. WSB says:

    Dang! I was looking for the “Yes, Kim, we WILL be getting a McDonalds in Peonyang.”

    Meanwhile, Panda Food…..25 Cents!

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  4. Jake says:

    How does the arrest of the Huawei CFO fit into the Presidents Dragon/Panda strategy with China? Is it about the trade negotiations, Iran sanctions, 5G implementation or all of the above…???

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  5. BuckNutGuy says:

    And surely Trump recognizes that even at 15% tariffs, not a single additional American made vehicle will be sold in China. But Xi has not communicated his ceiling and President Trump will work him down further from there.


    • Agree: A frivolous “concession” for media consumption.

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      • 🍺Gunny66 says:

        Yep, because the most ironic of all of this is……sure we will lower the tariffs on your imported American cars………… But…..But….wait for it….

        Most all of the American cars the Chinese drive are made IN China.

        The GM and Ford factories are huge there……Along with Volkswagen

        So take it from there…..

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    • The Trump Team, of course, is tracking how fast the China Trade Surplus disappears.

      Response to China:
      • Constructive move. Wonderful goodwill.
      • We’ll announce in January how much it’s CUT China’s Trade Surplus 😨
      … and when the Surplus will be cut in HALF,😰
      … allowing us to reach a Trade Deal that gets us to RECIPROCITY. 😱

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      • railer says:

        Perfect response.

        “Are we at parity yet? No? Well what are your next steps?”

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        • Kalbo says:


          For once I scrolled through posts. Was going to post, parity, half dozen above. 15% indicates China is getting ready capitulate to President Trump demands.

          I can almost hear President Trump reaffirming with the negotiating team, steady, stay on course, maintain the target… Pet Panda in public. Privately be steadfast.

          If we are not there by March 1st, higher tariffs will cajole the Chinese to get onboard. Personally I’d like to see the higher tariffs.

          President Trump is simply brilliant in his leadership and management styles.

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  6. Pa Hermit says:

    Rive and rearn!

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  7. Charlotte Willson says:

    Love hearing good news!

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  8. guybee55 says:

    DJT broke the China stranglehold on DK. Now Kim Jung-un is committed to reengaging with So Korea. There is no room for China to enter the discussion. Checkmate.

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  9. Paco Loco says:

    This is becoming the “Last Tango in Beijing”. Trump is the Fred Astaire of trade negotiations. He dances with wolves. This is the penultimate in trade negotiations. “He fights”! We win.

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  10. chojun says:

    The audacity – the Chinese, who faithfully implement modern Marxism, which at its core is an agressively zero-sum philosophy, accuses the US of implementing a zero-sum philosophy against China.

    “If it does not benefit China, it is not done.”

    The sad thing is that very few people will understand how Donald Trump managed to steer China into a pretzel where China acting in their best interests (win/win) is China acting against their best interests (Command economy/Zero-sum). The dragon must be hyperventilating behind that annoying mask.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “The sad thing is that very few people will understand how Donald Trump managed to steer China into a pretzel where China acting in their best interests (win/win) is China acting against their best interests (Command economy/Zero-sum).”

      I would bet that in world wide scheme of things over the long term, our PDJT probably has the same attitude as President Ronald Reagan and his nuclear negotiations with the U.S.S.R. – not caring who gets the credit – as long as it gets done.

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    • highdezertgator says:

      Starting with the “full throated conservatives” that ran in the primaries and pundits like Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro… economic geniuses that they are… /s


    • The only way us deplorables win in the long term is if we put a 40% tariff on every single item made in China. Let Mexico and Vietnam make the stuff that China is currently making. China has been such a bad actor for the past 30 years that they need to be taken out of the supply chain completely and permanently.


    • michaelh says:

      Psychologically it is called “projection”.


  11. lurker2 says:

    China agreed to reduce tariffs on U.S. autos to 15%, down from 40% currently

    I have to think the US automaker execs are popping champagne bottles right now.


  12. Psycho Monkee says:

    Fellow Treeperettes & Treepers, it wasn’t until Sundance pulled the curtain back on Panda/Dragon China that I had a clue. Thoughtful, detailed and accurate CTH analysis is much appreciated.

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  13. trapper says:

    Xi has a panda mask. Trump has a little girl who sings Chinese folk songs in perfect Mandarin. Picture a little girl holding up a little flower to the panda that towers above her. Behind the big panda lurks a 500 pound dragon. Behind the little girl stands a 10,000 pound eagle with murder in its eyes, eyeing the dragon as lunch.

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    • tappin52 says:

      Ooh! I like that image.


