President Trump Highlights Fake News CNN Story About Trump Tower Meeting…

Last Wednesday Michael Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis, crushed an earlier July 27th CNN story about President Trump having advanced knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a group of Russian lobbyists.

According to CNN’s anonymous sources, Cohen claimed that Trump approved his son taking part in the meeting. That report has now been completely and thoroughly debunked; yet CNN is intentionally ignoring any correction.  WATCH:

The refusal of CNN to walk back their earlier claim is further evidence of how far the media are enmeshed and invested within the ‘Muh Russia’ nonsense.  However, only recently did we discover the media engagements were not just pervasive, they were/are participatory.  Several media outlets were actually working with corrupt officials.

U.S. media cannot reasonably report on any aspect of the DOJ, FBI or intelligence apparatus collusion against the candidacy/presidency of Donald Trump without exposing their own duplicity.  They are faced with two choices: (1) double down on lies they helped create and promote; or (2) just ignore any truth that surfaces, and act as if it never happened.

Michael Isikoff highlighted how severe the media participated  in February of this year when he admitted his reporting was being used by the DOJ and FBI to advance a political objective.  The examples of the collaboration between government officials constructing a scheme against Trump and a complicit and participatory media are jaw-dropping.

Additionally, FBI investigator Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page were shown in their text messages to be leaking stories from the Clinton Investigation, the Trump investigation and the Mueller investigation to journalists at Politico, The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. –SEE HERE

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was busted by the Inspector General for leaking stories to the media and then lying about it to INSD and IG investigators. FBI Director James Comey admitted to leaking stories to the New York Times, and even hired his friend Andrew Richman (off-the-books), gave him access to FBI and NSA databases, and then leaked information to Richman along with another friend Benjamin Wittes at Lawfare blog.

Lest we forget, the IG report on how the FBI handled the Clinton investigation revealed that dozens of FBI officials were actually taking bribes from the media for information:

IG REPORT – We identified numerous FBI employees, at all levels of the organization and with no official reason to be in contact with the media, who were nevertheless in frequent contact with reporters. Attached to this report as Attachments E and F are two link charts that reflect the volume of communications that we identified between FBI employees and media representatives in April/May and October 2016. We have profound concerns about the volume and extent of unauthorized media contacts by FBI personnel that we have uncovered during our review.

[…] We do not believe the problem is with the FBI’s policy, which we found to be clear and unambiguous. Rather, we concluded that these leaks highlight the need to change what appears to be a cultural attitude among many in the organization. (link to pdf – page Xii of executive summary)


This is an IG fact-based criticism of the institution of the FBI, not simply a few rogue officials within it.

But wait…. Perspective:

More recently it was revealed that Andrew Weissman, Robert Mueller’s #1 special counsel prosecutor, was coordinating investigative efforts with the full support of four AP reporters who were giving Weissman information to use in his court filings and search warrants.

Nuts; simply, well, nuts.

(Source Link – pdf Page #5)

Additionally, Christopher Steele has stated in U.K. court records the person in charge of the Clinton Campaign’s opposition research firm, Glenn Simpson from Fusion GPS, arranged and coordinated for Mr. Steele to talk to several journalists (CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Yahoo News and Mother Jones) while Mr. Steele was also the primary source of information for the FBI investigators (including Strzok and Page):

(Source – page #8)

Make sure you read that full response from Christopher Steele above to see the scope of the media engagements he was conducting.

As more evidence surfaces the relationship between journalists, Fusion-GPS, Chris Steele and the media’s DOJ/FBI sources begins blending together. The FBI was using media reports, which were based on Fusion-GPS pitches, to bolster its investigative documents to the FISA court. It is an intelligence laundry operation:

According to the U.K records, Christopher Steele reports this September 2016 meeting with Isikoff was arranged by Glenn Simpson. According to Michael Isikoff on his February podcast, he met Christopher Steele at a Washington, D.C. hotel in Sept. 2016. They were joined by his “old friend” Glenn Simpson, the founder of opposition research firm Fusion GPS, who Isikoff now defines as a “private investigator.”

So Christopher Steele was meeting with journalists, the journalists were writing articles; the FBI was leaking to media and simultaneously citing those same articles as underlying evidence to support their counterintelligence investigations; and all of this was used to validate the investigative documents the FBI was receiving from Christopher Steele; who, along with the leaking FBI officials, was also the source of the media articles.

FUBAR! This is exponentially bonkers.

This is a circle of information, all coming from Glenn Simpson, Nellie Ohr and Christopher Steele at Fusion GPS, through Bruce Ohr at DOJ into the FBI via Peter Strzok.

Fusion GPS was the opposition research firm being financed by Hillary Clinton, along with FBI officials who were using their own strategic media leaks to authenticate/validate their own investigation.

Think about the scale of the reporting, and reporting on reporting, of anonymous leaks, false leaks, lies from “people with knowledge of the matter”, “government officials involved in the matter”, “people familiar with the matter”, “government sources” etc. all going in one unified and semi-coordinated direction – against the aggregate Trump administration.

Now, it actually gets even more convoluted.

Christopher Steele has sworn under oath that he met with multiple journalists (at least eight organizations) in September, mid-October, and late-October 2016: “at Fusion’s instruction“. (pdf page #7)

Overlay upon that sworn admission with what Glenn Simpson (Fusion-GPS) told the House Intelligence Committee while also under oath about his involvement in sharing information derived from Christopher Steele:

(Testimony – pdf link, page #147)

…”without my knowledge and against my wishes”?


FBI Director James Comey admits to leaking his ‘memos’ to the New York Times. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was busted for leaking and lying about it. FBI #2 Counterintelligence Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Attorney Lisa Page are caught in their text messages leaking to Politico, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

…. AND the FBI is caught, in at least one FISA application, using Yahoo media reports provided by them AND their investigative source Christopher Steele to establish a basis for the FISA “Title I” surveillance; the most intrusive and wide-open search and surveillance authority possible.

The Clinton Campaign is paying Fusion GPS to conduct opposition research against Donald Trump. In addition to Glenn Simpson pushing that opposition research into the media, Fusion GPS, Nellie Ohr and Bruce Ohr are also providing that opposition research –including information from contacts with media– directly to the FBI:

(pdf link – page #4)

… In addition to using the Fusion-GPS opposition research to underpin their counterintelligence investigation, the FBI then turn around and leak the same opposition research information to the media to create secondary support for their counterintelligence investigation.

Tell me again how the media can possibly write about this now?

The problem is not just corruption with the U.S. Justice System, the DOJ and the FBI; the problem is corruption within the media.

We’re talking about thousands of hours of media TV pundits, thousands more columns written, and almost every scintilla of it based on originating intelligence sources -from the larger intelligence system- that are now being exposed as duplicitous and conspiratorial in the scale of their malicious intent.

This larger story-line has traveled in one direction. The narrative has only traveled in one direction. Each thread converging on codependent trails for collective stories all going in one direction. One big engineered narrative endlessly pushed. Think about how far the collective media have traveled with this story over the past eighteen months?

Hell, twenty-something-year-old “journalist” Ali Watkins was so committed to the resistance narrative she was even sleeping with her sources to get any little engineering angle possible. One of the biggest leaks she was able to secure from SSCI Director of Security James Wolfe, was the full unredacted Carter Page FISA application.

Now, over a period of several exhaustive months, it has become obvious the collective journey, using all that collaborative expended effort, was not only going in the wrong direction – it was going in that direction specifically because the media were intentionally complicit in pushing demonstrably false stories in that direction.

The media have fully invested themselves in eighteen months of narrative distribution in only one direction. Not a single MSM entity has questioned their travel as a result of false leaks or false sources in the totality of time they have covered the DOJ and FBI story.

Nothing within their collective need to will-an-outcome will change the media’s proximity to facts when the truthful story behind the DOJ and FBI corruption is finally exposed. The media are so far away from the place where this story ends, they have no inherent capability to even begin to travel in the opposite direction, toward the truth.

The only way they could align with the truth is to admit that virtually every scintilla of their reportage over the past 18 months was inherently false or manipulated by the “sources” distributing the material for their reporting.

There’s not a single media outlet capable of doing that.

Think about a New York Times, CNN, New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, Mother Jones, Yahoo News or Washington Post journalist now having to write an article deconstructing a foundation of two-years worth of lies they participated in creating.

Do we really think such a catastrophic level of corrupted journalism could reconstitute into genuine reporting of fact-based information?