    • montanamel says:

      Can we have that in a 4-color separation by 8 AM in the morning please?…

      run a few 100’s off for focus group viewing during the lunch hour…

      let’s see some ideas for the caption, eh?…

      Copyright the heck out of that idea – Trapper…. Get Radar working on the orders…

      Meeting in the swamp for libations and considerations…

      Check – 6

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  14. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “few expanded their review of Trump’s DPRK strategy to contemplate: what he achieved was only one phase toward the president’s primary objective – a full and comprehensive U.S-China reset.”

    All without resorting to the use of a plastic “reset button” that was probably made in China, like HRC tried to use with Russia. (No “collusion” there./s)

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  15. smurfette says:

    Unbelievable, the militarized corporate state trying to undermine Trump for sake of profit. Fortunately, this large sale got stopped due to high visibility. But what other military technology is being sold off to globalists by the deep state defense contractors?


    • Dennis Leonard says:

      And you are off topic.

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      • lemmus1 says:



      • Voltaire says:

        I disagree.

        All aspects of our relationship with China are WAR, and interconnected.

        One of the more enjoyable aspects of the Treehouse is the collaboration of citizen journalism. The accumulation of information in an organized way was not violated by smurfette.

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        • lemmus1 says:

          …disagree all you want but please read SD’s guidelines first …ergo, stay on the thread topic …there is always a general discussion thread open for off-topic posts


          • Voltaire says:

            The guideline was not compromised.
            Korea, Japan , Canada\ China , our business’s involvement, S. China sea, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Iran, Pakistan, ETC. are all pertinent to containment of China.


            • lemmus1 says:

              Alrighty Then!!! …it all depends on what the definition of “is” is, eh …think we’ve all seen that movie before …so if the posted topic said ‘GM closes plants in US and Canada’, a comment on Royal Canadian Mounties catching a US pedophile at the border would be “on topic”? …I stand corrected


  16. DT2020 says:

    One of Trump’s best lines is “China has been ripping us off for decades, but I don’t blame them. I blame our stupid politicians” It’s a classic

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    • Judith says:

      Of course POTUS is cleaning their clocks! Only a dopey liberal can conclude that LOSING in trade negotions is a noble calling. Tariffs for we and not for thee? Oh, no no no no no.

      America has been losing for too long and we have mealy mouthed social marxists to thank for that fundamental change. Hear that, you dopey Che groupies? No more! America is BACK!

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    • Mark L. says:

      Our stupid politicians have been taking kickbacks for years while selling the American people out. Thanks to POTUS it has stopped!

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      • Rhoda R says:

        At this point, the stoppage is only temporary. If Donald Trump were removed from the scene, the Deep State would have everything back to where it was prior to Trump within a year.


        • Jan says:

          And it has not been stopped. The payoffs/kickoffs/bribes are just taking different paths. China is everywhere in the US–often openly & sometimes not so openly. A 15% tariff on US cars is still a tariff. It’s not a win-win for us China….you can do better.


    • quintrillion says:

      No more Stupid Trade. We won’t be the stupid people any more. That’s over


      • Dutchman says:

        I don’t fault POTUS at all, but it ain’t “stupid”, any more than the R party is
        “The STUPID party”;
        Its INTENTIONAL.

        YES, VSG IS a Very Special Genius,

        But how much of a genius to you have to be, to see that US having 2-5% tarriffs, and our “trading partners” having 35-250% tariffs, is not just stupid, its CRIMINAL.

        Our previous leaders, in the W.H. and Congress, for 30 years at least, had to KNOW; the Uniparty did this with malice and aforethought.

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      • Rhoda R says:

        So what are your plans to prevent it from happening again as soon as the President is no longer in the Oval Office, be it tomorrow, in 2020 or 2024?


  17. jmuniz1 says:

    Bretbart and most of the media except this site and The Gateway Pundint has turned into a nevertrumper site. Im trying to get readers to come over hear.


  18. zozz1 says:

    …and so far, not a shot has been fired… a very, very important aspect of all of this. In none of Trump’s dealings, be it on NAFTA, TPP, DPRK, China, etc., has there been even one sabre rattled.

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    • Jan says:

      It’s refreshing not to go to physical war with every a**hole country in the world. Now if we’d just get the H**L out of Afghanistan, a war we’ll never win and should have never started to begin with. Thank you not, GWB!!


  19. zozz1 says:

    Well, I must correct myself: he did rattle a sabre at Kim right at the first…


  20. Ristvan says:

    There are two aspects here.
    1. In re NoKo, significant progress has been made between North and South. The symbolic demolition of guard towers is a recent example. PDJT does not need instant denuclearization. What he needs is signs and portents of directional change, and those are by and large there.
    2. In re China, Xi knows he is hosed. Has to buy US pork because of his country’s African Swine Fever pandemic—100% fatal, highly transmissible. He has to buy US soy just as explained months ago. There is only so much to be exported, Brazil,ismtapped out, and US can swing between corn and soy on an annual planting basis. Beans go down, US swingsmtomcorn next year, and now soy is short, prices skyrocket, and Chinese cannot import enough for their hog and poulty industries. Remember China comprises about 65% of global soy imports.
    This car signal today is just that, a gesture that practically affects little trade, but is a huge signal internally in China to those that might oppose Xi’s coming unavoidable moves. PDJT understands the signal. He doesn’t need to do anything except let his team continue to play trade hardball.