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226 Responses to President Trump Highlights Fake News CNN Story About Trump Tower Meeting…

  1. John Huber….tick tock.

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  2. Excellent article by one of the few good ones, Kimberly Strassel.

    “When Justice is Partial”

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    • jessetmims says:

      I read that earlier today and shared it on my Facebook page. It’s an excellent article.

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      • Newton Love says:

        > “… shared it on my Facebook page …”

        Please let us know when FB’s Suckerberg labels you unacceptable, and bans you for (Conservative) posts that violate FB’s policies.


        • jessetmims says:

          @ Newton Love… Thanks for your concern; but, like hammers, screw drivers, wrenches, etc., Facebook is a tool that can be used to accomplish great things if one knows how to use it. However, all tools wear out, become obsolete, or get lost eventually. That’s normal and it serves little purpose to go around telling everybody. You simply go find a new or different tool.


  3. jessetmims says:

    Traditional Journalism is dead… The fake news media cannot possibly EVER tell the truth about their most frequently reported stories of the last two years w/o exposing the lies they told about PDJT, his campaign, his administration, his family, and his associates. So what legitimate purpose do they serve and what good are they?

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  4. frank field says:

    I can hardly wait until our beloved president signals for Brer Rabbit to very publicly unleash Huber.

    Oh yes. A Red Tide is coming

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    • Newton Love says:

      > “… A Red Tide is coming”

      Red Tide is killing fish, manatees, and porpoises in Florida.

      Did you mean a “red wave” ?


  5. JasonD says:

    Adrem, am I in the bin?


  6. Minnie says:

    Cold anger – do not look away.

    Today’s “media” is simply a scandalous, scurrilous, evil, seditious, putrid excuse for “journalism”.

    Why do information starved American citizens flock to POTUS’ popular twit account?

    Why do we cling to our branches here at Sundance University?

    When the dam breaks, and it will very soon, Americans in the dark (many by choice) will realize just how contemptible their chosen “sources” of journalism have been.

    Come to Jesus moment, for millions.

    Said it before, will say it again – America needs a Revival 🙏🏼

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    • Leane Kamari says:

      Todays journalism around the globe seems like state propaganda known to the East Germans only to well that’s why they call them over here “Lügenpresse” or “Lückenpresse”

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  7. Ivehadit says:

    McCain has passed.

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  8. Donna in Oregon says:

    So looking for links from China and the US Fake News and “anti-money laundering obligations”.

    Found it:

    Wilson Sonsini Goodrich Rosati Law firm in Silicon Valley, biggest client was Apple, moves to China and becomes part of the CFIUS arm of China businesses.

    CFIUS Legislation and Chinese Foreign Investment Restrictions:
    Status Update and Practical Implications

    Then, I look at who is part of the Chinese WSGR Firm, Chinese partners, and I find Warburg Pincus, which is huge filled with uber rich sucking up companies including Energy companies in Texas.

    So on the board of directors of Warburg Pincus is a guy that is also on the board of Time Warner (CNN) and CNBC his name is Fred Hassan.

    So then I look up Panama Papers and Warburg Pincus and I find this:

    Move Over ‘Panama Papers.” Make Room for ‘LuxLeaks.’

    The second round of disclosures by ICIJ and more than 80 reporters and editors around the world increased the list of companies seeking favorable tax rulings from Luxembourg to include entities such as The Walt Disney Co., Warburg Pincus, Skype, Koch Industries, Hong Kong-based Hutchison Whampoa, and 30 other enterprises, according to the consortium.

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  9. GenChang says:

    Although gratifying to see the truth in print, from the GP, followers if Qanon have known about all this for months now. As we have about other things in advance, like the deal made with North Korea, long before the Summit. There’s lots more to come, especially after the unredacted fisa comes out. But the Other investigations by Horowitz and Huber, will be forth coming after the midterms likely. Buckle up everyone, it’s going to be a long, bumpy ride to Final Justice.

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  10. beachbum31 says:

    YES! thank you Sundance! Michael Isikoff, David of the Corn, Rachel Maddow.. ALL KNEW THE GIG. Like Maddow doing DOZENS of entire hour long symposiums for her needing Javits Center flocks RIGHT ON SCRIPT of oligarch LIES…. how is it possible to investigate a CIA trip down the yellow brick road NOT KNOWING you’d end up in the land of OZ? SHE KNEW, THEY KNEW, THEY DIDNT CARE. THEY WERE PART OF THE PLOT.

    HMMMM. did they get paid? all the millions being tossed around,,,, Clinton paid 12 mill?? alone? FBI paid? Simpson kept it all? millions and millions for an Oleg stoned story tale from the yacht? Rachel the champ didn’t want any? Find that hard to believe even for the radically blind Corn. They didn’t care that Simpson and Steele KEPT IT ALL?


    • snellvillebob says:

      Makes you wonder how much Nellie Ohr’s cut was as the soul source of communications with the FBI. Also did Brennan give them any money? He was sure involved in the entire conspiracy and facts read lately strongly imply he was the creator of it. I guess as a covert agency like the CIA has more subtle methods of remuneration as checks.


  11. Another great youtube source is American Intelligence Media. Very good.


  12. Craig from Scotland says:

    Also note the following from Glenn Simpson testimony. He is being asked about the Steele dossier and how it came about –

    GLENN SIMPSON: The first memo is dated, I think, June 20th, somewhere around there.
    MR. QUIGLEY: Okay. And then how often did you get information and what – was it varied quantities or ·–

    GLENN SIMPSON: Well, this was a very unusual situation, because right around the time that the work started, it became public that the FBI suspected the Russians of hacking the DNC. And so there was sort of an extraordinary coincidence. IT WASN’T REALLY A COINCIDENCE but, you know, our own interest in Russia coincided with a lot of public disclosures that there was something going on with Russia. And so what was originally envisioned as an original — as just a sort of a survey, a first cut of what might be — whether there might be something interesting about Donald Trump and Russia quickly became more of an effort to HELP MY CLIENT MANAGE a — you know, exceptional situation and understand what the heck was going on. So after the original reporting, I don’t remember what I specifically said, but it essentially was: I think we’re going to
    need you for the foreseeable future, so just keep, you know, talking to your sources and sending us memos whenever you have information.

    Simpson is trying desperately to keep to his story but he can’t help giving away the actual truth of what he, Steele et al were involved in, and the founding basis of the dossier.

    Sauce: See pdf page 66 of 165
    Testimony of Glenn Simpson, November 14, 2017


  13. wolfmoon1776 says:

    We have to accept that THE FAKE NEWS IS SIMPLY PART OF THE REGIME.

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  14. Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

    Yup. The Fake News media aren’t “the press”, aren’t journalists or reporters. They are actively aligned with the the Swamp, and more specifically the movement that seeks to undermine and eventually destroy everything that has defined American exceptionalism since the birth of the country: It’s Constitution, laws, dominant culture, and finally the construct of the USA itself.

    Does the Pantifa chant “No borders, no wall, no USA at all” ring a bell?
    Same/same with the FNM, they’ve just been a little more subtle so far.

    That makes the FNM enemy combatants, mercenaries, hired to be the major Propaganda wing of the Globalist/Socialist construct. Just because they’re attacking us by means other than rifles in their hands doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous.

    It’s still worth hoping that revelation of the greater truth of their actions will lead to the collapse of their credibility and power structure. Our VSG President continues to amaze with the feats he is able to pull off. Still it may be worth contemplating a more direct “Plan B” to deal with them if our VSG can’t quite pull off another miracle.


  15. Danimal28 says:

    Um… Jason and Howie… Yes, we rubes in flyover country have seen fake news for a couple decades now. Next question.


  16. amr632 says:

    As much as I dislike RICO investigations that have gone way over the line in recent years, if one wants to get rid of RICO, some prosecutor with guts needs to open an investigation and charge members of the media, FBI and DOJ under that statute based on Sundance’s info and time lines.


  17. Mary Morse says:

    FUBAR! This is exponentially bonkers.

    And then there’s the FBI posing as journalists during an investigation…Longbow Productions

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  18. Fools Gold says:

    Keep hammering it home Sundance! If justice is to be served all of them including media operatives must to be convicted of crimes against its citizens. Our constitution demands just be served against tyranny and treason.we have the right man for the job in the White House. I believe he, given the right opportunity will expose it all one day soon!


  19. Underwhelmed says:

    How will this vile pile of corruption ever be ‘justly’ resolved when the justice department is nonexistent?


  20. Underwhelmed says:

    How will this vile pile of corruption ever be ‘justly’ resolved when the justice department is nonexistent?


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