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    • railer says:

      Excellent analysis.

      Can’t add anything, other than to endorse the gesture status of the auto tariff drop. It’s an internal sign to the Chinese solely. It’ll mean almost nothing in terms of trade dollars, I’d suspect. And agree on North Korea. Trump is in no hurry there, and shouldn’t be. It’s flowing nicely.

      All these initiatives need varying degrees of time for maturation, and Trump is willing to give it where necessary. The plan is in place, the timing is whatever it needs to be for success.

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    • Great work, ristvan.

      Best part: China’s going to have to
      • CONTRACT in ADVANCE for USA Soybeans
      … to have enough planted for them after they burned our farmers by halting purchases
      • PAY in ADVANCE
      … since they can no longer be trusted
      … or we plant corn instead.

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      • michaelh says:

        And that is why cheatin’ doesn’t pay in the end.

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      • michaelh says:

        Just realized, if E15 were mandated (not a good policy decision, but stick with me) it would drive up corn prices, and send a market signal to produce more corn.

        If the AG production is somewhat linearly balanced between soybean and corn, that would potentially result in a drop in soybean production and price increase.

        Question: Given the above, what are the trade and leverage implications of a U.S. E15 mandate for China’s AG industry?


        • Our Secretary of Agriculture should
          • Advise farmers to plant soybeans destined for China ONLY with Paid-in-Advance Contracts, and to otherwise plant corn.
          • Take regulatory actions to prohibit export of live hogs to China in the interest of preserving our hog population for domestic consumption at reasonable prices. [China will be desperate to reconstitute its hog population. Keeping it in America will produce YUGE windfalls and preserve growing AG trade leverage over China following their dastardly halt to soybean purchases.]

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  21. Martin says:

    Democrat/Leftist admission that Trump hasn’t started a “trade war,” but has beaten China before one even began, in 10, 9, 8, 7…


  22. lurker2 says:

    The art of the deal in action here.

    Do you think Barry finally realizes that he was incompetent? Or not yet?

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    • Rhoda R says:

      Barry is busy taking credit for all the economic good news. I’m sure he believes that to be true. It is beyond his capability to see himself as incompetent.

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  23. Ospreyzone says:

    Xi and Tom Donahue walk hand in hand. Xi offers the carrot, …Donahue offers the stick.
    To President Donald J. Trump, they are both pikers, because he literally wrote the book. Literally.
    If you never read it, you really should. It’s a short read and you will understand the genius of the man far better.

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  24. Extending President Trump’s “unconventional” Geopolitical Tactics:

    Putin just put Russian NUCLEAR BOMBERs into Venezuela.

    POTUS can simply ANNOUNCE to the WORLD that he has ordered the American Military to SHOOT DOWN any Russian Nuclear Bombers taking to the skies in the Western Hemisphere, which would be considered an ACT of WAR.

    … If Russia wants them back, they can put them on an Ocean-going Barge.

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    • Response to any subsequent Russian “trigger” move:

      Announce that he has ordered the American Military to take the bombers out with cruise missiles in 5 days, if they haven’t been barged out beforehand, and that he won’t extend such a pilot-saving courtesy in any future provocation.

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    • railer says:

      We fly near Russia, so can’t really keep them from flying near the US.


    • lemmus1 says:

      …sorry, but they fly in the western hemisphere on a regular basis, routinely penetrate our ADIZ …its the basing here that is new …similar to the Cuban missile basing in 62 that came closest ever to nuclear war


      • annieoakley says:

        I just don’t think Russia is all that big a threat to the US now. And my father was in Vietnam as a Naval Officer during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I grew up with Politics.


        • lemmus1 says:

          …yes and no …in a non-nuclear war they are not a threat to us but could be one to NATO …but then that’s the threat isn’t it …if they are losing a ground war with NATO (think Ukraine) they would almost certainly use tactical nukes and we would have to retaliate …and it escalates from there …any nation with 1300+ warheads and advanced multiple-warhead ICBMs with evasion technology could put us back in the stone age in less than an hour …it doesn’t comfort me the least that they would join us there

          …the problem with the bombers in Venezuela is that using the Palo Negro airbase, they could keep 4 or more of them in the air just outside our ADIZ …with the cruise missiles they are armed with that would give all of our assets in Texas and the gulf coast less than 15 minutes warning before they could be lost …same as their missile subs parked off our coasts but we know exactly where they are because of the sonar nets …the bombers are a different matter because there are huge holes in our low-level coverage in the entire Caribbean Basin

          …to be honest, outside of China, Pakistan worries me more than any other possible opponent …the Pakis are “moderate” Islamists in name only …half are rabid fanatics and the government is unstable at best …the army has an estimated 130 tactical and IRBM warheads that are very vulnerable to fall into the wrong hands

          …I was 12 and lived just south of Cape Canaveral during the Cuban missile crisis …vividly remember the rows of B-52s on hot launch at Patrick AFB where we used to surf …scary as hell watching them fly in from all over the country …my parents talked about evacuating but the question was where to? …difference then is that we had real journalists …clearly remember Walter Cronkite talking us through it hour after endless hour on an old B&W TV


  25. emet says:

    I believe China also levies a VAT and a Consumption Tax on auto imports. So, reduction in import duty is a good start…


  26. Glenn P Morris says:

    NOTE: The auto tariff rift is an empty note. The cost to purchase a gas/diesel driven auto in China is not allowed due to the requirement of a permit of use.
    Denial is nearly unanimous because China is moving strongly via permit restrictions to advance the Electric Auto concept which permits are acknowledged pro forma
    See a background analysis of the leading dealer of electric autos NIO


  27. bunkers says:

    Reminds me of a joke I’ve heard in the past…

    An older Chinese-American man went to his Ophthalmologist because he was having trouble seeing. After a bevy of tests the Ophthalmologist came in, sat down and told his patient that he had some difficult news…”I’m sorry but it It appears you have a cataract”. The elderly man seemed shocked by this information, thought for a moment and then told the Optholmalogist “No…no cataract…I have a Rinkin Continental”

    Liked by 2 people

  28. James Schoonmaker says:

    Usually u are honest but you stretched it on this one. They lowered the tariff to 15% for the entire world in imported cars. After administration put higher tariffs on China they in return raised our auto tariffs to 40%. This was offered months ago. So if anything we are in the exact same position as we were months ago.


    • Jan says:

      That’s what I thought–there was always a 15% tariff before we upped tariffs on China. Panda thinks Americans are stupid. Well, not us Treepers, patriots and deplorables.


  29. lemmus1 says:

    ..hhhmmm …that was tit for tat …they got rid of the tit …we still have the tat …don’t see any stretch


  30. Jedi9 says:

    The previous post by Sundance and his analysis regarding Hauwei’s CFO being arrested is something I don’t agree with! That is OK, I don’t have to agree with everything Sundance writes, I am an independent thinker, and have my own theories based on other sources as to why this happened but for those who are interested in getting further insight into China’s strategy an excellent article Lay’s out a different perspective by the Nikkei Asian Review!

    What is interesting most to me while being here in Asia is how recently Google has changed their search algorithms to make Xi and Communist party of China refer to books that promote a positive historical reads so as to divert Breaking News searches!

    Also China’s main source of propaganda news network “CCTV” was recently changed to “CGTN” to appeal to a more global broader audience by deceptive means as being China’s leading English news source!

    This little announcement will do little to dissuade Trump team to meeting their objectives when it comes to trade deals with China! Which IMO will be interesting how this goes down for the very simple fact that it’s China that plays a zero sum game, and as Sundance is aptly to point out, it’s not in their DNA to promote a “win, win” situation, and no doubt the COC are very much working back channels to undermine Trump trade policies regarding China! Be very aware whenever they say things like “win win” or “to our mutual benefit” as these are mere buzz words that lend to covering their deceptive practices in order to gain more loopholes to exploit, rape and steal our technology! This is an extremely important facet in securing America’s future, because the Communist Party of China is the one calling the shots not Xi Jenping and their main objective is to over take the US in technology by 2035! It is this fact alone that any deals with China will be superficial on the surface only as to what the US is demanding requires wholesale changes by the Communist party and is very unlikely which BTW is set to meet right around the same time that Lighthizer and team has set their hard deadlines for getting a deal done! The US should not compromise on anything with China! Take it or leave it approach with them is the only way they will understand that stealing and cheating has a price, one that they should pay for! China’s emergence as a Super power was due to the labor of others and not their own, and thus their legitimacy as being considered as such is not respected and so it shouldn’t be!

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Pyrthroes says:

    Another six years of this, as China’s proportional GDP shrinks from today’s 10.2% to (say) 8.0% of the U.S., Trump’s bold, insightful, above all realistic policy will have induced serious political-economic trauma on Peking’s reigning faux-peasant nomenklatura.

    Excising a unified Korea from the dragon’s grip, allying Pyongyang/Seoul with Tokyo, Taiwan, the Philippines, Trump will have created a true Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere (qv) whose dynamic far outweighs ChiCom parasites’ command economy.

    Can anyone imagine a snuffle-grunting dummy like MzBill even conceiving such a thing?


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